Propagnada Project Powerpoint _final_ by suchenfz


									  How is propaganda used in war?

• War propaganda is commonly used in
  hopes that the country as a whole will feel
  the way the country wants them to feel.
  Making the country have a more united
• It can be used when trying to gain support
  from the country, or trying to sway the
  people by using bias in their posters,
  usually against the opposing country.
How is propaganda used in politics?

• Politicians use propaganda to gain support
  from the public and/or sway others to lean
  towards their side or cause as opposed to
  another politician’s ideas or views, usually
  by campaign ads, articles, or speeches.
• The majority of the time they include bias
  and also tell how the opposing politician’s
  points, are “less effective” than their own.
What to look for in propaganda?
• Color-What colors are used, and what do
  the colors represent?
• Text-Are any words emphasized, and why
  do you think they stand out?
• Style-Are there graphics used, and how is
  the text used?
• Format-What is the point of the placement
  of effects used in the propaganda piece?
• Connotate-Interpret what the piece is
  trying to get viewers to feel.
•   The propaganda is in black and
    white, no bias colors used.
•   On the mountain there are the
    words “Liberators of America”.
•   The “by United States Savings
    Bonds and Stamps” is in all caps,
    making that the selling point of the
•   The faces on the mountain are the
    first thing that captures the
    attention of the viewer and then the
    words carved on them. Then when
    looking at the top, there is a
    “problem or issue” and right below
    is the suggestive solution.
•   There are on lookers viewing the
    mountain, just as people go to view
    Mt. Rushmore, which has the past
    leaders of our country carved into
    them, suggesting that if you don’t
    buy savings bonds and stamps,
    Hitler and Japanese will become
    the leaders of America.
•Propaganda is in black and
•All the words are capitalized,
emphasizing they are important.
•A graphic is used, and the
problem is again seen at top,
and below the proposed
“solution” to keeping your
homes insured against Hitler.
•The first thing a viewer will see
is the picture of Hitler, you can
tell by the infamous mustache
and swastika on the hat.
•The propaganda is suggesting
that if you don’t want Hitler to
take over America and destroy
your homes, you need to buy
savings bonds and stamps.
•Red and blue are used, which are
representative to the Republican and
Democratic parties.
•An excerpt from one of Palin’s
speeches in 2008 about the
educational progress being made in
Afghanistan. Questions about Palin in
office are also located in the piece of
•Rhetorical questions are used to get
the viewer to think more about the
subject at hand and what it is trying to
•A picture of Palin at center, with the
excerpt from her speech next her, and
the questions located around herself
and the speech excerpt.
•The propaganda is used to show that
Palin believes Afghanistan is a
neighboring country to the United
States, when in reality, it is in a
completely different continent, and the
question is, is she ready for office?
•The propaganda is in black
and white.
•There is the text that says
More U.S Savings Bonds and
•The text “CAGES COST
MONEY!” is all capitalized so it
signifies importance.
•There is a picture of a large
“animal?” in a cage with a
swastika on it being pulled by
an American bird.
•The propaganda is suggesting
that in order to win WWI and
beat Germany and it’s allies, the
U.S need to help by buying
savings bonds and stamps.
         Why is it important?
• Propaganda is important in trying to
  persuade or change a person to think or
  feel a certain way about a certain subject,
  it can also sound a bit unnecessary, and
  similar to brainwashing. However while
  sometimes it can be repetitive and harsh,
  it requires the viewer or audience to
  become open and aware of the subject at
  hand in a way they weren’t before.

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