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               (A Government of India Enterprise)
Office of General Manager Telecom District SIROHI-307001
No. W-175/Directory Printing/04-05/45               Dated 08-04-2004

                         NOTICE INVITING TENDER
       On the behalf of the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, sealed tenders are invited
from the eligible bidders for the supply of yellow pages telephone directory for Sirohi
       There shall be 65000 copies of telephone directories in first main issue. The
supplementary issues will be as per requirement at particular period.

     1.   Cost of work 65000 copies @ Rs. 30/-      =     Rs. 19,50,000/-
     2.   Earnest money deposit                     =     Rs. 50,000/-
     3.   Last Date of sale of the tender form      =     17-05-2004 (15:00 Hrs)
     4.   Last Date of the receipt of tender form   =     18-05-2004 (15:00 Hrs)
     5.   Date of opening of the bid                =     18-05-2004 (15:30 Hrs)

                                                    DE (Admn)
                                                    O/o GMTD Sirohi
                               (A Government of India Enterprise)
          Office of General Manager Telecom District SIROHI-307001

No. W-175/Directory Printing/04-05/44                        Dated:-08.04.2004

Sub. :- Notice inviting sealed tender from printers for supply of printed telephone
Directories of Sirohi Telecom, District for Three annual issue printed every alternate
year and in the intervening period a supplementary Directory shall be printed with effect
from 2005 issue.

                On behalf of the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, sealed tenders are invited
from eligible bidders. The pre-qualified (eligible) bidder must fulfill any of the following
eligible condition.
        (i)     who have experience of publishing yellow page telephone directory for at
                least one SSA of BSNL for consecutive two years and having experience
                certificate issued by the officers not lower than the rank of the divisional
                engineer of DOT/BSNL for supply of printed telephone Directories and its
                allied publications.

          (ii)Having own offset printing press or DTP facility.
              Total turn over of 30 lacs per financial year in printing.
         (iv) Experience of printing either Books/Directory/Periodical.&
          (v) Engaged in publishing in daily news papers.
              This includes procurement of Papers binding, collection of advertisement
        and delivery for two annual issues printed after every two years and two
        supplementary issues printed in intervening period commencing from 2005.
       2 The number of directories to be printed is 50% in Hindi, 48% in English and
          2% CDs. (Total Number of Ist Main issue of telephone directories to be
          printed is 65000). The old copy of directory in English is available with D.E.
          (Admn.) O/o The GMTD, Sirohi and may be inspected at any time during
          normal working hours.
       3 The Tender form will be available with SDOP at the cost of Rs. 500/- on any
          working day till dated 17-05-04. The tenders should be submitted in a sealed
          inner cover superscribed “Tender for supply of printed directories.” The outer
          cover should be addressed to D.E. (Admn.) 0/o GMTD, Sirohi. The tender
          should be dropped in to the tender box of this office not later than 15:00 hrs.
          on 18.05.04 No tender shall be accepted by the dak/post/ corrier.
       4 Tender will be opened at 15:30 hrs. on 18.05.2004, after the closing time
          mentioned in para 3 above in the presence of such of the tenderers or their
          authorized representatives who wish to be present.
       5 The accepted tender will be governed by the terms and conditions as given in
          annexure attached here with and as mentioned herein. The NIT is a part of
          tender document.
       6 The GMTD, Sirohi reserves all the rights to accept or reject any or all the
            tenders without assigning any reason.
        7   Any failure on the part of tenderers to observe the prescribe procedure and
            any attempt to canvass for work will prejudice the tender such tenderers are
            liable to be disqualified.
        8   The submission of tenders by you shall be taken to signify your acceptance of
            the stipulated terms and conditions referred to in para 2 above.
        9   A deposit of Rs. 50.000/-( Fifty thousand only) as EMD should be made in
            the office of the GMTD, Sirohi in form of demand draft only in favour of the
            Account officer (Cash) 0/o GMTD, Sirohi as earnest money for a tender
            made in response to this call and receipt there of should accompany the
            tender. Without this accompaniment a tender shall be liable for summary


                The EMD will be released within interest to the unsuccessful tenderer
after the acceptance the work has been awarded to the successful tenderer and the
agreement in this regard is finalized.
10.     (i)     The selected tenderer shall furnish within the period that will be specified
        in the acceptance letter, Rs. one lac ninety five thousand as performance
        guarantee in the shape of Bank Guarantee ( @ rate of 10% of total number of
        Directory 65.000 x rate of per Directory Rs. 30 ) from any Nationalized Bank
        valid for 7 years from the date of approval of tender. In case the security
        deposit/Performance Bank Guarantee is not furnished by the successful tenderer
        within the specified, his earnest money shall be forfeited by the G.M.T.D. Sirohi.
        (ii)    B/G equal to Royalty amount quoted if any for Ist Main and two
        supplementary issue will be furnished by Contractor with in 45 days of the
        agreement. For subsequent issues Main/Supplementary same method will be
        applied i.e. after furnishing the B/G for IInd issue B/G for Ist issue will be
        released. Each B/G will be valid for three and half year & if the contractor fails to
        furnish the Bank Guarantee equivalent to an amount of royalty within specified
        period the security deposit/Performance will be forfeited.
        (iii) The tenderer will be allowed to procure advertisements from private
        parties and other. These may be printed at yellow pages in the alphabetical
        portion of the Directory. If shall be ensured by the tenderer that the advertisement
        in the Directory conformed to the norms of decency and refined taste and are not
        obscene or offensive in any manner.
        (iv) The tenderer will clarify to all advertisers that the Department is not a
        party to any agreement between the advertiser and contractor.
11.     An agreement will be drawn up in the form of annexure “D” and the acceptance
        by this office of the tender will be subject to the execution if this contract by the
        successful tenderer. The contract may also be terminated by the G.M.T.D. Sirohi
        it any time by giving 30 days notice in writing to the tenderer without assigning
        any reason and the decision of the G.M.T.D. Sirohi in the matter shall be final.
12.     The successful tenderer will have to furnish latest Income Tax clearance
        certificate from Income Tax office concerned in the prescribed from before the
          contract is awarded to him.
13.       The tenderer shall supply agreed number of copies of the directories to the
          G.M.T.D. Sirohi However exact number of copies of Directories will be decided
          by G.M.T.D. Sirohi at the time of publication of each issue.

      14. The individual (s) signing the tender form or any document forming part of the
          contract on behalf of another firm shall be responsible to produce a proper power
          of attorney duly executed in his favour stating that he has authority to bind other
          such persons of the firm as the case may be in all matters pertaining to the
          contract including the arbitration clause. If subsequently the person so signing
          fails to provide said power of attorney within reasonable time, the government
          may without prejudice to other civil & criminal remedies cancel the contract and
          hold the signatory liable to all cost and damages. In case of registered or
          unregistered partnership firm, all the partners should sign the tender.
          In the case of limited company individual signing the tenderer should state the
          capacity in which he is signing and should be prepared to produce copy of
          document empowering him to sign on behalf of the company if called upon to do
          so. Each sheet of the tender form should be signed.
      15. Attention is invited to relevant paras of the agreement (Annexure D) in regard to
          penalty for the unsatisfactory work and delay in delivering the Directories within
          the scheduled time. In case of contractor fails of supply requisite number of
          Directories within the specified period the contractor shall pay penalty to the
          G.M.T.D Sirohi at the rate of 1% of estimated cost of directories ordered for each
          week delay.
      16. Old Telephone directory will be the property of B.S.N.L.

                                                       DE (Admn)
                                                       O/o GMTD Sirohi

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