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Quick & Eas

                                                                                            Quick & Eas
  Try These Quick, Easy,                              Did you know
  Healthy Snacks                                      that healthy
  ] Popcorn or pretzels
  ] Snack size low-fat yogurt or pudding                snacks…                                   Grab
  ] Fresh, canned, or dried fruit
  ] Celery sticks with low-fat cream cheese        A Can supply a       A Are a great way     Quick&Easy
  ] Frozen grapes, banana slices, or popsicles
    made from 100% juice
  ] Peanut butter and fruit sandwich (try apple
                                                     big part of the
                                                     food and
                                                     nutrition kids
                                                                          to get kids to
                                                                          eat more fruits
                                                                          and vegetables.
    slices, banana, or raisins)                      need for energy.
  ] Whole-grain crackers and low-fat cheese                             A Make get-
  ] Baby carrots with a low-fat dip                A Are great as         togethers with
  ] Rice cakes with peanut butter                    mini-meals in        friends more
                                                     addition to          fun.
  ] Tortilla with refried beans, low-fat cheese,
    lettuce, and salsa                               regular meals.
  ] Pita sandwich with tuna and lettuce
  ] Mini-pizzas made with English muffins or
    pita bread
  ] Vegetable and noodle soup
  ] Baked or microwaved potato topped with
    plain low-fat yogurt or cheese
                                                                                                          Grab Quick &

                                               Quick & Eas
                                                                                                          Easy Snacks
                                                                                                   BE A ROLE MODEL!

                                                                                                       You play an important role in
Healthy Snacks                                       Snacks Can Be                                   making sure that you and your kids

Give Kids                                            Fun, Tasty, and
                                                                                                     eat a healthy breakfast every day.

      Extra                                           Healthy Too!
   Energy To
                                                                                                  List some snacks that you and your family
                                                                                                  will try.
                                                  Set a good example—Kids often want the          ____________________________________________
                                                  same snacks you eat. Choose snacks that are
     Play and Grow                                good for your health. Try fat-free or low-fat
                                                  milk, cheese, and yogurt.
                    Snacks are a                  Plan ahead—Make snacks from the various
                                                  parts of MyPyramid. Healthy snacks should be    ____________________________________________
                     normal part of a             a part of your grocery list.
                     healthy diet for
                                                  Be ready—Keep fruit, 100% juice, crunchy        ____________________________________________
                     growing kids.                veggies such as carrots or celery, yogurt,
                    Fruits, vegetables, and       bagels, pretzels, and whole-wheat crackers      ____________________________________________
                   whole-grain foods              on hand.
                  make good snacks.                                                    Make
                                                  Start a new trend—Include                       For more information on
                                                  fruits and vegetables for school                these topics or other
            All foods can fit into a healthy      parties and special events.         Healthy!
                                                                                                  programs visit our
diet. Choose snacks that are lower in                                                             Web site at:
                                                  Make healthy snacking easy—Put snack
saturated fats, trans fats,                                                             
                                                  foods like pretzels, crackers, peanut butter,
sugar, and salt (sodium).                         cheese, and yogurt on lower shelves so kids
                                                  can get to them.
                                                                                                                     Food and Nutrition Service
                                                                                                                     U.S. Department of Agriculture
                                                                                                    The USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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