Questions and answers about security system, accounting software, equity loan, debt consolidation, private jet and six sigma

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					 Questions and answers about security system,
    accounting software, equity loan, debt
    consolidation, private jet and six sigma

Question by americanka: What is the best home security system for a renter? Wireless? Do
you have to have a phone line?
I need a cost effective burglar alarm system. I rent so I need something I can take with me when I
leave. Do I need a monitoring service? Can you have a wireless system with no phone line? Is it
better to buy a DIY system online and then purchase monitoring separately?

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Answer by Michael
We had a wireless one when we rented. You don’t need a phone line, but you can hook one up that
dials your cell phone in case your alarm is going off. I think we got ours at Radio Shack. It was
pretty nice and had add-on’s that you could include in the system.

Question by geckogirlky: What is the best accounting software to use for a small retail store?
It must include an inventory database.?
I’ve been told that Sage Peachtree is the easiest to use but have read that it is nearly impossible to
run on a Windows 7 computer. My level of expertise in accounting is beginner. Thanks in advance
to all who answer with a legitimate response.

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Answer by angela
Try QuickBooks 2010; it walks the user through the setup procedure, has a tutorial, and should
answer your needs.

Question by oh crap.: What are my chances of getting a home equity loan?
Ok, my house is valued at 160,000
I have some where between 80,000-130,000 in built up equity.
I have never been late on a house payment and I am going through the bank where I have my
mortgage through. The only catch is is my credit isn’t the greatest. I am getting it to help pay
down my debt, and I am requesting about 20k. Thanks!

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Answer by kroshkaau
Hi there, yes I know it is difficult , but not impossible. Interest rates are not going up like they
were in the 1980s. I had a look at a website and found some really
great info on it. It certainly helped me.

Question by McChesney: Are there any debt consolidation companies that do bulk settlements
that clear your credit quickly?
I want to work with a debt consolidation company that pays off the debt on your credit report
quickly and have you pay them monthly. I do not want a consolidation company that only pays the
collectors as you pay them.
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Answer by ∞infiniti∞
There is no such animal.

Debt consolidation companies work this way: You agree to pay them a certain amount each

The debt consolidation company splits the amount among your creditors.

The debt consolidation company receives a commission of 10 to 15% of your payment from the

Your creditors are under no obligation to accept this arrangement from the debt consolidation
company. Participation is voluntary.

Your creditors can refuse to work with the debt consolidation company. They can opt to continue
to collect from you and subsequently take you to court.

Question by Christopher M: What are the most traveled private jet routes and/or cities in the

Well, it seems like some respondents are fans of Team America: World Police. The question is
asked in a business context, to know where the best place is to station multiple privately chartered
jets. Thanks.

Best answer:
My guess would be in general aviation airports on the coasts. Teterboro (NJ) has quite a few
private jet operators… Other airports that come to mind are Tamiami (FL) and Van Nuys (CA).
They both are close to big cities, without having the amount of traffic of a commercial airport.
Also, having these jets at strategic locations in the country would enable faster repositioning when
a client needs one. You might want to consider Aspen also, since the ski season will be starting

Question by ??: I am working on getting my Six Sigma Green Belt?
, just wondering which directions I can take my career with this, as I am not planning on staying
with my current company. I also want to eventually get my black belt. I am in the very early
stages of my career (3 years out of College). And just looking for some insight and advice from
seasoned professionals. In addition, if anyone has salary ranges for their suggestions I would
appreciate it.

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Answer by sks
Hello Jared

A career in quality is indeed an exciting one. You should look at it in a larger perspective. And Six
Sigma could be the right recipe for the same. This is simply because the techniques &
methodologies developed/consolidated here can be used beyond traditional quality control. It is all
about managing variations to reduce defects in virtually any thing. It can be sales & marketing,
services, BPO, software, heath care, financial sector and so on.

However, success also depends on the focus. It is equally important for you to stay focussed and
work relentlessly in that direction.

Finally about salaries, let me share with you some extracts from the 2006 annual salary survey
done by American Quality of Society (ASQ). It states, “The U.S. respondents who have
participated in Six Sigma training earn $ 3,115 to $ 36,118 more than those who haven’t
participated in this training. Similarly, the Canadian respondents who have participated in Six
Sigma training earn $ 1,795 to $ 31,270 more than their untrained counterparts”.

It also clearly mentions, “those quality professionals who have participated in Six Sigma training
earn higher average salaries than those quality professionals who haven’t”.

Hope this helps you.

With warm regards,


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