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Photo by Páll stefánsson

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  Design: Heimur hf / Erlingur Páll Ingvarsson • Cover photos by Páll Stefánsson • • • Printed in Iceland by Ísafoldarprentsmiðja
 Cruise iCeland
                                                               Welcome to
                                                               Cruise Iceland

Photos by Páll stefánsson

T    he old cliché of Iceland as ‘the land of fire and ice’
     underlines the country’s spectacular extremes and
perpetual surprises. Nowhere else will you see pleas-
                                                              port, Reykjavík. The 400-500 sq. m facility will include an
                                                              information centre, a café, a car park for tourist buses
                                                              and special facilities for guides.
ant farmland hemmed in by bright, jagged glaciers.               There is more to Iceland than Reykjavík though: nearly
Nowhere else will you see the North American and Eur-         a dozen ports around the country offer cruise facilities
asian plates pulling the earth apart, or see volcanoes,       – each with their own special tours and activities, as well
hot springs and geysers just a short distance from a bus-     as unique photo opportunities.
tling, modern capital city.                                      “In the past five to ten years we have seen more ports
   Icelanders have always known their country is unique       marketing themselves to the cruise sector and now all
and special, but now the whole world has found out and        member ports of Cruise Iceland are growing their traf-
the number of visitors keeps rising year-on-year. With        fic,” says Ágústsson.
the influx of tourists comes the rapid development of            Cruise Iceland is an umbrella organisation made up of
facilities to accommodate them – notably in the area of       21 companies, including eight ports. The group’s aim is
port amenities for cruise ships.                              to co-operate and pool their resources wherever pos-
   “In the past 30 years or so, Iceland has become firmly     sible in order not only to have a louder voice on the in-
established on the cruise map,” says Ágúst Ágústsson,         ternational stage, but also to make Iceland as easy and
chairman of Cruise Iceland. “First as an ideal stopover       convenient as possible for cruise ships and the compa-
for ships repositioning from the US to Europe or vice         nies that operate them. The business side taken care
versa and then also as a main transit call in its own right   of, Iceland’s incredible landscape and quirky people will
in the expanding North European market.”                      take care of the rest.
   Iceland received 77 cruise ship calls in summer 2007          “Cruise Iceland looks forward to welcoming cruise
and that number is set to rise with the impending com-        passengers to sample our country at first hand,” says
pletion of facilities at the country’s capital and biggest    Ágústsson.

           For more information on Cruise Iceland, please email Ágúst Ágústsson, chairman, at,
                                      or Alda Þrastardóttir at
                                                                                                                Cruise iCeland 
Westman Islands

                                                                                                         Photo G.Þ.s.

     - South Iceland
     V    estmannaeyjar (Westman Islands) lay 10 km off Iceland’s        life’s colonisation of a new land. The results continue to be both
          south coast and consist of 15 islands and several sand         important and surprising.
     rock pillars.                                                          The whole Vestmannaeyar archipelago is teeming with birdlife
        The biggest island is called Heimaey and is the only one         and provides guaranteed puffin sightings during the summer. In-
     with a permanent human population. But the Westman Is-              trepid visitors may even like to taste the local delicacy – smoked
     lands came very close to being permanently uninhabited: the         puffin.
     townspeople had to temporarily evacuate to the mainland in             Aside from birds and volcanoes, there is a lively calendar of
     1973 as a volcanic eruption destroyed houses and changed            cultural events on Heimaey, including the Volcano Golf Open and
     the shape of the entire island.                                     the massive outdoor festival at the beginning of August.
        Forward thinking locals, fearful of the lava destroying their
     harbour, used cold water to divert the lava flow. Thanks to           PorT FACILITIeS - Vestmannaeyjar
     their brave actions, not only was their crucial lifeline to the
     sea preserved, but the harbour is now even better than be-            Location: 63° 27´ N 20° 16´ W                Area A: A cruise ship drifting
     fore. The eruption rumbled on for five months, but against            Number of cruise berths: 3                   area located east of the harbour
     the odds, the population were able to return home. The town           Berth dimensions:                            entrance. From there it is only
     now has over 4000 residents.                                          Length: ships up to 170m LOA                 about 5 minutes sailing for shuttle
        Visitors can still feel the warmth of the lava running below       Width of ship: unlimited                     craft to the passenger quay, where
     the ground in certain places and a fascinating project is un-         Draught: 8m                                  there are good facilities.
     derway to excavate some of the 400 houses still buried under          Tidal movement/range: 2.5m                   Area B: Anchorage east of
     ash and rock. The project, called ‘Pompeii of the North’, tries       Pilotage: pilotage is compulsory             Heimaey. About 15 minutes sailing
     to help visitors appreciate the sheer scale of the event, both        and available 24 hours                       to the passenger quay.
     from a natural and human perspective.                                 Distances/transportation:                    Area C: Anchorage north of
        In a previous eruption a decade earlier, the island of Surtsey     Town centre: 300 to 500m                     Heimaey. About 25 minutes
     was born from nothing. Surtsey is still the world’s youngest is-      Airport: 3km                                 sailing to the passenger quay.
     land and continues to be carefully monitored and document-            Free shuttle to town: no                     Contact:
     ed by the handful of lucky scientists allowed to visit each year.     Anchorage: there are three          www.
     Its history has provided the first ever opportunity to chronicle      different areas for cruise ships   
                                                                           over 170m LOA.
 Cruise iCeland

Photo by lárus Karl inGason

                                                        PorT FACILITIeS - Hafnarfjörður
                                                                                                                              Flensborg Cruise Port
                                                        Location: 64° 04´ N 21° 58´ W
                                                        Number of cruise berths: 3
                                                        Berth dimensions:
                                                           1) North Quay 245m for ships up to 150m.
                                                           2) Hvaleyri Quay 400m for ships up to 400m.                - in reykjavik capital area
                                                           3) South Quay 430m for ships up to 430m.
                                                        Width of ship: unlimited
                                                        Draught: 6.5m, 8m and 8-10m
                                                        Tidal movement/range: 4m                                    H     afnarfjörður is a beautiful, vibrant town in southwestern
                                                                                                                          Iceland and provides cruise passengers with an alterna-
                                                                                                                    tive take on the nation’s capital. Just a ten minute drive from
                                                        Pilotage: pilotage is compulsory
                                                        Distances/transportation:                                   the bright lights of Reykjavík – visitors to Hafnarfjörður are
                                                        Town centre: 500 to 2000m                                   likely to experience the best of both towns.
                                                        Airport: 38km (international), 12km (domestic)                 Hafnarfjordur itself features beautiful old houses, a pleas-
                                                        Free shuttle to town: yes                                   ant pedestrian environment and a bustling harbour, as well
                                                                                   	                                as the Viking village – a hotel and restaurant complex with
                                                                                                                    handicrafts, exhibitions and shows, including their famous
                                                                                                                    ‘Viking kidnappings’, where visitors are whisked away to
                                                                                                                    meet Thor, the god of thunder.
                                                                                                                       Set in a lava field, the town is surrounded by a strange lunar
                                                                                                                    landscape that is reputedly home to elves and other hidden
                                                                                                                    people. The landscape is memorable even for those who do
                                                                                                                    not believe in elves and for those that do, there are guided
                                                                                                                    walks and a variety of printed material to increase the chanc-
                                                                                                                    es of seeing one.
                                                                                                                       Hafnarfjörður is home to a lava golf course, a sculpture gar-
                                                                                                                    den and the world’s northernmost bonsai garden. It is also
                                                                                                                    close to pleasant walking routes, a highly active geother-
                                                                                                                    mal area and some spectacular cliffs teeming with bird life.
                                                                                                                    Hafnarfjördur also is the home of popular horse rental
                         Photo by Pálmi Guðmundsson

                                                                                                                    Íshestar. A trip on horseback in Icelandic surroundings is an
                                                                                                                    unforgettable experience. From Hafnarfjördur it is easy to go
                                                                                                                    by bus to many popular attractions such as Gullfoss, Geysir
                                                                                                                    and the Blue Lagoon.

