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  Taylor Swift
  She writes her own songs. each album             grown-up lyrics
  is better than the last. She’s beautiful,        and subject
  successful and still only 21. it’s a shame       matter. However
  the term ‘pop princess’ is bandied about         Swift hasn’t lost
  so freely these days, as it should really        the idealism of her youth or the girlish
  be reserved for artists like Swift.              obsession with boys. rolling Stone
     Speak now is her latest offering, and         deemed it her best album yet, but if you
  could be described as a coming of age            need more proof – it sold more than a
  album, with the songs featuring more             million copies in its first week.

                                    Ne-Yo already had three solid, well-received albums under
                                    his belt. So with his latest release Libra Scale he decided to
                                    push the envelope, moving on with his sound and creating
                                    a new story. taking inspiration from comic books and sci-fi,
                                    the album follows three characters who are forced to choose
                                    between money, power and fame and love. the result is a
                                    powerfully structured, cohesive collection of tracks.

                                    bon Jovi
                                    They’re the band that exhausted themselves touring in the
                                    80s, revived themselves in the 90s and were still making
                                    women faint in the noughties. Bon Jovi’s sound has been
                                    on the boil since 1983, with a reputation built on hard-rock
                                    anthems. the boys hit the big time with their third album
                                    Slippery When Wet (1986); fast foward to 2010, and in
                                    selecting tracks for their Greatest Hits compilation, they
                                    had no fewer than 11 albums to pick from.

  SpotLight: u2
  Today, U2 is the pride of millions of fans       efforts, Boy (1980) and War (1983).
  worldwide, but it wasn’t until 1987 that the     Celebrated as much for what they stand for
  irish band’s breakthrough album the Joshua       as the immensely popular tunes they write,
  tree made it a household name, with 25           listening to this music, you know you’re in
  million copies flying off the shelves. as part   the presence of true talent.
  of our on-board selection of the group’s 12
  albums, we’ve
  gone back to the
  beginning with
  two of their earlier

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HOt tiPS Our top picks from this month’s wealth of talent.                              cds

  featured title

  made in new Zealand
  made in new Zealand CDs are produced
  four times a year by nZ On air to help Kiwi
  artists gain international exposure. the
  compilations are distributed to music-industry
  heavyweights worldwide, and college radio
  stations throughout the US. Some of the
  talented bands that feature on the latest
  edition include Dunedin’s Die! Die! Die!,
  Liam Finn’s new supergroup Barb, Silver
  Scroll-nominees artisan Guns and auckland
  rockers the Checks.

kiWi muSic

                                   Hollie Smith                      Dance
                                   Humour and the misfortune         fat freddys Drop
                                   of Others                         Live at roundhouse London
                                   Trinityroots                      Kids of 88
                                   music is Choice HOt tiPS          Sugarpills
                                   classical                         the System is a Vampire
                                   Jonathan Lemalu
                                   Love Blows as the Wind Blows      easy Listening
                                   New Zealand String                Jackie bristow
                                   Quartet                           Freedom
rock                               Bartok                            brooke fraser
autozamm                           New Zealand Symphony              Flags
5th Degree                         Orchestra                         Medlyn, Dodd & Hennan
Crowded House                      Sibelius                          Darling, it’s Hell
intriguer                          New Zealand Symphony              Jan Hellriegel
Dragon                             Orchestra                         all Grown Up
the Very Best of Dragon            Vaughan Williams                  Greg Johnson
Opshop                             Kiri Te Kanawa                    Secret Weapon
Until the end of time              Kiri
Tom Sharplin & friends
Let’s Sing in the Sunshine
                                   Hayley Westenra
                                                                     eru Dangerspiel
Various                                                              Great news for the modern man
7 Worlds Collide
                                   alternative                       Jacqui fitzgerald
                                   The earlybirds                    the masquerade is Over
pop                                Favourite Fears                   Nathan Haines
Julia Deans                        Minuit                            Heaven and earth
modern Fables                      Find me Before i Die a Lonely     Hot Club Sandwich
Deceptikonz                        Death Dot Com                     Wallpaper
evolution: Past Present Beyond     The Naked and famous
electric Wire Hustle               Passive me, aggressive You        World
electric Wire Hustle               HOt tiPS                          Wai
flight of the Conchords            Gareth Thomas                     Ora
i told You i Was Freaky            Lady alien HOt tiPS
On the road again
                                   Various                           chill out
                                   made in new Zealand HOt tiPS      The black Seeds
Ladi6                              Various
time is not much                                                     Solid Ground
                                   new Zealand at CmJ 2010
anika Moa                                                            fat freddys Drop
                                   HOt tiPS
Love in motion                                                       Dr Boondigga & the Big BW
Kirsten Morrell                                                      Kora
Ultraviolet                        gold                              Kora
Nesian Mystik                      Crowded House                     Pacific Heights
99 aD                              recurring Dream                   in a Quiet Storm
Dane rumble                        Split enz                         Salmonella Dub
the experiment                     the Best of Split enz             Freak Controller

