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Information Update 26th May 2011 by keralaguest


									                              SAFEGUARDING CHILDREN
                             INFORMATION UPDATE - 188
                                       26th May 2011

UK's Child Protection Centre to lead             additional support for them and their
national response on missing children            families, they would still have needed to
(25/05/11)                                       enter into care.
A new dedicated team of experts from CEOP
will strengthen and lead the UK's ability to     The report gives direct accounts of children‟s
respond to missing children, HO Minister         own experience and their views about
James Brokenshire announced today.               coming into care and returning home. The
                                                 survey consulted 122 children across the
Speaking on International Missing Children's     country on what could be done to help them
Day, the minister outlined that CEOP will,       and the support needed to face these
from 1 July, take the national lead for          circumstances.
missing children's services.
                                                 The support children felt would have kept
Through the creation of the UK's first ever      them from being in care included parenting
team of experts dedicated to tackling missing    guidance, ensuring families receive respite
children issues, CEOP will bring their           care if the parent or child have a disability,
considerable expertise to bear and ensure the    help with the child‟s problems and keeping
right arrangements are in place to protect       them out of trouble with the police or school.
vulnerable children.                   
CEOP's new capability will provide               media/2011/May/More-support-may-have-
operational support to the police through        prevented-children-coming-into-care
resources such as the Child Rescue Alert
system and the MissingKids website. It will      home/Publications-and-research/Browse-all-
also ensure arrangements are in place to co-     by/Care/Children-s-rights/Children-on-the-
ordinate the collective response to complex      edge-of-care
cases of missing and abducted children.    12228/141741/file/Children%20on%20the%
easeID=419648&NewsAreaID=2&HUserID               20edge%20of%20care.pdf
677,767,684,762,718,674,708,683,706,718,6        £3m extra for disabled people's
74&ClientID=-1                                   organizations (11/05/11)
                                                 The Govt is announcing an extra £3m for
Children on the edge of care (12/05/11)          disabled people‟s grassroots organisations to
The latest report from the Children‟s Rights     better deliver services disabled people really
Director, Dr Roger Morgan, reveals that 43%      need. User-led organisations can bid for the
of the children in care consulted believe they   money from July and the Minister for
would not have needed to come into the           Disabled People is appealing for
system had they received more support.           'ambassadors' to share best practise.
However, 36% of those who responded to 
the survey reported that even with               releases/2011/may-2011/dwp045-11.shtml

Schools to get more power to manage               scrap about 60 pages of unnecessary
teachers (25/05/11)                                guidance.
The current system for teachers‟       
performance management is set out in the         enews/a0077469/schools-to-get-more-power-
Education (School Teacher Performance            to-manage-teachers
Management) (England) Regulations 2006.          See Consultations
These regulations are complex, detailed and
prescriptive. The overall system fails to        DfE: Pupil Absence in Schools in England
respect the professionalism of headteachers      - Autumn Term 2010
and teachers and makes it harder for schools     The key points from this latest release are:
to manage vital processes, such as how staff      The overall absence rate has decreased,
are trained and rewarded.                          going from 6.13% to 6.11%
                                                  The authorised absence rate has decreased,
The existing School Staffing Regulations           going from 5.20% to 5.07%
(2009) require governing bodies to have           The unauthorised absence rate has
“capability procedures”. Schools are               increased, going from 0.93% to 1.04%
expected to follow a complex “model    
capability procedure” for dealing with poorly    SFR/s001003/index.shtml
performing teachers. But the performance
management arrangements and capability           Small Area Pupil Absence by Pupil
procedures were developed separately and         Characteristics in England (25/05/11)
this has created further complexity, overlap     These tables provide information for the
and duplication.                                 2009/10 academic year about Pupil Absence
                                                 in small areas based on both the geographic
Ministers, therefore, have today published       location of schools and pupil residency. The
plans to cut this bureaucracy. The proposed      tables based on pupil residency also include
changes will make it easier for schools to       information broken down by pupil
manage teachers and deal effectively with        characteristics (gender, Free School Meal
the small number of poorly performing            eligibility and ethnic group).
teachers. They will:                   
 introduce simpler performance                  SFR/s001005/index.shtml
  management regulations, which set a few
  basic requirements, remove many                Safeguarding Children's Rights report
  restrictions (including the so-called “three   At a joint conference with the London SCB,
  hour observation rule”), and leave other       Trust for London launched the independent
  decisions to schools                           evaluation report of its Safeguarding
 introduce an optional new model policy for     Children's Rights initiative, set up in 2007 to
  schools that deals with both performance       address the issue of faith-based child abuse
  and capability/disciplinary issues             linked to beliefs in spirit possession.
 allow poorly performing teachers to be
  removed in about a term, a process that        centre/news/launch-of-safeguarding-
  now often takes a year or more                 childrens-rights-report.html
 clarify that staff illness need not bring
  disciplinary processes to a halt

