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                                                    Huge Rummage Sale
                                                                          at Buck lake PaRk
                                                                       Saturday, August 14 -- 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
                                                                       Sunday, August 15 -- 11:00 am to 3:00 pm

            id-August marks the arrival once more of                                   ers); electronics (stereos, speakers, TV’s); kitchen
            the spectacular Hansville Rummage Sale.                                    ware (lots of pots and pans, dishes and glasses);
            Over twenty-five years old, this notorious                                 collectible items including paintings, silver, china,
 event is the largest annual fundraiser for the Greater                                jewelry; home décor items; small appliances; lots of
 Hansville Community Center, and is eagerly antici-                                    tools, lamps and assorted lighting. Also look for some
 pated by residents, bargain hunters and treasure                                      great antiques, as well as lots of furniture. And there
 seekers from North Kitsap and beyond. Reports are                                     is always a huge array of games, toys, craft supplies
 this is a record year for donations, and storage facili-                              and treasures (for the young, and young at heart).
 ties are bursting at the seams with a wealth of items
 from a very generous community.                                                       Plan on arriving early on Saturday and be there when
                                                                                       the sale opens for the best selection. This is a classic
 Not only does the sale offer something for everyone                                   situation where the early bird really does catch the
 in the way of outstanding bargains in every depart-                                   worm! But if a screaming deal is what you’re after,
 ment, the lively atmosphere is punctuated with a                                      Sunday is your best shopping day, as all prices are
 fun silent auction, and a refreshment stand serving                                   cut in half, but the selection will be greatly limited.
 coffee, donuts, hot dogs, cookies and soft drinks.
                                                     The community center would welcome your partici-
 Those new to the sale may expect to find huge pation the week prior to the sale. If you have some
 assortments of clothing, household linens, sporting time, and could help “set up,” please call Judy Tall-
 equipment, fishing equipment and camping gear; man, 638-2961.
 garden pots and tools (there are always lawn mow-


             itsap Transit is proposing to conduct a “Pilot Program” in the Greater Hansville area. They have come to the Greater Hansville Community Center 
             board and offered the use of a commuter van, if a viable “bus Service Plan” can be formulated within the community. Please fill out and return 
             the survey on page 11 and let us know if this would be helpful to you. No response means no interest. It is up to you to tell us what you want.

      Table of ConTenTs                                                August 28 | 9:00 am | By Chuck Strahm
Neighborhood | Coaster Games............... 2
Meeting Minutes | Comm. Directory......... 4
                                                                                  HANSVIlle COASTeR GAMeS
NKF&R | Did You Know? ............................... 5                             AUGUST 28 – 9:00 AM
Library | Preschool | NKPSA ........................ 6
Calendar ......................................................... 7   At last, it’s time to play!!!
Advertisements................................... 8
                                                                       See details page 2.
Kitsap Transit Survey ....................... 11
Page 2                                                   NEIGHbORHOOd HAPPENINGS
 August 5 | 7:00 pm | By Van Bergen                                        August 28 | 9:00 am | By Chuck Strahm

           HANSVIlle GReeNWAY UPDATe                                            COASTeR GAMeS | AUGUST 28, 2010
           With summer finally here, visitors to the Greenway              At last, it’s time to play!!!
           will find the trails nice and dry. It’s nice and cool

           in the woods too, so this is a great season to take                   he inaugural “Hansville Coaster Games”
           a stroll in the shade. But with the dried-out trails                  will be here very soon. We hope you
 come dried-out plants too, so please be careful with fire.                      have your coaster ready to go. Just as
                                                                           a reminder the games will be held Saturday
 As always, the Greenway volunteers have been busy keeping                 August 28. The plan is for everybody to meet
 the trails clear of brush and downed trees, and the thistles out          around 9:00 am at the intersection of Twin Spits Road and
 of the meadows. The slippery slope at the Hawk’s Hole Creek               Benchmark way. That intersection is just south of the Hansville
 culvert, at signpost #16 near the Hood Canal Drive trailhead,             Fire Station. We’ll get everybody registered and through the
 now has brand new water bars to keep it dry. More work is                 technical inspection as quickly as possible. After registration,
 planned there, as well as the sections on both sides of Hans-             the course will be open for some limited practice time. Then it’s
 ville Highway, so they won’t be as wet when the rains come                on to the racing.
                                                                           If you’re inclined to go check out the course, don’t panic, we
 We can always use more volunteers to keep the trails open,                won’t be starting at the top of the hill. We will only go as high
 dry and safe. If you’re part of an organized group looking for            as Waukeena for the adult classes, and just below there for the
 a volunteer project, so much the better; the Greenway trails              junior and kids classes.
 can always use more helpers. You can contact us to volunteer
 by sending an e-mail to Please also               As always we sure hope you’ll come out and participate in the
 keep an eye out for any problems you see on the trails, and use           fun event, or come over and just watch for awhile. If you have
 that address to let us know so we can fix them.                           any questions please contact our event coordinator, Chuck
                                                                           Strahm, at 638-2882 or at Also
 The Invasive Plant Prowlers have also been at work remov-                 we have the rules posted on our website under “events” at
 ing Herb Robert, Creeping Buttercup, and Hedge Mustard.                   www
 They’re taking a month off to clean the dirt from under their
 fingernails, so there’s no Prowl in August. Dana Coggon, the              And don’t forget that this program would not be possible with-
 Kitsap County Noxious Weed Coordinator, gave the volunteers               out the generous sponsorships provided by:
 a plant-identification class as well as suggestions on what to              •   Benchmark Tire and Auto Service in Kingston
 pull, when to pull it, and what native plants to replace it with.           •   Cup of Joy coming soon to Hansville
                                                                             •   The Grub Hut in Kingston
 Information about the Greenway’s plants and wildlife with trail             •   Yank a Part in Pouslbo
 conditions, photos, and more, can be found in Joy’s blog “A
 Walk in the Woods” at              September 19 | 2:00 pm | By Judy Tallman
 Remember, motorized vehicles are not permitted on the Greenway.
 Also please remember to keep your pets leashed, and to pick up                            MUSIC CONTINUeS
 their leavings using the Mutt Mitts found in dispensers at the main                  AT THe COMMUNITY CeNTeR.
 trailheads.                                                                        Mark your calendars for Sunday, September 19