                                                                   watch/listen/play/discover 23

  auDio                             renegades

  BookS                             foo fighters
                                    Greatest Hits
                                    Jimi Hendrix
  tony Wrighton                     Valleys of neptune
  Body Language                     The Hold Steady                  Jonas brothers
  Stephen Hawking                   Heaven is Whenever               Jonas La
  A Briefer History of Time         Hurts                            Katchafire
  Wilbur Smith                      Happiness                        On the road again
  Eye Of The Tiger                  Iron Maiden                      Keane
  the lowdown                       the Final Frontier               night train
  Origins of World War 1            Korn                             alicia Keys
  rudyard Kipling                   Korn iii: remember Who You are   the element of Freedom
  The Jungle Book                   Linkin Park                      Ladi6
                                    a thousand Suns                  time is not much
                                    Muse                             Madonna
                                    the resistance                   Sticky & Sweet tour
                                    Oasis                            bruno Mars
  Breaking                          time Flies… 1994-2009
                                                                     Doo-Wops & Hooligans
                                                                     Kylie Minogue
  taLent                            Until the end of time
                                    robert Plant
                                                                     anika Moa
  Air New Zealand is proud          Band of Joy                      Love in motion
  to support up-and-coming          Tom Sharplin & friends           Kirsten Morrell
  musicians from around the         Let’s Sing in the Sunshine       Ultraviolet
  world. Each month in our          Slash                            Nesian Mystik
  Breaking Talent section we        Slash                            99 aD
  feature music from unsigned       Various                          Ne-yo
  artists.                          7 Worlds Collide                 Libra Scale
                                    Weezer                           Katy Perry
  Broomhauer X                      Hurley                           teenage Dream
  Introducing…                                                       Pink
  Prolepsis                                                          Greatest Hits So Far
  ahab                              pop                              Dane rumble
                                                                     the experiment
  Introducing…                                                       rihanna
                                    Christina aguilera               Loud
                                    Bionic                           Scissor Sisters
                                    art of Noise                     night Work
                                    influence                        The Script
                                    Justin bieber
  SpotLight                         my Worlds
                                    Cheryl Cole
                                                                     Science & Faith
                                                                     Hollie Smith
                                                                     Humour and the
  u2                                messy Little raindrops
                                                                     misfortune of Others
  War                               Phil Collins
                                                                     Take That
  u2                                Going Back
                                    Miley Cyrus                      Progress HOt tiPS
                                    Can’t Be tamed                   Trinityroots
                                    Julia Deans                      music is Choice
  the Joshua tree
                                    modern Fables                    usher
  achtung Baby                      Deceptikonz                      raymond vs raymond
  u2                                evolution: Past Present Beyond   Various
  all that You Can’t Leave Behind   eliza Doolittle                  now that’s What i Call music! 76
                                    eliza Doolittle                  Stan Walker
                                    electric Wire Hustle             From the inside Out
                                    electric Wire Hustle             robbie Williams
  rock                              eminem
                                                                     in and Out of Consciousness

  30 Seconds to Mars                flight of the Conchords
  this is War                       i told You i Was Freaky
  richard ashcroft                  brandon flowers                  SounDtrackS
  United nations of Sound           Flamingo                         & muSicaLS
  autozamm                          Gorillaz
  5th Degree                        Plastic Beach                    aC/DC
  Jimmy barnes                      Cee Lo Green                     iron man 2 Original motion
  rage and ruin                     Ladykiller                       Picture Soundtrack
  bon Jovi                          Paul Heaton
  Greatest Hits                     acid Country
                                                                     Sex and the City 2 Original motion
  Crowded House                     The Hoosiers
                                    the illusion of Safety           Picture Soundtrack
  ray Davies                        enrique Iglesias                 Various
  See my Friends                    euphoria                         StreetDance Original motion
  The Dead Weather                  International Observer           Picture Soundtrack
  Sea of Cowards                    Felt                             Various
  Dragon                            Jamiroquai                       the twilight Saga: eclipse Original
  the Very Best of Dragon           rock Dust Light Star             motion Picture Soundtrack

