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  Building a Community
with Access to Recreation
                  Continuing the Expedition!
   We’d like to take this opportunity to tout another fantastic year in Harrison County!
   Our grantmaking to Harrison County serving organizations totaled $2.7million in 2008. As you read through this report you will see the
names of those special agencies that were awarded funding from the Foundation. Please join us in thanking them for their work in our com-
   Our largest grant in 2008 went to Boone Township Volunteer Fire Department. In partnership with county government, this funding allowed
for the construction of a new and expanded fire station in Laconia. This facility will allow for better training of firefighters, decrease valuable
response times, and will be of adequate size to protect the district’s current and future vehicles. The facility can serve the community as a tem-
porary shelter or gathering place and should also lower insurance premiums for area property owners.
    Our scholarship awards this year totaled more than $604,000. The Building Our Future scholarship was awarded for the second time in
2008 providing 10 Harrison County resident graduating seniors $5,000 a year renewable for four years for a total of $20,000 each. HCCF
Founders Scholarships provided $300,000 to over 120 graduating seniors throughout Harrison County. We additionally awarded over
$100,000 from our charitable endowment funds and memorial scholarships. We are proud of another great year and we wish all our 2008
scholarship recipients the best of luck at college and beyond!
   Our matching gift program continues. HCCF has provided matching gifts to your donations to existing endowment funds and to create new
charitable endowment funds since the year 2000 and will continue to do so throughout 2009. Contact the HCCF Staff for more information
about our matching gift program, contributing to an existing fund or creating a new charitable endowment fund.
   Horseshoe Southern Indiana had an exciting year transitioning from Caesars Indiana during the summer of 2008. They’re contributions to
the Foundation exceeded $13 million and the grand total has now topped $100 million! We can’t thank them enough for this amazing contin-
uing support.
   HCCF began a new partnership with the Community Foundation of Southern Indiana in bringing The Dictionary Project to Harrison County.
The Dictionary Project assists students in completing the school year as good writers, active readers and creative thinkers by providing them
with their own personal dictionary. In December, third graders at all nine Harrison County Elementary Schools received their very own dic-
   HCCF was proud to honor Rita Gettelfinger of Depauw as the 2008 Harrison County Woman Philanthropist of the Year and Jolinda Jones
of Palmyra as the 2008 Emerging Woman Philanthropist at the 2008 Southern Indiana Women in Philanthropy “Giving From the Heart”
Celebration. We thank these women for their time and talent and all they do for Harrison County!
   We have now been in our new facility on Foundation Way for over two years. We continue to offer use of our conference room to nonprof-
it organizations at no charge. Contact the HCCF staff if your nonprofit organization is in need of a place to meet or hold a special event.
    HCCF was a proud Community Leader Sponsor of Corydon’s 200th Birthday Celebration throughout 2008. Events throughout the year
included “Dancing Thru the Decades”, an honorary event in June which included the unveiling of the O’Bannon Memorial, fireworks displays
and the bicentennial parade.
   The Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library program has now been active for more than a year in Harrison County. Over 1,600 preschool chil-
dren are enrolled in the program and receive an age appropriate, hard cover book in the mail each month. The program continues until their
5th birthday. Ready to register your child? Visit for online registration. You may also sign up at the Harrison
County Public Library, Harrison County Community Foundation or YMCA of Harrison County. The success of this program has really shown
how well our community can come together and make great things happen in Harrison County. Enjoy your reading time with your children
and remember it is an investment in their future!
   All of the “Access to Recreation” projects will soon be completed in 2009. See the back cover of this report for more information and pho-
tos about the “Access to Recreation” project in Harrison County. These projects are designed to facilitate use of our parks for all. We have
dedicated our annual report this year to these projects and many other recreational projects in the community impacted by our grantmaking
and making Harrison County a great place to live and play.
    On behalf of everyone involved with the HCCF, thank you for your participation with your community foundation in the many programs
and funding activities in 2008. Remember, we’re building a Foundation for the Future of Harrison County!

  Happy Trails!
                                                                                    Paul Beckort, HCCF Board President
                                                                                    Steve Gilliland, HCCF Executive Director

                                                                                               Renovations are currently being made to the
                                                                                               Stem Adventure Center in Laconia. Here,
HCCF Board Member Pam Martin dis-                                                              activity porches, a sleeping deck, and kitchen
tributes dictionaries to third graders at                                                      expansion are under construction at
Corydon Elementary School.                  The HCCF Staff members pose with Rita Gettelfinger Kornhauser Lodge.
                                            and Jolinda Jones, Harrison County honorees at the
                                            2008 Southern Indiana Women in Philanthropy
                                            Celebration held at Horseshoe Southern Indiana.

                                                                                                      Heth-Washington Elementary School Third
                                                                                                      Graders Chloe Gibson, Anabel Kopp, Sarah
                                                                                                      Shaffer and Liz Thomas with their very own
HCCF Executive Director Steve Gilliland                                                               dictionaries. One third grader wrote “Thank
receives a gift from Pam Schoen of First                                                              you for the dictionary! I can see all the
Federal Savings Bank to support the           One mother wrote to us in regards to the Dolly          President’s names. You can study a lot about
Early Readers Fund. This charitable           Parton’s Imagination Library program, “I appre-         the Declaration of Independence and you can
endowment fund provides perpetual sup-        ciate the quality of the books in content and design    look at the maps to see where you are going.”
port to the Dolly Parton’s Imagination        and the stories and illustrations are always first      Another student wrote, “Thank You for our
Library program in Harrison County. As        rate. Everyday now when I check the mail box my         dictionaries. We all love them! Now during
always, HCCF provides matching gifts to       two children want to know if a book came for            writing if I don’t know how to spell a word I
any donation to existing funds, up to         them!” Here, Kelsey Delaney enjoys one of the pro-      can look up the spelling. I think when I grow
$25,000 per household per year.               gram books at the Harrison County Public                up I might do the job you do because I know
                                              Library.                                                how and what it feels like to get one.”

Current HCCF Board Member Stephen
Bodney and Founding HCCF Board Member            Brandi Auberry, Ashley Fancher, Ashley
Charlie Lynch ride in the Corydon’s 200th        Eveslage and Brooke Auberry, North Harrison          The new Boone Township firehouse was con-
Birthday parade celebration in July.             High School Class of 2008.                           structed in 2008.
Individual Donors                         Janice Staugas
Eleanor Albin                             Jennie L. Staugas                                 Donations in Memory of Mabel Christine Melton
Anonymous                                 Patricia A. Staugas                               YMCA of Harrison County, Inc.
Rhonda S. Babcock                         Ida Lee Stilger
Donald K. & Virginia A. Baumgart          Vincent G. Stilger                                Donations in Memory of Kenneth Miles
Larry & Connie Baumgartle                 Mary Lois Stiner                                  J. Gordon and Christine Pendleton
Daniel & Tamara Beamer                    Walter Stonecipher
Martha J. Beckort                         Helen & Joe Strong                                Donations in Memory of John Orwick
Paul & Judy Beckort                       William L. & Joy Taylor                           J. Gordon and Christine Pendleton
Scott and Jane Berkley                    Michael L. & Mary P. Temple
Carl & Kathleen Binkley                   Don & Hilda Thieneman                             Donations in Memory of Macon Ray
Stephen & Jeannie Bodney                  James D. & Marilyn Thieneman                      J. Gordon and Christine Pendleton
Maurice & Barbara Boley                   Billy B. & Debra R. Thomas
Hoyte & Vivian Bomersbach                 Chris, Julie & Ben Timberlake                     Donations in Memory of Tony Rose
Kevin & Alisa Burch                       Donald L. & Gynith Timberlake                     Joseph M. & Delora Casper
Paul A. & Linda K. Burnham                Richard Timberlake
Wade J. Campbell                          Roger and Patricia R. Timberlake                  Donations in Memory of Fred Shireman
Dudley R. & Ruth Ann Capelle              Thomas R. & Phyllis A. Tucker                     Virginia S. Moore
Joseph M. & Delora Casper                 Harlan & Jonnie Uhl
B. Elizabeth Cato                         Bill & Roxanne Uhl                                Donations in Memory of Geneva Wiseman
Harold & Mary Chumley                     Joel E. & Cyndi K. Voyles                         J. Gordon and Christine Pendleton
Brian & Kelley Churchill                  David & Carolyn Wallace
Heather & Freddie Clunie                  Marion Wallace                                    Donations in Memory of Mary Kathern Wolfe
Sherri Coleman                            Sherry Watson                                     Harrison County Farm Bureau
Donnie & Rose Conrad                      Valerie Lynne & David K. Wellner
Dayle J. & Carol K. Cravens               Alma F. Williams                                  Donations in Memory of Gary Wood
Barbara & Phillip Crecelius               Roger & Patsy Windell                             Randy and Sherry Brown & family
Daniel G. & Angela C. Crecelius           Michael & Jennifer Wiseman                        Frank Czeschen
James A. & Ruth Crisp                     Craig & Diana Zirkle                              Cindy Czeschin
Virginia & Bill Curts                     Shawn & Cindi Zollman                             Sam & Rebecca Eckart
Charles & Janet N. Czeschin                                                                 Steven A. & Pat Gilliland
Roger & Qudsia Davis                      Corporation and Organization Donors               Sam Hecht
Virginia Davis & Roma Ann Helms           Blue River All Stars                              James Nashu
Larry & Sandra Day                        Blue River Services, Inc.                         Carly Niermeier
Larry R. & Nancy Denison                  Community First Bank                              Mark, Martha, Andrew & Iris Partin
Louise & Frederick Dieckmann              Community Foundation of Southern Indiana          Karl & Jean Schettler
Donald L. & Fredrica E. Dones             Corydon Central Adult Booster Club                Don & Hilda Thieneman
Sid & Kathy Dye                           Corydon Central High School Athletic Department   James Thieneman
Sam & Becky Eckart                        Corydon Central High School Office/Faculty        Mike, Faye & Beth Wilburn

