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					      Watch videos simultaneously
        with your friends online
using our patent pending SVOD system.
Text Chat or Video Chat simultaneously
     while you watch shared videos
    one on one
      or in any
size group. Friends
 can meet online
  and surf videos

A traveling parent
can watch a video
  with their child
    and hang
   out together.

A couple meeting
 on a dating site
can meet online
  and share an

 Celebrities can
   host a live
Invitation Tools, Calendar Tools and extras
  make this truly Appointment Television
Inviting your friends is easy…
    Create your own channel, invite your
friends, activate web cams and have fun!
HDVideo expands to full screen resolution
    Viewers on will be
immersed within a
digital experience
  that they never
 have never been
     in before.

 We have striven
 to replicate the
   same set of
  emotions one
    feels when
watching a video
  together with
other people in a
  real life group

   Sharing the
 catharsis of the
moment is simply
better in a group
   We created the
  SVOD technology
specifically to license
  to the online sites
which broadcast their
     own media. is easy to
  add to their existing
 systems and the new
amount of interactivity
and socialization that brings to the
 online shared media
     experience is

 It is the next online
 social phenomena
   that is waiting to
77.6% of Americans
  use the internet

66.2% of Americans
 are connected at
home (many more
  have it at work)

   The average
American spends 8.9
 hours online each

Average number of
 years online? 7.3

48.3% of Americans
 have high-speed
  access at home
(many more have it
     at work)
          Social Media is Evolving Again
   YouTube feasted on the public’s desire to share inspired videos.

   People are passionate about sharing something that moves
    them or makes them laugh. There is a fascinating social
    phenomena that happens when a group of friends get together
    and start watching and chatting while screening these kinds of
    video programs simultaneously. It is clearly a whole lot more fun.

   Humans are very social creatures and we love to laugh
    together. Now with the price of fuel increasing, new social
    methods of online interaction are bound to evolve, with leading the way.

   Unlike other large media sharing sites, has a strict
    policy of adhering to all copyright laws. No unlicensed video
    content will be allowed. Offenders will be deleted and barred
    from the system.
                                  How it works:
's patent pending, SVOD systems allow users and clients to see life in a shared
    screen experience, essentially occupying the same space in a virtual environment at the
    same time. This allows people in various separate locations to be watching video media
    content "together", sharing the same experience at the same time).

   Prior to, a streaming video is played by a "client" through an Internet connection
    and he/she receives his/her own stream of data. In order for two people to enjoy the
    same media at the same time it is necessary for both individuals to press "play" at exactly
    the same time while remaining miles away in different locations.

   What is unique to the process is the introduction of a simultaneous data stream
    or a "Shared Object". This concept allows either individuals or multiple members in a group
    to connect into and watch a piece of media together and yet be watching from many
    different locations. This allows the connected individuals to experience the same media
    and enjoy the same excitement and experiences at the same time thus increasing the
    social interaction between the members of the group.

   When the video "master channel" is paused, the video for the entire group is paused and
    rewind and fast forward is delivered in the same fashion. When a new user enters the
    channel they are automatically cued up to be at the same point in the movie time line for
    the rest of the group. In addition, there is a proprietary video chat system which
    completely amplifies the media distribution model giving real emotional "value" to even
    the most savvy of web consumers. Postproduction Tool Suite

   In addition to all of the consumer applications, The Illusion Factory is busy
    completing a professional version that will be an invaluable tool to all digital post

   Our new system will allow people all over the world to simultaneously watch dailies,
    commercials, trailers, music videos, television shows, features and anything else
    online, while one person controls the flow of files and others watch.

   We have added white board tools, record the session tools and a host of other
    conveniences to make this system and invaluable resource to all the production
    companies that need to be in multiple locations and in clear communication at
    the same time.

   At the end of the session, the editor, effects artist, foley artist, or any other
    technician, has verbatim notes and marks from which to work.
            Ad Formats

 players are preconfigured with support for rich-media ad units that
    range from standard to cutting-edge, so you can drive maximum value.

   These include:

   Synched Ad Units – Rich-media banners synchronized to video roll, including
    expandable banners.

   Rich-Media Banners – Build ads that graphically will entice your users.

