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									Vol. XIV Issue 1                                                        Harrison High School                                                 November 2009

 A New Chapter in HHS History:
 Getting to Know Ms. Laden
Jessica Peña
                            Music Editor
      One of the biggest changes in         of activities and clubs, and I observe    spare or free time that you might have     that it wasn’t very realistic compared
the high school this school year is our     teachers.                                 on occasion?                               to the real world. It was different than
new Assistant Principal, Ms. Jennifer                                                                                            Harrison. I really enjoy working in a
Laden. Ms. Laden is here pursuing           HH: Have you worked elsewhere prior       JL: I swim, read and go interior deco-     school with a diverse population.
her passion, working with students and      to coming to Harrison?                    rating shopping.
watching them grow into young adults.                                                                                            HH: What did you do after high
Recently, Ms. Laden sat down with the       JL: I was a social studies teacher        HH: Wow, interior decorating shop-         school?
Husky Herald and gave us a chance           for 13 years and I was a department       ping, that’s an interesting hobby. You
to learn more about her interests and       coordinator for the past three years at   mentioned reading; what’s your favorite    JL: I went to undergraduate school
background.                                 Fox Lane Middle and High School in        book?                                      at Holy Cross in Massachusetts to
                                            Bedford.                                                                             major in History. Then, I went to NYU
Husky Herald (HH): Have you always                                                    JL: I love To Kill A Mockingbird (by       for graduate school and received my
wanted to be an Assistant Principal?        HH: Are you married? Do you have          Harper Lee). I loved the character         teaching degree, and later Bank Street
                                            any kids?                                 Scout, because she was the ideal of        College for my administrative degree.
Jennifer Laden (JL): No actually, I                                                                                              Also I was in the business world for
initially worked in the business world in                                                                                        some time, in advertising.
advertising, but always enjoyed work-
ing with young people, so I decided to                                                                                           HH: What are your hopes for the
pursue a career in teaching.                                                                                                     future regarding the school and its
HH: What motivated you to become an
Assistant Principal?                                                                                                             JL: I’d like to use my experience to help
                                                                                                                                 teachers and students alike to reach
JL: Well I did a leadership program                                                                                              their goals through allowing them to
in graduate school for two years, and                                                                                            do the best they can do.
learned and thought more about how
the school functions as whole. When                                                                                              HH: What advice do you have for
I got the job here at Harrison, it was a                                                                                         freshmen as they embark on the high
great opportunity and the school really                                                                                          school journey?
had a great mix of kids.
                                                                                                                                 JL: Imagine yourself here in four years,
HH: Did you always imagine yourself                                                                                              accomplishing what you want to do
becoming an Assistant Principal?                                                                                                 here at school and being involved in
                                                                                                                                 activities. Also, enjoy your time with
JL: No, but it was a great challenge to                                                                                          your friends.
get out of my comfort zone. Also
I want to build a relationship with         Ms. Laden works in her office.                         Courtesy of Lauren Warshauer   HH: What’s your advice to seniors
students and make a difference in                                                                                                and perhaps juniors about the college
their lives.                                                                          youthful power, especially in women.       journey?
                                            JL: Yes I’m married and I have two        That book is such a classic.
HH: What are the details of your posi-      kids. I have a daughter who’s two years                                              JL: Think about what you want to
tion here at the school?                    old and I have a son who is three years   HH: It truly is. So where did you grow     achieve as you approach this next
                                            old. My kids keep me busy, which is       up?                                        phase of your life. When heading out to
JL: I’m in charge of students with          what I do with most of my free time.                                                 college or anywhere else, try to study
last names from A through K, to help                                                  JL: I grew up in Garden City, Long Is-     something that’s out of your comfort
and guide them. Also I’m in charge          HH: What do you do with any other         land. It was a bubble town in the sense    zone.

  Will you take the H1N1 flu shot when it becomes available ?
                                                                                                                       Photos and Text Courtesy of Lauren Warshauer

Dani Hurvitz, Senior: I wouldn’t get        Brendan O’Shea, Junior: No, be-           Ali Menniti, Freshman: I would not         Mike DiTursi, Sophomore: Yes be-
the H1N1 vaccine because I don’t know       cause people who need it more should      because I do not like needles. There       cause people across the world have
the long term effects it may present. I’m   get it first!                              are other ways of preventing swine         been infected and died of swine flu,
going to resist the flu by washing my                                                  flu, and the risks from the shot are not    and if a shot could prevent this, why
hands and staying healthy!                                                            worth it.                                  not get the shot?
Debate Team Debuts,
Exceeds Expectations
Christina Loguidice
                             Staff Writer                                                    Mr. Hertzig and members of the HHS Debate Team.   Courtesy of Lauren Warshauer
      Harrison High School offers an        leadership. Mr. Chetan Hertzig is a         and your opponent battle it out about         will be helped tremendously if you are
extensive variety of clubs that appeal      skilled former debate coach.                the specific topic. However, there are         unfamiliar about what to do. Everyone
to student interests. Yet one thing that           What exactly does debate in-         many rules and restrictions.                  gets involved. The matches are not
has been missing until now is a Debate      volve? Most of the students who joined             Competitions proceed as follows;       determined by who is the team’s best
team. Thanks to Mr. Hertzig, that all is    the club had no clue about this or the      you, your opponent and a judge are            debater; everyone has an equalized
changing.                                   procedures involved. Since everyone         placed in a classroom alone. Once             match. To ensure that you are suc-
      This new club is a positive in-       in the newly formed club is a beginner,     the competition begins, no eye contact        cessful at debate, you must be willing
fluence for students to interact with        that’s hasn’t been a problem. Debate is     is made between opponents. Instead,           to practice and be open to new ideas.
and debate against other schools.           a competition that resembles a sport.       each debater is allowed only to make          Even if you do not know the topic well,
Although it requires going to tourna-       It features quarter final, semi-final and     eye contact with the judge.                   you may want to research more about
ments outside of school, this important     final rounds. Similar to the sport of               In its initial season, the debate      it or go to an extra help session. When
commitment rewards students with a          tennis, brackets are used to determine      team is planning on attending two com-        all the hard work is over and you’ve
great time. The deadline for signing        who plays whom.                             petitions against other schools. There        finished debating, there are a number
up for the club has passed, but those              Some have expressed concern          is a lot of work required before you are      of awards given out. During the match,
interested still might be able to join.     that we will be going up against more       able to compete. For example, you             the judge will be mark down how many
      The first topic studied at the        skilled teams, full of older kids. Again,   need to have an opening argument,             speaker points you earn.
Debate Team meetings is “Civil Dis-         this fear is unfounded. The seniors         and must be ready to flow (a term used                At the end, the person who has
obedience.” The club will be debating       scheduled to be your debate rivals          in debate that describes the way you          tallied the most points gets an award
against other schools regarding this        won’t know any more than you do, as         take notes). Mr. Hertzig will make sure       recognizing their achievements during
topic, but not to worry – by attending      they are in the same beginner level.        that you are a master at this type of         the match. Finally, whoever wins the
the meetings, students quickly become       The competition pits beginners against      note-taking because your opponents            debate gets a trophy at the ceremony
a master of the subject. Learning           beginners, providing each school’s          in debate will be talking very fast, so it    after the match.
every necessary piece of information        team an even chance of winning.             will be difficult to take notes.                      There’s no debating how excit-
required and training to become more               The actual concept of debate is             Debate is just a fun interactive       ing this new team might become. The
advanced in debate technique is easy        that students are assigned to either an     activity to help you, so there is no need     students and faculty are eager to see
at Harrison High School, as we have         affirmative or negative side. That is the    to be nervous about debate competi-           this new team in action. As Reverend
the fortunate advantage of informed         position you will be supporting. You        tions or all the work. By the way, you        Jesse Jackson once said, “Deliberation
                                                                                                                                                        (Continued on page 5)

                 The Husky Herald
                      Staff 2009 - 2010
                     Emma Glass - Editor-in-chief
             Joni Cooper, Emily Singer – Managing Editors
                      Joey Loreti – Sports Editor
                                                                                                                                                 Courtesy of
                      Emma Adler - News Editor
                      Jessica Peña - Music Editor                                        Extreme Makeover:
                Lauren Warshauer - Photography Editor
                                 Staff Writers –
                                                                                         Harrison Edition
                                                                                        Alyssa Maida
                                                                                                                      Staff Writer
   Ashlee Alonso, Lexi Backer, Ardita Berisha, Rachel Breslin,
       Danielle Carpiniello, Amy Carton, Angelica Catalano,                                    Over the summer, Harrison High         brary that will feature news programs
  Alexa Coloccia, Raymond Corona, Caitlin Cullen, Jack Cusick,                          School underwent some changes to              during the day. The TV is not a dis-
 Jamie DeRosa, Julia Druckman, Thomas Falciglia, Kyle Friedman,                         improve the learning environment.             traction because it is on mute and has
 Taylor Friedwald, Alli Fuerst,Theo Gevirtz, Hannah Hochman,                            One of these changes was noticeable           subtitles for those interested in watch-
        Stephanie Irvine, Dominique James, Erik Johansen,                               right away. The hallways have been            ing. Sophomore Brian Lauro makes a
         Christina Loguidice, Alyssa Maida, Olivia Manley,                              painted a bright yellow, replacing last       good point. “The TV is a good addition
   Jewels Montes, Nicole Muto, Vincent Nicita, Camila Oblitas,                          year’s dull color. Alexa Basciano, a          because it will draw more people to
   Melina Parrello, David Polakoff, Mandy Quigley, Katie Rian,                          junior, shared her opinion about the          the library. Eventually, more students
         Toni Rizzaro, Luciana Romani, Mack Rosenberg,
       Spencer Rosenstein, Alexis Rubenstein, Izzy Sheck,                               color saying, “The wall colors this year      will check out books.”
       Sarina Tassone, Kosta Teverovskiy, Shannon Toohey,                               are very bright. Some students don’t                 The library recently has added
                      Angela Troia, Kelsi Wolf                                          like it, but I like it because it gives me    several titles, many of which were rec-
                                                                                        a wakeup call.”                               ommended by faculty members.
                      Gary Glauber – Faculty Adviser
                                                                                               The library has made quite a few              Since last year, the cleanliness
                       Special Thanks to Mr. Petrillo                                   changes as well. You now need your            of the cafeteria has been a major is-
                                                                                        student ID card to get into the library       sue. It is disrespectful to both the
                                                                                        and that card is scanned before stu-          school and the custodial staff when
  Our mission is to be the voice of Harrison High School by
                                                                                        dents can enter the library. “I don’t re-     students leave their messes on the
  professionally representing and informing our school with an                          ally like this new policy because I of-       tables or floors after they eat lunch.
  accurate and entertaining newspaper.                                                  ten don’t have my I.D. card on me and         This year, the school has mandated
                                                                                        without it I wouldn’t be allowed into the     that students must clean up after
                                                                                        library, even just to talk to a teacher,”     themselves. If not, the campus will be
  The Husky Herald is published by the journalism classes at                            said senior Marissa DeCarlo.                  completely shut down as punishment.
  Harrison High School. Editorial content of The Husky Herald                                  In addition, the entire library        That means no ordering in and, for se-
                                                                                        setup has been changed to a more              niors and juniors, no eating out. Senior
  reflects the opinions of the editors and staff, not necessarily that                   convenient and comfortable environ-           Willie Lukaswitz shares his views on
  of the Harrison High School faculty and administration. The                           ment. The magazine selection has              the matter: “It’s not fair to jeopardize
  staff of The Husky Herald encourages students to get involved                         been improved and now features a              the freedoms of being a senior while
  and have their opinions heard. If you have any questions, com-                        variety of genres and titles to satisfy       it’s the rest of the school that needs
  ments, or would like to respond to an article, please write to us.                    the interests of any student. The com-        to be punished.” This is one change
                                                                                        puter labs now have new Dell com-             that many seniors are unhappy about,
  Letters containing the writer’s name (and that are in good taste)                     puters. The laptops in the library have       especially because they often do not
  will be printed.                                                                      been replaced as well. There is also          eat in the cafeteria.
                                                                                        a new flat screen television in the li-

Husky Herald - Page 2
  Out Of The Box With
  WFAN’s Craig Carton
Amy Carton
                              Staff Writer
      The Husky Herald was given             back east and landing at WNEW. After       It’s not that they inspired me,
the opportunity to interview one of          18 months, I went to New Jersey and        but I was always interested in
WFAN’s radio personalities, the out-         hosted “The Jersey Guys” show for five      how they did what they did. I
spoken Craig Carton. Carton has              years and was “The Most Listened-to        owe my success to a number of
been broadcasting and hosting radio          FM Afternoon Show in America” and          “angels” who thought that I had
shows for almost 18 years. He began          nominated as “Talk Show Host of the        talent and gave me opportuni-
his radio career in Buffalo, and later       Year.” After those five years, I was of-    ties and of course, I owe it to
moved to Cleveland. He currently is          fered the chance to come back to NYC       myself, ‘cause I’m wildly enter-
back in New York, where he co-hosts          and work with Boom at WFAN.                taining, funny, handsome, and
the “Boomer and Carton” show with                                                       humbled by my success.
Boomer Esiason every morning on              HH: Were you nervous on your
WFAN. Carton emerged as a popular            first few days of the show, won-           HH: What kind of reactions
radio personality when he was one of         dering how people would respond            did you receive from fans
Jersey 101.5’s “Jersey Guys.” Carton         to Boomer and yourself? Do you             and family when you walked
began working for WFAN in 2007, and          ever feel nervous when meeting or          across the Brooklyn Bridge
has since been named one of “The             speaking with celebrities, athletes,       in nothing but a Giants jersey
100 Most Important and Influential Talk       etc.?                                      and a Speedo?
Show Hosts” for three years running.
When not on air, Craig Carton takes          CC: I wasn’t nervous, but I was anxious    CC: I made Boomer and my
part in charity and community service        and hopeful that Boom and I would          audience a bet that if the Gi-
events. He founded the Circle of Trust       click and get along on and off air.        ants beat the Cowboys in the
Foundation, donating its proceeds to         Secondly, I hoped the show would be        playoffs that I would walk the
children-based charities.                    entertaining and fresh every morning.      bridge in a Giants jersey and a
                                             I’ve been doing this for nearly 20 years   Giants Speedo. I always pay
HH: When did you start broadcast-            now, so I don’t get nervous at all upon    when I lose a bet as you should
ing on WFAN? What were your feel-            meeting celebs or speaking with them.      too -- great life lesson there!
ings going into that first day?               They are just people too and they eat,     They thought it was just “crazy Carton makes good on a lost bet. Courtesy of
                                             sleep, and go to the bathroom like you     Craig” being crazy. Of course             the Yanks and Giants. The Mets can
CC: I started on September 4th, 2007.        and I do.                                  my mom thought I needed to lose some      recover next year by spending $$$ on
I was very excited that first day be-                                                    weight, my dad thought my legs were       the right people.
cause making it to the morning show on       HH: You grew up in New Rochelle.           too skinny, and many women thought I
WFAN was something I never thought           Have you gone back to visit or talk        had stuffed the Speedo (which I did).     HH: Any plans to revive the “momo
would happen. It was clearly the best        to any of the children in the schools                                                bus” or “girl of the week” routines
professional opportunity I would ever        you attended?                              HH: You often speak on air about          next year?
have.                                                                                   your “inventions.” Do you seriously
                                             CC: I started a “School is Cool” cam-      have any plans to obtain patents or       CC: Nah, our show evolves and with
HH: Had you and Boomer ever met              paign in many of the cities I have lived   market any of these? Tell us about        that evolution, ideas and bits come
before you agreed to partner up for          and worked in, but I have not yet had      them.                                     and go.
the show?                                    the opportunity to return to New Ro-
                                             chelle in that capacity.                   CC: I attempted to go to market with        HH: How does it make you feel
CC: We met once before we                                                                        one of them, “Illuma Dog”,         when something you’ve “locked up”
signed our contracts and we                                                                      a dog collar and leash that        doesn’t pan out?
spoke on the phone a few                                                                         had built-in lights around it to
times as well.                                                                                   make it safer to walk your dog     CC: I feel great because I know my
                                                                                                 in dimly-lit or unlighted areas,   audience is gonna give me the busi-
HH: Did you ever think                                                                           but nothing ever came of it.       ness on it. I feel better when I’m right,
your show would become                                                                           I have a big announcement          though.
the number one rated                                                                             coming soon about a product
sports show in the New                                                                           I have developed that will be      HH: What advice do you have for
York morning radio mar-                                                                          available in November, but         kids aspiring to be a radio person-
ket?                                                                                             mum’s the word right now.          ality?

