A PERSONAL NOTE FROM BERT Dear Folks_ Due to my loyal Bertified

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					                                A PERSONAL NOTE FROM BERT

             Dear Folks,
        Due to my loyal Bertified family, the first Bert Cruise was a smashing success!
200 fans and 5000 hugs! Now there is a Bert cruise 2 coming up December 5th on the
Crown Princess and I would love to see you all there with participitation! It’s sure to be a

        For all new Participitants who may have some questions, I would like to clarify a
few things,
1. On the Bert Cruise I won’t be playing in any regular lounges! My performances will be
   closed and Only For the Guests Who Book With the Group.
   The person to contact for booking is Linda Roessiger, a great travel agent from Venice,
                          1-800-511-5411 enter Ext.193
2. The number of available cabins is limited and they are on a first come first serve basis
3. I will have a Bertified Poster as a gift!
3. We will have a private cocktail party. There will be raffles like last time with a few
4. Q & A at sea so you won’t have to miss them due to tours!
5. And remember the shows are early so you can enjoy all the other shipboard activities!
6. I hope to see you there!...For sure IT WILL BE A HOOT!!!

                                                      Bert Stratton

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