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Client: Shawn Casey
Keyword: listbuilding
Understanding How Listbuilding Works

Building a list is done for obvious reasons, to build a list of subscribers that you can
market to, but understanding how listbuilding works can help your business and your
pockets grow large.

First, let me say that there is a lot of work that goes into actually building a list, but your
hard work will definitely pay off in the long run. Before you start building your list, there
are a couple of things that you need to have in place:

Autoresponder software
An autoresponder is a program that automatically responders to your subscribers. These
message are set up by you so when a person subscribes to your site, they will receive an
automatic response. There are a number of autoresponder programs available (free and
paid) and it is simply a matter of creating your messages.

This software works great when building a list because you can generate automatic thank
you messages, send out newsletters, hello‟s, and even promote products to all of your
subscribers at once or as they respond.

Newsletter Software
If you are going to create a monthly newsletter for your subscribers, which by the way is
a great way to keep them up to date on what you are promoting, sending useful
information, or even surveys so you know how to better serve them. There are several
software programs available.

Survey Software
Sending surveys is a great way to interact with your subscribers and there a several great
programs on the internet. Remember to keep your surveys short, so your reader won‟t get
turned off.

Questions can be simple one answer questions like, “What information would you like to
see more of?” Of course, this needs to be related to your niche. You can ask their opinion
on previous products or information that requires a „yes‟ or „no‟ answer: “Did you find
the report on „blank‟ useful and would you like more information?” This makes their
response quick and easy.

Once you have a number of responses, you can review this information and create new
products or use it to provide more useful information that your readers will enjoy.

Exchanging lists
When you have created a targeted list in one particular niche market, you can use this list
to approach other business in your niche and offer to exchange lists. In other words, they
will promote their products to your list and vice versa. If you have a decent sized list, and
as long as you are not in direct competition with the business you approach, chances are
they will be more than happy to exchange lists with you.

Offer Something
In order to get someone to subscribe to your list you have to offer them something. Well,
you don‟t have to, but “free” is a universal language and people are more likely to opt-in
if they are getting something in return. This does not have to be something expensive –
an ebook, a report, a link to something free all work well in getting people to sign up.

Once you have everything in place, you will see that your list will grow. You must
remember to keep your content fresh to keep them coming back, keep your autoresponder
up to date, and most importantly, interact with your subscribers on a regular basis. Once
you get a firm understand of how listbuilding works, you will be on your way to building
a list that you can monetize from over and over again.

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