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   03 December 2008



Berkshire Sport Board recruitment
 The recruitment process is underway for new board members to assist in steering the strategic
   direction Berkshire Sport into the future. It is envisaged that the board members will have a wide
   range of skills and will have high levels of influence with people in positions of authority across the
   county and beyond. For more information visit: www.berkshiresport.com

NGB work Update                                                  paul.ohare@reading.gov.uk
 Updates on the NGB engagement process now published. The individual sport updates can be
  downloaded from CLICKING HERE
 We have also published on here a breakdown of how many people from each sport have attended
  which of our courses (e.g. SPC / club for all etc.)
 New Table Tennis Development Officer in post (covering the region) and we have highlighted some
  common areas of work until March 09. Officer is hot desking in Berkshire Sport offices.
 New athletics development officer in post to cover Berkshire and Oxfordshire

Standards                                                         paul.ohare@reading.gov.uk
 Berkshire Sport has put on hold working towards the Intermediate level of the Equity Standards. This
   will be reviewed in the New Year.
 We are currently working towards the advanced level of the safeguarding standards. We have the
   portfolio pulled together, however we are just waiting on the Safeguarding Policy to be approved by
   the board after a period of consultation with board members, support team, LADOs and LSCBs. Once
   this is done the portfolio is ready for submission.

Safeguarding                                                         paul.ohare@reading.gov.uk
 Produced a new safeguarding policy, a “full” version and a “summary” version. These have been
   consulted on with LSCBs and LADOs across Berkshire and have gone to the Berkshire Sport board
   for approval.
 Berkshire Sport is also looking to pull together a Club Welfare Officer Support package. It has been
   identified that Club Welfare Officers need more support at a local level and need more knowledge of
   safeguarding contacts and networks at a local level. NGBs who highlighted club welfare officer
   support in our NGB engagement spreadsheet have been contacted in the first instance; this
   combined with the application of the CPSU Skills, and knowledge document have provided a valuable
   starting point. If you would like your sport to be involved in this club welfare officer support package
   please contact us.
 Have also met with and had discussions with Local Authority Designated Officers (LADOs). These
   are the people that safeguarding issues within a locality should be being referred to. Your sports
   should be linking in with the appropriate LADO(s). Attached is the document with each of the LADO
   contact details for the South East Region.

   Berkshire Sport has also given presentations on Safeguarding in Sport at the Reading, Wokingham
    and West Berks LSCB Conferences receiving some good feedback and future contacts.

Return to Sport                                                   paul.ohare@reading.gov.uk
 Berkshire Sport has obtained some funding specifically to run a return to sport project.
 The purpose of the return to sport project is: “To win back our lapsed sport participant customers and
   retain those who would be considered at risk”.
   Those national governing bodies that highlighted Return to Sport in the original engagement process
    were invited to submit project proposals in the first instance. This was then opened up to local
    authority partners.
   We have agreed funding to the following: Berkshire County Badminton, Berks & Bucks FA, Berkshire
    Rugby, Slough Community Leisure (for a tennis activity) and ASA South East.
   Each of the project leads will be delivering through a variety of methods and networks such as clubs,
    facility providers etc.
   Activity is due to start in Slough in November 2008 and all other activity is due to commence in
    January 2009 and will run until March 2009.

Disability                                                        l.davies@reading.gov.uk
 A new multi-sport disability club has been set up for young people from mainstream and special
   schools. The club is also working towards Clubmark through the CSP.
 A Disability calendar of events for disability has been produced – see attached. This will better enable
   partners to link in.