                                                                                                                                                                          Cruise iCeland 

                                                                          Photos on this sPread by Páll stefánsson

                           R     eykjavík is the nation’s capital and main hub in almost every
                                 sense of the word. The city is alive with culture and yet re-
                           mains relaxing and laid-back – with the exception of Friday and

     reykjavík             Saturday nights!
                              Situated on a peninsula, the visitor is never far from the sea
                           in Reykjavík and the old wooden buildings and fishing village
     - Southwest Iceland   atmosphere of the old town only serve to enhance that sensual
                           connection with the city’s history.
                              It is tempting to describe Reykjavík as the modern capital try-
                           ing to squeeze into the ancient fishing village, but in reality the
                           rapid expansion of the city has left the ancient fishing village
                           struggling to remain the focus of the modern capital.
                              With an exceptionally wide variety of museums and galleries,
                           as well as a lake in the city centre and many parks and sculpture
                           gardens, Reykjavík has got culture covered.
                              It also has shopping down to a fine art: its main shopping street
                           is an odd but pleasing mix of local and international names in the
                           fashion world, as well as gift shops, art shops and much more.
                           The city also boasts two large shopping malls.
                              Iceland may be an expensive country, but designer goods are
                           often cheaper than in Paris, London or New York – especially with
                           tax refunds for tourists.

 Cruise iCeland

PorT FACILITIeS - reykjaVík

Location: 64° 09´ N 21° 56´ W
Number of cruise berths: 4
Berth dimensions:
   (1) Miðbakki 202m for ships up to 170m
   (2) Sundabakki ships up to 200m
   (3) Skarfabakki 450m
Width of ship: unlimited
Draught: 8m, 8.2m and 12m
Tidal movement/range: 4m
Pilotage: pilotage is compulsory
Town centre: 500m and 5km
Airport: 45km
Shuttle to town: yes
Popular tours:
  1. Golden Circle tour
  2. Lava, Birds & Blue Lagoon
  3. Blue Lagoon Bathing
  4. Discover Reykjavík
  5. Ain’t no Mountain High Enough

   One of Reykjavík’s biggest boasts is its pleasant cafés, its
crazy nightlife and its bewildering array of world class restau-
rants. The world’s northernmost capital city is a melting pot
of much of the planet’s best food – but Icelandic lamb and
seafood remain firm favourites.
   The focus of Reykjavík’s boasts may be about to change
though: with the opening of the new opera house, confer-
ence centre and luxury hotel right in the city centre by the
seafront. The ambitious project was designed by renowned
Icelandic artists Ólafur Elíasson, and is due to open in 2009.
It will be both practical, and aesthetically very different to any
other building within thousands of kilometres.
   Despite all that is great about Reykjavík, it is its closeness
to nature that makes it truly special. Surrounded on three
sides by the sea and dutifully watched over by the kindly but
imposing hulk of Mount Esja, visitors are constantly reminded
that this city lies on the edge of a grandiose, yet unforgiving,
land. On clear days, Snæfellsjökull glacier can be seen gleam-
ing over a hundred kilometres away and Reykjavík provides
the perfect base for trips to four of the country’s top attrac-
tions: the so called ‘Golden Circle’ tour.

                                                                         Cruise iCeland 
 South Iceland

     South Iceland
     - The Golden Circle

     G      olden Circle is the collective name acquired by Gullfoss wa-
            terfall, Geysir geothermal area and Þingvellir national park.
     “Golden” because they represent some of the best and most
                                                                             Don’t panic: just a few metres away lies Strokkur, a smaller gey-
                                                                             ser that erupts every five minutes or so to a height of up to 20
                                                                             metres. In addition, visitors are also treated to steaming craters,
     accessible of Iceland’s natural wonders, and “circle” because           bubbling mud, clear blue water boiling in rock caverns and even
     together they make a perfect daytrip from Reykjavík.                    a café and exhibition centre.
        It is uncanny that these sites should have appeared so near to          Þingvellir is the very heart of the Icelandic nation: the seat of
     each other and so close to the capital. Nature clearly had tour-        parliament from 930AD, birthplace of the Republic of Iceland in
     ists on coach trips in mind when she created Iceland.                   1944 and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004. The site
        Gullfoss is where the roaring Hvítá (white river) turns sharply to   also happens to be an exceptional place to see the North Amer-
     the left and plunges down a ‘staircase’ of waterfalls. The visitor      ican and Eurasian tectonic plates pulling apart at first hand.
     can stand close enough to the seething torrent to get drenched             Þingvellir is not only an important place, but also a very pretty
     in the refreshing spray and watch the sunlight turn it to rain-         place situated on the edge of Iceland’s largest lake and home to
     bows. Gullfoss is not the highest waterfall in Iceland, or even the     the Prime Minister’s summer residence.
     most powerful – but it is probably the most spectacular.                   The Golden Circle is a simply vital part of any trip to Iceland
        Geysir geothermal area is a farmyard-sized place which is            – even for royalty. The Golden Circle tour celebrated its hun-
     home to one of the most fascinating variety of geothermal fea-          dredth anniversary last year, as Danish king Frederik VIII was the
     tures in the world. Geysir is the geyser from which all others          first to complete it as an organised tour in 1907.
     took their name, but she is more or less dormant these days.

 Cruise iCeland
                                           South Iceland

Photos on this sPread by Páll stefánsson

                                                  Cruise iCeland 

                                                                                      Photos by Páll stefánsson

      - a place of Magic
     T   he Snæfellsnes peninsula is a popular holiday spot in summer,
         and even in winter the peninsula and the Snæfellsjökull glacier
     are well worth a visit. You will find it beautiful to sail around the pen-
     insula and if you go to Grundarfjördur you will get a taste of a few of
     the islands on Breidafjördur bay. If you go ashore, a good way to ex-
     plore Snæfellsnes is to drive the circular road around the peninsula.
       You will find one magnificent place after another. The overwhelm-
     ing sound of the birds and the sea is something that you are unlikely
     to forget. Snæfellsjökull is a mystifying place, a glacier that every
     local regards with great affection. A sunset in summer surrounds the
     mysterious mountain with a golden glow and often it seems closer
     than it really is. The glacier, Snæfellsjökull, seems to have unusual
     and inexplicable powers.
       In spring and summer, the birds change the atmosphere of the
     peninsula completely. Millions of them fill the air. In the long summer
     nights it calms the mind to take a walk and to listen to the birds and
     the sea, feeling like you are alone in the world. However, you might
     never be alone, since in the summer people seem to stay awake all
     the time.
       In the northern part of the peninsula you will find one fishing vil-
     lage after another. A few years ago you might often meet the lo-
     cal minister going fishing on a small motorboat. This is a classless

10 Cruise iCeland

Photo by Guðjón elisson

                           .                                                              Grundarfjörður
                                                                                                              - West Iceland
                          PorT FACILITIeS - Grundarjörður

