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              B	 R I T I S H
                                                     SUMMER 2009 VOL 49 ISSUE IV

                                               C O L U M B I A            T E A C H E R              L I B R A R I A N S

Celebrating Summer professionalism
BC Teacher-librarian
The Bookmark wishes to share the
wealth of our BCTLA colleagues and
their achivements during 2008-2009
school year. Sharing some of the
achievements of teacher-librarians                     recipients. We all feel proud to have BC      sented at the BCTLA Conference.
during the school year is a challenge                  teacher-librarians recognized for their
because the teacher-librarian com­                     leadership and excellence in education.       Criteria
munity is so busy. Along with a brief                  Like Michelle Farqharson recently said        Individuals nominated for the award
description, we have provided you                      in a VTL video, “Working with teachers        should be demonstrating the plan­
with a summary of our current award                    is what teacher-librarians are all about...   ning and implementation of a school
                                                       that is what we are here for..”               library resource centre program of such
                                                       (vsb)                                         exemplary quality that it is serving as a
     IN THIS                                           Some of the most significant educa­
                   Issue                               tional change and educational progress
                                                       is initiated with healthy school libraries
                                                                                                     model for others. They should also be
                                                                                                     involved in one of the following areas:
                                                                                                       1. Service to the profession through
 EXECUTIVE COLUMN                                     and energetic and knowledgable teach­         the BCTLA and related organizations.
   Heather Daly-President ..................5          er-librarians.                                  2. Commitment to professional
   Angie MacRitchie-Editor..................3                                                        growth through continuing education,
   Meet Our Stars................................7     On behalf of all BCTLA members,               research, or participation in national
                                                       school libraries and B.C. students,           organizations.
 FEATURE                                              congratulations to everyone for your
   Celebrating Professionalism............1
                                                                                                       3. Sharing of ideas and resources
                                                       successful school library initiatives,        through such means as workshops and
   Teacher-librarians Initiatives.............8        advocacy and hard work!
   Position Statement........................13
                                                       BCTLA DIANA POOLE MEMORIAL
 PRO-DEVELOPMENT                                                                                    This year’s winner of the Diana Poole
                                                       AWARD OF MERIT
   Summer Opportunities.................20                                                           Award of Merit is Karen Lindsay,
   OCLC Webjunction......................21                                                          teacher-librarian at Reynolds Secondary,
                                                       Introduction                                  SD61. Karen is the president of the
 BOOK REVIEWS                                         The British Columbia Teacher-                 Greater Victoria Teacher Librarians’
   Library Tools-A. Smith...................33
        Librarians’ Association honours practic­      Association and second vice president of
                                                       ing teacher-librarians who are making         the BCTLA. She tirelessly led the Drop
                                                       an outstanding contribution to school         Everything and Read(DEAR) campaign
   J. Goldsmith-New on Net.............22
             librarianship in British Columbia. This
   S. Savard-Science Fiction............29
                                                          that spread throughout the province
                                                       award may be given annually by the
   Greg Smith-Top10........................24
         BCTLA Executive and, if given, is pre-                               Celebrating p.8 >
                                     the VIRTUALBOOKMARK:
Table ofSUMMER 2009

            by Heather Daly ...............................................................................................................................5


            by Angie MacRitchie ........................................................................................................................3

        •	 MEMBERSHIP

            Executive Directory............................................................................................................................4

            Meet Our Stars -Moira Ekdahl and Val Hamilton................................................................................7

        •	 FEATURES

            British Columbia Teacher-librarians Celebrate Professionalism- awards and initiatives........................1

            CLA Awards: Montreal and BC Successes ....................................................................................8


            New on the Net by John Goldsmith ............................................................................................22

            Top 10 by Greg Smith ............................................................................................................. ....24

            Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature by Stewart Savard ............................................................29


            Webjunction B.C. ...........................................................................................................................21

            IASL Conference 2009...................................................................................................................41

            BCTLA Conference Richmond 2009..............................................................................................42


            Reading Promotional Tools for Teacher-librarians by Al Smith.........................................................38

                                                                                                                                     BLOG THIS ISSUE
                                                                                                                               VIRTUAL BOOKMARK

                                                                                                                               Blog this edition:


S U M M E R 2 0 0 9 V O L 4 9 I S S U E I V

Angie MacRitchie
                                          that their efforts are noticed and                            BIO
Anotherdown of school is
        year                              appreciated. Congratulations to all
winding      and here at
The Bookmark we are wind­
                                          of you.

ing up to produce our 50th                Please enjoy this issue and be proud
                                          to be a teacher-librarian. We have                             is a teacher-
Anniversary Edition of the                                                                               librarian at
BCTLA’s journal. We are excit­            much to celebrate!
                                          1                                                              Shannon
ed about the issue which will                                                                            Lake
be published in October 2009              Please send questions or comments                              Elementary,
and in the meantime would                 to: Editor                                                     SD #23,
like to celebrate the successes  or blog                             Kelowna.
                                          with us at:                               She has been a BCTLA
and achievements of our BC              Executive member for several
teacher-librarian colleagues. In          I look forward to hearing from you!       terms as Vice-President Chapter
this issue you’ll find a complete         Angie MacRitchie                          Relations and this is her sec­
listing of awards offered by the          Senior Editor                             ond term as Senior Editor of
                                          The Bookmark
BCTLA as well as this year’s                                                        The Bookmark. Angie is also
recipient for each of them.                                                         a COTLA executive member.
We’ve also included the nation­                                                     As well as spending time with
                                                                                    her family, Angie is a musician
al and international awards                                                         and enjoys reading, quilting and
presented to BC Teacher-                                                            attempting to play ice hockey.
Librarians this year. We are so                                                     You can contact her at angie.
proud of our colleagues!                                                  

Though school library programs
are once again in jeopardy, teacher-
librarians around this province
continue to provide the best services
possible to our staffs and students. I
know many TL’s who give tirelessly
of their own time, mentoring new                                                      BLOG THIS ISSUE
colleagues, working with students                                                VIRTUAL BOOKMARK
who need that extra connection and
time, planning with classroom teach­                                             Blog this edition:
ers, and volunteering within their                                     
own local associations, advocating                                               PARTICPATE-LEARN-GROW!
for school library programs. Most of
those teacher-librarians just see it as
part of the job and won’t receive an
award or any other recognition this
year. They should know, however,

 EDITOR                                                                                                                  3
  BCTLA Executive 2009-2010

POSITION                 NAME                  EMAIL                          SCHOOL                  # WORK#

President                Heather Daly       Coquitlam SD            604-937-6380
Past-President           Bonnie McComb           (on Teacher Exchange)   250-655-2737
FVP Chapter Relations.   Sylvia Zubke               David Livingstone       604-713-4985
VP Advocacy              Karen Lindsay              Reynolds Sec            250-479-1696
Communications           Halia Hirniak                 Laity View El.          604-463-7108
Liaison Chair            Moira Ekdahl                 Vancouver SB            604-713-5016
Recording Secretary      Al Smith              Kelowna Sec.            250-762-2805
Treasurer                Chris Evans      Manoah Steves El.       604-668-6660
Working & Learning       Amanda Hufton                 Walter Lee El.          604-668-6210
Bookmark Editor (apt)    Angie MacRitchie          Shannon Lake El.        250-768-1553
Conference Chair (apt)   Bonnie McComb           (on Teacher Exchange)   250-655-2737
Cont.Education (apt)     Lynn Turner           Thornhill Junior        250-635-9141
Cont.Education (apt)     Michele Farquharson                    Kerrisdale El.          250-635-9141
Web Steward (apt)        Val Hamilton              Retired                 778-888-5643
Publications (apt)       Al Smith              Kelowna Sec.            250-762-2805

BCTLA Executive: recipients-The CLA/CASL announced British Columbia Teacher Librarians’ Association, as the 2009
recipient of the Canadian Association for School Libraries/Angela Thacker Memorial Award

BCTF EXECUTIVE                                                                                                       4
                                                                                       VIRTUAL BOOKMARK
                                                                                  BLOG THIS


From Your President
           HEATHER DALY

W       ith this issue of The                                                     who have been honoured with
        Bookmark, we focus                                                        national awards this school year
on celebrating the accom­                                                         and who are celebrated in this issue
plishments of B.C. teacher-                                                       of The Bookmark. How about our
librarians. As this school year                                                   incredible Karen Lindsay, winner
comes to a close, I would also                                                    this school year of two awards from
like to celebrate the dedication                                                  the Canadian Library Association
of the award-winning mem­                                                         and Canadian Association for School
bers of the 2008-2009 BC                                                          Libraries, as well as the 2009 winner
Teacher-Librarians’ Association                                                   of the Diana Poole Memorial Award
Executive. I salute Sylvia                                                        of Merit (BC Teacher-Librarian of
Zubke, Karen Lindsay, Bonnie                                                      the Year) Award?
McComb, Halia Hirniak, Al
Smith, Lauren Craze, Amanda                                                       In addition to the elections, the
Hufton, Lynn Turner, Angie                                                        April BCTLA Spring Council and
MacRitchie, Bonnie McComb,                                                        AGM saw the addition of new pub­
Moira Ekdahl, and Val                                                             lications and opportunities. An
                                         and appointed at the BCTLA               important new document, the Book
Hamilton, all volunteers who             Spring Council and AGM meeting
gave thousands of hours of                                                        Levelling and School Library
                                         which was held as part of the first      Collections Position Statement,
their own time this year.                annual BC Library Conference in          was passed unanimously. This posi­
 Thank you to our Treasurer, Lauren      April. In addition to the returning      tion statement is hopefully the first
Craze, who is moving on to other         Executive members, we welcome            of many and is intended to provide
challenges and will be missed on the     new Executive members Chris              a well-researched defense to sup­
Executive.                               Evans (Vancouver) as Treasurer and       port teacher-librarians should they
                                         Michele Farquharson (Vancouver)          be asked to level school library col­
I would also like to extend very         as Co-Continuing Education Chair.        lections. Another new document
special congratulations to our long­                                              introduced this spring was the
time Continuing Education Chair,         Michele Farquharson may be famil­        Chapter Grant application form.
Lynn Turner, who will be retiring        iar to you as the 2008 winner of         The Chapter Grant process will pro­
from her teacher-librarian posi­         the Diana Poole Memorial Award           vide funding to BCTLA Chapters
tion at Thornhill Junior Secondary       of Merit (BC Teacher-Librarian of        to engage in activities and initiatives
School in Terrace this June. I am        the Year) Award. Michele has also        which will have positive impacts
pleased to report that although Lynn     recently been recognized by the          for school libraries and teacher­
is leaving Thornhill, she is not leav­   Canadian Association for School          librarianship and that will enable
ing us, and will be continuing on as     Libraries as the winner of the 2009      the BCTLA to meet our goals. Last
Co-Continuing Education Chair as         Follett International Teacher-           but not least, the BCTLA
part of the 2009-2010 Executive.         Librarian of the Year award. She is      K-12 Information Literacy
The new Executive was elected            one of several B.C. teacher-librarians
I N - C I R C U L AT I O N                                                                                           5
Benchmark Project continues and         Library Month and related activi­                School in Coquitlam. A few months
an update is available at :             ties is available on the International           after starting at Millside, a 0.6 posi­        Association of School Librarianship              tion at Panorama Heights Elementary
                                                                                         School, also in Coquitlam, became
 All of the new documents, as well      website at
                                                                                         available and I became 1.0.
as the 2008-2009 Annual Report on       islm/.
the activities of BCTLA, are avail­                                                      For the past few years, I have
able on the newly revised BCTLA         On October 22nd and 23rd,                        been the Library and Information
website at       BCTLA welcomes everyone to join                  Coordinator for School District #43
                                        us in Richmond for our annual                    (Coquitlam). I work within the dis­
                                                                                         trict’s Staff Development Department
This summer, numerous oppor­            conference. This year’s theme is
                                                                                         on a variety of initiatives and in a vari­
tunities are available for teacher-     “Champions of Literacy” and fea­                 ety of areas, all related to library and
librarians. Several summer institutes   tures incredible sessions and a social           information. Much of my role involves
and online discussions, courses         event at the Richmond Olympic                    supporting new teacher-librarians. I
and conferences are underway,           Oval. For more information and to                develop professional development
including, “Your School Library,        register, visit the conference website           opportunities such as teacher-
                                                                                         librarian learning teams. This year we
Part 2: Information Literacy with       at
                                                                                         had two Mentorship Learning Teams
Web 2.0”, which includes as a pre­      We hope to see you there!                        and one ICT Learning Team involving
senter former BCTLA President                                                            twenty teacher-librarians in profes­
Pat Parungao. BCTLA members             That’s all for now! For up-to-date               sional learning.
receive a discount when registering     BCTLA news and events, visit me
for this online opportunity. In late    anytime on the BCTLA President’s                 I proudly represent School District
                                                                                         #43 and Coquitlam school librar­
August, BCTLA’s Liaison Chair,          Blog, “In Circulation” -
                                                                                         ies as the district’s ERAC video and
Moira Ekdahl, will be attending the!         learning resources contact, on the
International Association of School                                                      Metro Teacher-Librarian group, on
Librarianship Conference in Italy       1                                                our Educational Technology District
on behalf of BCTLA. A team of                                                            Advisory Committee, as a Histor!ca
teacher-librarians from Vancouver                                                        judge, on the Tri-Cities Literacy Now!
                                                                                         Committee, on the community Adult
will also be attending. The B.C.
delegation would welcome any other                         BIO                           Literacy Working Group, and on
                                                                                         the District Literacy Plan Steering
teacher-librarians who wish to join
them. Please contact Moira at mek­ for more informa­
                                                            H       eather
                                                            is the current

                                                                                          I am a member and former Executive
tion.                                                       President of the             member of the Coquitlam Teacher-
                                                            BCTLA and a                  Librarians’ Association, and have
                                                            District Librarian,          held several positions with BCTLA,
Looking ahead to the fall, October                          Coquitlam School             including Chapter Councilor,
again will be Canadian Library                              District #43.                Secretary, The Bookmark Senior
Month and International School                                                           Editor, Vice-President Chapter
Library Month. This year’s                                                               Relations and Co-President. I also
                                                                                         work on the Canadian Library
                                                                                         Association’s Copyright Working
                                                         See what’s happening in School
                                                                                         District #43 libraries by visiting the
                                                                                         Teacher-Librarian and SD43 Library
                                                                                         System site at:
Canadian theme is, “Your Library,       My educational background includes     
Your World Now More Than Ever”.         a Bachelor of Science (Cell Biology              _________________________
                                        and Genetics), a Bachelor of
For the second year, BCTLA will         Education (Middle Years - Science),
be distributing Canadian Library                                                              VIRTUAL BOOKMARK
                                        a Diploma of Education (Teacher-
Month posters and bookmarks to          Librarianship), a Master of Library and          BLOG THIS
every public school in B.C. The         Information Studies, and a Master of   
International Theme is, “School         Archival Studies, all from UBC. I start­
Libraries: The Big Picture”. More       ed my career as a teacher-librarian
                                        working 0.4 at Millside Elementary
information on International School
 I N - C I R C U L AT I O N                                                                                                          6

V A L H A M I LT O N                        What Would Val Do?                                 development. I am charged with enacting
                                            • New Teachers Conference? Val would...            “the vision for school libraries” here in
                                                Work the desk for 9 hours on a                 Vancouver, a vision that is informed
Val Hamilton, veteran BCTF and
                                                Saturday                                       by research, by strategic directions that
BCTLA member of good standing is
                                            •Need a BCTLA web site? Val would...               emerged from the work of Dr. Ken
now retired; however, she continues to
                                                Create a site while all others are having      Haycock in his report on our school
volunteer countless hours toward the
                                                lunch                                          libraries (2001), by assessment of the
                       goals of the
                                            •Cannot find the Annual Report from 1998?          changing nature of our work, and by the
                       BCTLA, school
                                                Val would...                                   conversations of teacher-librarians about
                       library initia­
                                                have the document online before the            what is best practice.
                       tives and public
                                                meeting adjourned                              I started my job here two years ago.
                       education in
                       general.             Facebook:           Inundated as I was with information to
                                                                                               be shared with TLs, I madly forwarded
                        Val has worked      Roast Val at:                                      everything until they pleaded for mercy.
                                     No problem, I assured them. I saved up
                        with dedication
                                                                                               the important ones and sent one very
                        on the BCTLA
                                                                                               large email on Fridays. Please, begged
Executive for decades in various capaci­
                                            MOIRA EKDAHL                                       my TL-colleagues already beleaguered
ties. Her recent projects included devel­
                                                                                               by masses of email! It seems I was over­
oping and maintaining the BCTLA web
                                            Moira Ekdahl has acted as Liaison                  loading their email capacity; boxes were
site, publishing BCTLA News blogs
                                            Chairperson for the BCTLA for three                overflowing.
and moderating the BCTLA Forum.
                                                                   years. Recently             Since then, I have taken to blogging. My
She continues to be involved in edu­
                                                                   Moira was                   TL colleagues can go there when they
cation and community projects. Her
                                                                   instrumental in             want to ... and I haven’t given any pop
expertise and insight have not only been
                                                                   creating the Book           quizzes yet, although every so often I
good business for teacher-librarians but
                                                                   Levelling and               throw in an enticement just to see if they
a huge inspiration to those whom have
                                                                   School Library              are reading.
enjoyed working with her.
                                                                   Collections Position        In fact, my blog has regular readers in
                                                                   Statement.                  Calgary, Toronto, nearby districts, and
Since 1990, she has battled breast
                                                                   She will also               places like Australia so I do love to do it --
cancer twice, along with the rigours of
                                                                   represent BCTLA             and my colleagues are happier now. Yes,
chemotherapy, radiation, bilateral mas­
                                                                   at the International        there are now no complaints about my
tectomies and five years of Tamoxifen.
                                            Association of School Libraries Conference         overuse of email!”
She espouses the virtues of Relaxation
Therapy and Therapeutic Touch avail­        in Padua, Italy. Moira is currently the
able at the B.C. Cancer Agency and          School Library Consultant for SD39                 BLOG WITH MOIRA at:
                                            Vancouver. Through hundreds of email     
says “they are a major part of my being
alive”. People who know Val would say       and blog messages, Moira is involved in
it is her passion for life and dedication   most aspects of BCTLA business.                    We celebrate professionalism
to commitment that make Val’s life                                                             by honouring two bright stars
special. Although Val is retired from                                                          of the BCTLA.
teaching and enjoys activities like Geo­    What Would Moira Do?
caching around Vancouver, she still         When swamped with email?
finds time and energy to always help        Moira response was, “My work is to
others. - Angie and Al                      provide professional support for teacher-
                                            librarians and direction for program

