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They offer guidance and give valuable suggestions to businesses; like how
they should deal and take advantage of the changing and existing business
environment. These firms help businesses in dealing with magnanimous
burden of legal complexities that companies come across on day to basis.
The Government, also realizes the importance and expertise of these
firms, therefore has set up statuary institutions to churn out qualified
chartered accountants, cost and work accountants, company secretaries and
has made it mandatory for companies of certain categories to get there
financial reports audited by them.
The idea for creating portal arose from the
fact, that today service providers' expertise varies in all kind of
legal, investment and management knowledge. Therefore, Chartered- is an initiative to bring together these service providers
who have expertise in their respective domains. This portal will make it
easier for businesses to find the service providers with expertise in
domains they are interested in. The portal gives excellent platform to
businesses to search and contact service providers across the regions.
Our portal has taken all due care to properly categorize these service
providers. The categories that we have carefully selected for businesses
to choose from are:

Chartered Accountants And Consultants

Patent and Trade Markers

Investment Consulting

Market Research Consultants and Agencies

Management Consulting


Tax Planners, Practitioners and Consultants

Lawyers, Advocates and Other Legal Services

Consultants and Negotiators

Company Registration
Consultants ISO 9000 14000 Tqm

Import Export License

These Categories depict rich diversity in type of service providers
existing in the market at the moment. The trend of diversification is
expected to continue in future and we will continue to research and add
appropriate categories/service providers for the convenience of your
businesses.        <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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