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                             Habonim Dror Foundation News
                                                VOLUME 1, NUMBER 3, DECEMBER 1995

 From the Foundation                                                                              Report from the Mazkira
                                                                                                  by Trilby Smith
 It is impossible to introduce this new           camps and cyberspace to celebrate our
 issue of our newsletter without                  past and consider the future together.          In an era when many Zionist movements
 commenting on the tragic events in               Articles in this issue of Chadashot take a      (both youth and adult) are shrinking and
 Israel. The Chadashot crew share your            look at some of the ways we are                 even disappearing I feel proud to be the
 grief over the assassination of Yitzhak          identifying ourselves as movement               Mazkira of Habonim Dror, the only
 Rabin z”l and echo your concern over the         graduates and enjoying the experience.          “classical Zionist youth movement” that
 future of Israel. On pages 1 and * you                                                           is growing by leaps and bounds. Let me
 will find some representative comments                                                           give just a few examples of the ways in
                                                  Last spring we reported that an interim
 from participants of our on-line                                                                 which we are growing.
                                                  executive committee has been formed to
 discussion group Habonet, from                   organize the Foundation activities.             Machaneh Gilboa, our camp in Califor-
 immediately after the tragedy.                   Others from around the country have             nia, reopened this summer after a hiatus
                                                  volunteered to help.         With your          of more than ten years. One hundred and
 Several months have passed since the             assistance, we would like to begin a new        twenty seven Californians enjoyed their
 last issue of Chadashot reached your             phase of our list gathering efforts. We         summer Habonim Dror style in the San
 mailbox. Since that time Habonim Dror            are going to attempt to locate graduates        Bernadino mountains. And the Los
 alumni continue to gather in cities,             of the movement by using old camp lists.        Angeles ken is now one of the most
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                                                                                                                    Continued on page *, column *

