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To all of you who have helped to shape my life. To mom and dad who are my greatest
inspiration. To a wife who has proven she will provide the essence of faith. To children who
expect faith at the highest degree. To all the others who have helped shape my life. My brother,
my cousin, my teammates, my leaders, my up-line, those I have coached, my teachers, my
coaches, my pastors, my brothers and sisters in Christ.

I love you all,

About the Author
I‟m a ole‟ country boy, raised on a farm by loving parents that worked very hard their entire life.
They taught us to work hard, that we could do anything we set our heads to do, and to love each
other, God, and life. If you can relate to a country boy maybe this book will inspire you. If not,
maybe it will be proof that if I can do it, you can do it easily.

I learned to work at a young age, fixing fence, tending cows, planting, and picking crops. I also
found a good life, close to God, and nature, hunting, fishing, camping, horseback riding, and
playing ball. Throughout my life I have played, and/or coached sports. I have won many
championships in softball, semi-pro football, and rodeo.

I also learned about the job market. My first job off the farm was at a feed store at age 16. We
unloaded box cars of feed, back then most feed came in 100 lb. sacks. From there I went to a
paper mill working shift work. Then to a dairy running a milk route. A couple of years of
college later, I got a sales job with a food brokerage selling to supermarkets. Then my career job
(so I thought) selling toilet paper for a national company, where in 1981 received their award as
#1 salesman in their #1 district. Ten years later they downsized and did away with their entire
sales force (unemployment). I had, however prepared (I thought). I owned a janitorial company,
a tire store, and a frozen drink company, I was set. Until the janitorial business company lost
money, competition hurt my drink company, and the tire store had to be sold to pay the others
debt. And now here I am networking, and loving it.
   Why Dare to Succeed in Network Marketing?
Will you dare to succeed in network marketing, or multi-level marketing (M.L.M) as a career to
end all you career searches? Take a look at the reasons why one should consider it.

Do you look at it for wealth?
Consider this, many new millionaires since 1978 have achieved their wealth by networking. It is
being hailed as the next logical step in evolution of the free enterprise system. It has low risk,
affordability, and unlimited income potential. It is at this writing responsible for $60 billion per
year internationally and growing 10-20 percent annually. For a few hundred dollars you can
make as much or more than your local fast food hamburger chain, and if I gave you that store it
would require that you invest much time, and several thousand dollars before you would profit
any dollars.

Do you look at it for health?
Besides the fact that many new health related products are introduced through network
marketing, it has health claims to which are made by the industry. When you work for yourself
you choose the amount of stress you come to bare, add this to the wealth produced by this
industry, and it can take away stress, adding to your lifestyle freedom. Also it is a positive
industry, so be positive, and live. God reflects his image, or spirit in each of us. What reflection
do you believe he wants reflected through us, prosperity and success, or poverty and rejection?
God‟s favor allows at least 10 different benefits. Please accept them.

Do you look at it for wisdom?
Aristotle in 322 B.C. said, “We are what we repeatedly do”. Excellence then is not an act but a
habit. Where will you be in one year if you continue without change? Is that where you want to
be? Be wise. Choose to change if you need to. You‟ve picked this book for a reason. Affirm to
do now! Don‟t second guess your decision in any way that alters the direction you choose
through wisdom.

Do you look at it for freedom of time?
In the beginning, due to 80% of you starting as a part time business, you may question what I
am about to write, but in time you will both visualize, and experience freedom of time. For the
greatest success you will ever have in life fall compassionately in love with network marketing.
It is the true American dream of owning your own business, where you choose who you will
want to work with. It also will become so much a part of you that will find much of your
enjoyment in the activities associated with your business, freeing your time, or maybe
combining work time into free time. You will use your talents to effect people positively, to
make changes in their lives for the better. By changing others lives, you will see your own life
dreams, desires, happiness, and goals. Reach a fullness never before experienced.

Do I believe these things? Yes, with all my heart!!! I read a story once, and it said if you catch a
man a fish you feed him for a day, but if you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime. I
add to that story this...“Teach a man to teach others to fish, and you will feed a nation.” I want
to teach as many as I can reach to live by my prayer which is that
“You and I may have health, wealth, wisdom, and time with which to enjoy it all, and whatever
we dream, speak, begin, and seek boldly, we will achieve.”
Now boldly begin!!

                Goal Setting - Boldly begin now!!
The world‟s greatest success book teaches “What good is it brethren, if a man professes to have
faith, and yet his actions do not correspond?” James 2:14. It is also said it is better to do
something imperfectly, than to do nothing flawlessly.

Stop now take your organizer, if you have one, and write your goal for 90 days from now, then
at the halfway point, 45 days, and then for each of the next 10 days. If you don‟t have an
organizer take a sheet of paper, and to the same, and on day 1 write buy an organizer to transfer
this goal sheet onto.

You need an organizer for a couple of reasons, you will need to set your goals in bite size
pieces, beginning out some 90 days, but you must know day by day what is required to reach
your 90 day goal. Secondly I‟m about to tell you how you will have more spending money this
coming year because you have the tax advantages of owning your own small home office. Let‟s
just take one tax deduction, mileage, with this alone you will make money in the next 12 months
that should exceed your cost to become involved in a home business. In your organizer you will
need to write beginning and mileage each day with a business related reason to have a tax
deduction. What do we do each day? We talk to people to find the ambitious one‟s who want a
home business; therefore if we go to the grocery store and recruit a person we have conducted
business. If we go to work and recruit someone we have conducted business. You must record
these events with names and mileage in your organizer. If you do this 1 item you will make
spendable money this year. You will be able to tell all the nay sayers how profitable your
business is. Just do some math: at this writing the allowable tax deduction for mileage is 40.5%
per mile, for every $4.00 in allowable deduction a person in a 25% tax bracket will get back
$1.00 in spendable money. Do the math, for every 10 miles you drive you throw away $1.00
unless you can deduct the mileage. Flow can I get your attention. Get $20.00 in ones and crack
your window and throw out $1.00 for each 10 miles you drive. All you do is ask people for their
contact info, record their info with your mileage. Ask them to look at your business that is now
making you money. You don‟t care if they say no, it‟s still a benefit to you. The one‟s that say
yes are an added benefit.

1. Believe in yourself, your company, and the concept
“Faith is the evidence of things not yet seen. Where there is no vision the people perish.”
Quotes again from the world‟s greatest success book. You can do anything if you have faith, put
fearful things aside, and have faith. Speak things into existence, through faith, and it works.

One day my children were playing in the yard. Seagee my third daughter and her friend Charity
were watching Cody, my son, practicing hitting a ball. Cody was told often by me, “son you’re
the greatest. You can do anything you set your head to do. You’re the greatest player in the
world.” Today Cody is a great batter, but back then he might throw the ball in the air two times
to hit it once. Anyway Seagee told Charity, “He’s going to be the world’s greatest player.” We
watched as Cody tossed the ball in the air and struck at it. Strike one. Again. Strike two. Finally,
strike three. Charity looked back at Seagee and said, “Doesn’t look like much of a player to
me.” All of my children were taught to be like Thumper the rabbit in the Disney series that
would say, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” I wondered how Seagee
would react to the negative comment. Seagee hesitated and then to my surprise she said, “ It
takes the world’s greatest pitcher to strike out the world’s greatest batter.”

Another story of faith is my Cinderella story. A young son and his older brother were raised to
compete by a father who was chief of police, a man with a very good physique, very athletic,
and much of a man. Through life the younger son who was weaker and frailer lost the
competitions. The father would state that this couldn‟t be a son out of his genes; he would
criticize and condemn him. By age 10 the younger son would wet his pants at the sound of his
fathers raised voice. As he grew up he held to faith that one day he would develop a physique of
a man, and be able to fiend off the attacks of bullies. We know him as Mr. Universe, considered
the world‟s greatest body builder.

