Top 5 Tips on Buying Reborn Baby Dolls by anamaulida


									                             Reborn baby dolls are life like resembling a
baby and it is difficult to tell whether it is real baby or just a doll.
These are collected by hobbyists and doll collectors who find them to be
totally unique and beautiful.Range of SizesThese toys are available in
different sizes such as: Minis which are only about 6 inches in length.
Newborns of length 15".Premature babies which are also called as preemies
ranging in length 14" - 16".Baby dolls of size that varies between 15" to
21".Toddlers ranging in length from 21" to 23".Owners of these DollsThere
are basically two types in which we can categorize the owners; doll
collectors and hobbyists. Doll Collectors: These are people who buy these
toys from reputed companies like Ashton Drake, Berenguer, Apple Valley
and Lee Middleton. These are created with expert craftsmanship as well as
excellent quality products and are priced in the higher range going up to
$500 or more. Hobbyists: Such people work with a kit that has head, limbs
& other body parts. These kits are created by many companies in the
country like Secrist. Using these kits they make a life like toy which is
very much similar in appearance to a real baby. This kind of hobby has
been given the name of reborning. Where to buy from? There are many
options available if you are interested in purchase these collectible
items such as doll artist can be contacted to purchase directly from
them, you can also purchase them from craft fairs held in your region and
lastly you can search for them at eBay which has a large collection from
different companies and artists to select from. Top Five Buying
TipsLastly we look at buying tips, these tips will help you make the
right purchase & guide you in your decision making process. At the time
on buying online make sure to check the photos so that you can be certain
that it looks a real baby. Ask which color has been utilized. Most
suitably it should have genesis heat paints. Many time purple wash is
done on the inside on reborn babies limbs which will tend to leak over a
period of time & should be avoided as then the reborn baby starts to look
as if bruised. Hand implantation of hair using micro-rooting makes the
hair look completely realistic, so check the description to know which
method has been used in creating hair. Fingers and toes should ideally
have glass beads or dusts and polly pellets as fillers in body to give
them the soft & cuddlesome features.

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