Rebecca L. Eckart                         Corydon Dulcimer Society
Frank Eckert                              Corydon Presbyterian Church                       Donations in Memory of Bart Zimmerman
Ray & Vicky Elmore                        Corydon United Methodist Church                   Edie J. Adamson
Jacob & Susan Ems                         Council of Michigan Foundations                   Christina L. & Michael Allen
Matthew P. & Ellen M. Eve                 First Federal Savings Bank                        Troy D. & Jill M. Allen & family
Drew Faith                                First Harrison Bank                               Ernest & Mary Alice Beach
Dylan Faith                               Harrison County Hospital                          Charlotte M. Bell
Mark A. & Brenda Smith Falkenstein        Harrison Crawford BAR Association                 Bennett & Bennett Insurance, Inc.
Frank & Alice Fey                         Heritage Ford-Mercury                             Barbara K. Best & family
Joy M. & Timothy Lee Foster               Horseshoe Casino • Hotel                          Irene Blank
Linda Basham and Julita A. Fowler         JKF Consulting                                    Reba Brown
Friends of Callie Zimmerman               Judy Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund              Frederick K. Cammack
Rosemary S. Funk                          Junior Achievement of Kentuckiana, Inc.           Diane Coots
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Garbrough                 Drs. Karem, Schueter & Staff                      Corydon Central Vanguard Band Boosters
Gary J. & Jean K. Geswein                 Ladycats Booster Club                             David W. & M. Sue Costello
Raymond L. & Dorothy R. Gettelfinger      Lanesville Community School Corporation           Darryl & Leah Daily
Thomas & Marilyn Gibson                   Lanesville Heritage Weekend, Inc.                 Robert J. & Joan E. Daugherty
Steven A. & Pat Gilliland                 Leadership Harrison County                        Ruth Davis & Sharon & Michael Uhl
Donna Gilliland-Draper &                  Melhiser, Endres & Tucker                         Harold E. & Lou Ann Dillman & family
    Rhonda Gilliland                      Microsoft Giving Campaign                         Richard & Rena Elbert
Michael E. & Leah J. Gutknecht            New Middletown 8th Grade Class 1954-1955          Norman D. & Joyce K. Emily
Grace A. Gwynn                            New Middletown Lions Club                         First Harrison Bank Employees & Board
Sharon J. & Donald L. Hanen               New Salisbury Lions Club                          Kenneth A. & Alice C. Flock
Jerry & Evelyn Hardsaw                    Norstam Veneers, Inc.                             Chris & Kim Frederick & family
Roy & Denise Harmon                       North Harrison Community School Corporation       Janet L. & Michael Frederick
Bruce & Bette Harper & Patricia Motley    North Harrison Football PEP                       Carroll & Kenneth Gilham
Jeff Alan & Cassandra Hauswald            N. H. Middle School Student Council               John & Margrita Graf & family
Gralyn L. & Susannah Sample Hebert        O'Bannon Publishing Co., Inc.                     Holly & Mark Hager
Deborah Dawn & Bryan M. Hedden & family   PC Building Materials                             Susan G. & Mike Hanson
Alan K. & Judy G. Hess                    Pfeiffer's Jewelers                               Billie R. Hess
Harold & Sue Higginbotham                 Phil Pace Scholarship Fund                        Stella Wininger Jones & Danny Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Jacobi                  Ronald J. Pryor, D.M.D & Staff                    Curt & Eve Ann Jordan
Gerald & Kay Jacobs                       Ramsey Lions Club                                 The Keinsley Family
Roger and Pat Jacobs                      Robertson Crushed Stone, Inc.                     Sam & Barbara Lander
Steven Z. & G. Jean Jakab                 Rotary Club of Corydon Indiana, Inc.              Eddie & Karen Mathes
JoAnna Jarboe                             South Central Elementary School                   Terry W. & Theresa F. Mattingly
Curt & Eve Ann Jordan                     South Harrison Community School Corporation       Robert S. Mattingly DMD, Malissa & staff
Paul J. & E. Elizabeth Kiesler            Southern Indiana Regional Alliance                Paul James III & Sarah Bush Miller
Ada & Bradley King                        St. Johns Church                                  Joe & Connie Miller
Nathan E. & Marlo M. Kintner              St. John's Lutheran School                        Beth & Dan Nowlin
Madelyn Kirkham                           The Dollywood Foundation                          Frank W. Jr. & Theresia A. Ordner
Judith K. & David M. Kocka                Town of Elizabeth                                 Maggie L. Orwick
Merle J. & Dorothy Kruer                  Tyco Electronics                                  Charles & Beth Phillips & family
Jim & Sandra LaDuke                       Uhl Truck Sales, Inc.                             Donald F. & Jerry Ann Piontkowski
Brent & Diana Lasley                      Zambelli Fireworks                                Gary D. & Theresa L. Pope
Jack D. Lawson & Maureen Fey-Lawson                                                         Wayne Gettelfinger & Janice Redden
Stephanie Logsdon                         Donations in Memory of Bob Bennett                Steve S. & Ellen D. Reising
Carrie & Karen Lucas                      J. Gordon and Christine Pendleton                 Trudy & Russell Richardson & family
Elizabeth B. Magner                                                                         Stephen J. & Anne M. Robertson
Karolyn and Richard Mangeot               Donations in Memory of Elizabeth Hardin           Joshua & Meredith Rodriguez & family
Marvin & Maria Mann                       Catching Betz                                     David L. & Johnnie G. Royalty
Ida R. Marrillia                          Teresa Campbell                                   Laura Royse
David & Pamela Bennett Martin                                                               Cara & Helen L. Sajko
Eleisa & Denzil Mason                     Donations in Memory of Lula Boss                  Walter Saulman
Chad McAfee & Susan Hendrich              J. Gordon and Christine Pendleton                 James A. & Darlene Schilmiller
R. L. & A. J. McCaffry                                                                      William R. & Hope L. Schneider & family
Cletice McRae                             Donations in Memory of Paul Chambers              Paul J. & Mary Jean Schroeder
Heather Medlock                           J. Gordon and Christine Pendleton                 Mary Lisa Sieg
William & Sherry Melton                                                                     Daniel W. Jr. & Nancy F. Smith & family
Marydee Meyer                             Donations in Memory of William M. Churchill       Betty K. Stem
Joe & Connie Miller                       Angela & Robert Kitchel                           Candace Stroud & family
Diane D. Miller & family                                                                    James & Marilyn Thieneman
Michael G. & Rebecca S. Missi             Donations in Memory of Ezra I. Duley              Dode Timberlake
Mildred Monroe                            Jerry & Donna Irvine & family                     Fred A. & Deborah M. Uhl
J. Kenneth Neukam                         Floyd & Joyce Merritt                             Jerry & Sandra Uhl
Lisa & Richard Nichols and family         Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pollock                         Melanie Uhl
Judy O'Bannon                             Ms. Thelma Shelton                                Sam & Donna Uhl
J. Gordon and Christine Pendleton         Arthur III & Catherine R. Turcotte                Sharon Davis Uhl
Jason A. & Jenny L. Pendleton             Mr. James Zachritz                                Tony & Karla Uhl
Henry S. Pflanz                           YMCA of Harrison County, Inc.                     Werner O & Rina K. Vankleef
Richard U. & D. Jean Pflanz                                                                 Robert W. & Margaret Hays Walker
Melinda Powell                            Donations in Memory of Catherine Egger            Robby J. & Katherine L. White
Norbert Jr. & Elaine Rawert               J. Gordon and Christine Pendleton                 The Wilburn Family
Michael & Shirley Raymond                                                                   Bruce C.Windell & Linda L. Kiger-Windell
Mary Jane Reed                            Donations in Memory of George C. Geswein          Donald C. & Brenda D. Windell
David Remondini                           Brian & Kelley Churchill                          Leah R. & Darrin B. Windell
Juan J. and Rudee Ann Rodriguez           Palmyra Lions Club                                Clyde & Virginia Wininger
David & Betty Roll                                                                          Jerry L. Jr. & Elizabeth A. Wiseman
Brenda Sampson                            Donations in Memory of John Gorin                 C. Franklin & Linda Wiseman
Mick & Michele Saulman                    J. Gordon and Christine Pendleton                 Denzil B. & Kimberly J. Wiseman
Peter J. and Joan T. Schickel                                                               Juanita E. & Samuel F. Wolfe
Herbert & Amy Schneider                   Donations in Memory of Fred Griffin               Callie Zimmerman
Randall T. Shepard                        Samuel E. & Rebecca S. Eckart                     Tom & Polly Zoeller & family
Doug and Sandy Sherman                                                                      Cindi Schneider-Zollman
Ralph E. & Barbara K. Sherman             Donations in Memory of Christopher E. Hauswald
James L. & Mary Shireman                  YMCA of Harrison County, Inc.                     Donations in Honor of Marty Bary
Mark D. & Kathy D. Shireman                                                                 George & Donna Black family
Kathy Simmons                             Donations in Memory of John J. Heitkemper
Virginia Simmons                          Harrison County Farm Bureau                       Donations in Honor of Richard & Karolyn
Donald C. & Mary K. Smith                                                                   Mangeot
Glenn P. & Dawn R. Smith                  Donations in Memory of Nellie Mae Kitterman       Chris and Marcia Hermann
Nancy S. Smith & John W. Abel             J. Gordon and Christine Pendleton
Margaret & Jerome Smith                                                                     Donations in Honor of Vaughn & Linda
Nicholas E. & Lesa L. Smith               Donations in Memory of Carol Ann McCarthy         Timberlake
                                          J. Gordon and Christine Pendleton                 Troy, Leah & Logan Bensing
                                                                                            Chris, Julie & Ben Timberlake
 New Funds Created in 2008
Comfort House Fund

Comfort House established
an endowment in 2008 to
provide support for the oper-
ations and programs of
Comfort House.