   There will be 10 special schools festivals this year and 4 SEN competitions.
   Working in partnership with the competition team, a competition pack has been produced for PDMs
    and SSCOs when working in competitions for people with disabilities.
   200 adults and 120 young people were involved in 4 of the Paralympics flag handover ceremonies.
   Berkshire Sport held the first of two Introductions to Sport Days for Disabled People at Woodford Park
    Leisure Centre in Woodley on the 20th October 2008. The purpose of the event was to introduce sport
    to disabled people that may not have previously had the opportunity to participate. The sports being
    offered to the participants to try were Football, Basketball, Athletics, Sailing, Rowing, Dance, Golf,
    Sitting Volleyball, and Gymnastics.
   Water sports days have also been run for young people from Berkshire special schools.
   A County Football squad will continue to be utilised for Coach Ed, to be a stepping-stone for the
    participants to enter or return to Mainstream Sport, and act as a Hub of excellence for disability
    football within Berkshire.
   Berkshire represented the South of England at the National Special Schools Tag Rugby competition
    at Twickenham on Saturday 8th November 2008. At the event the Berkshire Squad won to become
    national special schools tag rugby champions.

Volunteering                                                        Micaela.gardner@reading.gov.uk
 Continue work with the PDM's to help co-ordinate and setup the Leadership Academies in each SSP
   within Berkshire. These should take off at the beginning of 2009.
 Tutor training day set up on January the 15th at Reading university to train up tutors to deliver the
   Sports Leaders courses across Berkshire
 Questionnaire sent out to all of the accredited clubs to find out more about their current volunteers
   and where they would like support in the future. Collating data so more work can be linked with the
   Sports Unlimited project to sign post volunteers into the clubs.

Club Development                                                    Debbie.Griffiths@reading.gov.uk
 Club Development Evenings held supporting swimming clubs through their accreditation and re-
   accreditation, a similar evening is now due to be held for netball in Berkshire alongside England
   Netball and Berkshire Netball Association
 Planning and organising a Club Funding Event to be held next year, information and invitations will be
   out in the New Year.
 Berkshire Clubmark Group is formed and has a number of sports development officers across the
   county that are able to support and / or assess clubs working towards their accreditation
 School Club Links Toolkit available on the Berkshire Sport website to support clubs with formulising
   links with local schools. Toolkit provides information such as local contacts, what an SSP is and how
   to formulise. CLICK HERE for the toolkit.
 New Club & Coach Newsletter will be sent out shortly – thanks to all those that sent in articles!
   Unfortunately not all will be used but those not used in the Newsletter will be in the website.
Coach Development                                                   Debbie.Griffiths@reading.gov.uk
 New courses on the Calendar including Coaching Disabled Performers, new dates for Equity in your
   coaching in December and Safeguarding and Protecting Children in January (date to be confirmed).
   Nutrition course to be confirmed using local expertise. For further information contact Kate or Jane on
 Supporting SSP‟s through School Sports Coaching Programme, support available for NGB‟s involved
   in South East Coaching Bursary (contact Debbie)
 Planning for a Coaching Conference to be held next year (planning alongside some of the other
   neighbouring CSPs)
 Community Sports Coach KPI‟s collected and any extensions communicated out to Coach Managers.
   Now in the process of drawing up and agreeing contracts for extensions.
 Received an update from sportscoach UK on the UK Coaching Framework – will be communicating
   this to partners including NGB‟s

2012 Legacy work                                                   David.Simkins@reading.gov.uk
 Individual Local authorities are starting to put some plans for 2012 legacy projects together; however
   over recent months there has been an acknowledgement from authorities across Berkshire that they
   need to work in a co-operative way to capitalise on 2012. In essence watch this space over the
   coming months…

Working with YST                                                   david.Simkins@reading.gov.uk
 Berkshire Sport has recently met with YST and Berkshire PDMs to start to think about who can
  deliver the 10 work strands of the PDMs/SSPs. The PDMs will be tasked with looking at the work
  strands from a county (not just an SSP) perspective and identify those organisations that would be
  able to assist all Berkshire SSPs to meet the targets within the work strands. It is hoped that the wider
  delivery system can be seen to be a valuable tool for SSPs to achieve their wider targets. This will
  have implications for NGBs and Berkshire Sport as it hoped that PDMs will clearly see a role for us in
  the delivery of many (if not all) of the work strands.
Regional NGB Update
December 2008