Safeguarding deaf and disabled children           Look who’s falling (20/05/11)
Research shows that deaf and disabled             On the 1st June 2011, CAPT is launching this
children are at significantly greater risk of     new DVD pack to raise awareness among
abuse and neglect than non-deaf and non-          parents about the dangers of falls. It includes:
disabled children. Govt guidance stresses the      realistic film from a child‟s perspective
importance of professionals having expertise       interviews with parents
to give disabled children the same levels of       insight from Dr Andrew Curran about the
protection from harm as non-disabled                devastation for the child and family caused
children, and the relevance of disability           by a serious head injury.
equality training to all service providers.        discussion cards to enable practitioners to
                                                    simply and effectively deliver an
This resource aims to raise awareness about         interactive session with parents; and
this additional vulnerability and to help          50 copies of a flyer outlining the key safety
everyone who works with children know               advice on falls.
how they can safeguard deaf and disabled
children more effectively. It is particularly     are/news/brand-new-falls-dvd-out-1-june
relevant to professionals in education, health,
children‟s social services, the police and the    Bath water scalds: Information for
justice system, whether their area of             practitioners (17/05/11)
expertise is safeguarding or disability or        Bath water scalds can have a devastating
deafness.                                         effect on children and families. This briefing
                                                  aims to help practitioners prevent them.
The DVD contains:                       
 an information film about why deaf and          are/news/bath-water-scalds-information-
  disabled children are at greater risk of        practitioners
  abuse and how we can safeguard them
  more effectively                                Kid’s Zone (12/05/11)
 8 short scenarios – people expressing           The Children‟s Society has launched The
  concerns                                        Kid‟s Zone, a new website created by young
 2 longer, dramatised scenarios –                people for young people.
  Kayleigh’s story and Anil’s story     
 interviews with professionals reflecting on     views/press-release/new-website-created-
  the films and the issues they raise.            young-people-young-people
The films are supported by:
 prompt sheets to guide trainers and             CWDC Social Work Programme
  facilitators in using each of the scenarios     (20/05/11)
 handouts on key issues.                         The Department for Education has confirmed       that the Children's Workforce Development
onsultancy/learningresources/safeguarding_d       Council social work programme will transfer
eaf_disabled_children_wda80987.html               to DfE by April 2012.
/publications_wda48207.html                       wdc-social-work-programme-to-transfer-to-                       department-for-education-by-april-2012

Review of the child material deprivation          LAs, health workers and the police are being
items in the family resources survey              encouraged to nominate examples of their
(24/05/11)                                        work, including projects with other agencies
The inclusion of new material deprivation         and charities.
questions from 2004/05 was based on
quantitative research to determine the most       Closing date for entries: 15th July 2011
reliable and valid indicators of deprivation
among families with children. It was
envisaged that this set of questions would        London Justice Programme (17/05/11)
need to be updated over time, to reflect          A new education programme aims to reduce
changes in what people believe to be the          youth offending by showing young people
necessities of life.                              the consequences of their actions once they
                                                  enter the justice system. It also tries to
The Child Poverty Unit commissioned the           encourage adults working in the justice
analysis in this report to update, if and where   system to transfer their knowledge and
necessary, the current Family Resources           experience to young people - inspiring the
Survey questions used to measure children‟s       next generation of lawyers and judges.
material deprivation. Recommendations for
such changes would reflect movements in           ure170511a.htm
what are perceived to be necessities since the
current questions were introduced, and any        Children’s Minister Tim Loughton speech
changes in the ability of such questions,         to Barnardo's event on child s-xual
taken as a whole, to track material               exploitation (17/05/11)
deprivation among families with children.
This report provides evidence on which            event-on-child-sexual-exploitation
items (material goods, activities and access
to services) are now regarded as essential in     Teenagers hit hardest by shortage of
the UK. It draws on this evidence to propose      foster carers (16/05/11)
changes to the overall set of indicators used     This new survey of 128 fostering services
to measure child poverty.                         has found that finding foster families for      teenagers is now their top priority:
bstracts/rr_abstracts/rra_746.asp                  98% of these fostering services have a
                                                  current shortage of foster families for
Pioneering safeguarding children award            teenagers.
The first award of its kind to highlight           80% need more foster carers for 11 to 15-
emerging best practice in London‟s child            year-olds than any other age group.
protection services has been launched by the       52% reported that the pressure to find
London Safeguarding Children Board,                 foster carers for teenagers is even worse
working with the Centre for Excellence and          than last year, with a further 44% saying it
Outcomes in Children‟s Services.                    is just as bad.
The aim is to highlight innovative ideas and      rs-hit-hardest-shortage-foster-carers
good practice to improve the
safeguarding of children in the capital.