Comfort House was estab-                                      St. John’s Lutheran School was founded in 1861 with a
lished in 2004 as a Child                                     three-day school week in the log parsonage when St. John’s
Advocacy Center and is an                                     Evangelical Lutheran Church members determined that
associate member of the                                       there was a need for Christian education for the children.
National Children’s Alliance.                                 The first school, a log house, was built in 1863 near the par-
Comfort House is located in Corydon and provides servic-      sonage. A larger building was built in 1880 because the stu-
es to families affected by sexual abuse. Services include a   dent population reached 40 and more space was needed.
multi-disciplinary team forensic interview approach as        Julius Prelle, teacher of grades one through eighth became
well as the provision of a victim advocate in order to        the first called teacher in 1886. He taught Catechism, Bible
ensure appropriate referrals to counseling, etc. Comfort      history and current secular studies. School was held five
House staff is available to present information to commu-     days a week. Mr. Prelle received an annual salary of
nity organizations regarding the necessity of child advoca-   $26.60. He lived with members of the congregation and
cy centers and the success of the multi-disciplinary team     walked or rode horseback to school. The congregation
approach. Comfort House personnel work as a team with         maintained the school despite the great depression. The
law enforcement, child protection services, prosecutors       money was scarce during this time so the pastor and teacher
and advocates. Services are primarily offered in Harrison     were provided with produce, meat and other food items by
and Crawford Counties and a satellite office is located in    congregational members. The pastor and teacher had their
Milltown.                                                     own cow and chickens to provide them with milk and eggs.
Harrison-Crawford BAR Association Scholarship
       New Funds                                               The school children have been involved in Memorial Day
                                                               picnics complete with skits, cantatas, operettas, school
The Harrison-Crawford BAR Association Scholarship will plays and musicals, and other open house and “fairs” to dis-
provide scholarship support to Harrison County graduating play their many talents throughout the 148 years of exis-
seniors who are accepted into and attend a two or four year tence.
private or public institute of higher education in Indiana.
Each Harrison County high school will be invited to nom- The school has grown from a one room log structure and
inate one candidate for this special scholarship.              one teacher to a building with eight classrooms and seven
                                                               full-time teachers. St. John’s School provides a Christ-cen-
The Harrison-Crawford BAR Association is comprised of tered education to children of the community from pre-
attorneys from Harrison and Crawford Counties and also school through eighth grade. Students today participate in
attorneys from Floyd County that practice in Harrison and extra-curricular sports, Destination Imagination, plays and
Crawford Counties. They hold bi-annual meetings to dis- musicals, science and learning fairs and other competitions.
cuss the various important legal issues affecting the com-
munity and legal system. They also sponsor various activ- Plan are being made now for the 150th Anniversary in 2011.
ities in the community that bring awareness to the law and God has truly blessed St. John’s and the students it has had
judicial system. The association currently has 47 mem- the privilege of serving.
                                                               Susan Evans Austin Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Lanesville Community School Corporation Athletic
Fund                                                           The Susan Evans Austin Memorial Scholarship Fund pro-
                                                               vides scholarship support to gradu-
To provide support to athletic pro-                            ating seniors of Corydon Central
grams of the Lanesville Community                              High School who are pursuing a
School Corporation for uses including                          certificate or degree in a nursing
uniforms, supplies, equipment or trans-                        program.
                                                               Susan Evans Austin was a sixth
North Harrison Girls Basketball Scholarship                    generation Harrison Countian,
                                                               born in 1936 to William F. and
                            The North Harrison Girls Laura Decker Buchanan.                    She
                            Basketball Scholarship Fund graduated from Corydon Central
                            will provide two scholarships High School in 1954 then went to
                            each year for graduating seniors General Hospital in Louisville,
                            of North Harrison High School Kentucky and earned her RN degree. “If ever a person
                            who were team members of the loved their profession, it was Susan Buchanan Evans
                            girls varsity basketball team dur- Austin,” said Susan’s sister, Betty Magner.
                            ing their senior year. Recipients
                            may include players or man- Susan married Dennis G. Evans in 1956 and they had two
                            agers.                             children, Michael G. of Orlando, Florida and Barbara Ann
                                                               Evans of Corydon. Both of Susan’s children are graduates
                            “The recipients of these scholar- of Corydon Central High School. Barbara’s daughter
                            ship funds shall be true student Hailee Stewart will be a 2008 graduate and Hailee’s broth-
                            athletes,” said Hal Pearson, var- er, Tim King, attended CCHS and is now in the US Army.
sity girls coach. “They will embody the characteristics of
solid academic performance in the classroom, dedication Susan was very active in Tri Kappa, Tri Kappa Associates
to Lady Cat basketball on the floor, and also be a solid and in Old Capitol United Methodist Church in Corydon.
standing member of the Harrison County community,” She served 17 years as the school nurse at Corydon
added Pearson.                                                 Elementary School and was known by all the School
                                                               District as “Nurse Evans” or “Nurse Susie.” After her hus-
This scholarship fund has been established with donations band’s death in 1992, Susie worked as a school nurse in the
from the booster club, basketball fund and some other out- North Harrison School District.
side donations. “These donations are greatly appreciated,”
said Pearson. “This is a great way to give back to students In October 1994, Susie married Donald Austin and retired
in the girls’ basketball program that have so freely given of from her beloved profession. In early 1996, she was diag-
their own time and energy to the Lady Cat Program.”            nosed with terminal ovarian cancer and died in February
“I think people sometimes forget that student comes first in
‘student athlete’. This scholarship will only help bolster “There were hundreds and perhaps thousands of students
the fact that our athletes are students first,” said Pearson. and parents that were helped by her caring attitude and her
                                                               nursing knowledge,” said her sister. “In January 1997 she
St. John’s Lutheran School Fund                                was told this nursing scholarship was being established in
                                                               her name to help young people to pursue the profession of
The St. John’s Lutheran School Fund provides support to nursing. The glow on her face and her excitement that she
the St. John's Lutheran School in Lanesville.                  would be helping students forever was so wonderful to be a
                                                               part of,” said Betty.
 The years between 1861 and 2009 have provided the stu-
dents of St. John’s Lutheran School with many areas of
learning focused on the Bible and other secular subjects.
V.M. Albin Family Charitable Fund
                                                             ward to this yearly award,” added Callie.
The      V.M.    Albin
Family      Charitable                                       All donations received to open the fund were in memory
Fund has been estab-                                         of Bart Zimmerman who passed away in early August.
lished to provide sup-                                       Bart Zimmerman married Janet Miller in 1982. “The out-
port for repairs of the                                      pouring of love, kindness, and remembrance from our
Corydon         United                                       friends and family of Harrison County is an overwhelm-
Methodist       Church                                       ing reflection of the goodness of the people in our com-
where the Vallas and                                         munity,” said Janet. “Bradley, Nicole, and I are grateful
Eleanor Timberlake                                           to everyone. Bart would be happy to know that this schol-
Albin Family were                                            arship will be awarded to a student who has artistic or
members. The Corydon United Methodist Church was             mechanical talent that would allow that talent to be
built in 1924 and sits on the historic square in Downtown    ‘tapped into’ and nurtured.”
Corydon. The church currently has a membership of 120.
Corydon United Methodist Church celebrated their 200th
anniversary in 2007. This church opens their doors to
many downtown events such as the Friday Night Band
Concerts, World on the Square and Light Up Corydon.
They have also provided a free Thanksgiving dinner for
the Salvation Army for the past 15 years.

Zimmerman Family Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Zimmerman Family of Corydon has created the
Zimmerman Family Memorial Scholarship to provide
educational scholarships for Harrison County resident
graduating seniors of Corydon Central High School who
are accepted into and attend an accredited creative Arts
Studies or Industrial Arts program of study. These schol-
arships may support arts educational pursuits such as
glass art, music, sculpture, or painting.

In May 1961, Joe Zimmerman opened Zimmerman Art
Glass Company, after learning the glass making skills
passed on from his grandfather, Frederick and his father,     The selection of recommended recipients will be made
Victor. Joe passed the family tradition to the fourth gen-   by the committee designated annually by Corydon
eration of Zimmerman glass artisans, sons Barton and         Central High School for graduating senior scholarship
Kerry who began working at Joe’s factory in 1983. After      awards. “Bart Zimmerman was a skilled craftsman who
Joe passed away in 1986, Bart and Kerry continued oper-      shared his love and knowledge of his profession with
ating Zimmerman Art Glass Company. Joe and wife,             countless students,” said Becky Eckart, Corydon Central
Callie, also had a daughter, Josie. Today, Joe’s family      High School Counselor. “To provide a scholarship to stu-
includes 5 grandchildren. “We are really excited about       dents pursuing a career in art and/or to further their voca-
this scholarship,” said Callie Zimmerman. “It will be very   tional training is a wonderful tribute to Bart and his fam-
worthwhile to a deserving person and we are looking for-     ily.”

The Foundation offers a variety of funds designed to be responsive to donor needs. While all philanthropy adds value
to the community, each type of Foundation fund can provide differing added value to philanthropy in the community.
Endowed Gift Funds are permanent funds in which the assets are owned by the Foundation and managed according to
the charitable purposes designated. Since one of the goals of Endowed Gift Funds is to preserve the principal, only the
spendable amount is available for distribution.
With an Endowed Gift Fund donors can:

