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									Common Mistakes while Hunting for Homes

First time home buyers are up against a beast that few can tackle without at least coming away with a headache.
Even with a real estate agent, purchasing a home can be stressful, fun, exciting, exhilarating - let's just say there's a
big emotional wash that can be overwhelming. Many a home buyer have let their emotions take over in making a
deal on a home and in some cases (many, really) that can lead to costly mistakes.

Always remember that when you're buying a home you're making a long term financial commitment and it's
something that you should be doing with a level head. Excitement and other emotions can easily blind you from
glaring issues and mistakes, home problems, and red flags in quality that could wind up crippling your finances.
Washington DC Real Estate
Here are some of the most common mistakes you should try to avoid when purchasing property:

1. Blowing your Budget - It's extremely difficult to turn your attention away and look for a home elsewhere when
you've found the holy grail, that perfect house that meets all of your needs and exceeds your expectations.
Daydreams can capture you and captivate you, forcing you to focus on how much you'd love to live in that home
without considering the financial impact an expensive home would have on you. It might be nice to have a big
in-ground pool, outdoor kitchen finished basement, spa, and a stove you could cook yourself in but can you afford
the luxury?

2. Being Stubborn - Some home buyers are set in their mind on what they want and they're convinced that only one
type of home will work for them. It's nice to have an ideal home but this is a strong emotional trap that obliterates
your ability to rationally evaluate the other homes you're looking at. There's picky, and then there are these types of
people that won't like anything they see until they find what they want. Unfortunately, these are the types of people
that rarely find it and wind up spending more money than they need to in order to build that "dream home".

3. Ignoring the Flaws - Falling in love is a wonderful thing, and whether you're in love with a person or a home it
makes you far more accepting of their flaws. That's acceptable, but there are limitations in the flaws. A bad paint
job is like an ugly beard. Paint the house, shave the face. A crumbling foundation on a home is like marrying
someone that ate his liver with fava beans; probably not such a good investment of your love… and not easy to fix.
Don't let your love for a home keep you from seeing the obvious.

4. Making a Hasty Offer - Yup, you're sold. You want. Gotta Have it. Gonna Buy it. Don't be compelled to let
your emotions control your offer. It's understandable that you don't want anyone else to sweep in and take the home
from under you but don't make an offer just because you don't want to lose the home. Consider everything and
make an offer that's appropriate.

Avoid falling prey to your own emotions and keep someone on hand that can slap you back into check. A spouse is
a good option but having a real estate agent on hand to keep you centered and help you find the ideal home is also a
smart decision.
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Washington DC Real Estate

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