Graduate Student Exit Survey by mikeholy


									    Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry: Graduate Student Exit Survey:
We value your time and efforts. Your feedback will assist in improving the quality of the graduate

General Questions
  1. Please indicate which degree you are pursuing.
          Masters                                                  Doctoral

  2. How long has it taken you to earn your degree? _____________________

   Experience with the Department
  3. For how many years did you receive support in the categories below? Answer all instances that
              GTA                                                 Corporate funds
              RA                                                  Other
              NSF/NIH Fellowships                                 None

  4. How satisfied have you been with each of the following ( 1-5 scale, one being the least and 5 the
       Departmental advising/guidance                       Faculty efforts in assisting you to find
       Quality of graduate level teaching                      professional employment
       Quality of graduate level research

Please answer the following questions on a scale from 1-5, 1 being the least and 5 the most.
  5. How would you rank the instrument capability and availability to perform your research in the
      department (Proteomics Core etc.)?

  6. How would you rank the amount/quality of required safety training?

  7. How would you rank the quality and variety of graduate course available?

  8. How do you feel the department has assisted in your level of knowledge and familiarity about each
     of the following:

     Writing a curriculum vitae                              Preparing a seminar for a job interview
     Writing a research grant proposal                       Interview process for an academic position
     Writing a statement of research interests               Interview process for an industry position
     Writing a statement of teaching philosophy

  9. How would you rate the Chemistry Department in providing support and services through seminars,
      workshops, courses etc. with respect to career development in the pursuit of
                Academic positions                                       Industrial positions
  10. Given other commitments (teaching, classes etc) do you feel you have enough time for your
       Yes                                                 Other(Eloborate)
       No

  11. Did you ever present any of your research at a seminar, colloquium or conference?
               Yes                                                      No
               How many times during your graduate career? ___

  12. Did you attend any national scholarly meetings?
               Yes                                                        No
               How many times during your graduate career? ___

  13. Were you encouraged by faculty in your department to publish?
               Yes                                                        No

Committee and Research Advisor
  14. Supervisory Committee Meetings and Committee Members: Please respond to the following
      questions ( 1-5 scale, one being the least and 5 the most)
                Your committee meetings were effective/supportive/helpful?
                Your committee members were actively participating/helpful?

  15. How satisfied were you with the amount of contact you had with your advisor for the following? ( 1-
      5 scale, one being the least and 5 the most)
          Preparing for your qualifying exam                    Doing dissertation research
          Writing your research proposal                        Writing your dissertation
          Selection of dissertation topic                       Seeking employment

  16. How satisfied were you with the quality of supervision for the following? ( 1-5 scale, one being the
      least and 5 the most)
                Professional relationship with your dissertation supervisor
                  Amount of interaction and support from group members
                  Amount of interaction and support from other members of the department.

  17. How would you rate your current advisor as a resource for career development? ( 1-5 scale, one
      being the least and 5 the most)

  18. Please indicate whether you agree or disagree with each of the following statements as they apply to
      your dissertation advisor. (1-5 scale, one being the least and 5 the most)
                Was willing to spend the time necessary to advise me on academic matters
                Insisted that we discuss my research on a regular basis
                Was easy to approach
                Was knowledgeable about formal degree requirements
                Was available for informal consultation
                Was interested in my goals and projects
                Could be relied upon to give me constructive criticism on my work
                Returned my work promptly
                Made an effort to secure financial support to me
                Was willing to explain the strategies of survival in graduate school
                Encouraged and supported my research idea
                Was supportive in my search for professional development
                Other, please explain: _____________________________________

   Overall Evaluation
  19. What was the most valuable part of the graduate program?

  20. Were there aspects of your graduate program that disappointed you?

  21. If you could improve one thing in the department, what would it be?

  22. Was there anything about the graduate program that slowed your process?

  23. If you were to start the graduate program again, would you select
            The same university                                      The same dissertation supervisor
            The same field of specialization

Final Comments: Feel free to discuss anything not addressed in this survey.

Thank you for your participation.
This document is a compilation of surveys obtained from the Chemistry Departments at: UC Berkeley,
York University and McMaster University and the Graduate Student exit survey from FAU.

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