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HOt tiPS Our top picks from this month’s wealth of talent.                                 cds

                                   robin Zebaida
cLaSSicaL                          Off the Beaten track
                                   russell Watson
                                   La Voce
Jean-efflam bavouzet
Debussy: Complete Works
for Piano
berlin Philharmonic
Brahms: the Symphonies
                                   The acorn
berlin Philharmonic
                                   no Ghost
Orchestra                                                              The bee Gees
                                   arcade fire
mozart: Symphonies nos. 35-41                                          Greatest Hits
                                   the Suburbs
andrea bocelli                     band of Horses                      David bowie
Carmen: Duets & arias              infinite arms                       aladdin Sane
Maria Callas                       band of Skulls                      James brown
the Platinum Collection            Baby Darling Doll Face Honey        Very Best of
John eliot Gardiner &              belle and Sebastian                 Nat King Cole
english baroque Soloists           Write about Love HOt tiPS           the World of nat King Cole
Bach: Brandenburg Concertos        andrew bird                         Crowded House
rené Jacobs, freiburg              Useless Creatures                   recurring Dream
Orchestra                          Peter broderick                     The Doors
mozart: Don Giovanni                                                   Strange Days
                                   How they are HOt tiPS
Janine Jansen                                                          bob Dylan
                                   The Coral
tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto                                           Dylan (remastered)
                                   Butterfly House                     ella fitzgerald
Katherine Jenkins                  The earlybirds                      Gold
Believe                            Favourite Fears                     fleetwood Mac
Jonathan Lemalu                    eels                                the Very Best of
Love Blows as the Wind Blows       tomorrow morning                    Marvin Gaye
London Symphony                    Grinderman                          What’s Going on
Orchestra & Sir                    Grinderman 2                        Led Zeppelin
Colin Davis                        Interpol                            mothership
Sibelius – Symphonies nos. 1 & 4   interpol                            Pink floyd
Mantovani                          Kings of Leon                       Dark Side of the moon
the magic of mantovani             Come around Sundown HOt tiPS        elvis Presley
anne-Sophie Mutter                 The Kissaway Trail                  Viva elvis
mendelssohn: Violin Concerto       Sleep mountain                      Queen
                                                                       a night at the Opera
– Piano trio in D minor            Klaxons
                                                                       The rolling Stones
New Zealand                        Surfing the Void
                                                                       exile on main St: remastered
String Quartet                     Seth Lakeman                        The rolling Stones
Bartok                             Hearts & minds                      Forty Licks
New Zealand                        Larches                             Simon & Garfunkel
Symphony Orchestra                 nurses Speak in Code                Bridge Over troubled Water
Sibelius                           Maximum balloon                     Split enz
New Zealand                        maximum Balloon                     the Best of Split enz
Symphony Orchestra                 Minuit                              bruce Springsteen
Vaughan Williams                   Find me Before i Die a Lonely       & the e Street band
andré rieu                         Death Dot Com                       Greatest Hits
                                   The Naked and famous                Stevie Wonder
You’ll never Walk alone
                                   Passive me, aggressive You          Songs in the Key of Life
Kate royal
                                   HOt tiPS
                                                                       Neil young
midsummer night                                                        after the Gold rush
Scottish National                  The National
Orchestra                          High Violet
Shostakovich: Symphony no. 10      Philip Selway
Sting                              Familial
                                   Gareth Thomas
Kiri Te Kanawa                     Lady alien HOt tiPS                 Chemical brothers
Kiri                               Various                             Further
Vienna Philharmonic                made in new Zealand HOt tiPS        Chicane
Orchestra                          Various                             Giants
                                   new Zealand at CmJ 2010             fat freddys Drop
Beethoven: Symphonies nos. 5 & 7
                                   HOt tiPS                            Live at roundhouse London
Hayley Westenra                                                        Kids of 88
treasure                                                               Sugarpills
                                                                       Lady Gaga
                                   goLD                                the Fame monster
                                   Back in Black                       immersion
                                   Louis armstrong                     röyksopp
                                   Ultimate Collection                 Senior
                                   The beatles                         Shapeshifter
                                   the Beatles: 1962–1966              the System is a Vampire
                                   The beatles                         underworld
                                   the Beatles: 1967–1970 HOt tiPS     Barking

