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					Laboratory Design
       Andy Piggott

 NAIGS Annual Conference 2008
          Session 8c
6 Waves launched (out of 15)
90 projects in 72 Las
Plus – One-School Pathfinders in 39 LAs from later waves

1000 schools involved – including 180 Academies

 13 BSF schools now open
 35 due to open in 2008-2009
 DCSF Consultation – submissions end TODAY (Friday, 4th July
 How to involve more schools, more quickly – from later Waves

Press Release, DCSF, 23rd June 2008:
Fast Track – 8 LAs – rebuild / refurbish:
       5 schools most in need of investment

         Summer 2008 start: Hounslow, Southampton,
         Staffordshire, Worcestershire
         Autumn 2008 start: Enfield, North Tyneside, Rotherham,
BSF – “is not just a building programme. (It) .. Aims to create
learning environments which inspire all young people …;
provide teachers with 21st Century work places…; provide
access to facilities … by all members of the local

BSF Chief Executive, Tim Byles:
“BSF allows us to banish thoughts of schools from the past.
Good science and good science teaching is based on
rigorous principles of observation and experiment. Science
educators, having considered what they want to be
happening in school science laboratories in the future,
are best placed to work with design teams to ensure that
teaching and learning spaces serve these requirements.
Not only that, they should ensure that the physical and virtual
learning environment is designed to maximise flexibility for
future development.”
  Wave 1 (including Pathfinders)

                                                                 Start of
                    Start of   OJEU     Selected   Financial
        WAVE 1
                    project    notice    bidder      Close
                                                                             School           Notes

Bradford            Dec 03     Oct 04    Dec 05     Dec 06        Jul 06      Sep 08

Bristol             Dec 03     Dec 04    Sep 05     Jun 06        Jul 06      Sep 07

Greenwich           Oct 04     Jan 05    Nov 06                                        Framework procurement

Knowsley             Jul 04    Jun 05    Dec 06     Dec 07       Aug 07

Lancashire          Jun 04     Apr 05    Feb 06     Dec 06       Oct 06       Sep 08

Leeds               Feb 05     Aug 05    Nov 06     Apr 07       Mar 07       Sep 08

Leicester           Mar 05     May 05    Jul 06     Dec 07       Aug 07

Lewisham            Oct 04     Apr 05    Mar 07     Dec 07        Jul 07

Manchester          Jun 04      n/a       n/a       Oct 06       Sep 06       Sep 08   Framework procurement

Newcastle           Jun 04     Dec 04    Aug 06     Jul 07       Jan 07       Sep 08

Newham              Feb 05     Aug 06    Feb 08

Sheffield           Jan 04     Jan 05    May 06     Jul 07       Apr 07

Solihull            Jun 04     Mar 05    Jul 06     May 07       May 07

STaG                Aug 05     Jul 06    Aug 07     Dec 07       Jan 08

Stoke               May 05     Dec 05                            Oct 07                Framework procurement

Sunderland          Mar 06     Mar 07    Oct 07     Mar 08       Mar 08                Framework procurement

Waltham Forest      Oct 04     Aug 05    Sep 06     Aug 07       Mar 07       Sep 08
 Wave 2

                    Start of   OJEU     Selected   Financial   Start of
        WAVE 2
                    project    notice    bidder      Close     Building   School           Notes


 Birmingham          Jun 05    Jan 07

 Hackney             Jan 05    Jun 06    Sep 07

 Haringey            Aug 05    Oct 06    Feb 08                                     Framework procurement

 Hull                Jun 07    Jul 08

 Islington           Apr 05    May 06    Jun 07                 Feb 08

 Lambeth             Jul 05    Mar 06    Nov 06     Dec 06      Jan 07     Feb 08

 Liverpool           Jun 05    Aug 06    Feb 07     Jan 08      Mar 08

 Middlesbrough       Mar 07    Sep 07

 Nottingham          Jul 05    Nov 06    Jan 08

 Tower Hamlets       Mar 06    Feb 07
BSF Adviser Frameworks

                  Legal …….                  Technical
Capita            Financial ……               Currie and Brown
                                             Faber Maunsell
                                             Gardiner and Theobald
Mouchel Parkman   Project and Programme
Place Group Ltd   Management
                                             Mott MacDonald
                  Atkins Consultants Ltd
                                             Navigant Consulting
                  Buro Four Project Services
                  Hewitt Freeborn Associates
                  Lend Lease Consulting
                  Mott MacDonald
                  Mouchel Parkman Services Ltd
                  Navigant Consulting
                  Turner and Townsend

Partnerships for Schools may be starting to look at
involvement of specialist associations in the design of their
specific areas.