CC: My goal was to do a                                                                        HH: What’s next for Craig            CC: Figure out who and what you are
good show first and worry                                                                       Carton – are you planning            on the air. Remember it’s a show, so
about ratings second, but we                                                                   to do a TV show or are there         develop an on-air personality and be
were and are very fortunate Curious camel meets Craig Carton.                                  other ideas in the works?            unwavering about it. Don’t let anybody
                                                                        Courtesy of Amy Carton
that the show became popu-                                                                                                          ever tell you that you can’t or shouldn’t
lar very quickly. We jumped into the top                                              CC: I love doing radio and will never         do it. Follow your passion-- if that’s
five in the ratings within the first three  HH: How did you do in high school?          stop doing it, but yes, I have a develop-     what it is, great!
months. In 18 months, we achieved         When did you know you wanted to             ment deal with a major cable network
the goal of being the #1 ranked show      go into sports broadcasting as a            and we may be announcing something
in morning drive in NYC -- something      career?                                     by the end of this year -- so keep your
only Howard Stern has accomplished                                                    fingers crossed!
before in the last 25 years, being a      CC: I graduated 52 out of a class of
personality driven show without music     700 kids and probably could have done       HH: Your imitation of “Mad Dog”
and making it to #1.                      better, but I hated academics and did       Chris Russo is superb. Do you pride
                                          enough to not get punished, yet I did       yourself on any other imitations?
HH: Tell us a little about your back-     get punished for grades. Hmm….all I
ground in broadcasting prior to “The      knew when I graduated high school is        CC: Nah, I do a few and I’m sure they
Boomer and Carton Show.”                  that I would never wear a jacket and tie    are pretty lousy but it’s fun to do Mu-
                                          and have a 9-5 job. Sports broadcast-       hammad Ali, Tony Montana from Scar-
CC: I started doing radio in college for  ing wasn’t yet my goal, but I did have      face, Suzyn Waldman. I laugh when
fun to see if I liked it and I did. Right an interest in it.                          I do them, but I’m not sure if anybody
after college I got a job in Buffalo, NY,                                             else does.
at WGR Radio and made $12,000             HH: To whom do you owe your suc-
a year before taxes. I then went to       cess? Was there anyone in particu-          HH: How did you become a Mets and
Cleveland, Ohio, for one year and then    lar who inspired you to become a            Jets fan? Can the Mets recover from
moved to Philly for almost five years      radio personality?                          this season? How?
before I was nationally syndicated out                                                                                              Craig Carton ponders his next great invention.
of Florida where I moved in 1997. After   CC: I grew up listening to Howard           CC: I decided very young that those                                 Courtesy of
one year there, I went to Denver and      Stern, of course, and at some points        were my teams and I’ve stuck with
worked at two stations before coming      the Z-Morning Zoo with Scott Shannon.       them, maybe because my dad liked

                                                                                                                                              Husky Herald - Page 3
R.E.E.F. Club                                                                                                                          Snapshot:
                                                                                                                                       Photography and
Rescues Earth                                                                                                                            Film Club
Izzy Sheck
                                                                                                                                      Izzy Sheck
                             Staff Writer                                                              Courtesy of                                  Staff Writer
       Harrison High School is full of    environment. Styrofoam takes an in-          for recycling bins to be put in each of               One of the more intriguing clubs
clubs that are great for getting involved credibly long time to decompose, and         the classrooms so that paper could             offered here at Harrison High School
in the community. Being a part of a       remains in landfills for years, polluting     be recycled and recently, recycling            is the Photography and Film club. This
club is a fun way to learn about new      our environment. In addition, Styro-         bins have also been placed in the              club welcomes students who want to
things going on in the school, make       foam is threatening to our health. As        hallways as well. The problem here is          either learn about photography and film,
new friends, enjoy an afterschool ac-     Styrofoam melts, it releases carcino-        that people see the recycling bin and          or just get a good education on how best
tivity, and/or participate in community   gens into the food that is being held        think that their empty water bottles           to use a camera.
service. One club that I am really ex-    by the plate or bowl, thereby increas-       are supposed to be recycled in the                    There are “Digital Photography”
cited about is REEF club, (Rescuing       ing our chances of getting cancer. One       same bins that the paper is recycled           classes offered at the high school that
Earth’s Environmental Future).            way that this problem can be solved is       in. This causes many problems be-              involve taking high quality photographs
       Pollution on the part of                                                                      cause the water bottles          and using Photoshop to edit and im-
almost every country has left                                                                        cannot be recycled if            prove them. The class teaches about
us with a damaged environ-                                                                           they are put in the paper        the various elements and principles
ment that continues to wors-                                                                         bin. One of the things           of art and how to use them to make a
en. Environmental outreach                                                                           that the club hopes to           successful photo. This process is tough
programs have been trying                                                                            do is to educate the stu-        but rewarding, and leads to a great
to educate people about the                                                                          dents of our school to           photograph in the end. This class is a
current environmental situa-                                                                         learn how to recycle the         lot of fun; however, not everyone can
tion. It is imperative that we                                                                       right way.                       take the class.
make changes in the things                                                                                 In REEF club’s                    For those unable to take the class,
that we do each day to be-                                                                           first few meetings, new           but still interested in learning about
come a more eco-friendly                                                                             ideas were formulated            photography and editing, Photography
planet. “REEF club’s mission                                                                         about projects that can          and Film Club is a great way to go. Mr.
is school and community                                                                              help spread awareness            Petrillo, who teaches both Digital Pho-
education- based research                                                                            about global warming             tography as well as Studio in Art, is the
that leads to environmental                                                                           and pollution. One idea         advisor for the Photography and Film
awareness and action.” says Some conscientious R.E.E.F. club members. Courtesy of Lauren Warshauer that came up was plant-            club. Since this is a new club, fun ideas
club adviser Dr. Tyler. “This                                                                         ing flowers in the high          and activities are still being considered,
culminates in projects like environ-      by purchasing bio-                                          school courtyard. By do-        in relation to photography and film, of
mental cleanup and beautification and      degradable plates for the cafeteria.         ing this, not only would we be giving          course.
recycling projects.”                      These plates break down at a faster          the high school a nicer landscape,                    One idea that could really benefit
       REEF club is a great club to join  rate and are not harmful to the Earth.       but planting flowers is a great way to          the high school would be taking pictures
especially if you really care about the         Another issue discussed at             help the environment.                          of the students and displaying them
environment and how our actions now       REEF club meetings is the amount of                   If you are interested in join-        around the school in the hallways. A
will affect us in the future. For exam-   plastic water bottles that are wasted        ing this great club it meets most Fri-         similar idea was already executed at
ple, one of the major topics that the     each day by students at our school           days in D114, see Dr. Tyler, or club           Purchase Elementary School by Mr. Bob
members of REEF club have been            and by people around the world.              president, Adriana DiFazio, for more           Kalman. Mr. Kalman, a photographer,
discussing is how to switch from using    Plastic is another material that is very     information. REEF club is a fabulous           took pictures each year of the students
Styrofoam plates in the cafeteria to a    harmful to the environment. In the           way to get involved in the school and          who attended the school. He would
material that is less detrimental to the  past, REEF club has tried to arrange         help our planet, so try it!                    stand on the roof of the building and
                                                                                                                                      take pictures of the students standing
                                                                                                                                      in tight rows below him. The photo was
                                                                                                                                      placed in the main lobby of the school

 Be smart, be safe:
                                                                                                                                      where students, teachers, and parents
                                                                                                                                      were able to walk by and look for their
                                                                                                                                      face in the crowd.
                                                                                                                                             Mr. Kalman also wanted smaller

 Don’t text and drive                                                                                                                 pictures of students, so he and older stu-
                                                                                                                                      dents went around to each of the classes
                                                                                                                                      and took various photos of students dur-
                                                                                                                                      ing their classes. These smaller photos
                                                                                                                                      were then framed and hung in the school
Alyssa Maida
                              Staff Writer                                                                                            hallways. This would be a great way to
                                                                                                          Courtesy of Emma Glass      help decorate the inside of the school,
      Recently, text messaging has           a seemingly empty road, drivers put         thinks they have of the car, is safe         as well as a way for students to learn
become tremendously popular with             themselves, their passengers, and the       from an accident on the road. It only        how to capture real life people.
people of all ages. Adults in the busi-      other drivers on the road in danger.        takes a split second to lose focus and              Other activities under consider-
ness world rely on texting as a way of             The rise in text-related car crash-   control.                                     ation include pictures of Harrison High
quickly communicating with associ-           es has encouraged organizations to                 This past July, five high school       School athletes. These pictures could
ates. Teenagers everywhere, espe-            publicize the problem. The New York         seniors from Fairport High School            also be used by the yearbook or the
cially students here at Harrison High        Times has created an online game            were killed as an effect of texting          Husky Herald. Another idea would
School, can be found texting, even in        showing how easy it is to be distracted     while driving. On the day of the fatal       involve creating a website for the club
class! For some, it is impossible to go      behind the wheel by texting. Other          accident, they were driving to a par-        where new and interesting photos can
a day without checking one’s phone for       companies, like the cell phone car-         ent’s vacation house in upstate New          be uploaded and posted. These photos
messages. Unfortunately, teenagers’          rier AT&T, have launched educational        York late at night. The inexperienced        could be of anything, from colorful au-
addictions to their phones have caused       campaigns on the dangers of driving         driver was texting while she was driv-       tumn landscapes to still life portraits.
an increasingly fatal habit: texting while   while texting. Developers at Virtual        ing. Distracted, her SUV swerved                    With high quality photo ink being
driving.                                     Management, Inc. are starting to create     into oncoming traffic, hitting a tractor-     very expensive, and field trips to art gal-
      Statistics have shown that people      a device called the Electronic Virtual      trailer and bursting into flames. All five     leries also proving costly, there is a real
using cell phones in the car are four        Assistant (EVA). The EVA reads im-          passengers died on impact.                   need for this club to raise funds. One
times more likely to get into an ac-         portant email messages and text mes-               Texting while driving is a grow-      idea on how to do so might be to rent
cident than any other person on the          sages aloud to you while driving. This      ing problem throughout the world.            a movie that hasn’t yet been released
road. In addition, 46% of sixteen- and       prevents drivers from taking their eyes     Eighteen states have outlawed tex-           in theatres and play it in the HPAC. All
seventeen-year olds admit to texting         off the road to check a text message        ting while driving and several more          students in attendance would be asked
while driving. However, under any            or email. In addition, for less than $20    have placed restrictions on it. As of        to pay a fee. Club members think this
circumstances, choosing to text while        a month, the EVA allows you to dictate      November 1, texting while driving            would be a great idea, one that many
driving a car increases the chance of        messages back and sends them in a           now is illegal in New York State. The        students might enjoy.
having an accident tremendously.             wave file.                                   roads will become much safer if ev-                 If you have any cool ideas about
      Teenagers are the newest drivers             Many teens think that texting         eryone refuses to give in to the pull        fundraising or photo or film activities,
on the road. With the radio blasting and     while driving is no big deal. Since many    of answering that oh-so-important            please come to a meeting any Wednes-
friends in the back seat talking and         manage to do it without anything bad        text message that could end up killing       day after school in room B100 (Mr.
laughing, drivers are already distracted     ever happening, they falsely believe        another innocent driver. Texting while       Petrillo’s room). Even if you aren’t sure if
enough. By answering a text message          that they are safe. However, no one,        driving is no joke. Be smart. Don’t text     film and photography is your passion, all
while driving, even at a red light or on     no matter how much control he or she                                                     are welcome to take part in the club.
                                                                                         and drive.
Husky Herald - Page 4
Making a Difference
Alexa Coloccia and Taylor Friedwald
                             Staff Writers
      Kids For World Health is an or-                   We recently sat down to discuss
ganization created by a small group of            the good works of our KFWH’s chapter
concerned kids at Mamaroneck High
School in 2001. When their class
was studying Africa, they learned
                                                  with the advisor Mrs. Janessa Wilson.
                                                  We discussed the success of the “Lose
                                                  the Shoes” fundraiser and possible
                                                                                                      Great Debate
about Sleeping Sickness and the lack              plans for the upcoming year.                (Continued from page 2)
of medicines available to families in                   “Last year ‘Lose the Shoes’ was       and debate is the way you stir the soul           whole team exceeded Mr. Hertzig’s
Africa. Eighteen students reacted                 a soccer tournament to raise money to       of our democracy.”                                expectations.
strongly to this information, and felt            educate children in Africa about AIDS              Our school’s first “Novice” com-                  The second “Novice” tournament
that pharmaceutical companies and                 prevention and awareness,” said Mrs.        petition, debated at Bronx High School            took place on Saturday, November 7,
governments should react compas-                  Wilson. “We raised about $1,000 last        of Science, was a big success. Out of             at Monticello. This competition of the
sionately toward solving the problem.             year for this organization.”                over 100 participants competing, every            Metro-Hudson League proved chal-
The students started a letter-writing                   This year, KFWH hopes to get          member of Harrison’s debate team                  lenging. Still, members of the Har-
campaign to pharmaceutical compa-                 all the clubs together to form a walk-      came in within the top 50. Ally Brabant,          rison team impressed by placing 25
nies, and contacted the United Nations            a-thon with help from student govern-       who worked hard on her case, won all              and above. Ally Brabant stepped up
and the World Health Organization, as             ment. Mrs. Wilson also expressed            four of her round. She was awarded                her game to essentially win the entire
well as Doctors Without Borders. They             interest in getting a speaker to address    second place in the whole tournament              tournament! She came in first place,
met with the CEO of Bristol Meyers                the school community and help spread        overall.                                          winning all four of her rounds. Cayla
Squibb, and eventually started this               awareness about neglected diseases                 Other competitors doing well               Pettinato placed third out of the whole
                                                                                              included Ashley Muller and Cayla                  tournament, which gave Harrison’s
                                                                                              Pettinato, who each won three of                  team two of the top three overall posi-
                                                                                              their rounds with high speaker points,            tions. Angela Troia won fifth place in
                                                                                              placing fifteenth and eighteenth over-             her first-ever competition.
                                                                                              all, respectively. Robby Tiburzi just                   Other notable competitors in
                                                                                              missed making the top twenty, placing             that meet include Ashley Muller (tenth
                                                                                              21 overall. This reporter placed in the           place overall), Robby Tiburzi (eleventh
                                                                                              top 30 as well. Alison Midollo and                overall), and Richard Haddad (thir-
                                                                                              Richard Haddad also performed well,               teenth overall). Christina Loguidice
                                                                                              getting awarded high speaker points.              and Alison Midollo also placed within
                                                                                                     Overall, Ally, Ashley and Cayla            the top 25. The debate team is off to
                                                                                              were rewarded with medals, but the                a great start.

