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Justin Bieber Weekend Challenge


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									                   Justin Bieber Weekend Challenge # 8
1. Justin Bieber was born on March 1, 1994.       5. Justin Bieber changed his hair in February,
How old is he today?                              2011. A lock of his hair sold for $40,668 in a
                                                  charity sale! What is $40,688 in expanded
 a) 16                                            form?
 b) 17
 c) 18                                             a) 40,000 + 0 + 600 + 80 + 8
 d) NH                                             b) 40,000 + 600 + 88
                                                   c) 4,000 + 600 + 80 + 8
2. Justin Bieber was discovered in 2008 by         d) NH
Scooter Braun. What is 2008 rounded to the
nearest ten?                                      6. Justin Bieber has a book called First Step 2
                                                  Forever. What is the correct way to punctuate
 a) 2000                                          the title of a book?
 b) 2100
 c) 2010                                           a) “First Step 2 Forever”
 d) NH                                             b) “First Step 2 Forever”
                                                   c) First Step 2 Forever
3. Justin Bieber’s movie, Never Say Never          d) NH
was estimated to earn $12.4 million on its
opening weekend. It ended up earning $30.3        7. What is the main idea of the paragraph
million. How much more did it earn than           below?
people thought it would earn?
                                                    Justin has been nominated and given many
                                                    awards over the past few years. He won Artist
 a) $17.9 million                                   of the Year at the 2010 American Music
 b) $42.7 million                                   Awards. He was also nominated for the Best
 c) $42.43 million                                  New Artist at the 53rd Grammy Awards. If he
 d) NH                                              continues to work hard, he will definitely win
                                                    more awards in the years to come.

                                                   a) Justin won artist of the year in 2010.
4. What is the correct way to write the            b) Justin has won many awards.
sentence below?                                    c) Justin won Best New Artist at the Grammy
    justin bieber flew to atlanta georgia to       c) NH
    record his first demo songs
                                                  8. What writing device is being used in the
  a) Justin Bieber flew to Atlanta Georgia to     underlined part below?
record his first demo songs?
                                                   Justin’s bowl cut has been copied by millions
  b) Justin Bieber flew to Atlanta, Georgia to
                                                   of teens around the world.
record his first demo songs.
  c) Justin, Bieber flew to Atlanta, Georgia to    a) simile
record his first demo songs.                       b) metaphor
  d) NH                                            c) hyperbole
                                                   d) NH

      By Mr. Mallory

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