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  Protecting and Reassuring
                                                   policing summary edition

                       Cwmbrân's got               Cracking down on  
                       talent PCSO Rob             car crime Advice            Register your
                       Jarrett turned talent       to help keep cars and       possessions on the
                       scout for the day!          homes safe                  National Property

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safer gwent - policing summary edition                                                                                                                                Torfaen

                             I am delighted to have this
                             opportunity to set out how policing in Gwent will be
                             improved and developed over the next year. When
                             setting policing priorities the Police Authority takes
    care in balancing the priorities of the Government with regional priorities
    and most importantly the issues that are important to you, which we identify
    through asking you what you would like to see from local policing. Our
    website provides further details on our annual consultation programme.
    In 2010/11 we aim to continue to improve public               circumstances of local residents as far as possible    Tackling the
                                                                                                                         issues that matter
    confidence and satisfaction by maintaining                     and the force has worked extremely hard over the
    our investment in neighbourhood policing and                  last two years to identify areas where efficiency
    partnership working. The Authority works very                 savings can be made to avoid the possibility of
    closely with the Chief Constable and sets high                significant funding shortfalls now or in the future     Welcome to Safer Gwent, the
    standards for the provision of policing services              and we are very pleased with the results so far.       publication that highlights the work
    throughout Gwent.                                             The Authority is extremely pleased with our recent     which Gwent Police does in your area.
    As you are aware the police service, like other               inspection undertaken by HMIC and Wales Audit          Last year we changed the way we work to provide
    public services, faces challenging financial                   Office which showed that Gwent Police Authority         a more local service which protects you from
    constraints and increasing demands however we                 is performing well in all areas however we will look   serious harm. Although change was prompted by
    have set a carefully considered budget this year              to continually improve to reassure the people of       financial pressures, we have been able to maintain
    which will allow for the recruitment of 150 police            Gwent that they are receiving the very best policing   police officer numbers. This year will be recruiting
    officers bringing Gwent Police back up to full                 service within our budget.                             150 new officers. We will reduce spending on
    establishment by the end of the year. We have                 Thank you for continuing support,                      administration by around £10.6m over the next
    balanced the need for a high quality police service           Cilla Davies                                           two years to be able to do this.
    with an understanding of the current economic                 Chair - Gwent Police Authority                         I am confident that the Force is now better
                                                                                                                         designed to protect and reassure the people of

    Your Police Authority                                                                                                Gwent than ever before as we focus on driving
                                                                                                                         down crime and reducing the anti-social behaviour
                                                                                                                         which causes many of you concern.

