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                                     Board Meeting
                                 Tuesday October 6, 2009
                                    CSI Board Room
                                  5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

   1) Attendance: Sheena Sonser, Christopher Carson, Christopher Graves, Ciara
      Byrne, Amanda Black, Kristen Carmichael, Taryn Schmidt, Mario Anglin, Maria

       Regrets: Lisa Jackson (Director of Community Engagement), Matt Lukas (Chair
       Board of Directors, CSI)

2) Set Time to Adjourn

Motion: to set time to adjourn for 6:30
Forward: Maria Fermin
Second: Ciara Byrne
Motion: Carried

3) Approval of Consent Agenda
      i. Last Meetings Minutes

Motion: to accept agenda and minutes
Forward: Kristen Carmichael
Second: Mario Anglin
Motion: Carried

4) Presentation

   i. Heart and Stroke Foundation (Kathy Gauci)

Kathy: Involved in the Heart and Stroke foundation, wish to get involved in the Polar
Plunge again. This is a 50 year old charity which supports research for many heart and
stroke issues. Before the charity it was a high risk disease with little to no chance of
survival. Heart and Stroke does research, advocacy, and fundraising across Canada. They
have reduced heart attacks by 50%. This is the number one death in Ontario. Every 7
minutes someone dies from heart disease or stroke. We are dealing with this at a very
large amount. Children may not live as long as their parents now.

Heart and Stroke has done research resulting in the invention of the pace maker which is
able to sustain human life. They also did the world’s first heart bypass, first invetro heart

surgery, founded TPA, which is drug that gets rid of heart clogging, and the first cardiac
care unit in each city.

Locally, the Heart and Stroke foundation donated 2 defibrillators to Conestoga, 230
defibrillators to the hospital, and they also do full training for defibrillators. They also
train grade 9 in CPR, do Obesity Awareness (SPART), Nutrition Awareness (In Motion),
and given 200 schools locally CPR anytime kits. They also go into companies and
business to do training for CPR. Office regionally raises $1.5 million a year.

Mario: Is there a decline in fundraising?
Cathy: No, we are doing okay; we haven’t been hit badly from the recession. Some of our
large companies have only been able to donate less, but we are doing okay.
Mario: Do you work with other charities?
Cathy: We don’t work with other charities to fundraise, but we do support other charities.
Mario: Is there any specific area you would like to see the money go to.
Cathy: Research; there are 450 researchers across Canada doing research on multiple
areas. Internationally we are looked very good upon for our research.
Mario: What are you doing for third world countries?
Cathy: We are a Canadian charity, but all the research is shared with the rest of the world.

Amanda: I think that we can do a lot with this charity, but we can do other things with
this charity other then this Polar Plunge.
Ciara: Have we always done the H&S with Polar Plunge?
Chris: No we haven’t done them forever, as far as we know it’s only 8 years.
Sheena: We will have to see what other charities are out there, as there are many looking
to do the Polar Plunge and Lisa has other charities to present.

5) Decision

   i. Budget/Financial Update (Maria Fermin & Christopher Graves)
Document: Year to Date Financial Statement & Budget Updates

Year to Date Financial Statement-
Chris: as you can see there are two documents, there is the Year to Date, to October 6th.
Maria is going to walk you through it.
(Maria, went through document)
Christopher Graves: we are looking into moving around the budget to add to different

Budget Updates

Christopher Graves: As par our last meeting, there was some changes, in reflect of
honorarium, and Our Lady Peace. Also with our increase in student population it was not
allotted for. We needed to revisit our budget to account for the increase in the population
and unknown expenses. I sat down with the auditor to revise the budget. If you look at
the CSA expenses, which is under the board expenses, we have already paid $21,000,
which is going to increase. Changes will be made with changed in expected student
population. Also Tim Horton’s will be $13,500, which will be the scholarship. With the
addition of RJ, he has made a budget to reflect more alcohol days happening, and the
staff coverage with that. Under entertainment and events, with beer costs, there will be
more business happening, therefore there will be more in that area. Nooners will be
higher due to more alcohol events etc. More security will be needed for Nooner drinking
events therefore more cost there. Rising cost for Day Planner, as more students than
expected. With accounting for rise in revenue, we can offset orientation cost (OLP), CSA
cost, honorarium (BOD and SWAT addition). Staff and Professional development, more
people going to COCA with more staff in CSI. Cost for legal advise, just encase we need
referendum inquiry. At the end of the day we have a net income of $82,338.02, which can
be used to put into future CSI initiatives.