 You can help us out by donating. You can make a tax-deductible                                             ruce Cosacchi is bringing his
 donation to the Greenway through the Greater Hansville Community                                           Whiskey Creek Jazz Band from
 Center (which will match donations up to a total of $500 for the year).                                    Keyport to the Hansville Com-
 Or come on down to the Hansville Grocery and donate to get a Green-                                 munity Center for a 2:00 pm concert.
 way DVD (min. $5) or a Greenway ball cap (min. $15).                                                This is the first time this band has per-
                                                                                                     formed outside of their Keyport venue.
     We welcome you to come visit the Greenway, come rain or shine                                   Many of us have made that drive on the
             ‘cause wherever you go, ‘tis beauty to behold.                1st Tuesday of the month to hear Bruce and his group perform
                                                                           Dixieland and Swing. It is always a great show. You’ll just need
 August 25 | 10:00 am | By Barbara lund                                    to drive up the hill for this treat. More in next month’s log.

                  HANSVIlle lADIeS AID                                             HANSVIlle COMMUNITY CHURCH

         ansville ladies Aid invites you to our meetings. We                                           By Carol Gates
         meet on the fourth Wednesday of each month, and

         our next meeting is August 25 at 10:00 am. We have                       dult and Children’s Sunday School has been suspended
 a social time starting at 9:30 am with coffee and snacks. We                     for the summer. Sunday School will be starting again in
 would enjoy seeing you there!!                                                   the Fall. Starting date will be in the September log.

 We generally do three fundraisers each year - our Christmas               The Hansville Community Church ladies will be sponsoring a
 Home Tours, the annual Dinner/Dance, and the Summer Gar-                  beach and Greenway hike on august 10. everyone’s invited.
 den Tour. The funds we raise go to helping our neighbors in               Meet at the church office at 10:30 am.
 need and the care of Hansville Cemetery. We have a lot of fun
 and we enjoy contributing to our great neighborhood.                      For more information, call 638-2335 and please leave a mes-
 Won’t you join us?                                                        sage if no one is there to answer.
                                                   NEIGHbORHOOd HAPPENINGS                                                               Page 3

 JOIN THe BeTTeR HAlF’S COFFee GROUP                                FOURTH OF JUlY BReAKFAST |                           By Judy Tallman

                          By lynn Hix                                      hank you to the 500 folks who joined us for the 40th
                                                                           Annual Community Center Fourth of July Breakfast cel-

      eady to ask questions about where to go                              ebration. We hope this was a pleasant beginning to a fun
      with your grandchildren for a day’s outing,                   filled Fourth for you and your families.
      or what should I do for dinner tonight?
                                                                    Your friends and neighbors who helped make this event a
The place to share your experiences and learn more is at “the       success were: Debra Bean, Marco Tyler, Rex Gallaher, George
Better Half’s” coffee group. Of course, the Better Half’s are the   Breise, Judy Foritano, Jo Nelson, Fred Nelson, Julie Morrison,
wives of the men‘s group, we meet on Tuesday mornings at            Connie Gordon, linda Hell, Dietmar Hell, Shelley Malan, Tom
10:00 am for an hour or so. Now that there is a bathroom at         Bean, Dagmar Brauer, Rol Malan, Glenyce Ross, John Ross,
the store we might stay longer. This is a “Drop In” group, come     Marilyn Christofferson, Art ellison, Mike Baker, Jack Christof-
when you can and enjoy the fellowship.                              ferson, Jeff Morden, Howie O’Brien, Alix Kosin, Celia Grether,
                                                                    Karla Martin, Becky ellison, Ruth Thomas, Heather Gudmund-
                                                                                      son, Sharon Jordan, Paula Hettler, Becky
                        SAVe THIS DATe                                                Weinbaum, Jack Tallman, Gary Dion, Claude
                                                                                      Olson, Robbie Wright, Tom Wright, Angi Jen-
                                                                                      sen, Mike Weinbaum, Mike Britton, Jim Mor-
       FAll ADOPT-A-ROAD CleAN-UP                                                     rison, Alice Ingle, Shirley Hauter, laureen
                                                                                      David, Gretchen lee, Joan lee, Dot Bogash,
               Saturday, October 9 | 10:00 am                       Ann Jones, Paula Brooks, Deanna Schack, Joan Peters, laurie
                                                                    lewis, lois lee, Mette Moyer, Pat McMasters, lynn Hix & the Art
    Call John or linda Golden at 360.509.3644 for details           Guild; Scholarship Winners: Stephan Stageberg, Ruby Robert,
                                                                    Kirsten Cowan, Katrina Brooke, Gregor Uvila; Girl Scout Troop
                                                                    50243 members and their mothers: Cameron & Anna Friedel,
                      eGlON NeWS                                    emma & Kim Jones, Katie & Michelle Coddington, Shae Rei-
                                                                    man, Chantel Baumgartner & Debbie lund; Boy Scout Troop
                      By Jackie Holbrook                            555 members Jackson Rambo, Nick Ragland, Colton Cotting-
                                                                    ton, lucas Hughes.
We always like to throw in one potluck in August when neigh-        Thank you all for your participation in supporting our
bors won’t have to juggle holiday plans. This year we will meet     community.
at the eglon Beach on Sunday, August 1 at 1:00 pm. Be sure to
pack along your plates, silverware and a favorite potluck item
to share. If you can’t make this gathering, please mark your cal-
endars for the last 2010 summer potluck scheduled for labor
Day, September 6, also at 1:00 pm.

