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					         AGM                                                                         AGM

                             Trial of Garden Chrysanthemum 2007
                                    (An RHS Long Term Trial)

There were 137 entries in this Long Term trial of Garden Chrysanthemums, which were assessed
by the Chrysanthemum Committee in 2007 for the Award of Garden Merit.

Trial Objectives:
To assess, compare and demonstrate a range of cultivars submitted by individuals, raisers and
nurserymen, following preliminary assessment by the Chrysanthemum Committee.

• 4 Ground hugging cushion mums (Nos. 1-4)
• 52 Cushion mums (Nos. 5-56)
• 2 Belgian mums (Nos. 57-58)
• 32 Spray chrysanthemums (Nos. 59-89)
• 28 Disbudded chrysanthemums (Nos. 90-117)
• 20 Hardy chrysanthemums (Nos. 118-137)

The Chrysanthemum Committee judged the entries in this trial on 21 August, 11 September, 25
September and 9 October 2007 for the Award of Garden Merit, using the following criteria:

              Vigour : habit : health : length of flowering period
              colour/ colour stability and quality of bloom : weather tolerance

The Committee awarded the Society's

AWARD OF GARDEN MERIT (H3) to the following:

                              'Chicane' AGM (H3) 2007
                              Sent by Cleangro Ltd, available
                              from B & Q stores nationwide.
                              Single spray, height to 29cm,
                              vigorous, compact, bushy and
                              free flowering. Erect, loose
                              sprays. Flower head diameter to
                              3cm, florets short, broad, blunt
                              and distinct. Incurved spoon
                              florets, red-purple 70B, reverse
pale purple 75B. Disc 1cm diameter, yellow 13A.
50% flowering 10/9/07.
Single deep pink spoon with yellow eye, forms neat uniform floriferous mounds.

The following AGM awards to Cushion Mums cannot be ratified until availability has been

                            'Dolly' subject to availability
                            Sent by Yoder Toddington.
                            Double spray, height to 35cm,
                            vigorous, bushy spreading and free
                            flowering. Erect, compact sprays.
                            Flower head diameter to 5cm, florets
                            short, broad, overlapping and blunt.
                            Flat incurved inner florets closest to
greyed-orange N163B, and outer florets closest yellow-orange 14B, reverse greyed-yellow 162B at
centre becoming greyed-orange 168D at tips.
50% flowering 10/9/07.
A vigorous, floriferous bright orange mum that spreads to form large, uniform mounds.

                                 'Nina' subject to availability
                                 Sent by Yoder Toddington.
                                 Semi-double anemone spray,
                                 height to 27cm, vigorous, bushy,
                                 spreading and free flowering.
                                 Erect compact sprays. Flower
                                 head diameter 4.5cm, florets
                                 short, narrow, overlapping and
                                 pointed. Flat incurved, inner
florets, red-purple N74C and greyed-orange N163A at centre.
Outer florets mainly incurved, red-purple N74D, reverse purple
76C. 50% flowering 10/9/07.
Many mid pink anemone flowers that last and age well on large, neat, uniform mounds.


                                  'Cream Talbot Parade'
                                  (29c Cr) AGM (H3) 2007
                                  Sent by and available from Mr
                                  D Horn.
                                  Semi-double spray, height to
                                  105cm, vigorous, bushy and
                                  free flowering. Erect, loose
                                  sprays. Flower head diameter
                                  to 10cm, ray florets short,
                                  narrow, pointed, in overlapping
                                  whorls. Flat, incurved inner
                                  florets yellow 5A and incurved
                                  outer florets closest to yellow
                                  4D (cream), reverse white 155C. 50% flowering 17/8/07.
A lovely creamy reflexed spray Chrysanthemum, with flowers staying fresh for a long time.