M E E T O U R S TA R S                                                                                                                   7
                                                         Distinguished Company
From p.1: Celebrating...

and had thousands of people including               Haycock Professional
children, teachers, community mem-                  Development Award
bers and politicians reading at the same            is Christine Evans,
time on National School Library Day                 teacher-librarian at Tyee
in October, 2008. In her own school,                Elementary School in SD
Karen has successfully inspired her                 39, Vancouver. Christine
entire school to take part in D.E.A.R.              has been a teacher since
each day for 15 minutes. She shared this            1978 and a teacher­
initiative with other teacher-librarians            librarian since 1987. She
at the provincial BCTLA conference in               has been a member of
October and it is a huge undertaking!               VTLA and BCTLA since
BCTLA offers their congratulations to               1991. She is a BCTLA
Karen on this well deserved award!                  chapter councilor and
Check out her travel blog for a ter-                this April took on the
rific summary and feel of the CLA                   role of BCTLA Treasurer.
Conference in Montreal.                             Christine plans to attend                the IASL conference this
                                                    September in Padua,         Karen and Michelle and presenters at CLA in Montreal.
K E N H AY C O C K                                  Italy. We can look for-                           Consideration will be given to proj-
PROFESSIONAL                                        ward to Christine’s account of the IASL           ects which have been completed in the
DEVELOPMENT AWARD                                   conference in a future issue of The               previous year; or to a continuum of
                                                    Bookmark. Congratulations Christine!              activities extending over a longer period
Introduction                                        We’ll look forward to your insights in            and which have, currently, a positive
The British Columbia Teacher-                       the fall.                                         impact on school library service at the
Librarians’ Association recognizes the
                                                                                                      individual school, district, provincial or
need to further the professional devel-             DISTINGUISHED
opment of the BCTLA by giving
an award to be used for any credit
or non-credit courses, workshops, “...Christine Evans plans to attend the IASL Conference this
conferences or programs in the                              September in Padua, Italy...”
field of teacher-librarianship.
                                          SERVICE AWARD                              national level.
To be eligible for the award an applicant Introduction                               This year’s winner of the Distinguished
must be:                                  The British Columbia Teacher-              Service Award is Ross Davidson,
1. A Canadian citizen.                    Librarians’ Association recognizes the     Principal of Scott Creek Middle School
2. A resident of British Columbia.        efforts of individuals other than practic­ in SD43. Ross is a tireless supporter
3. A member of the BCTLA.                 ing teacher-librarians who have made an    of school libraries in Coquitlam and
4. A holder of a valid BC Teaching        outstanding contribution in support of     founder of Hog Wild for Reading, a
Certificate.                              effective school library resource centre   charity that has raised over $100,000
Terms of the Award                        programs in British Columbia.              for school libraries.
The recipient shall:
1. Use the award monies within 12         Criteria                                   Congratulations Ross!
months of presentation.                   The award may be presented annually
2. Provide proof of registration for the  by the BCTLA for outstanding service       ALAN KNIGHT
course, workshop, conference or pro-      in support of school librarianship. The    MEMORIAL AWARD
gram.                                     contribution made by the recipient(s) of
3. Submit an article to The Bookmark.     the award should be:                       Introduction
4. Receive payment of award monies                                                   The British Columbia Teacher-
upon proof of completion of the course,   (a) outstanding in its own field;          Librarians’ Association and the Editorial
workshop, and conference or program       (b) altruistic; and                        Board of The Bookmark recognize the
and submission of the article to The      (c) significant in terms of the continu-   contribution to communica-
Bookmark.                                 ing history of school library service.     tion in teacher-librarianship
This year’s recipient of the Ken                                                     made by the submission of

F E AT U R E :     C E L E B R AT I N G P R O F E S S I O N A L I S M                                                                     8
                                                                                                  * This award may be given annually
           “  ...Ross Davidson, Principal of Scott Creek Middle School
   is a tireless supporter of school libraries in Coquitlam and founder of Hog
                                                                                               by the BCTLA Executive Board and, if
                                                                                               given, is to be presented at the fall con­
                                                                                               ference or the AGM.
                                Wild for Reading...”                                              * This award may be given to more
outstanding articles to The Bookmark.             to congratulate Pat Kirkey and Jim           than one recipient in a year.
Criteria                                          Gillett for their outstanding work in           * Nominees may be practicing or
This award will be presented annually             The Bookmark!                                retired school or district-based teacher-
by the BCTLA for the most outstand­                                                            librarians.
ing original article submitted to The             B C T L A V A L H A M I LT O N                  * Nominations, following the
Bookmark during the past calendar                 LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT                         approved format, may be forwarded to
year. The article may be either practi­           AWARD                                        the BCTLA Executive Board by local
cal or theoretical in nature but must be                                                       chapters or by individual members of
significant in terms of the continuing            The British Columbia Teacher-                the BCTLA.
history of school library resource centre         Librarians’ Association recognizes the          * Nominations should be sent to the
service in British Columbia, contribute           lifetime commitment and achievement          Communications Officer by April 1st
to the professional growth of teacher­            of teacher librarians who have made             * The BCTLA Executive shall adjudi­
librarianship and reflect                                                                      cate the award.
the generosity of shar­                                                                        Nominations shall be considered for
ing ideas with others.                                                                         only the year in which they are received.
For 2008, the Alan                                                                             This year’s recipient of the Val
Knight Memorial                                                                                Hamilton Lifetime Achievement Award
Award recipients are                                                                           is Judith Kootte, Coordinator of
Pat Kirkey and Jim                                                                             Technology and Information Services
Gillett from Central                                                                           for SD 38, Richmond. Judith is a for­
Okanagan School                                                                                mer BCTLA president (1994-95), win­
District 23. In The                                                                            ner of the Alan Knight Memorial Award
Bookmark’s spring                                                                              (1993), the first chair of ERAC’s video
2008 issue, Kirkey and                                                                         committee, a school library technology
Gillett contributed an                                                                         leader, and a contributor of articles to
article entitled “Literacy                                                                     numerous journals and national-level
                                                                                               documents. Judith’s contributions to
                                                                                               school libraries and teacher-librarian­
                                                                                               ship include over 15 years of commit­
                                                                                               ment to our profession and passion
                                                                                               at the school, district, provincial, and
                                                                                               national level. Congratulations on a
                                                                                               well deserved award, Judith!

                                                                                               BCTLA WILLIAM H.
                                                                                               SCOTT MEMORIAL

        Top: Michelle Farqhuarson-CLA Awards                                                   The British Columbia Teacher-
       Left: Jim Gillett, Pat Kirkey-COTLA AGM
               Right: Karen Lindsay-CLA Awards
                                                                                               Librarians’ Association recognizes the
                                                                                               need to encourage professional develop­
and Advocacy: An Author Visit                                                                  ment within chapters of the BCTLA.
Program” They followed that article in                                                         Each year the William H. Scott
the Fall 2008 issue with a second article                                                      Memorial Award will provide $500.00
entitled “A Crash Course in Staging a                                                          to a local chapter for in-service, work­
Major Literary Event”. Along with that            outstanding contributions to teacher­        shops, or guest speakers in the field of
article they provided sample letters,             librarianship, school libraries, and/or to   teacher-librarianship.
forms and schedules to help interested            the BCTLA.                                   Eligibility
readers plan their own event. This                Criteria:                                    To be eligible for an award, a chapter
author event guide was well received by           The award may be presented annually          must be:
many readers and demonstrated how                 by the BCTLA for an outstanding, sub­        1. An active, registered chapter within
useful a resource The Bookmark can be.            stantial and recognizable long-standing      the BCTLA.
                                                  contribution to the BCTLA, school            2. An active participant in the
On behalf of the BCTLA I would like               libraries, or teacher-librarianship.         Council Meetings.

F E AT U R E :   C E L E B R AT I N G P R O F E S S I O N A L I S M                                                                  9
3. Up-to-date with chapter reports                 During this past school year, there           features teacher-librarians working
and all required documentation for the             have been many other recognized               with students at Charles Dickens
BCTLA.                                             events, projects and school library           Elementary, Kerrisdale Elementary,
The recipient of the William H.                    programs that exemplified pro­                                      Tecumseh Annex,
Scott Memorial Award for 2008 is                   fessionalism. A brief summary is                                    and Vancouver
the Langley Teacher Librarians’                    intended to illustrate the diversity                                Technical
Association.                                                             of programs                                   Secondary pro­
With this finan­                                                         around the                                    duced by Moira
cial award, the                                                          province.                                     Ekdahl, Vancouver
Association plans                                                        Share your                                    School Board’s
to “design and                                                           stories with                                  Teacher-Librarian
provide a CTAP                                                           us and we’ll                                  Consultant and our
(Commitment                                                              recognize               BCTLA Liaison Chair, the video pow­
to Action                                                                your excel­             erfully demonstrates “school libraries
Program) staff                                                           lence in an             in action” and I would urge everyone
development                                                              upcoming                to take a look! Once you have watched
series that focus­                                                       issue of The            the video, check out the other inquiry
es on Inquiry                                                            Bookmark.                        pages on the Vancouver teacher-
Based Learning”.                                                                                          librarian inquiry wiki site.
They plan to do                                                              A few more         
this “through                                                                successes...                 Project
collaborative teaching, as a model
for research for all grade levels in the           BCTLA POSITION                                NEW TEACHERS’ AND
school district”. Congratulations to the           S TAT E M E N T                               STUDENT TEACHERS’
Langley TL Association!                                                                          CONFERENCE.
                                                   BCTLA was pleased to announce the
BCTLA HONORARY LIFE                                release of our first position statement,      The BCTLA and New Teachers’ and
MEMBERSHIP                                         “Book Levelling and School Library            Student Teachers’ Conference. Val
                                                   Collections”. Moira Ekdahl , Heather          Hamilton, Moira Ekdahl and Mary
The BCTLA Honorary Life                            Daly and their team worked tirelessly to      Locke worked the service desk to sup­
Membership is not awarded every year               publish this much needed document.            port new teachers and provide aware­
but only when there is a nomination for            This position statement addresses the         ness of the role and services teacher-
someone who has given tremendous ser­              levelling of existing school library col­     librarian colleagues can provide.
vice to the BCTLA, teacher-librarian­              lections. It is intended to provide a well-
ship and school library programs. This             researched defense to support teacher-
year the Honorary Life Membership                  librarians should they be asked to level      BC BOOK PRIZES TOUR
is awarded to Lynn Turner, teacher-                school library collections.
librarian, SD 82, Terrace. Lynn has                                                              Dozens of schools hosted the BC wide
been BCTLA’s Continuing Education                  In addition to being presented to and         author visits of the BC Book Prizes.
Chair for more than a decade and                   passed unanimously at the April 2009                             Many school librar­
has made great contributions at the                BCTLA AGM, the position state­                                   ies participated and
provincial level. She has made presen­             ment has been presented to the BCTF                              integrated projects
tations on behalf of school libraries,             Executive and to PSAC (Provincial                                around this annual
developed brochures to support new                 Specialist Advisory Committee). It                               literary event.
teacher-librarians and teachers, devel­            has also been requested by the BCTF’s
oped contact information for teacher-              Teacher Newsmagazine for publica­
librarian speakers, and most recently              tion. It is BCTLA’s hope that the “Book
has coordinated the K-12 Information               Levelling” Position Statement will be
Literacy Benchmark Project which she               the first of many such official positions.
previewed at the BCLA Conference in                see page 12
April.                   VA N C O U V E R - T E A C H E R              BCLA CONFERENCE
Lynn is retiring this June and this is a                                                         The British Columbia Library
much deserved recognition of her years             As part of their year-long Teacher            Conference 2009 in Burnaby looked
of service and commitment.                         Inquiry project, Vancouver teacher-           a bit different this year. Thanks to
                                                   librarians have created and made avail­       the relentless advocacy and the recep­
Congratulations, Lynn!                             able a video, “Teacher-Librarians:            tive BCLA planners, over 30
                                                   Supporting 21st Century Learners”.            BCTLA Chapter Councillors
                                                   The professionally produced video             attended 2 sessions free of
F E AT U R E :    C E L E B R AT I N G P R O F E S S I O N A L I S M                                                                             10
charge. The feedback was terrific and        
                     BOOKS FOR BOYS WIKI
the networking was very benficial.                    Be sure to join Richmond for 
Check out BCLA 2010 in Penticton.                     Champions of Literacy in October 

aspx                                                                                                     BCTLA FORUM

OKANAGAN AUTHOR                                                                                          BCTLA Forum>Google groups> man­
WEEK                                                                                                     ager and moderator Val Hamilton(ret),
                                                                                                         has witnessed a busy discussion group.
The Annual Education Week Author                                                                         The benefits of this web 2.0 forum over
Visit program enjoyed the presenta­                                                                      the old listserv are many: reduce your
tions of David Bouchard. Over 3000                                                                       email inbox, threaded messages, RSS
students enjoyed his story telling and                                                                   feeds, documents, easy interface and a
music. Over 400 people attended the                                                                      wide range of expertise. From veterans
free community night. Jim Gillett has                                                                    like Val to novices, they all have wisdom
announced that Kenneth Oppel will                                                                        to share. Check it out!
                                                     Angie MacRitchie, Sara Parmar. David Bouchard,
be the speaker for Education Week                    Sharon Bede, and Alan Knight Memorial recipients:
Author Visit 2010. Deborah Ellis                     Pat Kirkey and Jim Gillett                          Subscribe to RSS feed:
is also confirmed for the 2011 visit                                                           

and corporate sponsors and SD23 are         
                                                                                                         Learn more at: 

committed for the next two years. Pat                                                          

Kirkey and Jim Gillett will continue                                                                     tour3/page2.html

to help out on the Education Week
Committee but will be stepping back                   BCTLA LAUNCHS NEW
slightly. Angie MacRitchie has agreed                                                                    BCTLA PSA-PQT
                                                      WEBSITE                                            TEACHER INQUIRY
to lead the group for 2010 along with
committee members: Sarah Parmar,                                                                         PROJECT
                                                      No fanfare. Just doing business to help
Wendy Beaudoin, Misty Smith,                          TL’s. The new site has been in devel­              About the Project
                                                                     opment for just under               The BC Teacher-Librarians’ Association
                                                                     a year. It is designed to           is the recipient of one of three $7500
                                                                     be a one-stop source                grants for PSAs to engage in teacher
                                                                     and entry point to all              inquiry through the Program for
                                                                     of our blogs, wikis,                Quality Teaching (PQT). This BCTF
                                                                     resources, publications,            initiative, made possible by a grant from
                                                                     contacts, events, and               the Province through the BC Ministry
                                                                     governance materials.               of Education, aims to co-ordinate and
                                                                     Al Smith has said,                  to expand the Federation’s pilot study
                                                                            “I have been updating
                                                                            and uploading a new
                                                                                                         work in teacher inquiry led by the
                                                                            fresh BCTLA website.         BCTF’s Program for Quality Teaching
Victoria- Implementing a Library Science course in high school              We want to make this         and the Research and Technology
                                                                         site your portal to BCTLA       Division in 2007–08.
Sharon Bede and Al Smith.                                  news, events and support. We have plans
                                                           to expand and solidify service points for     Focus
VICTORIA                                                   all our great TL colleagues.”                 Our inquiry focus will be around the
CONFERENCE 2008                                       Share your ideas, good reads, ques­                work of Dr. Ross Todd, “Knowing and
                                                      tions, events and successes.                       Showing How School Library Programs
The Greater Victoria Teacher-librarians               Please contact Al Smith about any­                 Help Students Learn”. Our general
Association hosted the BCTLA                          thing related to the BCTLA website or              questions are: how can we evaluate our
Conference 2008. The GVTLA’s suc­                     the Virtual Bookmark!                              work by what students have learned and
cessful Mission Literacy was hosted                not by what we do, and knowing this,
at Spectrum Secondary School. The                            how can we respond to Todd’s question,
Conference was preceded by an                                         “What would you answer?”
Author’s Festival throughout Greater                  http://twitter/virtualbookmark
Victoria schools. The keynote speaker,                or SMS 250.878.0578                                According to Dr. Ross Todd (Rutgers),
Richard Van Camp, shared stories                      Any correspondence related to the                  it is time to illuminate the formational
that inspire and empower. Dozens of                   Bookmark should contact Angie                      (student learning, knowledge creation,
relevant and well run workshops were                  MacRitchie at                                      use, production, sharing, and
a strong example of excellence in the                                reading literacy) and transfor­
profession.                                                                                              mational roles....