                  Thanks to Gene and Pat DuVall, the tradi-
                  tional eglon Beach Night fire continues to
                  burn bright. Please join us anytime after 6
                  pm, every Wednesday through August, end-
                  ing on September 1 when students head
                  back to school. If you are new to this ongoing
                  event, the necessary ingredients are quite
simple. Pack along your own drinks and an easy dinner of hot              Red denson celebrates his birthday at the Pancake breakfast.
dogs or left overs. The rest of the evening is enjoyed relaxing
around the campfire, walking on the beach and catching up
on news with the neighbors. Don’t forget the marshmallows!                       THANKS TO THe ART GUIlD

eGlON THANK YOU’S                                                         HCC would like to thank the Hansville Art & Craft Guild
We’d really like to thank Diana Allen and her two young help-             for decorating the center for the 4th of July Breakfast.
ers for hosting the 4th of July Potluck. Neighbors visited until          What a festive setting for the Pancake breakfast!
after 4:00 pm, with a nice group returning around 8:00 pm to
enjoy a casual campfire and the beach fireworks seen up and
down the Sound. We’d also like to thank liz Rentola and Gail                     aUGUsT aT a GlanCe
Gilleland for organizing the eglon Community Yard Sale, from
start to finish.                                                        1         eglon Potluck
                                                                        4         Community Center board Meeting
And finally, I’d like to share a thank you I received regarding         5         Greenway Meeting
those who worked on the eglon Cemetery Clean Up in May.                10         Church ladies beach/Greenway Walk
Upon going to the cemetery on a down day, a resident saw
that a new flag and pinwheel had been placed on a loved                11         nKPs anglers Meeting
ones grave. She felt as though the eglon neighbors were all            14 & 15    Rummage sale
standing there with her and wanted us to know how much she             25         ladies aid Meeting
appreciated the care of our community. As I read this thank            28         Coaster Games
you, I felt truly honored to call this community “home”.
Page 4                                                         MINUTES  |  dIRECTORY
 August 4 | 7:00 pm | By Angi Jensen

                        COMMUNITY CeNTeR BOARD MeeTING MINUTeS | JUlY 7, 2010

       he meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by President                 and installed over Hansville Road. The board discussed having
       Fred Nelson. Attending were Judy Foritano, Judy Tall-                  a larger stand made to put up signs at the Rite Aid corner for
       man, Chuck Strahm, Dody Solaas, Angi Jenson, Mike                      future major events.
 Bryant, Marco Tyler, Joy McGinnis, Fred Nelson, George Briese
 and guest, Bethany Jorgenson. Minutes were approved as                       Maintenance committee: George Briese, Chairman, reported
 published.                                                                   that he has added a new external high capacity outlet to the
                                                                              outside of the building to handle the electrical needs during
 Treasurer’s report: Mike Bryant reviewed the Profit and loss                 upcoming big events. The storage shed is sinking and needs to
 statement through the month of June which was approved.                      be jacked up and stabilized. He received an estimate of $550 to
                                                                              $600. The board approved up to $600 to make the repair.
 events: Judy Tallman, VP events.
 July 4 Pancake Breakfast was a big success with approximately                Community affairs: Dody Solass, VP, Reviewed a plan to con-
 500 breakfasts served. Discussed suggestions on how to make                  tact area organizations to solicit event and other community
 the event run even smoother such as staggering shifts and                    calendar information to share with the entire GHCC commu-
 mixing those with past experience with first time volunteers.                nity. Meet the Candidates night is tentatively scheduled for Oct.
 Overall a great event thanks to all who volunteered to help.                 8. Dody has made preliminary contact with the Kitsap league
 Picnic in the Park planning is moving along nicely with the 3                of Women Voters who have assisted with the event in the past.
 bands and the car show details formalized. We have 3 main
 sponsors and other donations to help defray some of the                      Kitsap Transit steering Committee: Fred reported that the
 expenses.                                                                    committee met and decided that the key issue is to find out if
 Rummage Sale will have the last drop off on July 17. We will                 there is a need for the proposed van service. It will require a lot
 need a lot of volunteers for the setup during the week leading               of volunteers’ time. We will solicit information from the com-
 up to the sale as well as during the actual sale August 14 and               munity through a survey in the August edition of the log.
 15, and the day after.
 Coaster Games: Chuck Strahm event chairman, also known as                    new business: There was slight damage to the walls of the
 super hero Captain Coaster, made a great impression at Kings-                center during a recent wedding rental. A procedure was dis-
 ton’s July 4 parade. Chuck has made plaques for the sponsors                 cussed to help the Caretaker assess any damage to the facility
 and is having T shirts made for participants with the event logo.            and recommend whether the deposit should be returned or
 Any leftover shirts may be purchased. He still needs volunteers              retained.
 to help with the event.
                                                                              Meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm. The next Board meeting is
 signs: Marco Tyler reported on the signs for upcoming events.                August 4 at 7:00 pm. See the website at for
 The Picnic in the Park banner has been updated and repaired,                 more information.

