Preventing Injuries by pengtt


									Preventing Injuries
      Prevention is better than

Here are some ways that you can avoid sports
Make sure you are fit for the
               • Only play sport when
                 you are feeling fit and
               • And you have no
                 existing injuries.
Make sure that you develop the
      right techniques.
               • A bad technique in
                 any sport can lead to
                 an injury.
               • Eg. Poorly throwing
                 the javelin can lead to
                 an arm injury.
             Play at the right level.

• Play with the right age group.
• Play with a team or to a level that matches your ability.
• Eg. If a young novice boxer played an adult professional, it
  would mean certain injury.
Know the rules of your sport and
          obey them.
                • Rules are there for
                  your protection.
                • So listen to the referee
                  they are making
                  decisions that may
                  prevent you or a team
                  mate an injury.
                (even if you don’t agree
                  with them!)
Make sure you are wearing the
          right kit.
               • If the sport that you
                 play requires
                 protective gear, for
                 example a mouth
                 guard, shin pads or
                 helmet wear them!
               • Footwear is also
                 important, so choose
Make sure that your equipment is
    in good working order.
                • Damaged or broken
                  kit can be dangerous
                  and put your safety
                  and the safety of
                  others in jeopardy.
 Lift and carry equipment with

• Lifting heavy equipment can cause you to
  sustain an injury even before you have started.
     Watch out for hazards in the
           playing area.
• Broken glass on pitches,
  wet patches on floors and
  even rakes left in long
  jump pits can all cause
  accidents and injuries.
• Weather conditions should
  also be taken into
  consideration. As a lack of
  visibility can cause
      Warm up and cool down
Warm up                Cool down
 Injuries such as        A correct cool down
 strained and pulled     helps prevent stiffness
 muscles can be          and soreness
 avoided by warming      increasing recovery
 up correctly.           time. This makes you
                         better prepared for the
                         next event.

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