Gardens, Gardens And More Gardens by anamaulida


									                             Gardening is a wonderful hobby. Some people
focus only on growing flowers and plants, while others grow vegetables.
Some gardeners are so motivated and enjoy gardening so much that they
grow everything, from flowers to vegetables.Back in the old days, people
had to live off whatever food they grew in their garden. These people
were usually very conservative with the way they handled their gardening.
They would harvest their food at the same time, in the fall of each year.
After harvesting, they would can lots of vegetables like: Green beans,
corn, tomatoes and many other vegetables. This was what they would eat
during the winter, and even into the next gardening season. This was a
way of life for people at this time.Even though the people back then were
poor and were forced to grow their own food, they were healthier. They
lived longer than people do now, and their quality of life was also
better. Another thing that was better back then was the soil content. The
soil was a whole lot richer in vitamins and nutrients than it is
currently.Store-bought fruits and vegetables are so unhealthy, with all
pesticides that were used while growing it. They may look and taste the
same, but they aren't the same. And the nutrient-depleted soil doesn't
make things better, only worse.Many people these days choose to grow
flower gardens instead of vegetables. Even thought the soil contains a
lot less nutrients, it is still more beneficial to eat home grown
tomatoes and other vegetables, than store-bought, unless you specifically
buy organic vegetables. But by growing your own, you can decide exactly
how you want to grow it, what you want to use as a pesticide (natural
organic is best) and what you want to grow.Many people say that one has
to have a green thumb to be able to grow and maintain a garden, whether
it is flowers, vegetables, or both. This is not necessarily true. If you
are really motivated and determined to grow a healthy garden, then it can
be done. You just have to make sure that you have healthy seeds and bulbs
to start with, and a little research on the specific type or gardening
that you choose couldn't hurt.

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