A 40 year old man earning $20.00 per week became the world‟s richest man in a 20 year period,
from the inspiration to mass produce automobiles. He was Henry Ford.

A man watched a cat claw at a canary in a cage, and he say a way to get cotton off the seed. He
invented the cotton gin. He was Eli Whitney.

2. Some things you see with your eyes, faith must be seen with your heart.
Jesus walked on water, Peter duplicated his feet, until doubt arose in his heart and his eyes
turned from Jesus to his own feet. You must have and hold faith in your heart, or you must build
it. Matthew tells, Nothing is impossible to you...if you have faith...have mountains of faith in
yourself, speak things not yet seen into existence, lay claim on them, and, and seeing (in your
heart) yourself receiving them now... you will strive to attain them. If you ignore this
section you miss your entire empowerment, and you just as well throw this book out.

Until your confidence is at a high level or to keep it at a high level, stay involved in all the
functions your time will allow for you to attend. You need to be aware of the accomplishments
of others in your business, keeping you in touch with the winning records, and successes of
others. This helps to establish faith in your company, your products or services, and your
concept. You may not at first comprehend what you have been given with this concept, but in
time you will. You do own your own business. You can become successful with it, part time or
full time doesn‟t matter. Seek help from the company, your sponsor, and your upline. Seek help
in all of these areas until you find the most active help, or the one you are most comfortable
with, or relate to the best. Let them know you desire their help, be aggressive, and assertive,
until you find your source of help. Remember the squeaky wheel gets the grease, so squeak!
This is truly a rich man‟s investment dream, and a poor man‟s franchise. You need to know the
wealthy want a way to increase their wealth. This is low investment, but has implications of
great returns. Maybe the greatest dividend ever attained. The poor man can acquire the low
investment to get started, and it can fulfill all of his dreams. I once heard it said, Sponsor the
people beside the road who will hold “work for food” signs, if they want more out of life, and
will work. They can raise the money and they can do it!

This concept is for anyone who wants more out of life than what they presently have, and are
will to do something to attain it. The last half of that sentence eliminates some people.
Remember to serve as much as your time allows. Christ told us to be the head was to serve.
Help as many people as possible to get what they want out of life. Why, because if you help
enough people get what they want in life, you will find that you attain what you want to.

This concept is like a bag of popcorn, when placed in a microwave. It starts a little at a time, and
then takes off. You place a bag of popcorn in the microwave, set the timer for 2 minutes, and in
2 minutes you have a full bag of popcorn. However if you watch the start it begins slow, and at
the halfway point, 1 minute, the bag is still flat, but in that second minute it explodes and fills
rapidly. This concept is like that, so set your goals, and don‟t be disappointed if at the median
you are not halfway there, just finish hard! Plan your major growth over time.

3. Write down your dreams & goals and prioritize them
Make yourself a bold purpose statement, take it to heart share it with others, own it, believe it,
see it with your heart (faith), and write it down. Have each of you downline do the same. If you
passed away today, what legacy would you leave? What would you change if I gave you a gold
card to use, and your doctor told you to get things in order you have about 1 month to live? You
first item I hope would be to set the long term goal we all should set. What is that? Life after
death? That is my long term goal, set in rock, the rock. From there work backwards, until you
reach a daily goal, hourly goal, etc. Then write them down, and look at them daily.

Make yourself a treasure map, collage, or poster of your dream or desired pictures. I have a
prayer book; it for me is the same thing. In it I have a prayer list, dream photos and cutouts, and
written desires. These are the things that fuel my drive, when I become depressed, or bogged
down. We all reach times when we think about quitting. So build a spare battery to get you
running when you stall out.

You will need visual aids to fuel your faith of impending success. So aim high, shoot the moon,
place in your prayer book things you may feel you will never have. …Leer Jets ...Yachts ...
Hollywood Spreads… etc. Tell your subconscious mind you will have them.

It may seem silly, but you need your why in front of you. Put pictures of your dreams and
desires on your ice box or bathroom mirror. These are your why‟s and don‟t limit them. Be
bold. Aim high.

An Arab oil sheik invited a pro golfer to come to his country and play golf on the golf course
the sheik created. After many request the golfer agreed. The sheik sent his private jet to America
to pick the golfer up. A week of golf. A week of the best resorts. A week of the best food
money could buy, later the golfer was departing and saying goodbye to the sheik. The sheik
wanted to give the golfer a gift. The golfer replied, “Your hospitality is more than anyone could
compete with, it is enough.” The sheik insisted so the golfer said, “I collect golf clubs, so a
club would be nice.” The golfer boarded the jet thinking of what kind of golf club he would
receive, maybe a solid gold putter, or a wedge set with emeralds and diamonds. To his surprise
there was no gift. Weeks went by and one day a certified letter arrived from the sheik. The
golfer looked for a package, but there was only a letter. He opened the letter and much to his
surprise there was the golf club or at least the deed to a 500 acre golf course with the club
included. The moral is don‟t limit your success, aim high. Expect God‟s favor and its 10

Your subconscious mind doesn‟t realize the difference in fact and fiction and it controls you to a
great extent. So you can use your own mind to your own benefit, by creating in it your dreams
as reality. Check this out. Go to the steps of your home, and stand on your lowest step, the one
8-10 in. from the ground level. You know to make that step is small. Now close your eyes and
dream of the highest location you have ever been in your life. See the clouds... see the birds..,
the little cars and people... or whatever you recall about the view, sense it, smell the air,
whatever brings to mind the highest location you have ever been. Now while doing this, with
your eyes still closed.., make that step forward... did you get a rush? Most do. I have even seen
people fall. That is your subconscious mind overruling your conscious mind. Now that you
understand this put it to work for you.

4. Establish timetables
With written goals, a dream book, prioritize and write timeframes to go with your goals and
dreams. Announce to yourself what you are about to accomplish. With your prayer book, goals,
and timetables never cease to add to them. I told you earlier you were a reflection of God... so
reflect “0 Lord, open my lips and my mouth will shout forth your praise.” Psalm 51:15

Set your goals and times without letting fear limit you. My only goal without a timetable is
eternal life, can‟t time that one. By having this one set I can go after all of the other ones,
without fear. Let me define fear for you.

False Evidence Appearing Real
Have you seen the ads no fear? No fear... what‟s it mean? Athletes must approach their game
with no fear of pain or injury to play it at their best. No fear makes the superstars. When I
played softball and semi-pro football I would throw my body fully into a play, never
considering injury. I once rode 2,000 lb. bulls. The older cowboys would say it‟s not a matter of
getting hurt, it‟s a matter of how bad. They all stopped riding, as I did, when they feared the
how bad. It‟s been said, “To approach life as if to die is to own life itself.” We lose this concept
somewhere after childhood... I say find it again.

5. Set Deadlines
Give it all you‟ve got, but set a deadline. Then re-evaluate times and goals. Plan realistically,
but remember information changes. As this happens, reset goals and times. If you fail to plan,
you plan to fail.

Use whatever system that keeps you on track, an organizer, a computer, a calendar, notes, or all.
Do use a system. There must be method to madness, so a sane person must use a system also.

6. Be Prepared
Sounds like a motto I learned as a boy. Information is rapidly changing in our age of computers,
so we must now, more than ever prepare for what we might encounter. Plan each goal, each
customer, each prospect, and each obstacle. By driving down a road you know the way better
for the next trip. By being prepared we accomplish our task better. When we see the obstacles
from afar off, they seem small. We can plan far ahead, is it best to go over the mountain, around
in, or through it? “Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.” Hebrews 12:1.