                                                                                              Footlight Players
    African children benefit from KFWH projects.                Courtesy of          Perform ‘The Heiress’
not-for-profit organization to help those          in Africa.                                  Emma Glass
in Africa.                                               Mrs. Wilson enjoys being an advi-
       In the eight years since its in-           sor for such a worthy cause.                      Under the expert direction of               involves a woman trying to marry off
ception, Kids For World Health has                       “In my first year teaching here       Ms. Nina Mansfield, the Harrison                  her niece, but I still think it appeals to
spread to other schools, including                at Harrison High School, the two boys       High School Drama Footlight Players               modern audiences. Love, greed, and
Harrison High School and LMK Middle               who are now Presidents of the KFWH          performed the play, “The Heiress,” in             betrayal are timeless messages.”
School. Here at the high school, the              Harrison chapter were interested in         the HPAC on Friday, November 20,                        The production featured Sarah
club is advised by Mrs. Wilson. Kids              starting a KFWH chapter at the high         Saturday November 21, and Sunday,                 Kaidanow as Catherine Sloper, op-
For World Health was first created to              school,” she said. “They came to me         November 22.                                      posite Devon Krobetsky’s Morris
bring awareness of neglected diseases             and asked if I would talk to Ms. Blunt,           “The Heiress,” by Ruth and Au-              Townsend. Supporting characters
in Africa. Now, however, KFWH also                one of the advisors of the LMK chap-        gustus Goetz, which was first produced             were played by Genevieve Scarano,
teaches kids about world wellness, en-            ter. I talked to her and we started a       on Broadway in 1947, is a play of “love,          Richard Haddad, Marisa Urgo, Kath-
vironmental wellness, and other health            chapter here. I thought, and still think    greed, and betrayal.” It follows the story        ryn Recchia, Mikie Sakana, Jillian
and wellness issues.                              that Kids For World Health is a great       of an awkward girl named Catherine                Lavin, Colin Dobell, Jose Porretti,
       Last year, Harrison High School            idea to have kids help out others and       Sloper, who falls in love with Morris             Chris Morris, and Amanda Araujo.
did a fund raiser called “Lose the                get involved.”                              Townsend, a handsome man who pur-                       The Sunday performance was
Shoes,” where people played soccer                          Kids For World Health needs       sues her solely for her fortune.                  followed by a 20 minute talk back stage
shoeless and donated their old shoes              all the support it can get, and would             “I advised Tom Blake last year,             with the cast and crew. The assistant
to charity. It was very successful and            appreciate anyone’s involvement.            but “The Heiress” is the first play I              director, Marisa Urgo, who also played
Kids For World Health hopes to do                 Even if a busy schedule precludes you       have directed at Harrison High School,”           Ms. Almond in the play, had the follow-
something similar later this school               from officially joining the club, KFWH       said Ms. Mansfield. “It was both chal-             ing to say about the production. “It has
year. The Middle School last year also            welcomes any effort to spread aware-        lenging and exciting working with the             been a great experience having the
had a very successful and busy year.              ness of the issues to friends and family.   actors. One of the best things about              opportunity to assistant direct and have
They hosted a visit from a “Lost Boy              KFWH encourages others to tell people       directing the play was researching the            an inside view of how shows are put
of Sudan” named John Bul Dau. He                  about the organization, and welcomes        time period (it is set in the 1850s) and          together. We had a lot of great actors
came to the middle school and gave                those who can also help raise money         instructing the actors to talk and act like       who put their all into the play and I am
a powerful speech about his journey               to donate to its selected charities. If     people of that time period.”                      happy to say that it was an amazing
with the other lost boys. The school              you have any interest in helping with       She continued, “The play may have                 production.”
watched a clip of his documentary                 fundraisers and events, please talk to      seemed a bit dated as the premise
about the lost boys of Sudan. KFWH                Mrs. Wilson and get involved. KFWH is
donated money to his organization to              an amazing organization. You can find
help build hospitals in Africa.                   additional information at their website,
       Of course, they also had Well-    Kids For World Health
ness Week, starting off with the Well-            is an amazing organization that can
ness Week Fair. The fair was a lot of             make a difference in our community
fun, as well as a great way to start off a        and world, especially with your sup-
week full of world, environmental, and            port.
health/wellness awareness.

            Congratulations to the Husky Herald for
           winning a Silver Medal Certificate from the
            Columbia Scholastic Press Association.
                                                                                                “The Heiress” in rehearsal.                                     Courtesy of Emma Glass

                                                                                                                                                          Husky Herald - Page 5
Varsity Club Debuts Planet’s Discovery
                                                                                                Rocks Astronomy World
Joey Loreti
                             Sports Editor
          A new club at Harrison High       the gym in order to increase student
 School is the Varsity Club, named for      awareness as to sport events: who
 and run by varsity athletes. The club      will be playing, when, and where.                   Katie Rian and Luciana Romani
 supervisor is Coach Loughlin, while        Also, all club members are encour-                                         Staff Writers
 senior athletes Nicole Nannariello         aged to attend as many sporting                            Astronomers recently found a                  ellite looks like and we found a unique
 and Jack Molloy are co-presidents.         events during the week as possible,                 small planet in a different solar system             system.”
 Jenna Grippo is Vice-President, while      providing help with designing posters               that has firm ground, similar to Earth.                      Scientists have been measur-
 the other officers are Sasha Tharani,       and banners to cheer on all varsity                 First discovered in February of this                 ing its density to prove that it does in
 Secretary, and Marina Andrade, Trea-       athletes.                                           year, this planet gave scientists new                fact have a solid surface. Only four
 surer. Initially                                                          The c lub            hope. Scientists state that a planet                 planets in our system have a solid
 proposed by                                                         also works                 must have a solid surface in order for               surface: Earth, Mercury, Venus, and
 Coach Siob-                                                         together out-              life to begin. According to Associated               Mars. While the planet’s diameter
 han Loughlin,                                                       s i d e o f va r-          Press science writer Seth Borenstein,                is about 80% larger than the Earth’s,
 the idea be-                                                        sity spor ts,              this is the first discovery in our enor-              the density values were worked out
 hind the club                                                       as there are               m o us unive r s e                                                         from data collect-
 is to spread                                                        groups within              that has a solid                                                           ed by the HARPS
 school spirit                                                       the club and               surface. Perhaps                                                           (High Accuracy Ra-
 and suppor t                                                        planned for the            that means there                                                           dial Velocity Planet
 for all varsity                                                     club, such as:             are better odds of                                                         Searcher) at the La
 spor ts. For                                                        Cross Country              finding extrater-                                                          Silla Observatory.
 a long while,                                                       Path Clean Up,             restrial life.                                                             The planet’s mass
 o n l y a f e w Co-President Nicole Nannariello.                    Suppor t the                      Borenstein                                                          is estimated to be
 teams at HHS                                  Courtesy of Yearbook Troops, Coor-
                                                                                                notes that, “over                                                          five times that of
 have had the full support of the stu-      dinator for Game/Match of the week,                 the years, scien- The hot but solid surface of Planet Corot 7-B. Earth, which means
 dent body. Varsity Club’s goal is to       Team Support Days, Habitat for                      tists and astrono-                       Courtesy of The Telegraph UK its density is simi-
 spread that support to include sports      Humanity, Nike Shoe Collection, and                 mers have found more than 300                        lar.
 that struggle in regard to student at-     many others that Ms. Loughlin hopes                 planets outside our solar system, but                       Corot-7b is as close in size as
 tendance.                                  to kick off in the near future.                     most were just gas balls or couldn’t be              any other planet is to Earth. Its radius
        The growing club currently has             “My main goal is to spread                   proven to be solid.” He claims this re-              is 1.5 times bigger than Earth’s. Now
 about 30 members and meets weekly.         school spirit for all athletes, varsity             cent discovery by a group of European                that scientists have found a planet so
 Among the club’s goals moving              and junior varsity,” said Coach Lough-              astronomers is in fact a very big deal.              similar to Earth, they are very confident
 forward is to hang a “Who is Home          lin, “and to bring back the pride of                It means that the chances increase that              they will soon find other planets like
 Today” bulletin board on the side of       Harrison athletics.”                                other similar planets can be found.                  Corot-7b, and perhaps even ones that
                                                                                                       “We basically live on a rock                  could maintain life (as we know it).

Show Your Colors
                                                                                                ourselves,” says co-discoverer Artie                        Chances of possibly living on
                                                                                                Hatzes, director of the Thuringer                    another planet are very slim, noted
                                                                                                observatory in                                                                science teacher
                                                                                                Germany. “It’s                                                                Mr. Paul Haley.
Jessica Peña                                                                                    as close to                                                                   “Living so close
                              Music Editor                                                      something like                                                                to a sun would be
                                                                                                the Earth that                                                                impos sible be -
       Are you looking for something                    “In the routines, there are times       we’ve found so                                                                cause it would be
productive to do that will look great on         where you need to hold the flag up              far. It’s just a                                                              too hot,” he said.
your high school resume? Look no fur-            high by the pole for a long amount of          little too close                                                              “It might be pos-
ther than the band room – your future            time,” says Coach McNamara. Being              to its sun.”                                                                  sible to live on a
in the Color Guard awaits you!                   a member of the school’s Color Guard                  According                                                              planet if advanced
       “Color Guard is the art of master-        offers a challenging physical and men-         to Mark Hen-                                                                  technology were
ing a five-foot pole flag or sometimes             tal workout.                                   derson, science                                                               used to create a
six and spinning and flipping it up in                   Holding the flag is not the only         editor of The According to Mr. Haley, we won’t be living on such a b u b b l e a r o u n d
the air while marching,” says Elizabeth          workout you get. The members also              London Times, planet anytime soon.                Courtesy of Emma Glass such a planet to
McNamara, the coach of the Guard.                have to dance. Being a part of the             this discovery from the Corot planet-                hold in oxygen.”
“We march with the marching band on              Guard involves some footwork while             hunting space observatory occurred                          This recent discovery improves
parades, go to the football games, and           performing.                                    in the constellation Monoceros, or the               the chances of a planet like Earth be-
do competitions. We competed at San                     “Two years ago, we did a dance          Unicorn.                                             ing discovered. It might even increase
Francisco, CA, Nashville, TN, and this           routine that was coordinated by Ms.                   This new planet is 23 times closer            the chances of finding other life within
year we are competing at Philadelphia,           Gregory, and it was fun,” said one             to its sun than Mercury is to our sun.               the universe. Our science teachers
PA. Last year we went to Disney at               member of the color guard. “But even           In fact, this new planet is so close to              agreed.
Orlando, FL. It was spectacular.”                though it was exciting, it was somewhat        its sun that its surface temperature is                     “Drake’s equation suggests that a
       The Color Guard goes to com-              difficult because some of us aren’t very        more than 3,600 degrees Fahrenheit                   large number of extraterrestrial civiliza-
petitions every year, competing with             coordinated, foot-wise.”                       during its days, and minus 330 degrees               tions would form,” said Mr. Frank Na-
other schools in the                                                              Last but      at nights, extremes that are too hot and             politano, Harrison’s resident astronomy
country. At Nash-                                                            not least, join-   cold to sustain human life. This planet              teacher. “Therefore, it seems very like-
ville, t he band                                                             ing the Color      circles its star in a mere 20 hours, com-            ly that life on other planets does exist.”
took home several                                                            Guard pro-         pared to the 365 and a quarter days                  Dr. Frank Drake, Professor Emeritus
awards, and one                                                              vides friend-      it t akes                                                                            of Astron-
was for the Color                                                            ship. During       Earth                                                                                omy and
Guard. A video of                                                            your time in       to circle                                                                            Astrophys-
the group march-                                                             the Guard,         our sun.                                                                             ics at the
ing was required                                                             you develop        It flies                                                                             University
to be part of the                                                            long - lasting     by at                                                                                of Califor-
march down Main                                                              friendships        approxi-                                                                             nia, Santa
Street at Disney                                                             that go beyond     mately                                                                               Cruz, de -
World.                                                                       school. For        466,000                                                                              vised an
       C u r r e n t l y, Color Guard members take a break.                  freshmen, be-      miles per                                                                            equation in
                                              Courtesy of Andrea Sperduto
the Guard consists                                                          coming friends      hour.                                                                                1960 to fig-
of students from each grade level,               with some upperclassmen could prove                                                                                                 ure out the
which means anyone is welcome to                 most beneficial – perhaps you’ll get in-                                                                                             likelihood
participate. This activity is considered         sight into the school that you might not                     This chart show’s Corot 7-B’s relative size.          Courtesy of AIA of extrater-
co-ed, so both guys and girls are in-            find out otherwise. Through traveling                  The new planet, named Corot-7b,               restrial life.
vited to take part. Right now, the Guard         and competitions, you also get to meet         is located some 500 light years away,                       “There absolutely could be life
features one very talented guy. At the           new people from other schools.                 which surprisingly is not that far away              on other planets,” said Ms. Josie
Nashville competition, several male                     The Color Guard is always eager         in astronomical terms – remember                     Cain. “Right now, we are limited by
students performed and were “totally             to recruit new talent, so please consid-       -- one light year is about six trillion              technology and funding in finding it,
awesome,” according to band student              er joining the squad. It’s a fun, social       miles.                                               however.”
and parent witnesses.                            activity that provides a fine workout, a               “This is science at its thrilling and                This also is the feeling shared by
       Flipping and spinning the flag            chance to travel and compete, life-long        amazing best,” said Didier Queloz of                 Alan Boss, of the Carnegie Institution
provides a good workout as well, since           friendships, and far more than many            the Geneva Observatory in Switzer-                   in Washington, D. C. “The evidence is
it requires good upper body strength.            other activities.                              land, who led the research team. “We                 overwhelming that we live in a crowded
The flag may not look heavy, but it’s                                                            did everything we could to learn what                universe,” he said.
certainly not light as a feather either.                                                        the object discovered by the Corot sat-
Husky Herald - Page 6
                                              Mitch Coffin, Tetsuya Akashige and Bryan Jacobowitz                                      Pictures courtesy of Tetsuya Akashige
Emma Adler
                             News Editor