BOARD MEMBERS:                                                         COMMUNITY CENTER                                         360-638-9345
President                Fred Nelson                    638-0000       Book Sale Drop Off                Mike Bryant                          638-0120
VP-Events                Judy Tallman                   638-2961       Caretaker |Reserv. |Rental Info   Rena’ Grey                      621-0097|638-1143
VP-Membership            Chuck Strahm                   638-2882       Facilities|Maintenance            George Briese                        638-1499
VP-Comm. Affairs         Dody Solaas                    638-2444       Greater Hansville Log             MJ Strahm--Ed./Ads                   638-2882
Secretary                Angi Jensen                  425-244-8932     Hansville Neighbors Luncheon      Evie Nelson                          638-2641
Treasurer                Mike Bryant                    638-0120       Newcomer Welcome Packets          Gale Johnson                         638-2913
Trustee                  Alice Ingle                    638-0411       Rummage Sale                      Need Volunteers
Trustee                  Joy McGinnis                 206-550-8831     Scholarship Committee             Jane Smith                           638-2315
Trustee                  Marco Tyler                    638-0221       Signs for House Numbers           Allen Otto                           638-2372
Past President           Judith Foritano                638-1856       ORGANIZATIONS:
EMAIL CONTACTS:                                                        Art Guild                         Pres. Gale Johnson                   638-2913
All Board Members                            Cemetery                          Dagmar Brauer                        638-2163
Advisory Council              Flotsam & Jetsam Garden Club Pres. Paulette Cziske                     638-2535
Planning Committee                        Foulweather Bluff Conservancy Howie O’Brien                            638-2950
GHCC Calendar                          Hansville Greenway                Art Ellison                          638-0738
GHCC Rental     |   Hansville Ladies Aid (Pres/VP)    Dagmar Brauer 638-2163        Mette Moyer 638-1405
Greater Hansville Log                             Helping Hands - (Pres/VP)         Kathie Jo Graves 638-2421       Lois Lee 638-1973
Website                               Medical Equipment Lending         Nancy Garing                         638-2780
Webmaster                Rick Troemel                   638-0431       No Sews                           Barbara Sims                         638-1476
Webmaster                Art Ellison                    638-0738          Post Office: 638-2666 | Hansville Fire Hall: 638-2263 | Transfer Station: 638-2710
                                                             NkF&R  |                                                          Page 5 
                                  NORTH KITSAP FIRe & ReSCUe |                 By Michèle laboda

                     hank you to the many folks out there who      outdoor fires are ever allowed in county parks and may also be
                     purchased our raffle tickets to benefit       prohibited on some community beaches.
                     Kingston’s Fourth of July celebration. The
              firefighters added a $500 donation to the pro-       Don’t get carried away by the strong currents at some area
              ceeds from more than 400 chances and we were         beaches. earlier this summer, a Bainbridge Island teen had to
able to boost the fund by nearly $1,000. The first raffle winner   be rescued off of Point No Point when the treacherous currents
was the McMullen Family of Kingston, who chose a birthday          proved more powerful than his swimming abilities.
party at the fire station as their
prize. The second raffle winner                                                                  life jacket loaners are now also
was the Gallagher/Zapf Family                                                                    available at the Port of Kingston
(see photo), also of Kingston.                                                                   Marina, and we’re grateful to our
We welcomed Taffy, Aaron,                                                                        partners at the Port for making
Finnegan and Indigo aboard                                                                       these vital safety devices avail-
our engine to lead the parade.                                                                   able there! life jackets are also
Once we’d finished our cer-                                                                      available to borrow or to own at
emonial run down SR 104, the                                                                     the Paul T. Nichol Headquarters
family took their seats on the                                                                   Fire Station (26642 Miller Bay
patio at Nancy’s Green Garden                                                                    Road Ne) near Kingston.
where they watched the rest
of the parade while enjoying a                                                                   Free child car seat check at the
gourmet lunch. Thanks also to                                                                    Paul T. Nichol Headquarters Fire
Greater Kingston Chamber of                                                                      Station on the second Saturday
Commerce’s linda Fyfe, Nancy                                                                     of every month (August 14)
Martin of Nancy’s Green Garden                                                                   from 10:00 am until 1:00 pm.
and Susan Rodgers of Cleo’s
landing for partnering with us                                                                  You can save children’s lives
on this very fun fundraiser.                                                                    by becoming a certified child
                                                                                                passenger safety technician.
An outdoor burn ban is in effect until at least September 30.      A 32-hour course is scheduled for Silverdale on September
Under the ban, all outdoor burning permits are suspended and       13–16. For further information, contact Michele laboda at
most outdoor fires are prohibited. Cooking fires in contained      (360)297-3619.
barbecue units as well as recreational fires are allowed, and
don’t require permits. Recreational fires must be in a desig-      Our CPR and first aid training program is on hiatus during the
nated fire pit and more than 25’ away from any structures. Only    summer. Watch this space for the dates and times of classes
dry, seasoned wood or charcoal can be burned, and the fire can     planned for September.
be no larger than 3’ in diameter. We remind everyone that no