7. Plan and Use Your Skills
Let me begin this with skills I‟ve seen while hunting. Coyotes are pack hunters that use all of
their skills to fullness, both the weaknesses and the strengths. The older coyotes are toothless,
and the young are quick, but unlearned. The prey they attack are deer, keen of sight, hearing,
smell, and fleet of foot. The weaker older coyotes will approach a herd of deer out of the wind.
The deer smell then, not realizing they are weak, or toothless. As the deer flee, the quick young
unlearned coyotes appear driving the herd of deer into a trap of awaiting coyotes that are strong
and adept in skills of catching these unsuspecting deer.

Both in your organization and with yourself use both strengths and weaknesses to your fullness.
Develop the weakness, use the strength. Remember the 4 R‟s, the other 4 R’s.

Realize you were born for success
Remember you are still growing
Refuse to compare to others
Respond correctly to your shortcomings
"Focus on the things that are within your power to change and don't worry continually about
the things you can't change."

8. Seek Wisdom
You should never stop growing, seek wise council throughout life. Read books about anything
that relates to your chosen field. Duplicate success. If it ain‟t broke don‟t fix it, but when it
wears out, wisely replace it. Stay abreast of new better ideas that work.
        * By 2010 a staggering 69% of us will work from home full or part time. The average
        work from home income is $50,250.00 per year. This is an average between the part
        time who earn small amounts and the top earners who earn huge incomes.
                   Home Business Connection

           “Hard Facts About a Growing Industry”
•    Every week, more than 55,000 people in the United States alone sign up as network
     marketers- 150,000 per week worldwide.

•    In excess of 13 million people in the United States alone are distributors for network
     marketing companies; one in ten households have a direct seller.

•    In the United States sales in the network marketing industry are in the $30 billion range.
     Worldwide sales approach 90 billion.

•    Approximately 80 percent of network marketers are part-time and 20 percent are full-
     time people who work 30 hours a week or more in their business. For the vast majority
     of networkers, it is a “second job,” with the hope of $300 to $500 per month in auxiliary

•    Approximately 66 percent of distributors are between ages 25 and 44. Another 14
     percent fall into the 45 to 54 age bracket. Seniors over the age of 65 account for about 5
     percent of direct sellers.

•    About 8 percent of direct sellers have physical disabilities.

•    Over two-thirds of all network marketers have high school degrees or some college
     education, and 25 percent have a college degree or beyond.

•    75 percent of all network marketing distributors are women. Men account for 25
     percent. (Those numbers likely reflect the demographics of long-dominant companies
     like Avon and Mary Kay.) Recent growth in the industry has been among newer
     companies that have a more even balance between male and female distributors.

•    Throughout the world there are approximately 50 million network marketing
                                                            * Jeffery A. Babner

9. Don’t Quit
                                  When your luck is down
                                 And your world goes wrong
                                    When life’s all uphill
                                    And the road is long
                                     Keep your spirits high
                                   For through thick and thin
                                       You must carry on
                                        If you are to win
                                      Never mind if things
                                      Hold you back a bit
                                    You’ll come out on top
                                    But you mustn’t quit!!!

This poem is dear to me, because it has been given to me by my two older daughters, and my
wife, along with many friends. I could write to me about this for hours. It already has so many
clichés written about it. It is both the essence of true faith, and true love. Does this mean love,
and faith are the same?

We say ~ “Win one for the Gipper”. “Tough times never last, tough people do.” This is
where we rise to the occasion. When face with impossible situations, we see them as brilliantly
disguised opportunities. You too, have face impossible situations, and overcame them in a way
that would tend to raise the hair on one‟s arms. Use that situation over and over to build your
attitude of don‟t quit. Remember this victory each time defeat seems eminent. Your success rate
will climb if you use this over and over.

I‟ve been told by my teammates and family I can‟t see defeat, most times when we were in fact
beaten. I don‟t remember the losses. I do however remember the triple play in a game in the last
inning that won the game. I remember many home runs and double plays to win. I remember a
couple of grand slams to win, so the losses have faded. In most of these cases I visualized these
events before they happened. I have even picked out kid from the stands to give the ball to
should it happen. In some cases when it happened I would hang my head. Many thought it was
in prayer which was true, but sometimes it was to hide my welled up teary eyes. I think my
visualization in many cases created the event. See yourself a winner. And never quit.

Don't let people drag you down like crabs do to each other. In Florida we would go crabbing
and put the crabs we caught in a bucket. If you put 1 crab in a bucket by itself it will climb out
almost every time. However if you put a second crab in the bucket nether will get out. Why?
The second crab always pulls on the one trying to climb out and causes it to fall back down to
the bottom of the bucket. People are like that. They pull you down when they become jealous of
you striving for success.

                            Attitude Adjustment

10. Develop a Positive Attitude
“Stay on top of the bull or get out of the pen.” Maybe that is why a lot of upline leaders refuse
to discuss negatives. I suggest you put your failures behind you, however do learn from them.
Don‟t tie yourself to them though. Only develop positive, and strive daily to commit yourself to
being positive. A great friend and mentor, Ronny Kirkland says is best, “The power of a made
up mind.” The power of a made up mind may be knocked down, knocked back, and knocked
left or right, but always continues to its goal, and it is never stopped.

11. Accept Responsibility for Self
This is not a job. You are not stuck in a rut, a grave with both ends knocked out. You may
achieve your desires but you must accept responsibility to do it... not your upline, not your
company… but you. If you want to move faster than your sponsor, Do It! You may achieve
more success than any of us. We want you to. Set your pace and remember you answer to the
person in the mirror each morning. You can‟t lie to the person in the mirror and get away with

I have a friend who was bankrupt 3 times, twice in business, once personally. On the day of him
receiving a $10 million cashiers check for the sale of a successful business, I asked to what he
acclaimed his success. He had taken responsibility for failures, but he thanked God who picked
him up each time, a wife who endured him, and had this to say, “Believe me one success, will
overcome a multitude of failures.” A young man was raised in a Christian home by parents who
taught him to tithe 10% to God. At age 16 he went to work, and tithed. At age 33 he was a
millionaire. By age 43 he had the largest company in the world. By age 53 God was no longer
first, he had quit tithing, and was told he would not live to age 54. He accepted responsibility for
self, gave away millions, turned back to God, and lived to age 98. He was John D. Rockefeller.

Arlin Regan, a great mentor talks about being the right person instead of looking for the right
person. He passes this gift along from Willem Penn Patrick. Accept responsibility. Become a
problem solver. Be disciplined. Believe you are going to succeed. Do what it takes to succeed.
Don‟t expect others to do the work for you. Remember God gave us 24 hours a day. He gave
oxygen to breathe, water to drink, and food to eat. We all have limitations to overcome. Take
responsibility for your own limitations and overcome them.

12. Be Sold on What You Do! Expect God’s Favor
If you question what you do, make a list of all the positives, and then of all the negatives.
Nothing is perfect, but with this you can weigh the two to make a wise decision. Remember to
include the concept of this business, which is prospering, while helping others to prosper.

Conrad Hilton loved the hotel business. He began small with a hotel in San Antonio, El Paso,
and Wichita Falls. During the Great Depression lost all of them. He still held onto the fact that
he could succeed in the hotel business, even though he was broke and in debt, he went on to
become the first with an international hotel chain.

13. Show Enthusiasm
This is the day that the Lord has made, rejoice, and be glad in it. Always be cheerful, rejoice,
and greet people with gladness. They‟ll desire to be around you and your business. People want
to be part of something that is fun. Many people enter this business for the social, fun
environment. You may be their chance to escape a world of pressure, debt, and depression.

