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					                    AMERICAN ASSOCIATION
                    OF COLLEGES OF PHARMACY
                    1426 Prince Street • Alexandria, Virginia • 22314 • 703/739-2330 • Fax: 703/836-8982 •

                                   ACADEMIC PHARMACY'S
                                     VITAL STATISTICS

Institutions and Programs
!   As of July, 2007, there are 99 colleges and                    !    Of the total number of students enrolled in first
    schools of pharmacy with accredited (full or                        professional degree programs for fall 2006, 64.2
    candidate status) professional degree programs.                     percent were women and 11.1 percent were
    The Accreditation Council for Pharmacy                              underrepresented minority students.
    Education (ACPE) accredits programs.
                                                                   !    Professional pharmacy student enrollments have
!   Fourty (40) programs are in private institutions                    continued to rise for six consecutive years.
    and fifty-nine (59) are in publicly supported uni-                  Annual increases were 4.1 in fall 2001, 8.4
    versities.                                                          percent in fall 2002, 10.7 percent in fall 2003,
                                                                        5.1 percent in fall 2004, 6.8 percent in fall 2005,
!   One hundred (100) colleges and schools will                         and 4.7 percent in fall 2006. Attrition estimates
    offer the Pharm.D. as a first professional degree                   (tracking enrollees through to graduation) over
    and twenty-seven (27) colleges and schools will                     the past five years have averaged 3.46 percent
    offer the Pharm.D. as a post-B.S. degree in fall                    per class.

!   Sixty-five (65) colleges and schools will offer                !    Total fall 2006 full-time graduate student
    graduate programs in the pharmaceutical                             enrollment was 3,713 (2,773 students in Ph.D.
    sciences at the M.S. and/or Ph.D. level in fall                     programs and 940 in M.S. programs). Women
    2007.                                                               accounted for 49.7 percent of full-time graduate
                                                                        students. U.S.-educated pharmacists made up 7.6
!   In fall 2006, there were 4,340 full-time and 534                    percent of the total Ph.D. enrollment.
    part-time pharmacy faculty members at 92
    colleges and schools of pharmacy.                              !    In 2005-06, 9,040 first professional degrees in
                                                                        pharmacy were awarded: 68.2 percent to females
Pharmacy Students                                                       and 31.8 percent to males. In addition, 515 post-
                                                                        B.S. Pharm.D. degrees were awarded.

!   First professional degree enrollment ranged from
    55 to 1,674 students per college or school in fall             !    In 2005-06, 442 Ph.D. degrees were awarded
    2006. Institutions reported an average applica-                     (57.0 percent to males, 43.0 percent to females),
    tion to enrollment rate of 7.8:1 for admission in                   representing a 3.0 percent increase from 2004-
    fall 2006.                                                          2005. M.S. degrees awarded increased 2.9
                                                                        percent from 626 in 2004-05 to 644 (37.4
!   Total first professional degree enrollment was                      percent to males, 62.6 percent to females) in
    48,592 in fall 2006.                                                2005-06.

!   The number of students already holding a B.S. in
    pharmacy and enrolled in Pharm.D. programs
    was 4,053.

    Sources: AACP's institutional, faculty, and student databases track on an annual basis the status of pharmacy's academic
             enterprise. Data in "Academic Pharmacy's Vital Statistics" are reflective of the Association's Profile of Pharmacy
             Faculty, Pharmacy School Admission Requirements, and Profile of Pharmacy Students.

Updated July 2007
                                                                                                           Vital Statistics

Programs in Pharmacy
The following inventory represents programs that are anticipated to be offered to beginning students in fall 2008 by
103 U.S. colleges and schools of pharmacy, as reported by the schools to AACP in April 2007. To ascertain the
current accreditation status of each program, contact the individual college or school or the Accreditation Council
for Pharmacy Education, 20 North Clark Street, Suite 2500, Chicago, Illinois 60602; 312/664-3575.