New plans allow schools to employ                The studies aim to identify how children
overseas teachers more easily (23/05/11)         might be better safeguarded in three key
Despite having achieved equivalent teacher       areas: identification and initial response to
training qualifications, qualified teachers      abuse and neglect; effective interventions
from America, Canada, Australia and New          after abuse or its likelihood have been
Zealand have to undertake further training       identified; and effective inter-agency and
and assessment before they are deemed ready      inter-disciplinary working. In each of these
to teach in schools in this country. Michael     areas the research encompasses a specific
Gove has announced that the Government           focus on neglect and emotional abuse.
intends to make changes so that teachers
trained in these countries will be able to       SG/AllPublications/Page1/DFE-RBX-10-09
teach in our schools automatically.
                                                 ISA - new referral guidance and form
Ministers will amend regulations to allow        (19/05/11)
well-trained teachers from these countries to    The Government has published its VBS
work in schools as if they held Qualified        review, but until new legislation to
Teacher Status.                                  implement any changes is introduced, the
                                                 current safeguarding responsibilities remain.
The school or LA sponsoring the teacher will      Employers, social services and professional
have to continue to check the suitability of       regulators are under a legal duty to notify
the teacher including their qualifications and     the ISA of relevant information, so that
any necessary background checks. In                individuals who pose a threat to vulnerable
addition they will still have to meet existing     groups can be identified and barred from
immigration criteria set out by the UK             working with these groups.
Border Agency.                                    If your organisation dismisses or removes a
                                                   member of staff/volunteer from working
The proposed changes are subject to                with children and/or vulnerable adults (in
consultation and could come into effect from       what is legally defined as regulated
early 2012. Ministers have commissioned            activity) because they have harmed a child
research to see if the same changes could be       or vulnerable adult you have a legal duty to
applied to teachers from any other countries       inform the ISA.
in future.                                        An organisation which knowingly employs          someone who is barred is breaking the law.
plans-allow-schools-to-employ-overseas-           A person barred from working with
teachers-more-easily                               children or vulnerable adults is breaking
                                                   the law if they work/volunteer or seek to
Safeguarding Children Across Services:             work/volunteer with these groups.
Messages from research on identifying
and responding to child maltreatment             A new referral form and guidance document
(May 2011)                                       are now available.
This provides an overview of key messages
from a research programme, the aim of            px?page=379
which is to strengthen the evidence base for
development of policies and practice to          rral%20Form%20FINAL.pdf
improve child protection in England.   

Government to seek legislation to protect        'You’re Welcome': quality criteria for
society’s most vulnerable people                 young people friendly health services
(16/05/11)                                       (19/05/11)
Plans to strengthen the protection of            The DH „Quality criteria for young people
vulnerable adults by making it a legal           friendly health services‟, which is referred to
requirement for all LAs to have a                as „You‟re Welcome‟, sets out principles to
Safeguarding Adults Board have been              help commissioners and service providers to
announced by Care Services Minister Paul         improve the suitability of NHS and non-NHS
Burstow.                                         health services for young people.