Some professionals think they are too good for cheerleading and hype. They‟re at a point in life
that this is below them. They have been stroked so much they don‟t know what it‟s like to be
starved for it. I try to point out how their success is what people want. If they become excited
that excitement is what people are drawn to. Shake the shackles of bondage, loosen the tie and
garters. Enjoy life. Freedom can‟t be bought, but it can be earned. If you‟re to high in life to step
back and earn freedom you will miss it. If you‟re too stuffy and unenthusiastic people will avoid
you-not be drawn to you.

Recall earlier in this book our experiment of the subconscious mind; enthusiasm is the factor
that will bring a decision to enter your business from that subconscious mind. I learned early on
as a coach what enthusiasm could do for a team. I have beaten better teams by coaching with
enthusiasm. One trick I taught my teams was to feed on the enthusiasm of the opposing team.
So when the opposing team got on a roll, my team would hear the crowd as cheering for them, it
worked more times than it failed.

14. Persistence...Ditto…Ditto…Then Repeat
This and not quitting may seem similar, they are in importance. Persistence creates habit, and
habit has you do things without hesitation. This leads to success if they are good habits.

Zig Ziglar, a great leader and mentor from Alabama, tells a story of Bernard and Jimmy Glenn,
about the old pitcher pump. A lot of effort goes into priming the pump and pumping the handle
because the cool water in Alabama comes from deep wells. As the story goes; Bernard pumps
and pumps and pumps and is about to quit. Jimmy reminds him to be persistent and finally the
water flows. After all the effort a steady, persistent pump keeps the cool water flowing.

I am reminded of the story of a family where the bread winner of the family was called into the
ministry, from a very high salaried job. In the course of things the family had to become
accustomed with living on a lot less. They prayed daily for their needs to be met. One of the
boys added to the prayer list, a shirt, size 7, and he would pray each day for this shirt. One of the
deacons owned a clothing store, and he heard of the need. He called the mom and told her he
had a dozen shirts size 7 in the inventory he wanted to son to have. That evening at prayer time
they brought the son a shirt . . . then another...then another . . . until a dozen shirts were given to
him. The son quickly took their prayer list and began removing several items he had been
praying for. When he was asked why he had removed these things he had been praying for he
replied, “After praying for 10 days for a shirt and receiving 12 shirts, the other things will be
sent to!” The moral... be persistent and have faith.

15. Desire All Your Dreams
Aim high, aim at the moon. If you only reach the sky, the clouds will still be at your feet. Maybe
you remember as a child you were taught the American Dream, anyone could grow up to be
president. Well in this business anyone can succeed to any level they desire, personal, financial,
or professional. Your dreams can be acquired. If this business has a hard part, I think this is it.
Most people don‟t want to dream to their true value. Like fleas in a petry dish, they jump, and
hit the lid so many times that they quit jumping. If life has banged your head get tough… break
the lid!

16. Self Discipline… Create it!
“You will seek me and find me, when you search for me with all of your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13.
You must be disciplined to search with all of your heart. Persistence creates habit; with a
measure of self discipline you create good habits. When faith is proven it is reality and faith no

17. Be Courageous Under Fire
Everyone will not like to see you striving for success… some because of fears they hold about
their own lives. Hold your head high, don‟t get offended, and don‟t let them discourage you.
You have a right to expect a true friend to support you. Handle the negative as it arises, ignore it
only in a group setting, come back to handle it one on one as not to ignore it until it festers. It is
like weeds in a garden, tend to it, don‟t just spend a lot of time with it, and discard it when
finished. Misery loves company, like weeds, that‟s why it must be discarded. A man received
much fame as a duck hunter, and trainer. He loved this sport very much. This same man held a
job with a boss that was very pessimistic, as most negative people are. The man on opening day
offered to take his boss hunting. He wanted to impress his boss, se he chose his best dog, and
carried the boss to the best location. As the sun rose the ducks began their flight, and the boss
shot down several ducks. The best dog was called upon to retrieve the ducks, and to everyone‟s
amazement the dog actually walked on water. The pessimistic boss looked at the man and
replied, “Could you not teach the dog to swim?” This is a good joke too keep in mind when in
the presence of pessimistic people.

I use to rodeo when I was growing up. At a rodeo one day I recall hearing a profound statement
from an old cowboy. We had carried a friend who was quite accomplished at riding electronic
bulls. You may recall the movie about the rhinestone cowboy or city cowboy who could ride the
electronic bulls. Well this was him in real life. He thought he was a real cowboy. Well we drew
our bulls and one by one we rode. It came to be my friend‟s turn and he rode a perfect 8 second
ride on a great bull. He dove off, landed on his feet and immediately threw up both hands with
victory signs at a screaming crowd and the real bull being a real bull, bulls eyed my friend and
sent him 10 ft. in the air. Reminded that he was in the pen with a real bull, the next time he got
his feet under him he found the nearest fence. As we snatched him over that fence I remember
an old cowboy, spitting tobacco and saying, “Boy if you don’t stay on top of that bull, get out of
the pen.” That‟s good advice. Stay on top of the bull or get away from it, in real life too!

18. Be Confident in Yourself
Some athletics have a very cocky air about them, many because of their high confidence level.
Sometimes this confidence comes across as arrogance, without crossing the line. Run hot or
cold, but run. Learn quickly, mistake or success it leaves time to run again.

19. Have Passion for Your Goals
Create within yourself a burning desire to have your goals met. Run on success, or adversity,
and you will be driven by inspiration or desperation. One of history‟s most successful naval
strategist Commander Semmes of the Confederate‟s Navy‟s ship Alabama, sank 65 ships,
commandeered 450 vessels, and caused more than $6 million in damages to commerce, and
trade. His ships wheel was recovered with his creed engraved in the wheel it read, “God helps
those that help themselves.”

                           Forming a Game Plan

20. Realistic Goal Time Tables
This may seem like a repeat of number 4, however after the last few steps you probably need to
review all goals and times. Be honest with the person in your morning mirror and realistic.
Think huge… be honest... stretch… don‟t break. I hope your upline has worked with you... but
now it is time for you to take over.

Start at the 90 day mark and set goals in numbers that it requires for a realistic stretch goal. It
may be something like building an organization of 50 SOHO‟s. Then divide that in half for the
45 day goal and then decide, to the day, what you need to accomplish. Remember to control the
things you can control, pass upline what you can‟t, and know the difference.

21. Set Times for Business
This is a given for full time people but part time must also establish work times, and work them.
How many hours per month, week, and day? Write them down. Respect other people‟s time,
this is the only asset in which we all, rich or poor, are equal. Use methods to use your time

Break your 7 day week into 21 segments. Morning, afternoon, and evening times - 7days. Mark
out the times for traditional work, family and God. Work what is left doing things that make
your goals happen. Don‟t get stuck on busy work. Also remember the organizer and log in all
work. Talk to people at work, on lunch breaks, at gas stations, everywhere and log those contact
names in your organizer, then follow up with an endless trail of contacts.

22. Determine Tools Needed
Determine what you can spend, what you need, and at what point do you add additional tools.
This may influence some of your timetables. Do what you can with what you have. Begin now.

23. Prospect List
Make a list of 100 or more and never stop adding to that list. Add to it daily, weekly, and
monthly. Determine how many prospects you need to see to reach your goals.

List everyone you can remember meeting. Don‟t keep anyone off the list due to status. High
status people are money motivated. You‟re looking for “anyone who wants more out of life than
what they have and are willing to do something to get it.” These people are the first one‟s you
want to contact.

24. Fliers...Cards...Mailers
This is an inexpensive way to contact prospects. You may want to create a generic letter to
create interest from those you know. Create a generic tool stating very little other than your
excitement and a time to get together.

I like the invitation approach. You go to a store, purchase 100 invitation cards, and mail them to
your list. You invite them to listen to a recorded call, listen to a conference call, look at a
presentation or give them a CD or DVD. If your company has an auto responder you can e-mail
them an invitation as well. From here you work with those who respond and drip on the one‟s
who don‟t. Dripping is simply a systematic continuing process of giving them additional
invitations to look at. Only stop inviting them when they say stop.