      On November 7, Harrison High            on guitar, Mike DellaRocco on drums),       with youthful angst and apathy and           Senses Fail, “F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X.” by The
School’s annual “Battle of the Bands          including a crossover member from           perform them for people.”                    Fall of Troy, and “Smile in Your Sleep”
(BOTB)” took the HPAC by storm. Pre-          Weapon Prologue. Bass played a                    With Josh Waldman on drums,            by Silverstein. The band biography,
sented by the Junior class, the BOTB          three song set of original material,        PJ Angarano on guitar, and Max Miller        which helpfully notified the audience
featured five local bands, all of whose        opening with “Symphony of 1933,” fol-       on bass, El Gato’s performance was           that Dom would be “slappin’ da bass”
members are students at Harrison.             lowing up with “Ill Shaped Fish,” and       an effective and attention- grabbing         ended on a touching note, stating that
      The competition kicked off at 6         concluding with “Pants 11.” Bass’s          showcase.                                    “their performance is dedicated to
p.m. with the quartet Weapon Pro-             whimsical band biography graciously-              Fourth up was The Real Ninja           Ragu.” Whether this referred to the
logue. Comprised of four juniors (Joe         informed that the success of Bassa-         Turtles. A four man ensemble, The            sauce or an actual person could not
Papa on drums, Tetsuya Akashige               funksanuksadeluxe, to quote the text,       Real Ninja Turtles features three            be verified. Operation: Save the Ham
and Bryan Jacobowtiz on guitar, and           “’twas written in the stone.”               Sophomores (Vince DeSantis and               did not disappoint as the final band of
Mitch Coffin on vocals), Weapon Pro-                   “We are clearly the best band       Jacob Seidman on guitar, Matt DiRe           the night. Their thrilling, exhilarating
logue played two songs: the Red Hot           ever,” said Chris Doherty, after. “It’s     on bass) and one Junior (Colin Frank         performance provided a perfect con-
Chili Peppers’ hit “Tell Me Baby,” and        like the best band, period!” Bass’s set     on drums). The Real Ninja Turtles            clusion to this year’s successful “bat-
“Everlong,” by the Foo Fighters. The          was met with resounding approval, a         opened their set with a rendition of         tle.” In addition to the five competing
program included biographies for              testament to the talent of its instru-      Blink 182’s “Dammit,” and went on to         bands, The Battle of the Bands fea-
each of the competing bands, all five          mentalists.                                 play “The Quiet Things That Nobody           tured a special guest performer. Mid-
of which supplied the audience with                   Another trio, El Gato and the       Knows,” by Brand, and “Heroes Get            way through the show, Senior Lance
invaluable (if not strictly valid) insights   Geniuses, followed. In the program,         Remembered, Legends Never Die,”              Troiano took the stage, playing and
into their histories. Weapon Prologue,        El Gato was scheduled to play two           by Four. Their biography stated that         singing the Plain White T’s favorite,
according to their biography, formed          numbers, one original piece (“Dear          they were “the REAL Ninja Turtles, as        “Hey There Delilah.”
“as a result of WWI,” and in 2008,            Old Amy”), and one cover (“You,” by         real as it gets: 50% Turtle and 100%                Following the performance,
“made a slow and steady comeback.”            Bad Religion). However, while on            Ninja.” The Real Ninja Turtles execut-       the audience used their ticket stubs
Questionable past notwithstanding,            stage they made the decision to add         ed their selections with admirable skill     to vote for their favorite contender.
Weapon Prologue’s solid and impres-           a surprise finale, a second original         and deft precision.                          Some purchased additional votes for
sive performance was greeted enthu-           song entitled, “California Nachos.” El            The fifth band to compete was           the cost of $1 per ticket. The votes
siastically. Second to perform was the        Gato’s biography let the audience in        Operation: Save the Ham. A Senior            were tallied promptly, and before the
Junior trio Bassafunksanuksadeluxe            on a band secret: “Sometimes,” the          group, Operation featured Nicky              clock struck 8 in the HPAC, The Real
(bass-a-funksa-nuksa-deluxe). Like            blurb read, “we get lazy and do noth-       Pyle on drums, Matt Baer on guitar,          Ninja Turtles had been proclaimed the
Weapon Prologue, Bass is a band               ing…but on the few occasions when           Ryan Mustacato on vocals, and Dom            victors, followed by Operation: Save
comprised entirely of Harrison High           we decide to be productive, we write        Mustacato on bass guitar. Operation          the Ham and Bassafunksanuksade-
Juniors (Chris Doherty and Joe Papa           little noise- drenched pop songs filled      played three songs: “Buried a Lie” by        luxe.

Swine Flu Prevention Just One Shot Away
Melina Parrello
                               Staff Writer
      Worried about the winter                 portant vaccine allows for a hearty            chance to fight off sickness. Also,       Services Kathleen Sebelius told
coming? Scared for your health                 immune system response in most                 the National Institute of Allergies      the House Energy and Commerce
in the upcoming season? With all               adults. Studies have shown that                and Infectious Diseases is con-          Committee this month.
these nasty viruses and flus go-                just eight to 10 days after being              ducting more trials on both chil-              However, like all vaccines,
ing around, you feel it’s inevitable           injected with a 15 microgram vac-              dren and pregnant women, hoping          the H1N1 vaccine is not perfect.
you’re going to get sick with some-            cine, a strong immune response is              to come up with new findings.             Studies have shown that a dose
thing, right? Well, this may not be            shown – information that research-                    With all the vaccinations         that strengthens the immune sys-
the case.                                      ers say is very impressive.                    needed, suppliers need to start          tem of an adult may not produce
      Recently, it has been dis-                    A l -                                                            shipping out      as successful a response in cer-
covered that a single low dose of              though                                                                the vaccines      tain children – some will need two
the H1N1 vaccine (flu shot) may                 the H1N1                                                              to doctors so     vaccinations in order to prevent
be enough for us to stay healthy               vaccine                                                               they can pro-     their contracting the disease.
this winter. Tests and studies have            may not                                                               vide patients           Fortunately, money will not be
been conducted to test the immune              prove ef-                                                             with what they    an issue for anyone who chooses
systems of individuals after being             fective                                                               are     asking    to be vaccinated. The two vacci-
injected with different amounts of             in every                                                              for. Approxi-     nation types approved (a flu shot
the vaccine.                                   single                                                                mately 75.3       made from an inactivated or dead
      “This is very good news for              person,                                                               million doses     virus and a nasal spray made from
the vaccination program, both with             the fact                                                              of the vaccine    a live, weakened virus) will be
regard to supply of the vaccine                that most                                                             are expected      available free of charge – though
and its potential efficacy,” said An-           people                                                                to be shipped     some doctors may charge an “ad-
                                                            One shot allegedly can prevent swine flu. Courtesy of CDN
thony Fauci, M.D., director of the             are show-                                                             through De-       ministration fee.”
National Institute of Allergy and In-          ing a positive immune response to              cember.                                        This winter may be a cold and
fectious Diseases.                             one vaccination is great because it                   “We will have enough vac-         rough one, but one thing many can
      Research is slowly proving               allows for the doctors to immunize             cine available for everyone,” U.S.       look forward to is staying swine flu
that just one dose of this highly im-          more people, giving them a better              Secretary of Health and Human            free.

                                                                                                                                                Husky Herald - Page 7
ARTS and
 Ellen DeGeneres To Join American Idol
Izzy Sheck
                             Staff Writer

      Attention, American Idol fans: as       for American Idol’s Season 9, join-              judges’ panel. Perhaps she won’t have        menting on the dancing, but instead
you may have already heard, Paula is          ing Randy, Simon, and Kara. Ellen,               the same kind of “inside the music           only added comical remarks. Many are
out and Ellen is in. Recently, in what        a noted comedienne and talk-show                 industry” opinions that Simon, Randy         wondering if Ellen will be a true talent
many feel was the result of a salary          host, has been an American Idol fan              and Kara have, but she does claim to         judge on Idol, or just someone put there
dispute, American Idol judge Paula            for years, and is very excited about be-         offer an opinion to which the average        for comedic effect.
Abdul “retired’ from the show. Since          coming a part of the show. In addition to        American people can relate.                         Other people wonder how Ellen
that unceremonious announcement,              watching the show on television each                   Ellen will still be keeping her        will fit in, how she will be treated on the
the public has expressed mixed feel-                                                                                                        show. Perhaps she should look to how
ings about Paula Abdul’s retirement,                                                                                                        singer/songwriter Kara DioGuardi was
and whether or not it was a good career                                                                                                     treated this past season, her first. It
decision for her.                                                                                                                           seemed as though DioGuardi was not
      Many people were upset to learn                                                                                                       as well liked as the other American Idol
of Abdul’s departure, believing that                                                                                                        judges. She had to gain the respect
she gave the show part of its winning                                                                                                       of the American Idol audience as the
chemistry and that her upbeat, positive                                                                                                     show progressed through Season 8,
contributions helped make the show                                                                                                          and it was a tough journey for her.
what it is today. Her encouragement                                                                                                         Many noticed the eye rolls and rude
and uplifting comments, even though                                                                                                         comments from Simon aimed at Kara,
a bit wacky at times, served to counter                                                                                                     as she tried over and over to gain the
some of Simon’s acerbic asides to the                                                                                                       respect of the other judges.
contestants. Others who watch the                                                                                                                  As always, the new season on
show couldn’t be happier that Paula is                                                                                                      Idol surely will bring about a new wave
leaving, especially those who fast for-                                                                                                     of entertainment viewing, both from
ward through her comments using their               American Idol 9: Ellen is coming; Paula is going.                                       the contestants and from the drama
                                                                             Courtesy of NY Daily News (Ellen) and Sam Jones/Fox (Paula)
TiVos. Studies show that Paula Abdul                                                                                                        that will go on at the judging panel.
was the least popular judge on Idol           week, Ellen has also been a part of              popular daytime show, while still doing      The network is hopeful that Ellen will
and that more people fast forwarded           past “Idol Gives Back” shows, in which           American Idol at night. Ellen’s high         make a positive impact on the show
through her comments than any other           artists assist in fundraising to help the        energy and love for music will surely be     and cause an upswing in viewer num-
judge. What everyone wondered im-             poverty-stricken people of Africa.               a positive addition to the American Idol     bers. As the new season of American
mediately was who would come in to                  What Ellen will contribute to the          judging panel, and she may even bring        Idol approaches, we soon will be able
take Paula’s place on the show…would          show will be the opinion of the com-             a whole new group of viewers over with       to see how Ellen acts, and how the
they help or hinder the popularity of the     mon people in America, the “average              her from her daytime audience.               public reacts. Will her jokes make up
already famous television show?               Joes.” Ellen believes that she knows                   Still, critics are uncertain how El-   for her lack of knowledge in the music
      The answer to that question was         and understands the basic opinions of            len will fare. Several cite her appear-      business? Tune in and see.
announced soon afterwards: the new            the people who watch American Idol               ance this past season on “So You Think
judge is going to be Ellen DeGeneres.         season after season, and she wants               You Can Dance,” where some claim
Ellen will be joining the judging panel       to give that opinion a live voice on the         she didn’t do a very good job of com-

Local Skating in the Great Outdoors
Alli Fuerst
                              Staff Writer
       Winter time is almost here and               On Friday nights, Ebersole offers          is the owner of this shop. This year,        The ice-skating school also has an
before you know it, gentle snowflakes          its “Friday Night Skate.” FNS takes              Marty Peck has gotten brand new              Advanced Figure Skating Program or,
will start to fall, cozy fires will begin to   place from 8-10 p.m. Admission is                skates that you can rent during most         as it’s more commonly called, Club.
warm up family rooms, and children will       $4.00-$5.00 for residents. The “crowd”           public sessions. Rental skates cost          Club is for all levels higher then Beta. If
soon be outside, sledding down snow-          for FNS is mainly teens and preteens,            around $5.00.                                you would like to participate in the Ice-
covered hills. Families will begin to dig     but all are welcome. This year, Eber-                  Ebersole Ice Rink also offers an       Skating School and would like further
their skates out of the closet and head       sole is trying to get a DJ and disco lights      ice-skating school. Skating School Di-       information, call 914-948-6696.
on down for ice-skating.                      to make                                                                      rector Kris-            At Ebersole, the Ice-Skating
       Ebersole Ice Rink is a great place     FNS even                                                                     ten Fuerst       School puts on holiday shows, ‘end
for families to come together and skate.      more fun                                                                     says, “Our       of the year’ shows, and exhibitions.
The rink is located in White Plains at        and memo-                                                                    skating          These are ‘just for fun’ shows that
Delfino Park, right off Lake Street.          rable.                                                                       school is        help parents, families and friends see
One of the reasons why people love                  “I went                                                                designed         the growth and improvement that their
coming to Ebersole is because it is so        to Friday                                                                    to help          children have made. The next upcom-
convenient. Students and their families       Night Skate                                                                  teach peo-       ing show is Ebersole’s Annual Holiday
in both Harrison and White Plains only        last year                                                                    ple how          Show. This is where group classes
have to drive a few miles to get there.       and had a                                                                    to skate,        perform their skills and ‘showcase’
However, the main reason why people           lot of fun,”                                                                 no matter        their talent in exciting holiday numbers.
enjoy coming to Ebersole is because it        says fresh-                                                                  their age        There are also some solo performanc-
is outdoors, with only a roof.                man Sarina                                                                   or skill.”       es from ‘Club’ members (mostly high
       Ebersole is one of the few out-        Tassone. “I                                                                         The       school students).
door rinks in Westchester, which is           went with a                                                                  skating                 With winter right around the
what makes it so unique. People can           bunch of my                                                                  school           corner, consider visiting Ebersole Ice
go outside and skate around the rink          friends and                                                                  has differ-      Rink and taking advantage of all of the
and when they’re through, they can sip        really en-                                                                   ent levels       programs it has to offer. The rink is a
hot cocoa inside of Ebersole’s warm-          joyed it.”                                                                   of difficulty     great place to take family and friends
                                                                                                         Courtesy of MSU
ing house. The Ebersole Ice Rink is a                                                                                      that rang-       to enjoy a special day of skating.
great place for friends and families to               At Ebersole Ice Rink, there is a         es from Tots 1 up to Freestyle Levels.
create memories that will be treasured        little shack where you can rent skates           The program also offers basic hockey,
for years to come.                            if you don’t have a pair. Marty Peck             adult, and special needs classes.

Husky Herald - Page 8
Walter’s World’s Best Hot Dogs
Joe Maida
                            Staff Writer
      It all began in 1919, when Walter          The hot dog itself                                                                ter’s. There are no tourist attractions
Warrington decided to open a curbside      is incredible. Composed                                                                 anywhere in Mamaroneck; the stand
hot dog stand in Larchmont, NY. His        of a combination of beef,                                                               is not off a main highway -- yet you
was no ordinary hot dog, however.          pork, and veal, more gray-                                                              will always find a line 30 people deep
Walter created a hot dog that was split    ish in color than pink,                                                                 eager to bite into the amazing Walter’s
down the middle, grilled with secret       they appear very different                                                              Hot Dogs.
sauce, served on a toasted bun, and        from the average hotdog.                                                                       Many students at Harrison High
topped with a homemade mustard that        They're split before being                                                              School enjoy savoring Walter’s Hot
will have you calling for seconds. This    griddle cooked in such a                                                                Dogs. Vinnie Nicita had this to say
revolutionary hot dog soon became          way that the inside devel-                                                              about the legendary dogs: “I really
known as “the best hot dog in the          ops a caramelized surface                                                               love eating at Walter’s, because the
world,” and is still served to this day.   and a crunch. The bun                                                                   hot dogs taste so good, and are so
      Located at 937 Palmer Avenue         is also heated. The at-                                                                 close to home.”
in Mamaroneck, the classic Walter’s        tendants use tongs when Walter’s is an historical landmark.     Courtesy Wikipedia             When asked to describe his feel-
Hot Dog Stand stands tall, serving         handling them, so they get                puffs look like tater tots, but are actu-     ings about the mustard, he said, “I love
hundreds of hungry customers ev-           a bit squished. This is part of the fun   ally quite different. Take a bite into its    mustard! That’s just what I do.”
ery day. The stand is now owned by         and tastiness.                            buttery, fluffy interior; fall in love with           Tom Falciglia also weighed in
Walter’s son, Gene Warrington. The               Condiments are applied before       that distinct potato puff taste. A sweet-     on Walter’s: “Usually my dad throws
building was declared a national land-     the dog is delivered. You have a choice   potato puff is also offered, providing        me a $100 bill and says ‘Go get some
mark in 1991, and has been listed on       of dark brown mustard or regular          the same great taste with a touch of          Walter’s, Tommy!’ I am always thrilled
the Westchester County Inventory of        mustard, dotted with a small amount       additional sweetness. Walter's also           to get Walter’s, because the taste
historical places since 1994. It was       of sweet-pickle relish. Walter's doesn't  makes world-class milk shakes from            hypnotizes me.”
also featured in the Food Network’s        sell any kind of burgers or any other     its own soft-serve machine, includ-                  For more information about
Road Side Delights as “Westchester         main dish, but it does offer tasty sides. ing the crowd favorite: the extra-thick       Walter’s Hot Dog Stand, check out
County’s best known contribution to        You can get regular French fries, or      chocolate malt.                               their website, at www.waltershotdogs.
road side architecture.”                   the stand’s potato puffs. The potato              Simply put, you cannot beat Wal-      com.