                                        Did you know? | By Chuck Strahm
         id you know that little ol’ Hans-                                                and you’ll find yourself looking down a
         ville had it’s own railroad once                                                 long fairly level trail that cuts a path as
         upon a time? Yup! If you take                                                    straight as an arrow. That’s the old rail-
a little walk on the Greenway trail out                                                   road bed. Although much of the origi-
by Buck lake Park you can see where                                                       nal railway bed has been reclaimed by
the old narrow-gauge railroad bed cut                                                     mother nature, it’s easy to see where it
a swath right out of the middle of the                                                    was. Keep walking south and find more
peninsula. Built in the early 1900s, the                                                  of the interesting sights and places
donkey engine powered railroad was                                                        along the trail that uses the old rail-
used to haul timber from the Hans-                                                        way road bed. Now that summer has
ville area over to Gamble Bay where                                                       finally come to our area, visiting a little
the logs were floated over to the mill                                                    bit of Hansville’s history is an interest-
for processing into lumber products.                                                      ing and relaxing way to spend a couple
Although the railroad was short lived,                                                    of hours on the Greenway trails. You’ll
the mill would process timber for 143                                                     find helpful maps and flyers and other
years, from 1852 to 1995.                                                                 useful information at the trail head
                                                                                          kiosk at post 2, as well as on the hans-
Getting to the old railroad bed trail is                                         website under the “Greenway”
an easy walk on the Greenway trail sys-                                                   menu item.
tem. Park at the south end of the Buck
lake Park parking lot and find the trail-                                                 Do you have an interesting Hansville
head located at the southwest corner                                                      tidbit? We’re always looking for some-
of the park ball fields. Once you get                                                     thing interesting and unique about
to post three (3) make a left turn and                                                    Hansville. Send your story to log@
walk south a couple hundred yards                                               , maybe we can fit it in.
Page 6                                          LIbRARY  |  CO-OP PRESCHOOL  |  NkPSA
             CHeCK IT OUT AT YOUR lITTle BOSTON lIBRARY |                              By: Suzanne Jones, Branch Manager

         y the time you receive this, summer will be winding                • August 3, Tuesday: Special Kinderdance Program for chil-
         down. As short as it has been, it has still been great!            dren ages 2-6, 10:00-11:00 am.
                                                                            • August 4, Wednesday: little Boston Book Group meets at
 One of the things that happens in all of our libraries at the end 11:00 am to discuss Apples & oranges, by Marie Brenner. New
 of summer is the end of the Children’s Summer Reading Pro- York writer Marie Brenner’s memoir of her lifelong rocky rela-
 gram. If your child has not yet finished or hasn’t even signed tionship with her brother Carl, and their struggle to reach some
 up yet, there is still time. They still have this whole month to accord after Carl is diagnosed with cancer. Carl’s love for his
 read their 10 hours and receive a free paperback book. In fact, apple orchard in eastern Washington provides a local backdrop
 if they finish before the Kitsap County Fair begins, they will also for this story of how family relationships can both harm and
 receive a ticket to the fair. If they can finish 20 hours of read- heal. This group has steadily grown and they are always glad to
 ing before August 31, they will also receive an invitation to the have more folks join them.
 Super Summer Reader Party at Sunrise Hill Farm in Kingston. • August 4, 11, 18 and 25: every Wednesday at 2:30 pm, the
 each child will need their invitation to this party to be able Crafternoon Handwork Group meets to work on their personal
 to get in, so be sure to save it when your child gets it. We still craft projects, peruse new library craft books and just have a
 have a large selection of paperback books just waiting for your good time. Come and join them for some fun and to get those
 child to finish, so be sure to get done in time before August 31. projects done!
 Remember, this is open to all children, ages 0-19 and is so easy. • August 10, Tuesday: We will be having a Teen program, Star-
 They just read or be read to for 10 hours to get                                           burst Book Making from 1:00-4:00 pm. This is a
 their free paperback and ticket to the fair.              LIbRARY HOURS                    drop-in type program. Come when you can for
                                                                                            a fun time making a book!
 If you haven’t yet received your Tour de KRl Mon ................... 1 pm - 8 pm           • August 31, Tuesday: This is the last day of
 Passport, come and visit the library and pick Tues.  ............... 10 am - 6 pm          the Children’s Summer Reading Program. It
 up one for every member of your family. It is a Wed.  ................. 1 pm - 8 pm        is also the day for our Super Summer Reader
 fun way to explore our county by visiting all 9 Thurs  ................. 1 pm - 5 pm       Party at Sunrise Hill Farm. This event is only
 Kitsap Regional library branches by August 31. Friday ................ 1 pm - 6 pm         for those children and teens who have read at
 This is how it works: You visit each library and Sat.  ................... 1 pm - 5 pm     least 20 hours and is by invitation only.
 have your Passport stamped with their special Sun.  ..........................Closed
 branch stamp. When you visit the last branch,                                              looking ahead—please remember that all Kit-
 you will receive an entry for a drawing for some       Closed Labor day–Sept. 6            sap Regional libraries will be closed on Mon-
 wonderful prizes. each person will also receive                                            day, September 6 to celebrate labor Day. All
 a green cloth library bag just for finishing!         31980 Little boston Road NE          branches will be open their regular hours on
                                                           kingston, WA 98346               Tuesday, September 7.
  Other events this month include:                        Phone: 360-297-2670

                 HANSVIlle CO-OP PReSCHOOl                                                      North Kitsap
                             By Bethany Jorgenson                                     puget souNd aNglers
               summer Playgroup for Preschoolers                                                       By Don White
             sponsored by Hansville Co-op Preschool

          e’d like to invite all area preschoolers, their friends and siblings to
          our weekly playgroup at local parks this summer from 11:00 am to
          1:00 pm. Bring a picnic lunch and join other parents and kids for
 an afternoon of fun.