F E AT U R E :   C E L E B R AT I N G P R O F E S S I O N A L I S M                                                                             11
                                                   Constitution and Bylaws with an April,
Todd, Ross. 2004. Knowing and show­                2010 approval date in mind. The cur­
ing how school library programs help               rent Committee has developed some
students learn.          progressive ammendments in a Draft
osla/toolkit/Resources/Knowing+Showing_            2010 BCTLA Constitution and Bylaws
RossTodd.ppt                                       to be presented at the 2009 BCTLA
                                                   AGM for consideration.
B C T L A I N F O R M AT I O N                     The focus of the revision is to make the
LITERACY K-12                                      Constitution and Bylaws much shorter
B E N C H M A R K S P R O J E C T-                 and clearer. Changes to the governance
                                                   of the BCTLA includes revisions to the
The New 3Rs in Education are                       BCTLA Executive.
Reading, Research, and Resources

The BC Benchmarks Project uses a
three-dimensional model in which
                                                        VIRTUAL BOOKMARK
strands, benchmarks, and dimensions
of student learning serve as a frame for           BLOG THIS
Information Literacy; that is,           

-STRANDS that represent the aspects                PARTICPATE-LEARN-GROW!
of all school library programs --
Reading, Research, and Resources, the
new 3Rs in Education, are learning
outcomes drawn from teacher-librarian
and teaching experience, from IRPs,
from related documents, and from new
understandings about literacies

   -BENCHMARKS, as opposed to a
   scope-and-sequence or list of skills to be
   introduced, reinforced, and so on; that
   is, within benchmarked periods, content
   learning outcomes can be matched to
   what students need to be able to do by
   for grades 3, 7, 10 and 12

   -DIMENSIONS of student learning,
   student as information seeker, as infor­
   mation processor, as communicator, and
   as reflective learner

   -THEME: WINDOWS that portrays
   the relationship of students to the world
   in terms of what they know about it and
   their interpretation.
                                                     Sylvia, Karen, Val, Chris- Spring Council 2009
Lynn Turner
Moira Ekdahl
Julie Robinson
Michele Farquharson


The BCTLA Constitution and Bylaws
were last revised in 2004. Three
Executive members—Bonnie McComb,
Heather Daly, and Val Hamilton—have
been working on revising the BCTLA
F E AT U R E :    C E L E B R AT I N G P R O F E S S I O N A L I S M                                  12

                                           BCTLA Position Statement

                                                  individual students gained through rela­    There is little evidence to support the
BOOK LEVELLING AND                                tionships built over time, and with the     decision to acquire and build levelled
SCHOOL LIBRARY                                    students themselves to help them come       collections in our schools. While cer­
                                                  independently to the right reading level    tainly supporting the literacy industry,
COLLECTIONS                                       and the right book. Teacher-librarians      the notion of applying a single strat­
                                                  and teachers of literature eschew word      egy to entire collections eliminates
                                                  counts and syllabic structures as mea­      the importance of both balanced and
BCTLA Annual General Meeting,                     sures of readability, looking instead for   differentiated approaches to literacy
April 2009                                        literary merit, sophistication of ideas,    development in schools, threatens to
                                                  developmental appropriateness, capacity     turn rich and dynamic collections into
The practice of levelling books, used to          for engagement, or maturity of theme        extended bookrooms, may be largely
support guided reading instruction in             or language.                                budget-driven, and is incompatible with
classrooms, is not con­                                                                       the goals for school library programs.
sistent with the values                                             Research into the field   We know that it limits choice and may
of teacher-librarians and                                           of reading literacy       cause children to miss “great reads.”
should not be applied                                               supports the position     Capable readers may not choose books,
in part or in whole to                                              that book levelling is    perceiving them to be too low for them.
school library collections.                                         something that ends       Students may miss light reading oppor­
Children have opportu­                                              with classroom guided     tunities that are, in Stephen Krashen’s
nities in well-developed                                            reading programs and is   view, conduits to more substantial read­
school library programs                                             not meant to apply to     ing or, in Jim Trelease’s terms the very
to acquire, develop, and                                            classroom libraries or,   “home-run” books that turn a child on
use important lifelong                                              by obvious extension,     to reading more. Worse still, it may
skills that will enable                                             to the school library     exacerbate reluctance and resistance to
them to select indepen­                                             collection (Fountas &     reading, stigmatize struggling readers,
dently their own reading                                            Pinnell). “We seem        and mislead others into believing that
materials. Levelled col­                                            to be in the midst of     reading level is the important criterion
lections, whether located                                           a levelling mania in      in choosing a “just-right” book.
in school or classroom libraries, inhibit                           which massive amounts
the use of authentic strategies for selec­        of time, money and energy are devoted       References
tion and directly contradict the message          to organizing books by reading levels
                                                                                              Dzaldov, B. S. & Peterson, S. Book Leveling and
of pursuing reading for the interest and          … teachers are driven to attach a level     Readers. The Reading Teacher. 222-224. November
passion it inspires.                              to every text that students encounter       2005. Retrieved March 2009 from ProQuest
                                                                                              Education Journals.
                                                  during their school day” (Dzaldov &
Students have access to school libraries          Peterson). Teachers, in so doing, are       Fountas, I. & Pinnell, G. S. Leveled Books K-8:
                                                                                              Matching Texts to Readers for Effective Teaching.
and to teacher-librarians to learn and            well-intentioned as they “whitewash”        Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann, 2006.
practice the skills for finding the “just­        over the diversity factors of selection
                                                                                              Krashen, S. The Power of Reading. 2nd ed.
right” book to read. School library pro­          noted above in order to reduce the          Portsmouth, N.H.: Libraries Unlimited. 2004.
grams build in opportunities for child            frustration students might experience
                                                                                              Reuter, K. Teaching Effective Book-Selection
or young adult readers to engage in the           that unquestionably confounds literacy      Strategies and Inspiring Engaged Readers in the
complex task of finding a book that               development. But these teachers act to      Library Media Center. Library MediaConnection.
                                                                                              April/May 2008. 26 (7) 18-20. Retrieved March 2009,
they can understand, that holds person­           suppress students’ natural interests even   from ProQuest Education Journals.
al interest for them, that speaks to their        as they are also reducing the field of
                                                                                              Rog, L. J. & Burton, W. Matching texts and read­
life experiences or cultural identities or        choice, researchers suggest, where they     ers: Leveling Early Reading Materials for Assessment
gendered reading preferences, or that             need to be building connections and         and Instruction. The Reading Teacher. Dec 2001/
                                                                                              Jan 2002. 348-356. Retrieved March 2009, from
extends a topic being studied in class or         scaffolding their background knowledge      ProQuest Education Journals.
one catching their attention as some­             and experience, motivating students to
                                                                                              Trelease, J. The Read-Aloud Handbook. New York:
thing that simply needs to be explored            read and enabling them to reach beyond      Penguin, 1985.
more deeply. Teacher-librarians, as               their assessed level, usually measured by
                                                                                              Wedwick, L. & Wutz, J. Bookmatch: How to Scaffold
specialist teachers, work with these sets         a single standardized test which, inter­    Student Book Selection for Independent
of understandings about book selection,           estingly, many would argue is inappro­      Reading. Newark, DE: International
                                                                                              Reading Association, 2008.
as well as particular knowledge about             priate assessment practice.

P O S I T I O N S T A T E M E N T- B O O K L E V E L L I N G                                                                                  13
   Encore-Annual Report 2009
                                              being able to access BCTLA resources       and Auditor General. Several articles
INSPITE OF THE                                for projects and professional develop­     were prepared for the BCTF’s Teacher
C U R R E N T C L I M AT E ,                  ment has been drafted. The BCTLA’s         Newsmagazine, including one for the
08-09 WAS A VERY                              first position statement, on book level­   special election issue.
PRODUCTIVE YEAR                               ing, has been written with the hope of
                                              more to come. Planning for provincial      PSAC (Provincial Specialist Association
View the complete report as presented         professional
to Chapter Council members in April           development
Quick Picks>            will be taking
                                              place through
President’s Report                            the addition
Submitted by Heather Daly                     of a second
Executive Meetings (1-Day: October,           Continuing
April; 2-Day: September, January)             Education
I can’t tell you how hard the Executive       Chair for
has worked this year on behalf of teach­      2009-10.
er-librarians. From Drop Everything           BCTLA has
and Read planning to communicat­              joined with
ing with BCTLA members to writing             other pro­
articles and grant proposals, your 2008­      vincial and
09 Executive deserves every accolade.         territorial
I salute Sylvia Zubke, Karen Lindsay,         school library
Bonnie McComb, Halia Hirniak, Al              associations
Smith, Lauren Craze, Amanda Hufton,           in beginning
Lynn Turner, ¬Angie MacRitchie,               dialogue about
Bonnie McComb, Moira Ekdahl, and              a national advocacy strategy. We have      Council) and the BCTF (Throughout
Val Hamilton, all volunteers who gave         also, for the first time, begun to con­    Year)
thousands of hours of their own time          sider funding teacher-librarian speakers   PSAC (Provincial Specialist Association
this year, including engaging in four in-     and representatives to attend school       Council) is composed of each of the
person meetings totalling five full days,     library conferences, including the         presidents of the BCTF’s 33 PSAs. The
to their love of school libraries and their   CLA/CASL Conference and the IASL           council comes together for two full-
belief in the work of B.C.’s teacher-         Conference. BCTLA also continues to        day meetings three times a year. Major
librarians!                                   work on the first provincial Information   issues at PSAC, common to all PSAs,
                                              Literacy framework.                        included problems with PSA member­
Modernizing BCTLA Governance and                                                         ship lists and renewals. As a result, PSA
Operations (Throughout Year)                  Communication (Throughout Year)            membership work has been assigned to
A major focus of the year, and in the         The BCTLA is known internationally         an alternate department at BCTF and
years to come, will be the moderniza­         for our incredibly strong web presence.    new structures have been developed.
tion of BCTLA’s governance and opera­         The “BCTLA - In Circulation” blog,         PSAC has also been involved in the PSA
tions. Changes that have already taken        available at http://bctlaincirculation.    Task Force, which included a survey of
place have included The Bookmark    , is just one of our com­     PSA members and a report with recom­
becoming an online, open access               munication venues. “In Circulation”        mendations.
journal that is being used as a model         acts a newsletter about what is happen­    October: BCTLA Conference, NSLD
by other associations. The BCTLA              ing at BCTLA. The BCTLA Forum              and Drop Everything and Read
Constitution and Bylaws were revised          has been active this year, as has the      (DEAR)
in 2008-09 and a draft document was           Executive email list (to the tune of       This year’s Canadian Library Month
produced for consideration. For the           ~2000 messages). The BCTLA received        (October 2008) was just amazing.
first time in years, new awards have          press coverage this year due to the Drop   Canadian Library Month posters and
been instituted, including a Lifetime         Everything and Read campaign and           bookmarks were sent to all public
Achievement award and possibly an             National School Library Day. In addi­      school districts from BCTLA for dis­
award for New Teacher-Librarian of the        tion, numerous letters were written to     tribution to school libraries. We also
Year. A process for BCTLA Chapters            government, the Lieutenant Governor,

ANNUAL REPORT                                                                                                              14
had a fabulous BCTLA conference in          also been involved in discussions with      Daniel Pink’s book A Whole New
Victoria! Thank you to the Greater          ERAC throughout the year in a consul­       Mind to Chapter Councilors. Chapter
Victoria Teacher-Librarians’ Association    tative role on the multisector database     Councilors were to meet with their
for all of their work. Immediately fol­     implementation. In particular, BCTLA        MLA and discuss education and school
lowing the Conference, we celebrated        has offered suggestions on the toolkits     libraries. Distributed posters for Drop
National School Library Day and             and training which will be launched in      Everything and Read.
Drop Everything and Read (DEAR)             late April 2009 through 2010.               October
challenge. The DEAR challenge was                                                       •Made arrangements for the Chapter
an incredible success. Thank you to         AWARDS AND GRANTS                           Councilor Meeting for Saturday,
everyone who participated and to the        (Spring 2009)                               October 24 at the Harbour Towers
Executive for all of their work in plan­    We were thrilled in early Spring 2009       in Victoria. Updated the Chapter
ning for the day. In particular, I would    to be announced as one of three PSAs        Councilor Handbook, photocopied and
like to thank Karen Lindsay and Bonnie      to receive a $7500 grant for a Program      distributed it to members at the meet­
Chapman for their inspiring initiative.     for Quality Teaching teacher inquiry        ing, and mailed copies to those unable
                                            group through the BCTF. Nine teach­         to come. Got the BCTLA membership
LIAISON WITH                                er-librarians are currently engaging in     list from the BCTF and distributed this.
LIBRARIES,                                  professional learning around evidence-      •Updated the Chapter Councilor mem­
A S S O C I AT I O N S ,                    based practice in B.C. school libraries.    bership list, collected reports from the
O R G A N I Z AT I O N S , A N D            We are also excited to be awarding all of   Chapter Councilors, and sent these
MINISTRY                                    the BCTLA awards this year and have         to our Web Steward, Val Hamilton.
(Throughout Year)                           news of a number of national awards         Participated in the Drop Everything
A continuing focus for BCTLA has            to be announced for B.C. teacher-           and Read campaign.
been liaison in particular with public,     librarians.                                 November
academic, and special libraries and                                                     •Sent reminders out about filling in the
other provincial library associations.      ONGOING CHALLENGES:                         Working and Learning Survey.
BCTLA has continued to be repre­            Memberships and Conference                  January 2009
sented on the Library 2020 Interim          Attendance                                  •Organized the hotel, rooms and food
Steering Committee. This year, the          Although 2008-09 has been a year            for the BCTLA Executive Meeting –
Library 2020 project produced consul­       of hard work and great successes, we        January 23-24, La Quinta, Richmond.
tation reports and BCTLA sponsored          continue to have some challenges as an      Acted as liaison with BCLA to organize
two school library consultation ses­        association. Our conference numbers         the Spring Council.
sions and submitted detailed feedback.      are still lower than we would like and      •Sent out information about the April
We were also involved in planning           our membership has fluctuated—from          Meeting, the online Teacher-Librarian
and executing the “West Beyond the          395 to 505 to 354 throughout the year.      conference at
West: B.C. Digitization Symposium”          It is my hope that the efforts of the       on February 20, and asked Councilors
in December, and with the support of        BCTLA Executive, Chapter Councilors,        to send in nominations for BCTLA
the BCTF we were able to bring twenty       and the BCTLA membership will               Awards and to recruit BCTLA mem­
educators to the event. BCTLA is also       result, over time, in increased and sus­    bers.
pleased to be a part of this year’s inau­   tained membership and conference            February
gural BC Library Conference, through        attendance.                                 •Sent out information for the April
the integration of our annual Spring                                                    Spring Council meeting, for nomina­
Council and AGM into the conference.        F I R S T V I C E - P R E S I D E N T,      tions for the BCTLA awards and to
Chapter Councilors will attend BCTLA        C H A P T E R R E L AT I O N S ’ S          recruit members for the BCTLA, and
meetings in the                                               REPORT                    sent out the latest BCTLA membership
morning and the                                                                         list.
Conference in                                                 Submitted by Sylvia       March
the afternoon.                                                Zubke                     •Kept track of who is coming to the
With BCLA and                                                                           BC Library Conference and answered
BCLTA (the BC                                                 September 2008            questions about hotel and BC Library
Library Trustees’                                             •Made arrange­            Conference registration.
Association), we                                              ments for the hotel       April
were involved in                                              and rooms for the         •Acted as liaison with BCLA to orga­
the development                                               BCTLA Executive           nize the Spring Council meeting at
of WebJunction                                                Retreat, September        the Holiday Inn Express Metrotown.
BC, an online pro-                                            19-20 at the              Updated, photocopied and handed
fessional and staff development portal      Holiday Inn Riverport, Richmond.            out Chapter Councilor Handbooks.
for B.C. library staff. BCTLA members       The Executive met Friday evening,           Handed out updated BCTLA member­
will be able to create profiles and take    September 19 and all day Saturday,          ship lists, and updated the CC member­
online continuing education courses         September 20.                               ship list.
through WebJunction BC. BCTLA has           •Bought and distributed copies of           •Made arrangements with the Sandman
ANNUAL REPORT                                                                                                             15
Signature Hotel in Richmond (rated #2       Past President’s Report                     Throughout the 2008-09 school year,
hotel in Richmond by Trip Advisor!)         Submitted by Heather Daly, for Bonnie       the BC Coalition for School Libraries
for the Saturday, October 24 Chapter        McComb(exchange)                            (BCCSL) has continued to do wonder­
Councilor meeting after the BCTLA           CONSTITUTION                                ful work for school libraries in B.C. In
conference in October 2009.                 REVISION                                    March 2009, the BCCSL joined with
                                            The BCTLA Constitution and Bylaws           the Children’s Writers and Illustrators
SECOND VICE­                                were last revised in 2004. Three            of British Columbia (CWILL) for
P R E S I D E N T,                          Executive members—Bonnie McComb,            the press release, “Children and
ADVOCACY’S REPORT                           Heather Daly, and Val Hamilton—have         Children’s Authors Rally Behind School
Submitted by Karen Lindsay                  been working on revising the BCTLA          Librarians”. True children’s stories of
                                            Constitution and Bylaws with an April,      the effects of school library funding cuts
The role of the Second Vice-President,      2010 approval date in mind. The             were solicited and children wrote let­
Advocacy is to support teacher-librar­      Draft 2010 BCTLA Constitution and           ters, which are available on the BCCSL
ians in their districts, keep the role of   Bylaws will be presented at the 2009        website at
teacher-librarians in the public eye, and   BCTLA AGM for consideration. The            htm. The Coalition sent the stories and
raise public awareness of our issues and    focus of the revision is to make the        letters as packages to superintendents,
successes. To this end, in 2008-09 I        Constitution and Bylaws much shorter        DPAC chairs, and Board of Education
have:                                       and clearer. Changes to the governance      trustees in early April 2009. In addi­
•Supported BCTLA members whenever           of the BCTLA includes revisions to the      tion, some of the letters and stories
required on the BCTLA Forum.                BCTLA Executive.                            were faxed to all schools in B.C., to the
•Provided ongoing liaison with CASL                                                     attention of the principal.
by posting messages of interest to our      Nominating Committee:
members and bringing issues of interest     No official nomination forms have been      C O M M U N I C AT I O N S
to the attention of the Executive.          received. The following people have         OFFICER’S REPORT
•Spoke at the BCTLA Conference on           allowed their names to stand for the fol­   Submitted by Halia Hirniak
the importance of daily silent reading.     lowing elected Executive positions:
•Became BCTLA’s liaison to the                                                          BCTLA Awards
Canadian Association for School             President – Heather Daly (Coquitlam)        This year the BCTLA received a record
Libraries (CASL) national advocacy          First Vice-President, Chapter Relations     number of nominations for its many
dialogue                                    – Sylvia Zubke (Vancouver)
                 awards and we were thrilled to have so
•Joined the nation-wide consultative        Second Vice-President, Advocacy – 
         many dedicated teacher-librarians and
group for Canadian Library Month to         Karen Lindsay (Victoria)
                   library supporters to choose from to be
represent the BC school library perspec­    Communications Officer – Halia 
            the recipients of the awards.
tive                                        Hirniak (Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows)

