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					 Greater Bay Area                                             Spring 2011
 Make-A-Wish Foundation®

            Best Wishes!
Executive Director Note                            Patricia Wilson, Executive Director

  We are embarking on a very busy spring season, and I’m happy to
  share a couple of new initiatives with you. First, we are in the midst of a
  new Million Mile Campaign, with the goal of obtaining one million
  frequent flier miles by May 31. Approximately 85% of all wish expenses
  are travel-related. You can read more about how you can help reduce our
  travel costs in the Wish Report on page 2.

  This month we are honoring all mothers with our Moms & Make-A-
  Wish program. Mothers of children with life-threatening illnesses draw
  upon a well of strength and courage that is a source of comfort to their
  families. Knowing that you have probably seen similar qualities in your
  own mother, we are offering a way for you to show your mom how much
  you love and appreciate her by honoring her with a gift to Make-A-Wish
  in her name. Turn to page 7 to learn more.

  Finally, we don’t want you to miss our lovely springtime fest in wine
  country, The Croquet Invitational & Charity Auction on May 14
  at Sonoma-Cutrer Vineyards. The picturesque location, exquisite
  wine, one-of-a-kind auction lots and gourmet food make this one of
  our most popular events that brings together friends and colleagues to
  celebrate a great cause.

  We grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical
        conditions to enrich the human experience with
                     hope, strength and joy.

   Inside this issue:
A wish to be a bike builder, to
go to the Walt Disney World®
  Resort, to have a princess
 bedroom makeover, to meet
         Taylor Swift
Calendar Highlights
The Croquet Invitational & Charity Auction                            Windsor
May 14
This is one of the most unique and appealing among our events. Now is the
time to buy your tickets and support the event in a number of ways, including
donating an auction item, purchasing a table or becoming a sponsor!

Walk For Wishes®                                                            Moraga
June 4
Please join us on this moderately easy, wheelchair and stroller-friendly 5K
walk/fun run on the beautiful campus of Saint Mary’s College. Participants
will have the chance to walk among wish children and their families and hear
their individual stories of endurance and triumph. The morning will include
music, entertainment and lots of activities for children of all ages – all to raise
awareness and funds for future wishes.

Wish Report
                            Summer is just around the corner, which means that
                            our Program staff is busy planning travel wishes.
    Wish Facts              Typically, our chapter grants about 100 such wishes
     Winter 2011
                            over the summer months. Many of these are Disney
      Wishes by age         wishes, but among our current requests are wishes
 2½-5                 32%   to go to Hawaii, Sea World in San Diego, New
 6-9                  24%   York, the Caribbean, Japan, Paris, Rome, Bermuda
 10-12                17%   and Venice. Seventeen-year-old Kelly, who has
 13-15                18%   cystic fibrosis, was born in South Africa and moved
 16-19                 9%   to the United States at a young age. Because she
                            misses her relatives, her wish to go back to her
      Wishes region         homeland will happen this summer. Now that she
 East Bay             34%   is older, she looks forward to fully embracing all
 South Bay            23%   that she left behind.
 North Bay            17%
 Monterey Bay         15%
                            Our goal is to collect one million frequent flier miles
 San Francisco        11%
                            between March 1 and May 31, so children like
   Wishes by hospital       Kelly can see their wishes fulfilled. Please think of
                            her and the 100+ other local children who wish
 Lucile Packard       40%
 Children’s Oakland   23%
                            to go on a trip this summer, and make a donation
 UCSF Children’s      16%   of your unused miles. You will be directly helping
 Kaiser Oakland       16%   to make dreams come true. For more information
 Kaiser Santa Clara    5%   email
Heber, age 15                                         San Jose

I wish to be a bike builder…

                                                              I wish to be
Heber was an active BMX biker, but had to give all that
up when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease. After
six months of chemo he was more than ready to ask for his
wish—to have all the BMX parts to build a new bike for himself.
After some disbelief and discussion among the wish grantors
and Make-A-Wish staff about whether he really wanted only
bike parts, it was determined that this was Heber’s true wish.
According to Heber’s father, he can take a bike apart and then
put it back together in one afternoon. Heber provided a very
specific list of parts, which were all custom-ordered and then
finally delivered on the day of his wish. As he opened the
packages, he’d hold up the part and say, “I’ve wanted this for
so long,” an exclamation he repeated many times to the delight
of everyone there. As relayed by one wish grantor, “I can
assure you that Heber was energized by the sight of that bike
and is looking forward to feeling strong enough to ride his new
bike soon.”

You can help fund Heber’s wish through our Adopt-A-Wish®
       Judson, age 8                                           Pleasanton

       I wish to go to Walt Disney World® Resort…
                                             “Judson came back from his
                                             wish a new kid!” started the
                                             letter we received from his
                                             mother. Because he has several
                                             life-threatening illnesses, he
                                             has endured over 20 hospital
                                             stays, endless treatments and
                                             has “fought for his life since the
                                             day he was born.” In fact, he is
I wish to go

                                             one of only 150 children living
                                             with the same medical condition.
                                             “Despite all this, he has
                                             enormous spirit and has taught us
               the preciousness of life,” added his mother.

