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                                               ›› Profile Measurement PCD-X360 ‹‹

Inline non-contact measurement
                of any profile geometry
     Complete 360° comparison with CAD reference

                                                                                      8 Cameras are
                                                                                      the New Standard
                                                     PCD-X360 is an inline             For a full 360° View
                                                     profile measurement
                                                     system that utilizes a
                                                     sheet-of-light techno-
                                                     logy and special CCD-
                                                     cameras to scan the
                                                     complete outside shape
                                                     of any extruded profile.
                                                     PCD-X360 takes a 360° all
                                                     around profile scan, matches
                                                     and aligns it to a reference      Pixargus sets the new standard
                   profile, then displays both on a screen along with all key          with 8 cameras for inline profile
                   measurements. PCD-X360 is used on extrusion lines as a              measurement.
                   continuous quality monitoring tool to assure that key dimen-        Today on an increasing number of pro-
                   sions remain within the specified tolerances.                       files it becomes important to acquire
                                                                                       measurements of complex shaped fea-
                                                                                       tures, e.g. groove-depth, – width and
       Continuous Quality Control                                                      corner positions. Rarely the surface
                                                                                       segments of those features are all
                                                                                       clearly visible with 4 cameras in 90°
                                       During production the operator can
                                                                                       positions. Too often important surface
                                       use the graph view to see the current
                                                                                       elements remain hidden, especially if
                                       and past product state. Dimensions
                                                                                       the profile has lateral movement in the
                                       that run towards the scrap tolerances
                                                                                       process. Pixargus profile measurement
                                       trigger a warning light. This enables
                                                                                       systems are equipped with 8 cameras,
                                       immediate response to process varia-
                                                                                       positioned around the profile every 45°.
                                       tions caused by changing material
                                                                                       This gives an unparalleled coverage of
                   properties, machine parameters, or die problems. Thus
                                                                                       your complex shaped profile.
                   PCD-X360 has an immediate pay-back by reducing cus-
                   tomer returns and startup, run-time, post-processing and
                   assembly scrap.                                                     Basic System:
                                                                                       Pixargus systems are also available with
                                                                                       4 cameras. Thus offering a cost-effective
                                                                                       entry into inline profile measurement .
Reporting Tools                                                                        The system can grow with your require-
     Complete Documentation of Quality                                                 ments. The 4 camera system is ready
                                                                                       to be upgraded anytime with additional
                                                                                       four cameras, resulting in a standard
                             A profile report shows the measured val-
                                                                                       8 camera system. This means your
                             ues for the key profile dimensions.
                                                                                       investment is safe, even when your QC
                             It can additionally show the profile cross sections at
                                                                                       requirements grow.
                             certain time points after start-up or before shut-
                             down. Reports can be automatically created after
                             ending a production shift. It is also possible to cre-
                             ate reports for every batch or product bin. A 100%
                             quality check and documentation becomes possible.
    Handling in the Production Environment
                        Easy Operation & Unparalleled Robustness

                                     The PCD-X360 was designed for real-world requirements.
                                     Very important is that it can be operated by anybody, even after only a few minutes of training. The
                                     robust touchscreen and the special designed graphical user interface allow a very intuitive use of
                                     all system functions. As easy to handle as a manual profile projector.

                                     Ready for Harsh Environments.
                                     PCD-X360 comes with ruggedized housings. Even strong mechanical impacts, like a measurement
                                     head dropping to the floor, will not require recalibration or adjustments. A key element of this concept
                                     is the use of the LED-X2 technology. It creates a laser-like scan of the profile, but with the advantages
                                     of LEDs: Longer life-time and minimal spare part costs. A disalignment of the sheet-of-light is nearly
                                     impossible with LEDs, compared to lasers and even a replacement of LED segments with spare parts,
                                     or with LEDs of different color, can be done by any production technician without specialists from
                                     Pixargus. Again: No recalibration required.

                                                                            Multi-Extrusion Capability
                                                                                       More than one profile at a time

                                                                                                                               The PCD-X 360 is the
  ›› PCD-X360 ‹‹                                                                                                               ideal measurement
                                                                                                                               system for extrusion
                                                                                                                               lines that run more
                                                                                                                               than one profile at a
› Inline measurement of any                                                                                                    time. The operator simply
  profile cross-section
                                                                                                                               creates a multi-product file
                                                                                                                               and chooses the number of
› Non-contact                                                                                                                  profiles that are to be meas-
                                                                                                                               ured. Up to four profiles can
› Real-time                                                                                                                    be measured at the same
                                                                                                                               time. Even six or eight pro-
› Displays 360 degree of the
  outside profile                                                                                                              files can be handled, if they
                                                                                                                               can be positioned in a way
› Compares to design                                                                      that they don´t obstruct each other in the camera view. By
  drawing (CAD)                                                                           using a special selection dialog it is easy to assign existing

› Calculates shape
                               ›››       ›››››››››                                        product files to the measurement job. Click on Start and PCD-
                                                                                          X360 will measure all profiles simultaneously.

› Shows and stores all                                                                    Even for single profile extrusion this function can
  dimensional measurement                                                                 be beneficial: Assigning the same profile multiple times
                                                                                          allows to run different measurements and/or different toler-
› Provides signal communi-                                                                ances on the same single running profile. While one profile
  cations for automatic                                                                   view shows the official measurements that are used for the
  process control                                                                         printed profile report, the other view is used to monitor addi-
                                                                                          tional production relevant features of the profile.
› Uses illumination with
  X-LightEdge technology
  for increased operator
  safety and reduced
  maintenance and
  recalibration costs
Return-On-Investment with PCD-X360
     ›   Minimizes scrap -> Savings on raw material and post processing costs
     ›   Increases the production output -> Higher yield per production line
     ›   Reduces customer complains
     ›   Less production reschedule to make up for scrap
     ›   Enables to meet QS and ISO certification requirements
     ›   Is the key for quality differentiation

Technical Data
         System Performance                                        Additional Features
         Profile Types: All non-transparent profiles               Electrical Drive for Height Adjustment
                                                                   Sealed Computer Box with Air Conditioning Device
         Rate:            2-5 Hz
         Accuracy:        100 µm (Standard)                        Digital Input
                          other accuracy upon request              · 2 x 24V Multi-Purpose (i.e. signals for
                                                                     production line status)
         Field-of-view                                             · 1 x Line Speed Sensor
         Size:            40/80/120 mm (Standard)                  · Ethernet link for optional
                          other profile sizes upon request           remote system control
         Resolution:      50 µm (Standard)
                          other resolution upon request
                                                                   Digital Output
                                                                   · 5 x 24V Out
         System Software                                           · 1 x 24V Out for marking of defective
         PCD-X360 Software                                           profile segments
         Operation System Windows 2000 ®                           · 1 x Dry Contact Out
                                                                   · other interfaces upon request

         System Hardware
         Industrial-PC                                             Power Supply
         15” TFT-Touchscreen                                       110/230V
         CCD-Cameras                                               50 Hz
         X2-LightEdge LED-Illumination device                      900 W max.
         Aluminium Housing, IP54

         System Dimensions
         700 x 900 x 1900 mm
                                                                                                                                 PCDX 2/08

                                                             Pixargus GmbH                     Pixargus, Inc.
                                                             Monnetstr. 2                      Ohio Office
                                                             52146 Würselen                    7950 Morgan Road
                                                             Germany                           Cleves OH 45002
                                                             Tel. +49-(0)24 05-4 79 08-0       USA
                                                             Fax. +49-(0)24 05-4 79 08-11      Tel: 1-888-539-4689 (toll free)

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