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   Jungle Spirit 1
    One day nature walks
    Unique walking suitable for nature lovers. Fit, Unfit and Elderly person.
    Start early morning. What you learn and grain from hiking. See nature in details.
    We take you down on a local trail through farm land paddy field, handmade
    irrigation system, forests creek and river. We spot well camouflage animals,
    insects birds, flying frogs, flying lizards, flying snake, sweat bees colony, pray
    mantis, stick insect, buch crickets and grass hoppers, butterflies, beetles, water
    scorpions. Birds in the area, Bulbuls, Leaf Birds, Purple Sunbird, Flowerpeckers,
    Magpie-robin, White-rumped Shama, Asian Paradise-flycatcher, Indian Roller,
    Woodpeckers, Minivets, Wagtails, Greater Coucal, Green-billed Molkoha, Birds of
    prey etc.
    Edible plants, herbs. such as ferns, wild gingers, wild termerik, potato yams,
    arums, river side plants, jungle leafs, bamboo shoots, mushroom and fungi etc.
    Trees, Teaks, Rose woods, Red Sanddle woods, Giant Kapok, Giant Lianas,
    Dipterocarpuses, Wild Mango, Oaks, Chestnuts, Figs and Ficus, Bamboos, Ebony,
    Mahogany, Black vanish, Iron wood, Terminalia, Dillennia, Wild Roses Apple, etc.
    Pic nic Lunch, In forest you have rice with chicken, or noodle,
    delicious local desert, rice cake, stream sticky rice with coconut cream,
    Seasonal tropical fruits, mango, pineapple, banana, mangosteen, passian fruit

    3 days 2 nights program.
    DAY 0.
    You must arrive one day early, to get acquainted with your guide and do an
    equipment check. Visit Mae Hong Son town. Enjoy dinner and have a good night's
    rest. [If you want I can arrange accommodation in Mae Hong Son for you and
    include this in the total price.]
    DAY 1.
    9.00 am. Car pick up. Short drive. We start walking along a local hill tribe trail. A
    very narrow and rough trail, leading down to the Mae Hong Son creek. We hike
    through the creek, deep gorges, ravine, and forest. We walk through water
    several time. There are many rivers to cross. You will get your feet wet, and will
    find it a very nice experience. Enjoy a picnic lunch on the river side. In the
    afternoon, continue hiking through luxurious evergreen jungle. See massive
    climbing lianas, green bamboo stems, rattan palms, creeping plants such as
    Philodendron and Vanilla, and undergrowth plants, Wild Gingers, Ferns, Begonias,
    Arrowroot, Arum, etc. Ascending to Karen farmland, we see slash-and-burn rice
    fields. Pass through terraced paddy fields. Arrive in Ban Hua Nam for a home
    stay with a Karen family. Learn about their culture. Guide and porters prepare
    delicious Thai meals. Enjoy dinner by candlelight.
    DAY 2.
    Cock-a-doodle-doo!!!. When you wake up in the morning, pigs are running
    around under the house and people are setting off to work in the fields. Time for
    a good breakfast of hot tea, coffee, toast, pancakes, fruit salad, eggs, fresh juice.
    Before leaving we take a walk around the village, visit the primary school, then
    start the hike again. On the trail you can hear gibbons' enchanting song from far
    off on the hill side, or you may see them swinging from tree to tree. There are
    many birds, too--you need a pair of binoculars to spot them. We pass a small
    village on the way, where we stop for a tea break, and you can people-watch.
    Lunch in the forest: you get your food wrapped in banana leaves. This time it's
   fried noodles. We make bamboo chopsticks and a bamboo cup for you.
   (Everything is bamboo. We can make fireworks in a bamboo stem!) After lunch,
   you can take it along with you, to use again or to take home as a souvenir. In the
   afternoon we climb a bigger mountain with a beautiful view. Arrive in Ban Huai
   Po, a village
   settled on high elevation in evergreen forest. Stay the night in the village. Enjoy
   dinner. You can see the people's simple way of life, under the brilliant night sky. I
   could tell you some of the constellations. Get a good night's rest.
   DAY 3.
   After breakfast, we start ascending one hour to the mountain top, walking along
   a ridge. I know the mountain jungle well and can point out things you would
   otherwise miss. You see the diversity of flora and fauna in the seasonal forest of
   Thailand. On high land you see mountain Cycad trees, Palms, Pines, Oaks and
   Chestnuts, members of the Erica family, Wild Orchids, etc. We eat lunch on a
   place with a panoramic view. You can sit on the ground, and I provide you with a
   plastic sheet to sit on. We climb down to Nam Hu creek. At the bottom of the hill
   we hike through the creek--time to cool down your feet! You can stop to swim in
   the river. We finish our trek and the car takes us back to town.