    - Making Gwent a safer place
                                                                                                                         Dedicated neighbourhood teams are now working
                                                                                                                         in every area to tackle the issues that matter most
                                                                                                                         to local people and we are keeping our promise
    Gwent Police Authority is an independent body of 17 local people including                                           that they will spend at least 80% of their time
    councillors and members of the public. Our job is to make sure that there is an                                      visible on their ‘patch’. They are supported, 24
    efficient and effective local police service that responds to residents’ needs. We                                    hours a day, by dedicated response teams, which
    represent the local community and welcome your involvement in undertaking our                                        patrol every area of the force and respond quickly
    responsibilities.                                                                                                    to emergencies and crimes in progress.
    The Police Authority also plays a key part in improving performance and raising the standards of policing            Serious crimes, like sexual offences and violence,
    locally. We aim to ‘To Make Gwent a Safer Place’ by:                                                                 are now managed by force-wide investigation and
                                                                                                                         public protection teams which have won national
     •      Increasing community confidence, trust and              For further information on Gwent Police
                                                                                                                         acclaim for the way they support victims. In a
            reassurance in policing in Gwent;                      Authority, visit our website
                                                                                                                         recent inspection, we were graded as ‘Good’ at
     •      Engaging with local communities to ensure    
                                                                                                                         protecting the public from serious harm.
            their views are considered;                            Alternatively, contact us on 01633 642 200,
                                                                                                                         Our change in emphasis on delivery what the
     •      Ensuring the force has effective leadership            e-mail
                                                                                                                         public want has already made a difference.
            to meet community expectations in Gwent;               or write to:
                                                                   Police Authority Office, Police Headquarters,          Public confidence has risen from 34% up to 52%
            and by                                                                                                       - the biggest increase of any force and we were
                                                                   Croesyceiliog, Cwmbrân. NP44 2XJ
     •      Ensuring that all people from all                                                                            assessed in the ‘top ten’ in meeting the promises
            communities receive a non-discriminatory,                                                                    in our Policing Pledge.
            fair and equitable police service.                                                                           As Chief Constable, my number one priority is to
                                                                                                                         ensure that you are confident that Gwent Police
    Your Police Authority members
                                                                       Did you know?                                     is tackling the issues that matter and I am keen
                                                                                                                         to involve the public in setting our priorities. I am
                                                                                                                         supported in this by a police authority recently
                                                                       More than half of people                          rated as one of the best in England and Wales.
                                                                       living in Torfaen feel confident                   Our officers have never been more visible or easier
                                                                       we’re dealing with anti-social                    to contact. We offer a range of opportunities for
                                                                                                                         you to meet us and I would encourage you to get
     Cllr. Phillip Seabourne   David Bayliss                           behaviour and the crime issues
     15 Dale Path,             Independent Member
                                                                                                                         to know your local neighbourhood team. They are
                               c/o Police Authority Office,
                                                                       that matter.                                      there to assist. Please work with them to keep our
     NP44 4QR
     01633 863 744
                               Police Headquarters,
                               Croesyceiliog, Cwmbrân                  We’ve put more officers on your                    communities safe.
                               Telephone: 01633 642 200
                                                                       streets…. and we’re attacking                     I hope you enjoy reading Safer Gwent.
    A full list of Police Authority members is available on our        anti social behaviour.                            Mick Giannasi
    website at:                                                                                    Chief Constable

1                                                                                                                                                                          680_01
Superintendent Peter Keen
Hello, I’m Superintendent Peter Keen, your senior police officer in Torfaen and these
are my colleagues, the Torfaen Inspectors. With the help of our Neighbourhood Teams,
it’s our responsibility to protect and reassure you.
                                           •   Join our mailing list and complete    Your opinions will be collated and
                                               the survey electronically. You        at the next PACT meeting, ‘PACT
                                               can do this by e-mailing your         Priorities’ will be identified. We will
                                               Neighbourhood Team. Details           then take action to address these
                                               can be found on our website           by working with local residents and
                                      (just enter       partners such as Torfaen County
                                               your postcode)                        Borough Council, Torfaen Community
                                                                                     Safety Partnership and Bron Afon
                                           •   Invite us to one of your              Housing, to name but a few.
                                               community group meetings. This        We will also provide you with feedback
                                               can be anything from a Mother         on what we’ve done to deal with your
(L-R): Detective Inspective Steve              and Toddler group to a football or    concerns. Again, this can be done
Corcoran, Partnership Inspector Marc           rugby club.                           by e-mail, in person or by
Budden, Superintendent Peter Keen,                                                   visiting our website.
Neighbourhood Inspector for Cwmbrân        •   Come along to one of our              Torfaen is a really safe
Kevin Warren and Neighbourhood                 monthly Police Surgeries. Details     place to live and by
Inspector for Pontypool Matthew Williams       can be found on our website           working together
                                      (just enter       we can make it
During the past year, we have been             your postcode)                        even safer. We look
talking to residents about the crime                                                 forward to hearing
and anti-social behaviour issues that      •   Attend your local Partnerships        your views on
matter to communities throughout               and Communities Together              how we can
Torfaen. This has given us a good              (PACT) Meeting. These are             do this and to
understanding of your concerns and             held across Torfaen, every four       meeting you
something we are really interested in          months. Details can be found          at one of our
building upon.                                 at and in         forthcoming
There are many ways in which you can           ‘Torfaen Talks’, the Torfaen County   meetings.
make your views count and provide              Borough Council magazine.
your opinion on the issues that you
would like us to tackle. You can:          •   Join Torfaen People’s Panel. Go
                                               to and then
•    Complete a Partnerships &                 click on Council & Democracy
     Communities Together (PACT)               and then Research & Citizen
     survey by speaking to your                Engagement (on the left hand side).
     Neighbourhood Officer or
     Police Community Support
     Officer (PCSO)