                          Location: 64° 56´ N 23° 15´ W
                          Number of cruise berths: 1
                                                                      G      rundarfjörður lies on the north side of the spectacular Snæfellsnes
                                                                             peninsula in western Iceland. The town is blessed with a gentle
                                                                      microclimate and a plethora of beautiful houses from its rich history as
                          Berth dimensions:
                          Length: 230m
                                                                      a wealthy fishing town.
                          Width of ship: unlimited
                                                                        French merchants set up headquarters in the town around 1800 and
                          Draught: 6.5m
                                                                      built their own church and hospital, further enhancing its reputation as
                          (8m for the first 100m at lowest tide)
                                                                      one of Iceland’s great economic powerhouses. The golden age of fishing
                          Tidal movement/range: 4m
                                                                      may be over, but the town still holds quotas for all types of seafood.
                          Pilotage: yes
                                                                        Even today fishing remains the biggest employer in the town, but the
                                                                      economy is diversifying quickly. Whatever the locals are doing for a liv-
                          Town centre: 500m
                                                                      ing, Grundarfjörður is always noteworthy for its cleanliness and state of
                          Airport: 200km
                                                                      good repair as well as for its wonderful views and friendly inhabitants.
                          Free shuttle to town: harbour is in town
                                                                        The Snæfellsnes peninsula is a regular favourite for Icelandic tourists
                          Popular tours:
                                                                      – only partly because of its incredible landscape of hot springs, water-
                             1. Grundarfjörður village walk
                                                                      falls, caves and the tiny but beautiful Snæfellsjökul glacier. The other
                             2. Boat trips around the numerous
                                                                      reason is the number of important Viking sagas that are set here, as well
                                islands of Breiðafjörður
                                                                      as Jules Verne’s Journey to the Centre of the Earth.
                                offering ideal bird watching and
                                                                        It is even rumoured that Christopher Columbus once over-wintered
                                wonderful sightseeing
                                                                      here and heard tell of mysterious lands to the west…
                             3. Tours around Snæfellsjökull glacier
                                                                        Sensitive souls speak of a positive energy in the region, culminating
                             4. Whale watching
                                                                      at the meeting of ley lines on the glacier. Maybe it’s the Earth’s natural
                                                                      energy flows, maybe it’s something else – but Snæfellsnes really does
                                                                      make people feel glad to be alive. It’s a mysterious place, to be sure.

                                                                                                                                    Cruise iCeland 11
   West Fjords

                                                                                                                                     PorT FACILITIeS - VesturbyGGð           .
                                                                                                                                     Location: 65° 36’ N, 24° 00’ W
                                                                                                                                     Number of cruise berths: 1
                                                                                                                                     Berth dimensions.
                                                                                                                                     Length: 200m
                                                                                                                                     Width of ship: 18m
                                                                                                                                     Draught: 6m at LW
                                                                                                                                     Tidal movement/range: 3.19m
                                                                                                                                     Pilotage: None
                                                                                                                                     Town centre: 100m
                                                                                                                                     Airport: 35km
                                                                             Photo mbl/siGurður ÆGisson

                                                                                                                                     Free shuttle to town: no
                                                                                                                                     Popular tours:
                                                                                                                                        1. Látrabjarg – Europe’s biggest bird cliffs.
                                                                                                                                        2. Selárdalur – The Samúel Jónsson museum.
                                                                                                                                        3. Geirþjófsfjörður – Saga hero Gísli Súrsson’s country


     - Westfjords
     I celand’s north-western peninsula is called the West Fjords and its hum-
       bling landscape makes even the rest of Iceland look gentle and flat.
       With stark mountains climbing vertically up to the heavens, the West
     Fjords is a region of small fishing villages existing wherever they find
     land flat enough to survive. Agriculture is scarce and good harbours
     have always been the key to prosperity for the region’s 7000 people.
       Patreksfjörður is the southernmost fjord in the region, and the largest
     settlement in the southern West Fjords area - 800 people call it home.
     Patreksfjörður belongs to the wider municipality of Vesturbyggð.
       It is the perfect base for trips to the most westerly point in Europe,
     Bjargtangar. An exciting landmark of human geography, but also a spec-
     tacular location: the steep landscape, small population and fertile seas
     make the region a birdwatcher’s paradise.
       The area is also excellent for fishing trips and licences for Lake
     Sauðlauksdalsvatn are very modestly priced.
       The Vesturbyggð community is home to Iceland’s only dedicated
     aviation museum, and a folk museum chronicling the history of the
     southern West Fjords. Both attractions are on the same site at Hnjóti in
                                                                                                          Photo by Páll stefánsson

     Örlygshöfn – quite probably the only farm in Iceland with full-sized air-
     craft hangars and the world’s largest single-engine biplane!

1 Cruise iCeland

Photo by Páll stefánsson

        PorT FACILITIeS - ísajörður                                                                     Ísafjörður
        Location: 66° 04´ N 023° 07´ W
        Number of cruise berths: 3 Sundabakki (two                                                            - Westfjords
        piers) and Asgeirsbakki

        Berth dimensions:                                             he town of Ísafjörður lies some 80km down the dramatic Ísafjarðard-
        Length: 190m, 120m Sundabakki and 270m                        júp Bay, an unforgettable journey past numerous fjords where the
        Asgeirsbakki                                             land seems to swallow the sea and ships seem powerless to resist the
        Width of ship: unlimited                                 call of the unknown.
        Draught: 8.0m Sundabakki and 7m Asgeirsbakki                Ísafjörður is the de facto capital of the West Fjords and despite hav-
        (Approach to Asgeirsbakki through narrow                 ing a metropolitan population of just 4000; it is a veritable city at the
        channel, 7,5m depth).                                    end of long, unpaved roads from the rest of the world. For visitors arriv-
        Tidal movement/range: average 2.2m                       ing by ship, Ísafjörður is a vision straight from a fairytale.
        Pilotage: pilotage is compulsory                            The town sits on a flat spit of land actually in the fjord, while the
        Distances/transportation:                                mountains tower on three sides like guards preventing escape by any
        Town centre: 300m                                        means other than the sea.
        Airport: 5km                                                With a surprising array of cultural events all year round, the town has
        Free shuttle to town: harbour is in town                 achieved a reputation as one of the most dynamic, bohemian places in
        Popular tours:                                           the whole country.
           1. Vigur - The Paradise Island: boat tour with           This manifests itself in Ísafjörður’s pleasant atmosphere and big-town
           light refreshments,                                   ambience, and the well-kept town centre is an exceptionally pleasant
           easy stroll round Vigur island                        place to explore by foot.
           2. Life & Culture: bus tour around Ísafjörður            Ísafjörður boasts the oldest collection of houses in Iceland, dating
           and vicinity                                          back to the 1700s and the same site is also home to the fascinating
            3. Mountains & Fjords: bus tour around Alps          Maritime Museum.
            of West Fjords and botanical garden                     Trips in the area are varied and include memorable sightseeing boat
            4. Backstreets of Ísafjörður: and easy and           trips to the island of Vigur. Aside from the splendid views and the usual
            enjoyable stroll around Ísafjörður                   varied selection of seabirds, Vigur is also home to a large colony of ei-
            5. Visit to a fishing village: bus tour, fish fac-   der ducks, producing 65kg of high quality eider down per year.
            tory tour and a taste of Icelandic fish                 Back in town, visitors will be pleased to find a good selection of cafés
            Contact:	                         and restaurants and an innovative offering of original gifts and souve-
                                      nirs from the area.

                                                                                                                                Cruise iCeland 1

     Akureyri - North Iceland
     A     kureyri sits on the shores of Iceland’s longest fjord,
           Eyjafjörður. It is the country’s second largest city and the
     self-proclaimed ‘capital of the north’. With a population of
                                                                            The nearby Lake Mývatn for example is set in a bewitch-
                                                                          ingly beautiful area, featuring rock columns, geothermal
                                                                          vents, forest and the new Mývatn Nature Baths. Just an hour
     just 17,000, there are many things that set Akureyri apart.          away from the port, Mývatn consistently proves the most
        The inhabitants of Akureyri have an uncanny knack for mak-        popular excursion for cruise passengers.
     ing things grow. Set among the tree-lined streets of this town         Another popular trip from Akureyri is the short flight up to
     just 60km south of the Arctic Circle, visitors are delighted to      Grímsey Island – the only part of Iceland to cross the Arctic
     find the world’s northernmost botanical garden – a collection        Circle. The small island has excellent tourist facilities, an in-
     of thousands of flowers, trees and shrubs from all over the          teresting variety of landscapes and a huge bird population.
     world.                                                               What’s more, each visitor receives a commemorative certifi-
        Visitors are also intrigued to see such a large and flourish-     cate for crossing the Arctic Circle.
     ing community of artists, musicians and all sorts of creative          Back in town, Akureyri boasts the biggest selection of
     types in a town so comparatively small.                              bars, cafés and restaurants outside Reykjavík and its eclectic
        Of course, Iceland is as much about the unique and varied         mix of shops and boutiques are the perfect place to find
     countryside as it is about the warm and welcoming towns              those unusual gifts and souvenirs.
     – and Akureyri is fortunate to lie in one of the most varied
     parts of the whole country.

