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									Common Mistakes while Hunting for Homes

When you are buying a home for the first time it can be quite an emotional process. There’s excitement,
exhilaration, joy, worry, trepidation and an unending cascade of emotions in between and around them. Even when
one enlists the expertise and experience of a professional real estate agent it can be an overwhelming and draining
experience. It is actually quite often the case that, at least to some degree, first time home buyers will let their
emotions get the better of them and might even put on blinders willfully out of determination to have the home they
think they see. This can be costly.

What you need to keep in the foreground in your mind is that a home purchase is one of the largest financial
commitments an individual can make. (Second only to funding a standing army) Emotions can cloud your judgment
as mentioned can lead you to blinding yourself to serious flaws with the home. Without a good perspective and a
level head you can miss the red flags that will cause you serious financial woe.
Washington DC Real Estate
Here are some of the most common mistakes you should try to avoid when purchasing property:

1. Blowing your Budget – It is not the easiest thing to walk away from the home of your dreams when you stumble
across it. It can feel like it was destiny that out of all the houses this is the one you “just happened” to walk into.
Well truth be told, it didn’t just happen the house is awesome because somebody with similar tastes made it
awesome. The question is can you afford to have such unbridled coolness. Not everyone can afford the payments on
a house of godly grandeur and “wootness” beyond compare. Be honest with yourself, don’t let your inner teenager
tell you that, you can do anything, have everything and you’ll worry about the consequences later. Later isn’t very
far off.

2. Being Stubborn – It’s not a horrible thing to be a little picky, but when it comes down to rejecting a home that
matches every reasonable criterion because a couple rooms aren’t exactly the way you want them that’s beyond
stubborn. Be flexible, try to keep in mind that no two houses are any more similar than two people plucked off the
street. It’s great to find an ideal home but more often than not a “perfect” home isn’t going to be in the perfect
neighborhood. Keep yourself open to different styles of homes that will be comfortable for your family. There is
always the possibility of some renovations later if they are really needed.

3. Ignoring the Flaws – “Ah love! C’est magnifique, non?” It is great to fall in love with a home but don’t let it put
you in an abusive relationship with a pile of moldy timbers. Some flaws are acceptable to overlook. A few wrinkles,
some scuffs, maybe a tiny draft from a door that needs replacing but is still structurally sound. Things like that can
be remedied pretty quickly and without too much expense. Things like cracked and crumbling foundations, mold
filled crawl spaces and spongy floors on rotten timbers cannot. Don’t let a home’s curb appeal hide the fact that it
might just roll over on you in your sleep.

4. Making a Hasty Offer – You find yourself heart struck and just gotta have it no matter what! Worst place to be
when making an appropriate offer. If you can’t seem to pry those emotions off and give the property a thorough
check make sure you wait and think about the offer you’re willing to make. Do not impulse buy when it comes to a
financial obligation of this magnitude.

A good way to keep yourself in check is to bring a friend or loved one that is good at talking you out of trees.
(Figuratively speaking) Having a real estate agent of your own that you can trust is a good choice.
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