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									H.A.R.B.o.R., Inc.
Harbor Area Regional Board of Resources, Inc.


    Board of                        The purpose of HARBOR, Inc. is to pursue the community
    Directors                            vision and to act as a resource for local units of
    Appointed Members                  government, property owners associations, residents
    Cross Village Township
    Howard Wood                               and others, when decisions are made
    Nan Hogan
    Friendship Township
    Dale Scott
                                                that affect the greater community.
    Denise Simon, Chairman
    City of Harbor Springs
    Jean Jardine                    HARBOR, Inc. proudly presents this summary of 2007 including events and accomplishments,
    Alan Dika                       recognition of its generous supporters and a statement of its financial condition. Staffed a by a
    Little Traverse Township
    Bill Dohm                       certified planner and guided by a board of directors, HARBOR, Inc. strives to provide leadership,
    Michael Esposito, Treasurer     education, land use information, and resources to the seven local jurisdictions, property owners and
    Pleasantview Township           residents within the HARBOR, Inc. area.
    Bill Wiechmann
    Rich Rule
    Readmond Township
    Diana Call
    Dale Labrie
    West Traverse Township
                                    Board of Directors
    Bob Sandford
    Joey Arbaugh                    HARBOR, Inc. brings together representatives from a broad range of interests. The Board of
    Emmet County                    Directors meets four times a year and serves property owners and residents of the greater Harbor
    Board of Commissioners
    Tom Shier
                                    Springs area. The HARBOR area encompasses the same boundaries as the Harbor Springs school
    Harbor Point Association        district and includes the City of Harbor Springs, Cross Village Township, Friendship Township,
    Margie FitzSimons               Little Traverse Township, Pleasantview Township, Readmond Township, and West Traverse Township.
    Wequetonsing Association
    Greg Voelker
    Birchwood Farms Golf & CC
    John Foster
    Little Traverse Conservancy
    Tom Bailey
                                    Mission Statement
    Tip of the Mitt
    Watershed Council               To bring together the Greater Harbor Springs Community by
    Gail Gruenwald
    Emmet County                    providing a platform for cooperation and communication;
    Lakeshore Association           by encouraging participation through education and
    Fred Hoffmann
    Harbor Springs Public Schools   discussion; by facilitating the understanding and
    Rob Fuhrman                     implementation of multiple plans and proposals; and by
    Little Traverse Bay Bands
    of Odawa Indians                promoting, protecting, and maintaining the common
    Ray Kiogima                     vision for the Greater Harbor Springs Community.
    Harbor Light Newspaper
    Charles O’Neill
    Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area
    Community Foundation
    Maureen Nicholson
    Past Chairman
    Tom Gallagher

    Elected Members
    of the Community
    Jim Bartlett
    Justin Bassett
    Dan Branson
    Kathryn Breighner, Secretary
    David Buzzelli
    Jack Deegan
    Kathy Erber
    Joan Fenton
    Doug Fuller
    Mary Ellen Hughes
    Charlie MacInnis
    Neal McCue
    Paul Mooradian
    Rob Mossburg
    Gene Reck                                         All Photography
    Doug Tayler
                                                        Credited to
    Staff                                            Preston McGregor
    Danna Widmar
    Executive Director
    Preston McGregor
    Staff Assistant
2                                                                             www.harborinc.org
2 0 0 7 P RO G R E S S A N D
Facilitate Enhancement of Recreational,
Trail and Open Space Assets
Purpose: To ensure long-term sustainability of
recreation, trail, and open space assets for both
quality of life and economic reasons.

Executive Actions:
•	 Pursue Trail Funding Programs.
•	 Pursue Trail Head Funding Programs.
•	 Finalize Recreation Committee work.
•	 Convene Open Space Committee.
•	 Convene Umbrella System Committee.
Intended Outcomes:
•	 Long-Term Sustainability of Recreation, Trails and Open Space Authority.
•	 Public Purchase of Development Rights Program.
•	 Transfer of Development Rights Program.
2007 Progress:
•	 Resolutions of Support from seven jurisdictions to complete Multi-
   jurisdictional Recreation, Trails and Open Space Plan documents. Draft
   HARBOR Area Recreation, Trails and Open Space Plan can be viewed on-line
   at www.harborinc.org/recreation.asp.
•	 Draft Purchase of Development Rights Ordinance, Scoring System and Mapping for evaluation by local townships.
•	 Initiation of a Safe Routes to School program including registration with the State of Michigan, committee formation and
   survey of parents/students in 3rd – 8th grade.