Staffing (Contact MSmith@buckssport.org)
    Emily Clarke (EClarke@buckssport.org) has joined the Partnership as Senior Competition
       Manager along with 3 Competition Managers.
    Adam Colley (AColley@buckssport.org) has joined the new Bucks Sport Coach agency
       as a full time multi-sports coach.
    Charlotte Smith (CSmith@buckssport.org) has joined the Partnership as Swimming and
       Aquatics Development Officer
    Emma Nichol (ENichol@buckssport.org) has joined the Partnership as Sports
       Development Officer with responsibility for Leadership and Club Development

Workforce Development
   Bucks Sport Coach Agency fully operational with 7 full time coaches Contact Business
     Manager (Hilary Roberts 01296 585569) for more info.
   Milton Keynes College (linked to Leon SSP) have recruited their FESCO – Ollie Jordan
   The latest edition of the Bucks Sport Education and Training Programme was
     published in October
   The annual Bucks Sports Awards will be taking place on Friday 28th November. Please
     view www.buckssport.org for a list of shortlisted individuals/projects

Sport Unlimited (Contact MSmith@buckssport.org)
   Term 1 report produced and available on request.
   Expression of Interest process open for Year 2 applications (further details with Liz
   Funding for Year 1 Term 3 (Jan – April 2009) projects still available

Bucks Youth Games (Contact SGunther@buckssport.org)
   The 4th Bucks Youth Games will be taking place on Saturday 6th June in Milton Keynes

Bucks Sport Forum (Contact AHealy@buckssport.org)
The next Bucks Sport Forum will take place on Friday 12th December at Stoke Mandeville
Stadium in Aylesbury (10-1pm). The Forum will mainly consist of a management training session
on Secrets of Leadership and How to Motivate People. The session will be run by two
independent trainers from sportworks and will be useful for all involved or wishing to become
involved in managing people. Further details available from Andrea…closing date for attendance
is 8th December. This session will be a useful taster session for a programme that we will be
organising early 2009.

If you would like to register for the Bucks Sport E-news please send an e-mail with
‘register’ in the subject heading to info@buckssport.org
       Sport Hampshire & IOW           NGB FORUM UPDATE – December 08 Update

Staffing                                       Contact: sophie.barratt@hants.gov.uk
    Interviewing for Sports Development Officer on 28 November 2008
    Club & Volunteer Development Officer departed. Some of the project work is being
       picked up by another part time Officer.
County Governing Body Forum                Contact: sophie.barratt@hants.gov.uk
 Next meeting due to be held on 11 December. An opportunity to share best practice
  between sports and a good opportunity for new officers in particular to network with other
  sports specific officers.
Hampshire Games 2009                        Contact: sharon.robertson@hants.gov.uk
 The 11th annual Hampshire Games is scheduled to take place on the 19/20th June 2009
 Sports have been consulted and rules are currently being finalised.
Sport Unlimited                                 Contact: sharon.robertson@hants.gov.uk
 The planning and application process for year 2 is being carried out with SSP‟s and LA‟s to
  develop Sport Hampshire & IOW‟s application to Sport England. Money has been
  successfully gained for local delivery for year 1.
Standards                                  Contact: sophie.barratt@hants.gov.uk
 Achieved Intermediate Safeguarding and Preliminary Equality Standard. We are working
   towards the next level in Safeguarding.
Club Development                                Contact: sharon.robertson@hants.gov.uk
    The partnership continues to support clubs working towards accreditation and are
      currently working towards becoming licensed to accredit the non NGB sports. Continuing
      to develop the School Club links and Benefits package. Capacity for this is currently
      reduced due the loss of a full time Officer.
Hampshire Sports Awards                      Contact: sharon.robertson@hants.gov.uk
   Applications are invited with the deadline of February 6 th 2009. More information can be
    found on our website.
   Awards will take place on 25 March at The Hampshire Rosebowl.
School-Club Links
   A Toolkit has been published to help Hampshire schools and clubs recognise high quality
     coaching and SCL.
Coach Development                                Contact: cj.lee@hants.gov.uk
   Partnership Coach, Volunteer and Official Scholarship has proved popular since its
     strategic update and re-launch and we award money on a quarterly basis.
   We are currently considering the benefits of a Partnership Coach Management Tool and
     will seek partners input if this is something we choose to progress further.