Promoted year two of the Drop               Recording Secretary – Al Smith 
            Here is the list of some of the BCTLA
Everything and Read challenge by:           (Kelowna) 
                                 Award winners for this year:
•Working with the BCTF to get posters       Treasurer – 
                               Diana Poole Memorial Award - Karen
and a staff alert made and distributed to   Working & Learning Conditions 
             Lindsay (Victoria)
schools to promote DEAR.                    Chairperson – Amanda Hufton 
               Ken Haycock Professional Development
•Composing press releases and sending       (Richmond)
                                 Grant - Chris Evans (Vancouver)
them to media outlets across the prov­                                                  Distinguished Service Award - Ross
ince.                                       The following members have put their        Davidson (Coquitlam)
•Creating a template to assist BCTLA        names forward for appointed positions:      Alan Knight Memorial Award - Pat
members in contacting their MLAs                                                        Kirkey (Kelowna, retired) and Jim
about joining the campaign.                 Publications Coordinator                    Gillett (Kelowna)
•Being interviewed by journalists from      – Al Smith (Kelowna)
                       William H. Scott Memorial Award -
the Times-Colonist and Vancouver Sun.       Web Steward – Val Hamilton 
                Langley Teacher-Librarians’ Association
•Writing numerous letters to Ministry       (Vancouver, retired)
                       Val Hamilton Lifetime Achievement
of Education officials and the Premier.     Senior Editor, The Bookmark – Angie 
       Award - Judith Kootte (Richmond,
The Minister of Education issued an         MacRitchie (Kelowna) 
official press release saying MINISTER      Conference Chair – Bonnie McComb 
          BCTLA Honorary Lifetime
BOND DROPS EVERYTHING AND                   (Saanich)
                                  Membership - Lynn Turner (Terrace)
READS. The Premier sent me an email         Continuing Education Chair – 

congratulating the BCTLA on this ini­       Lynn Turner (Terrace) and Michele 
         New Award Motion
tiative.                                    Farquharson (Vancouver)
                    A motion will be brought forward at the
•Gathering information from schools         Liaison Chair – Moira Ekdahl 
              2009 BCTLA AGM to create a “New
that participated in the October DEAR       (Vancouver)
                                Teacher-Librarian of the Year” Award to
challenge in order to be able to con­                                                   honour exemplary and inno­
tinue to track our progress.                BC Coalition for School Libraries           vative work and accomplish­
                                            (BCCSL)                                     ments by a BCTLA member
ANNUAL REPORT                                                                                                                16
who has been in the role for five years      LIAISON CHAIR’S                                Red Cedar and Stellar Book Awards –
or less.                                     REPORT                                         There will be three galas held this year,
                                             Submitted by Heather Daly, for Moira           in Victoria, Coquitlam, and Cranbrook.
Letters in Recognition of Executive          Ekdahl                                         This is a pilot year for the new gala
Member Involvement                                                                          structure.
All members of the current BCTLA             Association of Book Publishers of BC
Executive will be recognized for their       (ABPBC) – We continue to support BC              SENIOR EDITOR, THE
service to the Association in letters        Books for BC Schools and Canadian                BOOKMARK’S REPORT
which will be sent to their respective       Aboriginal Books                                                               Submitted
districts and individual school adminis­     for Schools and BC                                                             by Angie
trators.                                     Book and Magazine                                                              MacRitchie
WORKING AND                                  BC Book Prizes –                                                               In 2008,
LEARNING CONDITIONS                          Word is, there may                                                             three issues
CHAIR’S REPORT                               be no BCTF repre­                                                              of The
Submitted by Amanda Hufton                   sentative TL needed                                                            Bookmark
                                             on this committee.                                                             were pub­
See The Bookmark issue....                   BCLA – Heather                                                                 lished
                                             Daly worked with                                                               online in
The survey was once again launched           BCLA and BCLTA                                                                 February,
with National and International School       on the WebJunction                                                             June and
Library Day on October 20, 2009. The         BC portal, which                                                               October. A
questions on the survey stayed the same      includes school library Hon. LG. Stephen Point- Battle of the Books, Kelowna   print copy
with the exception of the question re        information. Sylvia                                                            was given to
the formula for identifying the “flexible”   Zubke was very involved with BCLA                Chapter Councilors at the October and
scheduled library time. This question        in the planning of the Spring Council            April Council meetings.
has been problematic over the years as       meeting to coincide with the BC
we have tried to get closer to a compa­      Library Conference.                              The 2009 Alan Knight Memorial
rable number between all districts. At                                                        Award is to be presented in June to
the suggestion of the BCTF researchers,      YAACS – Mary Locke is BCTLA’s                    Jim Gillett and Pat Kirkey for the most
the question was simplified into two         representative to YAACS. Mary sent               outstanding article in The Bookmark
questions, whereby the teacher-librarian     a note to YAACS asking for their sup­            in 2008. The winner was selected by
could first identify how much FTE time       port for school libraries in Spring 2009         a committee from School District 23
is allotted to the library and then, out     during budget time, which was sent to            Central Okanagan. Next year, a differ­
of that amount of time, identify how         the YAACS listserv with encouragement            ent school district will be asked to pro­
much of the time is flexibly scheduled       from the YAACS President.                        vide this service.
teacher-librarian time.                      Library 2020 – Presidents’ Report pro­
                                             vides updated information.                       There will be a small issue in June as
This year there were 100 fewer surveys       Digitization Symposium – Presidents’             well as the report of the Working and
received than last year. We are looking      Report provides updated information.             Learning Conditions Survey Results.
into the reasons for this, wondering if      BCCSL – See the Past President’s                 The next issue following this will be
it is due to further school closures and     Report.                                          published in October 2009 and will
declining membership. If there are any       CASL– We are thrilled that this year’s           be the 50th anniversary issue of The
suggestions by Chapter Councilors as to      TL of the Year (Follett International/           Bookmark. The plan is for the 50th
why the response rate isn’t 100%, please     CASL Award) will be a BC teacher-                issue to be printed as well as published
e-mail me at                 librarian! The CASL Breakfast and                online. $10,000 has been budgeted for
                                             AGM will be held as part of the CLA              this. Congratulatory advertising will be
This year, there will be one paper pub­      Conference on May 31 in Montreal.                sold to help with the cost.
lication that will show the data for the     Karen Lindsay will represent BCTLA.
2008-09 year, as well as a comparison        CWILL – Joint sponsorship with                   To make the 50th Anniversary Issue a
to earlier years. The qualitative data       BCCSL – See the Past President’s                 great keepsake, we need each chapter to
will continue to be analyzed. As the         Report.                                          contribute something. Some ideas are:
BCTF is involved in other projects, the      CLA – Karen will attend the CLA
estimated time for the publication is in     Conference from May 29 to June 2.                •A story of major changes and develop­
May 2009.                                    IASL – BCTLA is in the process of                ments in your district/chapter
                                             joining IASL as an association member.           •Celebrations or big events that took
                                             The IASL conference will be held this            place over the years
                                             summer in Padua, Italy. Moira Ekdahl             •Major hurdles (overcome or otherwise)
                                             will represent BCTLA.                            •The impact that technology has had
                                                                                              on your programs, including circula-

 ANNUAL REPORT                                                                                                                     17
tion, web 2.0, databases, etc.               Library Conference will be of benefit to
•A story of a major player in your dis­      all BC Library Conference delegates.         This spring, the committee hopes to 

trict, perhaps a teacher-librarian who                                                    put a very initial draft of the docu­
was there for 30 years and retired in        The Richmond Teacher-Librarians’             ment onto the BCTLA website for 

1990; what changes they saw, etc.            Association will host the 2009               examination and feedback from teacher-

                                             BCTLA Conference at Richmond                 librarians. A professional writer will be 

•A feature of a school library in your       Secondary School. The theme will             hired to work with the committee for 

district that you feel is an extraordinary   be “Champions of Literacy” and will          the final draft, which will be both in 

model                                        feature former National Librarian            web and hard copy formats. An execu­
•A unit of study using newest technol­       of Canada and author Roch Carrier            tive summary will also be produced. 

ogy and sources                              as the keynote. Of particular inter­         It is hoped that this document will be 

•An interview with someone who has           est is the Thursday night wine and           endorsed by a variety of groups, includ­
“seen it all”                                cheese being planned at the Richmond         ing teacher-librarians, academic and 

•A reflective piece                          Olympic Oval. Come for the tour of           public librarians, school districts, and 

                                             the Olympic speedskating venue and           perhaps the Ministry of Education. 

If you have an idea and you wish to run      meet the 2010 Winter Olympics mas­           Initial outlines of the document—enti­
it by me, please send a brief descrip­       cots! Incredible and inspiring learning      tled “Reading, Resources, and Research: 

tion to and I          will take place on the Friday. We hope       The New 3 Rs in Education”—will be 

will get back to you as soon as possible.    all teacher-librarians will join us on       presented by the committee at the BC 

Remember, it’s okay to delegate this task    October 22-23 in Richmond.                   Library Conference in April 2009. 

to a reliable colleague in your Chapter!
                                             CONTINUING                                   As CE chair, I would like to take this 

These submissions will need to be in         E D U C AT I O N C H A I R ’ S               opportunity to thank Moira, Julie, and 

by the end of June (please keep photos       REPORT                                       Michele for their extraordinary efforts 

separate from the article as attachments)    Submitted by Lynn Turner                     and dedication to making this project 

so that work can be done over the sum­                                                    a success, and to the BCTLA Executive 

mer to edit, proofread, collate, etc. It     The main focus for Continuing                for their support.

is really important that we receive a sub­   Education this year has been the devel­
mission from every Chapter.                  opment of a K-12 framework of skills         Early on in the position of CE chair, 

                                             for information literacy. Last Spring,       I undertook to encourage those post­
CONFERENCE CHAIR’S                           a group of about 6-8 teacher-librarians      secondary institutes with teacher 

REPORT                                       met to launch the project and to decide      training programmes to include 

Submitted by Heather Daly, for Bonnie        on a direction from which to approach        teacher-librarians at some point in the 

McComb                                       the subject. When the call went out in       preparation of pre-service teachers. 

                                             September for the first working com­         Suggestions covered the spectrum from 

The fantastic 2008 BCTLA                     mittee meeting, however, only three          a very short presentation (“What Your 

Conference was hosted in Victoria, at        people were able to attend. Moira            Teacher-Librarian Can Do For You”) 

Spectrum Community School, by the            Ekdahl, Julie Robinson, and Michele          to a collaboratively planned-and-taught 

Greater Victoria Teacher-Librarians’         Farquharson, in addition to the CE           unit during a practicum. It seems now 

Association. The conference had the          chair, began the task of deciding what       that many student teacher programs 

theme, “Mission: Literacy—Teachers           would be included in a K-12 skills           are requesting such involvement. 

and Teacher-Librarians: Not-So-Secret        framework; what the finished product         Furthermore, teacher-librarians are 

Agents of Change”. The conference            would look like; what the timelines          seeking out the student teachers in their 

was preceded by a successful Author’s        should be; and what categories would         schools, and are working with them. 

Festival and marked the beginning            be covered by each person.                   The BCTLA also has a presence at the 

of BCTLA Chapters utilizing online                                                        New Teachers’ Conference.

conference registration systems. While       Although some of the first ideas have        A couple of years ago, a list of workshop 

the conference was wonderful, with           been modified, and timelines have            presenters was put together with input 

incredible speakers, food, and vendor        been lengthened, the goal has remained       from teacher-librarians around the 

displays, there were again not as many       the same: to produce a document              province. It is now time to update that 

conference delegates as there have been      focused on information literacy with         list, both for presenters and for possible 

in previous years.                           benchmarks of skills at Grade 3, 7,          workshop topics. 

                                             10, and 12. These benchmarks have
Throughout Spring 2009, Sylvia Zubke         been selected from B.C. IRPs as well as      Few universities in Canada offer courses 

worked with the BC Library Association       from “scope and sequences” from other        in teacher-librarianship. For those who 

to ensure the integration of the BCTLA       jurisdictions, both national and inter­      are interested:

Spring Council and AGM as part of the        national. There will also be a section       University of British Columbia:

annual BC Library Conference. It is          bridging to the skills required for suc­
hoped that the involvement of a large        cessful research at college and university   University of Alberta
number of teacher-librarians in the BC       libraries.                         
                                                                                          University of Prince Edward Island
ANNUAL REPORT                                                                                                                     18
San Jose State University
UBC is also sponsoring a Digital
                                                ERAC NEWS
Literacy Summer Institute.
Information for teachers will soon be
available at

WEB STEWARD’S                                   EVERY TEACHER-
REPORT                                          LIBRARIAN NEEDS TO
Submitted by Val Hamilton                       B E U P T O D AT E W I T H
                                                THE ENTERPRISE
Web Site (                   CALLED BCERAC. THIS
In July, I met with Angie MacRitchie            C O N S O R T I U M I M PA C T S
and Al Smith in Al’s library at Kelowna         W H AT W E U S E E A C H
Secondary School. We spent the                  D A Y. N O V E L S , S O F T­
afternoon discussing the future of the          W A R E , D ATA B A S E S . . .
BCTLA online. Al has since been rede­
signing the BCTLA web pages.                    ERAC has just posted its video stream­        WEB 2.0 MUST VIEW:
                                                ing white paper, Building a Video
BCTLA Forum (           Streaming Plan. As more districts and         RiP: A remix manifesto is a documen­
group/bctla-forum?hl=en)                        schools consider moving into video            tary film about copyright and remix
As you can see below, we currently have         streaming, ERAC is working to provide         culture. You can contribute to the film,
239 members on our BCTLA Forum.                 them with information about issues            and follow the conversation on the
For information on how to join, please          associated with the change.                   social networks with RSS, Twitter or
go to I have suc­                                                  Facebook.
cessfully blocked all spam sent to the          ERAC’s new electronic bulletin board
Forum so please join.                           eTalk offers educators a way to lurk and      FILM: RIP a remix manifesto
                                                learn or post suggestions...        
Blogs                                                                                         manifesto/
I have 2 news blogs that feed directly
into the BCTLA Forum:                           A FIRST for NFB! ERAC has just and              established a ground-breaking agree­          NFB ­             ment with the National Film Board             Download from iTunes
                                                (NFB) to provide every public and   
Other blogs to visit are:                       independent school in BC with com­
•        plimentary access, for one year, to the
•            NFB’s online collection of French and
•          English Canadian films.
We have a number of wikis:

•                        Video Streaming White Paper:

Facebook                                        ERAC ALERT: see page
•                 -Download Newsletter e-Update
php?gid=2511772046                              -Subscribe to ERAC news.