                                                       www.harborinc.org                                                      3
                                            2007 P RO G R E S S A N D

    Facilitate Evaluation and Development of Alternative Transportation Options

    Purpose: To evaluate and develop trails & alternative
    transportation options to reduce vehicular traffic from roads.

    Executive Actions:
    •	 Convene Transportation Committee.
    •	 Pursue Trail Funding.
    •	 Pursue Trail Head and Park & Ride Funding.
    •	 Participate and Coordinate with County level initiatives.
    •	 Participate and Coordinate with State improvement projects.
    •	 Evaluate alternative transportation proposals.
    Intended Outcomes:
    •	 Specific funding, location and easement proposals for smaller
        trail sections (1/2 – 3 miles sections) as part of the overall
        trail network in the Greater Harbor Springs area.
    •	 Specific funding, location and design proposals for Trail Head and Park &
        Ride Areas.
    •	 Proposals for Alternative Transportation Options.
    2007 Progress:
    •	 Commissioned study to determine most feasible and desirable route for Hoyt/Quick connector trail.
    •	 Began work with MDOT consultant on M-119 Trail Construction Documents. M-119 Trail Construction scheduled to occur
       in Fall 2008 or Spring 2009. Updates on the project can be found on-line at www.harborinc.org/m119trail.asp.
    •	 Participation in Petoskey Transportation Study.

                               E N V I S I O N TO M O R ROW
4                                                             www.harborinc.org

 Facilitate Targeted Housing Programs

 Purpose: To increase awareness about issues and opportunities
 related to local housing.

 Executive Actions:
 •	 Develop a computerized build-out study to monitor changes in zoning &
 •	 Disseminate Green Building Industry information to the area.
 •	 Pursue Green Building project.
 •	 Convene School Committee on Housing Options.
 Intended Outcomes:
 •	 Build Out Monitoring and Information Dissemination Program.
 •	 Permanent office space renovated according to Green Building standards.
 •	 Private Green Building Industry.
 •	 In-Town Housing Options for Families with Children.
 2007 Progress:
 •	 Initiated Green Construction research. Relevant links are posted on-line at
 •	 Made request to City of Harbor Springs to begin evaluation of Ford Park
    Building for potential Green Renovation and HARBOR, Inc. office space.

 Develop Access to Knowledge Systems
 Purpose: Enhance access to knowledge systems to ensure long-term economic

 Executive Actions:
 •	 Convene High Speed Internet Committee.
 •	 Continue to upgrade the community information website.
 Intended Outcomes:
 •	 Access to High Speed Internet throughout the Service Area.
 •	 On-line mapping of Natural and Agricultural data important to
     Public Purchase of Development Rights.
 •	 On-line mapping of Housing Build-out, existing land use,
     future land use and zoning data.

 2007 Progress:
 •	 Initiate High Speed Committee work according to Committee
    Terms of Reference, posted on-line at www.harborinc.org/
 •	 Initiated evaluation of proposed Northern Michigan Broadband
    Cooperative as means of implementing High Speed in the
    HARBOR Area.

~ C O O P E R AT E T O D Ay
                                                         www.harborinc.org        5
                    Financial Condition
                       d/b/a H.A.R.B.O.R., Inc.


                               DECEMBER 31, 2007

    Current assets
       Cash and cash equivalents                        $    50,068
       Temporary investments                                 55,391

        Total current assets                                105,459

        Furniture and equipment, net                          1,570

    Total assets                                        $   107,029

                       LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS
    Current liabilities
       Accrued expenses                                 $     2,214

    Net assets
            Net investment in furniture and equipment         1,570
            Undesignated net assets                         103,245

    Total net assets, unrestricted                          104,815

    Total liabilities and net assets                    $   107,029

6                               www.harborinc.org
                   d/b/a H.A.R.B.O.R., Inc.