   Player Takeovers – Create immersive brand experiences with takeover ads. These
    rich, interactive experiences pause the video, take over the player's surface, and
    then seamlessly resume video play when the consumer closes the ad.

   Overlays – Offer ad units that overlay the lower third of the video window, letting
    you generate ad revenue without disrupting the viewing experience. Ad Custom Insertion Control
   Control the insertion or ad slotting rules resulting in a highly customized user
    experience. These include:

   Video Pre-Roll – Insert video ads at the beginning of a video title.

   Video Mid-Roll – Insert video ads at any point in a title.

   Video Post-Roll – Insert video ads at the end of a title.

   Title-Based Insertion – Configure the Player to insert ads when
    consumers switch titles, either after every title or at other custom frequencies.

   Time-Based Insertion – Set players to insert ads — including banner changes,
    overlays, and video roll synched with banners — based on the amount of time the
    consumer spends in the player.

   On Load Takeover – Set up the player to insert a player takeover on
    load, providing an immediate brand awareness opportunity.

   First Play Rules – Establish a time-based or title-based criteria for the first ad played
    during a user session.

   Ad Unit Frequency – Set the specific number of videos and rich-media ads to be
    played at each insertion point.
           Ad Targeting

 offers a wide range of targeting options.

   Player Targeting – Target your ads to specific players that may represent sections of
    your websites, affiliate networks, or Social Networking channels.

   Lineup Targeting – Target ads to specific lineups that may run in one or multiple
    players in your network.

   Title Targeting – Target ads to specific video titles in your media distribution network.

   Geo Targeting – Target ads to specific geographic locations.

   Frequency Capping – Control the number of times viewers in your network see an ad.

   Key Value Identifiers – Target ads to specific criteria that you associate with insertion
    points within your player. Reporting and Analytics

 supports a variety of built-in analytics capabilities, ranging from quick
    dashboard summaries to detailed traffic and transaction data. The reports are
    integrated directly into the Dashboard, giving you a broad over view of
    your distribution metric performance.

    Activity Reports – Identify a user’s viewing patterns and monitor the performance of
    specific titles, lineups, users and players. Know exactly who watched what, when
    and where.

   Traffic Reporting – Identify the primary sources of traffic to each channel.

   Title Completion – See how often a specific title is typically viewed to completion.

   Bandwidth Reporting – Track the bandwidth consumed by users viewing your

   Affiliate Performance – See how much incremental traffic specific affiliates are driving
    to your content.

   Syndicated Content Performance – Understand how individual titles are performing
    across all of your affiliates.

   Custom Analytics – can completely customize the information and data
    collected to include your unique situation. Technology and Support Platforms
 has partnered with media giant, Akamai technologies, to leverage over
    2,600 media servers deployed on over 50 countries. Media streams are delivered
    with minimal network latency while maintaining the highest levels of video speed and
    quality. Our technicians work around the clock to assure your customer’s satisfaction
    while immersed within their branded media delivery experience.

   Content Delivery Network

   Our delivery network is built on the cutting edge Flash Media Server Platform.
    Engaging Adobe Systems has allowed our programming staff the unlimited flexibility
    to deliver not only high quality media, but to have total control over every intricate
    detail within the user experience. Using Flash technology clients can rest
    assured that their media streams will intelligently reach their consumer base,
    harnessing highly adaptive object-oriented programming embedding code directly
    into the media stream. realizes that it is simply not enough to serve out
    random videos or ads; they must be done in a highly evolved and technical way to
    both impress and sway consumer thoughts and buying habits.

   Highly Searchable MetaData

   Searchable databases for unlimited fields of query– Cast, Production Entities,
    Dialogue, Year, Genre, Props, Action Elements, Locations, Subjects + more
      Tech Support and Customer Services
 provides unmatched technical support, and offers services such as training
    and launch management services, as well as creative and integration design.
    Consumer technical questions are collected and addressed through a network of
    online forms and FAQ pages and are promptly addressed to assure consumer brand

   Asset Publishing and Upload

   Easily upload media into your account through a number of user-friendly
    environments including:

   Browser-Based Upload – Use a web based browser to upload files directly from your
    computer to your account. There is no need for any external software to
    be installed and can be done from any computer connected to the Internet.

   Batch Uploading – Leverage a custom FTP format to batch-upload multiple assets, as
    well as to create multiple custom video libraries, titles and lineups.

