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Social Networking


									Social Networking
  By: Anthony Doan
         Social Networking

• What is social networking?
  • A social network is a map of ties such as friendship,
    kinship, common interest, financial exchange, dislike,
    sexual relations, or relationships of beliefs, knowledge
    or prestige.3

• Can be traced back as early as 1971 with the first
  email being sent.1

• Can be related to as far back as the development of
  devices such as the telegraph.
        Social Networking

• Concerns around social networking:3
  • The unhealthiness of sitting behind a computer screen
    for an extended time.
  • The lack of actual communication that is needed.

• Has the development of social networking been
  beneficial to Americans?
  • The development of social networking into what it is
    now has certainly been advantageous to humans and
    still is today because it provides fast and easy
    communication, which certainly outweighs the cons.
Causes of Social Networking

• Humans have always wanted to keep in contact with one
  another, whether it was for business or just social means,
  the desire to communicate was always strong.4
  • The communication between humans started off with letters
    and postcards, but as technology and sciences progressed,
    communication was as easy as a click of a button.

• Businessmen can really take advantage of social
  networking to increase profits.
• People can use social networking just to associate with
  friends and family.

• First EMAIL is sent.

• The computers were right next to each other.

• Marked start of social networking.

• People were able to communicate
  with words behind a computer

• BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) used phone lines to
  exchanged data with other users

• First copies of early web browsers are distributed
  through Usenet
  • Early online bulletin board
  • Birthplace of flame wars and trolling

• It wasn’t until 1992 that the internet was open for the
  public to use.
  • Before then, it was more for the government and
    satellite uses.

• Geocites founded in 1994
  • One of the first social networking sites
  • For users to create their own websites

• AOL Instant Messenger is launched.
  • Popularized use of instant messaging.

• is launched.
  • Allows users to create profiles and list friends.

• Friendster is launched in 2002.
  • 3 million users in first three months.

• Myspace is launched in 2003.
  • Created by internet marketing firm.

• Facebook is launched in 2004.
  • Originally as a way of connect college students.

• Youtube is launched in 2005.

• Twitter is launched in
  • Reached 3,283 tweets per
    second during the World

• Tumblr is launched in
  • Blogging platform similar
    to twitter.

• Recent studies have shown that social networking
  has a big influence in political campaigns.2
    • The emergence of social networking was the start of
      campaigning over the internet to get votes.

•   “Perhaps, the most exciting development that is
    connecting people back to the public sphere is the
    emergence of social networking sites on the internet
    such as Facebook.”5
    • A lot of the spread of current news comes from
      communication through social networking sites.

• Helped communication for Americans become a lot:
  • Quicker – through the use of the internet, in a matters
    of seconds, we can talk to one another.
  • Easier – no extra work, people can just stay at home
    and communicate behind a computer screen.
  • Simpler – with just a click of a button, you can send a
    message half way across the world
  Pre-21st         Century America

• In terms of communication, social networking is to
  the 21st century as telegraphs are to the late 18th to
  19th century. 6

• Similarities:
  • Can contact through a certain distant.
  • Allows for quicker, easier communication.
  • Gives people opportunity to keep in touch without
    physically meeting each other.
  Pre-21st          Century America

• Differences
  • Telegraphs:
    • Were used so that people could communicate, mainly for
      business use.
    • Spoke with Morse Code.
  • Social Networking:
    • Allows people to connect but nowadays it is more for
      social purposes rather than for business.
    • Spoke with words.
      Questions & Answers

• What year was the first Email sent?
  • Answer: 1971

• Social networking is to the 21st century as _________
  are to the early 18th to 19th century.
  • Answer: Telegraphs
     Questions & Answers

• What are the concerns surrounding social
    • Unhealthy to be sitting behind a computer screen for a
      long time.
    • Does not develop real life communication that is needed to
      talk to others.
      Questions & Answers

• What are the similarities and differences of social
  networking and telegraphs?
  • Similarities
    • Communication from a distance.
    • Generally quick and simple to keep in contact.
  • Differences
    • Telegraphs were mainly for business use.
    • Telegraphs used Morse Code, with social networking, you
      can use words.
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