Make permanent provisions for favorite charities
Provide for the community through Field of Interest and Unrestricted Funds to help meet pressing needs
Help strengthen Foundation operations
Potentially increase the gift fund over time through professional investment management
Invest in the community’s future and give students a brighter future
Unrestricted Funds – Unrestricted funds are available to the Foundation for any of the charitable purposes encompassed
by the Foundation’s mission including its operational expenses. These funds are the most flexible type of fund. They
are ideal for donors who want to build maximum versatility into their charitable giving and place responsibility for
selecting the most appropriate use of the funds to the Foundation staff and Board of Directors.
Field of Interest Funds – Field of Interest funds are limited in their use by the donor’s stated preference for a specific
area of charitable purpose, without designation of recipient organizations or programs through which such charitable
purposes may be served. The Foundation Grants Committee and Board of Directors recommend which organizations
and programs might receive grants from field of interest funds and the amount of timing of such grants. Examples of
field of interest funds include but are not limited to:
Animal Protection • Arts & Culture • Environmental • Health & Safety • Historical Preservation • Recreation
Scholarship Funds – Scholarship funds are dedicated to providing grants for educational assistance to individuals seek-
ing post-secondary education. The Foundation administers two basic types of Scholarship Funds:
Advised - The Foundation works with an independent advisory committee selected by the donor. In most cases, previ-
ously existing committees, such as those organized by a local high school, are named. While the donor may set the over-
all purpose for the fund and create the selection criteria, the advisory committee is charged with publicizing the avail-
ability of the scholarship, and designing and disseminating applications for the fund. More important, the committee is
also responsible for the selection and recommendation of award candidates to the Foundation. Each advised scholarship
fund must have a voluntary committee of interested individuals who meet annually to review all the scholarship appli-
cants and recommend recipients to the Foundation. The donor may select the committee, but the majority of members
may not be family members. The Foundation retains the right to approve successor advisors.
Designated – This type of fund works best for donors who are interested in supporting students at a specific institution.
With this type of fund the amount available for disbursement is paid to a nonprofit institution (such as college, vocation-
al school, etc.) named by the donor. It is the institution’s responsibility to annually determine award recipients based on
the donor’s recommended criteria.
Designated Funds (and Agency Endowments) – Designated funds are earmarked for one or more charitable organiza-
tions, and all grants made from such funds will be made to (or for the use of) the designated recipient 501(c)(3) organ-
ization to support their work. If the recipient organization ceases to exist or changes its status or mission as a charita-
ble organization, the Foundation’s Board of Directors may exercise its variance power, selecting an alternate use for the
fund compatible with its original charitable purpose.
          Reaching New Heights
2008 Scholarship Recipients                                      David Minter Memorial Scholarship
                                                                (Awarded at North Harrison High School)
2008 Recipients of the Building                                 Brittany Edge
Our Future Scholarship                                          Ashley Eveslage
($5,000 renewable for four years)                               Ashley Fancher
                                                                Erin Striegel
Corydon Central High School
Devin Kitterman                                                 Earl Saulman Memorial Scholarship
Chad Salomon                                                    (Awarded at Corydon Central High School)
Lori Weis                                                       Tyler Jensen
Katelyn West
                                                                    First Harrison Bank Ivy Tech Scholarship
Lanesville Jr.-Sr. High School                                      (County-wide competition)
Jessica Ketterer                                                     Melinda Preston
                                       My first semester at Ashley Royalty
North Harrison High School             Bellarmine       University
Brandi Auberry                         went very well. I was able Harrison County Agricultural
Sarianne Capehart                      to maintain a 4.0 GPA. I Memorial Scholarship
Ashley Eveslage                        am studying exercise sci- (County-wide competition)
                                       ence and intend to go to Brittany Edge
Providence High School                 Graduate      School      at Rachael Stephenson
Travis Miller                          Bellarmine for Physical
                                       Therapy. I participated in a Harrison County Hospital Foundation
South Central Jr.-Sr. High School      club called Pioneer’s IUS Scholarship
Rachel Geracitano                      Scholars that was specifi- (County-wide competition)
                                       cally for first generation Melissa Nasby
                                       college students. I am now Jenna Schneider
Charitable Funds                       also part of the CREW. Portia Steele
Scholarships                           There is a freshman orien- Sabrina Ranke
                                       tation at the beginning of
Alphonse A. and Dolores A. Schmelz each school year and Harrison County Hospital Foundation
Memorial Scholarship                   CREW members run this Scholarship
(Awarded at Lanesville Jr.-Sr. High    orientation.                  (County-wide competition)
School)                                                              Brittney Barnickle
Jordan Price                           --Jessica Ketterer, 2008      Kiersten Schmelz
William Hambley                        Recipient of the Building
                                       Our Future Scholarship.       Harrison County Hospital Foundation
Bellarmine University Accel Program                                  Ivy Tech Scholarship
Scholarship                                                          (County-wide competition)
(County-wide competition)                                             Ashley Royalty
Whitney Pitman
                                                          Helen J. Cunningham Community Service Scholarship
Bellarmine University Harrison County Scholarship         (Awarded at South Central Jr.-Sr. High School)
(County-wide competition)                                 Sarah Deatrick
Robert Brown
                                                          Howard Haub Agricultural Scholarship
Bernice T. Richardson Scholarship                         (Awarded at North Harrison High School)
(County-wide competition)                                 Brittany Edge
Sally Baxter                                              Savannah Fessel
Amanda Schmelz
                                                          Howard Haub Athletic Scholarship
Canaan Timberlake Electrical                              (Awarded at North Harrison High School)
Apprenticeship Scholarship                                Brandi Auberry
(Awarded at North Harrison High School)                   David Geswein
Kelly Book                                                Leigh Perryman
David Geswein                                             James Schuler
Chamber of Commerce of Harrison County                Indiana University Southeast Harrison County
Education Scholarship                                 Education Scholarship
(County-wide competi-                                                     (County-wide competition)
tion)                                                                     Ron Zink
Kelly Eberly
Brittney Gayhart                                                           Ivy Tech- Prosser School of
Amber Law                                                                  Technology Scholarship
Kayla Money                                                                (County-wide competition)
Kiersten Schmelz                                                           Eric David Davis
Jodie Spencer                                                              Luna Douglas
Jolanna Stiles                                                             Evan Wilson
Joshua Stowers
                                                                           Jonathan Delaney Dickerson
Charlie L. Phillips                                                        Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship                                                                (County-wide competition)
(Awarded at Corydon Central High School)                                    Jennifer Jones
Mary Conrad
                                                      Judy Smith Memorial Scholarship
Clyde E. Marrillia Memorial Scholarship               (Awarded at North Harrison High School)
(Awarded at Lanesville Jr.-Sr. High School)           Danielle Pavey
Amanda Johnson
                                                      Kent Watson Baseball Scholarship
Corydon Central Class of '66 Scholarship              (Awarded at Corydon Central High School)
(Awarded at Corydon Central High School)              Jeremy Smith
Chelsea Hall
                                                      Lanesville Community Dollars for Scholars Scholarship
Corydon Central High School Scholarship               (Awarded at Lanesville Jr.-Sr. High School)
(Awarded at Corydon Central High School)              Bethany Jones
Samantha Banks
                                                      Lanesville Jr.-Sr. High School Scholarship
Corydon Lions Club Dan Hardsaw                        (Awarded at Lanesville Jr.-Sr. High School)
Memorial Scholarship                                  Eric Schulze
(Awarded at Corydon Central High School)
Traci Shewmaker                                       Leora Elizabeth Eisenmenger Melton
                                                      Memorial Scholarship
Crandall Masonic Lodge 591 Josh Beanblossom           (Awarded at Corydon Central High School)
Memorial Scholarship                                  Lori Weis
(Awarded at South Central Jr.-Sr. High School)        Kara Wolfe
Nathan Heinze
 Matthew D. Faith Memorial Scholarship
(Awarded at Corydon Central High School)
                                              Founders             North Harrison
Heather Gardner                               Scholarships         High School
                                              Corydon Central      Brooke Auberry
North Harrison Football PEP Scholarship
                                                                   Kelly Book
(Awarded at North Harrison High School)       High School          Lauren Paige Christian
Savannah Fessel
                                                                   Brittany Edge
Andrew Kitchel                                Jared Applegate      Ashley Fancher
                                              Samantha Banks       Savannah Fessel
North Harrison High School Scholarship        Michael Bennett      Amber Gardella
(Awarded at North Harrison High School)       Katelyn Botts        Angel Gardella
Sarianne Capehart                             Vicki Branham        David Geswein
                                              Nolan Brightman      Chevy Goodson
North Harrison Lions Clubs Scholarship        Isaac Brown          Amber Gresham
(Awarded at North Harrison High School)       Lauren Burch         Bradley Hamilton
Brandi Auberry                                Mathew Carver        Haley Hensley
Brooke Auberry                                Marissa Castaldi     Bradley Holland
Brittany Edge                                 Nate Cecil           Andrew Kitchel
Ashley Fancher                                Mary Conrad          Alexander Kleinke
                                              Bridgett Decker      Jennesy McConnell
North Harrison School Board Scholarship       Kristen DiGuiseppe   Carolean Miller
(Awarded at North Harrison High School)       Mckenzie Dyer        Micaela Napper
Kiersten Schmelz                              Kelly Eberly         Melanie Nordhoff
Katie Voyles                                  Shawna Ettner        Nikolas Owen
                                              Chelsea Feller       Lydia Robertson
Patricia Laughlan-Ireland                     Ashley Fried         Tessa Schilmiller
Memorial Scholarship                          Heather Gardner      Kiersten Schmelz
(County-wide competition)                     Mariya Goller        James Schuler
Susan Salings                                 Eric Gonzaba         Rhiannon Simon
                                              Brittany Graham      Joshua Stowers
Paul Cesar Memorial Scholarship               Glenn Gruny          Erin Striegel
(County-wide competition)                     Megan Gusler         Hilary Thevenot
Brandi Auberry                                Chelsea Hall         Katie Voyles
                                              Claire Hardsaw       Megan Wiedeback
Peter J. and Joan T. Schickel Scholarship     Joseph Harmon        Cody Woolston
(Awarded at Lanesville Jr.-Sr. High School)   Brittany Hoehn
Cody Hussung                                  Tyler Jensen
Nicole Melton
                                                                   South Central Jr.-Sr.
                                              Jennifer Jones
                                              Josey Kintner        High School
Phil Pace Memorial Scholarship                ChiCarla Leamons
(Awarded at North Harrison High School)       Ashley Linderman     Jessica Ball
Ashley Fancher                                Hannah Nachreinier   Anna Day
Tessa Schilmiller                             Elisabeth Neal       Sarah Deatrick
                                              Cheryl Palmieri      Lara Beth Fox
PNC Bank Ivy Tech Scholarship                 Michael Pope         Nathan Heinze
(County-wide competition)                     Kayla Powell         Kristin Kaiser
Sarette "Amanda" Arnold                       Chelsie Reed         Sarah Kincaid
Anna Day                                      Breanna Rosser       Savannah LaClair
                                              Calvin Saulman       Anna Loos
Regions Bank Ivy Tech Scholarship             Traci Shewmaker      Kayla Money
(County-wide competition)                     Jeremy Smith         Chelsie Phillips
Melinda Preston                               Hailee Stewart       John Sieboldt
                                              Jolanna Stiles       Rebecca Smith
Rotary Club of Corydon Scholarship            Dathan Utz           Jodie Spencer
(County-wide competition)                     Emily Whooley        John Quentin West
Lara Beth Fox                                 Amber Windell        Matthew Woodbury
Josey Kintner                                 Kara Wolfe
                                              Jennifer Woodward
R. William Baker Scholarship                  Gretchen Zimmerman
(Awarded at Corydon Central High School)
Calvin Saulman                                Lanesville Jr.-Sr.
                                              High School
Shireman Family Scholarship
(County-wide competition)                     Brittney Barnickle
Chelsea Hall                                  Felicia Bays
Paul Mathis                                   Ethan Bridges
Lydia Robertson                               Jessica Cook
Ashley Royalty                                Cassondra Crews
                                              Adrien Elsler
South Central Jr.-Sr. High School             Brittney Gayhart
Scholarship                                   Elizabeth Glomb
(Awarded at South Central Jr.-Sr. High        Danielle Henckel
School)                                       Melvin Hess
Sarah Kincaid                                                      I would like to take a few
                                              Jordan Holder        minutes to sincerely
                                              Cody Hussung         thank you for the schol-
Susan Evans Austin Memorial                   Amber Law
Nursing Scholarship                                                arship which you have
                                              Brandon McCoy        awarded me.           This
(Awarded at Corydon Central High School)      Collin McCulloch
Bridgett Decker                                                    money will help me
                                              Timothy McEndoo      more than you will ever
                                              Nicole Melton        know. This scholarship
Tommy, Sarah and Bud Timberlake               Jordan Price
Scholarship                                                        will pay for almost half
                                              Devin Rainbolt       of my entire schooling.
(Awarded at Corydon Central High School)      Rachel Rivers
Isaac Brown                                                        This money is so greatly
                                              Phillip Roberts      appreciated and I take
                                              Ashley Royalty       great pride knowing that
Wilson Family Scholarship in Memory of        Holly Schaefer
T.J. and S. Morris Wilson                                          I was one of the ones
                                              Matthew Schmelz      selected to receive a
(Awarded at Corydon Central High School)      Eric Schulze
Megan Gusler                                                       scholarship from HCCF.
                                              Rachael Stephenson   I just wanted you all to
                                              Joshua Stilger       know how much this is
                                              Allison Wolfe        going to help me further
                                                                   my education and be
                                                                   successful in life. ----
       Total 2008 Scholarships                                     Bradley Holland, 2008
                                                                   North Harrison High
                                                                   School Graduate
Trekking with Local Agencies
Grant Recipients 2008                           Harrison County Renaissance            South Harrison Community
                                                                                       School Corporation
                                                Harrison County Sheriff's
                                                Department                             St. John's Lutheran School
Grants awarded                                  Harrison Education & Literacy          St. Joseph School
in 2008 totaled                                 Program
                                                                                       St. Peter's Lutheran Church
                                                Harrison Township Volunteer Fire
$2,754,440.16                                   Department
                                                                                       The Center for Women and
                                                Hayswood Theatre Group
                                                                                       The Children's Hospital
"To our grant recipients, we can't thank you                                           Foundation
enough. Our Grants Committee enjoys             Heth Township Volunteer Fire
reading your ideas and proposals every          Department                             The de Paul School, Inc.
year. We thank you for the work you do and
the lives you touch."                           Heth Washington Elementary             The Salvation Army
---Gary Geswein, Chairman of the HCCF           School
Grants Committee                                                                       Unity Chapel
                                                Historical Society of Harrison
                                                County                                 YMCA of Harrison County
American Cancer Society/Harrison                Hoosier Hills PACT
County Relay for Life
American Red Cross Buffalo Trace
                                                Indian Creek Trail, Inc.               How to apply for a
Service Center                                                                         grant
Big Brothers Big Sisters of                     Indiana Grantmakers Alliance
Kentuckiana                                     Foundation                             All not-for-profit agencies pro-
                                                                                       viding services to residents of
Blue River Services                             Indiana University Southeast           Harrison County, Indiana are eli-
                                                Joe Rhoads Senior Citizens Center      gible to apply. Applicants are
Boone Township Volunteer Fire                                                          required to submit the IRS Letter
Department                                      Junior Achievement of Kentuckiana      of Determination (LOD) indicat-
Boy Scout Troop 47                                                                     ing their status as a 501(c)3 not-
                                                Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft       for-profit. Entities eligible to
Brandon's House Counseling Center,              Lanesville Community School            apply, but excluded from the IRS
Inc.                                            Corporation                            Letter of Determination require-
                                                                                       ment include schools, religious
Center for Lay Ministries, Inc./The             Leadership Harrison County             organizations, some civic organi-
Bliss House                                                                            zations and local governmental
                                                Leora Brown School                     units.
Charles L. Shedd Kentucky
Association                                     LifeSpan Resources, Inc.
Clark Memorial Hospital Foundation              Lincoln Hills Development
                                                                                       Spring and Fall
                                                  Corporation                          Grant Cycles
Comfort House
                                                Main Street Corydon                    HCCF typically awards grants
Community Unity                                                                        twice a year. Applications for the
                                                Mauckport United Methodist             Spring Grant Cycles will be
Corydon Central High School                      Church                                accepted after December 1 each
Corydon Elementary School                       Metro United Way                       year and must be submitted no
                                                                                       later    than     January      15.
Corydon Intermediate School                     Milltown Volunteer Fire                Applications for the Fall Grant
Corydon Presbyterian Church                      Department                            Cycles will be accepted after
                                                                                       June 1 and must be submitted no
Elizabeth Volunteer Fire Department             Morgan Elementary School               later than July 15. Application
                                                New Middletown Elementary              deadlines will be posted on the
Family Health Center of Harrison                                                       HCCF web site, listed in local
County                                                      School
                                                                                       newspapers and in HCCF month-
                                                              New Middletown           ly e-newsletters.
Floyd Memorial
Hospital & Health                                             Volunteer Fire
Services                                                                               Signature Grant
Fountain United                                               North Harrison           Requests
Methodist Church                                              Community School
                                                                Corporation            HCCF has no limit on the
Franklin Township                                                                      amount of funding requested.
Volunteer Fire                                                North Harrison
                                                              Elementary School        However, requests $200,000.00
Department                                                                             and over are considered
Furthering Youth,                                             North Harrison Middle    Signature Grants. These applica-
Inc.                                                          School                   tions will be reviewed by all
                                                                                       members of the Grants
Girl Scouts of                                                Our Place, Inc.          Committee. Applicant agencies
Kentuckiana                                                   Palmyra Volunteer Fire   will be required to submit an
                                                              Department               original and eighteen copies of
Habitat for                                                                            their application and all attach-
Humanity of                                                   Ramsey Volunteer Fire    ments. Decisions for Signature
                         Jeffrey Baugh of Boy Scout Troop
Harrison County          47 of the Elizabeth area observing   Department               Grants may be announced any-
                         colors at summer camp 2008.                                   time during the year. After an
Harrison County          This troop camps about 10            Rehobeth Presbyterian    initial review of a Signature
Alternative              months out of the year where the     Church                   Grant request, the Grants
Education Center         youth learn many things from
                         basic tent care and cooking to                                Committee may require addition-
                         leadership skills and respect for    So. Indiana Chapter of   al information, presentations or
Harrison County          others.                              the American Guild of
Community                                                                              site visits. (Beginning December
                                                              Organists                15, 2009, all Signature Grant
                                                                                       requests must be received by
Harrison County Economic                        South Central Elementary School        December 15 to be considered
Development Corporation                         South Central Jr.-Sr. High School      for funding in the following cal-
                                                                                       endar year.)
Harrison County Exceptional Learners            South Harrison Athletic
Cooperative                                     Corporation
Harrison County Land Conservation               South Harrison Community
Special Grants
A vast majority of grant applications
should be planned ahead and submit-
ted during our Spring or Fall Grant
Cycles, however, the HCCF is aware
that some state or federal grants
requiring local matching funds are
announced on short notice. To sup-
port Harrison County serving not-for-
profits with local matching funds, we
will consider certain grant requests
anytime. Request letters must arrive
at the HCCF office prior to 4:00 pm
on the Monday before the monthly
Board of Directors meeting (typical-
ly, the first Monday of each month).