25. Presentations
You will need to step up very soon, and do one on one presentations. The next step is to do in
home presentations for small groups. Then comes the large groups. Move through these stages
as soon as possible.

This may be a stretch for you but you are only transacting information. I like home parties.
They‟re as easy as inviting and playing a DVD or sitting around a table sharing info. This is an
event and events create action. This is a relationship business make it fun.

26. New Representatives
Determine the number of new reps you need to sponsor to attain your goals and in what time
frame. Then do it and don‟t stop! This one I learned by trial and error. I became the director of
marketing for a networking company, my first such title, and I worked so much with the
downline, I stopped prospecting. I learned never to quit and never quit prospecting.

27. New Customers
Determine the amount of new customers you need to attain, and in what time frame. I also
recommend that you continue customer gathering. This will keep you aware of marketing
strategies and changes. The plus is that it adds profit.

28. Building Leaders
Jesus built the church with 12 disciples; one of them was very negative. Try to count his
downline today. How many leaders will you need? This is very important to you.

I‟ve heard it said leaders pop up like corks, and it‟s true, they seek out other leaders. Become a
leader by seeking out, from the successful people in your business, what it takes. Minor what
they do and attend as many events as you can to be around the leaders. They are the first to
show up and the last to leave.

                              Tools of the Trade
Success to all will be placing extreme value on your time. If you are doing this part time you
will need to have value in each minute you invest. The best way to value your time is to work
very smart, using every piece of technology that you have an extra dollar to invest into, as long
as it‟s time saving technology. Here are my suggestions:

29. Telecommunications
These include as of today‟s technology the telephone, internet services, auto responding c-mails,
800 incoming lines, 3 way calling, VOIP, recorded calls, conference calling, cellular phones,
beepers, voice mail, answering machines, and fax machines. This is almost a separate book in
itself. Everyone should have a phone, this is your best tool, begin now setting appointments for
today. Always ask if you have a moment and if this is a good time. Don‟t get into a question and
answer session, just get a sit down appointment soon. You will want to consider an 800 number
especially if you do any advertising. 3 way calls help you in building with your downline.
Conference calling is in a wave of growth. I recommend a 3 minute 800 message that you will
use on any advertisement. Record a personalized 3 minute overview or have a leader record one
with you as an intro person. Also conference calling works well to get people from across the
nation to hear an overview. I do and I recommend private calls. A private call is where I have a
number that dozens can call and hear an overview. It allows someone just beginning to invite
their contacts from across the nation to their private call information, personalized by their
leader, do them.

Fax on demand, and internet services are also recruiting tools being used in the industry. If you
can access credit card service providers you can sign up over the internet, or on your fax line.

With today‟s sign up online and doing presentations from phone calls and online, can create
nationwide growth. With the advent of automatic drip letters called auto responders and on line
sign up this can truly become a home based business. I still recommend that you create
relationships for long term success.

Beeper, voice mail, and answering machines are just another tool to stay in touch helping others
to create income with you. Cellular phones are a tool used during travel time, to increase my
time‟s value.

30. Computer
This is excellent as a tool to produce both, communications and additional tools such as fliers,
business cards, etc... That have a very professional look to them. This can become your center to
drive all of your communications.

As of this writing we are in the computer age. Online sign up, online flash presentations, online
recorded messages, automatic e-mails, e-mail cards, and even live video, and audio
presentations. This is a great tool to build with, but we are in a relationship business you must
create relationships. Help others in building business their business. The computer is a great
contact tool, but it is cold and unemotional. We still need to do group events often to encourage
those who meet over the internet to build a relationship business. I know some disagree with
this, but I personally have seen internet recruiters build and recruit hundreds with little
duplication due to not building that warm relationship.

31. Systems
With modern day systems helping create an automated contact method many people use what is
called autoresponders or autodialers. Autoresponders are simply a system of emails to make
contact in an ongoing method automatically. You plug in someone‟s email address and a series
of emails began to go out to them in a systematic manner. A lot of people use a "Hallmark or
American Greetings (C)" invitation e-card to make a first contact and then add anyone who
opens the e-card to their automated system for ongoing contact.

32. Calendar/Organizer
This may be an old fashion tool in this modern age, but there is not another that provides you
with the value of this tool. Again many seminars are written on this tool use one, use it wisely,
and it will pay you more dividends that any other.

33. Video Tapes, DVD’s
I have worked with Chris Sawyer who is the most efficient at proving this tool works. I met him
right out of his college days, and I even today kid him about never having a real job. The reason
he never had to go out and get a real job is because of his success in networking and his
effective use of videos. He was the assistant coach at Western Kentucky in charge of basketball
teams video swap program. He recorded the games and swapped them to the other coaches to
review games. When he got involved in his first company, he effectively reproduced
presentation videos and mailed them to people and sold them to his team to do the same. 1-le
had years he produced over 100,000 videos. This is one reason he became a million dollar
earner. They work, so use them!

34. Audio Tape, CD’s
This is one of my favorite presentation tools. It is pocket size, reasonably and easily mailed, and
very effective if you manage to get them to the prospects automobile. Most companies have one
available, if not you can make a generic tape explaining the benefits and the concept. There are
also tapes on the trade that target just the explanation of networking as a concept, and are very
effective in getting the attention of the prospect to a point you can close with a presentation.

35. Business Cards
Make some as soon as possible. Add three blank lines to the back to use with the prospect if
they don‟t have a card, to fill in the blank. This is the trade tool to identify people with, collect
them everywhere you go, and create a file for them. You may want to write some facts about the
person on the card for later use.

36. Tape Recorders, Dictaphone & Microcassette’s
These are valuable tools to use in your travels, with which you can record ideas and messages
for use at a later date.

37. Peak Interest Messages and Recorded Calls
With automated systems recorded 800 number 3 minute peak interest messages or a 3 minute
flash presentation on the web are great ways to do just that "peak someone’s interest". This
eliminates a lot of tire kickers and gives enough information to cause an opportunity seeker to
ask, "Tell me more?”

                               Prospecting ~ Ditto
This is your biggie to excel at. This is the lifeblood of the business. Those that are already
successful will have to agree; you do it, do it again, and then repeat. You may love it, hate it, but
you have to do it to succeed. It is best to learn to love it. Have a good time with it, do it in pairs,
and challenge each other art it. You may have to step out of your comfort zone to do this you
also have to challenge others to step out of their comfort zone also. I have gone out with my
downline, worked with them, just having a laugh at recruits response, and it ends up both my
downline and I have a laugh on each other. Remember there is an old philosophy that says,
“When you have been given a gift of great value, you are obligated to share it with others many
times over.” I like the old saying, “What goes around, comes around.” So prospect around until
you are prospected back, then you have a new prospect.

38. Continue Your Prospect List
Back at number 23 we made a prospect list, didn‟t we. Now get it back out and continue it. Add
50 to 100 new names. Now you will begin to sort through these names, contacting them all,
looking for, “Those who want more out of life than they presently have.” Later we will sort the
one‟s left to see those that want more when asked are you willing to do something to get it.
Here‟s what you need to learn, SWSWSW…Next... Some Will, Some Won’t, So What, Next.

Many teach there is power in width, however with programs such as binaries there is also power
in depth. I just say there is power in new reps anywhere.