                                  'Millennium' (25b Y)
                                  AGM (H3) 2007
                                   Sent by Mr F Charlton,
                                  available from Frank
                                  Charlton Chrysanthemums,
                                  7 Winslow Close,
                                  Witherwack, Sunderland,
                                  SR5 5RZ and Halls of
                                  Heddon Nurseries, Heddon
                                  on the Wall,
                                  Northumberland, NE15 0JS
                                  Medium, reflexed disbud,
                                  height to 130cm, vigorous,
                                  bushy and free flowering. Erect compact disbudded blooms.
                                  Flower head diameter 15cm, florets long, broad, blunt and
                                  overlapping. Curled, Incurved inner florets and recurved outer
florets, overall colour closest to yellow 9A. 50% flowering 31/08/07.
Light yellow medium intermediate disbud, stands up well to wet weather, very floriferous.
                                       'Ruby Raynor' (21 B)
                                       AGM (H4) 2007
                                       Sent by Mrs J Barker,
                                       available from Norwell
                                       Nurseries, Woodhouse
                                       Road, Norwell, Newark,
                                       Nottinghamshire NG23
                                       Semi-double spray,
                                       height to 80cm,
                                       vigorous, bushy and
                                       free flowering. Erect,
                                       compact sprays.
Flower head diameter to 7.5cm, ray florets short, broad,
pointed, in overlapping whorls. Incurved inner florets and recurved outer florets closest to yellow
12A, reverse paler yellow 12C.
50% flowering 30/8/07.
Bronze semi-double hardy Chrysanthemum, very floriferous with a long flowering period from mid
July to mid October.

Disbudded and Non-Disbudded Forms:

    Disbudded                        Non-Disbudded (Spray)

Chrysanthemum Flower head Forms:

     Single            Incurved          Intermediate         Reflexed

  Fully Reflexed   Anemone-centered         Pompon           Spoon-shaped
     Quill-shaped          Spider-form

Images taken from RHS A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants (c) DK Images

The trial plot was tractor rotovated in October 2006 and the plot prepared and sown with Caliente
Mustard. To reduce the effects of soil borne pest and diseases that Chrysanthemums can be
susceptible to, it is important to sterilise the soil. Previously a chemical sterilant, Basamid, has been
used, for 2007 Wisley introduced a green manure, Caliente Mustard, to their programme. This is
specially bred as a soil improver with the added benefit of having bio-fumigant properties.

In April 2007 the Mustard was watered before being mown, tractor rotovated and sealed under black
polythene for 2 weeks. Once in contact with the moist soil the chopped plant material broke down to
release biologically active compounds that help to suppress weeds, root rot and nematodes (eelworm).

The polythene was removed in early May. The ground was then hand raked and marked out. Black
membrane was put down and support posts erected. This is the first year that the Chrysanthemums
have been planted through membrane, used to avoid splash back when watering the trial, which could
increase the transference of disease.

The spray and disbudded chrysanthemums were planted on 15 May and the cushion 'mums on 30
May. On 23 April the spray and disbudded entries were ‘stopped’ by removal of the terminal bud,
encouraging plants to bush out and hastening development of side branches, which will bear the
flowers. Cushion 'mums were pinched out to encourage bushy plants and even flowering on 15 June.
Spray stocks, after initial ‘stopping’, were allowed to grow naturally; disbud entries after initial 'stopping',
continue to be disbudded so that only one flower per stem is produced.

Chrysanthemums need regular watering to obtain the best results. These plants were never allowed to
dry out and as the plants grow, the amount of water was increased. Plants were sprayed routinely for
pest and disease control.

The trial performed much better in 2007 than it had done in 2006. The occurrence of White Rust
was minimal due to a careful preventative spray programme and cultural care when receiving fresh
stock and propagating material at Wisley. However a higher level of Eelworm was found in the trial
this year. It was a particularly wet summer at Wisley in 2007 and Eelworm can spread more
rapidly when the foliage remains wet.
Eelworm is usually eradicated by hot water treatment of stools when they are lifted at the end of
the season. In future those senders without the facilities to hot water treat stools prior to taking
cuttings will be asked to send stools for hot water treatment and propagation at Wisley, rather than
sending untreated un-rooted cuttings the following spring.