The following guidelines
apply:                                     South Harrison Athletic Corporation provides youth sporting opportunities to the student
                                           age community in South Harrison County. Here, Sydney Lewis participates in softball at
1. Special grants will only be consid-     South Harrison Park in Elizabeth.
ered if the funding desired is time-
sensitive in nature.                       the sub-committee convenes as a group to            the order requested. Any time a doc-
2. Priority will be given to special       determine a final ranking of their group's          ument on the checklist is not submit-
grants that leverage external funding      applications.                                       ted with the application provide a
to support a project.                                                                          written explanation in its place.
3. A one-page letter or a complete         Once the sub-committees have concluded
grant application may be required          their work, the Grants Committee meets as           Submit only standard size paper (8.5
including a complete application to        a whole to again review, score and/or rank          x 11) and avoid binding other than
the external grant making entity.          all applications. The final assessment and          binder clips. Keep a copy of your
Contact the HCCF Executive                 evaluation of the Grants Committee is pre-          application for future reference. We
Director or Grants Committee               sented to the entire Board of Directors as a        will not return or copy any materials.
Chairperson as soon as possible to         motion for approval.
discuss the project and determine the                                                          Statistics are helpful to justify your
documentation HCCF will need to        The Board of Directors will make a final                proposal, but statistics specific to
make a decision.                       determination of the grant applications and             Harrison County residents will pro-
                                       formally approve the amount to be awarded               vide a better argument for funding.
Emergency Grants                       to each successful applicant. The Board of              How many Harrison County resi-
                                       Directors' decision is final and will be                dents have been served in the past or
Emergency grants are awarded to announced via formal letter to each appli-                     are projected to be served by your
respond to true emergency needs of cant agency and publicly in local media.                    proposal if funded? What is the
our community or those that prevent                                                            source and relevance of these statis-
an agency or program from carrying         Grant Writing Tips                                  tics?
out primary functions or services,
such as essential equipment repairs or If you haven't applied to HCCF before, we               Avoid jargon, abbreviations or
disaster      response       services. strongly advise that you attend one of our              acronyms. Ask someone who is not
Emergency grant applicants should grant application workshops held approxi-                    familiar with the project to read and
call the HCCF office or Grants mately two months prior to each grant                           critique your application. Will they
Committee Chairperson to discuss application deadline. These workshops are                     be able to understand and clearly
your need and determine additional recommended for all applicants to ensure                    explain what your project is, the cost,
information the board may require. you have the latest changes or new tips for                 and the results you hope to achieve?
Emergency grants are submitted via a successful application.
one-page letter. Request letters must Contact the HCCF staff
arrive at the HCCF office prior to for scheduled dates.
4:00 pm on the Monday before the
monthly Board of Directors meeting We suggest that you com-
(typically, the first Monday of each plete your application at
month).                                least a week early to allow
                                       the HCCF staff to review
The letter should                      your application. Again,
describe:                              once the application is
                                       submitted, no additions or
1. The total amount requested          corrections can be made to
2. The project requiring this funding the application.
3. Why the project is considered an
emergency or cannot wait for the tra- Include ALL documenta-
ditional grant cycle.                 tion. Follow the checklist
                                      and instructions explicitly.
                                      The cover page should be              New playground equipment at Corydon Elementary School
Grant Application                     on the top of all copies
                                                                            provides access to outdoor play for special needs preschool stu-
                                                                            dents. Play is an important area of development helping them
                                      submitted. All copies                 develop muscles, develop coordination and social skills. Kaleb
Training and                          should be identical and in            Sharp and his fellow students are very excited about having
                                                                            their own playground!
HCCF staff will provide training to
all eligible not-for-profits serving our
community on the proper completion
of our grant application. All appli-
cants are strongly encouraged to
attend formal training sessions as
announced (typically in May and
November). In some cases, the staff
may be able to provide individualized
training at our facility.

Grant Making
Properly completed grant applica-
tions are recorded, catalogued and
separated by category. The Grants
Committee Chairperson will assign
sub-committees and sub-chairper-
sons. Each sub-committee will
receive a similar number of applica- Two new sections of the Indian Creek Trail in Corydon were completed in 2008, the Doolittle
tions for review and scoring. Section and the YMCA Section. The Indian Creek Trail provides a free public walking, run-
Individuals score the applications and ning or biking trail that can be used for many purposes such as exercise and general good
                                           health, recreation, wildlife education and more!
  The Foundation’s assets are invested with care, skill and prudence by our Finance and Investment
Committee. Their objective is to fund the Foundation’s Spending Policy while meeting the long term
goals of preserving the real purchasing power of the principal and providing a growing stream of
income that keeps pace with the rate of inflation used to sustain the operations and grant making capac-
ity of the Foundation.

  Our portfolio assets are invested in a mix of stocks, bonds, money market funds, U. S. Treasury and
Government Agency obligations, International Government debt obligations and other International debt
securities, bank certificates of deposit and in common trust funds and mutual funds that invest in any of
                                                                                                            Bill Thomas
the above mentioned instruments. The Committee members have established a broad diversified asset             Depauw
allocation guideline to provide capital appreciation along with current income while protecting principal.
The investment objectives of the Foundation are achieved by engaging the services of a professional investment manager, River
Wealth Management, to advise and direct investments. The Committee members meet quarterly with the managers and are pro-
vided an update along with any recommended adjustments. All investments are held in reputable accounts with proper oversight,
checks and balances. Wachovia Securities/Wells Fargo in Louisville is the custodian of our portfolio.