SABs provide vital leadership to those           The Quality criteria has been designed to
involved in adult safeguarding work across       help commissioners and providers of health
the full range of safeguarding issues. These     services to improve NHS and non-NHS
range from serious incidents in hospitals and    health services. The criteria provide good
institutional abuse in care settings to          practice guidance based on local practice and
financial abuse and “scams”, bullying and        evidence of what will improve patient
victimisation.                                   experience and health outcomes for young
                                                 people. Use of the criteria also helps to
New Government guiding principles on             encourage young people to share in decisions
safeguarding outline the Government‟s            about their health and to increase effective
objective to prevent and reduce the risk of      use of NHS and public health services.
harm to vulnerable people and set out the key
issues, which must inform local                  The criteria cover 10 themes:
arrangements including:                          1. Accessibility
 Empowerment – supporting people to             2. Publicity
  make decisions and have a say in their         3. Confidentiality and consent
  care;                                          4. Environment
 Protection – support and representation for    5. Staff training, skills, attitudes, values
  those in greatest need;                        6. Joined-up working
 Prevention – it is better to take action       7. Involvement of young people in
  before harm occurs;                                 feedback, monitoring and evaluation
 Proportionality – safeguarding must be         8. Health issues for adolescents
  built on proportionality and a consideration   9. Sexual and reproductive health services
  of people‟s human rights;                      10. Specialist and targeted CAMHS
 Partnership – local solutions through
  services working with their communities;       istics/Publications/PublicationsPolicyAndGu
  and                                            idance/DH_126809
 Accountability – safeguarding practice         Self Review Tool
  and arrangements should be accountable
  and transparent.                               istics/Publications/PublicationsPolicyAndGu        idance/DH_126813

Festival organisers warned over the               Children denied loving foster homes due
dangers of so-called 'legal highs'                to myths and fears around fostering
(19/05/11)                                        (16/05/11)
Music festival organisers have been asked to      To mark the start of a fostering awareness
review their measures for tackling illicit drug   campaign, Action for Children launched
use at their events by Baroness Browning,         research revealing the general public's
the new minister for crime prevention and         misconceptions and fears around fostering.
antisocial behaviour reduction.                   The findings reveal that:
                                                   26% of all people say they would consider
In an open letter to all the major summer           fostering, yet 59% of these do not think, or
events, Baroness Browning also expressed            know, if they are eligible to foster.
her concern over demand for so-called 'legal
highs' and called for increased vigilance.        Other reasons people give for believing they
The minister warned that some people may          are not eligible include:
be openly selling potentially illegal and          54% of 45-54 year olds - too old
harmful substances at festivals under the          8% - lack of job security
guise of seemingly innocent 'bath salts' or        7% - lack of finances
'plant food'.                                      5% - being single
Baroness Angela Browning said:                    ildren-denied-loving-foster-homes-due-to-
"While people selling these products may          myths-and-fears-around-fostering
give the impression they are legal and safe,
they are more than likely not legal, and are      Achievement for All National Evaluation
certainly not safe.                               (May 2011)
"Some of these substances are so novel            The aims of this project are to examine the
anyone taking them is playing Russian             impact of Achievement for All on a variety
roulette with their health. And if you are        of outcomes for pupils with SEND and to
caught selling or buying them you could face      find out what processes and practices in
arrest and prosecution.                           schools are effective in improving outcomes.
"The festival season is one of our great
summer traditions and we want people to           SG/AllPublications/Page1/DFE-RR123
enjoy it responsibly and without breaking the
law. We know organisers are alert to this         Kids encouraged to veg out in school
worrying trend and I am inviting them once        (23/05/11)
again to review the measures they have in         Children in over half our secondary schools
place. We want to help ensure festivals are as    are missing out because they don‟t grow
safe an environment as possible to help           their own fruit and veg according to a group
protect the public, especially young people,      of experts including a celebrity gardener, an
from the potential harms and risks of all         international sportsman and a national
drugs."                                           supermarket. The group have come together     to encourage more schools to grow fruit and
easeID=419556&NewsAreaID=2&HUserID                vegetables.
677,767,684,762,718,674,708,683,706,718,6         eg-out-in-school/