Think of the story of the sower. Some seeds fell on good ground, some on rock, and some
among the thistles. Your opportunity is those seeds, as you spread it the same thing will occur.
When it is received, and raises up to produce seed, it has been received by a new rep, as a seed
on good ground. Some, as that seed on rock will spring up with much excitement; they however
will not root themselves by following good patterns. They will fade away as the seed that dies
for lack of root. Some will as the seed among the thistles, go out into a negative world, be told
how only some can do it, or how it won‟t work, and they‟ll be choked out. SWSWSW…Next.
Continue to drip or add new info to the list you have created. Things change, continue to
communicate until someone tells you to stop.

If I had the power to carry you into the future in a time machine and as we endeavored to
succeed you could skip over the trials, and see the final result, I believe you would find many,
many, reps in your downline. I also believe very few of you would find that you will be among
the same friends that you are now. You will make many new friends. Enjoy a business that is
untraditional and will bring you many newfound friends.

39. Referrals
Ask for referrals from everyone you talk to. If I go to a strange town I just ask people, whom do
you know that does one of those networking things? Also if you ask for referrals some of your
no‟s will turn into reps. When you return to tell them the person they referred to you is getting
in and would like to have that person placed with them.

The inactive rep concept or center of influence concept will work with referrals. Many people
who don‟t have time will do this business because they know people who do have time and need
extra income. I‟ve never known one yet who didn‟t cash the checks when they arrived in the
mailbox. I‟ve had doctors, governors, senators, and many inactive center of influence people
make referrals. They call, ask someone to listen to you, and you do the rest. With this approach
time is not an objection. Larry Lou, another great mentor, has worked with 3 different governors
in Alabama. He is the best at using this concept, I know. He sees people from referrals many
times each day. He has an endless supply of leads.
40. Second Party Prospecting
You can work referrals for yourself, or for anyone else in the fashion of second party. You may
send a card or letter, or you may call them up, and say... Hello, I am __________.

You don‟t know me, but we have a mutual friend/acquaintance. He/She respects your valued
opinion, and would like you to view/listen to a tape I would like to mail you, and give him/her
your input on this opportunity. To what address may I mail this tape? Or go straight to the hunt.
We would like to have your opinion on this opportunity I‟ll only take a few minutes of your
time. May I meet you at ____ for a soda. You have a lot to gain and little to lose, so use this
method often.

41. Cold Prospecting
You could build a business on just cold prospecting if you did it on a regular timeframe. You
may have to laugh at yourself and others. It may take a big step out of your comfort zone to start
it, but it works. I cold prospected a manager once with a blank audio tape. As the story goes I
sold all the tapes I had at a presentation. I was riding with a new rep who said you have no tools
what are you going to do? I stopped as a mini mart, bought a pack of blank tapes and told the
rep they never listen to the tape anyway and all I want is a set appointment. We stopped at a
burger store and I struck up a conversation with the manager using the FORM method. I then
gave the manager a blank tape with a appointment being set for next week. Next week came, the
manager actually listened to a blank tape, but here‟s the moral. I got an appointment and a open

Here‟s the FORM Method, remember use form, not style:

Family Occupation Recreation Money
Start a conversation; ask about each of the above. Do you have children? Like your job? Etc...
Then wait for a negative response, i.e. I can‟t afford braces...Just found out my child needs
glasses...I hate my job. ..I‟m not able to buy the boat I want…Can‟t make ends meet. You reply,
“I think I can help.” Get their information. Take one of your cards, the card with 3 blank lines,
ask them to fill in the blanks, and set an appointment.

Remember like on a fishing trip, throw out the bait, let them play with it, don‟t jerk their mouths
off, wait, then make your move. Get a way to contact them later and set an appointment. You
want to reach a place of sitting with them and openly discussing our opportunity.

42. Advertising
This is becoming extremely popular today, especially with internet services. Most companies
have rules about this, however as long as you advertise in a generic fashion, not making mention
of a company, you should be okay. I like to target specific groups when advertising. One of my
favorite is to target coaches, preachers, and teachers. Infomercial TV and radio have become
very popular. I like to work local market areas where with luncheons you can come face to face.
They now have leads over the internet that are local. Purchased leads are popular and if you can
turn them into warm market face to face it gets better.

43. Seminars, Trade Shows
People attend these events looking for an opportunity. Go take business cards and get business
cards. Networking is about meeting people anywhere they gather. So go!

44. Mailers
Your brochures, fliers, and such are excellent tools, but if it is cold mailings you will need to
produce large mailings for numbers, many mailings return 1% or less. Try to target people who
respond to other forms of prospecting. You will need to use something very short, and very eye

  Positive, Persuasive, Enthusiastic Presentations

45. First Impressions
People will only be impressed with what you know only if they feel you have an interest in their
well being. You must produce a caring nature. Use a method to recognize guest and try to
remember their names. Their names are the sweetest words they can hear. First impressions
count huge, especially if you are the leader. The leader must remain positive and enthusiastic
the entire time.

46. Keep Your Presentation Short
Open presentations should start at a definite time; I like odd time like 7:05 or 7:15, and end on
time. Opens should be 1 hour or less. Training need to brake regularly if they go beyond 1 hour.
Tapes must deliver their message in 15-20 minutes or you lose your audience. Remember be
timely. Time is our valued asset.

47. Know Your Presentation Well
The leader should know the presentation well. As the leader you may chose to train others by
having them take part in the presentation, which is excellent to get people to step up and become
leaders. Always, always, close with a leader that can correct any mishaps with style and
48. Keep Presentations Simple and Fun
Guest want to know it is simple to begin part time and that they can do it. They are also drawn
to a social group that is having a good time and smiling.

49. Be Basic on the Compensation
Show the guest enough to understand they can realize a profit and that there is a good
compensation plan for future growth. They need to understand that even part-time they can earn
a profit and build a future. Don‟t get them bogged down in training. The first presentation leaves
enough to think about.

50. Tell What’s in It for Them
Be a story teller. People like to hear stories with which they can relate to. Let new reps share
experiences and stories as soon as possible, this tells the guest, “A new rep can do it.” Also
cover why now is the time and tell them earnestly, “why, when and how.”

51. Cover the Company, Industry, and Product/Service
Give enough information for the guest to arrive at the company‟s creditability, without drawn
details. The industry/concept has creditability. Many fortune 500 companies are marketing their
products or services through networking, because they understand it is growing and that it is
working. The media continues to publish and misrepresent many details about networking,
trying to term it as pyramids or illegal. I ask why? Could it be that the media sees advertising
dollars going into the pockets of everyday people, who advertise in networking by word of
mouth. I say absolutely. Finally explain the product/service and it‟s advantages and

52. Be a Professional
Be caring, positive, persuasive, enthusiastic, and professional. You control the meeting, have
questions held until the end, only field questions in a group setting if you are very confident in
your ability to not only answer them, but to overcome any negativity that arises. There is an old
saying that the eyes are the windows to our souls. You will first be taught to look at the tops of
people‟s heads during presentations, but as your confidence improves, look into their eyes and
mirror their behavior. The visual people, “The I sees,” will follow you better. The plus is you
begin to realize better how you are being heard and understood. You will also find the auditory
people or the “I hear you,” and the kinesthetic people begin to recognize them all. You must
arouse an eager desire in each of these types of people.
53. Give Testimonials
Keep them brief, but tell many stories affecting your business. Involve the new reps in this area,
adding to the, “Anyone can do it,” attitude. A good story to tell is also fun to listen to.

54. Use Open Meeting and Sponsors
Arrive early, stay late, and attend as many functions as you can. Your involvement may help
someone else even if you don‟t have a prospect. Move outside of your circle to find out how
others are doing the business. These are the best of times to gather information. Let each new
rep feel welcomed and that you are there to help in their endeavor. This helps them feel they
have made a good decision.

55. Practice, Practice, Practice
This may not be Carnegie Hall, but practice is how you get there. Each time you repeat it, it
becomes easier.