THE BOOKMARK SUMMER 2009                                                                                                               19
    Professional Development
                                               The Workshops:

                                                  Monday, July 20 

                                                                                                 bctla online

July 20, 21, 23, 24, 2009                         Collaborative Writing Tools... Wikis, 

                                                  WebLogs, etc.
                               Directory of Web Sites and Networks
Cost: $100 per workshop, or $320/4                with Kedrick James & Natasha Boskic

Location: UBC Campus,      Tuesday, July 21 

dlc.php                                           Collaborative Discussion Tools... Social 

                                                  Networking, Groups, Bookmarks

                                                  with Maryam Moayeri

The Digital Literacy Centre in the
                 Department of                    Thursday, July 23 

                 Language and Literacy            Collaborative Creation Tools... Google 

                 Education,                       Sites, Youtube, Flickr, etc.

                 UBC Faculty of                   with Kedrick James & Natasha Boskic

                 Education, is offering
                 4 exciting summer                Friday, July 24 

                 workshops explor­                Collaborative Research Tools... 

                 ing the value of social          Wikipedia, Delicious, etc.

media software use for teachers and               with Jeff Miller & Scott McMillan

The workshops offer discussion of a            Register:
number of examples and guide partici­
pants in hands-on sessions to under­           tel. 604-822-2013
stand the possibilities of using collab­
orative software in the classroom. The
classes are 5 hours each, including a
one hour lunch break.

                             21ST CENTURY SCHOOL LIBRARIES
The first Your School Library online conference –
Transforming School Libraries with Web 2.0 – was held
over February and attracted in excess of 200 delegates.
According to participant feedback, it was highly success­
ful in stimulating debate and discussion about the school
library in the Web 2.0 world.
                                                                        The Transforming School Libraries online conference has 

Once again, the conference will be “held” on the collabora­                                                              started. 

tion website Delegates will use this as a base                            Please tune in to one of the related blogs:

camp to explore the Web 2.0 world. “Your School Library,
Part 2: Information Literacy with Web 2.0”, which includes                               


as a presenter former BCTLA President Pat Parungao.                                          


                        W O R K S H O P F A C I L I T A T O R S . . . . S E E P. 5 2
  BCTLA PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT                                                                                                20
                                                                                    the administration of coopera­
WebJunction–                               WebJunction BC is a place for BC
                                                                                    tive projects for libraries in British
                                                                                    Columbia. Our first project is the
British Columbia                           library staff, trustees and volunteers   Sitka ILS Consortium, which will
joins online learn­                        to meet online to learn and share
                                           information about all types of librar­
                                                                                    transition from a government-run
                                                                                    entity to one governed and admin­
ing community for                          ies.                                     istered by the members of the
library staff                              WJBC is supported by the BC
                                                                                    cooperative. Any library can join
                                                                                    the cooperative and be instrumental
                                           Library Association, the BC Public       in guiding the development of the
April 2009—WebJunction, the                Library Services Branch, the BC          cooperative and its projects.
leader in online learning for library      Library Trustees’ Association and the
staff, is working with the British         BC Teacher-Librarians’ Association,      MLA Library Receptions
Columbia Library Association               as well as our WebJunction partners      When: Friday, June 26, 2009 - All
(BCLA), British Columbia Teacher-                         across North America.     Day
Librarians’                                                                         Public Knowledge Project Scholarly
Association,                                             BRITISH                    Publishing Conference (3 days -
and the British                                          COLUMBIA                   Vancouver)
Columbia                                                 SCHEDULE OF                When: Wednesday, July 8, 2009 -
Library Trustees                                         EVENTS                     All Day
Association to
launch WebJunction–British
Columbia, the first WebJunction
                                           Upcoming library events at British       Browse Webjunction BC:
learning community created for
libraries outside the United States.       Second International m-Libraries         BLOG JUNCTION
Members of the three associations          Conference (2-days Vancouver)            BlogJunction British Columbia
and public library staff and volun­        When: Tuesday, June 23, 2009 - All       A weblog for the WebJunction
teers in British Columbia will have        Day                                      British Columbia community.
access to courses, articles, discussions                                  
and a professional network that will       The second international m-Librar­
keep their skills up-to-date and help      ies Conference, held and spon­           Subscribe to News:
their libraries stay relevant to current   sored by the University of British       RSS
user needs.                                Columbia in conjunction with
                                           Athabasca University, The Open           1
As part of the online learning com­        University and Thompson Rivers
munity, WebJunction–British                University, will be held June 23rd
Columbia members will connect
with people
from across the
library commu­
nity using social 

and professional networking tools; 
       and 24th of 2009 at University of
create and publish their own con­          British Columbia’s Vancouver cam­
tent; participate in discussions and 
form interest groups of interest; take 
   First AGM of the BC Libraries
courses on a wide range of business, 
technology and library skill subjects; 
   When: Thursday, June 25, 2009 -
and engage in an online community 
        All Day
experience that makes learning fun. 

( OCLA )
                                  The BC Libraries Cooperative is
                                           a new organization charged with
THE BOOKMARK - SUMMER 2009                                                                                                21
                                                                                 NEW ON THE NET

 Contributors                             JOHN GOLDSMITH

                                             website is filled with valuable literacy
May 2009                                     resources for teachers, volunteers, adult
                                             learners, tutors, parents and students.          This site is describes as a web site that
                                             There are free online courses which              will help teachers make the connection
by John Goldsmith                            focus on the best practices for literacy         between theory and practice by explor­
E-mail:                 instruction and lifelong learning habits         ing some online resources related to lit­
Blog:                  a library of resources for literacy devel­       eracy, themes, literature circles, technol­
                                             opment which includes print articles             ogy, and learning. (Weekly Favourites)
EDUCATION:                                   and podcasts. Resources can be accessed
                                             by keyword, drop down boxes or by                Reading Resources.Net
The Worksheet Library                        subject, grade, resource type or content             partner. The grade levels include the
                                             usual K-12, as well as vocational edu­           “Reading offers free
The Worksheet Library is quite liter­        cation, adult education, community               resources and materials for teachers and
ally a web site filled with worksheets       college and higher education. (Linda             parents or anyone interested in teaching
(approximately 11,000) on every topic        Hof-Webbits)                                     children with dyslexia and other reading
imaginable from Kindergarten to high                                                          difficulties to read. The site was devel­
school. Worksheets are grouped by            KiddieRecords                                    oped by a certified speech and language
subject, grade level and standards (US                    pathologist plus an early childhood
criteria). 650 are available at no cost.                                                      reading teacher.” (Education World Site
The rest require a subscription fee. In      KiddieRecords is a web site featuring            Reviews)
addition members and non-members             free recordings of popular children’s
can sign up to receive a free worksheet      radio programs
each week.                                   from the 1940’s &
                                             ‘50’s. Many of the
ENGLISH                                      shows were as well
                                             known back then                                  LIBRARIES
Can I Have A Word                            as Sesame Street and the Muppets are    today and featured well known period             Libraries and Autism: We’re Connected
                                             actors and lavish production values.   
“Can I Have A Word” is a web site            (Diane Flynn Keith – ClickSchooling)
designed to inspire creative writing at                                                       This site provides “a customer service
the middle and secondary school level.       Harry Potter’s World: Renaissance                training video primarily for library staff
The site features four projects includ­      Science, Magic and Medicine                      to help them serve individuals with
ing the elements, the human body, the­
                                                                                              autism and their families more effec­
Odyssey, and changing voices. These          sworld/index.html
                                                                                              tively. The video focuses on what you
four projects cover the various areas of                                                      need to know about autism and will
creative writing such as descriptive writ­   This web site is a companion to a trav­
                                             eling exhibition “created to explore the         empower you with specific techniques
ing, conversational and narrative prose,                                                      to offer more inclusive service to this
creative character prose, and influential    link between Harry Potter and the his­
                                             tory of science.” The site features illus­       growing and underserved population.”
writing. Teachers will find worksheets                                                        Also includes print resources and links.
and poems, classroom displays, teacher       trated essays comparing Harry Potter’s
                                             world with the history of science in the         (Librarians Internet Index)
tips, and a link to download the Flash                                                        World Digital Library (WDL)
animation to their desktop for easy          areas of potions, monsters, herbology,
viewing in the classroom. (Education         magical creatures, fantastic beasts, and
World News Letter)                           immortality. Also includes lesson plans,
                                             online activities, and a bibliography.           Launched in April 2009, the WDL
Thinkfinity Literacy Network                                                                  “makes available on the Internet, free      (Librarian’s Internet Index)
                                                                                              of charge and in multilingual format,
                                             Literature Learning Ladders                      significant primary materials from
The “Thinkfinity” Literacy Network                                                            cultures around the world,” includ-

GOLDSMITH                                                                                                                                   22
ing manuscripts, maps, books, musical
scores, recordings, films, prints, and pho­   The Virtual Body                                                  BIO
tographs. Browse by place, time, topic,
type of item, or institution. Developed by                                                                   NEW ON THE NET
a team at the U.S. Library of Congress,       The Virtual Body is an web site with                           John Goldsmith
with contributions by national librar­        incredibly detailed graphics and anima­                        John is a regular
ies and with the support of UNESCO            tions of various aspects of the human
                                              body, including the brain, skeleton,                           contributor who
and companies and private foundations.
(Librarians Internet Index)                   the heart and digestive system. (Kim                           focuses on vetting
                                              Komando’s Site of the Day”.)                                   new online resources
SCIENCE                                                                                                      for teacher-librarians.
                                              SOCIAL STUDIES                                                 John Goldsmith is
CERES Project                                                                                                currently working as                 Digital Karnak                                 an online educator with the Fraser
                                                                     http://dlib.etc.ucla.   Valley Distance Education School, a
                                                                     edu/projects/Karnak/    position he assumed after working
                                                                                             many years as a Junior and Senior
                                                                      Website devoted        Secondary Teacher Librarian.
                                                                      to the ancient
                                                                      Egyptian temple
                                                                      of the god Amun
                                                                      in Karnak (near
                                                                      modern day
                                                                      Luxor, Egypt).
                                                                      Features a “time­
                                                                      map” showing
This Center for Educational Resources         the development of the temple complex               VIRTUAL BOOKMARK
(CERES) project provides “an extensive        (view by date or by pharaoh or other
library of on-line and interactive K-12       leader), video animations of the temple         BLOG THIS
science education materials for teach­        model, modern video footage of Karnak 
ing astronomy.” These resources include       and Luxor, photos, and instructional
online lessons on topics such as planet       texts on topics such as daily ritual,           PARTICPATE-LEARN-GROW!
sizes and lunar phases, two “virtual mis­     architectural features, and construction
sions” that show “sequences of NASA           methods. (Librarians Internet Index)
images linked to the paths of the Voyager
and Galileo missions,” information on         1
education standards, and related material.
(Linda Hof-Webbits)

Gardening With Kids

Part of the “Thrifty Fun” web site,
Gardening With Kids is packed with
helpful suggestions and ideas to interest
and involve young people in garden­
ing such as giving kids their own space,
using kid sized tools using child friendly
themes. (Weekly Favourites)
Isla Earth Radio Series

The Isla Earth Radio Series is a fun and
engaging weekday radio program/podcast
with an information rich website and free
monthly newsletter called the e-Digest.
Their team of science writers and editors
scour the planet for breaking news about
the issues most critical to the health and
well- being of this island we call Earth.
They bring you the latest on alterna­
tive energy development and about the
environmental and conservation work of
community groups and organizations. An  
excellent website/resource for environ­
mental science educators.
GOLDSMITH                                                                                                                       23
                                                                                                         VIRTUAL BOOKMARK
                                                                                                    BLOG THIS


 Contributors              FROM OUR PSA COLLEAGUES

Exciting Ideas and Opportunities for Social Studies Teachers and Students!

2008-2009                                        5. Great War Letters Project. Young
                                                 Canadians ages 14-18 are invited to
                                                                                                    OCTOBER 2008

                                                 pen a letter imagining what it was like            1.Asians, First Nations and the History
                                                 to serve in the First World War. The               of the Vote in BC. Plan to attend this
STUDIES TEACHERS AND                             contest starts Sept.8, 08 and is to coin­          discussion in Vancouver on October
STUDENTS!                                        cide with the release of the new movie             28/08. Check out all the other teacher
                                                 Passchendaele.                                     resources at this site.
YEAR IN REVIEW PICKS                        
                                                 6. Kalahari Library Project. How about             2.BC Mining Class of the Year Contest.
SEPTEMBER 2008                                   a class or school citizenship project to           Win this contest and your whole class
                                                 help support literacy among children               will become expert gold panners.                      in the southern Kalahari? A simple and             Check out all the other great ideas from
                                                 guaranteed way to make a difference in             the BC Mineral Resource Education
1. The Amazing Heritage Challenge.               the lives of children.                             Program.
A great new resource for BC Grade 10   
Social Studies teachers and students.            7. Law Courts Education Society.                   3.The Canadian Social Studies Super
These lessons are a perfect combination          Another new resource to help teach­                Site. This site contains an annotated list
of exciting activities, curriculum rele­         ers and students understand our legal              of quality websites for Canadian social
vance and real world engagement! http://         system. This resource even has a talking           studies educators and anyone interested   guide named Alex who will help you                 in Canada.
lesson_plans.htm                                 through the website.                     
2. Civic Mirror. CM is an educational                             4.ExploraVision Awards Competition
simulation that turns “classrooms into           8. Michelle Mulder. Need a refreshing              This competition gives students in
countries” and “students into citizens”.         start for a unit on government, citizen­           grades K-12 the chance to create their
Check out the “testimonials” button.             ship or social responsibility for grades           own vision of the future. Win thou­          4-7? Meet Michelle, a Victoria based               sands $.
3. Federal Election Coming? Another              author of historical fiction.            
great new site created for teachers and                      5.The History of Metropolitan
students in anticipation that a federal          9. Sierra Club BC. Empower your stu­               Vancouver. A great site with all kinds of
election will be called soon. Great ideas        dents to appreciate the many values and            teacher resources and quizzes.
to start off the school year!                    perspectives surrounding environmental                    and sustainability issues and to take              6.Google History On-line- One
4. Geography and Beyond! Fantastic               ACTION in a fun and credible way.                  Newspaper at a Time. Google has just
new sites created in BC as a portal to                      launched a new service to make old
hundreds of geographic ideas, lessons,           10. Social Studies Videos On Sale! From            newspapers available for everyone.
research topics, maps and a whole lot            October 6-24, ERAC will host its annu­             Look back in time! Check this out!
more. Check out both sites!                      al sale of videos with discounted prices ­    and free shipping! Remember BC teach­              bringing-history-online-one-newspaper.html
canada.html                                      ers have checked out all these videos.             7.Mapleleafweb. A non-partisan­                              Canadian political education web-site
world.html                                       Catalogue2008ERAC2008Catalogue.aspx                for teachers, students and the “atten-

GREG’S        TOP 10                                                                                                                             24
tive” public.                                     2. BC 150 Resources. More new and                       exciting ideas and lessons to help stu­     7. Law Courts Education travels BC.
8.Teachers Are Agents For Change.                 dents and teachers celebrate BC’s 150th     The Law Courts Education Society of
Plan to attend the BC Social Studies              Anniversary.                                BC will hold 6 regional law workshops
Teachers Fall Conference in Coquitlam               for teachers in early 2009. Kelowna,
on October 24/2008. Check out all the             3. Comfort Women- a play by                 Prince George, Surrey, Coquitlam,
great workshops and get a look at the             Chungmi Kim. Watch this Off-                Vancouver and Victoria. Contact
latest Social Studies                             Broadway hit based on a true story          Marylou Leung at
                                                                                              or call 604-660-9874 to attend.
                                                                                              8. Online Publishing for Social Studies
                                                                                              Teachers. Check out Judith Comfort’s
                                                                                              site on why, what and how to publish
                                                                                              as well as a portal to other great Social
                                                                                              Studies resources.
                                                                                              9. Women in World History. This
                                                                                              unique site is full of information and
                                                                                              resources to help you learn about wom­
                                                                                              en’s history in a global context.
                                                                                              10. The World Factbook. Straight from
                                                                                              the Central Intelligence Agency! This
                                                                                              CIA resource is one of the best sources
                                                                                              for up to date information on all the
                                                                                              countries of the world and it even has
                                                                                              lesson plans.