NSPCC launches Helpline text service to             What have I done? The experiences of
report child abuse (16/05/11)                       children and families in UK immigration
The NSPCC has launched a text service to            detention: Lessons to learn (11/05/11)
drive 'on the spot' reports of child abuse to its   This research emphasises the importance of
Helpline. The text number - 88858 - is free         safeguarding issues around the use of
and available 24 hours a day.                       immigration detention and the impact on
                                                    children‟s physical and emotional health.
The NSPCC is also announcing TV           
psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos as its           views/press-release/new-research-reveals-
first ever Helpline Ambassador today. She is        renewed-child-detention-fears
backing the NSPCC call for people to act  
when worried about a child.                         ult/files/tcs/research_docs/immigration%20e
The launch comes as an NSPCC poll reveals
people are unlikely to report child abuse           Into the Breach - the enforcement of
unless they act immediately. One in five            statutory orders in the youth justice
polled said they had been concerned a child         system (12/05/11)
was being abused or neglected, but 55% of           In this report the Prison Reform Trust
those who didn't report their fears                 explores how and why so many children and
immediately took no action later.                   teenagers are punished for missing                   appointments or for transgressing the terms
views/media-centre/press-releases/2011/11-          of their anti-social behaviour order.
service-to-report-child-abuse/11-05-16-             licy/News/vw/1/ItemID/128
report-child-abuse_wdn82282.html                    Child-on-Child Violence in the UK: A
                                                    Retrospective Survey (12/05/11)
Children’s experience and attitudes                 This research details the emotional and social
towards the police, personal safety and             implications of bullying.
public spaces: Findings from the 2009/10  
British Crime Survey interviews with                centre/press-releases/May%202011/child-on-
children aged 10 to 15. Supplementary               child-violence-report.html
Volume 3 to Crime in England and Wales
2009/10 (19/05/11)                                  Report on Forced Marriage (17/05/11)
This supplementary volume explores topics           In this report, the Home Affairs Committee
from the 2009/10 British Crime Survey               criticises the lack of progress made by
interviews with children aged 10 to 15,             successive Government towards addressing
providing analysis of children‟s contact with       the concerns raised by its predecessor
and attitude to the police, experience of and       Committee in 2008.
attitudes to knife carrying, crime prevention
behaviours, being in public spaces and              es/committees-a-z/commons-select/home-
access to leisure activities.                       affairs-committee/news/110517-forced-         marriage-report/

Serious case review evaluations: April            Service children who face regular moves
2007 onwards (24/05/11)                           from home and school can suffer high levels
SCRs are local enquiries into the death or        of anxiety and stress, especially when their
serious injury of a child where abuse or          parents deploy to armed conflicts overseas,
neglect is known or suspected to be a factor.     according to this report. The report found
They are carried out by LSCBs so that             that this problem was exacerbated because
lessons can be learned.                           systems of transfer of children's records
                                                  between schools were not always properly
The evaluation of a SCR is not an evaluation      coordinated and important information was
of the quality of the professional practice, or   therefore delayed or did not arrive at all.
the quality of service delivery, in relation to
the incident under review. Nor is it about        home/News/Highly-mobile-armed-forces-
allocating blame. It is an evaluation of the      children-need-better-support
degree to which the review has succeeded in
identifying lessons to be learned form the        home/Publications-and-research/Browse-all-
events and the analysis, and the action that      by/Documents-by-type/Thematic-
needs to be taken to improve the protection       reports/Children-in-Service-families
of children in the future.
                                                  Fostering agencies and fostering services
The evaluation list shows the SCRs carried        dataset 2009/10 (13/05/11)
out by LSCBs that Ofsted has evaluated.           This publication covers data on fostering                  services, in England, covering the period
home/Publications-and-research/Browse-all-        between 1 April 2009 and 31 March 2010.
by/Documents-by-type/Statistics/Other-            Data was submitted by nearly 73% of all
statistics/Serious-case-review-evaluations-       fostering services.
April-2007-onwards        The data are being published as experimental
12276/142199/file/Serious%20case%20revie          statistics as they are still subject to testing in
w%20evaluations%20April%202007%20-                terms of their volatility.
                                                  Although not fully complete, it gives a useful
Children in Service families. The quality         picture of the numbers and profile of foster
and impact of partnership provision for           carers and children, in both LA and
children in Service families (20/05/11)           independent services. It also gives data
This survey examines the quality of               relating to types of foster care, registrations
provision and outcomes for children and           and de-registrations, and a range of other
young people who are in families of Service       subjects.
personnel whether living in England or  
abroad. In particular, it looks at the support    home/Publications-and-research/Browse-all-
provided by a sample of schools, LAs and          by/Documents-by-type/Statistics/Other-
other agencies to enable children and their       statistics/Fostering-agencies-and-fostering-
families to cope with the experience of           services-dataset-2009-10
geographical mobility and the deployment of
family members who are serving within the
Armed Forces.

