; Web portals promoting Indian Art – Modern, Contemporary or Traditional
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Web portals promoting Indian Art – Modern, Contemporary or Traditional


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        Indian art scene is witnessing a transformation in not only the
increasing no. of appreciators or art-lovers which co-relates with the
advanced techniques of its promotion through web portals. These web
portals perform the basic function of providing a convenient medium for
art lovers to buy Indian art. Whether modern art, contemporary art or
traditional art forms, these websites do a great job of not only
marketing of the art works but also develop a social networking of art
lovers and artists.
Buy Indian Art
Art collectors and artists alike upload an image of their collection or
work respectively. These are browsed by other artists or art collectors.
If they find something of their liking, an order can be placed right
away. In case the particular piece of art work has already been sold, the
art lover can write a comment in appreciation like in a blog. This is
such a convenient method to buy Indian art as it allows for art lovers
and artists do what they would otherwise be able to do only by organizing
an art exhibition at the expense of hiring an art gallery. Modern
Contemporary Art
The web portals play a very significant role in the promotion of modern
and contemporary art because the traditional art forms have their
established group of admirers which is not the case with the latter two.
The budding artists find it a great medium to broadcast their work
throughout the world if their piece of work is good enough to deserve it.
Modern Art has its niche group of admirers too and this group is
particularly keen on finding new talent who can come up with hitherto
unearthed concepts in his art works. Again, the significance of web
portals promoting modern art can never be overemphasized in this
situation too. Indian Art Promotion - Role of web portals These Indian
art web portals allow you to discover a new world of Indian art works of
different art forms. Some innovative services are also provided by these
web portals. The art lovers can get their customized paintings done or
their portrait.
Another important function performed by these portals is providing
authentication certificate to those who buy Indian art works. Signed by
the artists themselves, these certificates of authenticity ensure that no
aspersions are cast by those who buy Indian art through the online e-
commerce. Art lovers should cultivate a habit of visiting these web
portals to know more about the Indian art scene and also to buy Indian
art work if they happen to find something they appreciate.        <!--

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