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					   Building Knowledge Society at Grassroots Bangladesh

Advocacy Activities
  Bangladesh Friendship Education Society
                   11 March 2004
         At Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi
                 By Tarannum Dana
                 Programme Officer
    Bangladesh Friendship
   Education Society (BFES)

It has been established in 1993 with view to
   support education projects in rural areas.
   The founders are basically educationists
   and development practitioners.
BFES Objectives

  Developing Knowledge Network is one of
   the prime activities of BFES initiatives.
   BFES is closely working with Global
   Knowledge Partnership (GKP) as it’s
   first member from Bangladesh and
   initiated a regional knowledge Network
   (South Network) among the NGOs and
   CSOs of South Asia.
BFES Activities
 Provide School Education Support
 Training projects for school teachers
 Rural Development Program
 ICT in education for disadvantaged
 Bangladesh Technology & Development
  Education Exchange
 Policy Support
 Advocacy in different development,
  future vision and human rights
BFES Advocacy Chart
ICT4D Networking         Advocacy with
with NGOs - South        Government on
Network                  policy issues

             BFES Advocacy

   Media                 Serving to WSIS
 Awareness               working group
BFES Activities in Advocacy
We follow system advocacy to influence &
 changes in national policy in ways that will
 benefit people. Main purpose is to encourage to
 make changes to the law, government and
 service policies & community attitudes. We do
 the following activities
Conducting education and awareness programme
Campaign and network building
Providing inputs to national policies
Research and case-study
Media awareness programmes
Best Example
 Providing support to the government for the
  WSIS process (GO & NGO collaboration)

 Worked together and providing information
  about WSIS to different organisations at
  local level.

 Advocating to include computer and
  information security issues in the national
  ICT policy
Advocacy to International
 Raise Voice for the people of Bangladesh
 Explore opportunity for partnership with
  international organisations in Bangladesh

 Identify projects for donors investment &

 Cooperate with different organisation and
  provides possible supports
BFES Future Advocacy
WSIS consultation at national level, ICT policy
 and activities, network building
ICT policy awareness and active participation
 in WSIS process
Introducing CER issues at national level and
 seek regional cooperation
Building capacity in understanding ICT
Advocacy training & workshop with
 government, private and all sectors
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Our Contact Address:

Bangladesh Friendship Education Society (BFES)
11/8 Iqbal Road, First Floor

South Network
   10 March 2004
    Presented by:
  Tarannum Dana
South Network Concept
• To initiate a strategic discussion on Knowledge
  Networking (KN) for NGOs/CSOs to exchange
  of ideas in South Asian countries.
• To clarify the key concepts, evolving a
  common paradigm, & presenting working
  models of how KN can engender development
  & examine how NGOs/CSOs are engaging &
  interfacing traditional information &
  communication systems as well as the new
• Practitioners will do this through a regional
  setup from Bangladesh to all over South Asia.
Objectives of South Network
•   To map existing initiatives in networking
    knowledge for development
•   To showcase good practices, innovations,
    and ongoing experiments in ICTs & other
    media & information systems
•   To draw concrete lessons from field
    experiences & stimulate meaningful
    knowledge exchange between regional
•   To disseminate the leanings from these
    exchanges to a broader audience
South Network Activity
Phase One: Preliminary Mapping and Assessment of Initiatives (January-
September 2004): The objective is to provide a venue for more strategic and
focused data gathering as a preliminary research process that will support the
Regional Networking.


                                                        Mapping of
    Case Preparation
                                                        Existing South
    and Documentation
                                                        Asian Initiatives

                            Initiative Computer
                            Response Team
South Network Activity cont.
      Phase Two: Regional Dialogue (October-December 2004)


 Round-Table                                 Regional Workshop
 Learning Sessions
                        Knowledge Fair

                A Portal-based

                                 sharing sessions
South Network Activity cont
   Phase Three: Network Support-Dissemination and Continuing
                 Dialogue (January -March 2005)


             Continuing                Dissemination
South Network Activity cont
 Phase Four: Network Support & Services (January 2005-December


   Promoting ICT4D                          Computer Emergency
   NGOs Network                             Response Team (CERT)

                 Support to International
                 Exchange visit
Objective of Sharing

• Bring all NGOs/CSOs in one common
• To invite partners to join South Network
• To share experience and best practices
• To get feedback from participants
        Thank You
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South Network
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