                    Don’t Sell, But Make a Close
Galileo said, “You can not teach a man anything, you may only help him to find it within
himself” If you sell them in, be prepared to carry them anywhere you would have them go. I‟m
saying you will do it all for them.

56. Rejection is of the Opportunity
Remain aware that rejection is not about you, but about the understanding they received of the
opportunity. You have freely given them an opportunity and opportunities present themselves
many times, but they must see it to own it. Don‟t burn bridges; you may pass this way again, so
leave an opening to return.

57. Don’t Argue or Show Frustration
Mathew 5:25 tells us to agree with our adversary quickly. Don‟t ever use the 3 C’s:
Criticize Complain, and Condemn, with a new prospect. Don‟t B.S. them. That attacks the
belief system. Remember SWSWSW…Next.

Aesop, a Greek slave spun many fables of wisdom, one was that the sun with its warmth could
create within one a desire to remove their coat, more quickly than the wind could rip one from
their coat. A friendly approach can change people‟s minds more readily than an argument.
An atheist and a Christian were discussing one day their beliefs in a supreme being. The atheist
began to argue and stated that God was only good for extra holidays. The Christian calmly
replied, “You atheist have a holiday too.” Quite taken back the atheist asked to what he was
talking about. The Christian simply replied, “You have April Fools Day.”

58. Cover Common Objections Right Away
Remember, be prepared. Walk a mile in their shoes if you can, see through their eyes. Socrates
created a method of asking questions that his opponent would respond to positively, until they
would embrace his conclusion as their own.

No Time? What this person needs is to invest a little of their valuable time today in a way that
frees them in the future. If you continue to do today what you have done in the past, you‟ll have
the same tomorrow. You must change for different results.

Can‟t sell? Networking is sharing if you like the product/service and company. You simply
share your opinions. When you buy an automobile you like, you tell others about it. They may
go to the same dealer, and buy the same vehicle, all because of your recommendation. You earn
nothing, but you shared your belief. Same with a restaurant you find and like. This is that
concept, except you earn for doing it.

Can‟t talk to people? If you won the lottery, but had to do an advertisement to receive it, would
you do it? Help others by helping yourself and make new friends.

59. No’s Always Need New Information
To change a no to a yes you must input new information. The prospect must openly receive this
new or additional information. In fact they may be saying to you I need more information.
Either provide new information, or leave an opening to return with more information later.
Troubles, don‟t curse them, don‟t nurse them, just disperse them, and reverse them.

60. You May be Their Last Hope
You must present it as if it‟s their last golden opportunity they will ever embrace. Russell
Conwell tells the story called Acres of Diamonds. It is a story about an African farmer who
having heard of the great wealth diamond mines were producing. He sold his farm and set out
to find his fortune, only to die later, dead broke. However, back on the farm the new owner
discovered a large piece of crystallite, which he placed on his mantle. He was later told it was a
diamond. Upon checking he had the largest diamond discovered at that time. Had the owner
knew what a diamond in the ruff looked like he would have discovered his fortune.

I try to close with a thought at presentations; one is about the 1849 gold rushes. I remind
everyone they may be looking at their gold nugget that could carry them to the mother load.
61. The Hidden No
This is the timing, is no right? No. Many times the prospect will not tell you that the timing is
just not right. Like the old saying you can lead a horse to water but you can‟t make him drink.
You may know you are about to cross a desert, but if the horse is not thirsty he won‟t drink.
This prospect may have things going on in their life you don‟t know about. The timing may
simply be wrong. If his doctor just told him he has one week to live or the wife just told him she
wants a divorce, he may not share these things with you, but he most likely doesn‟t have a
desire to start a new business tonight. Simply move on, check back later.

62. Use Your Upline
Franchises have a high rate of success due to the support they receive from processes tried and
true. Look to tried and true upline sponsors. They want to see you be successful. A wise man
once said, the oceans will not wash away the mountain, but instead raises up the mountain and
the mountain pays homage with a thousand cool springs.

63. You’re in the Sorting Business
M.LM. is very simple, you simply sort through a continuous series of people who are looking
for those who want more in life and are awaiting an opportunity to earn more.

If I gave you a boat of oysters and told you one contained a pearl worth millions and would split
it with you, would you quit before you opened the last oyster? This business is like that, there is
a world of pearls out there.

If I dropped a bag worth a million dollars on top of a mountain and told you about it, would you
climb it?

                   Start a New Rep Immediately

64. Seek Commitment

"Don't cast your pearls before the swine."

Demosthenes, a Greek orator said: “Small opportunities are often the beginning of large
enterprises.” This is very true with M.L.M. So understand your reps vision from day one. His
vision may be a large enterprise. So seek a commitment and see their vision without limitation.

Opportunity seeks you out many times in life, even if you turn it down. Remember one
successful opportunity will overcome a multitude of failures. I like to reverse Matthew 7:7,
“knock on their door, seek them out, and ask”

65. Understand Their Desires
Build on their commitment, by creating desires within them. These are their drive to meet their
goals. If you know them you can help them. If their desires and drive are beyond yours don‟t
limit them. Have your upline work with them. Do unto others as you would have them do unto

You need to know the why of each of your leaders. They will hit hard times. They will want to
quit. Remind them of their own why, so they will see the value in continuing.

66. Know Them Personally
Make a new friend. I believe they need a team of 2 A.S.A.P., you may be it. I try to sponsor a
rep‟s close friend, soon someone; together with them will create a team.

67. Focus
If you‟ve helped the rep as described, you can now help them focus. You help them in slow
times, without pushing them faster than they desire to move. I believe in positive affirmation.
My dad use to say “better to have the good will of a bad dog, than to have the ill will.” Never
meant a lot to me until one day I was trapped between some older kids in my neighborhood and
a neighbor‟s bad dog. In the past, I had not picked on the dog and had given him bread. The dog
allowed me to escape through his territory, while holding the older boys at bay!

68. Perseverance
Proverbs 29:18 tells us “Where there is no vision the people perish”. Dreams and visions are
very close to being the same, and a man that chases fantasy is lost already. So, what is the
difference? Vision is brought to reality by perseverance. So now for you and your new rep,
guide by persevering.

69. Schedule Meetings
With your new rep, schedule one on one meeting for you both, as well as open meetings,
conference calls, etc... Get them started. If they will book some that they will do, write them in.
                                         Now You

70. The Book in Use
Cover the first 9 items in this book as soon as possible with you new reps, no later than the first
week. After completing the first 67 items in training with all new reps you are surely at the next
level. God bless you!

71. Recheck You
Pause for a moment, highlight this item. Check up on yourself, revaluate, and don‟t forget to
serve you. People watch your actions more than your words, so speak very loudly by actions.
Simply throw down a challenge and inspire the competitive spirit in you downline. You must
challenge your leaders. You know the leaders by long term action, not by their immediate
actions down or up. Let me explain it another way. I played a lot of softball, baseball, and
football. I quarterbacked for 2 minor or semipro football teams as a 3d string, last resort
quarterback. Lack of game experience, natural or physical attributes hurt me in playing time; but
I did find an edge. This is it! I believed in the people who surrounded me and I didn‟t ask them
to do more than they could. 1 asked them to do all they could and I believed in them. It helped
me through 2 seasons of 7 games each and a never beaten record with 2 appearances in the
championship bowl games that I never got off the bench in. Unbeaten record, but I sit on the
bench because the starting quarterback, the one with the talent, returned for the championship
game. With my limited talent and this one piece of advice we could win. I knew each player‟s
talent and I called on it when I needed it. I would call crucial plays to a player who was having a
terrible day. I would let that player know, „1 believed in him,” and I would tell him, “Don‟t let
me down.” Ninety percent of the time that player would excel and produce results. They would
talk about redeeming themselves and when I offered the chance at a crucial point in the series or
game, they would produce! It was my secret in winning those games. It was the tool I used to
reach my goal. My goal was simply to win.