1 Cruise iCeland

.   PorT FACILITIeS - akueyri

    Location: 65° 41´ N 18° 04´ W                      Popular tours:
    Number of cruise berths: 2                           1. Jewels of the North: Lake Mývatn and
    Berth dimensions:                                       Goðafoss waterfall
    Length:                                              2. Whales & Waterfalls: Húsavík whale
       1) Oddeyrarbryggja 200m for ships up to 300m.         watching and Goðafoss waterfall
       2) Tangabryggja 170m for ships up to 250m.        3. Nature, Folk & Flora: Goðafoss, Laufás
    Width of ship: unlimited                                museum and Akureyri Botanical Garden
    Draught: 9-11m, 8.5-11m                              4. Polar flight to Grímsey Island: a flight to
    Tidal movement/range: max 1.7m                          a bird island located on the Arctic Circle
    Pilotage: 3 pilots available                         5. A Glimpse of Icelandic Culture: Eyafjörður
    Distances/transportation:                               fjord, including local buffet and horse show
    Town centre: 100m - 500m                             Contact:
    Airport: 3km                               
    Free shuttle to town: no

                                                                                        Cruise iCeland 1

     Húsavík                                                                                 .
     - Northeast Iceland

     H      úsavík has evolved considerably over recent years, from a pleasant    PorT FACILITIeS - HúsaVík
            but unremarkable fishing town into the ‘whale watching capital of
                                                                                  Location: 66° 03´ N 17° 22´ W
                                                                                  Number of cruise berths: 3
        It is not just the number and variety of whales to be seen in Húsavík’s
                                                                                  Berth dimensions:
     Skjálfandi Bay that earn the town its reputation, but also the fact that
     many of the tours take place on beautifully renovated oak fishing boats.
                                                                                     1) Þvergarður 90m for ships up to 120m.
     The fact that the town is home to Iceland’s only whale museum is also
                                                                                     2) Norðurgarður 125m for ships up to 135m.
     very important, and proves a very educational and rewarding visit.
                                                                                     3) Bökugarður 130m for ships up to 170m.
        Open air folk museums are fairly common in Iceland, but the one at
                                                                                  Width of ship: unlimited
     Húsavík is rated as among the best and the town’s church is a personal
                                                                                  Draught: 6m, 8m and 10m
     favourite of people living all over the country.
                                                                                  Tidal movement/range: average 1.7m
        Built in the shape of a cross, the wooden church was erected in 1906-7
                                                                                  Pilotage: Not compulsory, but available on request
     and features a 26 metre steeple over the entrance, which is visible from
     all over the town and out in the bay.
                                                                                  Town centre: 200 to 800m
        The beautifully-groomed park along the banks of the Búðará River
                                                                                  Airport: 10km for sightseeing and charter, 90km for do-
     comes as a pleasant surprise to many visitors and the challenging 9-hole
                                                                                  mestic, scheduled
     golf course on the southern edge of town adds yet another dimension
                                                                                  Free shuttle to town: harbour is in town
     to this interesting town.
                                                                                  Popular tours:
        Away from the sprawling metropolis of 2500 people, visitors can take
                                                                                     1. Lake Mývatn
     in the sights of Lake Mývatn – among the prettiest places in Iceland, and
                                                                                     2. Goðafoss waterfall
     favourite holiday destination of Icelanders.
                                                                                     3. Dettifoss waterfall in Jökulsárgljúfur National Park
        Húsavík is also an ideal base for trips to Dettifoss – Europe’s most
                                                                                     4. Historical tour
     powerful waterfall. 44m high and gushing an average of 180m_/second.
                                                                                     5. Whale watching around Skjálfandi Bay
     The numbers speak for themselves, surely.

1 Cruise iCeland

Lake Mývatn Area
The north of Iceland could keep you entertained for a lifetime.
But the average cruise passenger will not be there that long.
With that in mind, there are several things that stand out and
demand attention.
  The region is home to the spectacular waterfalls Goðafoss
and Dettifoss; the latter being the most powerful in Europe.
  Goðafoss (Waterfall of the Gods) is thought to have got its
name in 999 or 1000 AD. Lawspeaker Þorgeirr Ljósvetningagoði
made Christianity the official religion of Iceland at the Alþingi
parliament in the southwest. On the way home, he reportedly
threw his statues of the Norse gods into the waterfall – and the
name stuck.
  A short distance further east and the visitor comes across
Lake Mývatn, one of the country’s most treasured natural fea-
tures. The region is known for its plant life, its rock formations
and its geothermal activity.
  The lake itself and surrounding wetlands are home to thou-
sands of birds, especially ducks and geese – but there would be
no lake at all if not for a volcanic eruption 2300 years ago.
  The area is as beautiful as it is varied and the jewel in the
crown comes in the form of the new Mývatn Nature Baths.
Some are calling them the Blue Lagoon of the north – but in
reality, they are quite different.
  The waters of the Mývatn Nature Baths are clear and sweet,
the bottom of the lagoon is sandy and the hot water comes
from as deep as 2.5km underground. Visitors are guaranteed
to leave feeling relaxed and reinvigorated.
                                                                       Photos this PaGe by Páll stefánsson

                                                                            Cruise iCeland 1

     Seyðisfjörður    T   he eastern town of Seyðisfjörður would probably not be on
                          many people’s radar, were it not for one very important fac-
                      tor: its extreme beauty. Seyðisfjörður is a picture postcard village
     - east Iceland   nestled in an epic, untamed landscape. What’s more, the friendly
                      locals add an unexpected bohemian atmosphere to the already
                      unique locale.
                         With the establishment of the Norwegian herring fishery here in
                      around 1870 came an influx of wooden Norwegian houses in kit
                      form. Many of these houses remain today, both as private homes
                      and public buildings. Seyðisfjörður may owe part of its beauty to
                      Norway, but mostly it has nature to thank for its spectacular loca-
                         Surrounded on three sides by mountains a thousand metres tall
                      and at the end of a 17km snaking fjord, the location is the per-
                      fect antidote to time spent at sea. Rather appropriate for Iceland’s
                      nearest port to mainland Europe.
                         As the river Fjarðará lunges carelessly for the sea, it cascades
                      over more than 25 waterfalls on its way to Seyðisfjörður and on-
                      ward to freedom. The river, the mountains and the excellent road
                      make the route out of town one of the most exhilarating and hum-
                      bling parts of any trip.
                         From 2008, visitors will be able to take tours along the new road
                      to Snæfell volcano, the impressive Dimmugljúfur gorge and on

1 Cruise iCeland
                                                                                                      east Iceland

                                                                                                                    Photo by atli rúnar halldórsson


to the new Kárahnjúkur hydroelectric dam. The dam is the
biggest in Europe and Iceland’s biggest single construction
project to date; unsurprisingly the project was the source of
                                                                PorT FACILITIeS - seyðisfjörður

