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									                                                                          Centro Escolar University
                                                                     Social Arts and Humanities Department
                                                      SYLLABUS IN FOUNDATION OF PHILOSOPHY AND ETHICS
      Course Number                                    Descriptive Title                               Credit Units                                        Class Hours
Humanities 12                        Foundations of Philosophy and Ethics                                    3                                                   54
    Course Description               A course which provides an over view of philosophy as a field of study that emphasizes investigation and discovery of higher and deeper truths
                                     especially about the rational and ethical nature of human person. Further, it seeks to equip the students with skills for logical thinking through
                                     exercises in the sound argumentation, identification of fallacies in reasoning and critical discourses to enable them to reflect on man’s moral
                                     experiences in the context of Filipino values and contemporary ethical problems.
Pre-requisite                        None
General Objectives                   At the end of the course, the students are expected to:
                                         1. Identify, classify and analyze various traditional philosophical views, and demonstrate the relevance of these views to real-life problems;
                                         2. Develop an understanding of the nature of man - his life, human conduct supreme purpose and goals, meaning of life, and ultimate existence;
                                         3. Recognize his capacity to reason, to seek, and attain the truth, and develop the habit of genuine philosophical reflection with the hope that it
                                              will give direction and meaning to his life;
                                         4. Appreciate the need for sound argumentation in human discourse; and demonstrate behavior that is the result of a logical thinking;
                                         5. Acquire intellectual depth, critical judgment , moral sensitivity and socio-consciousness which will enable him to progress in achieving clear
                                              and mature decisions; and
                                         6. Develop a sense of moral responsibility to discern the rightness or wrongness of the action and demonstrate ethical conduct.
         Specific Objectives                  Course Content               Suggested Teaching Methodology/Strategy               Time       Evaluative Measures/
                                                                                                                              Allotment                       Requirements
At the end of the unit, the          Prelim
student should be able to:            Unit I. Introduction
    - Define and comprehend              A. What Philosophy Is              - Lecture/Discussion                                                - Written tests
        what                             B. Nature of Philosophy            - Exercises and practical questions                                 - Exercises
        philosophy is                    C. Philosophy as a                 - Article analysis                                3 Hours           - Reflection Paper
                                              Science                                                                                           - recitation
   -      Appreciate the                 D. Branches of
          importance of                       Philosophy
          studying philosophy                 1.1 Logic
    -     Differentiate logic from            1.2 Ethics

At the end of the unit, the student   Unit II. Philosophy of Man        -   Lecture/discussion on the life of different             -   Written tests
should be able to:                                                          Philosophers and their stand on the nature              -   Exercises
                                        A. Meaning and composition          of Man                                        6 hours   -   Recitation
   -    Develop a deeper                     of man                     -   Reflection paper on one’s own philosophy                -   Group reporting
        realization on                  B. Man as a person                  in life                                                 -   Reflection paper.
    - the nature of man and             C. Man as a Rational Being      -   Writing one’ own eulogy
        composition of his being        D. Man as a Moral Being         -   Group Sharing
    - Analyze man as a logical          E. Ultimate Purpose of
        and ethical person                   Human Life
    - Construct a deeper
        awareness on the ultimate
        end of man.
 At the end of the unit, the student Unit III. Critical Thinking
should be able to:

                                         A. Logic as art of reasoning   -   Lecture/discussion;                                     - Written tests and
   -   Appreciate logic as an art        B. Formal and material         -   Word/symbol construction                                  examples
       of correct thinking                  objects of logic            -   Article analysis on issue affecting human     9 Hours   - Exercises
   -   Differentiate formal logic        C. Division of logic               affairs;                                                - Recitation
       from material logic                  1.1 Simple apprehension     -   Case/movie/song analysis                                - Grades on article and case/movie analysis
   -   Classify the three basic             1.2 Judgment
       operations of human                  1.3 Reasoning
       thought,                          D. Soundness and validity
   -   Identify, give value and             moral arguments
       apply sound reasoning

At the end of the unit, the   Unit IV Fallacies
student should be able to:

                                 A. Formal and Informal Fallacy
                                 B. Fallacy of Language
   -   Differentiate                1.1 Equivocation
       formal from                  1.2 Amphiboly
       Informal fallacy             1.3 Accent,
   -   Identify and                 1.4 Division
       compare the                  1.5 Composition
       errors in                    1.6 Word construction                                                             -   Written tests and examples
       reasoning,                                                 -   Lecture/discussion                              -   Exercises
   -   Recognize                                                  -   Word/symbol construction;                       -   Recitation
       emotionally-              C. Fallacy of Relevance          -   Article analysis on issue affecting   9 Hours   -   Grades on article and case/movie
       charged language             1.1 Accident                      human affairs;                                      analysis
   -   Critique on one’s            1.2 Begging the question,     -    Case/movie/song analysis
       own                          1.3 Attack against man
       way of thinking              1.4 Appeal to people,
       and reasoning                1.5 Appeal to pity,
                                    1.6 False cause
                                    1.7 Appeal to misplaced
                                    1.8 Appeal to force,
                                    1.9 Appeal to advantage
                                    1.10 Appeal to ignorance

                              Unit V. Human Acts and Morality

                                 A.    Human Acts and Acts of Man
At the end of the unit the       B.    Modifiers of Human Acts
students should be able to:      C.    Determinants of Morality
                                 D.    Standards of Morality
   -   Differentiate             E.    Moral Values and Virtues
       human acts from                                                                                                 -   Written tests
       acts of man                                                                                                     -   Grades on reflection papers and movie
   -   Develop a deeper                                             -   Lecture/Discussion                                 analysis
       understanding on                                             -   Readings on newspaper and magazine   6 Hours   -   Seat works
       how modifiers of                                             -   Group – sharing                                -   Recitation
       human acts affect                                            -   Case/Movie Song analysis                       -   Ratings in answering practical questions
       voluntariness and                                                                                                   and in giving situations with ethical
       moral                                                                                                               implications
   -   Have a clear
       knowledge on the
       determinants of
       morality and apply
       them to judgment
       of human acts
   -   Identify and
       evaluate the
       characteristics of
       an effective norm
       of morality
   -   Define values in
       general, moral
       values in              Finals

        particular, and        Unit VI. Special Ethics
    -   Show the
        relationship           A. Rights and Duties
        between values                    1. Kinds/Types
        and virtues                       2. Characteristics                                                                    -   Scores in exercise
    -   Be familiar with                  3. Reciprocity of rights and
        the Filipino values                  duties                                                                             -   Written tests
        and critique on the
        strengths and           B. Environmental Ethics
        weakness of these        1. Moral Extensionism                   -   Lecture/Discussion
        values                   2. Issues                               -   Brainstorming                            3 hours
                               2.1. Global warming
                               2.2. Nuclear Testing
At the end of the unit, the    2.3. Pollution
student should be able to:        3. Developing an Ecological            -   Essay/position papers on readings                  -   Grade in essays and
    - Develop a deeper               Conscience                                                                                     reflection paper
        sense of
        Awareness of
        rights and show                                                  -    Role playing
        commitment to           C. Work Ethics
        fulfill one’s duties    1. Meaning of work                                                                    3 Hours
                                2. Morality and Personnel
    -   Appreciate man’s           Management
        role as                 3. Basic duties of Workers and           -   Debate                                             -   Score in Exercise
        a part of the              Employers                             -   Exercise
        ecosystem and his       4. Issues                                -   Group sharing on collated pictures and             -   Written test
        relatedness to the         4.1 Unfair labor practices                articles
        environment                4.2 Illegal Recruitment
                                   4.3 Nepotism                                                                                 -   Grade in essays and reflection
    -   Commit one’s self          4.4 Sexual harassment                                                              9 Hours
        to                         4.5 Morality of Strike
        evolve an

       conscience to         D. Bioethics
       guide his/her          1. The meaning of health
       effort in saving       2. Personal and Social
       earth                     responsibility for health
                              3. Issues
   -   Observe work              3.1 Invitro fertilization
       ethics                    3.2 Genetic Engineering                                                                  -   Debate
   -   Respect duties of         3.3 Stem Cells                 - Individual case presentation with proper
       workers and               3.4 Surrogated Motherhood      application of propositions and judgment on               -   Written tests
       employers                 3.5 Infanticide Abortion       the moral implication of issues
                                 3.6 Self-enhancement medical                                                             -   Reflection paper
                              E Arguments and principles
                                against lying, cheating and
                               breaking promises

                                                                - Assign students to submit compilations of
                                                                  cases involving well-known personalities in
                                                                   Philippine society
                                                                                                                          -   Debate
                                                                                                                          -   Written tests
                                                                                                                          -   Reflection paper
                                                                                                                3 Hours
                                                                Debate the following:

- Acquire a deep                                                   -   Is lying justified in extreme
reverence for                                                          circumstances?
  life and show                                                    -   Is cheating justified to gain profit?
commitment to                                                      -   Do we have to break a promise to
  one’s duties to preserve                                             satisfy our search for happiness?

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