PCSO Rob Jarrett’s got talent
PCSO Rob Jarrett turned talent scout
for the day when he was asked to
make a guest appearance as Simon
Cowell on the judging panel at
‘Cwmbrân’s Got Talent’.
Rob had stars in his eyes when he was joined by
local celebrities such as X Factor finalist Andy
Williams, Big Brother winner Rachel Rice and two
Former Miss Wales beauties, Sophia Cahill and
Chloe Beth Morgan.
The event, organised by local councillors Elizabeth
Haynes and Catherine Lewis was a huge success
with over one hundred local performers showcasing
their talents.
Rob explains: “Cwmbrân’s Got Talent was great
fun and a perfect opportunity to get to know local
residents in a relaxed and enjoyable environment”.
“Taking part in events like this, allows us to break
down barriers with the public and show that we are
approachable and accessible”.
“Luckily the quality of the acts meant that I didn’t
have to be quite as harsh as Simon and now that
the public know me, hopefully they will have the
confidence to stop me for a chat when they see me
out and about on patrol”.

safer gwent - policing summary edition                                                                                                                         Torfaen

Off-roading is strictly
off limits in Cwmbrân                                        The team works
Cwmbrân Neighbourhood Policing Team
has sent a clear message to anyone
intent on riding off-road bikes illegally in
the area…
“Off-roading is strictly off   out – something that we
limits!”                       simply will not tolerate”.
During a four day              “Sadly, many people
operation concluding           who buy off-road bikes
this January, the Team         are not aware of the laws
targeted illegal off-roaders   surrounding them. All
throughout Cwmbrân,            motorised bikes require a
arresting two and              driving licence, insurance,
issuing a total of twenty-     tax and MOT to make them
two warnings. These            legal and anyone riding
warnings, or ‘Section 59       on pavements, in parks
notices’ as they are legally   or on hillsides, without
known, state that anyone       permission, risks being
found using a vehicle in       fined or even arrested”.
an anti-social manner          “There is also the
more than once in a year,      issue of damage
can have their bike seized     to our countryside
by police and possibly         when bikes are driven
crushed.                       across the mountain.
And the Team did just that!    Wildlife habitats can be
There are now four fewer       destroyed and the area        Residents in Trevethin and Pengarn have seen first hand the positive
off-road bikes in the area     can become hazardous          impact that partnership working can have on a community.
after the team enforced        for hikers and livestock”.
previous warnings and          “We are determined to         Pontypool Neighbourhood Officers teamed up             environmental lessons with ‘Dan Can’, patrols
seized bikes.                  crack down on this type       with a host of Partners including Torfaen County      to tackle anti-social behaviour and youth issues,
Inspector Kevin Warren         of behaviour and we will      Borough Council, Torfaen Community Safety             drug education at local schools, winter road safety
explains:                      carry out more operations     Partnership, Communities First, Bron Afon             advice, speed monitoring and an operation with
“Anyone who has                aimed at tackling this,       Housing and the Lighthouse Substance Misuse           the DVLA to deal with untaxed vehicles.
experienced off-road bikes     in the near future. If        Centre to work towards one joint aim….. To            Inspector Matthew Williams of Pontypool
in their neighbourhood         anyone is affected by this    improve the quality of life of local residents.       Neighbourhood Policing Team explains:
will know the distress they    issue, please let us know     During a week long initiative in November 2009,       “By working with Partners and residents we are
can cause. The constant        by calling 101 from a         the team based themselves at the Trevethin            able to combine our strengths and make positive
revving of engines and         landline or mobile phone.     Workingmen’s Hall and were on hand to offer           change happen”.
noisy exhausts can have        By working together,          advice on a range of subjects from finances and        “We are hoping to carry out similar events
a huge impact on the           we can and will make a        employment to alcohol and drug misuse.                throughout Pontypool, so please get in touch
quality of life of those       difference!”                  They also undertook a programme of activities         if you would like to set up something similar in
experiencing it day in, day                                  that included graffiti removals, litter picks,         your neighbourhood”