Battling America’s Obesity
One Contestant At A Time
Christina Loguidice
                            Staff Writer
                                                                                                                                                             Courtesy NBC

      Many people in America suffer        the course of the show.                      Sweeney tempted contestants with the       motivated them through the challenge
with obesity. Obesity is a medical                One of the many motivations they      offer that whoever could eat the most      to work as hard as they could.
condition in which excess body fat has     have for coming on the show is the           cupcakes in five minutes would win                The trainers also offer encour-
accumulated to the extent that it may      opportunity to work with some of the         immunity - essentially guaranteeing        agement. When working out, they
adversely affect one’s health, reduc-      best trainers in the world, Bob Harper       the winner a spot back on the ranch.       remind contestants why they are here
ing one’s life expectancy. Seemingly,      and Jillian Michaels. These ‘top notch’      Wisely, almost all the contestants         and what they are working for. They
more and more Americans can’t help         trainers make sure that their job is done    chose not to eat any cupcakes – none       put in their minds how they used to
avoid obesity. An estimated 65 million     correctly after each day, by ensuring        of them thought it was worth it. Still,    look before and their ideal death age-
people in America are obese and about      that all the contestants have had a          one contestant wanted immunity and         motivating them like never before.
two-thirds of all adults in the country    brutal workout.                              consumed the cupcakes. However,            Viewers get inspired too, and always
currently are overweight.                         On the set of “The Biggest Loser,”    when she got back with the trainers        have particular favorite contestants for
      This is a real national problem,     contestants attempt to execute real-life     they were upset with her and worked        whom they are rooting. Their individual
and something must be done to              everyday challenges, to assure that          her hard to the core.                      stories are compelling, according to the
change it. However, change is not          even if they get voted off the show, they           All these outside challenges pre-   show’s producers, and this season is
easy. Obese people are easily dis-         still know how to cope with their sur-       sented to the contestants are things       no exception, offering stories from a
couraged about their weight and many       roundings in order to still stay fit. Not     that they will face every day when they    firefighter (Allen Smith) whose health
believe that they can never change this    only does this help each contestant,         get home. The show wants to ensure         and job are at risk because of his
condition. One of the more popular         it also provides assistance to viewers       that all the contestants are prepared      weight to a military wife and mother of
reality shows on television proves         at home sharing in the journey to fit-        and willing to fight until the end.         four (Tracey Yukich) who has always
otherwise. NBC’s hit show “The Big-        ness.                                               Another challenge/real-world        put others first.
gest Loser” (shown locally at 8 p.m.              Every week contestants are faced      temptation was having the contestants            Lastly, each challenge, each
on Tuesdays), shows by example that        with challenges such as testing one’s        order out for the week and not make        workout and each meal consumed by
there’s hope even for some of the worst    improvement in ability, stability, and       their own food at the house, with spe-     contestants must “work” for them. Con-
cases of obesity.                          strength. Another of the challenges          cific serving and calorie numbers. This     testants must find a balance, incorpo-
      The inspirational show is hosted     was to help motivate the contestants         forced contestants to make healthy         rating each daily activity into their own
by Alison Sweeney and has new two-         for losing weight. This was to be a          decisions when ordering food -- like       lives, in hopes of losing more weight.
hour episodes each week. Once you          group activity – if all the players lost a   getting things baked instead of fried      This eventually determines who stays
start watching, it becomes addictive!      combined total of 150 pounds, no one         and putting dressings on the side so       on the show and who gets eliminated.
“The Biggest Loser” encourages obese       would be sent home that week. This           they can measure how much is going         The temporary goal for each week is to
people around America to change their      allowed all of the contestants to share      on their food themselves. Again, this      remain safely on the show until the next
lives through beginning a new and          a common goal, to bond and to work           challenge will prepare them for the        week by staying above the yellow line.
healthy lifestyle. Just by watching the    together.                                    real-life challenge of staying fit after    Contestants with the lowest percent-
show, you gain healthy facts and tips             During selected weeks of “The         the show ends.                             age of weight loss for that particular
that will bring you one step closer to     Biggest Loser,” contestants are faced               Throughout the course of each       week are then at risk of falling below
that healthy dynamic lifestyle.            with temptations. This means they            season, some contestants become            the ‘yellow line’ and getting voted off
      The year of 2009-2010 on “The        are challenged with certain real-life        unmotivated and feel like this was all a   by their teammates.
Biggest Loser” is an exciting one          scenarios that involve their eating          big mistake. However, they eventually            With obesity at epidemic levels
because normally couples and/or            habits. For example, in one episode          realize this is wrong. Sweeney does        across the United States, there is a
relatives come on the show together        contestants were faced with a platter        a good job of encouraging contestants      real need for awareness and educa-
and compete. This year 16 strangers        of mini cupcakes in front of them --         through their various challenges. For      tion. Thankfully, reality shows like “The
have been selected and must divide         pleasurable to look at and tempting to       example, since they have no contact        Biggest Loser” serve a larger purpose
into pairs without knowing each other’s    eat because they are so tiny. However,       with their family while on the show,       beyond mere entertainment, helping its
strengths or weaknesses. These             their trainers have taught them over the     contestants were offered a reward for      contestants and viewers alike to be-
16 contestants have been chosen            weeks to have healthy eating habits,         a challenge that provided a chance to      come more motivated in making a big
throughout America to compete in           so most contestants don’t fall for the       watch a prepared video sent by their       change for the better in their lives.
becoming “The Biggest Loser,” trying       temptation of a dessert that could           family. The contestants were thrilled
to win by losing the most weight during    cost a pound or more on the scale.           to hear what the goal was and this

                                                                                                                                            Husky Herald - Page 9
Law As Hamlet:
To See Or Not To See
Emma Adler
                              News Editor

       William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”         in such a way that his doom seems im-        Denmark.
is considered by many to be the great-        minent. Less pensive than perturbed,         Producers,
est play ever written. Thousands of           his Hamlet seems determined to make          directors,
productions over the five centuries           change. From the “ghost scene” on-           and actors
subsequent to the original attest to its      ward, all doubt is banished from the         are free to
extraordinary staying power.                  audience’s mind that death is the only       make of
       The latest production of “Hamlet”      logical way such an affair could end.        “Denmark” Jude Law as Hamlet.                    Courtesy Jonathan Worth/New York Times
premiered in September at the Broad-                 Law’s certainly is an interesting     what they                                     fall of supporting a bill header is Gugu
hurst Theater in Manhattan. With              take on the character. The excitement        will. It can be a state steeped in pal-       Mbatha-Raw, who shines in the role
Jude Law starring in the title role, this     with which he ignites the stage is infec-    ace intrigue and corruption. It can be        of Ophelia. Ophelia, like Hamlet, is a
production, which transferred over to         tious, setting a tone which consistently     a peaceful entity, a nation unsullied         character who can be played in many
Broadway after debuting in London’s           puts the audience on the edge of their       prior to the life of a certain prince. This   different ways. Mbatha-Raw chooses
West End, is a markedly original take         seats. This is no small feat for a three-    most recent incarnation of Denmark is         to emphasize Ophelia’s strength,
on a classic piece.                           hour play. Law is a magnetic person-         one where, it seems, each character is        presenting her as a casualty of others’
       For those unacquainted with the        ality, possessing that little understood     fully invested in the action. The overall     missteps, rather than as a catalyst for
text, the first half of its plot can be lik-   quality which distinguishes a star -- for    tone of this particular production sug-       her own demise. She has a clear stage
ened to Disney’s “The Lion King” (this        lack of a better term, the “it” factor.      gests the Danish court is no stranger         presence, and is one of the few sup-
parallel fades as the death toll mounts).            However, his performance also         to conspiracy and suspicion.                  porting actors not afraid to try her hand
For most, however, no reintroduction to       carries some disappointment. Due                    For the most part, the supporting      at, and often succeeding in, upstag-
the play’s more macabre elements is           to the swift, almost rushed pace with        cast inhabits their roles successfully.       ing Mr. Law. When Hamlet confronts
needed. Suffice it to say, it is not for the   which Law delivers his performance,          This success, however, is tempered            Ophelia, then leaves her anguished
hard of hearing nor the light of heart.       Hamlet is afforded little opportunity to     by a tentativeness which detracts from        and confused, it is not the prince you
       The success of a production            reflect. Much of Hamlet’s complexity as       otherwise effective performances.             pity. Mbatha-Raw’s Ophelia is reason
of “Hamlet” often rests on the star’s         a character relies on his being acutely      The supporting actors all operate poi-        enough to spring for a ticket.
interpretation of the much studied title      aware of himself throughout the play.        gnantly aware that they are not Jude                 The Broadhurst’s “Hamlet,” over-
character. Hamlet is the Prince of Den-       That actors allow Hamlet time to pause       Law, and their characters suffer for it.      all, is a fine production. Though its
mark. He is the son of a murdered king,       and ponder his choices is imperative.        They appear, at times, almost fearful of      weaknesses are apparent, these
and the nephew of a corrupt usurper.          Law’s Hamlet, unfortunately, seems           pilfering attention from the star, playing    are largely negated by its thrilling,
He is also one of the most complex            more concerned with hurriedly correct-       down the more expressive elements of          attention-holding pace, an excellent (if
personas ever written for the stage.          ing his situation than contemplating it.     their roles in scenes where they ought        sometimes hasty) Hamlet, and a stel-
Countless actors have tried their hand        All in all, though, Law is an electric and   to flaunt them. This is most clear in          lar, standout performance from Gugu
at embodying the prince. Portrayers           successful Hamlet.                           the scene where Hamlet confronts his          Mbatha-Raw. For those who have
have options: they can play to his dark-             Though much praise for “Hamlet”       mother Gertrude (played by Geraldine          had trouble equating Shakespeare
ness, they can depict him as a victim         can be directed at its adaptability (the     James), and mistakenly kills his father’s     with excitement, this is the play to set
of intrigue and position, they can draw       time period, for instance, can be altered    former advisor Polonius. Throughout           you straight.
on the role’s inherent humor.                 to a director’s liking), there is one as-    the scene, Gertrude’s anguish serves
       Law’s Hamlet is a kinetic prince.      pect of the play not open to interpreta-     as little more than background noise                “Hamlet” is currently playing at
Though Hamlet is a character most fa-         tion. “Hamlet” is a Danish tragedy.          to Hamlet’s impassioned rage. As a            the Broadhurst Theater in New York
mous for his soliloquies, Law’s physical              It is a Denmark where, with aston-   result, little depth is imparted to her       City. For tickets, see
acting draws considerable attention.          ishing speed, courtiers lose their sanity    character, rendering James’ Gertrude
He injects the prince with a certain air      and meet their deaths (often in that         disappointingly transparent.
of inevitability, hurtling through the play   order). It is not, however, a historian’s           One notable exception to this pit-

                                                 AOL Launches New Teen Site
                                                    Apparently JSYK has been inthe                • Entertainment – this area            Alloy Media + Marketing, and the New
                                              works for quite some time now and            will fill the latest talk about upcoming       York Company (which deals with the
Melina Parrello
                               Staff Writer
                                              AOL is trying to switch up its usual         movies on the big screen, new hit TV          “Gossip Girl” series, which has been a
                                              text-based content with additional in-       series, books and music too.                  big TV success story). A recent Wall
      Want all the latest info on your
                                              formation coming from videos, mobile                • Style – Tweens/teens will be         Street Journal article stated that with
favorite celebrities and all the gossip
                                              content, and a host of other sources.        able to learn how to get celebrity looks, Alloy Media + Marketing has
swirling around in Hollywood? If you
                                              Not only does JSYK contain the latest        and know the trends, also being able to       established the largest teen network on
answered yes, AOL’s new teen site,
                                              news in pop culture, it contains videos,     read about the newest fashion industry        the web, attracting some 11.3 million
JSYK, is for you. JSYK, text lingo
                                              photos, polls and quizzes too – some-        news.                                         visitors this past August alone. Still,
for Just So You Know, is a recently
                                              thing tweens and teens will be inter-               • Technology – Kids will be            even with fierce competition, JSYK is
launched site for young adults, ages
                                              ested in immediately. By launching           able to watch the latest game previews        sure to provide tweens and teens all
9 through 15, as a way for them to get
                                              this new site, AOL is hoping to leverage     (video games and such) and read re-           the information they could possibly
all the latest juicy gossip and news
                                              the size of its audience and technology,     views of the newest and most desired          desire about the latest goings-on with
stories of direct interest to them. Set
                                              something they haven’t really been           technical gadgets on the market.              their favorite Hollywood stars!
up as a blogging site, it contains all
                                              able to achieve previously.                         • Video – this part of the site will
recently updated posts of pop culture’s
                                                    When targeting the audience of         allow viewers to watch trailers of soon-
biggest news stories, written with much
                                              teenagers and those just a few years         to-be and recently released movies, as
enthusiasm. With stories ranging from
                                              younger, AOL needs to be sure that its       well as the latest music videos by their
giant cupcakes to Miley Cyrus to music
                                              information and approaches to media          favorite bands, celebrity interviews,
group Death Cab for Cutie, this site is
                                              are authentic. The need to seize this        and much more!
sure to be a big hit.
                                              opportunity is imperative because the
      According to a Wall Street Jour-
                                              tween/teen audience is a demographic               The last feature will be called
nal blog, AOL staffers are writing for the
                                              that has not yet been covered very           “Get Real” and will cover real issues
site, along with contributions from the
                                              well. Judging from appearances, it           affecting tweens/teens such as cur-
tweens and teens themselves. JSYK
                                              seems as though AOL is trying very           rent events, life issues, politics, envi-
features submissions from Tween Girl
                                              hard to put together a quality site for      ronmental issues, being safe online,
Summit (Washington) as well as from
                                              that target audience. JSYK appears           school issues and even advice on
Teen Ink, which is a noted national
                                              to cover all that someone from the age       how teens/tweens can help their com-
magazine chock full o’ poetry, fiction
                                              range of 9-15 could ask for. Some of         munities.
and nonfiction written by young adults,
                                              the features will be:                              AOL seems to be doing a good
aged 13-19. Just So You Know is
                                                    • Celebrities – onlookers will be      job with this latest launch, which will
something more to add to AOL’s stories
                                              able to know what their favorite celebs      bolster its reputation for being a leader
and information targeted at kids and
                                              are doing each day, as well as be able       in safe and appropriate experiences
their parents. Other sites like JSYK in-
                                              to see the latest photo galleries and        on the web. Still, JSYK faces serious
clude and
                                              interviews.                                  competition from corporations such as
                                                                                                                                                              Courtesy of