                                                                Location: 65° 15´ N 14° 00´ W
intense debate.                                                 Number of cruise berths: 2
  The eastern highlands are the only place to see wild rein-    Berth dimensions:
deer in Iceland, and also home to thousands of geese.           Length: up to 230m
  It is about an hour’s walk from Seyðisfjörður to Skálanes,    Width of ship: unlimited
a private nature reserve specialising in education and con-     Draught: 9m
servation – a paradise for birdwatchers and all who love the    Tidal movement/range: average 1.6m
great outdoors.                                                 Pilotage: not compulsory, but available
  There is also plenty to see and do in Seyðisfjörður itself,   Distances/transportation:
such as the excellent technical museum, portraying the dawn     Town centre: 500m
of modern life in Iceland through lively and interesting dis-   Airport: 30km
plays. The museum houses the oldest telegraph station in        Free shuttle to town: no
Iceland and the country’s oldest mechanical shop, among         Seyðisfjörður is still the only port in Iceland with purpose built terminal
other things.                                                   building. Facilities include shopping, internet, WC and tourist information.
  Many creative souls enjoy regular visits to Seyðisfjörður’s   Popular tours:
inspirational locale, including Swiss/German artist Dieter         1. Town and nature
Roth (1930-1998), whose work can be seen at the Skaftfell          2. Bjólfur: avalanche (snow) barrier with a magnificent view
Culture Centre in the town.                                        3. Skálanes: nature and heritage
  Among the town’s many events is the Seyðisfjörður Arts           4. A tour around Lagarfljót
Festival from June to August.                                      5. A tour to Hengifoss waterfall
                                                                   6. A tour to Borgarfjörður eystri

                                                                                                                             Cruise iCeland 1
  Djúpivogur / Höfn

                                                                                                                     Photos in this sPread by Páll stefánsson

     Djúpivogur                                                                                    .
     T    he eastern town of Djúpivogur is dominated by the pyramid-
          shaped mountain Búlandstindur (1069m), which is reputed to
     hold mystical powers. Another local hill may or may not in fact be a
                                                                                  PorT FACILITIeS - djúpiVoGur

                                                                                  Location: 64° 40’ N 14° 17’ W
                                                                                  Number of cruise berths: 1
     troll in disguise. Either way, it provides a stunning backdrop.
                                                                                  Berth dimensions:
        Langabúð is the oldest house in town and was built in about 1790
                                                                                  Length: 75m for ships up to 100m
     by the powerful merchants, without whom the town would not exist.
                                                                                  Width of ship: 30m
     Langabúð is partly made from logs and now houses a sculpture mu-
                                                                                  Draught: 9m
     seum, a shop and a café.
                                                                                  Tidal movement/range: 2.5m
        This pleasant and ancient fishing village is fortunate to lay in such
                                                                                  Pilotage: yes
     idyllic surroundings, including a beautiful network of tiny green is-
                                                                                  (Bigger ships can anchor in the fjord away from the pier,
     lands, grand mountain peaks and within striking distance of Vat-
                                                                                  where space is almost unlimited)
     najökull; the biggest glacier in Europe.
        The much larger town of Höfn is easily accessible from here, with all
                                                                                  Town centre: 700m
     its shopping and eating options, but also its second-to-none facilities
                                                                                  Airport: 80km
     and expertise in glacier travel.
                                                                                  Free shuttle to town: no
        Visitors to the area will want to experience trips onto the glacier,
                                                                                  Popular tours:
     or boat cruises among the icebergs in the bizarrely beautiful glacial
                                                                                    1. Glacier lagoon
     lagoon. Höfn’s glacier exhibition is also an excellent place to visit, and
                                                                                    2. Papey Island
     it’s open in all weathers!
                                                                                    3. Jeep safari
        Passengers can stroll around Djúpivogur, visit coffee shops and mu-
                                                                                    4. Bird watching
     seums, take a look at local handcraft, breathe in the spirit of a typical
     Icelandic fishing village or try their luck at the golf course.
0 Cruise iCeland
                                                                                      east Iceland
F    rom flat sands to fertile plains and from charming villages to the im-
     posing brightness of magnificent glaciers, south Iceland is a rich and
fascinating place to explore.
   From the port at Höfn, visitors are within sight of Vatnajökull, Europe’s
largest glacier. Being in Höfn, they are lucky to find themselves in a town
geared up to help them make the most of the surroundings.
   There is a newly renovated interactive glacier exhibition in the town
and super jeep tours over the glacier itself, both offering different but
equally valuable experiences of Vatnajökull.
   One of Iceland’s most enduring photo opportunities is the Jökulsárlón
glacial lagoon, where icebergs shear off the glacier into a natural lagoon
and slowly float under the suspension bridge and out to sea, where they
quickly melt. The experience is made all-the-more surreal by taking a
trip on an amphibious vehicle out into the lake among the icebergs,
seals and seabirds.
   From Jökulsárlón it is a short hop onward to the Skaftafell national
park: a unique area of lush greenery sandwiched between the flat, black
floodplains and the ragged, white glacier. The interplay between fire
and ice is nowhere more evident than here, as the floodplains exist only
because of the volcanoes that erupt underneath the glacier. The land-
scape is beautiful, the geology is humbling and the first rate tourist fa-
cilities help the visitor to find out exactly why that is.

                                                                                            Cruise iCeland 1
Cruise Iceland Members

     Air Iceland
     A     mere two hours from Iceland is Greenland: a country
           so near yet so different. Air Iceland (Flugfélag Íslands)
     operates flights to Kulusuk, Narsarsuaq and Nuuk throughout
     the summer, allowing cruise passengers arriving at Reykjavík
     a unique opportunity for daytrips to the wonders of
        Visitors to Kulusuk can stroll around the village, purchase
     hand-made crafts, or even get to know some of the 360 in-
     habitants. Excursions from here include a visit to the nearby
     glacier, dog sledding and kayaking.
        Narsarsuaq in southern Greenland is the international air-
     port for Narsaq. With stunning views of the inland ice and
     with hundreds of icebergs floating in the fjord just outside
     the town, the green valley and mountains surrounding Nar-
     saq provide an incredible contrast. Narsaq is the perfect des-
     tination for visitors wishing to experience pure and unspoilt
        Nuuk is Air Iceland’s newest destination within Greenland.
                                                                       A     tlantik has now been organising tours throughout Ice-
                                                                             land for 30 years and has built its excellent reputation on
                                                                       shore excursions and cruise services as the leading operator
     Nuuk is Greenland’s capital and has a lot to offer, like fish-    of shore-side programs in Iceland. Atlantik has also become a
     ing, hunting and of course a good hotel and great tours and       leading destination management company, when it comes to
     sightseeing opportunities.                                        the organisation of incentives, meetings and events.
        Air Iceland will offer flights to Nuuk from May 29th until        Although the classic sights are the most popular ones, active
     September 5th 2008. Packages with hotel, fishing, hiking or       shore excursions are in vogue: “That is where our incentive
     hunting are available through Air Iceland.	    expertise comes in handy,” says Gunnar Rafn Birgisson, Atlan-                                                 tik’s owner and managing director. “And as the average age
                                                                       of cruise passengers decreases, soft adventures such as super
                                                                       4x4 tours into the highlands, ‘flightseeing’, sea-kayaking, and
                                                                       whale watching are becoming evermore popular.”
                                                                          The most popular tours are still the Golden Circle tour from
                                                                       Reykjavik with the highlights of the UNESCO heritage site at
                                                                       Þingvellir and spouting geysers and thundering waterfalls at
                                                                       Geysir and Gullfoss. In the north it is the Jewels of the North
                                                                       from Akureyri which is most popular – visiting the unique lake
                                                                       Mývatn area.
                                                                          “Our biggest challenges are coping with both the growth in
                                                                       numbers of ship calls and the size of those ships. Many guides
                                                                       work exclusively together with us throughout the season and
                                                                       important venues give us priority to their limited capacity.
                                                                       Combined with our experience to handle the demanding cli-
                                                                       ents, we are able to provide the level of service expected un-
                                                                       der the most difficult conditions.
                                                                          “Surprises are no surprise to us,” adds Mr. Birgisson. “It
                                                                       is a part of the equation when working with the cruise lines:
                                                                       weather, machinery and other unexpected incidents can affect
                                                                       the planned programs and then it is our local experience and
                                                                       expertise that helps us and our clients to solve the matters at
                                                                          Atlantik handles around 85-90% of cruise calls to Iceland
                                                                       and take-up is generally very high; with 80-90% of Europeans
                                                                       choosing to take organised tours and more than half the pas-
                                                                       sengers on the large North American ships.