 •   Tuesday, August 3 @ lions Park (Poulsbo)
 •   Wednesday, August 11 @ Point No Point
 •   Tuesday, August 17 @ Salsbury Point Park

 •   Wednesday, August 25 @ Fish Park (Poulsbo)                                        t’s the most wonderful time of the year for the
 •   Tuesday, August 31 @ Hansville Greenway                                           North Kitsap Puget Sound Anglers! Area 9 is
     (meet at Buck lake)                                                               open, and the kings are here. Opening week-
                                                                                    end produced fish up to 20 pounds for club mem-
 We are also enrolling for the upcoming school year in our great little school      bers...right in our own backyards!
 located at Buck lake. We accept children 12 months to 5 years old. With
 the teacher, parent helpers and children in the classroom, we are learning,        Our next meeting will be August 11, with Social
 growing and having fun together hand in hand. The three classes are as             Hour beginning at 6:00 pm. This will be our annual
 follows: Walkabouts held one day a week for ages 12 months to 2.5 years,           Member Appreciation banquet/potluck. Price of
 Preschool held two days a week for ages 2.5 years to 3.5 years and Pre-K           admission is a donation for the local Food Bank.
 held three days a week for ages 3.5 years to 5 years. This is a great oppor-
 tunity to expose your little one to the classroom and meet some great new          For more information, email
 friends too! email or call (360) 271-8502           Don White,
 for more details or to request a registration packet.                              President, NKPSA
                                                                                         CALENdAR                                                                                         Page 7

CC—Greater Hansville Community Center
dk—Driftwood Key Clubhouse
ES—Historic Eglon Schoolhouse
                                        HC—Hansville Church
                                        Lb—Little Boston Library
                                        NP—Native Plant Garden at
                                        Buck Lake Park
                                                                          August 2010                                                                    COFFEES HELD at the HANSVILLE GROCERY:
                                                                                                                                                         Men’s Koffee Klatch – 8:00 am Mon.-Sat.
                                                                                                                                                         Better Half’s Coffee – 10:00 am Tuesdays
                                                                                                                                                         Solitarians Coffee – 10:00 am Fridays

        Sunday                     Monday                     Tuesday                 Wednesday                     Thursday                      Friday                     Saturday
  1 AUGUST 2                                             3                          4                          5                           6                             7
  1 pm–Eglon Beach           9 am-12 noon–Native         10-3 pm–Local              11 am–Little Boston        9:30 am–TOPS Weigh-
  Potluck-See pg. 3          Plant Garden Work           Artists Workshop-DK        Book Group “Apples &       in-HC
                             Party-NP                    10-11 am–                  Oranges”-LB                7 pm–Greenway
                             1 pm–Need to Knit-DK        Kinderdance Program        2:30 pm–Crafternoons-      Meeting-CC
                             1-4 pm–Mah-Jongg            -ages 2-6-LB               LB
                                                                                    7 pm–GH Community
                                                                                    Center Board Mtg.-CC

  8                          9                           10                         11                         12                          13                            14 pm–Hansville
                                                                                                                                                                         9 am-4
                             1-4 pm–Mah-Jongg            10-3 pm–Local              2:30 pm–Crafternoons-      9:30 am–TOPS Weigh-
                             Group-LB                    Artists Workshop-DK        LB                         in-HC                                                     Community Center
                                                         10:30 am–Church            6 pm–NKPS Anglers,
                                                         Ladies Beach and           Banquet/Potluck-DK                                                                   Rummage 
                                                         Greenway Walk-HC
                                                         Office                                                                                                          Sale -CC
                                                         1-4 pm–Teen
                                                         Starburst Book
                                                         Making-Drop In-LB

  15                         16                          17                         18                         19                          20                            21 
  11 am-3 pm-Hansville       9 am-12 noon–Native         10-3 pm–Local              2:30 pm–Crafternoons-      9:30 am–TOPS Weigh-
  Community Center           Plant Garden Work           Artists Workshop-DK        LB                         in-HC
  Rummage                    1 pm–Need to Knit-DK
  Sale -CC                   1-4 pm–Mah-Jongg

  22                         23                          24                         25                         26                          27                            28
                             1-4 pm–Mah-Jongg            10-3 pm–Local              10 am–Ladies Aid           9:30 am–TOPS Weigh-                                       9 am–
                             Group-LB                    Artists Workshop-DK        Mtg-DK                     in-HC
                                                                                    2:30 pm–Crafternoons-                                                                Hansville 
                                                                                    LB                                                                                   Coaster 
                                                                                                                                                                         -see pg. 2

  29                         30                          31                         1 SEPT                     2                           3                             4
                             1-4 pm–Mah-Jongg            10-3 pm–Local              11 am–Little Boston        9:30 am–TOPS Weigh-
                             Group-LB                    Artists Workshop-DK        Book Group-LB              in-HC
                                                                                    2:30 pm–Crafternoons-
                                                                                    7 pm–GH Community
                                                                                    Center Board Mtg.-CC

                             For Hansville Community Center rental information, event scheduling and center usage coordination, please contact Rena’ Grey, Caretaker, 
                                   cell phone - 621-0097, email - This includes posting your event on the community and rental calendars.

 Upcoming events:                                                   September 6–Eglon Beach Potluck                             September 19–Bruce Cosacchi & the Whiskey Creek Jazz Band
 September 1–Community Center Board Meeting                         September 14–Advisory Council Meeting
Page 8                                              COMMUNITY  |  AdVERTISING
                                                                                                                          our world
         IF YOUR WATeR GeTS SOMe COlOR                                                                                    class pancake
                                                                                                                          flippers jack
                          by Jim Warren                                                                                   Christofferson,

