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									John Doe
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EDUCATION: Bachelor of Computer Science (Honors) Co-op University Of Toronto, Toronto, ON QUALIFICATIONS SUMMARY: Programming Languages:
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Winter 2002 –Fall 2006

Experienced in Java , C# , C++ , C , Visual Basic , AspectJ , PHP , SQL , XML IBM Rational Application Developer IBM WebSphere Integration Developer IBM Rational Software Architect Eclipse SDK Microsoft Visual Studio.NET Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Working experience in Struts based JSP development Working experience in Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) and Java Swing Working experience in C# and Visual Basic based UI development Experienced in Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) architecture Working experience with Apache Struts Model View Controller (MVC) architecture Experienced with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) , Service Component Architecture (SCA) Working experience in server side scripting using PHP Working experience in Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), JavaScript , HTML IBM DB2 , Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server , Microsoft Access, MySQL IBM WebSphere Application Server, IBM WebSphere Process Server , Apache Tomcat, Apache HTTP Server Excellent communication and presentation skills Excellent documentation skills Reliable, efficient and experienced in working with medium to large scale teams

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PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Software Developer IBM Canada Ltd, Ottawa, ON

IBM Regular, January 2007 –January 2008

Metadata Importer for IBM Business Glossary: Developed a Java based generic importer tool for IBM Business Glossary under Information Server platform that imports third party Data Models (i.e., Erwin 4, Erwin 7 etc) into Metadata Repository. I designed a generic parsing logic which made the program compatible with multiple Data Models. I converted the program from a stand-alone Java application to a three tire Web application deployable into WebSphere Application Server along with other parts of Information Server. I developed a standard JSP based UI for the tool. IFW Banking Solution: Designed and developed a Service Mediations layer and required Data Mappings between the IFW business model and WebSphere Customer Center. Worked in the WebSphere

Business Integration environment leveraging WebSphere Process Server & Service Component Architecture technology. Enterprise Master Patient Index: Worked in developing a Customer Data Integration solution called IBM Enterprise Master Patient Index for the health care industry. Job responsibilities included design, implementation, testing and installation of the application in Unix based clustered WebSphere Application servers.

Java Developer IBM Canada Ltd, Ottawa, ON

Co-op Work term, Fall 2006

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Participated in all life cycle stages (designing, coding, integrating, defect-fixing, installing) of the development of an Automation Software that automates the development environment setup process for the team developing IBM WebSphere Customer Center ( ) Developed the User Interface of the software using SWT and Java Swing Designed and developed a multithreaded automation engine to perform selectable tasks that include – establishing automatic connection to CVS repositories and checking out a selectable list of projects, configuring WebSphere Admin Server, performing automatic clean-and-build-project operations, performing automatic deployment of the EJB projects into WebSphere and launching XML Test Tools Demonstrating ability to study and make use of existing Eclipse Plug-ins Demonstrating strong creativity and problem solving skills Demonstrated excellent documentation and presentation skills

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Java Developer IBM Canada Ltd, Ottawa, ON
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Co-op Work term, Summer 2006


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Worked as a Java Developer resolving assigned bugs in IBM DB2 Records Manager ( ). Followed state-of-the-art debugging procedures – understanding the assigned problems from given description in IBM ClearQuest, producing solutions, verifying possible side-effects of the solutions, generating formal reports, and updating ClearQuest Worked as a key member of a team developing an Automation Software based on Java Command Language (Jacl) scripts, MS-DOS Batch scripts, Ant scripts and pure Java to automate the development environment setup procedures for Rational Application Developer (RAD) and WebSphere in relation to IBM Websphere Customer Center ( ) Demonstrated strong understanding of Java Demonstrated the ability to quickly learn and make use of various scripting languages Demonstrated excellent communication skills through working in a team environment Co-op work term, Summer 2005

Web Developer PPG Chemfil Canada, Toronto, ON

Developed a Web-based Module using PHP for viewing and administering Material Safety Datasheets (MSDS) for the company.  Created the User Interfaces of the module using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) only  Produced a detailed design document and user document for the module developed  Worked according to an Object Oriented design outlined by the supervisor  Worked during a database migration period ( From MS Access to MySQL )  Demonstrated the ability to work independently, without constant supervision


Acquired recognition as an enthusiastic, hardworking and innovative programmer

C# Developer LMI Automotive, Toronto, ON

Co-op work term, Winter 2005

Developed a Windows based Robot Client Test Application using C# .NET  The software provided User Interfaces to collect input data and issues various calls (Individual or in user-definable collections) to an existing C++ Client and display the results as they are sent back  Produced Design Documents and User Manual for the software  Demonstrated the ability to exploit the Interoperability techniques (by creating and using a C++ wrapper object containing Platform Invoke Calls to a Robot Client DLL  Demonstrated the ability to re-adjust the development work quickly upon design change  Acquired recognition as a very enthusiastic and hardworking software developer

ACADEMIC PROJECTS: C# based Stock Scanning Software
Worked as the Team Lead and Chief Architect for an eight month project developing a Stock Scanning Software using C# .NET for Bright Trading Inc., USA.  The software was designed for users to build complex stock scanning queries and scan a real time stock database to find and display desired real time stock information  The software was a client to the electronic trading platform called RediPlus®  Followed state-of-the-art software development procedures starting from Requirement Analysis and finishing at Installation of the product on clients’ machines

JSP Website
Developed a JSP based interactive web site representing an online store. The user interface was built using JSPs while Java Servlets were used as action flow controllers. Java Beans were used to abstract the entities in the system.

Simple Compiler
Developed the front end of a simple compiler using Java. JLex was used to generate the scanner, and JavaCup was used to generate the parser based on Context Free Grammar (CFG).

C++ based Computer Simulator
Developed Computer Simulator using C++. The software uses machine instructions as input, parses it, and runs a fetch-and-execute cycle. The basic components of a computer, for example, Memory, CPU and Arithmetic Logic and Shift Unit (ALU), were implemented using C++.

SELF STARTED PROJECTS: Java based Web Application
Designed and developed a Java based Web Application that is extendible to provide solutions for multiple types of clients  The data model was designed with a view to achieve extensibility across client types  The Engine core was built using Java beans and custom transaction objects  Apache Struts was used to achieve a clean Model-View-Controller architecture

Java based Online Message Board
Designed and developed a Java based online message board system  The User Interface was built using JSP aided by Cascading Style Sheets and Java Scripts  Java Servlets were used as the data flow controllers  Java Beans were used to abstract the entities in the system

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