   Asset Management – Visually browse, classify, and manage video files and graphics
    within our proprietary Graphical User Interface. Both video and ad insertion assets
    can be seamlessly moved between public and private channels giving you total
    visual control over a user’s experience.
           in FaceBook
 supports a variety of Social Networking strategies that let you grow your
    audience and increase the reach of your media content across the Internet. offers a unique and exciting presence within the social networking site With over 80 million users and growing Face Book has become the
    social hub for savvy Internet users, most searching and craving for the engaging
    technologies offered by A few of the major features offered within the Face Book platform are:

    Custom Channel Creation – Allow users to create their own playlists to share with

   Friend Notification – Users are kept in touch with a proprietary notification system
    aimed at virally connecting users to the same channel. Select a time and date for a
    showing and it becomes more than just a show, it’s an event!

   Managed Uploads – Allow users to upload their own media content and expand your
    potential ad base.

   Video and Text Chat Conferencing – Users are constantly in touch with our proprietary
    and easy-to-use video and text chat conferencing systems.
      in FaceBook (cont.)
   Expanded User Profile – Users are able to configure certain graphical elements of
    their screen to customize the user experience.

   Syndicated Video Players – Configure video players specifically for individual
    channels or across the entire network.

   Programming Control – Centrally manage the content you program within your social

   Advanced User Settings – Users can quickly adjust their channel settings to add their
    name to a public channel listing or go private for discrete, intimate conversations.

   Syndication Offers – Create public and private channel syndication offers to
    monetize individual brand offerings.

   Affiliate Reporting – Learn how consumers are viewing your content in affiliate

   Affiliate Decommissioning – Quickly and easily decommission affiliates that
    areviolating your policies.
Identification of Key Needs and Requirements
 helps their clients to develop their business model while identifying and
    filling obvious voids, as well as nurturing the implementation of new opportunities.

   Core Strength Assessment:

   What is your current monthly traffic and how can I expect that to grow?

   How many media streams are you expecting to deliver given your current and future

   Is your library of media or advertising content in a format deliverable over the

   How do you plan to monetize media viewership on my website, if at all?

   What is your estimated or forced timeline for media delivery in my site?

   How often are you expecting to update or upload new media or ad content?

   What analytics are you going to want to see surrounding the viewership of your

   Are you considering all of your monetization options based both on your available
    resources and the feature sets offered within the delivery platform? – The Comprehensive Media System
   From complete digital entertainment development, to the most sophisticated systems, is the only content delivery platform in the world of its kind.

    Custom anciallary systems include:

   • Video & Audio Ring Tones

   • Games

   • Embeddable Video

   • Custom Social Networks

   • Video Email Systems

   • Video Greeting Cards

   • Download to Desktop > Burn to DVD

   • Education and Training Systems

   • Highly Searchable Metadata on all clips

creativity from a company who finds its niche
at the nexus of creativity, technology, media
and entertainment.
                              About The Illusion Factory
Since 1979, The Illusion Factory has been
entrusted with the promotion and marketing of
more than $6 billion in filmed, televised and live
entertainment. With more than 20 unique
verticals in the company’s core business, The
Illusion Factory has proven itself both creatively
and technically, a master of all media. In
addition, seven Illusion Factory satellite
companies now compliment the core structure,
maximizing efficiency in both core and satellite
arenas via vertical promotions and an
overlapping labor pool.

We pursue excellence by use of cutting-edge
creativity and tactical mobility, recognizing that
the ability to adapt quickly and insightfully is
mandatory, and that the heights of our past
triumphs serve only as benchmarks to surpass.

Our list of clients includes every major film
studio, numerous entertainment
conglomerates, production companies,
nonprofits, entrepreneurs and Fortune 500
companies. And, as a result of our flexibility

Our specialty is to take on the impossible, the
improbable and the doubtful and turn that into
the expression of imagination that surpasses all
else. We have no fear in taking on that which
has never been done... it is all that we know
how to do.
 Media Relations:
   Joanne McLaughlin

 New Media Development:
   Kevin Upton

 Investor Relations:
   Brian Weiner

   The Illusion Factory

   21800 Burbank Bl. Suite 225

   Woodland Hills, CA 91367

   818-598-8400

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