FANS/FACS and HTAS                           Contact: sharon.robertson@hants.gov.uk
      172 athletes have been awarded HTAS funding.

Olympic/London 2012 Update                  Contact: Julie.amies@hants.gov.uk
    Regionally SEEDA are hosting a reception for Olympians and Paralympians at Wentworth
     Golf Course in December.


Funding                                           Contact: sheena.pitchford@kent.gov.uk
    Final round of Innovation & working in partnership fund now available for NGBs to apply for
      community adult participation projects. To help encourage partnership working with local
      authorities, applications must be endorsed by the District SDO. Deadline 15th Dec.
    Kent Community Foundation, Grassroots Grants – grants of up to £5,000 for voluntary and
      community groups across Kent and Medway. For an application pack call 01303 814500.
      Website: www.kentcf.org.uk

Sport Unlimited                                 Contact: andrea.murphy@kent.gov.uk
    See separate report provided to Sport England

County Governing Body Forum                       Contact: sheena.pitchford@kent.gov.uk
    22 sports now registered to the forum. Please encourage all governing bodies to have Kent
      representatives on the „interactive‟ forum.
    Website now set up, which includes discussion forum page and downloads page. Visit
    Regular funding update and policy update documents distributed to members.
    New free benefit for members – Business Support Helpline.

Coaching Development                         Contact: bianca.logronio@kent.gov.uk
    New round for Kent Coach Scholarship Scheme – application forms out soon, with deadline of
      29th January 2009. Nominations must come through NGBs for coaches / officials training and

Elite Performers                              Contact: elise.rendall@kent.gov.uk
     Thanks to those NGBs who nominated top performers for the Kent Talented Performers Package.
       Received 30 nominations and awarded 20 talented performers with package of funding, sport
       science support and clothing.

Volunteer Development                             Contact: russell.fairman@kent.gov.uk
    Currently collating information from School Sport Partnerships regarding sports identified by the
      young people involved in the Step into Sport Academies and interested in obtaining a NGB
      leaders award. Information will then be disseminated to NGB contacts as appropriate.

Local Authority Opportunities
    Maidstone Youth Sport Achievement Awards – deadline 31st December.                       Visit:
    Sevenoaks now have new website with details of activities in the local area. Please encourage
       clubs to register their activities. Visit www.get-active.org

General                                             Contact: kevin.day@kent.gov.uk
   Kent Sports Development recently undertook external Quest assessment and received a rating of
      93%, which is within the „excellent‟ category.

Olympic / London 2012                                 Contact: stephanie.holt@kent.gov.uk
    Kent 2012 campaign works across all sectors from sport, arts, economic regeneration to tourism,
      transport and volunteering. The aim is to ensure the Games has a major influence to help
      transform Kent across all sectors. There is an overarching Kent co-ordinating group and 9
      sectorial task groups. Visit www.kenstsport.org/london2012
    The Olympics provided the topic for the national reading challenge in Kent, with children awarded
      bronze, silver or gold incentives in return for the amount of books read.
    Kent Event Team aims to recruit volunteers for sport, leisure and cultural events across the
      county, including the build up to the 2012 Games. Opportunity for NGBs to access pool of
      volunteers to support their events. For more information email kenteventteam@live.com


Staffing                                  Contact: peter.ackred@surreycc.gov.uk
    New full-time Disability Sports DO, Peter Ackred, started in October.

County Governing Body Forum              Contact: Campbell.Livingston@surreycc.gov.uk
    Termly meeting held in October – only 5 County Associations and NGBs attended. Please
      ensure your CA gets involved – next one due on 22 January 2009.

Online Funding Guide                     Contact: rob.cook@surreycc.gov.uk
     The Active Surrey Funding Guide 2008-09 and practical advice is now available to download
       from www.activesurrey.com/content-2044 - it includes information on which local authorities
       offer bursaries to clubs/coaches.