    Bravest officers in Wales
In July last year, three Police Officers from Torfaen were awarded a prestigious Police Bravery Award for saving
the lives of twenty residents, including a heavily pregnant woman and her children, who were trapped in a blazing
building in Pontypool.
Neighbourhood Policing Sergeant Mike Pheasant and Police Constables Scott           their actions in tackling criminals and keeping the public safe.
Thomas (now Neighbourhood Policing Sergeant at Cwmbrân) and Simon                   A modest Sergeant Mike Pheasant explains:
Rohman attended a star-studded ceremony in London’s Dorchester Hotel,               “When we received the 999 call, we acted instinctively. We never possibly imagined
where they were presented with the award by Gordon Brown.                           that our actions would result in us being named the ‘Bravest Officers in Wales!’
The ceremony, hosted by The Sun newspaper and the Police Federation of              “We did what any other officer would do in those circumstances but it gives us
England and Wales, honours Police Officers from across England and Wales for         an immense feeling of pride to be recognised in this way”.

                                                                                                Your voice
                                                                                                does count
                                                                                                  This newspaper is published jointly by
                                                                                                  the Gwent Police Authority and the Chief
                                                                                                  Constable of Gwent Police.
                                                                                                  A separate newspaper, containing local details, is produced for
                                                                                                  each of the five Local Authority areas covered by Gwent Police
                                                                                                  Authority. Did you receive the correct version for the area in
                                                                                                              which you live?
                                                                                                                     It costs around 16p for every copy we
                                                                                                                         produce and deliver. We would like
                                                                                                                           to know if you find it useful and
                                                                                                                             informative. Please contact us via
                                                                                                                                 phone, e-mail or letter (see page
                                                                                                                                   1 for contact details) to let us
                                                                                                                                     know your views.

Force priority for                                                                                              Beat the
the year ahead                                                                                                  burglar
                                                                                                                Lately, we’ve been experiencing
Our number one priority is to ensure that you
are confident that we are dealing with the                                                                       a disappointing rise in domestic
crime and anti-social behaviour issues                                                                          burglary. We think it’s probably related
in your area.                                                                                                   to the current economic climate.
We intend to achieve this by listening to your concerns, acting                                                 But we don’t want anyone to suffer a break–in.
on them and keeping you updated with the progress. We will                                                      So make sure you secure your home, your car
keep the promises made in our Policing Pledge.                                                                  and your belongings. Don’t give burglars the
Survey results show that satisfaction with our service has                                                      opportunity to steal from you.
increased during the last year, however, we will continue                                                       We’ll do our bit with hard hitting specialist
to aim for continuous improvement across the full range of                                                      operations, targeted patrols and officers on the
policing activity.                                                                                              beat, to bring the offenders to justice.
                                                                                                                We’ve also appointed Detective Superintendent

How you can help
                                                                                                                Rhiannon Kirk to spearhead a drive to reduce
                                                                                                                burglary and other crimes.
                                                                                                                If you are unfortunate enough to become a victim
                                                                                                                of burglary, we’ll give you a new wallet, packed full
We have already mentioned how you can get involved with                                                         of useful advice, to help and support you.
the Partnerships and Communities Together (PACT) meetings.
However there are also other roles that you may wish to consider.
Independent Advisory Group                             We are always keen to hear from people with a
The Independent Advisory Group comprises               knowledge, background and experience of helping
members of the public who represent the diverse        local communities. To register your interest or to
communities throughout Gwent and who provide           request further information, please contact Emily
independent advice to the Force.                       Godsell our Specials and Volunteers Coordinator
                                                       on 01633 247911
The group aims to work as a partner with the
Force to increase trust and confidence in policing      How you are already helping
amongst communities and provides constructive
advice on ways to improve quality of service           Custody Visitors
delivery to all communities. Tel: (01633) 247907       In addition to actively recruiting members for the
                                                       Independent Advisory Group and Community
                                                       Volunteers we already have in place Custody
Community Volunteer
                                                       Visitors. Independent volunteers attend police
Volunteers are at the heart of our communities and
                                                       stations to check on the treatment of detainees,
carry out many varied roles including helping their
                                                       the conditions in which they are held and that
local police force.
                                                       their rights and entitlements are being observed.
                                                       It offers protection to detainees and the police
In some parts of Gwent, volunteers help staff police
                                                       and provides reassurance to the community.
stations and provide a point of contact for local
people to access non-urgent policing services.
                                                                                                              Pictured: Detective Superintendent Rhiannon Kirk