                                                                                                                          George Briese
   f you get your water from Kitsap Public Utilities District or
   from a local well, it may sometimes develop a slightly yellow                                                          and Art
   or tea shade to it, and may even look black in your toilet tank.                                                       ellison (l to r)
 Why? Is there any danger? What can be done about it?                                                                     serve up tasty
                                                                                                                          treats at the
 Daniel Kimbler, who once maintained a Hansville-area water sys-                                                          annual 4th of
 tem and is now the KPUD's Superintendent of Operations, pro-
 vided answers.                                                                                                           july Pancake
 Iron and manganese are pervasive in water sources throughout
 north Kitsap County. They are especially heavy in private wells
 around the Buck lake area.                                           HANSVILLE ATTORNEY
                     However, PUD water for north Kitsap comes
                     mostly from a well behind the former Kings-            Contracts, Demand Letters, Biz.
                     ton lumber building in Kingston, supple-
                     mented during heavy demand periods by                             Simple Will Package
                     a smaller 110 gallon/minute well, south of                         (12 docs, reduced rate)
                     Driftwood Key, near the switchback on Hood
                     Canal Drive.
                                                                                                Nancy Slick
 Although the PUD flushes their system regularly, small deposits                        638-0236 | 394-4298
 of these natural elements build up in it. During periods of high             
 demand, notably including hot spells when many users increase
 outdoor watering, the flow velocity in the pipes increases, and
 can cause small amounts to dislodge, creating color in the water.
 Any black coloration in a toilet tank is usually from manganese.
                                                                        SMITH’S LANDSCAPING LLC
 Iron and manganese are not dangerous, and if ingested, simply
 flush harmlessly through the body. PUD water meets all health
 standards. (Mr. Kimbler is a longtime local resident; he drinks it
 himself.)                                                              • Full Yard Service Maintenance • Brush/Tree removal
                                                                        • Mowing /Edging                • Hardscapes & Softscapes
 If you notice any water coloration, it is best to run the outdoor      • Hedge Trimming                • Pressure Washing
 water spigots until the lines are flushed and the water is clear.
                                                                              360.286.8498 |
                                                                                            Lic.# 603-007-758

                                                                         ******* W A N T e D *******                WAnted:
                                                                         sUnDaY seaTTle TIMes
                                                                             CUsToMeRs                           NeW HANSVIlle
                                                                                                                  lOG eDITOR
                                                                            neW oR PReVIoUs
                                                                        (Previous customer must have been       Don’t you just love
                                                                            inactive for at least 30 days)      to stay informed on
                                                                                                                all the latest events?
                                                                          a lIMITeD TIMe offeR                  Put your finger on
                                                                              foR a sPeCIal                     the pulse of the
                                                                          sUbsCRIPTIon PRICe                    community?
                                                                            (through local carrier only).       Get all these benefits
                                                                                                                and more when you
                                                                      Other specials available for different    become the new edi-
                                                                      delivery schedules as well as different   tor of the Greater
                                                                      newspapers: Wall Street Journal; USA      Hansville log. Call MJ
                                                                      Today; Kitsap Sun; New York Times;        Strahm 638-2882 to
                                                                      and Investor’s Business Daily.            find out all you need
                                                                                                                to know about this
                                                                          CALL---RENA’ GREY 360-621-0097        interesting job.
                       Hansville Barber Styling
            Kelly Hagood, Owner

            Located at
            40503 Skunk Bay Rd. NE, Hansville

               For more information please visit website at:

                       To make an appointment
                            360 638-1020

                                                                                 Karen’s Hair Styling
                                                                                        Men’s Cuts—$12.00
                                                                                       Retired Men—$10.00

                                                                                    Mon.-Fri.—9:00 am-5:00 pm

                                                                    Phone                                   8180 Gust Halvor
                                                                    638-2880                              Hansville, WA 98340

                                                                         Windjammer Construction
                                                                            Jeff Eddy, General Contractor
                                                                       (360) 638-2050              Serving Hansville since 1980
                                                                    Custom Spas
                                                                    Decks and Patios
                                                                    Marine Carpentry
                                                                    Furniture & Cabinetry
                                                                    Garden Accessories                      WNDJC160NL

     The Hansville Grocery and Provision Co.
               Open 7 days a Week Until 10:00 pm
      Best Food in Hansville & Coldest Beer in Kitsap County

7532 NE Twin Spits, Hansville, WA 98340            (360) 638-2303
                      Serving you since 1975
                         AAA Approved

                         Phone 638-2372
                    Open 8:30 am--5:30 pm
              from oil changes to major mechanical repairs.
          all work performed by Master Certified Technicians &
                 Guaranteed for 12 months/12,000 miles

Milky Way FarM Guest House
                           Farmhouse for your
                             Reunion, Retreat,
                          Honeymoon, Meeting,
                           or Vacation Getaway
                          Invite your Family and
                            Friends! Sleeps 10.
                          20 Acres of Relaxation

                                In Hansville                                                                              Rena’ Grey
     Cinda & Erv bakken (360) 638-1811

                                                                                       COMPOSTING & TOPSOIL
                                                                                                                                              Think GREEN 
                                                                                                                                              100%  Recycle 

                                                                                             7890 Ecology Rd NE
                                                                                                                                              for our future 

                                                                                             (formerly Solid Waste Rd)
                                                                                            Kingston, WA 98346
                                                                                                                               For Pick-up or delivery:

                                                                                        360.638.0117 | 360.779.5614 •  Rock basalt-½ Man
                                                                                                                    •  Gravel-All Types driveway

                                                                 We Accept:                                         •  drain Rock-7/8”, 1½” Clean 
                                                                 •  Stumps
                                                                 •  Yard debris                                     •  Emu Compost, Mulch
                                                                 •  Construction Lumber                             •  Sand
                                                                 •  Painted Lumber                                  •  Special blends Topsoil 
                                                                 •  Sod                  Clean-up Time!             •  bark

                                                                 dump a load of yard waste at regular price & receive $5 OFF a yard of u-haul compost.
                                                                                               Present this Ad for discount.


     Need your own tank filled?
   Call for current propane prices
    Phone (360) 286-5502 or (360) 638-1313
                                         SPeCIAl SURVeY OF THe COMMUNITY
                             Greater Hansville Community Center | PO Box 133 | Hansville, WA 98340

Dear Community Member:

Were you disappointed when Kitsap Transit discontinued Bus Route 92 to our North Kitsap area? Would you like to have a public
transportation option available to the Greater Hansville area? If you answered yes to either question, you now have a chance to
do something about it.

