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									                                             Hans Chew
                                TENNESSEE & Other Stories…
                                                 three lobed recordings and divided by zero records are extremely excited
                                                 to bring you tennessee & other stories…, hans chew’s debut album. while
                                                 chew is best known as the honky-tonk pianist and auxiliary vocalist behind
                                                 brooklyn’s psychedelic americana outfit d. charles speer & the helix, his
                                                 skill as a piano player has also been on display in support to both jack rose
                                                 - appearing on luck in the valley and the black dirt sessions - and as a live
                                                 player with oakley hall.

                                                 for chew, tennessee & other stories… is the culmination of many paths
                                                 leading out of the wilderness. like how the waning south of old has given
                                                 way to the new, his tale is also a coming-of-age-story of narrowly averted
                                                 self-destruction and painful resurrection. this theme is woven musically
                                                 and thematically throughout tennessee & other stories… as chew pays
                                                 homage to his southern beginnings, a lineage that includes tobacco
                                                 farmers and methodists, bluegrass musicians and evangelists, gamblers
                                                 and drunks. chew’s skill as a multi-instrumentalist (he takes the reins on
                                                 most of the playing on the entire record) adds tremendous intimacy to his
                                                 ability to fully relay the album’s stories with a singular voice. chew is
TLR-085 / DBZ-002                                supported on selected tracks by a stellar cast of players, including some of
Release Date: September 2010                     his past and/or present band mates in d. charles speer & the helix, such as
EPK: http://www.hanschew.com/epk                 dave shuford (no neck blues band), marc orleans (sunburned hand of the
                                                 man) and jason meagher (no neck blues band), as well as wednesday
Jake Cunningham                                  knudsen (pigeons). meagher also doubled as the album’s engineer at his
Long Time Management                             own black dirt studio.
jake@longtimeman.com                             the “tenneessee trilogy” – “old monteagle & muscadine,” “carry me bury
                                                 me,” and “i would there was a train” – begins tennessee & other stories…
Cory Rayborn                                     by quickly immersing the listener into the album's dark and introspective
Three Lobed Recordings                           mood. with a focus on death and rebirth, this trilogy provides a backward
info@threelobed.com                              glimpse into the narrator’s life left behind in the old south set to a
                                                 soundtrack of acoustic and electric guitars, pedal steel, banjo, mandolin
Jon Nall                                         and organ. however, piano is the instrument of choice and numbers like
Divide By Zero Records                           “new cypress grove boogie” and “forever again” both demonstrate the
nall@dividebyzerorecords.com                     deep attraction and magic that led chew, like so many previous
                                                 practitioners, to the eighty-eights. both of these tracks demonstrate
1. Old Monteagle & Muscadine (Tennessee Pt. 1)   chew’s talents within two schools of piano boogie; “forever again” utilizes
2. Carry Me, Bury Me (Tennessee Pt. 2)           a tulsa-oriented piano-funk as the central basis of its gospel-blues choral
3. I Would There Was A Train (Tennessee Pt. 3)   promise of death, while “new cypress grove boogie” serves up a new
4. New Cypress Grove Boogie                      orleans styled jaunt. while tennessee & other stories… as a whole
5. Long Time Man                                 demonstrates chew’s formidable songwriting skills, the album also offers
6. Forever Again                                 listeners a singular cover: the tim rose penned “long time man,” here
7. Queen of the Damned Blues                     presented as a darkly southern gothic re-interpretation of nick cave’s
8. Magnet Moon                                   arrangement. tennessee & other stories… is an extremely strong and
9. Words & Music                                 confident record from start to finish, one that establishes hans chew as
10. Only Son                                     both a unique addition to and significant voice within america’s current
                                                 outsider scene.

                                                 The LP is pressed on 160 gram vinyl and housed within a handsome
                                                 gatefold jacket bearing new artwork from melodie provenzano. the album
                                                 is accompanied by a download coupon for DRM-free MP3s.

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