Husky Herald - Page 10
Prose In The Park: Twelfth Night
Emma Adler
                           News Editor
      The winding line outside the Pub-                                                                                                     backdrop. The set consisted only of
lic Theater which by dawn had snaked                                                                                                        a grassy plain, out of which two hills
its way around two blocks worth of                                                                                                          arose, and upon which sat trees. It
Central Park was itself a testament to                                                                                                      suggested some Celtic cousin of Arden
the quality of the production. For seven                                                                                                    (Shakespeare’s setting for his comedy
hours, I waited alongside hundreds of                                                                                                       “As You Like It”). Such a set could
others for a chance at a free ticket. My                                                                                                    be used for several of Shakespeare’s
patience was rewarded, that night, with                                                                                                     works. Costumes are important in any
a spectacular performance of the high-                                                                                                      play where the time period is open to
est caliber. Lauded by critiques and                                                                                                        interpretation. The Public’s “Twelfth
audiences alike, this summer’s “Twelfth                                                                                                     Night” production suggested its taking
Night” was a success on all fronts.                                                                                                         place sometime between “Pride and
      “Twelfth Night” tells the story of                                                                                                    Prejudice” and the French Revolution.
a young woman, Viola, who is ship-                                                                                                          The players were dressed in smart,
wrecked on an island without wealth or                                                                                                      European style clothing: simple, grace-
protection, and subsequently disguises                                                                                                      ful dresses for the girls, stockings and
herself as a man. Token Shakespear-                                                                                                         colorful jackets for the boys (and for Vi-
ean hi-jinks ensue.                                                                                                                         ola). Viola/Cesario’s wear, in particular,
      The cast was masterful, lead by                                                                                                       drew attention. Through the majority
Anne Hathaway, Raul Esparza, and                                                                                                            of the play, she donned a striking blue
Audra McDonald as Viola, Orsino, and                                                                                                        jacket and boy’s pants. The disguise
Olivia, respectively. Hathaway’s turn as                                                                                                    was thoroughly ineffective. However,
ingénue Viola was passionate, whilst                                                                                                        this was the fun of it. That the other
retaining the dry wit and wide-eyed in-                                                                                                     characters in “Twelfth Night” are so
nocence that so endears the character                                                                                                       ignorant of Viola’s deception allows
to her lord, the Duke Orsino. Esparza         The happy couples toward the end of the play.     Courtesy Sara Krulwich/New York Times       the audience to snicker, omnisciently,
is perhaps best known for his work in      for years as among Broadway’s fin-                  (equally drunken) companion, Sir              as though having deduced her plot
David Mamet’s “Speed the Plow” with        est. Nevertheless, her portrayal of                Andrew Aguecheek. The trio dutifully          renders the audience somehow magi-
Jeremy Piven. The stage veteran lent       the countess Olivia was touching,                  served as comic relief for the more           cally intelligent.
his talents well to portraying the love-   thorough, and incredibly amusing. Mc-              sullen Orsino and Olivia; their antics               Loyal, yet distinct incarnations
lorn, somewhat oblivious Orsino, who       Donald drew on the humor in her role,              throughout the play often provoked the        of beloved characters, coupled with
finds himself at the epicenter of a love    putting forth a particularly capricious            sort of laughter that leaves one giddy        “Twelfth Night’s” famously witty prose
triangle involving two twins, a man who    Olivia whose stable nature is driven               far into the next scene.                      resulted in a truly memorable produc-
is not a man, and a grieving countess      far off course by infatuation with Viola,                 The costumes and set were              tion. Those familiar with Shakespeare’s
who spurns his advancements toward         under the impression the object of her             equally impressive. Set in Illyria, a         tale of cross dressing, twins, and un-
her with unrelenting fervor.               desire is the male page Cesario. Julie             now defunct region of the Balkan              requited love delighted in this recent
      Audra McDonald, like Esparza a       White, Jay O. Sanders, and Hamish                  Peninsula, “Twelfth Night” does not           effort, while those unfamiliar with the
theater mainstay, is better renowned       Linklater also starred, as Olivia’s gen-           require a showy presentation, but             intricacies of the text were better off
for her vocals than for her acting.        tlewoman Maria, her drunken uncle Sir              rather a certain willingness to use one’s     consulting the summary included in
Her singing voice has been touted          Toby Belch, and Sir Toby’s dim-witted              imagination. There was no curtain, no         the playbill.

Create Your Own Radio Station With
Emma Glass
       Many of us are familiar with the          The founders asked 40 expe-                  son on Amazon purchases a specific             password for your Pandora profile.
Greek creation myth regarding Pan-         rienced musicians to analyze songs                 book, Amazon is able to suggest books         From there you can begin to create
dora. Pandora was sent to Earth by         of every genre, about one song per                 by identifying the next most purchased        various radio stations. Pandora has an
Zeus as punishment for Prometheus’         20-to-30 minutes, so that the songs can            book by the people who also bought            impressive arsenal of artists to choose
giving the people of Earth fire. She was    be categorized according to their vary-            the original book. Nevertheless, collab-      from (about 15,000), representing a
given a box and told not to open it un-    ing attributes or “genes.” Each gene re-           orative filtering often only considers the     wide realm of commercially-known
der any circumstances. Unfortunately,      lates to an aspect and/or nuance of the            most popular items, which are usually         artists such as Miley Cyrus on down
curiosity got the best of her and she      music:                                                                            not what       to the rather obscure. In addition, you
opened the box, releasing all sorts of     anything                                                                          a person       can create radio stations that are based
evil in the world.                         from the                                                                          was re-        around a few artists, instead of the typi-
       Pandora today represents an-        amount of                                                                         ally look-     cal one, by adding “artist seeds” to add
other kind of curiosity. is    vibrato in                                                                        i n g f o r.   variety to a playlist.
the name of a music recommendation         a singer’s                                                                        This was               Unlike basic radio, Pandora also
and Internet radio website, named as       voice, to                                                                         one rea-       allows you to skip past songs that
such because it was built to “reward the   the gen-                                                                          son why        you may not enjoy and pause songs
musically curious.” The website allows     der of                                                                            the Music      if necessary. However, you cannot
you to pick certain musical categories     that sing-                                                                                       replay the music or choose the order
and builds a radio station around          er, to the                                                                                       of the songs. Generally, Pandora will
your selection. For instance, you can      volume of                                                                                        not replay songs you skip past and a
choose a musician—say Rhianna—             the elec-                                                                                        Pandora user has the ability to rate
and the website will suggest and play      tric guitar                                                                                      the music he or she is listening to.
music similar to that of the artist you    b a c k -                                                                                        The website will not replay badly-rated
choose. Pandora can also build a radio     ground                                                                                           songs. Pandora is also able to evolve
station based on a favorite song.          m u s i c . Courtesy                                                                 based on your tastes. If you rate
       Pandora is the final product of      T h e s e                                                                                        something negatively, the playlist will
the Music Genome Project— a project        genes allow an artist or song to be                Ge-                                           reshuffle according to that feedback.
started in January 2000 by Will Gla-       compared with others within their spe-             nome Project developed the aforemen-                  Pandora’s only disadvantage is
ser, Jon Kraft, and Tim Westergren.        cific genres. Different types of music              tioned “attributes.”                          that it is only available for listening on
Westergren, a musician himself, ini-       have different genes, meaning the mu-                      Pandora has advertising because       your computer. However, there is a
tially came up with the idea after work-   sicians are not using the same criteria            it is free (unless you opt to pay for com-    Pandora iPhone and iTouch application
ing in the film industry. While working     to analyze classical music and reggae.             mercial-free radio), but far less than        that provides the service on the go.
to put music to films, the producers        In total, there are about 400 genes.               your average radio station, which is a        Pandora also allows you to purchase
often would play him cuts of music and           Pandora works similarly to the               definite advantage. Pandora’s concept          the music you listen to directly from
ask him to recreate the sound, while       iTunes Genius option, but provides the             is also an advantage because it plays         the site using Amazon MP3 or iTunes.
at the same time creating something        music for free. Unlike, iTunes, Amazon,            only music that you enjoy; you certainly      Ultimately, it’s a great way to discover
new. Comparing these songs to his          or TiVo suggestion tools however, the              cannot say that about most radio sta-         new music and new artists based on
own compositions brought to light that     website does not rely on a concept                 tions, no matter how open-minded you          artists that you already love. As Mr.
a lot of music could be created from       called collaborative filtering, a common            may be about music.                           Westergren once said, “When you find
the combination of some basic attri-       medium for song suggesting. Collabor-                      In order to get started with Pan-     a new piece of music, it makes your life
butes, similar to the idea that primary    ative filtering is basically a fancy name           dora you must sign-up for the website:        a little better.”
colors can create a host of colors when    for a comparison of a current buyer to             this requires giving some basic infor-
combined.                                  previous buyers. For instance, if a per-           mation and choosing a username and

                                                                                                                                                     Husky Herald - Page 11
Fashion’s Night Out
Celebrates Global Fashion
Julia Druckman
                              Staff Writer
       On the night of September 10,          and bargains. People hunted for sales               Not only did people come from                  The major fashion magazines
2009, New York City had its own fash-         of their favorite designers and brands.      all over to shop for great fashion bar-        also took part in this unique event.
ionista fantasy night! In contrast to         Major retail stores were featured and        gains, they also came to mingle with           Each had their own advertisements
the recession going on in the country         had their doors open to customers,           the rich and famous. Some of the               and promotions for fashion stimu-
right now, the city celebrated fashion        hoping to bring in a great deal of mon-      stars who popped up all over the city          lus, serving up the hottest fashions
                           to promote re-     ey and publicity.                            on Fashion Night Out included: Justin          of the season. For instance, Marie
                           tail and gain            People sought after bargains up        Timberlake, Gwen Stefani, the Olsen            Claire magazine spoke about the
                           back custom-       and down the streets of New York,            twins, Sarah Jes-                                              “CPW” factor, or cost
                           er confidence.      having the shopping experience of            sica Parker, Vic-                                               per wearing. Vogue
                           This fantastic     their lives. They jumped from party          toria     Beckham,                                              of course was host-
                           event served       to party all night long. Some of the         and Sean (Diddy)                                                ing the event, partner-
                           as a kickoff       hottest parties that evening were “the       Combs. Many of                                                  ing with the council of
                           event to the       bash at Barney’s,” where many celeb-         the world’s most                                                Fashion Designers of
                           prestigious        rity appearances and performances            prominent fashion                                               America. Elle, not to
                           and renowned       occurred.                                    designers       also                                            be outdone, displayed
 Justin Timberlake speaks. New      York            The Dior flagship store, located        showed up in sup-                                               some of the highest
           Courtesy Zimbio
fashion week. With Vogue magazine             on Fifth Avenue, had famous fashion          port of the global                                              end fashion jewelry.
                                                                                                                 An army of fashion models for FNO.
as their sponsor, some 800 cloth-             photographer Arthur Elgort snapping          fashion event.                                    Courtesy AP         Fashion    Night
ing stores from across the city were          pictures of all of the night’s special              Some of the hot fashion trends          Out was considered a major success,
thriving and celebrating as late as 11        memories. Yet each participating             these high end designers were show-            luring people out to shop again, even
p.m. The Fashion Night Out website            store had its own special deals and          ing include the shoe-boot, featured by         in such a dire economy. People stayed
stated the gala’s purpose as follows:         unique opportunities. This event not         Tory Burch and Elizabeth & James,              out late that night to spend their pre-
“In a global initiative to promote retail,    only was established to better the           and the ballet flat, featured by Miu            cious money, and a goal was achieved.
restore consumer confidence, and               fashion industry, but also to help out       Miu. At this year’s Fashion Night Out,         Having people spend in stores again
celebrate fashion, U.S. and interna-          a worthwhile cause. People who pur-          the most popular clothing items in-            restores faith to the retailers on the
tional editions of Vogue are coordi-          chased “Fashion Night Out” tee-shirts        cluded colorful printed dress, the fitted       fashion clothing business, proof that
nating evening extravaganzas in their         benefited the National September 11           trench coat, one-shoulder blouses,             there is hope for better times ahead in
respective world fashion capitals.”           Memorial and Museum, as well as              and full pant jumpsuits. Another ma-           the shopping industry.
       That night the busy streets of         the New York City AIDS Fund. This            jor hit that night was what the fashion
New York were even more crowded               once in a lifetime instant stimulus plan     world calls the “new bridge market,”
than usual with people from near and          helped out many aspects of the larger        featuring designer clothes without de-
far who came in search of great deals         fashion community.                           signer prices.

Stars Come Out For Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
Lexi Backer
                              Staff Writer