School governance (18/05/11)                     Childcare - Common core skills and
School governing bodies are responsible for      knowledge (20/05/11)
the conduct of maintained schools in             The requirements for the voluntary part of
England. The quality of their work is a          the Childcare Register are that at least one
matter of considerable importance.               person must have had training in the
                                                 common core skills and knowledge or hold a
The aim of this small-scale report is to help    relevant level 2 qualification. This revised
all governing bodies to become excellent by      factsheet explains the common core skills
showcasing examples of highly effective          and knowledge.
governance that is strengthening leadership
and contributing to improved outcomes.           home/Forms-and-guidance/Browse-all-                 by/Other/General/Factsheet-childcare-
home/News/Good-governance-essential-to-          Common-core-skills-and-knowledge
                                                 Childcare - Delivery of the EYFS in out-
Childcare - Childcare on domestic                of-school provision (20/05/11)
premises (20/05/11)                              This revised factsheet explains the legal
Childcare on domestic premises is a new          requirements for delivering the EYFS in out-
type of childcare from 1 September 2008: its     of-school provision and our approach to
purpose is to make a distinction between         judging what we expect from early years
childminding and larger-scale provision          providers at inspection.
operating from domestic premises. This 
factsheet explains what it is and answers        home/Forms-and-guidance/Browse-all-
basic questions.                                 by/Other/General/Factsheet-childcare-                 Delivery-of-the-Early-Years-Foundation-
home/Forms-and-guidance/Browse-all-              Stage-in-out-of-school-provision
Childcare-on-domestic-premises                   Childcare - CRB checks for providers who
                                                 register with Ofsted (20/05/11)
Childcare - Exemption from the learning          This updated factsheet sets out Ofsted‟s
and development requirements (20/05/11)          position on using existing CRB checks,
This revised factsheet:                          including whether providers should employ
 explains the types of exemptions that may      someone before they have obtained a CRB
  be granted from the learning and               check.
  development requirements of the EYFS 
 includes some Q & A about the                  home/Forms-and-guidance/Browse-all-
  implications of an exemption if you are        by/Other/General/Factsheet-childcare-
  applying for registration on the Early Years   Criminal-Records-Bureau-CRB-checks-for-
  Register, or for your inspection if you are    those-providers-who-register-with-Ofsted
  already registered.

Publishing compliance action (20/05/11)           Conditions of registration for all regulated
We know from discussions and consultations        social care services and categories of
with parents that they want more information      registration for children’s homes and
about the childcare providers they use. We        voluntary adoption agencies (18/05/11)
already publish a summary of the outcome of       Ofsted‟s policy on conditions of registration
a complaint about a registered provider           for children‟s homes, residential family
where we or the provider took action to meet      centres, adoption support agencies, voluntary
the requirements of registration. We have         adoption agencies and independent fostering
published these summaries since May 2009.         agencies, and on categories of registration
                                                  for voluntary adoption agencies and
As part of our ongoing commitment to give         children‟s homes.
parents and carers more information so that
they can make informed decisions about the        home/Forms-and-guidance/Browse-all-
care they choose for their children, we are       by/Other/General/Conditions-of-registration-
now extending this to cover other                 for-all-regulated-social-care-services-and-
circumstances where we or the provider take       categories-of-registration-for-children-s-
action that does not arise from a complaint.      homes-and-voluntary-adoption-agencies
home/Forms-and-guidance/Browse-all-               Self-audit checklist for new independent
by/Other/General/Publishing-compliance-           schools - Updated (19/05/11)
Representations and appeals (18/05/11)            by/Other/General/Self-audit-checklist-for-
Guidance for people applying to register, or      new-independent-schools
who are registered, as children‟s social care
providers or children‟s social care managers.     Notification guidance and form for
                                                  residential special schools (18/05/11)
This leaflet tells you how and when to make
a representation against our proposal, or         home/Forms-and-guidance/Browse-all-
appeal against our decision, to take steps that   by/Other/General/Notification-guidance-and-
will affect your registration. It provides        form-for-residential-special-schools
guidance for people applying to register, or
already registered, to provide or manage a:       Notification form for independent
children‟s home, voluntary adoption agency,       fostering agencies - Updated (13/05/11)
adoption support agency, independent    
fostering agency, or residential family centre.   home/Forms-and-guidance/Browse-all-
This guidance replaces 'Building better           independent-fostering-agencies
children's services: Representations and
appeals for children's social care providers'.    Notification form for providers of                  children’s homes – Updated (13/05/11)
by/Other/General/How-to-make-                     home/Forms-and-guidance/Browse-all-
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Adoption services self-assessment              Questionnaire for users of Cafcass
(12/05/11)                                     (25/05/11)
This self-assessment asks providers for an     These questionnaires are for Cafcass users to
evaluation of their performance. It is         share their views with Ofsted. There is a
requested prior to inspection of an adoption   questionnaire for adults and one for children.
agency and supports that inspection.                home/Forms-and-guidance/Browse-all-
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by/Other/General/Adoption-services-self-       of-Cafcass
                                               Cafcass evaluation schedule (25/05/11)
Adoption support agencies self-assessment      Evaluation schedule and grade descriptors
(12/05/11)                                     for the inspection of the Children and Family
This self-assessment asks providers for an     Court Advisory and Support Service
evaluation of their performance.               (Cafcass) from April 2011     
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agencies-self-assessment                       schedule