                                                                                              DECEMBER 2008

                                                                                              1. British Columbia Moments. Your
( Ross Todd, CLA Montreal 2009) “How to be Constructive with Web 2.0: Powering up Minds,      words could be engraved in stone on
not just Machines.” Karen Lindsay’s Blog-                the grounds of the Parliament Buildings
                                                                                              in Victoria forever! The Deadline is
resources .                                       about three women who survived the          December 12,2008. Just do it!                   shame of a terrible chapter in Asian
9.Teacher Professional Development                history. Special student performance­       2. Canada at a Glance. This tiny free
Sourcebook. This American Social                  Nov.21/08 in Coquitlam BC. Contact          publication is a must have for all social
Studies/History site may be the most              Kevin Sung           studies teachers and students. Use up to
complete interactive, on-line resource            for tickets. Sponsored by                   date facts when making sense of media
for K-12 educators anywhere!                                    headlines.­       4. Green Learning. Comprehensive,
egory_index.cfm?category=8                        fun and free lessons aligned to the BC      cgco_2008_000-eng.htm
10.The 11th hour of the 11th day of               curriculum and designed to help stu­        3. Coalition Governments in Canada.
the 11th month. Judith Comfort has                dents participate in their own learning     This may be the hottest topic in
just updated her site to assist teachers          regarding today’s complex energy and        social studies classrooms this month.
and students with new Remembrance                 environmental issues.                       Definition, history, types and a lot more
Day resources.                                          for educators at this hot site.                        5. History of Quebec. Get to know La­
                                                  Belle Province a little better. This site   tion-governments-canada
NOVEMBER 2008                                     has all the information plus great self     4. Fort Langley National Historic Site.
                                                  scoring tests and tutorials.                A great Canadian resource that should
1. Being Victorian. Welcome to Victoria            be on every BC teachers’ and students’
BC circa 1858-1914! Visit this great              6. History Wire. HW invites your per­       must visit list during BC’s 150th anni­
new site with an innovative format and            spectives, stories and opinions on the      versary.
written for Social Studies 10.                    relevance of history in understanding­         current events, the importance of his­      ley/index_E.asp
htm                                               tory education and much more.               5. Human Rights Day.
GREG’S TOP 10                                                                                                                                 25
December 10, 2008 is Human Rights                 Canadian history. Book a performance           tion? Then check this out!
Day. Passages to Canada has new                   today!                               
resources to help teachers celebrate this               aspx?ArticleID=20439
occasion in their classrooms. www.pas­            4. How Well Do You Know Your                   3. The Great Canadian Geography                                 World? Check out this fun way to find          Challenge. Register today for this
6. Macdonald and Laurier Days. A new              out how well you know world politi­            friendly competition for grades 4-10. A
interactive WEB site dedicated to tell­           cal geography. Be warned- it could be          great opportunity for your students and
ing us all about the accomplishments              addictive!                                     school to shine!
of two great Canadian nation builders.          4. Horizons. The second edition of
Great prizes too!                                 hwdykyworld/hwdykyworld.html                   Pearson’s much-used grade 10 Social                          5. Jack Pine. Social studies and opera?        Studies text is about to be published.
7. Phyllis Arnold Professional                    Yes it can be done! The Vancouver              Check it out and you may win a class
Development Award. An award to help               Opera will be touring BC schools this          set.
Canadian teachers participate in pro­             year educating and entertaining chil­
fessional development conferences or              dren about our forests.                        5. National Film Board. Happy
                                                    Birthday NFB! To mark its 70th birth­
courses in geography.                             php?option=com_content&task=view&id=177­                                                      day the NFB has an online Screening
opment/programs_phyllisArnold.asp                                                                Room giving instant access to over 700
                                                  6. Peace & Reconciliation Study Tour
8. Shafran Teachers’ Conference.                                                                 movies. Check it out!
                                                  to China & Korea. Join with other
Sponsored by the Vancouver Holocaust                                                   
                                                  social studies teachers for this memo­
Education Centre, this day will focus                                                            6. Okanagan History Vignettes. Stories,
                                                  rable summer journey of discovery and
on discussions around comparative                                                                pictures, maps, lessons and answer keys
genocide and literary approaches to the    all about one of BC’s most beautiful
Holocaust. Register today.                        htm                                            and historic valleys.                                                          ­
                                                  7. Pearsonpulse. A great new blog site
9. Transatlantic Outreach Program. The                                                           tory/cover.htm
                                                  created by Pearson Education Canada
purpose of this free teacher study tour                                                          7. Open School BC. Not just for cor­
                                                  for history and law teachers. A cool
to Germany is to provide Canadian                                                                respondence students any more. OS
                                                  place to exchange ideas!
social studies teachers with global                                                              provides exciting packaged courses for
understanding from an international                                                              many social studies courses and is avail­
                                                  8. Show What You Know-Media
perspective.                                                                                     able to teachers, schools, students and
                                                  Literacy Contest. Grade 3-12 students                                                  parents.
                                                  are invited to develop a multi media
                                                  project about poverty and sustainable
10. Youth Ambassadors of                                                                         8. Refugees. Do you know that 33 mil­
                                                  development. Great prizes!
Remembrance. Students are challenged                                                             lion people (the population of Canada)
to create a 3-5 minute video in honour                                                           are stateless refugees today? Check out
                                                  9. Spirit of Mandela Week. A challeng­
of Canadians who served or are serving                                                           this site for info. maps and project ideas
                                                  ing initiative for Canadian students to
the cause of peace and freedom. This                                                             including “Gimme Shelter”.
                                                  help raise money in order to change
Legion sponsored contest is open to all                                                
                                                  the lives of children in South Africa
grade 10-12 students in BC and the                                                               9. Teaching For Thinking. This BC
                                                  through a curriculum based program.
Yukon.                                                           company designs digital learning world                                                   history materials that challenge the
                                                  10. What in the World. A new social
youth-ambassadors/YAPosterContest.pdf                                                            imagination and stimulate higher order
                                                  studies resource designed to enhance
                                                  students’ understanding and interest           thinking skills.
                                                  in current events. A great resource for
 JANUARY 2009                                                                                    10. XA:YTEM. A 9,000-year-old
                                                  grades 3-5.
                                        ­    Aboriginal village site that contains
1. Better Classroom Guidebooks.                   world-le-monde-en-marche-level-1               “BC’s oldest house” at 6,000 years
Crossword puzzles linked to the BC                                                               old! Wow and just a short drive from
social studies curriculum and common              FEBRUARY 2009                                  Vancouver!
resources. A great way to learn!                                                                                      1. Blogs, Wikis and Podcasts. Meet Will
2, BC Youth Parliament. BCYP offers               Richardson the guru of how these new           MARCH 2009
students aged 14-18 an opportunity to             technologies are changing education.
be involved in the parliamentary system           Feb. 20th in Sannich.                          1. A new way to find social
in their own community.                                     studies lesson plans, articles, and multi                     2. The Colonel Douglas H. Gunter               media resources for all grade levels. This
3. Canadiana Musical Theatre. The                 History Award. Are you a senior high           is the way to find what you need in
CMT Company creates and performs                  school history student? Do you want            your classroom!
musicals drawn from pivotal points in             $1,000 to continue your history educa­

TOP 10                                                                                                                                      26
2. Canadian Olympic School Program.                in BC’s Okanagan Valley, WNC is an              eng/Home
Free downloadable lesson plans, interac­           international people-to-people organiza­        8. Provincial Capital Commission’s
tive components, contests and stories              tion that supports community initia­            Student Travel Subsidy Program.
about Olympians designed for students              tives to alleviate hunger, disease and          This school year the PCC spent over
between grades 2 and 12.                           poverty. Get involved today.                    $200,000 so more than 5,400 students                               could travel to Victoria. Check out the
3. Face To Face: The Canadian                                                                      activities and curriculum connections
Personalities Hall. FTF presents 27                APRIL         2009                              and plan to bring your class next year.
outstanding Canadian men and women                                                       
whose ideas and contributions have                 1. BC Public Education Election Kit             Subsidies.htm
transformed this country. Check out                2009. Great ideas for teachers plan­            9. Student Vote BC. SV aims to
these lessons, activities and games.               ning to hold an all candidates’ meeting         empower teachers to facilitate election   in their classroom and to give students         curriculum in their classrooms as well as
biography/biographi100e.shtml                      insights into public education decision-        to engage families in elections through
4. Governor General’s Award for                    making.                                         dialogue and activities with their chil­
Excellence in Teaching Canadian                         dren.
History. Canada’s National History                 2. BC’s 39th Provincial General       
Society is looking for Canada’s best               Election: May 12, 2009. Judith com­             10. United Nations Cyberschoolbus.
teachers of Canadian History and Social            fort has done it again with the creation        A great site aimed at all social studies
Studies.                                           of a new site to help BC teachers and           grade levels to help students learn more                  students understand the upcoming elec­          about international issues. Lessons,
asp?subsection=rul                                 tion. “This election is an opportunity to       games, classroom project ideas and
5. LIFE photo archive hosted by                    bring real life into the classroom”.            information-this site has it all.
Google. Wow! For the first time search   
millions of photographs from the LIFE              3. Canadian Social Forum. Join with
photo archive from 1750 to today. Lots             other educators and community lead­             M AY       2009
of Canadian content!                               ers for the first Canadian Social Forum               targeting Canadian poverty-both urban           1. BC Teachers’ Institute on
6. Making Space. A new free resource               and rural. Witness, experience and par­         Parliamentary Democracy. An intensive
available from the BC Ministry of                  ticipate in what can happen with people         professional development opportunity
Education to help teachers deal with               working together.                               for grade 4-12 social studies teachers.
social justice issues across the K-12 cur­                    Apply today!
riculum.                                           4. The Honorable Steven Point. BC’s   ­                                                       2. The Commons. “If people won’t
                                                   Lieutenant Governor has made a pledge
ery/ss.htm                                                                                         come to the museums, the museums
                                                   to visit as many schools as possible dur­
7. Our Roots, Our Future:                                                                          will go to the people”. Check out these
                                                   ing his term. Invite him to your school!
Experiencing Canada’s National                                                                     pictures from the archives of 24 muse­
Historic sites in the Classroom. These                                                             ums from around the world.
                                                   5. The Memory Project. The MP is
lessons help students understand how                                                     
                                                   designed to connect veterans and stu­
nationally significant places, people and                                                          ea7b4da468f5935f24b65f41dbfc356f
                                                   dents online and in classrooms across
events interacted to create the story of                                                           3. Elementary Education Resources-
                                                   Canada. Over 1,500 veterans are avail­
Canada.                                                                                            Social Studies-Geography. Another          able to visit classrooms and to share
                                                   their stories with youth.                       great super site with all kinds of lessons,
racines-roots/index_e.asp                                                                          games and ideas to help make geogra­
8. The Premiers. CPAC presents an        
                                                                                                   phy come alive in an elementary setting.
unprecedented new TV event start­                                                        
ing March 1/09 that focuses on the                 6. Meyer & Gita Kron & Ruth
                                                                                                   4. “The Good Nazi”. A new movie that
premiers and provinces that shaped                 Kron-Signal Award for Excellence in
                                                                                                   documents how John Rabe helped save
a nation. Check out BC’s W.A.C.                    Holocaust Education. Awarded annu­
                                                                                                   over 250,000 Chinese from death. This
Bennett on March 8/09 at 6pm PST.                  ally to a BC elementary or secondary
                                                                                                   is part of the “multiple perspectives”                                        teacher for commitment to teaching
                                                                                                   that is stressed in the BC curriculum.
9. The Summits of Canada. Join                     about the Holocaust and its lessons for
with schools and teachers from across              humankind. Apply today.                         film-review-john-rabe-1003939509.story
Canada and the world for this unique                     5. Kids’ Stop. A fun zone for students
look at Canada from the rare viewpoint             7. The Prime Minister’s Award for               and teachers to find lots of interest­
of a mountain expedition. Lessons                  Teaching Excellence. If you know of             ing facts about Aboriginal history and
included!                                          someone who should be recognized,               language, educational games and stories            please encourage applications. Benefits         and classroom resources.
expedition/expedition.html                         for teachers, schools and boards are “tre­
10. World Neighbours Canada. Based                 mendous”.                                       asp

TOP 10                                                                                                                                       27
6. Seal hunt in Canada. A great oppor­         5. Dignity For All. DFA is a new
tunity for a classroom debate. Have            campaign for a poverty-free Canada.                                     BIO
students check the internet for seal hunt      Schools, teachers and students can all be
“facts”. Then debate the pros and cons
and then maybe make your findings
                                               a part of this project to make Canada a
                                               better place for everyone.
                                                                                                                            reg Smith
                                                                                                                        is a teacher-
known. Start with a search engine like         http://www.dignit, placws and things                         librarian in
Google.                         6. The Importance of Geography in the                                    School District
7. Statistics Canada. Free lessons deal­       School Curriculum. This easy to read                                     #53. Along with
ing with Aboriginal studies, economics,        made in Canada pamphlet will answer                                      his monthly
Canadian Studies, civics, environment,         your questions about why a good geog­                                    contributions to
geography, history and law. A very             raphy education is a necessity for your                                  The Bookmark
active site!                                   students.                                                                and BC
                                                                                                                        Social Studies
edu05_000-eng.htm                              default.asp
                                                                                                   Teachers’ Association website, he
8. Teachers’ Institute on Canadian             7. Images Canada. IC provides access
                                                                                                   has produced several public and pri­
Parliamentary Democracy. Spend                 to thousands of images of Canadian
                                                                                                   vate sector educational resources.
this November in Ottawa with social            events, people, places and things that
studies teachers from across Canada.           make up our collective heritage.
                                                                                                   Comments and ideas-
Submission deadline extended. Apply  
                                                                                                   Contact Greg at 250-485-8295
today!                                         8. Media, Mass Culture and Historical                                               .
                                               Thinking. Plan to attend another great
TeachersInstitute/index.asp?Language=E                                                             Check out all the 100 Top 10 Picks
                                               BCSSTA Conference October 23rd,
9. Teachers Introduction to Cuba Tour.                                                             from last year at the BC Social
                                               2009 in Port Coquitlam, BC. http://
Win a free trip to Cuba August 1 to              Studies Teacher’s Association
8, 2009.Witness an education system            conf_2009_index.html                                website.
based on equality and optimism. Apply          9. Mineral Resources Education            
today!                    Programs of BC. These good folks need               and click on: links
10. Unicef. When students ask-what             your help to ensure they are meeting the
can I do to help the children of the           needs of teachers and students in their
world? Help them take action with              educational programs. Please take a few
Unicef.                                        moments to give them your feedback.      Contact Sheila Stenzel at
                                               10. National Day of Reconciliation.
 JUNE 2009                                     Mark June 11/2009 on your calendars
                                               to remember and discuss the first anni­
1. Canada’s Political History Newspaper        versary of the Government of Canada’s                   VIRTUAL BOOKMARK
Assignment. An educational and fun             apology for the attitudes and policies             BLOG THIS
end of the year activity for your stu­         that led to residential schools.         
dents. Check out many other great    
ideas at this site too. http://www.histo-                                                         PARTICPATE-LEARN-GROW!­        1
2. Canada Remembers. Remember
Canada is still at war. Check out this         Watch for GREG’s TOP 10 Each
site for classroom ideas you can use over      Issue of the Bookmark
the next few months.
remembers/sub.cfm?source=canrem                Comments and ideas-
3. Canadian Index of Wellbeing. Set            Contact Greg at 250-485-8295
to launch June 10, 2009, the CIW will .
look at our standard of living, health,        Check out all the 100 Top 10 Picks
community vitality, education, arts, cul­      from last year at the BC Social
ture, recreation and lots more.                Studies Teacher’s Association
4. Courses in Heritage Studies. Do you
want to improve your skills and knowl­         and click on: links
edge related to heritage studies? Check
out this site.