                      STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES

                   YEAR ENDED DECEMBER 31, 2007

   Contributions and donations                    $ 105,057
   Grants                                            22,060
   Other                                              3,428

    Total revenues                                    130,545

   Program services
       Recreation, trails and open space              30,881
       Transportation                                  9,379
       Housing                                         3,012
       Knowledge systems                              11,595
       Education                                      21,282

    Total program services                             76,149

    Supporting services
       Management and general                         20,846
       Fundraising                                     9,380

    Total supporting services                          30,226

Total expenses                                        106,375

Change in net assets
   equal to increase in unrestricted net assets        24,170

Net assets, beginning of year                         80,645

Net assets, end of year                           $   104,815

                             www.harborinc.org                  7
     Thank You. The generous support of so many is an indicator of true success.
2007 Contributors:                    Friendship Township               Dr. and Mrs. Fred Minkow          Mary Ann and Michael VanLokeren    Wil Cwikiel and Gail Gruenwald
Members, Grants, Government           Frey Foundation                   William and Linda Morrow          Greg and Jan Voelker               Sam DeCamp
Anonymous                             Steve and Dee Frisbie             Rob and Vee Mossburg              Jennifer Eis and Don Ward          Jack Deegan
Jim and Susan Adams                   David and Vicki Fuger             Pauli and Sandy Muir              Mr. and Mrs. Byron West            Jenny Deegan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Aikens            Douglas Fuller and Martha         Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Newman       Ms. Jill Whelan                    Al Dika
Mrs. Joanne Arbaugh                       Lancaster                     Joyce and John Nichols            Mary Whitmore                      Richard and Laura Dinon
   MPS Foundation                     Tom and Jaci Gallagher            Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Noneman       Mr. John Wickett                   Bill Dohm
Tom and Jane Bailey                   Mr. James R. Gitre                North Country Publishing          Danna and Chris Widmar             Matt and Larissa Dumant
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Baker               William Glass                        Harbor Light Newspaper         Dr. Alan J. Wilhere                Kathy Erber
Mr. Frederick Ball                    Rod and Sue Grambeau              Mr. George Nyman                  David and Nancy Williams           Michael Esposito
Stephen and Holli Banks               Ronald Granader                   Offield Family Foundation         Marjorie Wilner                    Evening Star Joinery
   Banks Hardwoods, Inc.              Mr. and Mrs. John Griswold        Marta and Peter Olson             Trish and Phil Woollcott           David and Carolyn Farley
Jim and Nancy Bartlett                Charles and Susan Gustafson       Mrs. Linda Orlans                 Louis and Mary Jane Zako           Joan Fenton
Ann and Rob Bassett                   Mr. Arthur G. Hailand Jr.         William and Gayle Orlow           Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Zoerhoff      Kerri Finlayson
Dr. and Mrs. Alan Berlin              Tom and Judy Hallock              Jim and Bev Osetek                                                   First Community Bank
Roger W. Blaser                       Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hanflik        Mr. Charles Otis                  2007 Challenge Riders              Michael and Margie FitzSimons
Ellen and Marshall Blau               Mr. and Mrs. Hord Hardin II       Mrs. Audrey Otto                  Will Baker, 101.72 miles           Susan Ford
Mr. Douglas Boehmer                   Mr. Phillip T. Harrison           Mr. and Mrs. Richard Parker          in 4 hours and 41 minutes       Webb Friedly
Larry and Joanne Boerman              Judy and Gordon Harvey            Mr. John Pawelek                  Justin Bassett, 101.72 miles       William and Jane Furtaw
Mr. and Mrs. William Boeschenstein    Joe and Peggy Hickey              Nancy E. Peterson                    in 4 hours and 41 minutes       Charlie and Fran Gano
   M/B Foundation                     Paul E. Hodges III                Petoskey Harbor Springs Area      Andrew Bowman, 109 miles           Fred Geuder
Mr. Robert H. Bokram                  Rick and Lotsie Holton               Community Foundation youth        in 5 hours                      William and Louise Graham
Kathleen and Dan Bowers               Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Horn            Advisory Committee             Tom Behan, 100.96 miles            Rod and Sue Grambeau