Some random patches of entries were considered to be growing undersize in 2007. The
committee thought this may be due to the fabric through which the entries had been planted. The
fabric mulch had proved effective in preventing splash back and related fungal spore spread, but
there was some concern that the closeness of the weave resulted in prevention of water
penetration. It was agreed that in 2008 the same material should be used but with irrigation lines
placed beneath to overcome problems relating to lack of water penetration.

It was also considered that the Caliente Mustard, incorporated in the soil prior to planting, may not
have broken down sufficiently. This could have caused stunted growth by withdrawing available
Nitrogen from the Chrysanthemums in the early stages of their vegetative development. It was
agreed that the Caliente Mustard would be used as a soil improver with bio-fumigant properties
again in 2008 with a few modifications to the programme of use. As the mustard crop had not
been lush enough in 2007, nitrogen fertiliser would be applied on sowing and again in February to
encourage lush, juicy material for incorporation in April 2008. At the time of incorporation there
would be a third application of Nitrogen after flailing to assist break down of the incorporated
material, then a final application before planting out trial entries. Once the mustard was
incorporated it would be covered for 3 weeks as opposed to 2 to ensure the green material break
down sufficiently, this would aid the bio-fumigant properties of the mustard and ideally prevent the
mustard from holding the nitrogen away from the Chrysanthemum plants.

