Facebook Vs Facebook Lite by anamaulida


        We are very familiar with Facebook and its features; actually the
addiction fever of Facebook is now on the user nerves. It is the
connection that imports real-time interaction with external user base
integration through countless websites. Facebook in some cases overtake
search traffic as the single biggest source that attract traffic from
shared links, photos, and videos. On its own 5 billion pieces of content
are shared on Facebook every week by exceeding user base of its
Due to low bandwidth in certain areas and customer easy handling,
"Facebook Lite", as the name suggests, a scaled down version of regular
Facebook was introduced, where the official literature stated as it was
designed to "help you keep in touch with your friends more quickly and
easily." The version certainly has a cleaner and simpler appearance,
which provides for greater focus on posts. The improved placement of the
"Profile", "Info","Chat" and "Inbox" buttons – top, center and bold is
also admirable!
Nevertheless, I recommend comparing both through going to the "Default
Site" page that let me able to choose between regular Facebook and
Facebook Lite. Regardless of whether to choose regular or lite, I suggest
a blue bar will appear at the top of your Facebook that enables you to
switch back and forth between the two versions.
Simply, people are not satisfied using social networking tools when only
sitting in front of a computer screen, but would rather use them to
augment reality wherever they go to enhance in-person experiences. The
social network is quietly rolling out a pair of beta services -- Facebook
Lite and Facebook Classic – let the users select each opt to the design
of your choice. The users will be able to select the Facebook interface
that they're most comfortable with intent to both response to user
feedback and adaptation in the product for different usage models and
forward-looking feature opportunities". Facebook "Classic" has a lot of
navigational elements and more data that make the site cluttered, in
comparison to Facebook "Lite".        <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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