CHRISTINE by wanghonghx


									                                                                                                                      FIVE SONGS

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     “Johnny and June,”                                                           it’s borderline getting to that kind of                                  “Gun Powder and Lead”
     by Heidi Newfield                                                            genre. I can’t do techno because I like                                  by Miranda Lambert
     I have gotten into some country since                                        to mouth the words if not actually sing                                  I love Miranda Lambert because she
     my Tennessee years. I love the beat. It’s                                    them. I don’t sing in public!                                            has that angry country sound. It’s got
     kind of country, kind of not. It’s kind of                                                                                                            a little country, but she’s powerful and
     romantic. I like it.                                                     2 “Mind,” by Taylor Swift                                                    angry in it. She sounds good. I’m not
                                                                                  I really just like Taylor Swift. She’s                                   usually an angry music kind of person,
    1 “Who Is It,” by Michael Jackson                                             worth listening to. She’s happy most                                     but I like that one.
     It has a great beat. I love it when I am                                     of the time. I think it’s a pretty good
     spinning. It’s just one of those great                                       song, and it’s one of her newer ones, so           3 “Heaven Forbid,” by The Fray
     Michael Jackson songs. The backbeat                                          it’s recent. I just recently downloaded                                  His voice is amazing on this one. They
     is amazing. I love to listen to Michael                                      it, and you know when you do that, you                                   are my chill band. If I am just needing to
     Jackson when I spin. He’s obviously an                                       listen to it a lot.                                                      relax for a while, that’s the band I go to.
     amazing singer. It’s not techno, but

1                                                                             2                                                                            3
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