Habonet Members Mourn Yitzchak Rabin z’’l
(Editors note: Several months ago the             Workshop 36(Gezer), Galil ‘88-’94,              be soothed with words. If you can imag-
Habonim Dror Foundation inaugurated its           Mazkir Tnua ‘93-’94. I now live in Tel          ine the loss of innocence brought on by
on-line forum Habonet. Over 150 partici-          Aviv and am a student here at TAU in the        JFK’s assassination, combined with the
pants have discussed the issues of the day,       Graduate Department of Political Sci-           shock of the Oklahoma City bombing...
found all friends and met new ones. No
                                                  ence. I also have the misfortune of living
period demonstrated the worth of this forum                                                       The irony of events that unfolded last
                                                  1/2 a block from Kikar Malchey Yisrael,
than the time immediately following the
                                                  was at the Peace Rally last night and           night is spooky. The rally that was held
assassination of the prime minister. With the
                                                  heard the horrible event take place.            was titled “Yes to Peace, No to Vio-
permission of the contributors, we have
excerpted several of the dozens of postings                                                       lence”, a message that seemingly
from that time. For information joining           It is very difficult to put into words all      everyone should agree with. Rabin, who
Habonet, contact the moderator, Brian Coo-        that I am feeling at this time. The city/       does not make a habit of attending events
per, at bc@lightstone.com.)                       country is eerily silent. People are            co-sponsored by Peace Now, not only
                                                  speaking to each other in hushed tones,         spoke eloquently, he even sang along
Dear Chevrae,                                     and the din that has become a part of           when the rally ended with “Shir Hasha-
                                                  everyday existence is strangely absent.         lom”. After the song ended he took the
Unfortunately, this will be the first mes-        Simply put, we are all in shock. There          mike and said, “Now, we must go make
sage I am sending to all of you. My               seems to be some sort of tacit acknowl-         peace, and not just sing about it.” I hope
name is Seth Brysk, Gilboa ‘77-’84,               edgment that what has transpired cannot
                                                                                                                    Continued on page *, column 1
                                                                                           and vindictive, then those who use the
                                             I am struck by how “regular” my day has       rhetoric cannot easily absolve them-
                                             been compared to the messages received        selves of their responsibility for the
                                             from chevrah in Israel. Here in S.F. there    actions of those that listen to them.
                                             happened to be a Jewish women’s con-
                                             ference today, so 1000 Jewish women           So from now on, whenever we hear the
                                             were gathered and yes we talked about         rhetoric get out of hand we must, quietly
                                             the murder, and each speaker was elo-         but firmly, stand up and speak out.
                                             quent in relating the horrors of the
                                             preceding day to her topic but the confer-           David Farbey,
                                             ence preceded as planned and we talked               Kfar-Saba, Israel
                                             about this and that and yes it was good to
                                             be among Jews on such a day...but I           Although I’ve been on the net for a few
                                             imagine that this could not possibly have     months, now, this is my maiden contri-
        YITZHAK RABIN z’’l                   happened in Israel....I have only today       bution. First, the vital statistics: I’m
            1922-1995                        discovered the true meaning of galut.         Ronnie Cohen (Los Angeles Habonim,
                                             Today is a day to mourn for Yitchak           Camp Gilboa from 1956 - 1968 (the last
                                             Rabin and for the complete loss of inno-      2 yrs as Rosh Machaneh), 13th Work-
Habonet Members Mourn Yitzhak Rabin z’’l     cence (had any been left) in Israel. And      shop, 5 years or so as national gizbar, bus
Continued from page 1, column 3              then we will wonder about the politics,       mgr of MB / Tel Ari summer of ‘74),
                                             and labor’s future, and about how some-       married to Hilda (King), San Francisco
that those final public words will spur
                                             thing good may be born from this evil.        Habonim and camp Gilboa 1963 - 1968.
people into action once the shock and
mourning eases.                                     B’Shalom,                              During these last few weeks since
                                                    Nomi Jay                               Rabin’s assassination, I have been very
Prior to the rally, I attended a Habonim
Dror North America 60th anniversary at                                                     moved by the outpouring of feelings on
Kibbutz Gezer. Despite the gigantic gen-                                                   Habonet. For me, the feelings I had
                                             My eyes filled with tears again as I read
eration gap, it felt good to be back on                                                    transported me back to Kennedy’s assas-
                                             the expressions of solidarity on this list.
Gezer and surrounded by chevrae who                                                        sination, in that in each case, I felt so
can relate to where I’m coming from. In      When my chaverim and I were active in         very isolated physically from where I
conversations with my chevrae in TA we       British Habonim in the mid-seventies,         wanted to be. In 1963, I was on Work-
have all expressed the same shock and        we believed that Israel must talk to the      shop at Gesher Haziv, and in Israel life
fears...how could this happen, what does     Palestinians and make peace with them,        went on, even though we US workshop-
it mean, can the process continue???         and we were labeled dangerous left wing       pers were in mourning. And now, I was
                                             extremists who believed in fairy tales.       in Los Angeles, where life went on
I wonder, especially as an oleh, about the                                                 (despite a fairly well attended, but some-
kind of “maturation” Israel has gone         No-one else could have done what              how unsatisfying candle-light memorial
through allowing for these events to take    Yitzchak Rabin, the victor of the Six Day     service in front of the Consulate), but my
place. I can take no comfort in the words    War, the “Strong Man” of Israel’s             heart was in Israel. I was particularly
of Jews from Brooklyn on CNN, who            National Security, did over the last three    moved by David Twersky’s Rabin’s
lament the spilling of Jewish blood, but     years. He made our fairy tales come true,     Song, and by JJ Goldberg’s Notes from
think that the act itself should have been   and more than that, turned our beliefs        the Surreal, as well as by Charles Bux-
carried out at least a year ago. There is    into an everyday reality, quite acceptable    baum’s Poem in Memory of Rabin. But
nowhere to run to...we must make our         to a wide spectrum of the Israeli public.     even more than these incredibly moving
stand in every place that we are...                                                        pieces, just the every day comments
                                             This is his legacy.                           about how people felt, and the comfort
We need to mourn.                                                                          that we all drew from our chaverim--
                                             Last night, Leah Rabin spoke to the           both known and unknown--in our virtual
Let us also remember (Change the name        crowds outside her home and thanked all       machaneh acted like a soothing balm on
of the square to Kikar Yitzhak Rabin?)       the people who had come, but asked            raw emotions.
                                             where Rabin’s supporters had been a
But most of all, we ALL must do              week earlier, when right wing demon-          It’s good to be among chaverim, in good
WHATEVER we can to insure that               strators had gathered at the same place to    times and bad. But especially, in bad
Rabin’s death is not the death of Peace...   chant “Rabin is a Traitor”.                   times.
       B’Shalom,                             Rhetoric is part of political life. But              Lehishtamea.
       Seth                                  when the rhetoric becomes vehement                   Ronnie Cohen.