safer gwent - policing summary edition                                                                                                         Torfaen

Supporting Independent
                                                                            Your Local Team
                                                                            Gwent Police have introduced Neighbourhood Teams
Here in Torfaen we are committed to working                                 across the region, with each team having dedicated
with our Partners to improve the quality of life of                         Neighbourhood Constables and Police Community
                                                                            Support Officers that have responsibility for specific
local residents.
                                                                            Neighbourhoods and Wards. These local teams are
                                                                            supported by our Response Teams who provide 24 hour
                                                                            policing to every area within Gwent.

                                                                            The main aim of Neighbourhood Policing is to deal with
                                                                            issues that matter most to local communities. Dedicated
                                                                                   officers are now responsible for specific areas so that
                                                                                         members of the community have direct access
                                                                                             to “their” local officer.

                                                                                                 Over the coming months, neighbourhood
                                                                                                  officers will become more visible in
                                                                                                  your community, meeting with you
                                                                                                   both formally and informally to ensure
                                                                                                    that everyone has the opportunity of
                                                                                                     influencing local policing priorities.

                                                                                                      To find out more about
We understand that there are often people in our community who, for                                   neighbourhood policing and who
a variety of reasons, such as health issues or age, can feel isolated                                         your dedicated officer is,
and unable to access the vital services that can help put them back on                                           go to our website and
the road towards independence.
                                                                                                                 enter your postcode:
That’s why our PCSOs are working closely with the Health Service
to identify people who may need extra assistance, through a pilot                                      
scheme called ‘Supporting Independent Communities’.
The scheme enables health professionals to provide the details, of
those who would benefit from support, to the Neighbourhood Policing
Team. The local officer for that area will then arrange a home visit, to
introduce themselves and to deliver a support pack explaining all the
services that are available - information that can help them become
more confident and independent.
Torfaen Partnership Inspector, Marc Budden, who established the
scheme, is encouraged by the early results:
“This project has allowed us to identify and build valuable relationships
with members of the community who, because of their circumstances,
can often be difficult to reach. It has also enabled us to reassure them
that they are not alone”.
“We have put people in touch with a variety of organisations, such as
the Bobby Van Scheme, who provide and fit home security, the Fire
Service who carry out home safety checks and install fire alarms and
the Community Legal Service, who offer legal advice and information
on benefits that can be claimed”.
If you know someone who you feel would benefit from this service,
please contact your Neighbourhood Policing Team.

Cracking down
on car crime in
During this initiative, we contacted 245
residents, who had ‘items on view’.
We also provided other crime prevention advice to
help keep their homes and belongings safe. This
was really appreciated by residents and by working
together we have potentially created 245 less
opportunities for car crime in Pontypool!
If you would like further crime prevention advice,
please do not hesitate to contact us.
                                                                                                                      Picture courtesy of South Wales Argus

Cwmbrân Neighbourhood Policing Team                                                                                      Pontypool Neighbourhood Policing Team
Wards Covered:                           1    Coed Eva    2     Croesyceiliog North           3   Croesyceiliog South    Wards Covered:                      1     Abersychan       2   Blaenavon        3   Brynwern 4 Cwmynyscoy
 4    Fairwater 5 Greenmeadow 6 Llantarnam 7 Llanyravon North                                                             5 New Inn 6 Panteg 7 Pontnewynydd                             8   Pontypool        9 St. Cadoc/Penygarn
 8    Llanyravon South 9 Pontnewydd 10 St. Dials                                                                         10 Snatchwood 11 Trevethin 12 Wainfelin