Fostering services self-assessment             Ofsted inspects - Cafcass post-inspection
(12/05/11)                                     monitoring (25/05/11)
This self-assessment asks providers for an     Guidance for post-inspection monitoring of
evaluation of their performance.               Cafcass and guidance for inspectors from               April 2011
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assessment                                     by/Other/General/Ofsted-inspects-Cafcass-
Adoption agencies dataset (12/05/11)
The purpose of this updated dataset is to      The Tobacco Advertising and Promotion
gather information to inform the inspection    (Display and Specialist Tobacconists)
of your service and to improve our             (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2011
understanding about adoption nationally.       S1 1256 (13/05/11)               These Regulations amend the Tobacco
home/Forms-and-guidance/Browse-all-            Advertising and Promotion (Display)
by/Other/General/Adoption-agencies-dataset     (England) Regulations 2010 and the Tobacco
                                               Advertising and Promotion (Specialist
Ofsted inspects – Cafcass (25/05/11)           Tobacconists) (England) Regulations 2010
A framework for the inspection of Cafcass      (the “Specialist Tobacconist Regulations”).
and guidance for inspectors from April 2011               6/contents/made


National Occupational Standards                  Proposed Changes to Performance
Consultation Events - June 2011                  Management and Capability
As part of its Sector Skills role and in         Arrangements for Teachers: A
partnership with our UK colleagues the           consultation (24/05/11)
CWDC are conducting a review of the NOS          The White Paper "The Importance of
for Children's Care, Learning and                Teaching" set out plans to shorten and
Development and Health and Social Care.          simplify current regulations and remove the
                                                 duplication between performance
The review will look at areas such as how        management and capability procedures. This
useful the standards are, whether there are      consultation invites comments on a number
gaps, duplication, or areas of emerging          of specific proposals. The changes apply to
policy that fail to be addressed.                England only.

As part of this work CWDC are holding 3          Closing Date: 16th August 2011
events, together with an on-line consultation.
 8th June 2011        Leeds                     ndex.cfm?action=consultationDetails&consu
 9th June 2011        Birmingham                ltationId=1743&external=no&menu=1
 14th June 2011       London         Review of Clinical Guideline CG57 -
ational-occupational-standards-nos-              Atopic eczema in children (23/05/11)
consultation-events-june-2011                    A review is being undertaken to decide
                                                 whether CG57 should be updated. Registered
The draft charter for the current Coroner        stakeholders for this guideline are invited to
Service (19/05/11)                               comment on the provisional review decision
This consultation paper sets out, and seeks      via this website.
views on, the proposal to publish a draft
charter for the current Coroner Service.         Individuals and organisations not registered
                                                 as stakeholders are not able to comment, we
This consultation is aimed at coroners,          recommend that you register as a stakeholder
coroners' officers, voluntary organisations      or you contact the registered stakeholder
who deal with bereavement, local authorities,    organisation that most closely represents
bereaved people and all those who have an        your interests and pass your comments to
interest in the Coroner Service.                 them.