                                                              XDVM 2
Muki Tsur Visits Movement Machanot
(Editors note: Muki Tsur, former general sec-   Israel, in houses on Kibbutzim for stu-        I have no hope of immediate success for
retary of the Takam kibbutz federation,         dents, groups, batim.                          this plan because I know very well some
recently visited North America as a guest of                                                   of the intractable problems involved.
the Labor Zionist Alliance of Los Angeles. A                                                   But I can see all these as part of our effort
                                                2. To develop the center for ecology of
former shaliach to Habonim in the 60’s and
                                                the kibbutz movement through contact           to deepen our knowledge and responsi-
70’s, Muki insisted on visiting the movement
                                                with other active forces like cooperatives     ble attitude toward Jewish culture.
machanot. Presented below is an excerpt
from his report written at the end of trip)     and communes in America, recognizing
                                                all the differences.                           Before Herzl died he wrote a letter of
July 17, 1995                                                                                  resignation to the Zionist Movement:
To: Habonim Dror & LZA                                                                         “Once I wrote “if you will it, it is no
                                                                                               dream; you did not will it...” I am not
Dear Friends,                                     “I can see all these as part                 Herzl, and I can see many problematic
                                                  of our effort to deepen our                  practical considerations with the whole
These are the aims I see before us:                     knowledge and                          “dream” I described to you. I did not
                                                                                               invent the idea. It was taken from our
1. To arrive at a much greater participa-
                                                      responsibile attitute                    mutual experience and pain.
tion level of Jewish youth in Israeli              toward Jewish culture”
experience programs. To intensify the                                                          But I believe it is a necessary perspective
training of young leadership within             3. To develop contacts between Jews            for our life and for the life of our commu-
youth movements and to create profes-           from the USA and Israel who want to see        nity, and for the Zionist movement as a
sional,      territorial,     community         the State of Israel become a community         leader of our people.
partnerships based on a process of build-       of communities. The role of the kibbutz
ing Educational Centers in Israel in            in developing pluralism is important. It       I would like to thank you for your warm
which Jewish educators from here and            is part of the kibbutz striving for social     reception, for the private and public
there will be partners. To join efforts of      justice.                                       talks, for your amazing kids who taught
tourism and education together with kib-                                                       me so much and for the opportunity to
butzim and the JNF. To create out of            4. To together study Jewish sources            see many airports and machanot...
Habonim an extended optional program            from Genesis to the present.
for Aliyah, studies, service, work in                                                          Yours, Muki Tsur

From the Foundation                             Upon reading Trilby and Gil’s reports on       according to their ability, the results will
Continued from page 1, column 2                 the movement, I am sure you will share         be amazing. Please take the coupon on
If you have such materials, please send         my admiration at what they are                 page in hand, and write a check. Where
them (or copies, nothing will be                accomplishing. All of this in the face of      else can you invest your money in a
returned) to the Foundation.                    unbelievable budget cuts, the result of        project with such a proven track record?
                                                changing Israeli and world Jewish              What other organization has produced
On the financial side, Over 250 of you          organizational reality. The Foundation         such a progressive, innovative cadre of
have contributed to the cause and the list      has been supportive, providing funds           leadership for Israel and America ?
                                                when requested. Unfortunately, we are          Please give what you can so we can help
                                                                                               the movement grow!

                                                                                                      Hag Urim Sameah,
                                                                                                      Kenneth Bob
                   “Habonim Dror Alumni continue to
                 gather in cities, camps, and cyberspace”
of founding sponsors donating $200 or           not yet in the position to replace the                          mncok
more continues to grow. Many of you             funds that are lost; we are not able to         Volume 1, Number 3, December 1995
have recently received letters requesting       fully fund all the creative initiatives that       The Habonim Dror Foundation
that you renew your contributions to the        are on the drawing board.                                    PO Box 166
Foundation. Please consider this cause                                                                   Mineola, NY 11501
part of your annual giving ritual.              We need all of your help. If everyone          This issue put together by Kenneth Bob,
                                                receiving this newsletter contributes            Jennifer Kay, and Steven Weinberg