               Judson’s favorite book is Toy Story and his favorite movies are
               Toy Story, Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3. So it was no surprise
               that he hoped to meet Woody from Toy Story on his wish to
               go to Disney World. A special treat for him and his family
               was traveling to Disney World in December, when the theme
               park is decked out in its Christmas finery, especially since
               Judson had spent the last three Christmases in the hospital.
               “The trip was phenomenal,” said his mother. “While the
               healing power of the wish is intended for just the wish child,
               it extends beyond that to the parents and the family, as well.
               The wish has created memories we will always cherish. Upon
               his return, Judson got his spirit back! It was nothing short of
               a miracle. Judson’s wish experience and it’s strong healing
               powers renewed Judson’s spirit and determination to fight for
               the future.”

               You can help fund Judson’s wish through our Adopt-A-Wish®
Makenna, age 7                           Hidden Valley Lake

I wish to meet Taylor Swift...
Makenna has a spirit and
determination that defies her
condition, spina bifida. She has
gone through several surgeries
and faces more. “Makenna has
strengths that none of us could
ever imagine,” said her mother.
Taylor Swift is her favorite artist,
and she knows all of Swift’s songs
by heart. Makenna’s wish to meet
Taylor Swift came true during a
concert at HP Pavillion. According
to Makenna’s mother, “This was
an absolute once-in-a-lifetime
experience she and our family will never forget.”

After the family first heard that Makenna’s wish would come true,
her grandmother called a local radio station, which was giving
away tickets to Swift’s concert in San Jose, to tell them about
Makenna’s wish. She also mentioned Makenna’s dream to sing
the national anthem at a sporting event. A local promoter heard
the broadcast and offered Makenna the opportunity to sing at the
Lakeport Speedway. Not only did she sing there, the speedway
dedicated the season to Make-A-Wish in Makenna’s honor and
made a donation in her name. Since then she has sung the
national anthem about 15 times at various parades and events.
“Everything went full circle,” said her mother. “One small act from
the Make-A-Wish Foundation multiplied many times in our small

You can help fund Makenna’s wish through our Adopt-A-Wish®

 I wish to meet
        Leslie, age 5                                         Boonville

        I wish to have a princess bedroom makeover…
                                                “Nothing can prepare you
                                                for such heartache and
                                                devastation,” said Leslie’s
                                                mother recently regarding
I wish to have

                                                her daughter’s battle
                                                with leukemia. Fighting
                                                leukemia was hard enough
                                                on Leslie, but the little
                                                girl also faced traumatic
                                                side effects caused by her

            Leslie was very shy when her wish grantors visited a few months
            ago, but began to open up when she showed them her room,
            which she shares with her twin sister. She was very proud to
            show off her princess bedspread and started to talk about her
            favorite princess, Cinderella. It was then that she decided she
            wanted to be a princess in her
            own home, with a pink princess
            gown and lots of flowers and
            rainbows. Her wish grantors
            exceeded her expectations
            when they transformed her
            bedroom into a princess-themed
            room, while Leslie was visiting
            her grandmother. Leslie came
            home to a room decorated with
            lavender lace curtains, new twin
            beds with canopy over her bed, balloons, streamers and her
            very own princess outfit. When she opened the door, her smile
            could not have been any bigger.

            You can help fund Leslie’s wish through our Adopt-A-Wish®
Moms & Make-A-Wish
Every mother wants one thing above all others – to have a healthy and
happy child. Unfortunately, too many mothers face that life-altering moment
when they are told that their child has a life-threatening illness. Fortunately,
these mothers can depend on many others – the medical team who is
dedicated to healing their children, as well as social workers, teachers,
friends and family – who are there to provide support. Make-A-Wish is part
of that supportive community. Our goal is to provide one magical, joyous
wish, on which the child and family can focus during the most challenging
times. We provide hope, strength and joy.

During the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day on May 8, we are asking for
your support in helping us grant wishes. As you think of your mother at this
time of year, you can make a contribution in her name and know that your
gift will have a positive and lasting effect on others who are dealing with the
trauma of a childhood illness. For a donation of $20 dollars or more, we
will send your choice of either a greeting card or an eCard on your behalf,
indicating that a gift has been made in her name to Make-A-Wish in honor
of Mother’s Day. For more information, go to

Inside Make-A-Wish
This is the time of year when we embark on our search for new members
to serve on our most vital committees: the Board of Directors, Advisory
Council and Young Professional Advisory Council. Each group offers
its own perspective and insight into improving our relationship with the
community and increasing awareness and support of the organization.
The people who volunteer on these committees represent professions that
directly touch wish-granting, such as the medical field, marketing, event
management and financial and legal services. If you know of someone
who might be interested in serving on our Young Professional Advisory
Council, or YPAC, Jr., for 13 to 18-year-olds with leadership potential, go
to the “About Make-A-Wish” page on our website,
                                   NON PROFIT ORG.
                                    U.S. POSTAGE
                                       P A I d
                                   SAN FRANCISCO, CA
  55 Hawthorne Street, Suite 800    PERMIT NO. 174
 San Francisco, CA 94105-3913
      Phone: 415 982-9474

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