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									                                                                                                                                  PEAK PERFORMANCE SPORTS
Mental Game Coach and Sports Psychology Expert

As the president and                                  p e r f o r m a n c e .
founder     of    Peak                                Whether you’re an
Performance      Sports                               amateur, a seasoned
(Orlando, Florida), Dr.                               professional or simply
Patrick J. Cohn is                                    dedicated to climbing
dedicated to instilling                               the corporate ladder,
confidence         and                                Dr. Cohn provides solid
composure,         and                                strategies proven to
teaching     effective                                help       athletes,
mental game skills to                                 performers,       and
help athletes, teams                                  professionals enter the
and      corporate                                    zone to perform at
professionals perform                                 higher levels.
at maximum levels. In
addition to working with athletes        Not only is Dr. Cohn known as one
and teams, Dr. Cohn teaches              of the nation’s leading mental
parents, coaches and athletic            game coaches, he is a recognized
trainers how to help athletes            author (with more than four books
achieve peak performance                 to his credit) and sought after as a

                                                                                   INSTILLING CONFIDENCE FOR A COMPETITIVE EDGE
through sports psychology skills.        professional speaker. He has
                                         served as a sports commentator for
Having earned his doctoral               the Golf Channel and has been a
degree in Education specializing in      featured columnist for trade
Applied Sports Psychology from the       p u b l ic a ti o n s s uc h a s Go l f
University of Virginia (1991), Dr.       Magazine,, and Golf
Cohn has extensively studied and         Digest. At the start of his practice,
interviewed thousands of athletes        Dr. Cohn was best known for
to develop strategies to enter “the      assisting golfers make the most of
zone” faster and stay there longer.      their game. Over the past several
Experts in the field of sports           years, the scope of his work has
psychology regard him as the             broadened to encompass athletes
leading authority for entering the       in all disciplines. Regardless of the
z one a n d pr e-per f or m anc e        sport, Dr. Cohn works to instill
routines.                                confidence for the competitive
                                         edge in all athletes.
Dr. Cohn works with athletes and
teams worldwide from a variety of
sport backgrounds.         He has
consulted with the likes of the          Professional Member of the
Miami Dolphins, Brian Watts, J.L.        Association for the Advancement
Lewis, and IBM. His experience as        of Applied Sports Psychology
an athlete, researcher, and mental       (AAASP)
game coach has helped hundreds
of athletes as well as athletic and
corporate teams identify the
mental obstacles that prohibit peak
Professional Presentations                 October 28-November 1, 1992              Books
                                           Understanding and Enhancing              The Mental Game of Golf: Using
August, 2003                               Confidence in Athletes: From             Your Mind to Putt Your Best
Mental Skills for Successful               Research to Practice                     (March 1994)
Swimming                                   AAASP National Conference
2003 Niagara County Swim League            Colorado Springs, CO.                    The Mental Art of Putting: A
Conference,                                                                         Guide to Peak Performance
Fredonia, NY                               April 7-11, 1992                         (January 1995)
                                           Developing Psychological Skills
April, 2003                                of Collegiate Athletes: Issues and       Peak Performance Golf: How
Six Mental Skills for Success in           Strategies.                              Good Golfers Become Great
Sports and Life                            AAHPERD National Convention              Ones
Seminar presented to         Executive     Indianapolis, IN.                        (April 2000)
Sports Club of Orlando.
Orlando, FL                                April 3-6, 1991                          Going Low: How to Break Your
                                           Understanding and Utilizing              Individual Scoring Barrier
May, 2002                                  Pre-performance Routines                 (January 2002)
Going Low: Playing Golf Without            1991 AAHPERD National Convention
Self-Limiting Expectations                 San Francisco, CA                        Video Tape
E xe cu ti ve Gol f LTD .     S e mi nar                                            Make Your Most Confident
presented to Ford Credit.                  June 25-30, 1990                         Stroke: A Guide to a One-Putt
Bend, OR.                                  Peak Performance and Peak                Mindset
                                           Experience in Sport                      (1996)
July, 2001                                 1990 University of Virginia     Sports
Developing a Championship                  Psychology Conference                    Other Publications
Mindset for Football Coaches               Charlottesville, VA                      Focus! Mental Strategies to Zone
and Their Players                                                                   Concentration
Seminar Presented to Miami Dolphins                                                 (2003)
Coaching Staff.
Miami, FL                                  Publications                             Confidence! Mental Strategies to
                                                                                    Think Like a Champion
May, 2001                                  Book on Audio or CD                      (2003)
Making Positive Choices in                 Think to Win: How to Manage
Attitude                                   Your Mind on the Golf Course
Seminar presented      to   Investment
Leadership Network.
Phoenix, AZ.                                                                        Education
                                           Great Putting--Right Now! Using
January, 2001                              Your Mind to Putt Your Best
Attitudes for Success in Sports            (1998)
and Business                                                                        Applied Sports Psychology
Seminar Presented to IBM Canada at                                                  University of Virginia
a week-long seven-day sales seminar                                                 May, 1991
Toronto, ON.
                                                                                    Applied Sports Psychology
April, 1999
                                                                                    California State
Helping Athletes Enter the Zone
11th Annual Clinical Symposium of                                                   University, Fullerton
the Athletic Trainers Association of                                                August, 1987
Florida (ATAF)
Orlando, FL.                                                                        B.S.
                                                                                    Exercise Science
April, 1997                                                                         and Physical Therapy
                                               "Dr. Patrick Cohn's mental
Sports Psychology:          Managing                                                State University of
                                               preparation strategies have
Performance Anxiety                                                                 New York at Buffalo
                                                   been very helpful in
9th Annual Clinical Symposium of the                                                May, 1985
                                               my career. He's taught me
Athletic Trainers Association of Florida
                                                  how to practice with a
                                                purpose and to play well            B.A.
Orlando, FL.                                                                        Psychology
                                                 without worrying about
                                                   perfect mechanics."              State University of
February 9, 1996                                                                    New York at Buffalo
The Psychology of Peak                                                              May, 1984
                                                   --Brian Watts, PGA Tour
Performance                                   12-time winner on the Japan Tour
North Florida PGA East PGA
education seminar Central chapter
Orlando, FL.

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