Club Development                            Contact: rob.cook@surreycc.gov.uk
     There are now 197 accredited clubs in Surrey. 93 have Clubmark, 58 have FA Charter Standard
       and 46 are working towards Clubmark by gaining Active Surrey Club Accreditation (ASCA). In
       addition, recent KKP statistics show that there are 136 working towards Clubmark directly
       through their NGB.
    If you would like additional support for your clubs please contact Rob.

FANS                                     Contact: michelle.berry@surreycc.gov.uk
   Please encourage all your elite athletes to join FANS and remember that each borough in Surrey
     (apart from Guildford) operates FACS for your county squad members.

2012                                         Contact: sarah.white@surreycc.gov.uk
      The South East CSP Regional Marcoms group are working on a regional communications
       strategy and plan for London 2012.
      Looking at incorporating arts groups into 2009 Surrey youth Games to mirror cultural Olympiad.

Surrey Youth Games                        Contact: linda.jacks@surreycc.gov.uk
    Active Surrey has recently produced an annual report demonstrating the Games benefits and
      impact. Please contact Linda Jacks to obtain a copy.

Sport Unlimited                            Contact: paul.Ainslie@surreycc.gov.uk
    We are now accepting applications for Year 2 (April 2009 to March 2010) for the Sport Unlimited
       programme. The deadline for Year 2 applications is 16 January 2009.
    For information & guidance on how to apply, and details on the 23 new activities currently taking
       place in Surrey, go to: www.activesurrey.com/content-2321

Sports Clubs & Coaches CPD             Contact: sarah.Williams@surreycc.gov.uk
    Active Surrey manages a comprehensive Sports Clubs and Coaches Development Programme.
      A wide range of workshops are still available and include coaching skills, club development,
      minimum operating standards to name but a few. For further information take a look at:

Surrey Sports Awards                    Contact: carol.griffin@surreycc.gov.uk
    150 players, coaches, volunteers and dignitaries attended this year's Surrey Sports Awards on
      Sunday 19 October. Organised by ASSP and hosted by John Inverdale, the Oscar style awards
      recognised and rewarded those who made an outstanding contribution to sport.
      Nominees/winners info: www.activesurrey.com/content-2249

Coach Recruitment, Employment & Deployment Resource
    This Active Surrey resource is designed to support NGB's with the successful recruitment,
      employment and deployment of coaches. It is full of support material and best practice guidelines
      to make sure the right coach is employment in the best way. Download your copy using the link
      on the www.activesurrey.com homepage.
Volunteering at Local Clubs & Events       Contact: john.woodroffe@surreycc.gov.uk
    We need your help in offering placements to young sports leaders (14-19 years old) to volunteer
      in your clubs. From January onwards, Surrey's School Sports Partnerships will run Leadership
      Academies as part of Step into Sport - supporting existing sports leaders in school and informing
      us which of them wish to volunteer in the community.
    Please could you direct us to clubs who are eager to involve young volunteers, and who are either
      working towards or have club accreditation. We will contact them and discuss about how they
      could best engage with their current junior members as volunteers and recruit new ones from
      outside the club.



       We now have a part time Sport Unlimited Officer, Sara Riley, who is responsible for managing
       individual projects, collating applications and advising on eligibility. Sara started her role at
       the end of September. Her contact email is s.l.riley@brighton.ac.uk
       Donna Imrie began her role as Sussex Active Workplace Officer on 1 September. Donna’s post
       is being funded by the Community Wellbeing and Community Investment Funds; Chichester,
       Sussex and Brighton Universities; West Sussex County Council and West Sussex Ahead of the
       Game. To contact Donna email dimrie@brighton.ac.uk

Sussex Sport and Health Network

       The next Sussex Sport & Health Network will take place on Wednesday 3 December at Hove
       Town. The programme will include a strategic update from the CSP, informing our partners of
       the CSP offer post March 2009. Subjects for partner updates will consist of workplace health
       and Sports Leaders then there will be workshops provided by Skills Active and the Senior
       Competition Manager for Sussex before a networking lunch.
       Contact: sharper@brighton.ac.uk

