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        Pro-Lite Opens European Sales Office                                                    China’s Yuan
           TAICHUNG, Taiwan – Pro-Lite, the          Pro-Lite-Europe is based in Villatora di
                                                                                                Really Floating?
        Taiwanese     high-end     component
        brand led by Steve Fenton, recently
                                                     Saonara. In addition to the opening of
                                                     the Pro-Lite-Europe sales office, Fen-
                                                                                                   BEIJING, China - China’s Yuan Ren-
                                                                                                minbi closed at a post-revaluation
        opened a European sales office in
        Italy. Fenton claims that Pro-Lite is:
                                                     ton hired Don Kellogg as internation-
                                                     al sales manager (for the sales region
                                                                                                high against the dollar for a third
                                                                                                straight session August 1, with many                                                     Stop?
        “The industry’s newest and fastest           Oceania and Japan) as well as Gugliel-     dealers seeing increasing leeway to al-
        growing component maker. Opening             mo Dolci as operations manager Eu-         low the currency to gain. Dealers say                                                       It’s show time again. Look-
        an office in this region provides us         rope. Both are well-known within the       the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) has                                                    ing forward to the Eurobike,
        with greater access to the people at         Italian bicycle industry and work          been keen to give the impression that                                                   IFMA, EICMA Bici, the Paris Sa-
        the heart of top-end cycling – the           from the new Pro-Lite-Europe office.       market forces are at work, by allowing                                                lon and Interbike, I cannot not
        Veneto region is the hot bed for the bi-     Kellogg worked for companies such as       creeping gains against the dollar. But                                              help remembering how we reported
        cycle industry and a key location for        Vetta, Trek, Ritchey, Kona and Fondri-     no official strategy for dealing with                                            on the 2004 Eurobike. “Where have all
        our R&D facilities,” notes Fenton who        est. Dolci comes from Fassi Sport          the currency’s daily fluctuations has                                        the inventors gone?” we headlined in
        wants to serve his European clients          where he worked as CFO/operations          appeared. Still, Beijing seems to be                                  slight desperation. We had to conclude that de-
        with a more effective sales support.         director. (JB)                             quietly giving the Yuan Renminbi a         spite 10 halls and the central arena of the new Friedrichshafen show-
                                                                                                longer leash, letting it move further      grounds filled to the brim with hundreds of bike companies, there were
                                                                                                from 8.11 per US dollar, dealers           no real innovations anywhere. Will the 2005 version of the same show
        Trek Made in Germany?                                                                   said. In letting the Yuan Renminbi
                                                                                                trade higher and wider, the central
                                                                                                                                           bring the much-needed change? We have tried to give part of the answer
                                                                                                                                           in this issue on the Design & Styling pages (20/21). Here we list the trends
          HARTMANNSDORF, Ger-                                                                   bank appears to be taking deliberate       for the ’06 season. To break the tension – we don’t expect any big new
        many – Right after taking                                                               baby steps towards the greater flexi-      mainstream trends like we had with 10 speed bikes, BMX or mountain
        over the factory of Diamant                                                             bility expected for its new system. But    bikes. In his article, bike designer Peter van der Veer notes several smaller
        Fahrradwerke      in   Hart-                                                            the Yuan Renminbi has firmed only          currents in the European bike market – which might be called trends –
        mannsdorf in 2003, the Trek                                                             0.07% since the revaluation. Announc-      but they are not big enough to influence the mainstream. Not in a way
        Group closed its European                                                               ing the revaluation, the central bank      that would create a whole new category of bicycles – like the MTB boom
        factory in Ireland. In 2004                                                             said it was switching to a managed         did. But I’d like to comment on that – it seems there IS a new mainstream
        the entire Trek-branded                                                                 float based on market supply and de-       trend in the making, and it has started in trendsetting Holland. Recently
        trekking bike production                                                                mand, with reference to a basket of        I was present at the half term result presentation of Accell and I was told
        for the European market                                                                 currencies. The central bank has also      that daughter-company Sparta has seen an explosive growth in demand
        was shifted from Ireland to                                                             said that the currency could move up       for the electric ION bike. Sparta has managed to sell some 17.000 units in
        Germany.                                                                                or down as much as 0.3% per day            the first 6 months of 2005. A huge number, especially when considering
          Now the Trek Group an-                                                                against the dollar. But in the whole       the fact that the total market for E-bikes and pedelecs in Holland used to
        nounced that they will pro-                                                             period since the revaluation the Yuan      be just 10.000 units. It seems Sparta and Accell have found the right prod-
        duce a number of Trek road                                                              Renminbi has moved in a range only a       uct for the right audience. It will be obvious that they will try to cash on
        bike models in Hartmanns- Trek production in Germany is forecasted to increase          third as big. (Source: Reuters)            export of this product (see Accell articles on the front page and page 6). I
        dorf too. Therefore produc- by 70% for 2006.                                                                                       hope this is the beginning of a new trend, and that pedelecs and E-bikes
        tion in Germany is forecasted                                                                                                      will finally fulfil the promise they have held for so many years.
        to increase by 70% for 2006. Accord-  With this step the Americans aim to                Mifa Goes
        ing to the European Trek headquar-    optimize delivery. Production for the
        ters in Switzerland, the roadbike     2006 season already started this May.
                                                                                                 International                             Jack Oortwijn
        models “1000, 1200, 1400, 1500, 6700    Next to Diamant and Trek, the                       SANGERSGAUSEN, Germany –                 Editor in Chief
        and 8000, as well as some Bontrager   Hartmannsdorf facility will also pro-              German bike producer Mit-
        wheels” will be made in Germany.      duce Villiger bicycles. (JB)                       teldeutsche Fahrrad AG – Mifa for
                                                                                                 short – has increased its interna-