 Cruise iCeland
                                                                                      Cruise Iceland Members

Stay connected while you are in Iceland
Is a reliable connection important for you during your trip
to Iceland?
   Síminn operates the largest mobile phone network in Ice-
land, covering every population centre in the country and
allowing you to stay in touch on most major roads.
   A reliable connection is vital in a country where bad
weather can affect you at any time, even during the sum-

Prepaid mobile service for travellers (frelsi)
Síminn offers a prepaid mobile service that is ideal for visi-
tors travelling around Iceland.
  The service is called Frelsi in Icelandic, and it’s available in
most supermarkets and petrol stations. Now you can enjoy
3G services in the Reykjavík area, and access Internet infor-
mation at any time.
  Our prepaid mobile service will allow you to make cheaper
domestic and international calls. You decide how much you
want to spend on mobile services while you are in Iceland,
and you can monitor your credit by simply calling 1441.              About Síminn:
  Top up Frelsi using credit or debit cards, or by purchasing        Síminn is the marked leader in the telecommunication indus-
a mobile voucher, available in most petrol stations around           try in Iceland and provides all telecommunication, mobile and
the country. We will let you know when your credit is run-           Internet services to private and corporate clients. Its range of
ning low and you need a top-up.                                      services and solutions includes fixed and mobile subscriptions
  Frelsi is simple to use and comes with full instructions in        as well as Broadband/DSL solutions, LiveTV, IP and Centrex net-
English.                                                             work solutions.

Iceland Travel
I celand Travel is the leading incoming partner and DMC
  in Iceland since 1937 with more than 50 highly dedicated
and motivated full-time employees. We aim to provide cruise
ship passengers with compact and concise experiences that
both entertain and engage the individual, resulting in lasting
impressions of Iceland through our wide variety of shore and
overland excursions. Iceland Travel is committed to provide
quality services and attend to the smallest details that mat-
ter the most to our clients. We aim to build solid long-term
relationships with our partners and customers that are mutu-
ally beneficial and reflect the ambition we want to portray to
cruise ship passengers.

                                                                                                                         Cruise iCeland 
Cruise Iceland Members

                                                                       W       ith roots stretching back over seventy years, Icelan-
                                                                               dair is one of the world’s longest established airlines.
                                                                       Icelandair Group, of which Icelandair is one subsidiary, cur-
                                                                       rently employs nearly 3000 people in ten countries and is a
                                                                       public company listed on the OMX Iceland stock exchange
                                                                       as ICEAIR. Icelandair is the largest subsidiary within the
                                                                       Group. In addition to the international passenger airline
                                                                       Icelandair, the group consists of flight and travel service
                                                                       companies that form the foundation of the fast grow-
                                                                       ing Icelandic aviation and tourism industries. The Group
                                                                       includes: Icelandair, Travel Service a.s., Icelandair Cargo,
                                                                       Bluebird Cargo, Loftleiðir-Icelandic, Air Iceland, IceLease,
                                                                       Iceland Travel, Icelandair Ground Services, Icelandair Ho-
                                                                       tels and Icelandair Shared Services.
                                                                          The Icelandair business strategy is based on the geo-
                                                                       graphical position of Iceland on the flight route between
                                                                       northern Europe and the eastern shore of the USA/Cana-
                                                                       da. By combining in its aircraft, passengers visiting Iceland,
                                                                       passengers departing from Iceland and passengers travel-
                                                                       ling across the Atlantic via Iceland, Icelandair has been able
                                                                       to expand its network steadily over the past decades. We
                                                                       are currently proud to connect Iceland with five cities in
                                                                       the USA, two in Canada, as well as 17 of Europe’s biggest

                                                                          Icelandair carried over 1.5 million passengers on its
                                                                       scheduled flights between Iceland, Europe and North
                                                                       America to a total of 24 destinations in 2006. The company
                                                                       operates a fleet of up to 12 aircraft at any given time for its
                                                                       scheduled operations.

     E    kran is a national catering supplies company based in
          Reykjavík and Akureyri. With a history spanning 26 years,
     it has been part of Nathan & Olsen inc. since 1999, and re-

     cently acquired the ship servicing company Frilager.
        Ekran can supply all catering goods, including detergents
     and kitchen equipment, but the company particularly prides
     itself on its fresh produce. Working with 200 different suppli-
     ers in Iceland and abroad, the company’s 6000-strong prod-
     uct line keeps growing. And Ekran has developed four main
     priorities to ensure that customer satisfaction keeps growing
     as fast as their catalogue does:
        • To offer good service and an excellent choice
          of products
        • to guarantee the professionalism of Ekran’s
          salesmen and employees
        • to increase and maintain knowledge within the company
          in order to better service its clients
        • to build up and maintain long-term contracts with
          its clients and suppliers
     Ekran aims to deliver most orders within 24 hours, but orders
     for large ships should allow 48 hours for delivery.

 Cruise iCeland
                                                                            Cruise Iceland Members

L   andsbanki is a growing European bank with total assets of
    EUR 32.4bn. Through its extensive distribution network of
2,500 employees in 17 countries, Landsbanki is set to deliver
targeted financial services based on local expertise for mid-
cap corporates in Europe. Landsbanki provides retail and cor-
porate banking, investment banking, capital markets services,
asset management and wealth management for private bank-
ing clients. Landsbanki’s unique product line includes access
to both debt and equity markets and its research department
is among the most comprehensive in Europe, including some
90 analysts covering close to 900 European stocks. The market
leader of the Icelandic financial service sector, Landsbanki’s
growth in recent years has been primarily organic, based upon
small strategically acquired platforms in the UK, Ireland and
Continental Europe.

                                                                 E    imskip offers comprehensive agency services to ship
                                                                      owners and operators. The company is one of the
                                                                 largest service providers for cruise and expedition ships
                                                                 in Iceland but their service is provided to a wide range
                                                                 of ships, including everything from cruise liners to fishing
                                                                 vessels and cargo ships.
                                                                    Eimskip’s agency places great emphasis on cost-ef-
                                                                 ficiency and quality of service for all owners and opera-
                                                                 tors. The agency handles all communication with harbour
                                                                 authorities, customs and immigration, and the company
                                                                 also supplies other various services such as provisions,
                                                                 stevedoring, bunkering, waste disposal, repairs, crew, pax
                                                                 changes, and medical services. All ship owners and opera-
                                                                 tors can be sure of receiving a reliable service from quali-
                                                                 fied and experienced staff when dealing with Eimskip’s
                                                                 agency services.
                                                                    Eimskip works in accordance with its own safety and en-
                                                                 vironmental policies which are strictly enforced. Eimskip’s
                                                                 nationwide agency service is available 24 hours a day, all
                                                                 year round and its headquarters are located in Reykjavík.

                                                                                                                  Cruise iCeland 
Cruise Iceland Members

    S    amskip is an international company offering transport by
         land, sea and air. Since its foundation in Iceland in 1991,
    Samskip has experienced constant growth, opening over 50
    offices in more than 20 countries.
    Samskip is active within three business segments:
       • Multimodal container logistics
       • Iceland and Faroe Islands service
       • Worldwide Reefer logistics and
          international forwarding.
    The three core businesses are supported by warehouses
    and reefer centres in all Samskip’s major ports hence offer-
    ing possibilities for storage, stock control and local distribu-
       With agency agreements and partnerships throughout
    the world, Samskip is able to meet all the transport needs
    of its customers. Services include pre- and on-carriage, doc-
    umentation and clearance of the goods. Samskip offers a
    professional and reliable 24-hour port agency service to all
    vessels in Icelandic ports, with offices around the country.
    These may range from cruise vessels, cargo ships and fishing
    vessels to liners and tankers. The port agency also arranges
    crew change, clearance of space parts, provisions, technical
    and repair service and sludge disposal. Our main emphasis
    is on reliability and flexibility.