Mr. Daniel Branson                    Eileen Horowitz                   Mr. and Mrs. William Petzold         in 5 hours and 42 minutes       Nancy and Bill Gurney
Doug and Janet Brautigam              Wes and Karen Hovey               Mr. and Mrs. Walter Pfander       Tom Behan II, 101.72 miles         Peter Gurney
Kathryn and Martin Breighner          Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Hudson       Mr. and Mrs. John L. Picton          in 4 hours and 41 minutes       Barb Harbaugh
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Brennan       Mary Ellen Hughes                 George and Jill Rastelli          Dan Branson, 35 miles              Jim Hart
Mrs. Mary Anne Brown                  Mr. Stephen Hume                  Mr. Lawrence W. Ray                  in 2 hours and 15 minutes       Elise and Rip Hayes
Mr. Patrick Bryan                     Mr. David Irish                   Gene Reck and Joann Condino       Jack Deegan, 109 miles             Jack Hodge
John and Barbara Burgdorfer           Irish Boat Shop                   Curt and Jeanne Regentin             in 5 hours                      Bill and Marla Hofmann
Dan and Leslie Burk                   Mr. Brian Jackman                    Between the Covers             Larry Fenton, 20 miles             Nan Hogan
Mr. Michael Cameron                   Mr. Edmund Jacoby                 Mr. and Mrs. William Reichert     Hugh Melling, 100.96 miles         Jim and Diana Huckle
John and Nona Carr                    Mr. and Mrs. George James         Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A.               in 5 hours and 42 minutes       Bob Humphrey
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Carruthers         Mr. and Mrs. Donald Jennings         Reynolds III in memory of      Carol Scholten, 100.96 miles       Irish Boat Shop
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Carruthers IV     Mr. Richard Johnson                  Clare Reynolds Joyce              in 5 hours and 42 minutes       Susan Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Carson           Johnston Charitable Fund of the   Donald and Patricia Riefler       Dave Shuman, 100.0 miles           Jeff James
Robert and Susan Clarke                   Wayne County Community        Bruce and Linda Riley                in 5 hours                      William Janelle
Michael and Mary Jane Clayton             Foundation                    Mrs. Marlene Ross                 Denise Simon, 100.96 miles         Laura Kors
Dale and Nancy Clemons                Mr. E.C. Jones                    Mrs. Sallie Rowland                  in 5 hours and 42 minutes       Dave Kring Chevrolet
Mrs. C. William Close, Jr.            Mr. and Mrs. S. Paul Jones        Stephen and Copland Rudolph       Beth Skau, 100.96 miles            Martha Lancaster and Doug Fuller
Carolyn and James Cloutier            Mr. Jerry Keeney                  Maria and Lee Runk                   in 5 hours and 42 minutes       Little Traverse Kiwanis Club
Dale and Jeanne Compton               Mr. Patrick Kenney                Mr. and Mrs. William G. Rupp      Sarah Smark, 51.5 miles            Penny MacPherson
Andrew Coulter                        Kent Foundation                   Randy G. Russell                     in 3 hours and 30 minutes       Ned and Sandy McClurg
Frank and Linda Couzens               Gale D. Kepford                   Mr. John C. Ryan                                                     Neal McCue
Mr. and Mrs. C. Howard Crane II       Jean and Arnold Kluge             Pam and Larry Rychlick            2007 Challenge Ride Volunteers     Harriet and Vaughn McGraw
   The Crane Family Fund in           Jan and Don Kopka                 Jonathan Rye                      Denise Simon, Event Chairman       Preston McGregor
   the Community Foundation           Laura and Vern Kors               Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sanborn      Jack Deegan, Event Chairman        Charles McLravy
   for Southeast Michigan             Richard Kowalski                  Gary and Sylvia Schils for        Al Dika, SAG Wagon                 Ron McRae
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cumming          Mr. Donald Krencicki                 Christmas on behalf of         Max Putters, Aid Station           Priscilla Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. J. Oliver Cunningham     John and Anne Kroha                  John and Jo Schils             Neal McCue, Aid Station            Joel and Cathy Moore
Wil Cwikiel and Gail Gruenwald        Linda Bedell Kucway               John and Bev Scott                Tom Behan, Event Facilities,       Linda Morrison
Joseph and Janet D’Italia             Mr. and Mrs. William Laimbeer     Robert and Nancy Sellers             Bay Tennis and Fitness          Jim and Trish Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dahm              Mr. and Mrs. William Lapham       Mrs. Allyn Shepard                Mary Behan, Post Ride Event,       E.P. Naegeli
Mr. and Mrs. John Daly                Mrs. Elizabeth C. Larson          Tom Shier                            Bay Tennis and Fitness          Maureen Nicholson