TOP 10                                                                                                                               28
  Savard’s -Stargazing
Amongst the Best:                            Arthur C. Clarke (2008) Michael
                                             Crichton (2008)
                                                                                       Crichton also died in 2008 his works,
                                                                                       including Jurassic Park, were often
                                             Thomas Disch (2008) David                 turned into popular movies.
Authors Worth Consideration                  Eddings (2009) Philip José Farmer
by Stew Savard                               (2009)                                    James Rigney Jr., writing as Robert
eLibrarian,                                  David Gemmell (2006) Gary Ernest          Jordan, passed away in 2007. Many
Comox Valley                                 Gygax (2008) David Feintuch (2006)        secondary libraries have whole shelves
                                             Robert Jordan - pen name for James        of his Fantasy novels. Readers returned
Libraries celebrate successful authors       Rigney Jr. (2007)       Stanislaw Lem     over and over to the tales of Rand, and
every day. How do libraries celebrate        (2006)                                    his companions, as they attempted
their success? Libraries celebrate the       Madeleine L’Engle (2007)         Andre    to complete their complex quest.
success of an author when they pur­          Norton (2005) Fred Saberhagen             Madeleine L’Engle, the well-loved writer
chase additional copies of a work or         (2007)                                    of young adult fiction, died in 2007.
new works by an author. New publi­           Kurt Vonnegut (2007)                      Meg Murry, her youthful protagonist
cations from these writers are eagerly                                                 in a Wrinkle in Time, became a model
awaited and promoted. Year-by-year,          In early June of 2009 David Eddings       for the smart, but sometime awkward,
and novel-by-novel, the parts of a col­      passed away. Memorable, amongst           female characters that now routinely
lection, based on their works, grow. A       his more than two dozen novels, were      appear across many genre. Lloyd
shelf full of books by the same author is    the stories of the youthful Garion who    Alexander also passed away in 2007.
a form of a library’s celebration of their   would grow to rule an empire and          Taran, one of his best-known charac­
success and influence.                       Sparhawk who would rescue a prin­         ters, wishes to be a great hero. While
                                             cess and save                                                          promoted
Sadly, over the last four years the voices   a kingdom.                                                             and given the
of some of the most successful and           Building on                                                            title Assistant
influential authors, within the Fantasy      the themes                                                             Pig-Keeper,
and Science Fiction genres, have been        found in many                                                          Taran longs
stilled. This leaves us with gaps to         historical fic­                                                        for more.
fill. Before this happens, it might be       tion Eddings’                                                          His adven­
appropriate to find the time this fall       works provided                                                         tures, written
to celebrate the contributions of these      a vehicle for                                                          for younger
authors and broaden the audience who         many youth­                                                            audiences,
have read their works.                       ful readers                                                            often provid­
                            to model                                                             ed a spring­
Writing largely                                themselves                                                           board to
within the Fantasy and Science Fiction       upon. Arthur                                                           other works
genres, the 18 authors identified below      C. Clarke                                                              of fantasy
published hundreds of works that             passed away in                                                         and historical
form core elements of many collec­           2008. One of                                                           fiction.
tions. Collectively, these authors sold      the ‘deans’ of
more than 100 million copies of their        Science Fiction                                                        British
works. Building on the shoulders of          (along with                                                            writer David
the authors who preceded them, these         Asimov and                                                             Gemmell
individuals set many of the stylistic        Heinlein), he                                                          died in 2006.
standards for the current generation of      was perhaps                                                            His fantasy
writers in these and other genre. They       best known                                                             novels, often
became the authors that others aspired       for his Space                                                          involving
to emulate. By any measure they              Odyssey                                                                quests which
achieved success.                            series, Clarke’s                                                       challenged
                                             writings also                                                          the honour
Lloyd Alexander (2007) David                 detailed the invention of geostationary   of his characters, routinely featured
Arneson (2009) Robert Lynn Asprin            communications satellites that allow      Druss the Legend. His work shaped the
(2008)                                       us the use of cable, cell phones and      characters and conflicts that can be seen
Octavia E. Butler (2006)                     some parts of GPS systems. Michael        in the works of many younger writers.
S AVA R D                                                                                                                      29
 S AVA R D ’ S S TA R G A Z I N G . . . .
Andre Norton, who passed away in             with works set outside of the United         - Stewart Savard
2005, started her career writing histori­    States and the United Kingdom. David

cal fiction before moving on to fantasy      Arneson and Gary Gygax created the
and science fiction. Many of her works       role playing Dungeons and Dragons                 tewart Savard
dealt with protagonists who must face        game, which has morphed into doz­                  is a teacher-librarian in the
coming-of-age challenges. Probably           ens of books in the Dragonlance and          Comox Valley. He maintains the
her best-known works were the Witch          other series by Margaret Weis and            Courtenay Middle School library
World series. Norton was so well             Tracy Hickman and into a slew of fan­        website and has a passion­
regarded by her peers, for her promo­        tasy computer games such as World of         ate interest in Science Fiction,
tion of strong, well-written novels for      Warcraft. Their passing, about a year        Fantasy and Historical Fiction.
young adults and her support                           apart, has been much com­          Stew has also been known to
of young writers, that they                            mented on in gaming and            enjoy road biking. He is, however,
created the Andre Norton                               writing circles as a profound      still trying to learn to: “Stay on the
prize (which is presented                              loss.                              bike. Stay ON the bike!” 1
yearly in conjunction with the                         These Fantasy and Science
Nebula Awards).                                        Fiction authors set the tone
                                                       for much that has followed
Several of these authors                               by newer authors. They were
identified above may not                               amongst the best writers of our        VIRTUAL BOOKMARK
be well known to all read­                             time. We will and should miss
ers. Stanislaw Lem with                                them and should find ways to      BLOG THIS
some 30 million copies in 40                           celebrate their successes and
languages was an influential                           the success of the writers they   PARTICPATE-LEARN-GROW!
author across much of Europe                           have inspired.

Advocacy Tips for Your Library Program

 by Karen Lindsay                                                                         your school. Plan events that promote
 Here are a few ways to raise your profile                                                the love and importance of reading for
 in your school and district while keep­                                                  your students. Pilot daily silent read­
 ing up your morale:                                                                      ing if your school is not already doing
 1.Focus on providing service                                                             so.
    a. to students, (obvs!)                                                               5. Attend at least a few PAC meetings
    b. to colleagues (How about getting a                                                 per year, and not just when they’re
 holiday reading list together? Or mak­                                                   handing out money. Show them how
 ing a webpage for each subject area,                                                     to access the database bundle from
 showing links to recommended web-                                                        home, or demonstrate Inspiration or
 sites. Collaborate with teachers in its                                                  the online catalogue. When they give
 creation. Or use de.lic.ious social book                                                 you money, show up with the books
 marking to keep track of them.) and                                                      you bought with the funds and a big
     c. to your administrators (They have                                                 thank you. They’ll be amazed at how
 research needs, too. Make sure they                                                      few books their donation purchased
 have an account on EBSCOhost and                                                         and may be motivated to give you a
 show them how to subscribe to alerts                                                     bigger piece of the pie next time.
 for their favourite journals.)                                                           6. Keep your credentials and skills cur­
 2. Make sure that someone other than                                                     rent. Make sure your personnel file is
 you knows the specifics of how and                                                       up to date.
 what you contribute to your school                                                       7. Build your LSA and if you haven’t
 community. When you do something                                                         already done so, join the BCTLA.
 special, notify your principal, PAC,        meetings, but do not waste their time.
 Superintendent and/or Trustees. When        Have something useful to say, or dem­
 you look good, the school looks good        onstrate that will help them deliver
 and they look good.                         their PLOs.
 3. Be on the agenda for all or most staff   4. Join or form a literacy committee at

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Education funding falls short                  outlining the intolerable teaching and           blogs howto tutorial technology socialme­
The analysis of the Ministry of                learning conditions in their districts and       dia twitter microblogging
Education budget 2009 reveals that             have proposed solutions to improve stu­
funding is not sufficient to cover costs.      dent learning....                      
Funding is projected to decline signifi­
cantly over the next three years. ....                                                          watch?v=ddO9idmax0o

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                                                 BCTLA President and Val Hamilton
                                                 -Spring Council Burnaby 2009,

THE BOOKMARK VOL 49 ISSUE IV                                                                                                         31
 Share Your Successes treasures
       Unlocking members’
As part of our                                                                      press releases you      and that have the potential of enabling
association’s goal to                                                               can use to plan your    the BCTLA to meet our goals”. The
                                                                                    month.                  BCTLA is pleased to present our new
support members, we are
                                                                                                            Chapter Grant Program and informa­
calling for your contributions-                                                                                           tion and application
whether events, project suc­                                                        Don’t forget, we
                                                                                    will collect all your                 form! An editable ver­
cesses or lessons and units, we                                                                                           sion is also available.
                                                                                    participation num-
would like to share your news                                                       bers and narratives!                  We hope that eligible
with our readers.                                                                   Visit Facebook or                     BCTLA Chapters will
                                                                                    the DEAR blog.                        take advantage of this                                                        new grant program by                                                                                        proposing and requesting
                                                              NEW BCTLA CHAPTER                             funding for new initiatives and profes­
Tell us what you would like to read...                        GRANT PROGRAM                                 sional development opportunities that
Email us what topics you would like to                                                                      will benefit BCTLA Chapter members
read about.                                                   At the BCTLA AGM on April 18,                 and BC teacher-librarians as a whole.                                    2009, a motion was carried to the             The BCTLA Executive looks forward to
                                                              effect, “That as of May 1, 2009, a            receiving completed application pack­
                                                              Chapter Grant fund of no less than            ages from our Chapters!
DEAR 2009
‘Drop Everything and Read’ Day                                $4000 each year be created and made
                                                              available through an application pro­         Quick Picks>Chapter Grant>
is Monday,October 26th. It is also
                                                              cess to BCTLA Chapters for teacher- 
National School Library Day. It is
the first monday after our BCTLA                              librarian initiatives and professional
Conference in Richmond...                                     development that have the potential
Watch for the 2009 colour poster and                          of positive impacts at the district level


                                                                                                            Used with permission.

     S U B S C R I B E :

THE BOOKMARK SUMMER 2009                                                                                                                          32
    Library Tools                 AN EVOLUTION OF LIBRARY DISPLAYS

                                           An Old Approach Feels New                   stacks or any wall space. You can repeat
Promoting Reading                                                                      the same process for smaller 5x7 signs
with Tools-Old and                         I’ve changed my approach recently           for desks and counter space.
New                                        in that I now believe the process a
                                                                                       Simple Displays
By Al Smith                                patron undergoes to find a book,
                                           whether research or recreation, is
PERHAPS A FORGOTTEN                        more multi-dimensional than the             The grand display or bulletin board
A S S E T T O P R O M O T­                 past. The initial reason is that stu­       obviously has a unique purpose and
ING READING IS ALL                         dents (and teachers) now have so            valuable impact; however, the small
AROUND YOU. YOUR                           many digital tools at their                                     surprise display
L I B R A R Y S PA C E A N D               finger tips; however, I also                                    works well too.
E N V I R O N M E N T.                     think that there are two                                        I’ve started tag­
                                           other powerful variables in                                     ging books by
                                           play. Smith Theory:                                             inserting a paper
When teacher-librarians think of                                                                           bookmark slipped
                                           1. Students seem starved
‘new’ book displays they likely            for more social interaction                                     in the books. A
conjure up visions of Amazon.              with peers and adults                                           Just-Read slip has a
com, Shelfari, and other web               2. The brain needs ana­                                         patron and a brief
2.0 models. Despite immersing              log modalities to create                                        rating or comment.
myself in new media and web 2.0            new ideas and synthesize
                                           information.                                                 I’ve added more
because of the power to share,                                                                          front cover displays
                                           I believe we miss out
I am in fact shifting my modus             when we sacrifice analog                                     and targeted and
operandi to the traditional dis­           devices for just digital                                     varied showcase
play- analog rocks! After read­            tools. Nevertheless, the                                     titles and themes.
ing Garr Reynolds’, Presentation           suite of new digital tools                                   Most librarians
Zen, I started rethinking some             is easier and more power­ ( Bryan Adams )                 have used thematic
                                           ful than ever. To ignore                                  displays to promote
of the old faithful tools. I have                                               resources and learning opportunities. I
                                           them is a peril as well.
been revisiting the craft I learned                                             have had some interesting success when
teaching elementary school.          Picture Frames                             adding more random and varied dis­

   “...    despite web 2.0 tools, varied book displays and frequent
                                                                                             Example: I pulled a cof­
                                                                                             fee table book during
       ‘book talking’ are still essential communication tools...”                            our annual Cancer Week
                                                                                             fundraiser. Bryan Adams
                                                                                             photography book was a
Tactile and visual chart paper,                                                 Breast Cancer research project. I placed
tripods, acrylic holders, furniture, Picture frames are an attractive and
                                     efficient way to display promotional       it along a shelf behind my desk. I had
hemp baskets, bookcases, sticky      material. Whether new posters, self        more amazing conversations with kids
notes, chalkboards, etc. all have    made promotions, or even photogra­         because they were invited to browse
an attraction to                                      phy, frames draw the      with an attached signage. The photo of
particular stu­                                       attention of patrons.     a bald woman obviously was part of the
                                                      One simple way is to      initial attraction. It created a chance to
dents.                                                                          talk meaningfully with teens about can­
                                                      create a letter size sign
                                                      of book covers with       cer, photography, rock and roll music.
My creative instinct                                                            A display out front and center seldom
has led me to embrace                                 quotes or statements.
                                                      Print the sign on Inkjet  gets my teenage students talking or
‘hi-touch’ has gener­                                                           even looking. The best interaction has
ating some benefits                                   photo paper and hang
                                                      with a matt board and     been born of the smaller discreet dis­
for students but also                                                           play, especially those close to my desk.
nurtured my librar­                                   glassed frame. (Opus,
                                                      Michaels, etc. have sizes I invite kids to flip through the large
ians soul.                                                                      coffee table books by having them out
                                     and options.) Display them on ends of
S M I T H - L I B R A R Y D I S P L AY S                                                                                   33
on the tables and counters. Although             as much as the reading itself. Case in         world. A day filled with a series of
I may risk some damage to expensive              point? Literature Circles. I believe this      spontaneous unstructured librarian-
books, most patrons I’ve surveyed find           strategy works because it sets up and          student conversations is a good day.
the visual clues valuable. Maybe the             values the social and conversational
media is the message? Buy some coffee            nature good literature can engender.           OPAC
table books.
                                                 Margaret Ruurs wrote in the last               Your school catalogue is an obvious
                                                 Bookmark about ‘Teachers As Readers’­          but often underutilized tool for your
                                                 TAR.                                                              library program.
                                                                                                                   Sometimes a cata­
                                                 “...All participants who are                                      logue system can be a
                                                 teachers agree that the book                                      challenge for library
                                                 group helps them to know                                          patrons. Using the
                                                 what their students are read­                                     OPAC is a good
                                                 ing and gives them a better                                       platform to teach
                                                 grasp of which books to use                                       K-12 search skills
                                                 and recommend….All of                                             and online reading,
                                                 the TAR group participants                                        including how web
                                                 I talked to agreed that the                                       interfaces vary. I edit
                                                 experience has enriched their                                     my station defaults
                                                 lives as readers by making                                        to always show
                                                 them read books they would                                        advanced boolean
                                                 not otherwise have selected                                       fields. The inter­
                                                 and through the rich discus­                                      face provides a daily
Book Shelf Signage                               sions that follow....”                                            teachable moment
                                                 (Bookmark Vol 49 Issue III p.35 )                                 for rehearsing nar­
I have not finished some areas because                                                                             rowing and broaden­
of time and money but...shelf sign hold­            * International Reading Association         ing terms. Use your OPAC to ‘boolify’
ers and some subject headings signage            Teachers as Readers: Perspectives              students but also use the lookup sta­
helps. You still need to teach classifica­       on the Importance of Reading in                tion as a niche for books displays and
tion systems but some clues benefit the          Teachers’ Classrooms and Lives, IA             other objects. I often place small acryl­
browsing shy patron. Also place more             book, Michelle Commeyras, Betty                ic signs near the OPAC to promote
book covers within your shelving. After          ShockleyBisplinghoff, and Jennifer             contests or events.
a serious weeding, I started placing             Olson, editors, 2003,
more books up on stands and vertical             see:            A relatively new addition to the catalog
facing the aisles. My logic was if it is         Reprinted from Reading Today, IRA              environment is the ability to link or
good for Chapters it must be good for            February/March 2006 with permission            integrate other web
us too. Our circulation evidence proves          from the author, Margriet Ruurs. see           based services. One
it. Anecdotal and cir­                                        Bookmkark Winter 2009.            way is to create URL’s
culation data show that                                                                         of your catalogue
visible books, especially                                        I believe the informal con­    queries and use the
non-fiction, get borrowed                                        versations with students       links in emails, blog
more frequently than                                             are a force for learning.      posts, and other bul­
items tightly shelved in                                         Varied displays increase the   letins- even Twitter
the stacks.                                                      opportunity to talk to one     updates.
                                                                 another and can make the­
                                                                 library space a stimulating    eowl/status/2299202937
Adults As Readers
                                                                 environment. Anything in       Another power­
                                                                 your library that generates    ful service feature
Modeling reading is per­
                                                                 conversation is not bric-a­    that some catalogu­
haps the most important
                                                                 brac but rather a powerful     ing software has is
criteria for encouraging      (
                                                               library tool. I used to always   ‘syndetics-the ability
children to read. Research
                                                   read books with my players during my         to embed book cov­
shows that boys, whose father was fre­
                                                   coaching years. While riding a bus on a      ers and other bib­
quently seen reading, eventually read
                                                   road trip, I always had a book front and     liographic informa­
more themselves as adults.
                                                   centre. While sitting around in gym          tion into your local
                                                   bleachers waiting for games, I always        OPAC queries. My
A lively discussion can develop around
                                                   read a book- Always! I now bring the         Mandarin system( sadly old) can auto­
the book we have all recently read. The
                                                   same logic to my teacher-librarian           matically display links to Amazon titles
discussion around the content is valued