                                                                       SBA Norðurleið
                                                                       H     eadquartered in Akureyri, SBA-Norðurleið Icelandic
                                                                             Bus Company operates a fleet of 60-70 buses with
                                                                       seating capacities ranging from nine to 70 passengers.
                                                                         The company provides vehicles, drivers and tour guides
                                                                       throughout Iceland, working closely with Atlantik Tours, the
                                                                       leading shore excursion handler for cruise ships.
                                                                         “Cruise passengers are often on a tight schedule with
                                                                       normally only 8-10 hours in which to get a snapshot of the
                                                                       country,” says Bergþór Erlingsson, marketing manager of
                                                                       SBA Norðurleið.
                                                                         “A major challenge is ensuring the correct number of
                                                                       buses and guides are in the right part of the country on any
                                                                       given day,” he adds.
                                                                         Erlingsson previously worked with Icelandair as an area
                                                                       manager and has been involved in tourism for nearly three
                                                                         If visiting ships call at Reykjavík and Akureyri (or vice ver-
                                                                       sa) one tour possibility is to take passengers overland with
                                                                       an overnight stop in the highlands to meet the ship at the
                                                                       other port.

 Cruise iCeland
                                                                       Cruise Iceland Members

E    skimos - a creative young tour operator who’s innovative
     shore experiences are rapidly earning major kudos within
the International Cruise Community.
   Eskimos offer an enviable array of shore excursions from
all major ports in Iceland. Quality tours and experiences that
tastefully embrace a cruise company’s image are this dynamic
company’s forte.
   That and an uber efficient operational service of course!
   At Eskimos it’s all about the right attitude. “Our aim is to
take your Icelandic Shore Experience to another level - just
because something hasn’t been done before, doesn’t mean it
can’t be done, it simply means we need to fathom out a way
to do it. There are many new and exciting tour options that are
out there waiting to be explored and delivered. We thrive on
the challenge of opening doors that until now have remained
closed. This has resulted in Eskimos revealing sides of Iceland
that visiting Cruise Clientele have never seen or experienced
before.” Says Friðrik Bjarnason, Eskimos’ Managing Director.
   “Being a major player in the growth and development of
Iceland’s Cruise Industry is not only exciting, it is also extremely
motivating” continues Bjarnason. “Breaking new ground by
breaking old rules. At Eskimos we call it job satisfaction!”


   celand Excursions – Gray Line Iceland is a fully licensed tour
   operator, travel agency and bus company. The company is a
   member of Gray Line Worldwide, widely recognized as the
world´s leader in sightseeing and package tours with opera-
tions on 6 continents. It operates a modern and safe fleet of ve-
hicles of the highest quality with a seating capacity of between
9 and 71 passengers. Among other things it offers
    •	Land	Arrangements	for	Cruise	Ships,	
    •	Scheduled	Day	Tours	from	Reykjavík,
    •	Group	Arrangements	and	
    •	Incentive	Group	Arrangements.
The company provides vehicles, drivers and guides, which take
the tourist to the most popular sights in the country. The guides
tell them everything they ever wanted to know about the coun-
try and its people while the drivers ensure a safe and punctual
tour. All according to the motto “truly the local expert”.

                                                                                      Cruise iCeland 
Cruise Iceland Members

    The radisson SAS
    Saga Hotel
     T   he Radisson SAS Saga Hotel is modern hotel situated
         just a few minutes’ walk from the city centre of Reykja-
     vik. The hotel has 209 comfortable guest rooms, including
     8 junior suites, one presidential suite and 10 Business Class
       The hotel offers facilities fully equipped with the latest
     equipment and technology to make all events a success. We
     are able to cater for a wide range of functions, both small
     as well as large conferences and private parties. In the hotel
     there are 9 rooms, seating up to 400 persons. Furthermore,
     we offer rooms especially equipped for disabled guests,
     non-allergic rooms, interconnecting rooms and non-smok-
     ing rooms. We are proud that all rooms have a stunning view
     of the city of Reykjavik. Use of the Internet is free of charge
     for our hotel guests. Access to the hotel´s Spa is free for
     hotel guests.
       There is a choice of two restaurants at the hotel includ-
     ing the Grill Rooftop Restaurant, where a spectacular view
     of the surrounding city and mountains together with an el-
     egant á la Carte menu can be enjoyed. The domestic air-
     port is only 5 minutes away from the hotel and travelling
     time from the International Airport is 45 minutes. Also in
     our vicinity are; the National Museum, the National Library,
     the Nordic house, the University of Iceland and an outdoor,
     geothermal-heated swimming pool. 	

 Cruise iCeland
Direct Flight Distances in km
ICelAnD IS A lot CloSer thAn you thInk

          Icelandair, Iceland express, SAS
      and more airlines offer direct flights.

                                                Cruise iCeland 

    All distances are in nautical miles.

0 Cruise iCeland
             Distances and maps


                           Cruise iCeland 1
  “There is a glacier right next to a volcano, or hot water running next to a freezing-cold river, and how absolutely
  pure it all is—there’s no place on earth like Iceland.” —Condé Nast Traveler

  “The island nation is unbelievably beautiful, and it feels like nowhere else...Iceland’s hip capital of Reykjavi k is
  known equally for its pulsing nightlife and soothing thermal baths.” —Budget Travel

  “We spent most of our time exploring Iceland’s otherworldly geology of geysers,
  crater lakes and hot springs.” —The Washington Post

   Europe’s Greatest Outdoors

  So Real, So Different, So Exciting...
  The Ultimate Cruise Destination         •   212-885-9700

