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					I am not a U.S. citizen. Can I get
                                                    Apply for Food Stamps Today!
Food Stamp? Can my children?

                                             Here are the locations where you may apply
You may potentially get food stamps if
                                             for Food Stamps:
you are a legal immigrant. The County
Welfare Department will make that
determination.                               Food Stamp Offices:
Even if you are not eligible due to immi-
gration status, your legal immigrant or
citizen children may still qualify. You do
not have to provide immigration informa-
                                             San Rafael
                                             120 North Redwood Drive
                                                                                                                             Applying for
tion about yourself when you apply for
                                             San Rafael, CA 94903                                                            Food Stamps
your legal immigrant or citizen children.
                                             Phone (415) 473-3400
                                             Fax (415) 473-3556
                                             Hours: 8:00am - 4:30pm                                      How to access food for you and
Free Shuttle                                                                                             your family
A wheelchair accessible shuttle service is
available from the San Rafael Transit        West Marin
Center to 120 North Redwood Drive,           100 6th Street
San Rafael (8:30am – 3:15pm), the ser-
vice also provides return journey to the     Point Reyes Station, CA 94956
transit center. For additional information   Phone (415) 663-8231
about the free shuttle call: 415-473-5968.   Fax (415) 473-3828
                                             Hours: 8:30am -12pm, 1pm -5pm                                          United Way 2-1-1
For additional information regarding food                                                              Free, confidential, information and referrals 24
stamps, visit                                                                 hours per day seven days per week in over 150
                                             This brochure is intended to provide a general over-     languages. Dial 2-1-1 for any kind of health or
                                              view of assistance programs. For detailed program
or                     information and eligibility requirements, please visit                 human service needs.
                                                     the specific program or organization.

                                                               Marin Health and Human Services        Marin Health and Human Services

                                                                                                         This information is accurate as of October 2009
    The Food Stamp Program

The Food Stamp Program helps people         People who receive SSI/SSP are not                 You will need to show the office papers
with little or no income buy nutritious    eligible.                                            such as pay stubs, rent or mortgage pay-
food. Food Stamp benefits are not cash.     Your house and your personal belongings            ments, utility bills, child or elder care
They come on an electronic benefit         such as furniture don’t count toward your            bills, and child support orders. The office
transfer (EBT) card that you use like a    resource limit.                                      will tell you exactly what papers and
bank card to buy food. Most grocery                                                             other information you will need to show
                                           To see if you might be able to get Food
stores take Food Stamps benefits.                                                               your income and expenses.
                                           Stamps, visit www.foodstamps-
Can I get Food Stamps?            Answer the questions. You        After you have completed the application

To get Food Stamp benefits, your in-       will find out if you might be eligible and how   process, your

come and other resources must be un-       much you could receive. But to know for          eligibility

der certain limits. Income limits are      sure, you must apply.                            worker will

different for households with elderly or                                                    tell you if you
                                           How do I apply for food stamp benefits?
disabled.                                                                                   will get food
                                               Call or go to the Food Stamp office for an   stamps and
If your income is less than the amount         application.                                 how much.
on this chart, you may qualify:
                                               Complete the application as much as you
            Income Guidelines                  can and hand it in either in person, by      If I am denied Food Stamps, can I ask why?
     Effective October 1, 2009                 mail or by fax.
      Household       Gross Monthly                                                         Yes. Call or visit the office to ask why. If you
                       Income Limit
        Size                                   Have an interview. You can also have a       think there is a mistake, ask to speak to a
         1               $1,174
                                               friend or relative go                        supervisor. If you do not agree with the ex-
            2            $1,579
                                               with you or in your                          planation, you may request a “State Hear-
            3            $1,984
                                               place.                                       ing.” State Hearings are free but you must
            4            $2,389
                                                                                            ask for one within 90 days of the date you
            5            $2,794
                                                                                            were denied.
            6            $3,200