Pharm.D. as first professional degree (100):
Auburn University                          Louisiana at Monroe, University of       Toledo, University of (OH)
Samford University (AL)                    Xavier University of Louisiana           SW Oklahoma State University
Midwestern University-Glendale (AZ)        Maryland, University of                  Oklahoma, University of
Arizona, University of                     Massachusetts College of Pharmacy        Oregon State University
Arkansas, University of                      and Health Sciences-Boston             Pacific University (OR)
Loma Linda University (CA)                 Massachusetts College of Pharmacy        Duquesne University (PA)
Touro University (CA)                        and Health Sciences-Worcester          Lake Erie College of Osteopathic
California-San Diego,                      Northeastern University (MA)               Medicine (PA)
  University of                            Ferris State University (MI)             Philadelphia College of Pharmacy (PA)
California-San Francisco,                  Michigan, University of                  Temple University (PA)
  University of                            Wayne State University (MI)              Pittsburgh, University of (PA)
Pacific, University of the (CA)            Minnesota, University of                 Wilkes University (PA)
Southern California, University of         Mississippi, University of               Puerto Rico, University of
Western University                         St. Louis College of Pharmacy (MO)       Rhode Island, University of
Colorado, University of                    Missouri at Kansas City, University of   South Carolina College of Pharmacy
Connecticut, University of                 Montana, University of                   South Dakota State University
Howard University (DC)                     Creighton University (NE)                East Tennessee State University
Florida A & M University                   Nebraska, University of                  Tennessee, University of
Nova Southeastern University (FL)          Southern Nevada, University of           Texas A&M-Kingsville, University of
Palm Beach Atlantic College (FL)           Rutgers University (NJ)                  Texas Southern University
Florida, University of                     New Mexico, University of                Texas Tech University
Mercer University (GA)                     A&M Schwartz (NY)                        Houston, University of (TX)
South University (GA)                      St. John Fisher College (NY)             Incarnate Word, University of the (TX)
Georgia, University of                     St. John’s University (NY)               North Texas Health Science Center,
Hawaii, University of (HI)                 Touro College (NY)                          University of (TX)
Idaho State University                     SUNY at Buffalo (NY)                     Texas at Austin, University of
Chicago State (IL)                         Albany College of Pharmacy (NY)          Utah, University of
Midwestern University-Chicago (IL)         Campbell University (NC)                 Hampton University (VA)
Southern Illinois-Edwardsville, Univ. of   North Carolina at Chapel Hill,           Shenandoah University (VA)
Illinois at Chicago, University of           University of                          Appalachia, University of (VA)
Butler University (IN)                     Wingate University (NC)                  Virginia Commonwealth University
Purdue University (IN)                     North Dakota State University            Washington, University of
Drake University (IA)                      Northeastern Ohio Universities           Washington State University
Iowa, University of                        Ohio Northern University                 Charleston, University of (WV)
Kansas, University of                      Ohio State University                    West Virginia University
Kentucky, University of                    Cincinnati, University of (OH)           Wisconsin-Madison, University of
                                           Findlay, University of (OH)              Wyoming, University of

Pharm.D. degree as a post-B.S. in pharmacy degree (25):
Auburn University (AL)                     Massachusetts College of Pharmacy        Northeastern Ohio Universities
Loma Linda University (CA)                    and Health Sciences-Boston            Ohio State University
Pacific, University of the (CA)            Mississippi, University of               Toledo, University of (OH)
Southern California, University of         St. Louis College of Pharmacy (MO)       Tennessee, University of
Western University (CA)                    Nebraska, University of                  Shenandoah University (VA)
Colorado, University of (CO)               St. John's University (NY)               Appalachia, University of (VA)
Howard University (DC)                     Campbell University (NC)                 Virginia Commonwealth University
Purdue University (IN)                     Wingate University (NC)                  Washington, University of
Kansas, University of                      North Dakota State University

Updated July 2007

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