  northern lights • volcanoes • fjords • wild horses • glaciers • geysers •
 Cruise iCeland
• puffins • hot springs • waterfalls • midnight sun • lavascapes • orcas
                                                                 Cruise iCeland 
                            General Info
                            ICelAnD IS A north AtlAntIC ISlAnD
                            of 103,000 sq. km. It has long served as a
                            convenient half way point between europe
                                                                                » SHoPS & SUPerMArkeTS
                                                                                Open Mon._Thu. 10.00-19.00, Fri. 10.00-19.30,
                                                                                Sat.10.00-18.00 and Sun. 12:00-18:00
                                                                                                                                  » AIrMAIL
                                                                                                                                  Letter / postcard inside Iceland, up to 20g, ISK
                                                                                                                                  55, letter up to 50 g, ISK 65 and letter up to
                            and north America and is located between            Malls usually stay open a bit longer on Thu.      100 g ISK 75. To other European countries air-
                            Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Scotland and          and weekends.                                     mail letter/postcard, up to 20 g, ISK 75, letter
                            norway.                                                                                               up to 50 g, ISK 130 and letter up to 100 g ISK
                               Icelanders were some of the poorest people       » 24 HoUr SHoPPING                                170. To countries outside Europe, lett_er/post-
                            in europe before the Second World War, but          Major gas stations stay open 24 hours as well     card up to 20 g, ISK 95, letter up to 50g, ISK
                            the population has since reached over 309,000       as the 10-11 grocery store chain. Both carry      175 and letter up to 100 g, ISK 280.
                            and they are privileged to be among the             the necessities of everyday life.
                            wealthiest people in the world. Better trans-                                                         » TAX-Free SHoPPING
                            port links and market diversification partly         » PoST oFFICeS                                    Visitors can reclaim value-added tax (VAT) on
                            explain the prosperity, but stable government       Icelandic Postal Service main branch is located   purchases exceeding ISK 4,000 in each shop.
                            also goes a long way.                               on Pósthússtræti 5, 101 Reykjavík. Tel.: 580      Look for the “Tax_Free Shopping” logo and
                               the country is home to the world’s oldest        1000. Open Mon_Fri. 09:00 to 18:00.               ask the shop assistant for a refund. You will be
                            parliament – called Alþingi, which was origi-                                                         given a refund cheque or coupon whereby you
                            nally established in 930 A.D. Iceland also regu-    PHArMACIeS                                        can cash in at the airport on leaving the coun-
                            larly tops tables of the world’s least corrupt      Pharmacies are generally open 09:00 to            try. Tax-Free agents are also at all major cruise
                            countries and benefits from the Scandinavian         18:00/19:00 but some stay open longer.            ships before departure. You no longer have to
                            model of social welfare and high standards of                                                         wait with your Tax_Free refund cheque until
                            education.                                          » CUrreNCY eXCHANGe                               you leave the country, just visit FOREX Bank in
                               Contrary to its name, Iceland has a surpris-     All major banks exchange foreign currencies.      Bankastræti 2 for your refund with Global Re-
                            ingly mild climate. of course visitors should al-   FOREX Bank on Bankastræti 2 accepts more          fund cheques and The Centre in Aðalstræti 2
                            ways be prepared for wind and rain, but they        than 70 currencies and travellers cheques.        for your refund with Iceland Tax_ Free cheques.
                            should not be surprised to find considerable                                                           The refund amounts to approximately 15% of
                            spells of clear, warm weather during the sum-       » WIre TrANSFerS                                  the purchase price.
                            mer.                                                All major banks provide wire transfer services.
                               the Icelandic cruise season runs from late       FOREX Bank on Bankastræti 2 is agent for          » CALLING CArDS
                            May to late September.                              Moneygram. Moneygram sends and receives           With a prepaid Atlas Calling Card you can call
                                                                                money within 10 minutes from most countries       anywhere in the world via a toll free number
                                                                                in the world. Moneygram is a very safe trans-     (800 number). Phone cards for public phones
                            » oPeNING HoUrS                                     ferring system compared to many other com-        are available at most gas stations, bookstores
                            General offices                                     petitors.                                         and supermarkets.
                            Weekdays from 09:15-17:00
                                                                                » CArDS                                           » PHoNe CeNTreS
                            » PUBLIC oFFICeS                                    Visa, EuroCard, MasterCard, Diners Club and       An International call centre is situated in the
                            Weekdays from 10:00 to 15:00/16:00                  American Express are widely accepted.             Tourist Information Centre at Aðalstræti 2,
                                                                                                                                  down town Reykjavik. Calling cards can be
                            BANkS                                               » ATM´S/CASH MACHINeS                             purchased at the Tourist Information Centre’s
                            Normally open 09:15-16:00 Mon. to Fri. Ex-          You can get cash advances from your credit        main desk.
 Photo by Páll stefánsson

                            tended hours on Fri. Some branches stay open        and/or debit card at cash machines widely
                            on weekends. 24 hour banking service is avail-      available in Reykjavík.
                            able at Landsbankinn bank at Leifur Eíríksson
                            Airport Transit Lounge.

 Cruise iCeland
» INTerNeT CeNTreS                                  » reLIGIoN                                          » WeATHer
You can access the internet on prepaid time at      Church and state are not separated in Iceland.      For weather information in English, tel. (+354)
the Tourist Information Centre at Aðalstræti 2,     The National Church of Iceland, a Lutheran          902-0600,
down town Reykjavik or for free at numerous         body, is the state church to which 86 % of Ice-     e-mail: _
“hot spots” such as cafés, restaurants, public      landers belong. There are however several oth-
libraries, museums etc. in the Reykjavík area.      er independent Churches in Iceland. Reykjavik       » CLIMATe
                                                    Free Church 2.1%, Roman Catholic Church 2%,         The average temperature in Reykjavík in July is
» GSM / CeLL PHoNeS                                 Hafnarfjörður Free Church 1.5%, other Chris-        12.8°C and 10.7°C in Akureyri.
There are two GSM / Cell phone operators in         tian 2.7%, other or unspecified 5.7%.               The average temperature in Reykjavík in Janu-
Iceland. Iceland Telecom (Síminn) and Voda-                                                             ary is -0.6°C and -1.5°C in Akureyri.
fone. Both telephone companies sell prepaid         » TIPPING
GSM phone cards, which visitors may find con-       As a rule, there is no tipping in Iceland includ-   » DrIVING IN ICeLAND
venient to use with their own GSM phones.           ing taxi, hotel and restaurant services and         The general speed limit is 50 km/h in urban ar-
Prepaid cards are available at gas stations         might even be frowned upon. Some excep-             eas, 80 km/h on gravel roads in rural areas, and
around the country.                                 tions are made, such as for fishing guides.         90 km/h on asphalt roads. Please note: special
                                                                                                        warning signs indicate danger ahead, such as
» DoMeSTIC CALLS                                    » LANGUAGeS                                         sharp bends, but there is generally not a sepa-
Phone numbers in Iceland are seven digit num-       Icelandic is the national language. Most people     rate sign to reduce speed. Please choose a safe
bers. No area codes are necessary, you dial the     in Iceland speak some foreign language. Eng-        speed according to conditions. Motorists are
number directly. The Icelandic phone book,          lish is most common, but many speak Danish,         obliged by law to use headlights at all times
lists names alphabetically by Christian names,      Norwegian, Swedish, German or French.               day and night. In Iceland all driving off roads
not family names.                                                                                       or marked tracks is forbidden. Passengers in
                                                    » IMPorTANT PHoNe NUMBer                            the front and back seats of an automobile are
» INTerNATIoNAL CALLS                               Emergency, Police, ambulance, fire depart-          required by law to use safety-belts. Icelandic
When calling outside Iceland, dial without in-      ment and medicine 112                               law forbids any driving under the influence of
terruption the international code (00), then the    Information 118                                     alcohol. All mountain roads and roads in the in-
country code, the area code, and finally the        Police 444-1000                                     terior of Iceland have a surface of loose gravel.
number. If you need help to reach the num-          Emergency ward at the National University           The same applies to large sections of the na-
ber, you can call 118 for assistance. If you need   Hospital (24hrs. service). 543-2000                 tional highway, which also has long stretches
help in finding a phone number abroad, you          Doctor on duty 1770 and 543-1000                    of asphalt. The surface on the gravel roads is
can call 1811 for information.                      Dental ward, for information on dentists on         often loose, especially along the sides of the
                                                    duty 575-0505                                       roads, so one should drive carefully and slow
» PUBLIC HoLIDAYS 2008                                                                                  down whenever approaching an oncoming car.
Business, banks and most stores are closed on       » MIDNIGHT SUN                                      The mountain roads are also often very narrow,
the following holidays:                             During summer the nights are bright in all of       and are not made for speeding. The same goes
New Years Day, Jan 1. Maundy Thursday,              Iceland. In the month of June the sun never         for many bridges, which are only wide enough
March 20. Good Friday, March 21. Easter Sun-        fully sets in the north. There are even special     for one car at a time. In addition to their not
day, March 23. Easter Monday, March 24. First       excursions to the island of Grimsey on the Arc-     having an asphalt surface, the mountain roads
day of summer, April 24. Labour Day, May 1.         tic Circle where it’s possible to experience the    are often very winding. Journeys therefore of-
Ascension Day, May 1. Pentecost-Whitsun             magic of the midnight sun.                          ten take longer than might be expected. For
Monday, May 12. National Day, June 17. Com-                                                             information on road conditions: Tel: 1777,
merce Day, August 4, Christmas Eve, Dec. 24.                                                            answering service 24 hours, Tel: 1779.
Christmas Day, Dec. 25. St. Stephen’s Day,
Dec. 26. New Year’s Eve, Dec. 31.

                                                                                                                                           Cruise iCeland 
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