Being planned:

1 – day Conference / Meeting (s)

Design of specialist accommodation
For senior leadership and middle managers – with input on:
        Design & Technology
        and ……….
And -- Allocation of Faraday
teams to school renewals:

Faraday Team    Local Authority   School
White Design    Devon             Bideford College
White Design    York              Joseph Rowntree
DEGW            Barnet            East Barnet School,
DEGW            Wigan             Abraham Guest
Alligan &       Gloucestershire   Rednock School
Alligan &       Plymouth          Estover Community
 And -- Additional Demonstration
 Projects, refurbishments:

Region      LA               School
East        Peterborough     Kings School
West       Shropshire        Mary Webb school &
  Midlands                     science college
SE          Medway           Rinham Mark Grammar

SE          Reading          Kendrick School

SE          Surrey           Weydon School
NE          Northumberland   Cramlington High
East       Lincolnshire      The Priory LSST
So –

Your schools are very likely to be involved
and should want some good advice from
the science education side
    Wave 1

Waltham Forest LA

  Matt Endean
Help available
The CD !

  Most available to all on
                                       “Its very readable and concise
                                       which is excellent for busy staff”
For use with schools, LAs,             Ms Lucy Watson, Design Team Officer, DCSF
architects, etc

                     The Good Lab – Concise Guide
                    School Science Accommodation –
                       Guide to Good Standards

                                                    DRAFTS – NOT yet finished
    NAIGS members only

                          The Good Lab – Concise Guide
                         School Science Accommodation –
                            Guide to Good Standards
Building Bulletins (DCSF)
The CD !
Triple length bollards

                         Drawing by A-Z
                         Partnerships Ltd

Teardrops – wide end forward

                      Drawing by
                      A-Z Partnership Ltd
Rotatable service bollard

Reaction furniture          British Thornton
Centre of circle

 Bideford College   Project Faraday
Portfolio 2009

    Other examples welcome !
                          LEARNING CENTRES

                    National Science Learning Centre

NAC08132: Lab Design: Future Science
Accommodation for Teaching and Learning
              For: architects, project managers, science advisers /
              consultants, senior school leaders, heads of science,
              senior technicians

                        10th – 12th December 2008

Course for Science Advisers / Consultants ?
 Teaching & Learning organisation drives the
    brief for the types of spaces you need

   Centricity              High Teacher     Medium Learner       High Learner

   Model                   Traditional                           Personalised
                           25-30            3-7                  75-100

   Teacher Org             Solo             Small Teams          Large Teams

   Student Org             Classes          Team Space           Home Base

   Time Structure          45-60 mins       1 hr to 0.5 day      0.5-1 day

                           Learning         Physical core,       Anywhere,
   Learning locations
                           on site          virtual anywhere     any time

                        High number of                           High number of
                        separate teaching                      learning settings

DEGW Consortium
Your accommodation ?

Individuals            Team work
(creative?)            on everything
working in             (in lockstep?)

1 lab per              Less labs, but a
class                  range of other
and per                learning
teacher                accommodation
Is this
           Peripheral benching (ie ONLY peripheral benching)
or is it
           Peripheral services
Things they wouldn’t do?

Vulnerable copper pipes -- Gas
Things they wouldn’t do?

 Cheap stools

                    Dem bench too near wall / radiator in way
Things they wouldn’t do?

 Cookers in a lab

                           Outside Flammables store
Things they wouldn’t do?

   • Hoist (Lift) – inside a laboratory

   • Forget to install a chemicals store
          -- put the chemicals store outside

   • Install a teacher’s dais – to hide the service pipes

   and …… and ……. and …….

                                 Other examples welcome !