  Many of you may be concerned about the instability in the financial markets and the effect on the market value of the endow-
ment funds. The members of our Finance and Investment Committee have been and will continue to monitor closely these
changes. While the investment markets are volatile our investment strategy is steady. Our investment philosophy does not alter
during volatile times such as these. Instead it assumes greater significance by:

       • Making sure our portfolios are well diversified
       • Staying with quality investments
       • Following our strategy and focusing on our long-term goals

 We want to thank you for the trust you have placed with us. We join you in a common goal to meet the needs of Harrison
County not only in the immediate future but in perpetuity.
                            -Bill Thomas, HCCF Finance Committee Chairman

                          Harrison County Community Foundation
                                        For the Year Ending December 31
                                                                             2008                          2007
                Cash                                                   1,871, 736                    1,277,084
                Investments at fair market value                        7,171,591                    8,757,401
                Land and improvements                                     105,300                      105,300
                Building                                                  935,118                      934,680
                Furniture, equipment and software                          79,559                       79,240
                                                                       10,163,304                   11,153,705
              Less: Accumulated depreciation                             (84, 061)                    (50,207)
              TOTAL ASSETS                                             10,079,243                   11,103,498
                Payroll Taxes                                               3,528                        3,492
                Note Payable                                              835,266                      864,663
              TOTAL LIABILITIES                                           838,794                      868,155
              NET ASSETS - UNRESTRICTED                                 9,240,449                   10,235,343
              TOTAL LIABILITIES AND                                    10,079,243                   11,103,498
              NET ASSETS

              Balance beginning of year                               10,235,343                     8,254,585

                Contributions                                           4,812,962                    4,675,619
                Investments Dividends and Interest Income                 241,455                      323,150
                Capital Gain (Loss) - Realized                          (736,887)                       85,503
                Capital Gain (Loss) - Unrealized                      (1,997,127)                      321,632
              TOTAL REVENUE                                             2,320,403                    5,405,904

                Foreign Tax on Investments                                 (3,032)                     (2,471)
                Manager Investment Fees                                  (43,672)                     (43,373)
                Grants                                                (2,576,451)                  (3,004,130)
                Operations/Program Expenses                             (692,142)                    (375,172)
              TOTAL EXPENSES                                           (3,315,297                  (3,425,146)

              Excess of Revenue Over Expense                           (994,894)                     1,980,758

              ENDING NET ASSETS                                        9,240,449                   10,235,343

                          Harrison County Community Foundation
                                 Supporting Organization
                                                                            2008                           2007
                Cash                                                    1,026,665                    2,084,073
                Investments at Fair Market Value                       65,747,150                   80,160,020
              TOTAL NET ASSETS                                         66,773,815                   82,244,093
                Balance Beginning of Year                              82,244,093                   64,880,511
                Contributions                                         13,054,286                    15,188,596
                Investment Dividends and Interest Income               2,079,737                     1,953,348
                Capital Gain (Loss) - Realized                       (7,078,332)                    1,637, 845
                Capital Gain (Loss) - Unrealized                    (18,650,851)                     3,478,765
                Other Income                                                 831                             0
              TOTAL REVENUE                                         (10,594,329)                    22,258,554
                Foreign Tax on Investments                               (33,180)                      (24,872)
                Manager Investment Fees                                 (488,026)                     (431,893)
                Grants                                                (4,354,743)                   (4,438,207)
              TOTAL EXPENSES                                          (4,875,949)                   (4,894,972)
                  Excess of Revenue Over Expense                    (15,470,278)                    17,363,582
              ENDING NET ASSETS                                        66,773,815                   82,244,093
  National Standards for Community Foundations
We are proud to announce that during 2008 our foundation was found in compliance with the Council on Foundations National
Standards for Community Foundations. This means we have met the most rigorous peer review of our organizational and finan-
cial policies and procedures in philanthropy.

Why is it so important to be compliant with the National Standards set forth by the Council on Foundations? National Standards
for U.S. Community Foundations mark an individual and collective commitment and an outward sign that community founda-
tions take their responsibility very seriously. It affirms our commitment to financial security, transparency and accountability.

National Standards establish legal, ethical, effective practices that withstand the scrutiny of donors, government and media.
Community Foundations use National Standards to promote self-regulation in a manner viewed positively by the Internal
Revenue Service which has increased its scrutiny of charities.

These Standards set consistent expectations among community foundation boards and provide a framework for documenting,
communicating and providing training and technical assistance to advance best practices. National Standards compliant partic-
ipants have met benchmarks for quality in their operations and service.

 Policy On Availability of Financial Information
    It is the policy of the Harrison County   office. The Foundation will make the and serving Harrison County (Indiana)
  Community Foundation to follow the          Form 990-T available in any year it is purposes. The current investment man-

  rules and regulations of the IRS regard-
  ing public availability of our Form 990
  as well as any other required docu-
                                              required to file.                         agement fees assessed are 62 basis
                                                                                        points. Administrative fees of one per-
                                                Forms for the last two years are avail- cent (1.0%) are charged on all Planned
  ments.                                      able on or from our Gift instruments.
                                              office upon request.
    Public Availability of IRS Forms 990                                                  Finance and Investment Policies are
  and Audited Financial Statements:             The Foundation office also can pro- available for review upon request. A
                                              vide a list of financial managers and complete copy of the most recent
    Public inspection copies of the audit-    bodies responsible for investment and HCCF and Supporting Organization
  ed financial statements and Forms 990       oversight upon request. The Foundation Audits and 990 Forms are available by
  are available the same day to anyone        does not charge administrative fees on contacting the HCCF staff at 812-738-
  who requests them in person at our          endowed funds held by the Foundation 6668 or

  Journey With Us!
  This Community Foundation’s existence is very much based
  on the idea of forever. The decisions we make today will
  have an impact on generations to come. Donations to this
  Community Foundation are permanent, lasting and enduring.
  An endowment fund is permanent — the initial investment
  that creates the fund, along with the gifts that are added over
  the years, will always be at the Community Foundation to
  generate income to meet future needs.

  Within your community foundation is now over 120 charita-
  ble endowment funds which build the community today and
  tomorrow. View our complete list of charitable endowments          North Harrison Middle School eighth grader Carla Cassidy
  on pages 12 and 13 of this annual report. Our staff is always      presents a check to James Goldman for the Betty R. Goldman
                                                                     Memorial Relay for Life Fund. This fund provides an annual
  available to assist you in carrying out your charitable wishes.    disbursement to the Harrison County Relay for Life, which is
                                                                     held each June and benefits the American Cancer Society. In
                                                                     October, the student council held a haunted house during Red
                                                                     Ribbon Week to raise money to fight cancer and lung disease.
                                                                     The students raised over $500.00 which they wanted to donate
                                                                     to the American Cancer Society.