Chris C: Can we get in trouble for having retained income of $82,000.00?
Christopher G: No, we should have a retained income, and since we are not a charity it
does not affect us. You are right if you are sitting on millions of dollars and not doing
anything with that we would be in trouble. We should have money in reserve just in case
something happens, and for future investments.
Sheena: Can we change the board development fund to $10,000 so we can have a board
night away for training in the winter semester, and can we change for a 1 time only to
increase CSA Conference budget by $5000.00. This is so we can have our board
members go and get the leadership training. We will be going over budget soon, so for
you all to continue to get the leadership training, then we need an increase. Also, it is
good that we have some retained income so we may make future investments to better
services for the membership. Christopher Graves, can ask a financial advisor of what
amount would be acceptable to retain in income to keep our company safe?
Christopher G: Yes, I will look into it.

Graves Action Item: Financials Advisors Update on Retained Income, What is a
healthy reserve for us?

Motion: to approve the new updated budget as discussed
Forwarded: Amanda Black
Second: Taryn Schmidt
Motion: Carried

   -   Increase BOD Development $10000

   -   Increase Conference Budget $5000

Motion: to extend meeting to 7:00pm
Forward: Ciara Byrne
Seconded: Kristen Carmichael
Motion: Carried

6) Discussions
    ii. Strategic Plan Update (Sheena Sonser)

Tactical Support in our Board Monitoring, this will be added on our strategic plan. It
allows all us to discuss our problems and also say what you want to improve upon in the
future. Also with our three main goals from CSA Conference are, increasing student
engagement, creating transitional document, and organization accountability. We have
done some of this but we need to add more. I want to incorporate this into our legacy
Chris: I would recommend that the tactical support to be in round table, as we don’t want
to be perceived there are issues.
Sheena: I agree, we will do it in round tables, and we will schedule it today.

   iii. Green Week Update (Sheena Sonser)

Ciara: Green Week is starting a week today, and we are planting trees. We have spoken
to Physical Resources to see if we can plant the trees.
Sheena: We are still need to approve the confirmation on where we are to plant them.
Possibly by the new patio.
Ciara: We want everyone to plant a tree, October 14, we are having a social marketplace,
which Tara is organizing, vendors are coming in to sell items. The Thursday and Friday
are when the recycling bins are coming in. We will need people to change them about in
the college. Green Pledge, on Thursday, we will have a canvases, I promise to keep my
carbon footprint green, and people will use their footprint/handprint in environmentally
friendly paint, will be stamped on it. Bonnie created business cards that are given to
everyone with the saying. We have a guest speaker, who will talk about sustainability on
campus. We are playing movies as well.

   iv. CCBA Update (Sheena Sonser & Taryn Schmidt)

Taryn: what is happening, OFSU, will be coming on campus October 5th and on October
20th will be the vote. I have posters that will be hung up to get students to come and talk
to us, and brochures as well. Maria and I have handed out some pamphlets to students as
well. We are none bias, and are having a meeting the Advocacy Committee on Thursday.

Document: PowerPoint, Your Choice Your Right

   v. Invisible Children Update (Sheena Sonser)

Sheena: Mario and I have met with Ben, after talking with him, what they want from us is
the opportunity to come in, use our microphones and play a video documentary and go
over their campaign with students. They want students to sign a petition. They need very
little from us, they just want us to sign the petition. They are going to be doing it 3 times
on October 30th. We will be doing advertising for them. He will bring a book to us to get
an idea of how to advertise.

   vi. Policy Update (Maria Fermin)

Maria: had my first policy committee meeting last week. I have two policy that we
revised, as requested from the board last meeting. We went over the director job
description, we added to wear BOD wear during out of office hours, and our out of office
hours are going to be done in none CSI planned events. We will create a sheet for Out of
Office hours as well, it will have date, time, and explanation of what you did during
office hours, and executives will have to sign off on it.

Motion: to approve policy 1.11 c) Director Job Description as presented with the
Forward: Mario Anglin
Second: Amanda Black
Motion: Carried

Maria: regarding the board honorariums, the changes are for the $25.00 a month held
back, we felt that was not necessary. So the last honorarium will be withheld till key is

Motion: accept the 1.6.1 i) as presented
Forward: Taryn
Second: Caira
Motion: Carried

Motion: To accept 1.6.3 i) as presented
Forward: Mario
Seconded: Maria
Motion: Carried

   vii. SA Awareness Week (Kristen Carmichael)

Have Team Machine Meeting about it.

   viii.   CSA Conference Report (Sheena Sonser)

Sheena: just want to remind everyone to write a conference report by October 16th.

   ix. Review Update (Sheena Sonser)

Sheena: by the end of the week, book a meeting with me for your review.

Round Table meeting at 5:00pm Every Tuesday

7) In Camera

8) Adjournment

Motion: to adjourn meeting at 7:10
Forward: Ciara Byrne
Second: Amanda Black
Motion: Carried

Mario Phone went off, at 7:00- $5.00

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