                                                                     watch/listen/play/discover 25
cds                                              HOt tiPS Our top picks from this month’s wealth of talent.

  eaSy                                 JaZZ                               WorLD
  LiStening                            Chet baker                         amadou & Mariam
                                       my Funny Valentine                 Welcome to mali
  James blunt                          barber, ball & bilk                buena Vista Social Club
  Some Kind of trouble                 Boaters Bowlers and Bowties        at Carnegie Hall
  Jackie bristow                       bill evans Trio                    Gilles Peterson
  Freedom                              Sunday at the Village Vanguard     Brazilika
  eliza Carthy &                       art blakey                         Various
  Norma Waterson                       a night at Birdland                Panama! 2
  Gift                                 Michael bublé                      Wai
  Leonard Cohen                        Crazy Love                         Ora
  the essential                        John Coltrane
  Sharon Corr                          Blue train
  Dream of You                         Harry Connick Jnr
  Sheryl Crow
  100 miles from memphis
                                       Your Songs                         chiLL out
                                       eru Dangerspiel
  Neil Diamond                         Great news for the                 air
  Dreams                               modern man                         Love 2
  Celine Dion                          Dave brubeck Quartet               The black Seeds
  my Love: Ultimate                    Jazz impressions of the USa        Solid Ground
  essential Collection                 Miles Davis                        fat freddys Drop
  brooke fraser                        Kind of Blue                       Dr Boondigga & the Big BW
  Flags                                Jacqui fitzgerald                  Groove armada
  Jan Hellriegel                       the masquerade is Over             Black Light
  all Grown Up                         bill frisell                       Kora
  Greg Johnson                         History, mystery                   Kora
  Secret Weapon                        Melody Gardot                      Múm
  Tom Jones                            my One & Only thrill               Go Go Smear the Poison ivy
  Praise & Blame                       Nathan Haines                      Pacific Heights
  Carole King &                        Heaven and earth                   in a Quiet Storm
  James Taylor                         Herbie Hancock                     Portishead
  Live at the troubadour               Head Hunters                       third
  ray Lamontagne                       billie Holiday                     Salmonella Dub
  God Willin’ & the Creek Don’t rise   Lady Sings the Blues               Freak Controller
  Sarah McLachlan                      Hot Club Sandwich                  Sleepreviva*
  Laws of illusion                     Wallpaper                          Perfect nap
  Medlyn, Dodd & Hannan                Norah Jones                        Sleepreviva*
  Darling, it’s Hell                   ... Featuring HOt tiPS             Sleep track
  Craig Ogden                          John McLaughlin
  the Guitarist                        to the One
  Caitlin rose
  Own Side now
  frank Sinatra
                                       Charles Mingus
                                       mingus ah Um                          mooDS
  at the movies
  richard Thompson
                                       Thelonious Monk
                                       Brilliant Corners                     pLayLiSt
                                       Lee Morgan
  Dream attic                                                                Music playlists designed
                                       the Sidewinder
                                                                             to suit your mood.
                                       Charlie Parker
                                       Complete Jazz at massey Hall          •   Relax
  country                              Courtney Pine
                                       transition in tradition               •   Upbeat

  Garth brooks
                                       (en Hommage à Sydney Bechet)          •   Adventurous
                                       Stan Tracey
  the Chase                            alice in Jazz Land                    •   Romance
  Johnny Cash                                                                •   Work
  at Folsom Prison
  Kenny Chesney
  Greatest Hits ii
  Dixie Chicks                                                     
  the essential Dixie Chicks
  emmylou Harris                                                             SLeep trackS*
  Pieces of the Sky                                                          Perfect Nap
  alison Krauss                                                              Music, binaural beats
  the essential alison Krauss                                                and voice — 90 mins
  Lady antebellum
  need You now                                                               Sleep track
  Miranda Lambert                                                            Music, binaural beats
  revolution                                                                 and voice — 60 mins
  Willie Nelson
  american Classic                                                           to listen to Sleepreviva press:
  Taylor Swift                                                               LISTEN, GENRES and then
  Speak now
                                                                             CHILL OUT
                                                                             *Do not use Sleepreviva if you suffer from
                                                                             epilepsy, clinical depression or any other nervous
                                                                             or psychiatric condition. If in doubt, please
                                                                             consult your doctor. Sleepreviva should not be
                                                                             used when full alertness is required.