       This year’s Mercedes-Benz Fash-        and shine bigger than ever, producing        upon. Leopard shoes and leopard             such, you never know what you might
ion Week in New York City was a re-           pieces featuring shiny leather, metallic     jackets have all made their way onto        encounter on the busy runways of New
sounding success. For those unfamiliar        leggings, sequins, and more.                 store shelves, and back into the hearts     York’s Fashion Week.
with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, it                 Remember when everything was           of the fashion conscious. Colored
is an annual, weeklong event during           worn unbelievably tight? In a trend          tights, too, are back in
which top designers show off their new-       reversal, this year’s hottest winter jack-   full force with new and
est designs to buyers and interested          ets, pea coats, and other forms of out-      innovative detailing.
consumers via fashion shows inside a          erwear are luxurious and supersized.         Blocks of color, ani-
large white tent in Manhattan’s Bryant        Most of this oversized outerwear was         mal and psychedelic
Park. Also, many of these designers           featured in the collections of designers     prints, even rhine-
utilize the fashion shows as a way to         DKNY, Proenza Schoulder, and Derek           stones have found a
show the press what’s in and, most            Lam. Calvin Klein, Alexander Wang,           home on leggings and
importantly, what’s out of style.             and Marchesa drew inspiration from           nylons. If you are hes-
       The ‘80s look, for example, has        asymmetry, showing “one shoulder             itant to get on board
recently come back into fashion. Top          dress wear.” The one shoulder look           this vibrant trend, turn
designer Oscar De La Renta pursued            seems to bring an air of class to all        to the wisdom of the
this look, showing neon bright colors         who don it.                                  world’s fashion elite.
on his runway during Fashion Week.                  Rips, cut-outs, holes, shreds, dis-    This style has recently
However, De la Renta is not the only          tress have been around for a quite bit,      been interpreted by
one bringing back hot pink and neon           but this season the style has been tak-      such designers as
green. Designers Michael Kors and             en to the extreme. More popular than         Zac Posen, Diane
Narciso Rodriguez also captured the           ever, ripped jeans have been selling         von Furstenberg, and
look. These bright retro colors are not       out in local department stores, while a      Marc Jacobs.
the only new looks gracing the catwalk        high end version of the look has made               It just goes to
this year. Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein          its way to the runways. Though “ripped       show how fashion
and Ralph Lauren have made metallic           jeans” is by no means a new idea,            is a dynamic, ever-
                                                                what’s distinct in this    changing industry. As Paris and Nicky Hilton, Amanda Bynes at Fashion Week.
                                                                                                                                                                     Courtesy UPI
                                                                 most recent incar-
                                                                 nation is the bleach
                                                                 print/splattered look
                                                                 on pants. The jeans
                                                                 brand J-BRAND, for
                                                                 example, is currently
                                                                 selling acid wash
                                                                 bleached jeans as
                                                                 their signature style.
                                                                       Cheetah print
                                                                 and leopard print
                                                                 pieces have been a
                                                                 part of fashion for de-
                                                                 cades, but this year
                                                                 the look’s versatility    Anne Hathaway and Raffaello Follieri watch the runway.           Courtesy Getty Images
The set-up in Bryant Park.              Courtesy Famous Ankles
                                                                 has been expanded
Husky Herald - Page 12
Ralph Lauren Controversy
Emily Singer
                       Co-Managing Editor
       In January of 2007, the Council            model whose head was wider than her               >H[SHFWHG RI KHU@´                             believed strongly in bringing attention
of Fashion Designers of American                  hips. The image was obviously photo                     On October 16, a second photo-            WR WKLV LVVXH´
(CFDA) created a health initiative                shopped and sparked a great deal of               shopped Ralph Lauren advertisement                     Honest efforts have been made
requiring runway models to have a                 controversy. Three days later, Ralph              appeared on the internet, featuring             to resolve the issue of underweight
BMI of at least 18. The goal of the               Lauren issued a statement apologiz-               model Valentina Zelyaeva with the               models, but many fashion designers
program was to encourage healthy                  ing for the                                                              same warped              are reluctant to accept such changes.
lifestyles and to aid those with eating           distorted                                                                ¿JXUH DV )LOLSSD         Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld recently
disorders. In the almost three years              image.                                                                   Hamilton. Ralph          said that the criticism toward extremely
that the initiative has been in effect,           Five days                                                                Lauren did not           thin models comes from “fat mummies
not much has changed. Some models                 after that,                                                              comment on               sitting with their bags of crisps in front
appear to have gained a bit of weight,            the model                                                                the second ad-           RI WKH WHOHYLVLRQ´ DQG WKDW ³QR RQH
but virtually every advertisement and             photo-                                                                   vertisement,             ZDQWV WR VHH URXQG ZRPHQ´
magazine editorial is airbrushed to               graphed,                                                                 but has since                   The controversy over the possibly
make models appear thinner, thereby               Filippa                                                                  pulled both im-          botched Photoshop job is more than
counteracting any progress the health             Hamilton,                                                                ages from public         just that, though. It is about the big-
initiative made.                                  appeared                                                                 displays.                ger picture. It proves that the CFDA’s
       Over the last year, things have            on na-                                                                         Internet           fashion initiative has not been as
been looking up in the body image                 tional                                                                   news supersite,          successful as it could be. “These un-
sector of the fashion world. Fashion              television                                                               The Huffington           healthy images in advertisements and
designer Mark Fast sent plus-sized                to discuss                                                               Post, played a           on the runway are evidence that little
models down the runway in body-                   her side of Left: Valentina Zelyaeva; Right: Filippa Hamilton.           major role in            effort has been made to give models
conscious dresses for his Spring/                 the story.                Courtesy photoshopdisasters via Ralph Lauren bringing the con-          D KHDOWKLHU ZRUNLQJ HQYLURQPHQW´ VD\V
Summer 2010 runway show, and                            The five-foot-ten, 120-pound,               troversy to light. The website’s Style          6WU]HPLHQ ³,W¶V VKDPHIXO´
German fashion magazine Brigitte an-              size 4 model had worked for Ralph                 section followed the story and updated                 Until the fashion industry can
nounced that they would no longer be              /DXUHQ VLQFH  EXW ZDV ¿UHG LQ                articles as new information was re-             come to a unanimous agreement to
photographing models, opting for real             April because she was “overweight and             leased. Senior Style Editor Anya Strze-         change the way in which models are
women instead.                                    >FRXOGQ¶W@ ¿W LQ KHU FORWKHV DQ\PRUH´            mien commented on the controversy,              portrayed, no concrete progress will
       The fashion world took a major             Ralph Lauren contradicted her state-              stating that she published the story in         be made and skewed body images will
step backward on October 6, when                  ment by saying that Hamilton’s contract           WKH ¿UVW SODFH EHFDXVH ³LW VHHPV OLNH           continue to be the norm.
a Ralph Lauren advertisement sur-                 had been terminated “as a result of               unhealthy body images have become
faced on the internet, displaying a               her inability to meet the obligations             the norm in fashion, so [she’s] always

McQueen’s Crazy Designer Shoes Suggest
Foot Binding Might Return to Fashion
Lexi Backer
                                 Staff Writer

       Remember back in World History             work overnight. So technically, if Alex-       website (
when Chinese women traditionally                  ander McQueen had put these shoes              McQueen was born in London and
would bind their feet? This painful and           LQ KLV ³UHDG\ WR ZHDU´ FROOHFWLRQ WKH\        was the youngest of six children. He
excruciating process was undertaken               PXVW EH OHVV GLI¿FXOW WKDQ WKH\ ORRN          left school at the age of 16 and imme-
so that a woman’s foot shape would                      Like McQueen, other designers            diately was offered an apprenticeship
look more attractive. When looking                have created many wacky shoe ideas.            at the traditional Saville Row tailors An-
at the abnormal shape of the feet as              For example, one that might lead to            derson and Shephard. From there, he
DQ HQG UHVXOW WKH ZRUG ³DWWUDFWLYH´ LV           questions is Chanel’s light bulb heel.         moved to the theatrical costumers An-
questionable. But what might be most              With designers in the fashion world and        gels and Bermans where he mastered
unattractive is the fact that designer            their creative minds heading toward            six methods of pattern cutting, from the
Alexander McQueen has brought the                 extremes, I wouldn’t be surprised if one       melodramatic sixteenth century’s style
look back in his Spring 2010 show                 day a heel is replaced with a pencil.          to the razor sharp tailoring which has
earlier this season. Take a look at the           :KLOH LW PLJKW VHHP ³FRRO´ WR KDYH D           become a McQueen signature. Now
picture that accompanies this article. It         pair of these one-o- a-kind shoes, the         he is considered one of the top design-
features McQueen’s edgy, abnormal ,               price tag is a bit prohibitive. While the      ers, and is most respected for creating
yet successful work of art.                       Chanel Light bulb shoe is considered a         designs that are obscure. It seems
        Creating a shoe like this is a            masterpiece of art, it costs thousands         safe to say that designers these days
confusing masterpiece – how does the              and thousands of dollars!                      are more like artists. They visualize and
model manage to squish her tiny foot                    The question everyone wants              FUHDWH IURP ZKDW EHVW LQÀXHQFHV WKHP
into it? It does makes you think. In              answered is what motivates these de-
RUGHU WR ¿W LQWR LW GRHV WKH PRGHO QHHG          signers to create such designs. From                                                             An example of footbinding in China.
                                                                                                                                                                            Courtesy of Lovelyish
to bind her feet?                                 where do their inspirations come? It
       Foot binding started during the            might not be a direct conversation, but
Shang Dynasty around the 1700s. Foot              Alexander McQueen reveals much
binding is a long process that does not           in the autobiographical section of his

                                                                                                  Chanel’s Light Bulb Shoes actually light up (and at that price, they should).
Alexander McQueen’s latest creations look painful to wear.            Courtesy of Getty Images                                                                              Courtesy of Fashion Life

                                                                                                                                                              Husky Herald - Page 13
   SPORTS                                                                                    Mending the Mets
                                                                                            Mack Rosenberg
                                                                                                                            Staff Writer

 Hideki Matsui is                                                                                  For any New York baseball fan,
                                                                                            this year was an interesting one. In
                                                                                            the Bronx, the Yankees have returned
                                                                                            to their winning ways of the late ‘90s,
                                                                                                                                              the job done for a few years now. The
                                                                                                                                              team needs to sign two quality starting
                                                                                                                                              pitchers this winter if it expects to com-
                                                                                                                                              pete with lineups like the one in Phila-

 World Series MVP
Spencer Rosenstein
                                                                                            even if it meant paying 100 plus million
                                                                                            dollars for it. In Queens, the welcoming
                                                                                            of a new stadium was overshadowed
                                                                                            by the performance of the team that
                                                                                                                                              delphia, and even the one in South
                                                                                                                                              Florida. John Lackey will be this year’s
                                                                                                                                              hot commodity on the free agent mar-
                                                                                                                                              ket, and the Mets need to do everything
                                Staff Writer                                                played in it.                                     in their power to get him to New York.
                                                                                                   The Mets’ unprecedented strug-             As far as other starters are concerned,
       “I guess you could say this                                                          gles in 2009 made                                                          the market isn’t
is the best moment of my life” said                                                         fans everywhere                                                             very deep be-
Hideki Matsui, through his trans-                                                           cringe. The health                                                          yond Lackey, so
lator. The moment was when he                                                               concern is always                                                           The Mets need
was named Most Valuable Player                                                              the first issue that                                                        to make him their
of the 2009 World Series, after                                                             springs to mind. But                                                        number one tar-
tying a World Series record of six                                                          what really was the                                                         get. Josh Beck-
runs batted in during the clinching                                                         first problem with                                                          ett officially will
Game Six versus Philadelphia.                                                               the 2009 NY Mets                                                            be in the 2010
       Matsui has been a member                                                             was management.                                                             free agent class,
of the New York Yankees since                                                               Coming into this sea-                                                       but inevitability
2003. That year, his New York                                                               son, the Mets were                                                          Boston will pick
Yankees lost the World Series                                                               projected by many                                                           up his club op-
in six hard-fought games to the                                                             experts to finish with                                                       tion for next year.
Florida Marlins. Since Matsui’s                                                             above 90 wins en                                                            The same will
first coming to the team, the                                                               route to their second                                                       hold true for Cliff
Yankees have made it to the                                                                 division title in the Fans want GM Omar Minaya to have a                    Lee and Bran-
post season every year but one.                                                             past four years. Even      busy off-season.      Courtesy New York Mets don Webb.
Matsui is a baseball player who                                                             with the World Champion Phillies in                      The number two problem on this
has been on both good and bad                                                               their division, experts believed in New           team is Carlos Delgado. The veteran
Yankee teams.                                                                               York’s pitching staff and the bullpen             lefty first baseman will not be back next
                                    Matsui after his stellar Game Six.
       Before he played in the                           Courtesy John Munson/Star-Ledger           depth that the team acquired in           year and there is nobody on this team
United States, Matsui played on the         vote for “Rookie of the Year.” The win-                 the offseason. They believed in           with the power or the glove to replace
Yomiuri Giants in Japan’s Nippon Pro-       ner of the award, Angel Berrora, could          a rotation that started and ended with            him. There are two guys that might be
fessional Baseball League. The Giants       never repeat his past successes and             Johan Santana, with a few names                   worth signing -- relatively young guys
have been called “Japan’s Yankees”          is currently a free agent.                      mixed in that were believed to be                 with high upside that have produced
and are the most marketable team in                 In 2004, Matsui did even better         reliable arms. They also believed in              very consistent numbers throughout
Japan. Matsui first joined the Giants        than in 2003. He hit almost twice as            second baseman Luis Castillo, the man             their careers. The first is Aubrey Huff,
in 1993. Three years later, he won          many home runs, and drove in two                who general manager Omar Minaya                   the former Oriole who now plays for the
Most Valuable Player in the Japanese        more runs than in the ’03 season. He            traded for in 2007                                                        Tigers. Huff had
Central League. He went on to win           helped the Yankees come within one              and then agreed                                                           by far the best
another two MVP awards in Japan.            game of the 2004 World Series, though           to pay $25 million                                                        year of his career
He also won three league titles in the      the Yankees would ultimately lose the           over the course of                                                        in 2008, putting
years 1994, 2000, and 2002. He was          American League pennant to the Bos-             a four-year contract.                                                     up Delgado-like
a 10-time All Star and led the league       ton Red Sox.                                    Castillo batted .245                                                      numbers. He’ll
in runs batted in and in home runs. He              In baseball circles, Matsui is          in 2008, and sat                                                          be 34 in Decem-
also earned the nickname “Godzilla,”        known for his ability to play every day.        out for much of the                                                       ber.
a name that stuck with him when he          He played in 518 consecutive Yankees            second half of the                                                                 Adam La-
came to the United States.                  games at the start of his career. This          season with a right                                                       Roche, the man
       When he joined the Yankees           is the record for the most consecutive          knee injury.                                                              who has played
                                                                                                                      Will Carlos Delgado be re-signed for 2010?
in 2003, the shift to Major League          games played by a player to start his                  Still, people                          Courtesy Anthony J. Causi for three teams
Baseball was not difficult for him. That     major league career. That Matsui has            believed in this team as the season               this past season, may be willing to
season, he hit 16 home runs and drove       achieved such a feat is unsurprising.           approached. How could they not?                   move again this offseason. The 29-year
in 106 runs. He was also named to the       Prior to joining the Yankees, he played         The Mets seemed primed for a bet-                 old slugger is turning 30 in November,
American League’s All-Star team in his      1,250 consecutive games in Japan.               ter season than 2008, one in which a              but would still be the perfect long term
rookie season. Matsui later became          His Yankees streak was ended when               flawed bullpen gave way to elimination             fit for this organization at first base.
the first Japanese-born baseball player      he broke his wrist in 2006.                     from playoff contention on the final               LaRoche has hit at least 20 homers
to hit a home run in the World Series,              Matsui has also been a trailblazer      day of the regular season. Minaya                 in every season since 2005, while still
blasting a home run in game two of the      for Japanese baseball players in Major          instilled that new confidence by going             having never played a full season. The
2003 World Series. At the end of the        League Baseball. In 2007, he became             out and getting the best closer in base-          only risk you take with signing LaRoche
season, he was a close second in the        the first Japanese born player to hit            ball, Francisco                                                                  is the health
                                                   100 home runs. This year he              Rodriguez, and                                                                    concern, but
                                                     also became the first Japanese          two more relief                                                                   then again
                                                     player to win the World Series         pitchers who                                                                      (and as the
                                                     “Most Valuable Player” award.          could serve as                                                                    Mets found
                                                     Now the question is whether or         the bridge to K-                                                                  out time
                                                     not he’ll be back.                     Rod.                                                                              and again
                                                            He was a fine designated                As you                                                                     this past
                                                     hitter for the Yankees, as was         know, things                                                                      season),
                                                     apparent in the way he helped          went terribly                                                                     what play-
                                                     the team to its 27th World Series      wrong. Now the                                                                    er doesn’t
                                                     title. However, Matsui’s contract      team is looking                                                                   have a risk
                                                     expired at the end of this season,     ahead to what                                                                     of a health
                                                     and there are some questions           will be its most                                                                  concern?
                                                     regarding the Yankees’ interest        pivotal offsea-                                                                         T h e
                                                     in re-signing him. There is a          son of the de-                                                                    Mets could
                                                     feeling the Yankees are looking        cade. If “The                                                                     really use a
                                                     to get younger, and that Jorge         Amazins’” aren’t                                                                  lot of help
                                                     Posada (and eventually Derek           playing base-                                                                     this off-
                                                     Jeter) can fill the void as des-        ball in October                                                                   season. If
                                                                                                                  Mr. Met was sad about how 2009 turned out.
                                                     ignated hitter moving forward.         of 2010, Omar                                                   Courtesy WPIX Wright, Bel-
                                                     If Game Six of the 2009 World          Minaya and Jerry Manuel will be fired.             tran, Reyes, and Santana come back
                                                     Series was Hideki Matsui’s last        So what exactly does Minaya have                  strong from injuries, it will be on the
                                                     game as a Yankee, then he cer-         to do this winter to keep himself and             front office to add more vital compo-
                                                     tainly went out with a bang.           Manuel in the mix?                                nents to this team to avoid a repeat
                                                                                                   First of all, the starting rotation        of 2009.
 Hideki Matsui holds his MVP trophy high for all to see.                                    needs an overhaul. The four guys other
                          Courtesy John Angelillo/UPI                                       than Johan Santana haven’t gotten