          2008 Contributions — $13,054, 284.75
           1996 - 2008 Total — $101,298,561.54
             HCCF Charitable Funds
Access to Recreation        field of study, or who       Corydon Central Class        Early Readers Fund            Harrison County
Fund                        have participated in         of ’66 Scholarship           Provides perpetual fund-      Chamber of
Provides support for the    school athletics             Fund                         ing of the Imagination        Commerce Education
creation and mainte-                                     Provides support for         Library program in            Fund
nance of barrier-free       Carl & Mary Osbourn          one-year educational         Harrison County               Provides scholarship
access to recreation        Wolford Spalding             scholarships for graduat-                                  support to Harrison
environments and            Education Scholarship        ing high school seniors      Eckart Family                 County graduating sen-
opportunities at recre-     Fund                         accepted into and            Charitable Trust              iors or vocational train-
ational venues in and       Provides scholarship         attending a certified        Provides support to           ing for all residents of
throughout Harrison         support to Harrison          vocational training pro-     charitable purposes and       Harrison County
County including coun-      County residents attend-     gram or an accredited        charitable organizations
ty parks                    ing Spalding University      institution of higher        specifically to Corydon       Harrison County
                            undergraduate education      education                    Presbyterian Church           Community Fund
Alex Simmons                programs                                                                                Provides a continuing
Memorial Scholarship                                     Corydon Central High         Effie Kuhlman                 resource of income for
Fund                        Cedar Glade Fund             School Scholarship           Charitable Trust Fund         the Harrison County
Provides support for        Provides support to the      Fund                         Provides support to the       Government for munici-
educational scholarships    Corydon Presbyterian         Provides scholarship         charitable work of the        pal projects
for graduating high         Church in delivering         support to Corydon           fund
school seniors at South     assistance to needy, low-    Central High School                                        Harrison County
Central High School         income persons of            graduating seniors           Eleanor and Vallas            Community Services
accepted into a certified   Harrison County and                                       Albin Scholarship             Fund
vocational training pro-    Harrison County youth        Corydon Central              Fund                          Provides support to the
gram                                                     Junior High School           Provides renewable            many services provided
                            Charles L. Shedd             Capitalizing                 scholarship support to a      to the citizens of
Alphonse A. and             Scholarship Fund             Designs Quilt Project        Corydon Central gradu-        Harrison County by this
Dolores A. Schmelz          Provides support to          Fund                         ating senior attending        non-profit agency
Memorial Scholarship        youth residing in            Provides support to          vocational or traditional
Fund                        Harrison County diag-        develop, maintain and        secondary education           Harrison County
Provides scholarship        nosed with dyslexia          enhance fine arts enrich-                                  Hospital Foundation
support to graduates of     and/or hyperkinesis and      ment programs in the         Environmental Fund            Fund
Lanesville High School      utilizing the services of    Corydon Central Junior       Provides financial sup-       Provides scholarships,
who have participated in    the Charles L. Shedd         High School                  port to projects or pro-      equipment purchases,
school athletics            Kentucky Association                                      grams preserving the          and other supporting
                                                         Corydon Central              natural environment of        functions of the
Animal Protection           Charlie L. Phillips          Jr./Sr. High School          Harrison County includ-       Hospital’s Foundation
Fund                        Scholarship Fund             Library Fund                 ing but not limited to
Provides financial sup-     Provides scholarship         Supports the library of      air, water, or land clean-    Harrison County
port for the care and       support to graduating        the Corydon Central          up, preservation and          Hospital Foundation
welfare of animals in       seniors of Corydon           Junior-Senior High           beautification                General Fund
Harrison County includ-     Central High School          School to purchase                                         Provides support for
ing but not limited to      who have participated in     printed material, equip-     Family Health Center          scholarships, equipment
the support of organiza-    athletics for at least       ment, or other needs         of Harrison County            purchases and other
tions established for the   three years, have good                                    Fund                          supporting functions of
sanctuary, care and wel-    academic performance,        Corydon Elementary           Provides support to the       the Hospital’s
fare of domestic animals    have financial need and      School Library Fund          Family Health Center of       Foundation
or wildlife                 have participated in         Supports the library of      Harrison County with
                            community service            the Corydon Elementary       priority given to patient     Harrison County
Arts Fund                                                School to purchase           services.                     Hospital Foundation
Provides financial sup-     C. J. Smith Memorial         printed material, equip-                                   Ivy Tech Scholarship
port for arts interests     Endowment Fund               ment, or other needs         First Harrison Bank           Fund
and resident artists of     Provides support to the                                   Ivy Tech Scholarship          Provides scholarship
Harrison County             New Albany Deanery           Corydon Intermediate         Fund                          support to Harrison
                            Catholic Youth               School Library Fund          Provides scholarship          County residents attend-
Bellarmine University       Ministries for projects in   Supports the library of      support to Harrison           ing Ivy Tech
Accel Scholarship           Harrison County              the Corydon                  County residents attend-      Community College
Fund                                                     Intermediate School to       ing Ivy Tech                  studying health care
Provides scholarship        Clark Memorial               purchase printed materi-     Community College
support to Harrison         Hospital Foundation          al, equipment, or other                                    Harrison County
County residents attend-    Scholarship Fund             needs                        Frank O'Bannon                Junior Achievement
ing Bellarmine              Provides financial sup-                                   Memorial Preservation         Fund
University who already      port for educational pro-    Corydon Lions Club           Fund                          Provides support to
have a four year degree,    grams and activities         Dan Hardsaw                  Provides support for the      Junior Achievement pro-
but would like an addi-                                  Memorial Scholarship         specific purposes of          grams in Harrison
tional bachelor’s degree    Classical and Fine Arts      Fund                         maintaining or improv-        County
in the healthcare/nursing   Fund of Harrison             Provides scholarship         ing the Memorial, main-
profession                  County                       support to graduating        taining or improving the      Harrison County
                            Provides support to          seniors of South             grounds in the immedi-        Renaissance Fund
Bellarmine University-      encourage the creation,      Harrison Community           ate vicinity of the           Provides support to the
Harrison County             appreciation, and avail-     School Corporation           Memorial, conducting          Renaissance programs
Scholarship Fund            ability of classical arts                                 historic tours, interpreta-   in Harrison County
Provides scholarship        and literature in            Corydon Presbyterian         tions and educational         schools
support to Harrison         Harrison County              Church Memorial              sessions
County residents attend-                                 Fund                                                       Harrison-Crawford
ing Bellarmine              Clyde E. Marrillia           Provides support to the      Furthering Youth, Inc.        BAR Association
University                  Memorial Scholarship         Corydon Presbyterian         Fund                          Scholarship Fund
                            Fund                         Church                       Provides support of the       Provides scholarship
Bernice T. Richardson       Provides scholarship                                      programs of FYI, Inc.         support for Harrison
Scholarship Fund            support to graduating        Crandall Masonic             and the Gerdon Youth          County resident gradu-
Provides scholarship        seniors of Lanesville        Lodge 591 Josh               Center                        ating high school sen-
support to Harrison         High School                  Beanblossom                                                iors accepted into and
County residents attend-                                 Memorial Scholarship         George L. Hess Family         attending an accredited
ing Indiana University      Comfort House Fund           Fund                         Harrison County               institution of higher
Southeast majoring in       Provides support for the     Provides scholarship         Public Library Fund           education in Indiana
elementary education        operations and programs      support for graduating       Provides support to the
                            of the Comfort House         high school seniors from     Harrison County Public        Health and Safety
Betty Goldman Relay         located in Corydon           South Central High           Library in purchasing         Fund
for Life Fund               where services are pro-      School who are accept-       children’s books and          Provides support for the
Provides support to the     vided to the community       ed into and attend a cer-    programs                      health, safety, fitness,
annual American Cancer                                   tified vocational training                                 and physical welfare of
Society Harrison            Community                    program or a two or          Harrison County 4-H           residents in Harrison
County Relay for Life       Foundation of                four year college            Endowment Fund                County
                            Southern Indiana-                                         Provides support to the
Blue River Services,        Harrison County              David Minter                 Harrison County 4-H           Helen J. Cunningham
Inc. Fund                   Youth Philanthropy           Memorial Scholarship         Council to carry out its      Community Service
Provides support to the     Fund                         Fund                         role and mission              Scholarship Fund
multiple programs of        Provides support to the      Provides scholarship                                       Provides scholarship
Blue River Services,        activities of the Harrison   support to graduating        Harrison County               support to graduating
Inc.                        County Youth                 seniors of North             Agricultural Memorial         seniors of South Central
                            Philanthropy Council or      Harrison High School         Scholarship Fund              High School who have
Canaan Timberlake           other youth philanthropy                                  Provides scholarship          been actively involved
Electrical                  activities in Harrison       Earl Saulman                 support to Harrison           in community service
Apprenticeship              County                       Memorial Scholarship         County graduating sen-
Scholarship Fund                                         Fund                         iors pursuing a career in     Heth Washington
Provides scholarship        Corydon Capital              Provides scholarship         agriculture or agricul-       Elementary School
support to graduates of     Preservation Alliance        support to graduating        ture related fields           Library Fund
North Harrison High         Fund                         seniors of Corydon                                         Supports the library of
School pursuing a           Provides support to the      Central High School                                        the Heth Washington
Journeyman Electrician      Corydon Capital                                                                         Elementary School to
License, an electrical      Preservation Alliance
purchase printed materi-      Lanesville Community         North Harrison               school seniors from         ed material, equipment,
al, equipment, or other       School Corporation           Elementary School            North Harrison High         or other needs
needs                         Athletic Fund                Library Fund                 School who have partici-
                              Provides support to ath-     Supports the library of      pated in a high school      St. Joseph Catholic
Historical Preservation       letic programs of the        the North Harrison           athletic program            School Library Fund
Fund                          Lanesville Community         Elementary School to                                     Supports the St. Joseph
Provides support to proj-     School Corporation for       purchase printed materi-     PNC Advisors Ivy Tech       Catholic School Library
ects or programs pre-         uses including uniforms,     al, equipment, or other      Scholarship Fund            to purchase printed
serving the history of        supplies, equipment or       needs                        Provides scholarship        material, equipment, or
Harrison County includ-       transportation                                            support to Harrison         other needs
ing but not limited to                                     North Harrison Girls         County residents attend-
documentation, struc-         Lanesville Community         Basketball Scholarship       ing Ivy Tech Community      St. Peter's Evangelical
tures, or other antiquities   Dollars for Scholars         Fund                         College                     Lutheran Church Fund
                              Fund                         Provides support for                                     Provides support to St.
Howard H. Haub                Provides scholarship         scholarships for graduat-    Recreation Fund             Peter's Evangelical
Scholarship Fund              support to graduating        ing seniors of North         Provides support to proj-   Lutheran Church in
Provides scholarship          seniors of Lanesville        Harrison High School         ects enhancing the recre-   Corydon
support to graduates of       High School                  accepted into and            ational activities in
North Harrison High                                        attending a certified        Harrison County includ-     Susan Evans Austin
School who have partici-      Lanesville Elementary        vocational training pro-     ing but not limited to      Memorial Nursing
pated in school athletics     School Library Fund          gram or a 2 or 4 year        equipment, facilities,      Scholarship Fund
or who have participated      Supports the library of      institution of higher edu-   programs, and events        Provides support for
in school related agricul-    the Lanesville               cation                                                   educational scholarships
tural activities              Elementary School to                                      Regina C. Cammack           for graduating seniors of
                              purchase printed materi-     North Harrison High          Memorial Education          Corydon Central High
Indian Creek                  al, equipment, or other      School Library Fund          Fund                        School pursuing a cer-
Greenway                      needs                        Supports the library of      Provides culturally         tificate or degree in a
Development Fund                                           the North Harrison High      enriching trips for         nursing program
Provides for the environ-     Lanesville Heritage          School to purchase           Corydon Elementary
mental protection and         Weekend Fund                 printed material, equip-     School third graders        The de Paul School
recreational development      Provides support to the      ment, or other needs                                     Fund
of the Indian Creek area      charitable projects and                                   Regions Bank Ivy Tech       Provides support to The
in the vicinity of            programs of Lanesville       North Harrison               Scholarship Fund            de Paul School for stu-
Corydon                       Heritage Weekend, Inc.       Football Team PEP            Provides scholarship        dent assistance with pri-
                                                           Scholarship Fund             support to Harrison         ority given to residents
Indiana University            Lanesville Jr./Sr. High      Provides scholarship         County residents attend-    of Harrison County
Southeast Harrison            School Library Fund          support to graduating        ing Ivy Tech Community
County                        Supports the library of      seniors of North             College                     The Nature
Education Scholarship         the Lanesville High          Harrison High School                                     Conservancy - Blue
Fund                          School to purchase print-    who have been a player       Rotary Club of              River Project Fund
Provides scholarship          ed material, equipment,      or manager of the North      Corydon, Indiana            Provides support to the
support to students           or other needs               Harrison High School         Fund                        efforts of The Nature
attending IUS graduate                                     Football Teams for a         Provides support for        Conservancy to preserve
level courses in the          Lanesville High School       minimum of three years,      charitable grants to        the beautiful Blue River
School of Education           Scholarship Fund             one being their senior       Harrison County non-        in southeastern Indiana
                              Provides support to          year                         profit organizations
Ivy Tech-Prosser              Lanesville High School                                                                Tommy, Sarah, and
School of Technology          graduating seniors           North Harrison High          R. William Baker            Bud Timberlake
Scholarship Fund                                           School Scholarship           Scholarship Fund            Scholarship Fund
Provides scholarship          Leadership Harrison          Fund                         Provides support for        Provides support for
support to students           County Fund                  Provides support to          educational scholarships    educational scholarships
attending Ivy Tech            Provides support to          North Harrison High          for graduating high         for graduating high
Community College who         Leadership Harrison          School graduating sen-       school seniors of           school seniors accepted
have also attended class-     County programs              iors                         Corydon Central High        into and attending a cer-
es at Prosser School of                                                                 School                      tified vocational training
Technology                    Leora Brown School           North Harrison Lions                                     program or accredited
                              Fund                         Clubs Scholarship            Shireman Family             institution of higher
Jessie L. & Arlie L.          Provides support to the      Fund                         Scholarship Fund            learning
Fogal Scholarship             Leora Brown School           Provides scholarship         Provides one year schol-
Trust Fund                                                 support to graduates of      arships for Harrison        Town of Crandall
Provides scholarship          Leora Elizabeth              North Harrison School        County resident graduat-    Scholarship Fund
support to students pur-      Eisenmenger Melton           Corporation                  ing high school seniors     Provides scholarship
suing a medical degree        Memorial Scholarship                                                                  support to graduating
or a D.D.S.                   Fund                         North Harrison Middle        South Central               high school seniors who
degree                        Provides scholarship         School Library Fund          Elementary School           reside within the Town
                              support to graduating        Supports the library of      Library Fund                of Crandall
Joe Rhoads Senior             seniors of Corydon           the North Harrison           Supports the library of
Citizens Center Fund          Central High School          Middle School to pur-        the South Central           Town of Elizabeth -
Provides for the continu-                                  chase printed material,      Elementary School to        Rose Hill Cemetery
ing services of this non-     Lucy Hornbeck Bless          equipment, or other          purchase printed materi-    Fund
profit care facility          the Children Fund            needs                        al, equipment, or other     Provides perpetual care
                              Provides support to send                                  needs                       and maintenance of the
Jonathan Delaney              children of Harrison         North Harrison School                                    municipal cemetery in
Dickerson Memorial            County to church spon-       Board Scholarship            South Central High          Elizabeth
Scholarship Fund              sored camps                  Fund                         School Scholarship
Provides support for                                       Provides scholarship         Fund                        V.M. Albin Family
educational scholarships      Many Voices - One            support to graduates of      Provides support to         Charitable Fund
for graduating high           Community Fund               the North Harrison           South Central High          Provides support for
school seniors currently      To promote tolerance,        School Corporation           School graduating sen-      repairs of the Corydon
residing in Harrison          integration, acculturation                                iors                        United Methodist
County that have partici-     and appreciation of       Patricia Laughlan-                                          Church
pated in 4-H programs         diversity in Harrison     Ireland Memorial                South Central Jr./Sr.
for at least seven years      County                    Scholarship Fund                High School Library         Wilson Family
                                                        Provides scholarship            Fund                        Scholarship in Memory
Juan J. and Rudee             Matthew D. Faith          support to graduating           Supports the library of     of Thomas J. Wilson &
Rodríguez Teacher             Memorial Scholarship      seniors of Harrison             the South Central Jr./Sr.   S. Morris Wilson Fund
Travel Fund                   Fund                      County high schools             High School to purchase     Provides scholarship
Provides professional         Provides support for edu- attending Indiana               printed material, equip-    support to undergraduate
enhancement travel            cational scholarships for University Southeast and        ment, or other needs        students enrolled at
grants to actively teach-     graduating seniors of     majoring in English                                         Indiana University, grad-
ing certified educators at    Corydon Central High                                      Spalding University         uating from Corydon
Corydon Central Junior        School who wish to pur- Paul Cesar Memorial               Harrison County             Central High School and
High School                   sue a career in the med-  Scholarship Fund                Scholarship Fund            who also were a member
                              ical field                Provides scholarship            Provides scholarship        of the high school band
Judy Smith Memorial                                     support to Harrison             support to Harrison
Scholarship Fund              Morgan Elementary         County graduating sen-          County residents attend-    YMCA of Harrison
Provides scholarship          School Library Fund       iors pursuing vocational        ing Spalding University     County Fund
support to graduating         Supports the library of   or traditional studies in                                   Provides support to the
seniors of North              the Morgan Elementary     the following fields:           St. John’s Lutheran         YMCA of Harrison
Harrison High School          School to purchase print- social services, medical,       Church Fund                 County
with disabilities and who     ed material, equipment,   or mortuary                     Provides support to the
have received special         or other needs                                            Saint John’s Lutheran       Zimmerman Family
education services at the                               Peter J. and Joan T.            Church in Lanesville        Memorial Scholarship
high school for at least      New Middletown            Schickel Scholarship                                        Fund
three years                   Elementary School         Fund                            St. John’s Lutheran         Provides scholarships to
                              Library Fund              Provides scholarship            School Fund                 graduating seniors of
Kent Watson Baseball          Supports the library of   support to graduating           Provides support to the     Corydon Central High
Scholarship Fund              the New Middletown        seniors of Lanesville           St. John's Lutheran         School accepted into and
Provides scholarship          Elementary School to      High School                     School in Lanesville        attending an accredited
support for graduating        purchase printed materi-                                                              creative Arts Studies or
seniors from Corydon          al, equipment, or other   Phil Pace Memorial              St. John's Lutheran         Industrial Arts program
Central High School that      needs                     Scholarship Fund                School Library Fund         of study supporting pur-
have participated in high                               Provides support for            Supports the library of     suits such as glass art,
school baseball for at                                  educational scholarships        St. John's Lutheran         music, sculpture or
least two years                                         for graduating high             School to purchase print-   painting
HCCF Board of Directors - Pioneers