Mrs. Betty B. Davis                   Susan and Martin Letts            Denise Simon and Hugh Melling     Anne McDevitt, Post Ride Event     Nubs Nob
Paul and Mary Derwich                 Little Traverse Conservancy       Mr. and Mrs. Craig Sincock        Preston McGregor, Photography      North Country Publishing
Al Dika                               Mr. Gow Litzenburger              Dan Siwulec                       Danna Widmar, Event                Jim Offield
Duncan and Lucy Dobson                Mrs. Evelyn Lott                  Mr. Philip Smith                     Organization and Materials      Dave Olson
Mr. William P. Dohm                   Lower Shore Drive Property        Mr. Robert Smith                                                     Kevin Olson
Michael and Karen Donnelly                Owners Assoc.                 Sara Smith                        2007 Challenge Ride Contributors   Lois H. Payne
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ducey             Mr. Charles MacInnis              Betrina Snively                   Joey Arbaugh                       Pringle Pfeifer
Richard and Susan Dudzik              Mr. Julian Mann                   Mrs. George Squibb                Tom Bailey                         Bill and Shirley Prall
Mr. Timothy Duffy                     John W. Martin Jr.                Kenyon and Sally Stebbins         Barb and Rick Baker                Brian Rahaley
Dulaney Bros. Investments             Mr. Neil Marzella                 Winston Stebbins                  Bank of Northern Michigan          Carol Scholten
Jim and Bonnie Ellis                  Mrs. Maureen Mayne                Theodore and Karen Stong          Steve Barney and Gretchen Olson    Suzanne Seacord
Kathy and Steve Erber                 Ms. Sheryl McCleery               Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Stroh         Justin Bassett                     Peter Sears
Mr. Jeffrey S. Ford                       Tom’s Mom’s Cookies           Mr. and Mrs. William Stude        Barb and Dale Beatty               Laurie Seltenright
   Evening Star Joinery on behalf     Ned and Sandy McClurg             Robert and Janet Swanson          Ellen Beatty                       Steve and Marsey Shuman
   of employee Marcus Quintiliano     Mr. and Mrs. Neal McCue           Mr. and Mrs. Stewart G. Swift     Thomas Behan II                    Frank Shumway
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Everest         Michael and Linda McElroy         Mrs. Anne G. Symchych             Chris Benson                       Louie and Dot Simon
Mr. James Fabiano                     Mr. James C. McGill               Doug and Sharyn Tayler            Between the Covers                 Henry and Naomi Singer
   Fabiano Foundation                 Mr. and Mrs. John Mc Ilduff       Mr. Michael Taylor                Steve Biggs                        Shawnn, Kathleen and
Marianne Farley                       Twink Frey and Jim McKay          Momcilo Teodosic                  Cathy and Mark Bissell                 Rowan Smark
First Community Bank                  Mr. and Mrs. William McKinley     Mr. Tom Titcomb                   Bob and Sue Bleyaert               Max Spaulding
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Fisher III    Constance and H. Roemer McPhee       The St. Doris Foundation       Andy and Mary D. Bowman            Summers Foundation
   Fund in the Community Foundation       PECO Foundation               Marana Tost                       Andrew Bowman                      Doug Tayler
   for Southeast Michigan             David McVicker                    Kelly Trierweiler                 Donna Brainerd                     Top of MI Trails Council
Mr. Steven J. Fishman                 Mr. William McWhirter             Mr. and Mrs. William Tripp        Dan Branson                        Luke VanderZee
Michael J. and Marjorie K.            Mary Beth Mellen                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Troth         Sally and Ian Bund                 Molly Veling
   FitzSimons Fund in the             Michigan Department of            Gregg and Shelby Tulley           Tom Carruthers                     Ward Walstrom
   Petoskey Harbor Springs Area           Environmental Quality         Mr. and Mrs. Michael Turnbull     Sarah and Don Cohen                Danna Widmar
   Community Foundation                   National Oceanic and          Jerry and Lin Valka               Peggy Connolly                     Beth Wilson
James and Laurie Ford                     Atmospheric Administration    Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Van Dusen   Robert Cook                        Trish and Phil Woollcott
Mr. and Mrs. William Frederick        Mr. and Mrs. Michael Miller       Tim and Donna VanEvery            The Cottage Company

                                                                        H.A.R.B.o.R., Inc.
                                                                 P.O. Box 112 • Harbor Springs, MI 49740

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