                                                                  XDVM 3
Habonim Dror Foundation Founding Sponsors
You can Still join this list by contributing $200 or   Mel Friedman                          LZA Chapter 977
more by the end of 1995. Half of that amount can
                                                       Daryl and Pam Gildenblatt             Debby Maddis
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apologize in advance for any errors or omissions on    Ellen and Bernard Ginsberg            Dena and David Mallach
this list. Please notify us and we will publish cor-   Michael and Debbie Glassberg          Daniel and Elaine S. Mann
rections in the next issue.                            Marni Glick and Hank Kaplan           Lyn Marantz
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                                                                     XDVM 4
Reunion Bulletin Board
(Editors note: If you would like a report or announce-     got a chance to experience the camp that they   Israel
ment concerning a movement reunion or gathering            are attending or may attend in the future.      A gathering in honor of the 60th anniver-
posted here, please send it to us for publication in the
next issue of Chadashot)
                                                           Leonard Fein, the noted writer and former       sary of North American Habonim was held
                                                           rosh machaneh Tavor, delivered a thought        at Kibbutz Gezer for all our chaverim in
Habonim Dror Alumni in three countries                     provoking talk on Shabbat afternoon. Infor-     Israel. The event was well attended by sev-
have gathered in recent months to reestab-                 mal discussions on the progressive Zionist      eral generations of chaverim who came
lish ties and celebrate the movement that                  agenda for the 90s continued late into the      from kibbutzim, moshavim and cities
has played an important role in their lives.               night (along with the kumzitz, dancing, bas-    throughout Israel. Several of those who
                                                           ketball and non-stop) shmoozing                 attended wrote is in email that it was very
Tavor                                                                                                      natural that many participants traveled
Approximately 200 adults and 100 children                  Miriam adds that that several participants      directly from the reunion to the fateful
came to Habonim Camp Tavor in Three                        have begun organizing a Tavor alumni com-       peace rally in Tel Aviv.
Rivers, Michigan in June. Miriam Derman,                   mittee. If you would like more information,
the main organizer, wrote afterwards that                  you can contact Miriam at 708-674-3312.         At the Israeli gathering, participants from
we all had a fantastic time reliving memo-                                                                 the 20th workshop realized that this was
ries and seeing old friends. It turns out that             Kvutsa                                          their 25th anniversary. Although this will
Tavor is exactly as we remember it, a mag-                 Although we dont have many details, we          likely reach you too late to attend a planned
ical combination of an idyllic setting and                 heard that Camp Kvutsa, the machaneh that       get together during Chanuka, you can get
wonderful opportunity for human interac-                   once served the Montreal area, held a reunion   in touch with your chaverim from that
tion. We raised a bunch of money for badly                 this summer at the site of the original camp.   workshop by contacting:
needed repairs and additions such as a dish-               We heard that is was a successful trip down
washer, dishes and new mattresses. We                      memory lane. If any readers would like to       Shula Derechinsky and Shimon Gewing
accomplished more than just fundraising.                   write us about it, we will include your com-    Kibbutz Gezer D.N. Shimshon Israel
We rekindled an interest in each other, in                 ments in the next issue of Chadashot.           phone: 08-270663 fax: 08-270736 email:
our connections to Tavor and our children

                                                                        need email address

           send money form goes here???
                 or is half a page not enough space

                                                                              XDVM 5
                                                                                                         Report from the Mazkira
                                                                                                         Continued from page 1, column 2
Foundation Mailbox                                                                                       active in the country - at their Reunion after
                                                         Dear Chaverim:                                  machaneh there were 140 parents and
                                                              Daniel Mann sent me a copy of Cha-         campers, and all this after only one sum-
     So glad someone put my name on your                 dashot and I hasten to write to commend you     mer! Gilboa is once again holding their
mailing list and that you sent the last issue of         on such a beautiful newsletter! To Ken Bob a    week long Winter Camp in December, and
Chadashot to me! The flood of memories was               yasher koach as he assumes responsibility to    registration is now open for the summer of
overwhelming. From Shai Gluskin’s article                raise the second $100,000. I agree, there are   1996.
to the listing of people whose names evoke               so many Habonim graduates in the country,
happy times!                                             most with fond memories.                        Machaneh Bonim in Israel (M.B.I.) had a
                                                                                                         very successful fourth summer with 102
       Thank you and good luck,                               So keep up the good work from one who      participants. In just four years, this pro-
          Lil Raphael                                    helped start Detroit Habonim and still          gram has more than doubled in size, and is
                                                         actively involved in LZA.                       one of the most highly regarded “Israel
                                                               Dena G. Greenberg                         Experience Trips” in existence. The partic-
                                                                                                         ipants have returned to their communities
                                                                                                         to take on leadership roles, and are looking
                                                                                                         forward to their upcoming summer in
       Therefore, just sing a song for peace                                                             Madatz.
       don’t whisper a prayer.
                                                                                                         The participants of Workshop 45 have just
       Just sing a song for peace                                                                        arrived on Kibbutz Grofit where they will
       in a loud voice                                                                                   be spending the last six months of their
                                                                                                         program. Our twenty-one kenim are each
                                                                                                         completing a social action project and
       From “Shir Hashalom - The Song of Peace” by                                                       plans have begun to reopen Machaneh
       Rotblit & Rosenblum, sung at the peace rally in                                                   Na’aleh in the summer of 1997. The list
       Tel-Aviv minutes before the assasination of                                                       goes on, but I have to leave something for
       Yitzhak Rabin.                                                                                    the next issue of Chadashot.

                                                                 HABONIM DROR FOUNDATION
                                                                        P.O. Box 166
                                                                      Mineola, NY 11501

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