Take a lesson from drug addicts and winos. They reach their goal almost each day. They don‟t
quit until they reach that goal. They will sell their body, beg, even kill before they quit. They get
their next fix or bottle of wine. That‟s committed!

                                  The Next Level
Are you ready for a black belt, a championship, the teacher of teachers? That‟s it teacher of
teachers, that‟s the next level. The level where you are the leader of leaders.
72. Build Leaders
Period. End of story. To go to the next level you must develop leaders that are teachers. You
must do in every level of your business, personally sponsored, second level, all levels, build
depth, even in a binary. Welcome help, use others in presentations, then have them become part
of training. Turn them loose to do their own meetings and trainings. Trainings are vital to build
leaders in your business.

The person that builds the most leaders on their first level will become the #1 earner and have
huge success.

73. Duplicate, Teach Duplication

"Is the master copy worth duplicating?" Make sure you do it right, then teach it. I‟ve said your
actions speak louder than words. Others are now watching you as their teacher. Small successes
delivered consistently pay off with championships. Every championship I have ever been a part
of took time and Consistent play.

In training animals I have used both positive and negative affirmation as a result of bad behavior
or dangerous behavior. For training I use positive affirmation. I find that rewarding good
behavior leads to good development. So I recommend you enforce your people‟s successes with
positive affirmation. Let them know you appreciate each and every success they have. This
reinforces their successes.

Ecclesiastes 4:9 tells us “Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their
labor.” Water hyacinth‟s duplicate themselves each day. One becomes two, two becomes four.
Four becomes eight, until in a matter of time half of a pond is covered, then in the next day it
can overtake the entire pond. This business also works like the water hyacinth. It may start
small, develop slowly, and then explode. Remember the story of the popcorn.

74. 80/20 Rule
You will need to recognize the leaders as they develop. Most businesses have a rule I call the
80/20 rule, it may not be exactly 80%, 20% but it will be very close. This simply means 20% of
the customers do 80% of the business. This is very similar 20% of your downline will do 80%
of the new business. So pick out these 20% and spend 80% of your valuable time developing

Great leaders have a greater belief in the abilities of their peoples potential then they have in
themselves. Confidence to the point of being cocky, you trained them, they have been trained by
the best, believe in you and believe in you, in them.

When an eagle builds a nest, she will begin with rough branches, followed by small branches,
layered into tiny branches, leaves, and straw. She then lays her eggs on the soft material, and
sits on them until they hatch. As the eaglets grow and develop, the mother will remove the straw
and leaves. Then the tiny branches, followed by the small branches. Each time the nest becomes
more uncomfortable until the eaglets leave the nest and fly. If they still remain in the nest she
will push them from the net forcing them to fly. You too must develop your people and at some
point they must fly.

                                  The Final Level
You are now that eagle, fly! You are on your own, so develop and don‟t forget self
development. Become a RINO >>>> Narrow focus with your eyes on your goal >>>> tough
skin so the naysayers have no effect on your belief >>>> 2,000 pounds of charging 40 MPH
singularly focused, goal oriented, human being that is going over, under or through any

75. Continued Development
Self critique yourself in a positive manner, but do it. Continue to seek ways to improve and
develop. Be positive. Remember if you peel a banana, you expect to find a banana. If you peel
an apple you expect an apple. If you are positive; peeled, you will still be positive. If you‟re
negative it to will develop. My example is this, if your worst enemy drops strychnine in your
coffee it will kill you, if you best friends, who means you no harm, accidentally drops
strychnine in your coffee if will just as certainly kill you. Doesn‟t matter from whence the
poison comes if you ingest it, to you the damage is done.

76. Self Aids
Seek out audio tapes, books, video tapes, CD‟s, DVD‟s, and seminars that will continue to
develop your growth in your field. I hope you will continue to enjoy seeing people develop to
their full potential, as well as developing your own potential to its fullest. That is what this
business is all about.

77. Wisdom is Knowledge Used Right
A wise man is always a man of knowledge. However, the most educated or knowledgeable man
will not always be a wise man. Think about this, it is biblical, man‟s true source of wisdom.

Doubt finds life by digging in the cemeteries of buried hopes. Faith finds life by scanning the
horizon at the darkest hour knowing there will soon be a magnificent sunrise. In the first life‟s
end, when you reach it and meet the maker I hope you can say, “Master life‟s journey has truly
been fantastic.” I hope the master can reply, “It has only prepared you for this, the finest hour of
glory, wealth beyond your dreams, health of the second life, and time eternal.”

I have saved the greatest bit of wisdom till now; knowing only those who desire to become
leaders would endeavor to the end of this book. Here it is, don‟t fake it- till you make it- claim it
now- no fake, I am favored of God you can be too. God will send the right people to you. Some
things must happen first - you must be ready. To whom much is given, much is required. Also
God won‟t give you more than you can handle, so strive to become a good steward, so you can
show you can handle more. Finally seek the 10 benefits of favor, by seeking the favor of God
daily. Be blessed, tell people you are blessed. My dear friend and brother, Danny Johnson
taught a sermon on the 10 benefits of favor and here they are for you to seek:

                  Ten Benefits of Favor Produces
       1.      Supernatural Increase and Promotion (Genesis 39:21)

       2.      Restoration of Everything the Enemy Has Stolen From You (Exodus 3:21)

       3.      Honor in the Midst of Adversities (Exodus 11:3)

       4.      Increased Assets Especially in the Area of Real Estate (Deuteronomy 33:23)

       5.      Greater Victories in the Midst of Greater Odds and Greater Impossibilities
               (Joshua 11:20)

       6.      Recognition Even When You Seem to be the Least Likely to succeed
               (1 Samuel 16:22)

       7.      Prominence and Preferential Treatment (Esther 2:17)

       8.      Petition‟s Granted Even by Ungodly Civil Authorities (Esther 5:8)

       9.      Policies, Rules, Regulations, and Laws Changed or Reversed to Your Advantage
               (Esther 8:5)

       10.     Battles Won in Which You Won‟t Fight, Because God Will Fight them For You
               (Psalm 44:3)

God Bless each of you in your endeavors and may you too duplicate. Remember some things
you see with your heart, in your heart is where a vision begins, raise up your vision in the heart
and bring about a reality by never giving up. The frog, the heron is trying to swallow, but
choking, shows the heron as the ultimate picture of a networker. “Never give up!” Dreams are
our hearts vision and dreams see us through forever. God bless you with wealth, health,
wisdom, and time.

In closing I want to share the story of our world‟s greatest networker. This is by man‟s standard
an impossible event. It is the only mira vie recorded in all four of the gospels. It is the only
recorded event in which Jesus asks a man for advice. It was recorded by other writer‟s of that
time. It was performed with a huge audience. It can not be written off by experts as a slightly
altered natural occurrence. It was, and could only be described as a miracle. It came at a time
when most of us would have quit. Jesus was tired, trying to escape the crowd, and needing rest.
He was escaping to the mountain with his chosen 12, and he found a great multitude. Jesus
asked Philip as to where they might buy bread to feed the multitude. The master needing rest,
tired, faced with an impossible task, and then comes Andrew. Hey, Lord I found lunch for you,
5 loaves and 2 fish, a lunch for the master, but enough for the master only. Faith had fed Jesus
and Andrew added what are these for, so many. Pay attention Jesus didn‟t acknowledge
Andrew‟s question or lack of faith. Jesus says have the crowd sit down. Then he gave thanks for
what was about to occur, check that, what was about to occur. Then he duplicated the fish and
loaves by breaking them, the multitude was fed, and 12 baskets of leftover food were collected.
When doubters arise, remember from disciples came the multitude of churches. It is a proven

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