 Jungle Spirit 6 More Adventure Trekking
  Program 6 days trekking, Maehongson - Pai.
    DAY 0 :
    Clients must arrive in Mae Hong Son one day early, to get acquainted with the
    guide and do an equipment check. Visit to Mae Hong Son town, good dinner and
    a good night's rest.
    DAY 1 :
    In the morning, have a good breakfast. The car transports us to the trekking
    place. We begin by walking along the Mae Hong Son river valley, following a local
    trail: a small, rough foot path leading up and down. Mae Hong Son creek is a
    charming mountain stream. You will see many deep gorges, waterfalls, high
    cliffs, and many pockets of dense ravine forest. We have to walk through water
    many times, getting our feet wet, which is a good experience. Lunch break on a
    big rock at the river side. You can stop to swim in the river any time. In the
    afternoon, we walk to Karen farmland area. See slash-and-burn rice fields and
    terraced paddy fields. Arrive in Ban Hua Nam. Visit with local people and home
stay with Karen family. Guide and porters prepare good Thai meals for you. Dinner
by candlelight.
DAY 2 :
Early morning refreshments: hot coffee, hot tea, fresh fruit juice, toast, eggs and
fruit salad. Leave early in the morning, heading to Ban Huai Pomfat. Big climb up the
mountain Doi Sa Ngo, along a very small local trail, through dense bamboo forest.
Up, up, way up the hill to Tiger Pass. See massive rock formations, Oak and
Chestnut forest, Cycad tree forest, many epiphytic plants such as Wild Orchid, Ferns,
Aeschynanthus, Mosses and Lichens. Lunch on the highland trail, feel cool air and
take in the wonderful view. Food is wrapped in banana leaves, drink hot tea or coffee
in a bamboo cup. We cut bamboo and make handicrafts for you. In the afternoon,
arrive in Ban Huai Pomfat--enough walking for the day! Meet the friendly people in
the village. You will see that they welcome your arrival and love to get to know you.
Stay overnight in the village, where the guide and porters do the cooking.
DAY 3 :
After breakfast, another day of climbing up and down on the mountain highland—
more up than down. Pass through Karen village Ban Pakar, take a break in the
village, see people and their way of life. Picnic lunch on the trail. Climb higher
through the mountain landscape. See panoramic views. Pass through Lisu farmland
area. In the past, much opium was cultivated in this area. Today, there is still a bit
of opium, but other crops include rice, potatoes, beans, taro root, ginger, etc. Arrive
in Ban Doi Makprik, visit with Lisu people, learn about Lisu culture. Spend the night
in the village.
DAY 4 :
This day we could start a little bit late, as there is a shorter distance to walk, and it is
the day of climbing down the mountain. Some places are very steep. After breakfast,
climb down to the Pai river bottom, half-day hike through dense forest on the old
short-cut trail between MHS-PAI. Camping on Pai river bank at Huai Pong Klang Pai
on the Pai river. You can swim in the river. We make a camp fire, and cook our food
in bamboo stems, eat from bamboo bowls, drink from bamboo cups. Sleep overnight
in the wilderness.
DAY 5 :
Breakfast on the river side. We travel up along Huai Pong Klang Pai creek through
remote wilderness area. We walk through water many times, all day walking in the
ravine forest. There are many beautiful waterfalls, high cliffs, caves, giant bamboo
forests, Teak trees, Rosewoods, Cork trees, Dipterocarp trees. At lunch time you can
swim in the Five-Star swimming hole. Arrive in Ban Patong, where we end our long
day. Enjoy dinner and a good night's rest.
DAY 6 :
This is an easy day. Late morning get car transport to Pai, about 30 km along very
rough road, from evergreen forest descending to deciduous forest in the Pai valley. It
is possible to do more walking, if you want. Arrive in Pai, get a good comfortable
room. Concluding dinner in Pai.

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