Kitsap Transit is proposing to conduct a “Pilot Program” in the Greater Hansville area. They have come to the Greater Hansville
Community Center Board and offered the use of a commuter van, if a viable “Bus Service Plan” can be formulated within the
community. This service will require the participation of the users in both the administration of the service and the operation of
the van. We would like to ask that you take a few moments to complete this survey and return it to us at the above address as
soon as possible so that we may determine if this type of program will be sustainable in our rural area. If the results of this survey
indicate that there is sufficient support for this service we will continue to the next step. If the survey results indicate that there is
low interest in this program, the program will likely go no further. We realize that there are hundreds of questions that are yet to
be asked or answered; this is just the first step to determine if there is enough support and interest to go further with the planning
process. Your answers will determine what the next step should be. Please note that this transportation alternative is not intended
to replace or compete with the ACCeSS program in any way.

Please check or circle the appropriate answer below. Also, your comments are very important in determining the future of the
program. Please provide as much information as possible.

 1)    Do you believe that the Greater Hansville area needs an alternative transportation service? Yes___ No___
 2)    Are you interested in taking an active role in the administration of this project? Yes___ No___
 3)    Are you interested in being a van driver for this program? Yes___ No___
 4)    How likely are you to use this van service? Definitely___ Probably___ Maybe___ Not likely ___No___
 5)    With foot ferry service coming to Kingston, would you consider using this service as a “Commuter Van” to go to and from
       the Kingston ferry terminal? Yes___ No___
 6)    There will be a fee for this service. What do you think is a reasonable fee to travel from Hansville to Kingston $____ Hansville
       to Poulsbo $____ Other (Place)_____________________$____
 7)    If this program moves forward where would you most likely want to go? Kingston____ Poulsbo____ Other_____________
 8)    Can you provide us with a specific location that you would like to see this service go to (ie. Ferry terminal, grocery store,
       doctor’s office) please be specific: ________________________________________________________________________
 9)    How frequently would you use this service? Daily____ Twice per Week____ Once Per Week____ Twice per month____Once
       a month____ less than once per month____ Not at all____
10)    Would you consider this service for special group events if that type of service were offered? Yes____ No____
11)    How much time would you expect to need at your destination? ½ Hr____ 1 Hr____ 2 Hr____ More than 2 Hrs____
12)    Would you participate in a public meeting to discuss the future of this program? Yes____ No____
13)    Your thoughts and opinions are important to the future of this program. Would you please share any thoughts, opinions,
       comments, or suggestions you would have for this type of program? ____________________________________________

Contact Information--This is very important if you want to be kept informed on the future of this project:

Name: _____________________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________
Phone: _____________________________________________________________
email: _____________________________________________________________

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey and returning it to us.

                                         The Greater Hansville Community Center board
                                                          Po box 133
                                                      Hansville, Wa 98340
    GReATeR HANSvILLe COMMUNITY CeNTeR                              DUES AND SPECIAL SUPPORT:
                P.O. Box 133                                         New Member:_____ Renewal:______
                                                                    Membership – Single ($10.00)                $ ___________
             Hansville, WA 98340
                                                                    Membership – Family ($20.00)                $ ___________
 dues: january - december                                           Membership – Business/Org. ($40.00)         $ ___________
 Name #1: __________________________________________                 GHCC Building Fund                         $ ___________
 email: _____________________________________________                GH Log Production expense Fund             $ ___________
 Name #2: __________________________________________                 Hansville Neighbors Luncheon Fund          $ ___________
 email: _____________________________________________                GH education Scholarship Fund              $ ___________
 Phone: ____________________________________________                 Hansville Cooperative Preschool Fund       $ ___________
 Address: ___________________________________________                Norwegian Point Park PP Fund               $ ___________
                                                                     GHCC General Fund                          $ ___________
 Name of Business ___________________________________               PARTIALLY MATCHED BY GHCC
 Address: ___________________________________________                 Ladies Aid/Cemetery Upkeep Fund           $ ___________
 Phone # ___________________________________________                  Hansville Greenway Fund                   $ ___________
 e-mail _____________________________________________                 Buck Lake Native Plant Garden Fund        $ ___________
                                                                      Little Boston Library Support Fund        $ ___________
 Donations are tax deductible. Please make checks payable                                     TOTAL             $ ___________
 to the Greater Hansville Community Center, mail this form
 along with your check to GHCC, PO Box 133, Hansville, WA           We (I) would be interested in volunteering time to Greater
 98340.                                                             Hansville Community Center activities: YES _____ NO ______

 The Greater Hansville log is published monthly by The              News editor, Graphic Design & Ads: M. J. Strahm, 638-2882
 Greater Hansville Community Center, PO Box 133, Hansville,                     Treasurer: Mike Bryant, 638-0120
 WA 98340, and is issued as a service to residents of the                        Distribution: Joan Lee, 638-9399
 Greater Hansville Area. The deadline for all submissions is the
 15th of the month prior to publication. We reserve the right              Production: Kitsap Printing, 360-697-2286
 to accept, reject or edit any article submitted for publication.                    e-Mail:

                                                                                                                Non Profit Org.
                                                                                                                 U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                 Permit No. 3
              P.O. Box 133
           Hansville, WA 98340                                                                             Carrier Route Presort
                                                                                                         POSTAL PATRON
                                                     Current Resident Or

        Newcomer Welcome Packets
Newcomer welcome packets are available to new neigh-
bors in the Hansville/eglon/little Boston areas. If you are
new to the area or if you know of a new family in your
neighborhood, please contact Gale Johnson at 638-2913
or email her at

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