Husky Herald - Page 14
Sports-Related Injuries
Are a Painful Reality
Angela Troia
                             Staff Writer

       As fall sports come to an end                High school sports promote            still requires a large number of players       injuries vary, due to a number of fac-
and winter sports begin, it seems that        a healthy lifestyle, something ideal        and accordingly, fields a high number           tors. Timing is one issue. For instance,
sports-related injuries are more numer-       for most teens. They supply teens           of sports-related injuries.                    an athlete is more likely to be injured
ous than ever. Throughout the years,          with exercise and teamwork as well.                 For the 2005-2006 school year,         during the pre-season, because of
high school athletic programs have            What most teens don’t realize is that,      there were an estimated 1,442,533              lack of conditioning. In season, there is
grown in popularity. With more and            along with all the good health benefits      sports-related injuries involving high         more muscle use, reducing the chance
more students playing more sports in          sports provides, there comes a greater      school athletes within the nine exam-          for injury. Still, a player is more likely
school, the amount of sports-related          chance for injury. According to the         ined sports (boys’ football, wrestling,        to get injured during a game versus
injuries has increased accordingly.           Center for Injury Research, there were      soccer, basketball and baseball, girls’        at practice, due to the fact that there
                                                  7.2 million teens involved with high    soccer, volleyball, softball, and bas-         is greater intensity and higher impact
                                                  school sports in the years 2005-        ketball).                                      during a game.
                                                  2006. That is more than double                  Most Fall injuries generally occur            Although the amount of sports-
                                                  the number of students who were         with the sport of football, due to the         related injuries statistically is high, that
                                                  playing sports in 1971-1972. At         high impact nature of the game. High           shouldn’t discourage any student from
                                                  that time, there were an estimated      impact sports are activities that cause        playing any sport for which he or she
                                                  three million teens playing high        intense and frequent wear and trauma           has a true passion. Student athletes
                                                  school sports.                          of weight bearing joints, such as feet,        should go ahead and play – just be
                                                         This Fall ’09 season, Harrison   hips, knees. With high impact sports,          careful.
                                                  High School fielded an estimated         it’s more likely for a player to get an               “There isn’t one simple answer
                                                  250 athletic participants. Harrison     injury due to one incident.                    about how to prevent injuries in sport,”
                                                  is an “A level” school, meaning it              Although football is the leading       says Christina Quan. “But there are
                                                  is fairly large, so 250 participants    sport for injuries, this fall Harrison has     many ways for athletes to reduce the
                                                  is a lot. The sport with the largest    been plagued by many sports-related            likelihood of injuries.” Being in shape,
                                                  number of participants at Harrison      injuries related to playing soccer.            stretching, and wearing the right pro-
                                                  was football.                                   “I’ve seen a lot of general injuries   tective gear all lessen an athlete’s
                                                         “This is not surprising,” says   in soccer this season,” says Christina         chance and severity of a sports- related
                                                  Harrison’s new Athletic Director,       Quan, Harrison’s new Athletic Trainer.         injury. So athletes play on, give it your
                                                  Ms. Patricia A. Seligman, “because      She says she’s seen far more foot inju-        all and try to win -- just be safe.
                                                  by the nature of the sport, it needs    ries than expected. “Usually there are
                                                  the most players.” Even if football     more ankle injuries,” she explains.
New Harrison Athletic Director Patricia Seligman.
                             Courtesy Stan Hudy   was not the most popular sport, it              The reasons for sports-related

So Long Loyalty, Hello Minnesota Viking Favre
Mack Rosenberg and Thomas Falcigia
                       Staff Writers
       Guess who’s back for the fourth        Most Packer fans might pick the latter     and the Packers were clearly ready to           once loyal fans over these past few
straight time? Here’s a hint: he was the      description.                               move on and let Aaron Rodgers step              years has wreaked havoc with fan
sixth pick of the second round of 1991              For so many years, Favre was         into the starting role. Most assumed            allegiance. He now plays for the Min-
NFL Draft. Need another hint? This            the heart and soul of the Green Bay        Favre would play out the season, which          nesota Vikings, a conference rival of
40-year old holds the National Football       Packers. He did for that city what no      he did, and then either retire for good or      Green Bay. Many no longer think of
League records for most career touch-         football player had done before. The       decide to keep going for another sea-           him as a great quarterback.
down passes, most career passing              fans embraced him, loved him, and lit-     son at most with New York. Favre wea-                 Yet Favre continues to perform
yards , most career pass completions,         erally cared about their quarterback. He   seled out of that situation – claiming          well. He seems to be fully recov-
most career pass attempts, most               seemed to fit in with other athletes forev- injury as a reason for his poor late sea-       ered from the torn bicep tendon that
career interceptions thrown , most            er associated with loyalty to one team:    son performance – and then allegedly            plagued him down the final stretch of
consecutive starts, and most career           Peyton                                                                  retiring.          last season with the Jets. Favre threw
victories as a starting quarterback. It’s     Manning,                                                                       Green       a total of nine interceptions in the Jet’s
Brett Favre. He’s back after signing a        Derek                                                                   Bay fans           final five games of the season. His
two year deal for $25 million with the        Jeter,                                                                  have heard         performance alone may be what cost
Minnesota Vikings.                            Mariano                                                                 that one be-       the Jets a playoff spot and ultimately,
       Anyone who is a fan of Brett           Rivera.                                                                 fore. Favre        led to the firing and release of Coach
Favre has obviously gone through the          But per-                                                                carried on         Eric Mangini.
wringer these past few seasons. What          haps the                                                                for a few                Still, Favre was strong in his debut
with his retiring, then un-retiring, then     sad real-                                                               weeks over         for the Vikings. In his debut win, Favre
retiring, then un-retiring again, it has      ity of the                                                              the sum-           went 14 for 22 with a 66.7 completion
been a poor lesson in decision making.        situation                                                               mer and            percentage. That performance hasn’t
But take a look at Favre’s career as a        is that                                                                 then made          diminished yet. Through the first eight
whole – for a good long time he was           loyalty is                                                              it clear to        games of this 2009 season, Favre has
simply a great quarterback and nothing        not part                                                                everyone           completed 342 out of 596 attempted
else mattered. This is a man who went         of the                                                                  that it was        passes (68%) for the Vikings. So far
out and threw for 399 yards and four          equation.                                                               over and           this season, he has 16 touchdowns
touchdowns the night after his father         Football,                                                               that he was        and only 3 interceptions, and as of
died. This is the superbly skilled QB         for many,                                                               done with          this writing, has led the Vikings to an
who won three Most Valuable Player            is just a                                                               football for-      impressive 7-1 record.
awards in a row in the mid ‘90s. This         business                                                                ever. This               The feelings about Favre con-
is the man behind all those NFL pass-         and the                                                                 ultimately         tinue to be controversial. Former QB
ing records.                                  true na- Favre continues winning as a Minnesota Viking.                 was not the        Fran Tarkenton said, “All Packer fans
       Is this Brett Favre’s legacy? Is       ture of                                       Courtesy River Reporter  case.               should be outraged by Favre’s move
this how we think of Brett Favre—as           Brett Favre may not be what was seen              What Favre put America through           and should burn their Brett Favre
the durable quarterback and team              in Green Bay for those many years.         during those weeks may very well                Packer jerseys.” It is a situation that
leader with the strong arm? Or do we                Favre, for the longest time,         have tarnished the legacy of a future           bears watching, as the season contin-
think of the man who retired and then         seemed like one of those “one team         first ballot hall-of-famer. It’s hard to         ues and Favre may be leading his new
unretired twice as the man who Jeff           per career” guys. Still, when he wound     tell, because it’s not like Brett violated      team through the playoffs into perhaps
Pearlman, writer for Sports Illustrated,      up going to the New York Jets last sea-    anything. He didn’t take steroids, and          a Super Bowl Championship.
calls, “an egomaniacal jock with an           son, many were willing to forgive him.     he hasn’t violated any law. But the
unhealthy need for the spotlight?”            He did still have value as a quarterback   way he has toyed with the trust of his

                                                                                                                                                 Husky Herald - Page 15
 2009 Varsity Football: Improvement
 Tempers Playoff Disappointment
Joey Loreti
                             Sports Editor

       The 2009 Harrison Huskies foot-           season. Beyond that, the Junior class         opener against Roosevelt High School.       home in what might be the final game
ball team had one thought on their mind          presence was stronger than ever as            Beating themselves in a game the            ever played on Feeley Field. After
this season: to change. The Huskies              the Huskies only started five seniors on       Huskies conceivably could have won,         years of tradition, next year’s team will
have endured a couple of back-to-back            offense, and five on defense. Although         the team turned the ball over five times     play its home games on the turf field,
poor seasons when they finished 2007              not overly represented, the Seniors           and put Roosevelt in a position to score    when the bleachers and scoreboard
and 2008 with identical records of five           still took on a leadership role for the       early and often. Freshman quarterback       are expected to be completed.
wins, four losses. For some teams,               team, with starting quarterback Dan           Vinnie Nicita fumbled twice while in the           After a league victory over Saun-
this kind of winning record might                Formisano leading the offense, while          game, which led to two of Roosevelt’s       ders, the Huskies prepared with their
be considered                                                                                  touchdown drives. However, Nicita           usual Rye week practices. It is always
a good year,                                                                                   later redeemed himself by leading           an exciting week for all of Harrison
but it is below                                                                                the Huskies on two scoring drives of        High School, thanks to the different
the standard                                                                                   their own until later being knocked out     themed days put together by the Hus-
for Harrison’s                                                                                 of the game with a concussion which         kies’ cheerleaders, capped off by the
football pro-                                                                                  forced him to miss a week. Because          annual pep rally and bonfire the night
gram, one that                                                                                 Eastchester upset Rye the third week        before the game. As the defending
has won re-                                                                                    of the season, the Huskies had a            league champs, this year’s squad was
cent state and                                                                                 chance to put themselves right back         determined to retain their title as well
section cham-                                                                                  at the top of their league with a win       as put an end to Rye’s current streak
pionships. For                                                                                 against the Eagles. However, a loss         of victories over the Huskies.
HHS, such a                                                                                    would’ve virtually locked them out of              The Huskies came out fired up,
record was                                                                                     the playoffs.                               but soon surrendered a 7-0 lead when
unacceptable.                                                                                        In what would ultimately become       the Garnets scoring on their first pos-
Improve-                                                                                       one of the best victories for Harrison      session. This lead held up going into
ment was                                                                                       in recent years, the Huskies quickly        halftime after a hard fought first half by
not merely a                                                                                   surrendered a touchdown. But on             both teams. However, Molloy’s kickoff
goal this year,                                                                                the ensuing kickoff, Ricciardi again        to open the second half was returned
it became a                                                                                    came through with a big play, return-       all the way inside the Huskies’ 10-yard
n e c e s s i t y.                                                                             ing the kick-off 88 yards for a matching    line and the Garnets punched in an-
                     Dan Formisano on a quarterback keeper. Courtesy of Ms. Diane Frawley
The Huskies’                                                                                   touchdown. Following his return, the        other touchdown. A third score was
stumbles in recent years have been               Carducci controlled the secondary on          Eagles dominated the Huskies for the        later added by the Huskies rival, mak-
highlighted by their losing streak to rival      defense.                                      remainder of the first half, jumping out     ing the score 21-0. Not until the fourth
Rye High School. Adding to the storied                  The Huskies opened up with             to a 21-7 lead at halftime.                 quarter did the Huskies score, when
history between the two cross-town               two non-league games, both on the                   This game proved to be a tale         Knox added a short yardage touch-
rivals is that Rye made the jump from            road, and were tested immediately by          of two completely different halves, as      down that gave the Huskies a gleam
Class B to Class A this year, joining the        Yorktown High School, a team who ex-
Huskies in League South along with               perienced great success last year and
Eastchester High School, Roosevelt               was picked again to make the playoffs
High School, and Saunders Trades &               this year. Led by a strong performance
Tech High School. The jump to Class              from Knox on both sides of the ball, the
A made “The Game” worth even more                Huskies emerged victorious, 14-6, in a
than the usual bragging rights, with this        game where Junior running back Alex
year’s version also serving as a league          Acompora added a touchdown run and
game with playoff implications.                  Steve Ricciardi, another Junior, had a
       The most talked-about issue with          receiving touchdown.
the Huskies this year was their lack of                 The next stop on their schedule
experience. The team had only two                came an hour and a half from home, as
returning starters on offense, Junior            the Huskies took on the Warriors from
fullback Tanner Knox and Junior cen-             Our Lady of Lourdes in Poughkeepsie.
ter Duke Alvora, and three starters on           Again, the Huskies’ offense was strong,
defense, Alvora, linebacker Brandon              as Formisano took over the game on
Bonistall, and defensive end Dennis              the ground and in the air. Formisano
Rinaldi. Senior Robbie Carducci and              combined for over 200 yards of total of-
fellow Senior Joey Loreti returned               fense and three touchdowns, two rush-
with some experience, as both played             ing and one throwing, with his target
in limited roles toward the end of last          again being Ricciardi on a deep ball.
                                                                              Although the
                                                                              defense al-
                                                                              lowed 22            Jack Molloy kicks a field goal.                    Courtesy of Ms. Diane Frawley
                                                                              points to the
                                                                              Warriors,        the Huskies came “storming” back in         of hope. Although Ricciardi recovered
                                                                              they man-        the rainy conditions of the second half.    the pooch kick by Molloy, the ball was
                                                                              aged three       Formisano connected with Loreti on a        given to the Garnets because of an un-
                                                                              interceptions    27-yard touchdown pass that cut the         confirmed rule called by the referees.
                                                                              of the oppos-    deficit down to seven points. From           The Garnets ate the remaining 8:04
                                                                              ing quarter-     that point on, the Huskies’ offensive       left in the game, and extended their
                                                                              back, one        and defensive lines took over, wear-        winning streak over the Huskies.
                                                                              from safety      ing down the Eagles late in the game.              While the loss to Rye was a dis-
                                                                              Mike Chiarel-    Acompora added a long touchdown             appointment and held the Huskies from
                                                                              la, one from     run and the Huskies took their first lead    reaching the playoffs, the team fin-
                                                                              Bonistall, and   of the day when Jack Molloy kicked a        ished the season strong. The Huskies
                                                                              one from de-     42- yard field goal in the worst weather     defeated the Pearl River Pirates by a
                                                                              fensive end      the day had to offer. With a 24-21 lead,    score of 49-12 in their first post-season
                                                                              Brandon Vac-     Coach Troilo called for Molloy to take a    game, and in a rematch of their sea-
                                                                              caro, who        safety rather than punt the ball away,      son opener, they defeated Yorktown
                                                                              is also the      and when Knox recovered a fumble by         Cornhuskers by a score of 28-7. The
                                                                              team’s sec-      the Eagles’ fullback, the comeback was      Huskies will play a third and final post-
                                                                              ond fullback.    complete. As friends, family, and other     season contest in a bowl game against
                                                                                    T h e      proud members of the Husky commu-           Eastchester. A 7-2 season would be
                                                                              Huskies hit      nity stormed the field, it seemed to feel    a big improvement from last season’s
                                                                              a bump in        like a season-changing victory.             mark of 5-4, and set up next year’s
                                                                              the road in            Of course, all eyes pointed to that   Huskies team to make a run at the Sec-
                                                                              their home       special date, October 17, when the          tion Championship, where once again
     Dennis Rinaldi pulls down a reception.    Courtesy of Ms. Diane Frawley
                                                                              and league       Huskies would take on the Garnets at        rival Rye will stand in their way.

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