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					                             Accountability means being held to account,
scrutinized, and being required to give an account or explanation of your
actions and decisions.Somewhere in the last half century or so, society
as a whole seemed to forget that there was such a thing as personal
responsibility or personal accountability. Whether accountability and
responsibility disappeared in the rush to claim the almighty dollar as
the most important thing in life or whether they disappeared along with
morality in favour of "the right of an individual to do whatever they
want" is unknown. What is known, however, is that when individuals no
longer felt that they were responsible for their own actions, society
began to crumble.Today, when someone does something that they should not
do, instead of being made to face the consequences blame is shifted to
their parents, the environment or the location where they were raised,
their schooling or lack thereof, alcohol, drugs, the government or some
other thing. The individual is never held accountable. That is pure crap.
If the person is not mentally deficient, then they know the difference
between right and wrong. If they know the difference then they also know
if they do something that they will have to pay the consequences.It is
time that parents, teachers, religious leaders and the courts start
teaching children from an early age that they must take responsibility
for their actions and that they are accountable for everything that they
do. It may be too late to get adults to realize this, but we can turn
things around by ensuring that future generations understand this basic
requirement for members of a civilized society.As a former police
officer, I find it strangely ironic that members of the public want to
make politicians, public servants and corporate leaders accountable, but
they do not want to have to be accountable themselves. They want
everything these people do made reportable and examined in every aspect
while at the same time they do not want any of their own actions or
information to be released to anyone under any circumstances.Well, that
just will not work. The only way that accountability works is when
everyone is accountable. And, when everyone is accountable, then
accountability becomes very powerful. People working for a company will
be accountable to ensure that they do the best job that they can and the
company will be accountable to the government for the taxes and licences
they must have, to their employees to ensure that they provide a good
working environment and good wages and to their share holders for the
money that was invested to create the company in the first place.I for
one, would be thrilled to know that when I buy stock in a company that
every individual in that company from the CEO down to the janitor is
accountable for doing everything in their power to make sure that the
company performs at peak efficiency. And, if I was running a business, I
would expect that anyone I hired as an employee would be accountable to
me to put all of their skills, talents, education and effort into the
duties they performed for me every day they were at work. In return, I
would be accountable to my employees to be certain that I provided a safe
workplace, adequate pay and benefits, proper training and that I would
run the company responsibly and in a way that would ensure that it would
be sustainable. That is the power of accountability, everyone being
answerable to everyone else.Politicians passing laws making business
people accountable while they themselves refuse to be accountable to
anyone will not let the power of accountability work like it should. For
accountability to work, everyone has to be accountable to someone
else.When I was a child, children were accountable to their parents.
Parents were accountable to their children to ensure that they had a
place to live, clothes to wear and food to eat, The parents were also
accountable to their employer to make sure that they gave 100 percent or
more effort to their duties in exchange for a pay cheque. Not only did
the power of accountability work well, but it resulted in respect.
Employees respected their employers and the employers respected the
workers. Children respected their parents, their teachers and authority
figures. Most peoplerespected the law and everyone knew that if they
broke the law that they would be punished for it.Recently there have been
some high profile cases where company executives have been held
accountable for their actions with respect to illegal things they did in
relation to running their companies. Some have been jailed and others are
awaiting their "day in court." Unfortunately these attempts to make
people accountable have been sporadic at best.Accountability is powerful
because those who acknowledge the reality of living in a civilized
society are able to find solutions, suitable to everyone, that shape
their destiny and the destiny of society as a whole. Accountability means
more than just doing your job. Accountability must become a component of
the basic skill set of everyone involved in the competitive enterprise of
the future. Accountability cannot and will not become a part of the skill
set of future businesses and their employees unless and until they are
using records management systems that enable them to conduct their
business efficiently and effectively while at the same time fully and
accurately documenting each and everything they do.Also, young people we
bring into our organizations must be taught about accountability because
most of the time they have not developed that level of maturity when they
first enter the workforce. To develop accountability in personnel, you
must foster accountability by believing in its power and through your own
actions demonstrate that you yourself are accountable. As even the
greenest of project managers know, without individual accountability and
responsibility, projects will tend to flounder. And, when projects
flounder, the company is in trouble.The crisis in accountability becomes
particularly acute when it comes to disclosure of information that is not
financial. At a time when many companies crank out reams of quality data,
customer satisfaction data, employee satisfaction data, turnaround time
data, environmental management data, equal employment data, charitable
giving data, employee treatment data and other miscellaneous data, they
spend too little time examining how they can use the data for gaining
advantages through both internal and external reporting and public
accountability. All this information sits in storage somewhere and only
comes to light when the company is trying to deflect criticism. The rest
of the time it just sits there gathering dust. If you have this
information, use it. If you do not have it, why not? People need to see
that you are accountable and proud of it.One of the root causes of the
accountability crisis is that many company boards of directors do the
bidding of the chief executive, as opposed to having a chief executive
who does the bidding of the board of directors. If the CEO is not
accountable, and the board of directors has abrogated its responsibility
by failing to hold the CEO accountable, then the company is, for all
intents and purposes, out of control.As members of a civilized society,
each of us has a responsibility to ensure that companies that we work for
or hold shares in do not get out of control. The way we can do this is by
ensuring that we are accountable for everything that we do and that we
hold others accountable for what they should do. In this way, we can get
the power of accountability working for all of us and the world will be a
much better place because of it.

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