SNORING by janoko99



According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology, about 45 percent of normal adults
snore occasionally and 25 percent of them into regular categories. This problem is more common
in men, especially those overweight or overweight.
Snoring usually worsens with age. Do you want to stop snoring? Try to apply natural medicine
and lifestyle changes following:

1. Sleep Position Change
Snoring occurs when the palate, pharynx, tongue, tonsils or back of the throat muscles in
touching each other, causing a vibrating sound during sleep. The sound of snoring occurs when
sleeping supine position so that the tongue pulled back and narrowed the air flow. Because of
that, try changing sleep positions to be tilted to avoid snoring.
2. Lose 10 Percent Body Weight
Neck network of people who are overweight usually thick. This is what allows the emergence of
the risk of snoring. Lose weight about 10% to help you stop the very annoying habit of it.
3. Avoid alcohol and sedatives
Whatever type of sedatives such as sleeping pills or low dose of alcohol can cause snoring,
because it tends to suppress respiration. Therefore, stop or reduce the habit of using tranquilizers.
4. Breathe Steam Water Before Bed
Nasal congestion can cause snoring. One way around that is inhaled deep into water vapor
through the nose before bed. You also can put a towel soaked in warm water and inhale the
steam to remove mucus causes a stuffy nose.
5. Try Drugs Nasal Spray
Research shows that a nasal spray medicine to expel clots, thus making the nostrils wide open.
That way you can avoid the risk of snoring.

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