Closing date: 5th September 2011                 Note that the provisional review decision     presented here does not constitute the
011.htm                                          Institute's formal decision on this topic. The
                                                 decision is provisional and may change after
                                                 Closing Date: 3rd June 2011


Engagement v Delay                               Commissioning and accessing mental
The issues and dilemmas of working with           health services in this economic climate –
families whilst keeping „the child in mind‟       What works for Children in Care?
7th July 2011 Cardiff £69 - £137 + VAT           The journey of a looked-after child
                                                 Attachment and brain injury and how to
Balancing the rights of birth family members      undertake good assessments
with the need to ensure decision making for
young children is undertaken in a timely way    ding-looked-after-children-getting-it-right-
can be a complex and demanding task. We         12-july-2011/
aim through this conference to strengthen the
professional judgement of all those involved    Family and friends care
in care planning for children.                  14th July 2011 London £135-£205 + VAT
                                                From April 2011 there is a requirement to
It brings together material research by         implement new legislation including new
Harriett Ward, Rebecca Brown and their          Care Planning, Placement and Case Review
team who confirm that delay in decision         Regs, new Fostering Services Regs and
making has a harmful effect upon a child‟s      NMS, Statutory Guidance for LAs on Family
emotional, behavioural and educational          and Friends Care, and Statutory Guidance on
development.                                    Securing Sufficient Accommodation for                Looked After Children.

Safeguarding Looked after Children:             By 30/09/11 LAs will be required to publish
Getting it Right                                a policy setting out their approach towards
12th July 2011 London         £199 + VAT        promoting and supporting children living
This conference is aimed at all professionals   with family and friends carers. This
whose work brings them into contact with        conference will assist in devising an effective
looked after children. More than 60,000         policy, and help managers think through the
children and young people are under LAs in      content and implementation of such a policy.
England. Statistics show children in care
tend to have worse outcomes than their peers    This conference will:
in term of physical health, mental health and    Support LAs to implement new legislation
education.                                        re work with family and friends carers
                                                 consider good practice in relation to special
Topics to be covered include:                     guardianship and the assessment of family
 Overview of NICE/SCIE guidance: the             and friends carers
  implications for practice and                  look at learning from user experiences and
  commissioning                                   from recent research
 a comparison of outcomes for looked after      consider issues relating to support groups,
  children who go home and those who do           finance, and contact in family and friends
  not & a review of existing services             care
 Trauma, resilience and mental health of
  looked-after children                         11-07-14t000000

                              Conferences (continued)

S-xual Abuse: An Evidence-Base to               This conference is a must for practitioners
Improve Safeguarding Children                   and policy makers from LAs and agencies in
8th June 2011          Plymouth      £90        all sectors working with families and
This event will focus on s-xual abuse and the   children ... from parents pre-birth to
development of evidence based practice to       adolescents.
improve the safeguarding of children. 
Safeguarding continues to have a high profile
in the media and in particular, s-xual abuse,   CSA Event
demonstrating the need to continue our          24th June 2011 Ashton-under-Lyne £15-£55
efforts to strive for excellence and be pro-    This event will explore practice-based issues
active in the protection of children. DeaLing   with experienced clinicians and practitioners
with safeguarding issues inherently creates     and will consider the need to maintain our
high anxiety for professionals working with     values in the face of appalling child abuse.
children, and this conference aims to 
improve knowledge and skills in relation to     abuse-event/
the s-xual abuse of children.       Preventing CSA - Making it Everyone’s
sp?page=events&eventID=5984&showEvent           Business
=1                                              14th June 2011         Birmingham
                                                This conference aims to explore some of the
Getting it Right First Time: Early              key issues surrounding CSA:
Intervention and Prevention                      Female s-xual abusers – facts and fiction
9th September 2011 Coventry £140 - £205          Internet offenders – how the internet is
This conference will look at the latest           used as part of s-xually abusive behaviour
evidence about effective intervention and        Children and young people who display
prevention in the early years and for             worrying s-xual behaviour
adolescents. It will draw together learning      Developing a comprehensive framework to
about proven programmes and innovation in         prevent CSA
practice, looking at effective targeting and
outreach work and at building resilience in     AM%20-
families and children.                          %20Child%20Sexual%20Abuse%20Trainin
It features keynote sessions by two of the
leading experts in this field, with panel
discussions and workshops making the link
between evidence and practice.

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      safeguarding children. Anyone working in this area who would like to be added to
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