The Pros and Cons of Online Computer Training by anamaulida


									                             Online training or distance training as it
is sometimes called is certainly the wave of the future. More and more
training and certification programs are being made available that can be
completed at home with only access to the internet and training software.
One of the areas that is growing rapidly is online computer training. It
is now possible to take an online training class that will refresh your
existing skills or provide you with new ones. Like all online courses,
online career training comes with its own set of pros and cons. The
biggest downside to online training is the absence of the hands on help
of an instructor. This is largely a matter of a person's own learning
style. Many people are more comfortable in a classroom setting, and need
that personal attention and contact that can only be received from the
actual physical presence of an instructor. Another con of online training
is the perception of prospective employers and the public as a whole to
distance learning. This area is improving all the time as the internet
becomes more and more interwoven into our daily life, but you will find
many in the Human Resources area who still view online training to be
inferior to classroom training.If you are the type that thrives with
independent study situations, distant training will actually be better
for you in many ways. The main pro of any online training is that you are
generally able to set your own pace. Freed from the restriction of
attending class at the specified classroom times, you can schedule class
sessions when you are best able to take them. It many cases, this will
mean you do not have to give up your present employment or miss any work
time to complete your study. Generally, costs are much lower for online
training as well. The online institution does not have to maintain dorms,
dining halls, or classroom buildings and their costs are lower. Much of
this savings is going to be passed on to you.If you are interested in
online IT training, it follows naturally that the internet is a logical
place to receive this training. After all, if you are going to be an
Internet Tech, it makes sense that you are going to be comfortable on the
internet and working with computers. Most online trainers offer
certification programs and placement services now. A quick glance at the
help wanted ads in your local paper should be able to convince you of the
importance of basic computer skills in today's workplace. Even janitors
seem to need some computer background, if only to place orders for new
supplies. An online computer training class is a most excellent first
step for someone entering the job market today.

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