                   Paul Beckort                R. Scott Berkley             Dr. Stephen Bodney                    Linda Burnham
                     Laconia                      Lanesville                      Corydon                            Elizabeth

  Teresa Campbell                 Heather Clunie             Jason Copperwaite                     Qudsia Davis                   Gary Geswein
     Elizabeth                    New Salisbury                   Corydon                           Corydon                         Palmyra

  Thomas Gibson                   Denise Harbeson                 Bette Harper                      Judy Hess                Pam Bennett Martin
     Corydon                         Corydon                       Mauckport                         Corydon                   New Salisbury

               Norbert Rawert                      Mark Shireman                    Bill Thomas                     Joel Voyles
               New Salisbury                         Lanesville                       Depauw                         Palmyra

                                   Glenn Walker                  Carolyn Wallace                    Doug York
                                      Laconia                    New Middletown                      Corydon

                                   Advisory Council

  Martha Beckort                  Chad Coffman                   Donnie Dones                      Cheryl Fisher                  Lisa Fisher
    Corydon                         Corydon                       Elizabeth                         Mauckport                      Ramsey

              JoAnna Jarboe                        Brian LaHue                   Brett Stillwell                   Ken Tingler
                Lanesville                           Corydon                       Corydon                          Corydon

Past Board Members:
Kathryn Moore, Joyce (George) Smith, Jan Day, Linda Runden, Maxine Brown, J.W.
Reeves, Earl Book, Herb Gettelfinger, Carl Uesseler, Virgil Carpenter, Don Gossman,
Rudee Rudd Rodriguez, Tom Tucker, Sally Williar, Maryland Austin, Joyce Bliss, Deborah
Coleman, Charlie Lynch, Gordon Pendleton, Pete Schickel, Dale Watson, H. Lloyd Whitis,
Donna Lloyd, Jane Kraft, Sandy Sherman, Chris Byrd, Brian Churchill, Patricia
  Committees and Staff
Executive Committee                            Finance Committee               Marketing Committee
Paul Beckort, President                        Bill Thomas, Chairperson        Judy Hess, Chairperson
Qudsia Davis, Vice-President                   Heather Clunie                  Teresa Campbell
Norbert Rawert, Secretary                      Tom Gibson                      Lisa Fisher
Joel Voyles, Treasurer                         Brian LaHue                     Bette Harper
Judy Hess, Horseshoe                           Brett Stillwell                 JoAnna Jarboe
   Southern Indiana                            Joel Voyles                     Brian LaHue
Bill Thomas, Finance                           Doug York                       Pam Martin
  Committee Chairperson                                                        Ken Tingler
Gary Geswein, Grants                           Grants Committee                Glenn Walker
  Committee Chairperson                        Gary Geswein, Chairperson
                                               Scott Berkley                   Personnel Committee
Audit Committee                                Linda Burnham                   Pam Martin, Chairperson
Carolyn Wallace, Chairperson                   Teresa Campbell                 Stephen Bodney
Linda Burnham                                  Heather Clunie                  Qudsia Davis
Chad Coffman                                   Chad Coffman                    Cheryl Fisher
Don Dones                                      Jason Copperwaite               Tom Gibson
Glenn Walker                                   Cheryl Fisher                   Norbert Rawert
                                               Denise Harbeson                 Mark Shireman
Board Development Committee                    Bette Harper                    Bill Thomas
Mark Shireman, Chairperson                     Norbert Rawert
Martha Beckort                                 Mark Shireman                   Scholarship and
                                               Brett Stilwell
Scott Berkley
                                               Ken Tingler
                                                                               Endowment Committee
Qudsia Davis                                                                   Jason Copperwaite, Chairperson
Lisa Fisher                                    Glenn Walker
                                               Carolyn Wallace                 Martha Beckort
Tom Gibson                                                                     Stephen Bodney
Judy Hess                                      Joel Voyles
                                                                               Linda Burnham
                                                                               Donald Dones
                                                                               Denise Harbeson
                                                                               JoAnna Jarboe
                                                                               Doug York

                                Steve Gilliland                       Julie Timberlake
                               Executive Director               Program & Marketing Manager

                                Vicky Elmore                         Shirley Longacre
                        Executive & Finance Assistant              Administrative Assistant

            Harrison County Community Foundation
                           1523 Foundation Way • P.O. Box 279
                                  Corydon, Indiana 47112
                           (812) 738-6668 • Fax (812) 738-6864
                     What can we do if we have
                       ACCESS to $411,000?
The $411,000 grant from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation we received to provide accessible improvements
to the many parks in Harrison County was just a beginning. Matching contributions were also
provided by Harrison County government, O’Bannon Woods State Park, and of course, the
Harrison County Community Foundation.

In addition to cash, our Access to Recreation projects benefitted from some in-kind donations. We
especially want to express our gratitude to Corydon Stone and Asphalt for donating
several tons of gravel for the trails. Limeberry Lumber also stepped up by discounting some treat-
ed lumber and other materials for bridges we needed to build to keep the trail easy to traverse.

And we can’t forget the volunteers who turned out to help stretch our resources, not just in
construction projects, but those who met with us to share their ideas and dreams. Masters
students from the Auerbach School of Occupational Therapy assembled a resource direc-
tory and will be helping us survey visitors to find out what other improvements are
needed. The O’Bannon Woods projects were also aided by labor from the Department
of Corrections.

Is this the end? Absolutely not! Kellogg intended the Access to Recreation grants to be
a beginning. Provisions in the grant required an endowment be created that would main-
tain these projects and help pay for continuing improvements. Kellogg funds, HCCF match and donations from people who
believe everyone should have a chance to enjoy our great outdoors, helped create the Access to Recreation Fund. This fund will
provide several thousand dollars each year to keep adding accessible features throughout the county.

Would you like to get involved? First, we ask you to look at the projects on this page and try to visit these park features soon. Tell
your friends and invite them to enjoy the trail, play in our pools, stay in a cabin, gaze at the stars, linger a while in the sensory
garden or take your grandchildren fishing. Let us know what you think. After visiting the parks, email any suggestions. We value
your opinion. Become a volunteer at the park or consider donating into the endowment fund.

Our goal is universal accessibility; eliminating barriers to create a community where every person’s unique strengths and perspec-
tives are valued. We hope you will find a memorable outdoor experience with these improvements whatever your abilities.

 Special wheelchairs are also available for use on the Adventure Trail at
 O’Bannon Woods State Park. Tour the new village on your way to the wildlife
 observation stand.

                                                                                   Don’t worry about getting your wheelchair wet! We have chairs avail-
  Our pontoon boat at Buffalo Trace Park is equipped with a wide gate large        able that are made to play in the water.
  enough for easy access with a wheelchair. All controls to operate the boat are
  universally accessible.

    All 3 swimming areas in Harrison County parks are equipped with
    electric lifts to help you in and out of the water.

Fishing is now more accessible in Harrison County thanks to floating and fixed fishing piers at O’Bannon Woods, Buffalo Trace Park and
Hayswood Park.

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