                           GARDEN CHRYSANTHEMUM TRIAL 2007
      No Cultivar                          AGM   Sender
         Ground cover
       1 ‘Creeper Pink’                                      Cleangro Ltd
       2 ‘Creeper Dark Pink’                                 Cleangro Ltd
       3 ‘Creeper Red’                                       Cleangro Ltd
       4 ‘Creeper Yellow’                                    Cleangro Ltd
         Cushion mums
       5 ‘White Light’s                                      Cleangro Ltd
       6 ‘Magical’                                           Cleangro Ltd
       7 ‘Pitstop’                                AGM ‘03    Cleangro Ltd
       8 ‘Conjuror’                                          Cleangro Ltd
       9 ‘Interval’                                          Cleangro Ltd
      10 ‘Emperor’                                           Cleangro Ltd
      11 ‘Starstruck Pink’                                   Cleangro Ltd
      12 ‘Chicane’                                           Cleangro Ltd
      13 ‘Fantasy’                                           Cleangro Ltd
      14 ‘Concerto’                               AGM ‘04    Cleangro Ltd
      15 ‘Tinseltown’                             AGM ‘04    Cleangro Ltd
      16 ‘Chorus’                                            Cleangro Ltd
      17 ‘Syllabub’                               AGM ‘03    Cleangro Ltd
      18 ‘Gala’                                   AGM ‘04    Cleangro Ltd
      19 ‘Gala Crimson’                                      Cleangro Ltd
      20 ‘Allegro’                                           Cleangro Ltd
      21 ‘Majorette’                              AGM ‘03    Cleangro Ltd
      22 ‘Jazzy’                                             Cleangro Ltd
      23 ‘Action’                                 AGM ‘06    Cleangro Ltd
      24 ‘Matinee’                                AGM ‘05    Cleangro Ltd
      25 ‘Intermezzo’                                        Cleangro Ltd
      26 ‘Popcorn’                                AGM ‘03    Cleangro Ltd
      27 ‘Boulevard Yellow’                       AGM ‘05    Cleangro Ltd
      28 ‘Lemon Fizz’                                        Cleangro Ltd
      29 ‘Mermaid’                                AGM ‘03    Cleangro Ltd
      30 Linda = ‘Lindayo’                        AGM ‘06    Yoder Toddington
      31 ‘Gigi White’                                        Yoder Toddington
      32 ‘Braque’                                 AGM ‘05    Yoder Toddington
      33 ‘Gigi’                                              Yoder Toddington
      34 ‘Gigi Pink’                                         Yoder Toddington
      35 ‘Braque Pink’                                       Yoder Toddington
      36 ‘Nina’                                              Yoder Toddington
      37 ‘Ursula’                                            Yoder Toddington
      38 ‘Gudrun’                                            Yoder Toddington
      39 ‘Morgan’                                            Yoder Toddington
      40 ‘Turner’                                 AGM ‘02    Yoder Toddington
      41 ‘Tabitha’                                           Yoder Toddington
      42 ‘Jolly Cheryl’                                      Yoder Toddington
      43 ‘Marlene Red’                                       Yoder Toddington
44  ‘Sherry’                             Yoder Toddington
45  ‘Marlene’                            Yoder Toddington
46  ‘Shelley’                            Yoder Toddington
47  ‘Dolly’                              Yoder Toddington
48  'Festive Ursula'                     Yoder Toddington
49  ‘Gigi Gold’                          Yoder Toddington
50  ‘Michele’                            Yoder Toddington
51  ‘Kerry’                              Yoder Toddington
52  ‘Gold Cheryl’                        Yoder Toddington
53  ‘Annika’                             Yoder Toddington
54  ‘Ines’                               Yoder Toddington
55  ‘Klara’                              Yoder Toddington
56  'Sunny Ursula'                       Yoder Toddington
    Belgian mums
 57 'Domenico Orange'                    FlorElite Plants & Seeds Ltd
 58 'Akilon Pink'                        FlorElite Plants & Seeds Ltd
 59 'Denise'                   AGM ‘93   Mrs J Barker
 60 ‘Purple Margaret Dixon’              D Horn
 61 ‘Margaret Dixon'                     D Horn
 62 'Lucy'                     AGM ‘03   D Horn
 63 ‘Penine Marie’             AGM ‘97   Halls of Heddon
 64 ‘Pennine Oriel’                      Walkers Nurseries
 65 ‘Orno’                               Walkers Nurseries
 66 ‘Myss Carol’                         Southway Nurseries
 67 ‘Myss Saffron’                       Southway Nurseries
 68 ‘Wendy’                    AGM ‘93   W B Wade
 69 ‘Bronze Dee Gem’                     Walkers Nurseries
69A ‘Karen Taylor’             AGM ‘04   F Charlton
 70 ‘Caukeel Copper’                     Southway Nurseries
 71 'Pennine Canary'           AGM ‘93   W B Wade
 72 ‘Cherry Nathalie’                    Walkers Nurseries
 73 'Purple Talbot Parade'     AGM ‘03   F Charlton
 74 ‘Nathalie’                 AGM ‘94   Walkers Nurseries
 75 'Freddie'                            G Freestone
 76 ‘Cream Talbot Maid’                  D Horn
 77 ‘Myss Marion’                        Southway Nurseries
 78 ‘Cream Talbot Parade'                D Horn
 79 'White Margaret'           AGM ‘93   Walkers Nurseries
 80 ‘Anna Marie’               AGM ‘93   Harold Walker
 81 ‘Primrose Enbee Wedding’             NCS
 82 ‘Rita McMahon’             AGM ‘05   Halls of Heddon
 83 'Joshua Hunter'            AGM ‘06   L Hunter
 84 ‘Southway Summit’                    Southway Nurseries
 85 ‘Southway Savoy’                     Southway Nurseries
 86 ‘Upton Rose’                         Walkers Nurseries
 87 ‘Southway Sheba’                     Walkers Nurseries
 88 'Daphne Davis'             AGM ‘05   G Garratt
 89 ‘Enbee Gift’                         NCS
 90 'Bronze Max Riley'         AGM ‘01   Walkers Nurseries
 91 ‘Yvonne Arnaud’            AGM ‘93   D Horn
 92 ‘Primrose Bruera’                    NCS
 93 ‘Brietner’                           D Horn
 94 ‘Percy Salter’                       D Horn
 95 'Membury'                  AGM ‘93   Halls of Heddon
 96 ‘Early Red Cloak’                    NCS
 97 ‘Red Bellair’                        A McDougall
      98   ‘Regalia’                          AGM ‘93    D Horn
      99   ‘Bellair’                                     A McDougall
     100   ‘Pretty Polly’                                NCS
     101   'Barnado's Hope'                              S Oldham
     102   ‘Rosedew’                          AGM ‘93    NCS
     103   ‘Willy Gettings’                              F Charlton
     104   ‘Debbie Charlton’                             F Charlton
     105   'Allouise'                         AGM ‘93    Walkers Nurseries
     106   ‘Angora’                           AGM ‘97    D Horn
     107   ‘Peach Allouise’                   AGM ‘93    Walkers Nurseries
     108   'White Allouise'                   AGM ‘93    Walkers Nurseries
     109   'Creamist'                         AGM ‘93    Woolmans
     110   ‘Les Proctor’                                 G Freestone
     111   ‘Tennis’                                      NCS
     112   ‘Muriel Vipas’                                NCS
     113   ‘Primrose Muriel Vipas’                       NCS
     114   ‘Dana’                             AGM ‘93    Halls of Heddon
     115   'Millennium'                                  F Charlton
     116   'Horace Hockedy'                   AGM ‘04    G Freestone
     117   ‘Betty Deeming’                               G Freestone
           Hardy Chrysanthemums
     118   ‘Ruby Raynor'                                 Mrs J Barker
     119   ‘Nancy Perry'                                 Mrs J Barker
     120   ‘Perry's Peach'                               Mrs J Barker
     121   ‘Ailine'                                      Mrs J Barker
     122   ‘Aunt Millicent'                              Mrs J Barker
     123   ‘Grandchild'                                  Mrs J Barker
     124   ‘Mary'                                        Mrs J Barker
     125   ‘Brightness'                                  Mrs J Barker
     126   ‘Ruby Mound'                       AGM ‘06    Mrs J Barker
     127   ‘Sea Urchin'                       AGM ‘07    Mrs J Barker
     128   ‘Columbine’                                   Mrs J Barker
     129   ‘Starlet’                                     Mrs J Barker
     130   ‘Yellow Starlet’                              Mrs J Barker
     131   ‘Nell Gwynn’                                  Mrs J Barker
     132   ‘Mauve Gem’                                   Mrs J Barker
     133   ‘Carmine Blush’                               Mrs J Barker
     134   ‘White Gem’                                   Mrs J Barker
     135   ‘Shining Light’                               Mrs J Barker
     136   ‘Louise’                                      Mrs J Barker
     137   ‘Spartan Seagull                              Mrs J Barker

