How to Reset Windows Password With an Standard User Account

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					                             When you forgot Windows password, did you
feel confused that why you cannot reset the forgotten Windows password
via standard user or guest account? The answer is very simple as the
standard user and guest accounts do not have rights to reset the password
of another accounts. Within the three types of Windows user accounts,
only the administrator account allows you to change another accounts'
password. So if you want to reset Windows password of another accounts,
you need to change your account type to administrator firstly. Moreover,
if you need to give a user more access to perform tasks like installing
software or other system changes, you also need to change your account
type.Steps to Change Windows User Account Type1. Log on your Windows
machine with an administrator account.2. Click "Start" - "Control Panel"
- "User Accounts and Family Safety" - "User Accounts".3. Click "Manage
another account".4. Click on the user account that you would like to
change its type.5. On the following window, click "Change the account
type" from on the left pane.6. Select Administrator and click "Change
Account" Type to finish your operation.Since the standard user account
turn to an administrator one, you can reset Windows password of another
accounts or do other operations without limitation through control
panel.You can change standard user to administrator only when you can log
on your computer with an available administrator account. If you forgot
Windows password of all administrator accounts, you'll need to reset
Windows administrator password even you can access your computer with a
standard user or guest account.Software Windows Login Recovery allows you
to create a password reset disk with blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive.
With the disk you can reset Windows password to be empty in few minutes.
With it, you'll never be worried when you forgot Windows password. All
you need to do is just three steps.1. Download and install Windows Login
Recovery.2. Burn a password reset disk with a blank CD/DVD or USB flash
drive.3. Reset Windows password to be empty.Now you can log on to your
computer without passwords. By the way, you can reset any account's
password with this software. Something about Windows User
AccountsAdministrator: A administrator account is intended for someone
who can make system wide changes to the computer, install software, and
access all non-private files on the computer. Only with administrator
rights you can full access to other user accounts on the computer, change
other their names, passwords, and types.Standard user: The standard user
account can help protect your computer by preventing users from making
changes that affect everyone who uses the computer. When you log on to
Windows with a standard user account, you can do anything that you can do
with an administrator account. But if you want to install software or
hardware, reset Windows password of another accounts, etc. the computer
might ask you to provide a password of an administrator account.Guest: A
Guest account allows people to use your computer without having rights to
access to any of your personal files. This can be useful if you want to
quickly allow someone to use your computer. A person that log on computer
with guest account cannot install software or hardware, change system
settings, or create a password.

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