Music Review – Taylor Swift Album “Fearless Platinum Edition” By by wanghonghx


									Music Review – Taylor Swift Album “Fearless: Platinum Edition”
By 135 Creature Features Reporter “Song Girl”
Century Jr. High 7th Grader

       As many of you Taylor Swift fans know, she has a new version of
“Fearless” out now, featuring 6 new songs and bonus features. Many fans were
ecstatic when it came out, others were disappointed. My friend said “The songs
are good, but I wish she would write about something other than love”. I agree
that Taylor Swift should write about different topics, but her songs are still
amazing. Some of the better new songs include “Untouchable”, and “Forever and
Always: piano version”. They were slower than her usual songs, but were some
of the best songs she has written so far. A student at Sandburg and a friend of
mine said “I love the 6 new songs”. She also said “I agree that she needs to write
about other topics, but I don’t care”.

      Some of the other new songs are “Jump Then Fall” and “Superstar”. These
weren’t as good as the other songs I mentioned, but were still great. Although,
some other fans would disagree with me because a lot of people don’t like the
other songs I mentioned first. Every Taylor fan has a different opinion on what
song is the best, but I think we can all agree on one thing, her songs are some of
the best we have heard in a while.

      All in all, my opinion on the new “Fearless: Platinum Edition” is that she
should start writing about new topics, but I love her songs all the same. I would
recommend buying this CD because the songs are beautiful, and there are so
many awesome bonus features. It is appropriate for all ages, and everyone will
enjoy this wonderful CD. I hope everyone gets a chance to hear this spectacular
CD because Taylor Swift has once again blown our minds away.

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