S M I T H - L I B R A R Y D I S P L AY                                                                                             34
of individual search results. My favou­            of potential for sharing and informing       Alerts to promote using Novelist Plus
rite is the option to get Ebsco’s Novelist         your library patrons.                        Database. You create a specific query
to provide a reference to my biblio­                                                            and subscribe to the query RSS feed.
graphic records. The ability to research           Web 2.0                                      The messages can be a Blogger gadget
books and quickly see if the title is in a                                                      or a web page asset. I use the URL
collection is very nice.                           Whether book cover images, video                   alerts for emails to faculty booked
                                                   content or user generated writing, web             into the library. Example. History
Another serendipitous benefit of having            2.0 has it all.                                    teacher gets an email link focused
a variety of displays around your sta­                                                                on Ebsco alerts of the upcoming
tions is just fun. For a couple months a           If you have licensing or permission                unit. It also works well for other
year, I put out a scrabble board for open          for images( Amazon, Novelist, etc.)          Ebsco databases such as author study,
community play. No signs, no specific              then why not make a slideshow of new         sciences, etc.
rules, just a public challenge to add to           book covers? Try out Picasa or Flickr        The link below will request you sub­
the board. I do the same with chess                to assemble a web album from your            scribe to Ebsco query Passchendaele.
sets. The boys really seem to like it and          computer files. Link or convert your
if nothing else it is an ice-breaker.              slideshow for your blog, web page or         AlertSyndicationService/Syndication.asmx/
                                                   .doc handout or pdf. One nice feature        GetFeed?guid=1838083
Library Web Sites                                  for Picasa I’ve used is I created a Picasa
                                                   Screensaver from book covers and then
An obvious asset to school libraries               I activate it all day long                   Other web 2.0 resources harness tech-
is their online platform. Regardless               on my flatscreen so                                                 nologies that have
of what software or ISP you have,                  when I am idle patrons                                              potential for a
teacher-librarians have powerful tools             see an animated show                                                teacher-librarian
to engage readers and promote read­                of book covers that are                                             wishing to expand
ing resources. Email alerts, RSS feeds,            in our collection.                           service points online.
Wish Lists, banners, links, widgets and
other cloud computing options are free             Use Google Docs to share files and           Use Delicious tags and bundles to deliv­
ways to share book related content.                presentations of books, authors or new       er content to students with one specific
Amazon has a service called Amazon                 arrivals, etc.                               URL. You can create your own tags(
Associates. Their intent is to grow the                                                         subject headings) and bundles ( groups
store experience but the same power                Use your private network or favourite        ) so that a grade, curriculum or class can
can be exploited for free. At no charge            blogger to have a literature circle class    be targeted with a list of pre-selected
and some technical inquiry, librarians             share viewpoints, writing tasks, etc. Just   web addresses.
can provide value added information                plan your implementation and skill  is your own per­
to their online library. Implementing              requirements in advance.                     sonal catalogue platform with many
Listmania or embedding search boxes                                                             add-ons and network of fellow readers.
can help engage more patrons. If you               The web 2.0 world has offered us all         You can query titles from Amazon or
cannot manage the technical side, then             the new technology RSS newsfeeds.            UBC Library. Collect, Sort, Comment,
                                                                                                Goodreads and Shelfari follow similar
                                                                                                functions. The power of these services
try to find an ally or associate that can          Librarians can now automate the pub­         is that any user can aggregrate content
help implement your vision.                        lishing of book news, messages,     and implement the data as they need
Amazon Wishlist:                                   using RSS tools.                             it. Example. Doing a Unit Next Week-                                                Romantic Poetry? Query and tag items
e=UTF8&type=wishlist&id=A77P7XMAYQUQ               In Blogger you navigate the Layout           of interest and then create links to your
                                                   Window to add Gadgets that pro-              tag.
User friendly blog­                                         vide extra utilities such as
ging tools now                                              Blog Rolls, Search Boxes or
make a powerful                                             Aggregated Posts from other
communication                                               blogs.
platform avail-                                             Example. The BCTLA web              Writeboard is a service where users
able to the average                                         site now has President              can write, share, revise, compare
librarian. The                                              Heather Daly’s blog posts           web based documents. Writeboard
scope can be as                                             scrolling in without the web­       is perfect for...
simple as posted news or complex with              master manually entering anything.           -Authors, journalists, PR folks, edi­
threaded group discussion activities and                                                        tors, and publishers
even online book clubs. The scope is               Try it now>>>          -Bloggers or freelance/independent
almost infinite. The addition of RSS                                                            writers
and Social Networking has added layers             My current favourite is using Ebsco           -Letter writers, songwriters, poets,

S M I T H - L I B R A R Y D I S P L AY S                                                                                                 35
comedians, creatives                           Lastly an attractive tool is streaming 

 -Students, professors, and groups             video. The ability to easily integrate 
      Moore, Julianne. “Freckleface
collaborating on a paper                       clips from YouTube or GoogleAuthors, 
        Strawberry.” (01 Jan. 2007): 32.                         etc...provides potential to share insight 
   Novelist Plus. EBSCO. [Library
                                               in reviews, author biographies, etc.
         name], [City], [State abbreviation]. 23
Slideshare is a popular presentation           Example. Like her freckles, Julianne 
        June 2009 <
service that allows sharing of pow­            Moore’s second book, Freckle Face 
erpoint files and other common files.          Strawberry has literary and personal 
Similar to the functionality of Google         hooks everywhere. A small display could 

Docs.                                          match up with a storytime or book talk. 
     ‘Katie Davis’. May 23                     “... Actress Moore’s exuberant heroine 
      2009. Online. June 21, 2009.<URL>
                                               with strawberry-red freckles and hair 

Odiogo is a service that digitizes             is back in this second outing. A bright 

your blog post into an audio file. The         palette and a classic cartoon feel should 

directory of posts include links and           prove eye-catching, as Freckleface navi­
downloadable mp3. You can even                                        gates the world of 

have the audio versions subscribed                                    playground activi­
via iTunes podcast.                                                   ties: ...”­   (Novelist Plus)

mark/podcasts-html.php                         Read More at Novelist.:
With iTunes the scope of possibilities is      Persistant Link
endless. iTunes-U is an academic vault
for seniors or college( too american)
but the free podcast library at iTunes is              Another library resource is
huge. CBC channel is terrific for books                television or webTV. There
or current news promo.                                 are often short segments on
                    While you are inves­       authors and books that can be used. If
                    tigating CBC try           you have a PVR even better....Example:
                    out YouTube chan­          WTNH- interview with Katie Davis
                    nels. ‘The Hour’ has       ‘Books
                    many contemporary
                    authors, scientists,
                       etc...Better yet,
                       get your kids to                   Dad’s and Kids Can Enjoy
                       create their own                   Together’. Ms. Davis is the
author podcasts. In 2009, I’m going to         award-winning author/illustrator of
try ‘Hamlet Radio 1079’ ....the podcasts       seven picture books, including Who
don’t need to be stored on a public serv­      Hops and Kindergarten Rocks!
er. Access from behind a private group         Read More about author Katie Davis
or school LAN.                                 at Novelist: Persistant Link

                                                                 Be Creative and Have
                                                                 fun but be aware about
                                                                 copyright and reprinting
                                                                 anything online! So pol­
                                                                 ish up those traditional
                                                                 ‘hi-touch’ displays play
                                                                 with a new web 2.0
                                                                 device in order to build

                                                                                                  BLOG THIS ISSUE
                                                                                              VIRTUAL BOOKMARK

                                                              a stimulating library           Blog this edition:
                                                              environment that pro­  is a simple way to                             motes reading.                  PARTICPATE-LEARN-GROW!
post news or get others to share- such as      -Al Smith. Kelowna
planning an event or discussing a novel.     __________________
S M I T H - L I B R A R Y D I S P L AY S                                                                                          36
Reviews           BC BOOKS
                                                                                    from       OurReview
Staff:                                    Red Cedar & Stellar Book Awards
COORDINATOR:                              Vancouver - Thousands of children in Grades 4 – 12 across the
Pat Parker
716 Schreiner Street
                                          province are cracking spines and flipping pages as part of BC’s Red
Kamloops, BC V2B 5V3                                     Cedar and Stellar Book Award free 5-month “read­
Phone: 250-376-0069                                      a-thons.”
                                                          The Young Readers’ Choice Awards Society
EDITOR:                                                   founded Red Cedar, for students in Grades 4 – 7,
Carolyn Cutt                                              and Stellar, for students in Grades 8-12, to pro­
1368 West 57th Avenue                                     mote quality Canadian children’s literature and to
Vancouver, BC                             increase literacy among youth. The Red Cedar Awards and Stellar
V6P 1S8                                   Award are all administered by the Young Readers’ Choice Awards
Phone: 604-266-2225                       Society.

                                          Nominees are announced during Canadian Children’s Book Week                       in November.

BCTLA REVIEWS NOT AVAILABLE                             Between November and April, participants are invit­
THIS ISSUE...CHECK OUT THE                              ed to read and review at least five of the nominated
GOLDEN LIST IN OUR 50TH                                 books from each category. Students then vote for
ANNIVERSARY EDITION.                                    their favourite titles in April. Red Cedar and Stellar
                                                        Award winners are announced in May at regional Red
         BLOG BOOKS                                     Cedar galas around the province with readers and
BLOG REVIEWS AT:                                        authors in attendance.            For titles and authors, student reviews, and teacher’s resources visit
                                 or http://   1

Once again,
BCTLA REVIEWS is asking for review­
ers. If you are interested in reviewing
materials visit the BCTLA website to
download the form:        CASL/SLIC

                                          CASL welcomes Dr. Toni Samek and Dr. Dianne Oberg from 

                                          the University of Alberta as guest editors for this new edition 

                                          of SLIC Online. Volume 26 Issue 2

                                          Also well worth the price...

                                          Achieving Information Literacy. 


BCTLA BOOK REVIEWS                                                                                                7
                                                                                                                 34 7
        Name                           Email                                            Topics
Rick Mulholland                     1. “You have been sent to the
                                                        Principal’s Office – now what”?
                                                        2. Planning book events – NSLD
                                                        3. Bringing your library program alive with themes
                                                        4. How can the school library program
                                                        support my teaching?
Diane                          Graphic novels in the classroom
Lesley Edwards               1. Web essentials
                                                        2. Using technology in research
                                                        3. Avoiding plagiarism
                                                        4. Breathing life into time-worn assignments
                                                        5. Web in the Classroom (book)
                                                        6. Meaning in Data (book)
Lynn Turner              1. You and your teacher-librarian – A dynamic duo
                                                        2. Avoiding plagiarism
                                                        3. Evaluating websites
                                                        4. Importance of the school library
Karin Paul                      1. Censorship
                                                        2. Freedom to read
                                                        3. Battle of the Books
John Caldwell         519-4784                          Multiple areas. He has gone to several districts as a consultant and he
                                                        teaches at UVic (Summer Library Institute)
Joan Saunders          Book clubs with your library support
(Secondary English
Aaron Mueller         Moira Ekdahl or Pat Parungao      Various Media Literacy topics
North Vancouver TLs   North Vancouver School District   Web in the Classroom (book)
Mary Whyte            SD71 (Comox Valley)               1. Non-fiction reads providing more for a variety of readers
                                                        2. Involving students in your library program (secondary)
                                                        3. Integrating critical challenges into research projects
                                                        4. Graphic novels – not a genre: How to appeal to a broad range of
                                                        students – (secondary)
Mary Whyte                                              Blogs and wikis
and Val Hamilton
Karen Lindsay                 Developing an advocacy plan
Phyllis Schnider                  Newly Broken Spines
                                                        (New books to share)
Moira Ekdahl and                                        Just Copy, Cut and Paste (Plagiarism)
Jo-Anne Naslund
Al Smith                 1. Using Web 2.0 to develop a school library program
                                                        2. Building advocacy into your daily library program activties
Marlene Asselin and                                     Supporting Literacy for the Information Generation
Keith McPherson

THE BOOKMARK - SUMMER 2009                                                                                                    38
Working and Learning             BY AMANDA                                 HUFTON

                     27th Annual Survey of
            Public School Libraries in British Columbia

                   A supplement print edition of the Bookmark
             is the Report of the Working and Learning Survey findings
                                 BCTLA Download

               Watch for the 2009 Survey Bulletins
                                              Check Twitter

                                    Check Web Site News

                         Subscribe to In-Circulation Posts


THE BOOKMARK - SUMMER 2009                                                                        39
                                                                                                                           FACULTY of

                                                     Gary Hayes & Laurel Papworth 2008, Creative Commons
                                                                                                                         Offered by the
The Use and Benefits of                                                                                         Digital Literacy Centre

Social Media in the Classroom
Summer Workshops July 20-24, 2009
                                                                                                            Seats in each workshop are
The Digital Literacy Centre in the Department of Language and Literacy Education,
UBC Faculty of Education, is offering 4 exciting summer workshops exploring                                 limited to 20 participants...
the value of social media software use for teachers and students.                                              Apply earlier to ensure
The workshops offer discussion of a number of examples and guide participants in                                 your registration!
hands-on sessions to understand the possibilities of using collaborative software
in the classroom. The classes are 5 hours each, including a one hour lunch
The Workshops                                                                                              The registration form is available on the
                                                                                                           website (posted below), or request one
Monday, July 20      Collaborative Writing Tools... Wikis, WebLogs, etc.                                   from:
                     with Kedrick James & Natasha Boskic                                                     •
                                                                                                             •	 tel. 604-822-2013
Tuesday, July 21     Collaborative Discussion Tools... Social Networking, Groups, Bookmarks
                     with Maryam Moayeri                                                                   Cost:
                                                                                                            •	 $100 per workshop

Thursday, July 23 Collaborative Creation Tools... Google Sites, Youtube, Flickr, etc.                          ($85 for graduate students), or

                  with Kedrick James & Natasha Boskic                                                       •	 $320 for all 4 days

Friday, July 24      Collaborative Research Tools... Wikipedia, Delicious, etc.                              Refreshments will be provided during breaks,
                     with Jeff Miller & Scott McMillan                                                       but please bring your own lunch.

                                                                                                           Time: 10:00am - 3:00pm
                                                                                                           Location: 2071 West Mall - Ponderosa
The Instructors                                                                                            F103, UBC Campus
Natasha Boskic
 Educational Technology Manager, External Programs & Learning Technologies & Course Designer
Kedrick James
 UBC instructor and new media artisan
                                                                                                           Additional Info
Jeff Miller                                                                                                Additional information can be found
 Manager, Distance Learning for the Office of Learning Technology & MET Instuctor                          on the website, or by contacting:
Scott McMillan                                                                                             Dr. Michael Boyce
 Backend Web Application Developer for the Office of Learning Technology                                   for Program Information
Maryam Moayeri                                                                                             604-822-5368
 Teacher and a PhD student at the University of British Columbia                                 
                                                             Visit the website for instructor bio’s...

                   Faculty of Education | Department of Language & Literacy Education | EPLT
Richmond 2009


                                                                                                   • 	 October 22-23, 2009
The “Imagination” theme will

be explored with Phyllis Simon                                                                     • 	 Keynote: ROCH CARRIER
of Vancouver Kidsbooks. Also                                                                             A national treasure and a
Puppetry and an Elizabethan Feast
                                                                                                         champion of Canadian culture.
are among the flights of fancy you’ll
                                                                                                   •	 Keynote: Olympic athlete
enjoy along with the imaginings of

fantasy author David Ward.
                                                                                                   •	 Wine and Cheese at the
                                                                                                         Olympic Oval

Your brain will be bursting with                                                                   •	 Conference Web Site
“Information” about Canada
                                                                                                         Information and Registration
because Red Cedar author Vivien

Bowers will present, and more...”.

                                        Welcome to the BCTLA Fall 2009 Conference!

Raymond Jung will present the lat-
                                        October 22nd and 23rd of 2009 in the Olympic Venue City of Richmond BC

est “Innovations” in webpages and
                                        We’re proud to present our keynote speaker; none         at 5:30 PM at the Legacy Suite of the Richmond Olympic
podcasting. and more....
                                        other than Roch Carrier; a national treasure and a       Oval. Come enjoy a glass of wine or a soft drink and nib-

                                        champion of Canadian culture. As a Canadian writer,      ble on cheese, crackers, vegetables and fruits while gazing
Register soon ....                      he touched our hearts with books like La Guerre, Yes     down onto the magnificent ice arena below you.
BCTLA annual
Conference,                             Sir! He was a director of the Canadian Council for       There will be two forty minute tours of the building offered
October 22-23, 2009                     the Arts from 1994 to 1997 and served as National        throughout the evening. The first tour starts at 7:25 PM
Richmond, B.C.        Librarian of Canada from 1997 to 2004. Carrier is an     and the second will start at 8:10 PM. The Olympic mascots

                                        ardent supporter of libraries and children’s literacy.   appear during these tours.

                                        The Thursday night wine and cheese will be at the        The main conference is being hosted by Richmond

                                        Legacy Suite of the spectacular Richmond Olympic         Secondary School, located at 7171 Minoru Blvd.,

                                        Oval. Come and catch the Olympic excitement! Take        Richmond BC, V6Y1Z3 There’ll be exciting workshops,

                                        a tour of this inspiring and innovative building and     inspiring speakers and great literacy displays from a variety

                                        meet the Olympic Mascots! The BC Teacher-librarians’     of vendors. See you there!

                                        Association invites you to a Social Evening, beginning

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