11    Two Locks            12 Upper      Cwmbrân         All   All wards             01633 642 088                       All   All wards                                                                     01495 232 450

Neighbourhood Inspector       Team Sergeant               Team Sergeant              Crime & Disorder Reduction Officer   Neighbourhood Inspector   Team Sergeant              Team Sergeant                  Crime & Disorder Reduction Officer
Kevin Warren                  Scott Thomas                Sarah Taylor               David Dewar                         Matthew Williams          Mike Pheasant              Clive Elliot                   Andrew Cleaton
All                            All                        All                        All                                 All                       All                        All                            All

Neighbourhood Officer          Community Support Officer                                                                   Neighbourhood Officer      Neighbourhood Officer       Community Support Officer
Mark Conant                   Ceri Bailey                                                                                Paul Richardson           Stephen Prosser            Euan Powell
 1    4                        1                                                                                          1                         1                          1

Community Support Officer      Neighbourhood Officer                                                                       Neighbourhood Officer      Community Support Officer   Community Support Officer       Community Support Officer
David Reynolds                Mark Gazzi                                                                                 Graham Middle             Pauline Lohfink             Amanda Roberts                 Gareth McSherry
 2    3                        2     3    7    8                                                                          2                         2                          2                              2

Community Support Officer      Community Support Officer   Neighbourhood Officer                                            Neighbourhood Officer      Neighbourhood Officer       Community Support Officer
Garry Davies                  Matthew Cameron            Diana Davies                                                    Caroline Leonard          Helen Warrender            Andrew Parker
 4                             5                           5                                                              3    7 10 12              3    7 10 12               3    7 10 12

Neighbourhood Officer          Community Support Officer    Neighbourhood Officer                                           Neighbourhood Officer      Neighbourhood Officer       Community Support Officer       Community Support Officer
Mark Ruddick                  Laura James                 Sian Wigley                                                    Claire Maddox             Leon Jenkins               Hayley Fairclough              Aimee Goodwin
 6                             6                           6                                                              4    8                    4    8                     4    8                         4 8

Community Support Officer      Neighbourhood Officer        Community Support Officer                                       Neighbourhood Officer      Neighbourhood Officer       Community Support Officer       Community Support Officer
Catrin Page                   Kimberley Davies            Zaihd Rouf                                                     Marc Johnstone            Stephanie McGregor         Daphne Jones                   Hannah Gillum
 7    8                        9                           9                                                              5    6                    5    6                     5    6                         5    6

Community Support Officer      Neighbourhood Officer                                                                       Neighbourhood Officer      Neighbourhood Officer       Community Support Officer       Community Support Officer
Robert Jarrett                Andy Rowlands                                                                              Matthew Edmunds           David Martinson            Roger Shearn                   Neil Millett
10                             10 11                                                                                      9 11                      9 11                       9 11                           9 11

Community Support Officer      Neighbourhood Officer       Community Support Officer                                        Traffic Warden
Kimberley Latimer             Kate Regan                 Richard Fleet                                                   Judith Sainsbury
11                             12                         12                                                             All

Traffic Warden
Judith Sainsbury

safer gwent - policing summary edition                                                                                                                                          Torfaen

The 24 hour police non-
emergency number
101 does not replace 999, but can be used to report things
that do not require an emergency response from the Police.
Chief Inspector Steve Thomas, said:
“Since the launch of the 101 service
many residents in Gwent have taken
advantage of the simple to remember
number to report non-emergency
annoyances, crime and anti social
behaviour, where dialling 999 does not
seem appropriate.
“101 is another step towards making
the services of Gwent Police more                                                           Gwent Police is urging residents to make their
accessible to local residents. The number                                                   valuables less attractive to thieves by registering
is available 24 hours a day, 365 days of                                                    - free of charge - on the national property database
the year. So remember if you don’t want
it, 101 it.”
(Calls cost 10 pence from both land lines                                                   Registering goods on the website makes it easier
and mobiles.)                                                                               for police to detect crimes and catch criminals but it
                                                                                            also ensures that if their property is lost or stolen and
                                                                                            subsequently recovered it can be returned easily to

    Gwent Police                                                                            the rightful owner. It also makes it harder for thieves to
                                                                                            sell on stolen property and simplifies insurance claims.
                                                                                            Close to 24 million people have            returned to you.