        Adidas Dances                                Iran to Build
                                                                                                 tional business. The company got
                                                                                                 two orders for 2006 from nearby
                                                                                                                                          UCI Decision Widely Opposed
                                                                                                 Denmark. Also about 20,000 bicy-            MAARSSEN, Netherlands - A deci-        very much been part of what the
        with Porsche                                 Bike Factory                                cles will be sold to two German
                                                                                                 mass merchants who operate in
                                                                                                                                          sion by the UCI (Union Cycliste Inter-
                                                                                                                                          nationale) to exclude such classic
                                                                                                                                                                                    Olympics stand for, and maybe the
                                                                                                                                                                                    1000 metre sprint is one of the most
           HERZOGENAURACH, Germany –
        After announcing the sale of Sa-
                                                     in Venezuela                                Denmark. No names are men-
                                                                                                 tioned, but the companies are not
                                                                                                                                          track numbers as the 1 kilometre
                                                                                                                                          sprint from the Olympics has led to
                                                                                                                                                                                    iconic of all track races. Many well
                                                                                                                                                                                    known cyclist have signed the peti-
        lomon to the Finnish Amer Sports,               LONDON, UK) - Iranian companies          as yet involved in the bike business.    huge protests. ‘Unprecedented in cy-      tion - and many more people that are
        Adidas-Salomon AG is betting on a            will build factories in Venezuela to        “We are proud to get a foothold on       cling’ as even the UCI itself calls the   either involved in the bike business
        new strategic partnership. The com-          produce bicycles for that country           the international market,” says Mifa     number of people that have signed         or just love cycling. If you feel the
        pany signed a long-term partnership          and the Latin America region, ac-           chairman Peter Wicht, “both orders       an online petition against this           same and want to keep the fireworks
        including licensing agreement with           cording to the Iranian News Agency          from Scandinavia underline that          change. Cycling has been part of the      of the 1000 metre sprint on the
        the Porsche Design Group. The ob-            (IRNA). Venezuelan Minister of Light        our customers are satisfied with         new Olympics since its conception -       Olympic      programme      go     to:
        jective of the cooperation is ‘to joint-     Industry and Mining Victor Alvarez,         our cost effectiveness as well as        and has been on the programme 25
        ly establish a hi-tech premium brand         declaring the news, said, “President        with our overall repairing service.      times. Classic track numbers have         k/petition.html (MH)
        in the sports sector’. Footwear, ap-         Chavez has asked ministers of com-          Despite the fact that the order is
        parel and hardware for golf, tennis,         merce and light industry to seriously       small, it shows that our growth
        running ‘and possibly other sports’
        will be designed and developed un-
                                                     follow the project of manufacturing
                                                     Iranian bicycles in Venezuela”.
                                                                                                 strategy works.” Next to Scandi-
                                                                                                 navia Mifa is especially eyeing the
                                                                                                                                          Egyptian Two-Wheeler Show
        der the name Porsche Design with             Venezuela has recently commis-              French and Benelux markets. Cur-           NASR CITY, Egypt – The first in-        host sand and beach vehicles like
        the co-branding of the Adidas and            sioned an Iranian tractor assembling        rently there are some negotiations       ternational two-wheeler show in           quads and jet skis, shown by major
        TaylorMade (= golf sports) brands. Ac-       factory. Establishment of a cement          with several chain store suppliers       the Middle East (and in fact on the       Egyptian, Middle East and Gulf area
        cording to a press release the first         factory, constructing residential           and mass merchants. In 2004 Mifa         whole of the African continent, the       manufacturers, traders and im-
        products in the new Porsche Design           buildings and implementing some             produced about 737,000 bicycles.         organizers claim) will be staged in       porters of the named vehicles and
        product line ‘will be available in           industrial and construction projects        According to the company its mar-        Nasr City, Egypt, from 5 to 7 Janu-       complementary apparel. Organizer
        2007 worldwide from selected sports          by Iranian experts are part of coop-        ket share in Germany rose from 7 to      ary 2006.                                 dr. Shaker Awad cordially invites
        retailers and in the exclusive Porsche       eration plans between the two coun-         25 %. (JB)                                 Next to bicycles and motorized          both exhibitors and visitors. More
        Design Stores’. (JB)                         tries. (MH)                                                                          two-wheelers the show will also           on

                                                                                                                                                                                                Bike europe             3

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