Sussex Games 2008

       The Sussex Games took place between 24 August and 14 September in a county-wide
       celebration of sport and active recreation. Comprising a three week programme of elite, club
       and grassroots sporting events at approved Olympic training venues, the Games were
       designed to showcase the facilities as well as the sporting talent in Sussex.
       For further information on the events and photos please visit our website

Business of Community Sports Conference (BOCS) 2008

       The Sussex CSP Trust ran the fourth annual Rix & Kay Business of Community Sport
       Conference on Wednesday 24 September 2008 at the University of Brighton, Falmer. The
       event was free for clubs for the first time, due to the generosity of sponsors, Rix and Kay,
       Plummer Parsons, Juice FM and The Argus.
       Over 90 delegates from all over Sussex joined the evening which included motivational
       speeches and informative workshops. The workshops gave delegates new ideas to develop
       their organisations and to help run them more efficiently, but more importantly the
       conference helped all to understand how sport and business can work in partnership to their
       mutual benefit.
       The conference provided an excellent networking opportunity ‘with a good mix of people’
       including sports professionals and clubs across Sussex.
       Contact sharper@brighton.ac.uk

NGB Forum
     The Sussex NGB Forum was held for a second time on 10 October at Olympos Leisure Centre
     in Burgess Hill.
     The forum looked in detail at the eligibility and application process for Sport Unlimited Stage
     2. The forum also included a strategic update on the position of the CSP from Director Sadie
     Mason as well as a presentation on the UK Coaching Framework from Sam Abrey (sports
     coach UK).
     Contact: sharper@brighton.ac.uk

Extending Activities – see separate update from Sport England

       Contact: kcoomber@brighton.ac.uk or s.l.riley@brighton.ac.uk
Sussex Sports Awards 2008

       The Sussex Sports Awards 2008 were held on Friday 21 November 2008 at the Hilton
       Brighton. Over 400 guests were treated to a spectacular evening which included a three
       course dinner, presentations to the 15 award winners, Platinum achievers of our Volunteer
       Reward Scheme and to those clubs that achieved Club Mark this year. There were also
       various entertainers and a disco.
       The evening also included an Olympic and Paralympic segment where past, present and
       future Olympians from Sussex were invited on stage for an interview with one of the hosts
       Juice FM’s Sports Presenter Tony Marks. The other host was recently retired Sussex cricketer
       Chris Adams.
       Contact: sharper@brighton.ac.uk

Club Development

       The Sussex CSP database is now live including details of sports clubs in Sussex –
       34 clubs have achieved Clubmark Accreditation or a NGB equivalent award so far in 2008.
       The Sussex CSP is working towards achieving their Generic Clubmark license for all those
       NGBs who are not licensed to deliver it themselves.
       Contact: jirving@brighton.ac.uk

Coach Development

       The Community Sports Coach Scheme in Sussex is due to finish at the end of March 2009.
       With Sport England’s new NGB focused strategy, it is hoped the scheme will continue through
       NGB funding.
       A programme of Coach development workshops have been set up for 2009, including extra
       Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshops to cope with the increased demand from
       Sport Unlimited coaches and School Sport Coaches.
       The School Sport Coaching Programme is underway and SSPs are currently employing their
       coaches. The Sussex CSP is putting on workshops including Multi Skills, How to Coach
       Children and Analysing your Coaching to support the professional development of these
       The Sussex CSP is continuing to provide CPD sessions for Community Sports Coaches at
       present. These may continue in a similar capacity for School Sport Coaches.
       The coaching element to the CSP database is now live on www.sussexsport.org.
       Contact: jirving@brighton.ac.uk


       Sussex CSP have achieved the Intermediate Safeguarding Standard and the Foundation
       Equality Standard. We are currently working towards the Advanced Standard (Safeguarding)
       and evidencing the progress made from attaining the Intermediate Standard
       A young people specific safeguarding leaflet is being developed jointly with other CSPs in the
       region; the leaflet will be available for clubs to use and a copy will be given to all young
       people attending Sport Unlimited sessions.
       Contact: sharper@brighton.ac.uk (Safeguarding) and kcoomber@brighton.ac.uk (Equality)

       There are currently 214 FANS members.
       Contact: mwarwick@brighton.ac.uk

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