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                                                                                                            & showcase
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                                                                                                            enjoy these shows produced exclusively
                                                                                                            for air new Zealand as we present the
                                                                                                            best in music today.

                                                                                                                 KiWi fM PG                    SKy SyMPHONy PG
                                                                                                             Listen to top songs from          andrew mcGregor presents
                                                                                                             new Zealand artists               classical music for travellers.
                                                                                                             including Chris Knox
                                                                                                             and mike Fabulous.               Pure PleaSure PG
                                                                                                                                               Settle back and enjoy two
                                                                                                               claSSic HitS PG
                                                                                                                                               entertaining hours of great
                                                                                                             radio DJ robert taylor has        easy-listening tracks.
                                                                                                             hits from legends such as
                                                                                                             John Lennon.                            KidStuff G

                                                                                                                  attitude R                   Hey kids! Sahana Christie
                                                                                                                                               takes you on an adventure
                                                                                                             Jaquie Brown and Oliver           with lots of wonderful
Images from top OutKast (Discotopia); rihanna (attitude); the Black Seeds (Kiwi Fm); Sade (Pure Pleasure)

                                                                                                             Driver bring you the latest       stories and music.
                                                                                                             international pop songs.
                                                                                                                                                  diScOtOPia PG
                                                                                                                  Wired PG
                                                                                                                                               atlantic Conveyor
                                                                                                             eddy temple morris’ top           production maestro tubbs
                                                                                                             alternative picks from new        presents the rarest new-
                                                                                                             Zealand and the UK, plus          wave disco beats he can
                                                                                                             remixes and rarities.             lay his hands on.
                                                                                                                     z-rOq R
                                                                                                                                              tHe Blue rOOM PG
                                                                                                             Chris Carter showcases the
                                                                                                             best rock music, including        Chill out with a downbeat
                                                                                                             anthems from headliners           bunch of tunes from
                                                                                                             such as r.e.m. and the            talented artists such as
                                                                                                             Smashing Pumpkins.                Pitch Black and Faithless.

                                                                                                                 urBaN flite                       aNNa
                                                                                                                 grOOveS R                     cOddiNgtON R
                                                                                                             Join DJ Boomer for the best       One of new Zealand’s
                                                                                                             in r’n’B and hip-hop from         hottest independent artists,
                                                                                                             artists including Lil Scrappy     anna Coddington, has
                                                                                                             and nicki minaj.                  compiled this collection
                                                                                                                                               of tracks.
                                                                                                             tHe Jazz cafe PG
                                                                                                                                                  relaXatiON PG
                                                                                                             alyn Shipton delivers
                                                                                                                                               this selection of songs is
                                                                                                             the newest and greatest
                                                                                                                                               designed to make your flight
                                                                                                             names in jazz.
                                                                                                                                               as relaxing as possible.

                                                                                                            Anna Coddington                   Nathan Haines                        NZ Music Awards
                                                                                                            10 traCKS R                       13 traCKS PG                         16 traCKS PG
                                                                                                            Kiwi musician anna Coddington     Kiwi jazz musician nathan            Hit songs from the winning
                                                                                                            shares with you the pick of her   Haines brings you a selection        artists in the 2009 new
                                                                                                            pop songs.                        of his music.                        Zealand music awards.

                                                                                                            Electric Wire Hustle              International Observer               The Decade
                                                                                                            31 traCKS R                       19 traCKS PG                         in Kiwi Music
                                                                                                            a range of tracks by, and         Smooth tunes from alt/dub            16 traCKS R
                                                                                                            interviews with, new Zealand      artist international Observer.       DJ Christopher tubbs takes you
                                                                                                            group electric Wire Hustle.                                            through his favourite Kiwi music
                                                                                                                                                                                   from the past decade.

                                                                                                                                                                                 watch/listen/play/discover 27

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