                                                                                            signed up to           We are working very closely
                                                                                            nationwide since its inception six         with local schools to encourage
                                                                                            years ago. The online checking             youngsters, who regularly carry
                                                                                            service is viewable by all UK police       around expensive items like mobile

    “performs well”
                                                                                            forces and can be checked by               phones, MP3 players and handheld
                                                                                            recovery agencies and lost property        games consoles, to register the
                                                                                            offices nationwide. As a direct result      items to increase the chances of
                                                                                            of there                getting them back if they are lost

    for local people
                                                                                            are over 250 cases in the UK per           or stolen. You can register as many
                                                                                            week where property is returned            goods as you need to and almost
                                                                                            or information                                               anything can be
                                                                                            collected that                                               registered. Each
    Gwent Police Authority’s strong performance has been                                    assists the police.                                          person registered
                                                                                            Detective Chief                                              now has peace
    recognised in a joint inspection report published by the                                Inspector Peter                                              of mind that if
    Wales Audit Office and Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of                                     Jones, who is                                                their goods go
    Constabulary.                                                                           leading the campaign to get people         missing, for whatever reason, they
                                                                                            to register their property in the          give themselves the best chance of
    This excellent result acknowledges            implementation of the Staying Ahead       Gwent Police force area said:              getting them back.”
    that the Authority has ‘performed             Review, a wide-ranging and ambitious      “Statistically you are very unlikely       NB: If you are registering your
    well’ in all areas particularly, in setting   strategic review of policing in           to be a victim of theft in Gwent.          mobile phone, you will need to
    strategic direction, scrutinising             Gwent which aims to deliver high-         But make it as hard as possible            enter the IMEI security number – a
    performance, community engagement             quality services to the public within     for thieves to get away with the           15-digit serial number that can be
    and value for money.                          the available resources.                  property that you cherish and have         found on a label, usually behind the
                                                                                            worked hard for. It doesn’t take long      battery, or displayed by pressing
    In addition the Audit Commission has          More information about this inspection    to register items on the site, and         the *#06# keys on the phone itself.
    chosen Gwent Police Authority as              is available on our website:              once you do in the unlikely event of       The service provider can then stop
    an example of good practice for the                      your property being lost or stolen,        it being used by anyone else in the
                                                                                            if it’s recovered it can be easily         event of it being stolen.

    Did you                                Other local contacts
    know?                                  Wales Domestic Abuse
                                                                      Gwent Criminal
                                                                      Justice Board
                                                                                                Torfaen Community
                                                                                                Safety Partnership
    Anti Social Behaviour                  0808 80 10 800             01633 645 079             01633 628992                        Call the free, anonymous Crimestoppers
                                                                                                                                    line if you have information about a crime.
    incidents have been
                                           Wales Drug and Alcohol     Victim / Witness          Citizen’s Advice Bureau
    driven down by                         Helpline                   Support Line              01633 876 121
    good neighbourhood                     0800 63 35 588             0845 61 21 900
                                                                                                South Wales Fire and
    policing in Gwent.                     Gwent Alcohol Project      Multi-Agency Public       Rescue Service
    Since 2007 we’ve                       01633 252 045              Protection (MAPPA)        01443 232000                For large print or other language versions of this publication,
                                                                      01495 755221                                              please contact Gwent Police Authority on 01633 642200
    seen more than                         Gwent Specialist                                     Nevill Hall Hospital
                                                                                                                                                 This document is also available online at:
    5000 fewer of these                    Substance Misuse           Torfaen County            01873 732732
                                           Service                    Borough Council
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