Sender Information
Cleangro Ltd, Leythorne Nursery, Vinnetrow Road, Chichester, West Sussex PO20 1QD
FlorElite, Hoogeweg 12, 2231 MS Rijnsberg, Holland
Frank Charlton Chrysanthemums, 24 Redesdale Road, Redhouse Estate, Sunderland SR5 5HA
Mr G Freestone, Freestones Chrysanthemums, 105 Mancetter Road, Nuneaton, Warwickshire,
CV10 0HP
Halls of Heddon, West Heddon Nursery, Heddon-on-the-Wall, Newcastle upon Tyne NE15 0JS
Mr D T Horn, Evreham House, 57 Wood Lane, Fleet, Hants GU151 3ED
National Chrysanthemum Society (NCS), Plant Sales, Wood View, 15a Moorcroft Road, Hutton,
Weston Super Mare BS24 9RW
Southway Nurseries, Box No.66, Cottingham, East Yorks, HU16 4AS
Walkers Nurseries & Plant Centre, Huntington, Chester CH3 6EA
Yoder Toddington, Toddington Lane, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 7PL
Woolmans Plants, Rookery Farm, Joys Bank, Holbeach St. John, Spalding, Lincolnshire PE12 8SG

The following are c/o The Trials Office: -
Mrs J Barker, Mr L Hunter, Mr A McDougall, Mr W B Wade
Further information can be obtained from The Trials Office, The Royal
Horticultural Society Garden, Wisley, Woking, Surrey GU23 6QB
Tel No. 01483479797            e-mail:

More information about RHS Trials and other illustrated final reports can be
found on the RHS Website at

The National Chrysanthemum Society publish a 'Chrysanthemum Guide' which is
available from the society, priced at £13.95
To join the National Chrysanthemum Society write to the Membership Manager, 317
Plessey Road, Blyth, Northumberland, NE24 3LJ.

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